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WELCOME Welcome to Who’s Who, helping you to put a face to a name. Having published B4 for nearly 10 years now throughout Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, it is very clear that we prefer to do business with people we like, that we trust and that we can rely on. Who’s Who is a compilation of people you may know, people you may have heard of, or people you would like to do business with. Who’s Who is a cross-section of individuals that we are B4 know, that we trust and that, we hope in turn, you can trust and do business with. I am frequently asked for recommendations by our Members – only today I introduced a hard hat supplier to a sixth form college and a law firm to an Oxford University college conference

manager who was purchasing her first flat. We want to make it easier for B4 members to recommend each other and that’s where Who’s Who can be a huge help. If you’re not in Who’s Who this year, fill out the form at the back of the publication to reserve your space in next year’s edition. With all best wishes

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Simon McCrum Managing Partner - Darbys

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DARBYS SIMON MCCRUM ABOUT SIMON Simon McCrum is a Commercial Litigation Solicitor by background but he long ago gave up client work to assume management, marketing, and business development roles at his former firm and to take up the role of Managing Partner when he joined Darbys in late 2007. Simon is Managing Partner to Darbys as a whole, working with a team of finance, IT, marketing, and HR professionals to run their fast-growing business, and also working with people who have responsibilities across their offices in Oxford, Manchester, and Colchester

ABOUT DARBYS Darbys is one of the country’s largest full-service law firms looking after hundreds and thousands of people and businesses around the country. Darbys can look after you – wherever you are. Their many specialist teams make them truly “full service”. For businesses they offer their Commercial Litigation, Corporate, Commercial, Employment, Property, Planning, Construction, Regulatory and Defence, Insolvency, Immigration, and Debt recovery teams. A full range of services are also offered to individuals and families by the firm. Their teams here include Matrimonial, Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, Agricultural, Wills and Tax Planning, Probate, Immigration, Crime and Defence, Insolvency, Planning, Conveyancing, and Motoring. Darbys has at its core a high quality, full-service team of specialist lawyers (in 20 specialist teams), but their ambitions and courage transcend those of many traditional law firms in what is a fast changing legal market place. Darbys long ago set out to be ahead of the pack rather than following it. Their PURPLE LEGAL® scheme for people and their families, and their BLUE LAW® scheme for businesses, are testament to this.


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Simon McCrum, Managing Partner - smccrum@darbys.co.uk Midland House, West Way, Botley, Oxford, OX2 OPH +44 (0)1865 811 256 www.darbys.co.uk @PURPLE_LEGAL / @BLUE_LAW www.linkedin.com/in/simonmccrum


DARBYS REBECCA KASHTI ABOUT REBECCA Rebecca is a Partner at Darbys and is Head of its Oxford office. Before taking on the role of Head of the Oxford office, Rebecca was Head of the Private Client Team at Darbys. She also works closely with Managing Partner, Simon McCrum on the firm's marketing and business development strategy. As part of that, Rebecca founded the Schools Team at Darbys in 2008 and has built up a team which works closely with preparatory and senior Independent Schools, and academies across the country. Blue for Schools, the legal support scheme that Darbys operate for these sectors, currently has a membership of some 470 schools.

ABOUT DARBYS Darbys is one of the country’s largest full-service law firms looking after hundreds and thousands of people and businesses around the country. Darbys can look after you – wherever you are. Their many specialist teams make them truly “full service”. For businesses they offer their Commercial Litigation, Corporate, Commercial, Employment, Property, Planning, Construction, Regulatory and Defence, Insolvency, Immigration, and Debt recovery teams. A full range of services are also offered to individuals and families by the firm. Their teams here include Matrimonial, Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, Agricultural, Wills and Tax Planning, Probate, Immigration, Crime and Defence, Insolvency, Planning, Conveyancing, and Motoring. Darbys has at its core a high quality, full-service team of specialist lawyers (in 20 specialist teams), but their ambitions and courage transcend those of many traditional law firms in what is a fast changing legal market place. Darbys long ago set out to be ahead of the pack rather than following it. Their PURPLE LEGAL® scheme for people and their families, and their BLUE LAW® scheme for businesses, are testament to this.


Rebecca Kashti, Partner – rkashti@darbys.co.uk Midland House, West Way, Botley, Oxford, OX2 OPH +44 (0)1865 811 222 www.darbys.co.uk @PURPLE_LEGAL / @BLUE_LAW www.linkedin.com/pub/rebecca-kashti/22/842/839

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DARBYS JANE REEVE ABOUT JANE Jane is the Marketing Manager at Darbys and is based at the Oxford office looking after the marketing for both Oxford and Manchester offices, as well as the individual marketing of its 20 specialist teams. Jane works closely with Managing Partner, Simon McCrum and Head of the Oxford Office, Rebecca Kashti on implementing the firm's marketing and business development strategy. Jane is an Associate at Darbys and has been part of the Darbys’ team since 2001. Jane is also the Secretary of the Oxfordshire Business Awards.

ABOUT DARBYS Darbys is one of the country’s largest full-service law firms looking after hundreds and thousands of people and businesses around the country. Darbys can look after you – wherever you are. Their many specialist teams make them truly “full service”. For businesses they offer their Commercial Litigation, Corporate, Commercial, Employment, Property, Planning, Construction, Regulatory and Defence, Insolvency, Immigration, and Debt recovery teams. A full range of services are also offered to individuals and families by the firm. Their teams here include Matrimonial, Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, Agricultural, Wills and Tax Planning, Probate, Immigration, Crime and Defence, Insolvency, Planning, Conveyancing, and Motoring. Darbys has at its core a high quality, full-service team of specialist lawyers (in 20 specialist teams), but their ambitions and courage transcend those of many traditional law firms in what is a fast changing legal market place. Darbys long ago set out to be ahead of the pack rather than following it. Their PURPLE LEGAL® scheme for people and their families, and their BLUE LAW® scheme for businesses, are testament to this.


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Jane Reeve, Associate – jreeve@darbys.co.uk Midland House, West Way, Botley, Oxford, OX2 0PH +44 (0)1865 811 218 www.darbys.co.uk @PURPLE_LEGAL / @BLUE_LAW https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/jane-reeve/37/721/897


HENMANS FREETH ANGELA BOWMAN ABOUT ANGELA Angela joined the firm upon qualification in 1997, having trained with Kidd Rapinet Solicitors. Angela was appointed partner and head of the charity probate litigation team in 2004. In 2015, Angela was appointed Head of Legacies. She has a diploma in contentious trust and probate litigation and deals with a wide range of disputes involving Wills, including challenges to the validity of Wills and complex applications under the Inheritance Act. Angela won the ACTAPS (Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists) ‘Contentious Solicitor of the Year’ award in 2013, having previously been shortlisted for the Law Society’s Excellence Awards in the category of ‘Solicitor of the Year’, in 2009. Angela acts for a large number of national and local charities, including British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, National Trust, RSPCA, Oxfam, and The Blue Cross.

ABOUT HENMANS FREETH Freeths LLP trading as Henmans Freeth in Oxford is a major national law firm with offices in cities across the UK. Henmans Freeth is acknowledged as one of the leaders in the country for charity work. The charity team offers a full service to charities, which includes advice upon matters specific to charities, such as non-contentious legacy administration and legacy-related contentious probate advice, as well as those which is common to all commercial organisations, including property, employment and commercial advice. The firm’s charities team is top-ranked in both the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners directories. The team is also ranked as a Top 5 UK law firm for Charity advice by Caritas Data’s Top 3000 Charities 2015/16 Directory.


Angela Bowman, Partner - angela.bowman@henmansfreeth.co.uk 5000 Oxford Business Park South, Oxford, OX4 2BH +44 (0)1865 781 210 www.henmansfreeth.co.uk www.freeths.co.uk/blog/charity/ www.linkedin.com/pub/angela-bowman/18/525/2a4

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HENMANS FREETH RACHAEL OAKES ABOUT RACHAEL Rachael is a partner, national head of the family law team and is also responsible for the firm’s marketing strategy. With over 18 years experience, Rachael is an accredited specialist in divorce and family law.  Rachael deals with cases involving money and children, with particular emphasis on complex high-net-worth situations which will often involve international assets, companies, trusts, tax, pensions and other jurisdictions.   Rachael also works with couples interested in preserving wealth with the preparation of pre and post marital agreements. As a family mediator and collaborative lawyer, she also specialises in keeping cases out of court for which she has a high record of success.  Rachael has gained an excellent reputation for her mediation expertise and more and more couples turn to her for help in resolving family disputes. Rachael also works with couples with a public profile who need a discreet service to avoid media attention.

ABOUT HENMANS FREETH Freeths LLP trading as Henmans Freeth in Oxford is a major national law firm with offices in cities across the UK. The family law team is highly ranked by legal directories for dealing with family and matrimonial affairs for a variety of individuals. Noted for their innovative approach to creating tailor-made solutions, they are the family law team to use for when your family matters. The team works hard to keep their clients out of court by negotiating amicable settlements whether by mediation, collaborative practice or solicitor-led negotiation. Henmans Freeth's lawyers are committed to providing value-added services, strong, common sense solutions and practical advice with the expertise of London law firms at regional rates.


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Rachael Oakes, Partner - rachael.oakes@henmansfreeth.co.uk 5000 Oxford Business Park South, Oxford, OX4 2BH +44 (0)1865 781 181 www.henmansfreeth.co.uk www.henmansfreeth.co.uk/family-blog www.linkedin.com/pub/rachael-oakes/10/b03/858


HENMANS FREETH MELANIE WILLIAMS ABOUT MELANIE Melanie is a Director in Henmans Freeth’s private client team and is appointed as a professional Property and Affairs Deputy in the Court of Protection. This involves taking responsibility for the property and affairs of someone who lacks capacity to make decisions for themselves. Melanie’s clients include those with acquired brain injury because of catastrophic personal injury and clients with dementia and learning disabilities. Melanie provides advice and support to lay deputies about their ongoing responsibilities. She can advise and assist with property and affairs applications, welfare applications, tax matters and deputyship returns. She frequently makes applications to the Court of Protection for a Statutory Will where somebody cannot make their own Will. Melanie also deals with the drafting and administration of Personal Injury Trusts including High Court approved trusts for injured children. Outside of work Melanie enjoys current affairs and travel.

ABOUT HENMANS FREETH Freeths LLP trading as Henmans Freeth in Oxford is a major national law firm with offices in cities across the UK. The private client team is one of the leading teams in the south of England, with expert lawyers specialising in all aspects of the management of personal wealth. They provide a range of services covering family wealth management, personal tax planning, Trusteeship, Will and trust creation and management, Probate, Will & trust disputes, Court of Protection and power of attorney issues. Henmans Freeth has a national reputation for providing expertise in specialist areas, handling commercial and personal matters for a multitude of clients including individuals, businesses, institutions, and third sector organisations. The firm is committed to providing value-added services, strong, common sense solutions and practical advice with the expertise of London law firms at regional rates.


Melanie Williams, Director – melanie.williams@henmansfreeth.co.uk 5000 Oxford Business Park South, Oxford, OX4 2BH +44 (0)1865 781 113 www.henmansfreeth.co.uk @HenmansFreeth www.linkedin.com/in/meljwilliams

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HENMANS FREETH SARAH FOSTER ABOUT SARAH Sarah is both the managing partner of the Oxford office and head of the private client probate litigation team. With over 20 years litigation experience, she has a broad based practice, but with particular emphasis on dealing with claims made against professionals and contentious trust and probate disputes. She is both a member of the Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS) and an affiliate member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). Sarah acts for a variety of individuals and views each of her clients as unique. She is empathetic towards each case, ensuring that she is readily available to clients – a fundamental attribute when dealing with family disputes, in particular. Outside of work, Sarah has two young children and is a keen cyclist. She also competes in triathlons.

ABOUT HENMANS FREETH Freeths LLP trading as Henmans Freeth in Oxford is a major national law firm with offices in cities across the UK. The specialist private client probate litigation team is known both by clients and other law firms for its expertise in handling a wide range of disputes concerning disputed Wills, trusts and estates. The team acts for individuals beneficiaries, executors and trustees - in pursuing or defending applications and/or claims. The team is described as being “excellent” and is praised for their “strong individual expertise and interpersonal skills” in legal directories. Henmans Freeth’s lawyers are committed to providing value-added services, strong, common sense solutions and practical advice with the expertise of London law firms at regional rates.


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Sarah Foster, Managing Partner - sarah.foster@henmansfreeth.co.uk 5000 Oxford Business Park South, Oxford, OX4 2BH +44 (0)1865 781 055 www.henmansfreeth.co.uk @HenmansFreeth www.linkedin.com/pub/sarah-foster/19/a8a/892


HENMANS FREETH NIGEL ROOTS ABOUT NIGEL Nigel joined the firm as a partner in 2003 and is national head of the private client department and head of the cross-practice charities group. With more than 25 years of experience, Nigel advises high net worth domestic and international clients on tax and trust planning, complex estate administrations and heritage property, charity, and court of protection issues. In his time at the firm, he has overseen his team’s doubling in size and was at the forefront of securing the firm’s position as principal legal advisor to Cancer Research UK on legacy administration matters. Nigel lectures widely on tax and trust matters and is ranked in the Legal 500 directory among its top experts for private client work outside London. Outside of work, Nigel is a keen cyclist, photographer and speaks German.

ABOUT HENMANS FREETH Freeths LLP trading as Henmans Freeth in Oxford is a major national law firm with offices in cities across the UK. The private client team is one of the leading teams in the south of England, with expert lawyers specialising in all aspects of the management of personal wealth. They provide a range of services covering family wealth management, personal tax planning, Trusteeship, Will and trust creation and management, Probate, Willand trust disputes, Court of Protection and power of attorney issues. Henmans Freeth has a national reputation for providing expertise in specialist areas, handling commercial and personal matters for a multitude of clients including individuals, businesses, institutions, and third sector organisations. The firm is committed to providing value-added services, strong, common sense solutions and practical advice with the expertise of London law firms at regional rates.


Nigel Roots, Partner - nigel.roots@henmansfreeth.co.uk 5000 Oxford Business Park South, Oxford, OX4 2BH +44 (0)1865 781 127 www.henmansfreeth.co.uk @HenmansFreeth www.linkedin.com/pub/nigel-roots/25/198/583

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HEDGES LAW NICOLA POOLE ABOUT NICOLA Appointed Managing Director of Hedges in February 2011, Nicola is passionate about taking the very best of Hedges' tradition and delivering legal services in a modern forward-thinking way. Described as a breath of legal fresh air, Nicola is leading Hedges into new territory both geographically and in reputation.

ABOUT HEDGES LAW Hedges have been delivering legal solutions for 225 years. Their highly skilled team of lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to provide bespoke solutions across a wide range of legal issues. Enshrined in the company’s ethos is the recognition that clients aren’t just looking for history, an impressive CV and an ability to recite the law: what they value is lawyers who genuinely care, who are approachable and human and who really take the time to understand their clients’ needs. With offices in Oxford and in Wallingford, Hedges' legal team offers a range of expertise for private individuals and their businesses. Areas of expertise include commercial property, residential property, family and divorce, dispute resolution, wills and probate, trusts and tax, inheritance planning and business services. Hedges provides “advice for life”, reflecting a proven history of supporting their clients from cradle to grave, taking on the role of trusted advisers at every stage of their lives. Winner of ‘Oxfordshire’s Favourite Business’ at The Living In Oxford Awards 2015.


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Nicola Poole, Managing Director - nicola.poole@hedgeslaw.co.uk 13 Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2LP +44 (0)1865 594 265 www.hedgeslaw.co.uk @AtHedges @HedgesHomes www.linkedin.com/in/nikkipoolehedges


VICKY HERNANDEZ Director, Head of Property Vicky specialises in all aspects of real estate. She has a wealth of knowledge of the property market and is known in particular for her expertise in commercial property work, landlord and tenant and property development matters. Vicky acts for a wide range of individuals and businesses, both local and national and counts a number of well-known retailers amongst her clients. E vicky.hernandez@hedgeslaw.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 594 276

TOBY WALKER Solicitor, Dispute Resolution Team Toby is an experienced litigator, dealing with all aspects of dispute resolution. Toby acts for a wide variety of clients including small and medium sized businesses, commercial landlords, independent schools and private individuals.  He has the prestigious "Higher Rights of Audience" qualification for Advocacy. Dealing with all aspects of dispute resolution, Toby enjoys the challenge of problem-solving, whatever issue his clients may be facing. Be it advising on debt recovery strategies for a small business, contesting a will or negotiating a settlement agreement, Toby can assist. He has advised and represented clients in many matters, including breach of contract, professional negligence, claims under ToLATA, bankruptcy and faulty vehicles under warranty. E mtoby.walker@hedgeslaw.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 594 271

MELISSA MAPLE Director, Head of Private Client Melissa specialises in a broad range of private client issues in the area of succession, wealth, preservation and tax planning. She is highly experienced and receives consistently outstanding feedback from clients on both her legal expertise and her warm and friendly approach.  Melissa is instructed by a wide range of clients, including those in business, farming, agriculture and landed estates.  Melissa is a member of the STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) a highly-regarded qualification for those legal practitioners who have established themselves in their field. E melissa.maple@hedgeslaw.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 594 262

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BRETHERTONS LLP SHAUN JARDINE ABOUT SHAUN Shaun, by profession, is a lawyer and litigator and was appointed Brethertons’ Chief Executive Officer in 2014. He runs on creativity, energy and enthusiasm making him an ‘ideas-man’ at heart. As CEO, he works with fellow Partners and employees to develop strategies to approach, manage and deliver customer excellence, continued industry recognition and ultimately, growth for Brethertons LLP. He sits on The Management Team and has overall strategic ownership for the firm (the Chambers and Partners Guide to the UK Legal Profession 2014 describes him as “extremely impressive and a fantastic figurehead for the firm"!). Admitted as a solicitor in 1986, Shaun has specialised in Litigation for his entire career and is also a practising Commercial Mediator.

ABOUT BRETHERTONS LLP Not all law firms are the same. Brethertons pride themselves on their close working relationships with their customers to ensure that their specific needs are met efficiently, promptly and at a reasonable cost. They draw on the best parts of their lengthy existence, their ingrained commitment to customer care and their expertise to get you the right result. Brethertons are current, innovative and ready and able to adapt. Right next to Banbury railway station, easily accessible from the M40 and with ample parking, their Banbury Office truly is a customer-friendly office. Every year they help thousands of people move house, safeguard their futures with Lasting Powers of Attorneys and wills, settle disputes and personal injury claims. They also work alongside many hundreds of businesses too, offering guidance on the day-to-day running and advice on more complex matters such as employment law infringements and potential insolvencies. To see how they can help you achieve success for your business and for details of the ways in which they can support you in your personal life, visit them, give them a call or take a look at their website.


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Shaun Jardine, Chief Executive Officer – shaunjardine@brethertons.co.uk Strathmore House, Waterperry Court, Middleton Rd, Banbury, Oxon OX16 4QD +44 (0)1295 661 413 www.brethertons.co.uk @mediationshaun https://uk.linkedin.com/in/shaunjardine www.facebook.com/brethertonsllp


KARINA RAY Key Client Manager Working collaboratively with customers, Karina develops and maintains relationships ensuring you receive the maximum benefit from the Brethertons service offering. By talking to you and listening to your business needs and aspirations, Karina considers ways to solve problems that you encounter and suggest tailored solutions. Being passionate about business development, she enjoys working with business owners and managers to help achieve results in line with your growth and development plans. Working closely with Brethertons’ legal team and also within her extensive network, Karina’s aim is to deliver results for customers. Karina has previously worked for corporate and investment banks and established her own business, and her experience of doing business in the UK, Australia and Asia brings a breadth of commercial knowledge to discussions with customers. E karinaray@brethertons.co.uk T +44 (0)1295 661 425


MARK NORTH Key Client Manager Focusing on the wide range of disciplines within the property sector, Mark acts as a conduit between Brethertons’ team of residential property and litigation specialists, and new and existing customers to ensure that the service they receive exceeds their expectations. Now an Associate, Mark joined the firm as a Debt Recovery Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience in property related areas. Pragmatic and commercially minded, Mark works with customers to offer solutions which are not only legally sound but which work in the real world. Amongst his key achievements, Mark counts his ranking as one the News on the Block magazine’s Hot 100 Most Influential People in the Residential Leasehold Property Sector for two years running (2013 & 2014) as a highlight. E marknorth@brethertons.co.uk T +44 (0)1295 661 423


KEN NORMAN Key Client Manager When it comes to your family, your health and your home, you can never be too prepared. Ken works in partnership with you to make sure your needs are fully understood and provided for by the whole of the team at Brethertons. Ken ensures Brethertons is there to help you plan and organise your personal affairs, support you when things in life take an unexpected turn or if you find yourself involved with a dispute. Ken is an ex-bank manager and, after leaving the bank, he set up a training company specialising in sales & service and presentation skills training courses. He regularly represents the firm as host of the Brethertons Business Clubs and leads a number of training webinars. E kennorman@brethertons.co.uk T +44 (0)1295 661 535


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BRETHERTONS LLP STEVEN NEASHAM ABOUT STEVEN Steven is the Managing Partner and Head of Property Law at Brethertons’ Bicester office. Whilst he specialises in residential conveyancing, he also advises customers on many other aspects of property law including residential and commercial property, and has a particular interest in the law relating to agriculture and rural businesses. At every step along your life journey, Steve and the team are there to support and guide you: from moving house, getting married and starting a family, to setting up a business. Steven moved to Oxfordshire in 1984 and has practised in Bicester ever since. He established Neasham Lloyd in 1995 and joined Brethertons when the two firms merged in 2012. Steven prides himself on his local knowledge and vibrancy, energy and ability to communicate effectively with his long-standing customer base in Bicester.

ABOUT BRETHERTONS LLP Bicester is really going places and Brethertons are excited to be part of further development in the town. In 2015/2016 Brethertons are looking to further expand and move to a new office location in the centre of Bicester. They are growing at such a rapid rate that they’re now bursting at the seams in their current office! Their existing premises have served them proudly for many years but they do not really suit a modern law firm so Brethertons are really looking forward to digging in and moving across town! The team in Bicester is served by a full service law practice. Their team already based right in the heart of Bicester is able to handle the full range of legal services. So, whether you’re looking for help with the purchase or sale of your business or of a business premises, or help with employment issues or any types of business contracts or if simply need to draw up a will or make a claim for personal injury then Brethertons’ Bicester team is ready to help.


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Steven Neasham, Partner - stevenneasham@brethertons.co.uk 68 Sheep Street, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX26 6JW +44 (0)1869 255 670 www.brethertons.co.uk @bicesterlawyer https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/steven-neasham/33/809/20 www.facebook.com/brethertonsllp


SALLY CLARK Partner & Head of Family Law Sally has specialised in Family Law for over 20 years, and from this experience has come to understand that, in many cases, emotional and practical advice and support can be just as important as legal advice. Sally is a member of Resolution; a national organisation for specialist family lawyers which has a code of conduct providing for the resolution of family disputes in a non-confrontational manner. She is also a Collaborative Lawyer and a founding and active member of the North Oxfordshire Collaborative Family Law Group, which helps customers going through separation find the best solutions by agreement, rather than through the Courts. Sally is a member of the Law Society Children’s Panel which acknowledges her specialism and expertise in dealing with cases involving children. E sallyclark@brethertons.co.uk T +44 (0)1869 255 675

EMMA STEWART Wills, Trusts and Probate Solicitor Emma provides guidance through even the most complex or distressing of situations and family circumstances to find the right solution for you. She helps you plan and organise your personal affairs with important documents such as Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney, and advises you on life and inheritance tax planning. She also advises on the process of probate administration and in claims against an estate where you feel a Will is invalid or flawed. Emma has a particular interest in negotiations with HRMC on taxable estates, for example, in respect of Agricultural Property Relief and gifts claimed as normal expenditure out of income. Emma is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE). E emmastewart@brethertons.co.uk T +44 (0)1869 255 433

DEBRA WETTERS Employment Law Solicitor Debra is an Employment Law specialist who also advises employers  on business immigration matters, to make sure they can recruit and retain the best staff including those outside of the EEA.  Day-to-day, she provides advice to businesses on all aspects of the employment relationship from recruitment to employment tribunals, and regularly advises on the drafting and implementation of service agreements and contracts of employment, the management of disciplinary and grievance issues, and the application of and compliance with family friendly and equality provisions. Debra also has substantial experience representing clients in the defence and prosecution of Employment Tribunal matters, Settlement Agreements and exit negotiations. As part of a wider commercial services team, she supports transactional work and advises upon TUPE transfer related matters, including service provision changes. E debrawetters@brethertons.co.uk T +44 (0)1295 661 488

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BRETHERTONS LLP COLIN WITHERALL ABOUT COLIN Colin Witherall has worked both in private practice and as an in-house lawyer in a services group which encompassed management consultancy, telecoms and training. Colin still retains some “in-house” traits and enjoys his work most when he can get under the skin of a business, as it is this which enables him to offer no nonsense effective legal advice. This underpins the work he does, whether it’s a detailed distributorship agreement, a company sale or an acquisition. Colin enjoys helping customers run and manage their businesses and advising them on the steps necessary to realise their business assets (selling the business and exit strategies) or to acquire new business assets. Most of Colin's time is spent in guiding customers through the process of the sale and purchase of businesses, helping to coordinate the internal and external advice needed to deliver deals and drafting commercial contracts (including IT, copyright, trademark and other licences).

ABOUT BRETHERTONS LLP At every stage in the life of your business, you may find that you need the support of professional advisers. Brethertons’ Company Commercial team works as a trusted advisor to hundreds of businesses in Oxfordshire and beyond. You need to seek advice on the start-up of a new business, incorporation or acquisition through to assistance with your day-to-day commercial needs and in exit planning for the final realisation of the value in your business. You may need advice on recovering money owed to your business or collecting debts on behalf of your customers. You might find you have staffing issues: disciplinaries and grievances can upset even the most well-oiled of machines, or you may decide to freshen up your employment contracts or staff handbook. Revamping or moving premises might be the key to growth – taking on a new lease or varying an existing one might unlock doors to success. Brethertons’ Company Commercial team is ranked as one of the top firm’s in the South East in the 2014 Legal 500 Guide to UK Law Firms.


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Colin Witherall, Head of Company Commercial – colinwitherall@brethertons.co.uk Montague House, 2 Clifton Road, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 3PX +44 (0)1788 557 602 www.brethertons.co.uk @GPsolicitor https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/colin-witherall/11/970/b44 www.facebook.com/brethertonsllp


ANGELA GUESS Commercial Property Associate Solicitor Angela joined Brethertons in February 2014 to expand the Commercial Property Department in the Bicester office. She has developed a strong presence within the Oxfordshire area and has built up a great deal of expertise and knowledge of not only the local business area but throughout the wider country. Angela advises customers on all aspects of commercial property transactions whether freehold acquisitions and sales or the granting or taking of commercial leases and also all areas of commercial lending requirements, having experience in acting for both the lender and the borrower.

E angelaguess@brethertons.co.uk T +44 (0)1869 255 434

BRIAN AULD Company Commercial Partner He advises commercial customers on matters ranging from standard trading terms to business acquisitions and sales. He qualified as a solicitor in 1983 and has had experience of working for the European Commission in Brussels as well as working as an in-house lawyer for Toshiba, Nortel and other companies. Brian has handled hundreds of sales and purchases of businesses with a particular focus in the IT sector. He is a ‘recommended’ lawyer in the South East in the 2014 edition of the Legal 500 Guide to UK Law Firms, as well as having been described as heading a “superb” team.

E kbrian.auld@brethertons.co.uk T +44 (0)1295 661 436

EDWARD BIBLE Solicitor and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Edward is an insolvency solicitor and advises customers on all aspects of insolvency law and related areas. He deals with both corporate and personal insolvency matters and enjoys providing practical solutions to technical problems. Edward trained in the City and qualified in 1994. He took the Joint Insolvency Board Exams and has been a licensed insolvency practitioner since 2003. However, although qualified as an Insolvency Practitioner, Edward acts only as a solicitor and provides legal advice. In 2012/13 he was President of the Insolvency Practitioners Association, one of the recognised professional bodies which regulates the insolvency profession. This gave him exposure to dealing with the government, the Insolvency Service, the Joint Insolvency Committee and other insolvency regulators. E edwardbible@brethertons.co.uk T +44 (0)1295 661 489

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BROOKSTREET DES ROCHES BEN HEGEDUS ABOUT BEN Ben joined the Business Services team of BrookStreet des Roches in September 2013 having previously been employment law solicitor to the University of Oxford. Ben has over ten years’ experience in advising on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious employment law matters. He works primarily with employers, providing support and guidance on issues ranging from redundancy and disciplinary processes to complex TUPE transfers, discrimination issues, immigration law matters and business restructuring arrangements. Ben spends a large proportion of his time guiding clients through the intricacies of the employment tribunal process and works closely with colleagues from other departments of BrookStreet des Roches to provide support on the employment aspects of corporate and commercial transactions. He also advises senior employees on their contracts of employment, disputes with their employers and issues arising from the termination of their employment.

ABOUT BROOKSTREET DES ROCHES BrookStreet des Roches exists because it serves exceptional clients with its own brand of bespoke legal services matching their business needs, meeting their challenges and picking up opportunities in a complex and ever changing commercial and regulated world. The firm originally built an outstanding reputation for one area of legal service but now provides a breadth and range of business legal services for its clients delivered across sectors and legal skills at a City level of service, with an inhouse level of business relationship and responsiveness; all of which is underpinned with exemplary budget control and professionalism. The aim is to help all of clients build, grow and protect their businesses, assets and people.


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Ben Hegedus, Solicitor Advocate – Employment Law – Ben.Hegedus@bsdr.com 25A Western Avenue, Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4SH +44 (0)1235 836 600 www.bsdr.com @bsdrlegal www.linkedin.com/company/brookstreet-des-roches-llp


BROOKSTREET DES ROCHES PADDY GREGAN ABOUT PADDY Paddy has spent over 25 years as a lawyer advising businesses and business people but specializing on a range of legal and commercial issues based in Oxfordshire, but is not constrained as to where the work takes him. From food and farming to health and leisure, retail to manufacturing, the sectors in which he has been lucky enough to work have been exciting, dynamic and challenging. With the support of a great team around Paddy, they have been able to lead takeovers, advise on corporate governance, undertake strategic commercial work and help to deliver corporate and property finance transactions so that clients’ businesses may flourish. Oxfordshire has a growing economy and thriving business community which makes it the perfect environment in which to be located to provide and develop BrookStreet Des Roches’ services.

ABOUT BROOKSTREET DES ROCHES BrookStreet des Roches exists because it serves exceptional clients with its own brand of bespoke legal services matching their business needs, meeting their challenges and picking up opportunities in a complex and ever changing commercial and regulated world. The firm originally built an outstanding reputation for one area of legal service but now provides a breadth and range of business legal services for its clients delivered across sectors and legal skills at a City level of service, with an inhouse level of business relationship and responsiveness; all of which is underpinned with exemplary budget control and professionalism. The aim is to help all of clients build, grow and protect their businesses, assets and people.


Paddy Gregan, Partner Business Services – paddy.gregan@bsdr.com 25A Western Avenue, Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4SH +44 (0)1235 836 600 www.bsdr.com @bsdrlegal www.linkedin.com/company/brookstreet-des-roches-llp

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BROOKSTREET DES ROCHES HUGH TEBAY ABOUT HUGH Hugh has over 20 years’ experience in commercial and intellectual property law. He has significant experience in a wide range of industry areas and for clients in a number of different jurisdictions, with a broad range of experience of commercial transactions and particular experience in relation to the intellectual property aspects of such transactions, including merchandising, franchising, licensing, distribution, advertising, sponsorship, endorsement, digital media and entertainment law. Hugh has taken the lead role in conducting intellectual asset management projects for clients, including carrying out intellectual property audits and developing IP strategies for clients, often leading teams of lawyers and managing the project. BrookStreet Des Roches’ business clients seek Hugh’s advice in relation to the management and exploitation of their IP rights worldwide.

ABOUT BROOKSTREET DES ROCHES BrookStreet des Roches exists because it serves exceptional clients with its own brand of bespoke legal services matching their business needs, meeting their challenges and picking up opportunities in a complex and ever changing commercial and regulated world. The firm originally built an outstanding reputation for one area of legal service but now provides a breadth and range of business legal services for its clients delivered across sectors and legal skills at a City level of service, with an inhouse level of business relationship and responsiveness; all of which is underpinned with exemplary budget control and professionalism. The aim is to help all of clients build, grow and protect their businesses, assets and people.


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Hugh Tebay, Partner – Commercial and Intellectual Property - hugh.tebay@bsdr.com 25A Western Avenue, Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4SH +44 (0)1235 836 600 www.bsdr.com @bsdrlegal www.linkedin.com/company/brookstreet-des-roches-llp


GARDNER LEADER DEREK RODGERS ABOUT DEREK As well as being Managing Partner of Gardner Leader, Derek acts for businesses of all sizes and their owners, helping them to achieve their objectives. This might be the formation of a new business, the acquisition of a business or the sale of a business, and he has handled a large number of venture capital and private equity transactions. Derek also prepares shareholder agreements and commercial contracts including confidentiality agreements, agency & distribution agreements and terms of business.

ABOUT RODGERS Gardner Leader work closely with you to understand what is important to you. They have been at the heart of the Berkshire community for nearly 120 years but it is their determination to always move with the times that ensures that they keep delivering results for clients in their region and across the country. They offer a range of legal services for you and your business as well as a legal resource which includes giving you the tools and knowledge for those situations where what you really want to do is help yourself. Gardner Leader work on the ethos of ‘Delivering Results’ never losing sight of what matters to you as clients.


Derek Rodgers, Managing Partner - d.rodgers@gardner-leader.co.uk White Hart House, Market Place, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5BA +44 (0)1635 508 080 www.gardner-leader.co.uk @GardnerLeader www.facebook.com/GardnerLeader

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BUSINESS DOCTORS MARTIN VESSEY ABOUT MARTIN Martin has been engaging with local companies over many years, with one goal in mind – To Achieve the Customer Vision through hands on business support, knowledge sharing and working with the clients to develop their strategic visions, sales & marketing plans and assist in the changes within the company to achieve the Vision. Working in collaboration with Oxford Innovation and Grant Thornton, through GrowthAccelerator and the Business Growth Service, Business Doctors have secured funding for business growth, developed and implemented business growth plans and helped businesses achieve significant growth.

“We hired Martin through the GrowthAccelerator Program and would recommend his services to anyone, he provided an analytical overview of our operations and guidance to allow us to re-focus and improve our business. A pleasure to work with” Kevin Ansell, ASM

ABOUT BUSINESS DOCTORS Business Doctors is a business support company dedicated to helping small & medium sized businesses to set goals, measure their activities and make a difference in their businesses. They are experienced business people, passionate about sharing their skills and experiences. Their aim is to offer ‘hands on’ support to business owners, enabling them to overcome their individual challenges and helping them to achieve their aspirations for growth. Whilst they operate within the consulting industry their approach is different and involves getting into the nuts and bolts of businesses providing practical advice every step of the way.


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Martin Vessey, Director - martinv@businessdoctors.co.uk High Acre, Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks, HP8 4DX +44 (0)7834 518 428 or +44 (0)8452 197 077 www.businessdoctors.co.uk/thames-valley @TheBizDoctor www.linkedin.com/in/martinvessey


SR CONSULTING JONATHAN LANE ABOUT JONATHAN Jonathan is a Director with SR Consulting, and is part of an experienced highly qualified team who work with its clients to provide them with a clear, focused insight into the health of their businesses, and accompany them on the agreed journey. It is a team of people with different but complimentary backgrounds. All have held senior positions within both the private and public sectors, and have a compelling balance of commercial and strategic skills to support their clients. More importantly though, they are friendly ‘people’ people, who are passionate about helping those who love what they do and are ambitious and hungry for success.

ABOUT SR CONSULTING Are you a business leader with ambitions for your business? But can’t unlock your potential because of the day to day focus? And are becoming frustrated by the lack of opportunity to exploit this potential? Then you should meet with SR Consulting as they can help you unlock your potential. Insight Their unique Business Barometer will give you an Insight into the current health of your business. They follow this up with tailored workshops where they roll their sleeves up and work with you to really unpick the key issues and where you want to go. Solutions Then they will help you create a living and breathing Strategy, which is action orientated, concise but flexible. They build in systems that are robust and proportionate that allow you and them together to track your success. Support They will support you throughout the exercise so that the Strategy is successfully delivered in a way that suits you. You will be confident that your business will have a bright future. Their engaging and accessible style means you will have a powerful and expert resource available throughout your journey. Working with SR Consulting gives you the tools, the confidence and the support to make your business a real success.


Jonathan Lane, Director – jonathan@splash-rc.co.uk Sivatech House, Gatehouse Close, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 8DJ +44 (0)7503 891 331 www.splash-rc.co.uk @JonathanLane19 www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanclane

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SANDLER TRAINING ANNELI THOMSON ABOUT ANNELI Anneli has been at Sandler since 2007, first as a Partner, and becoming MD in January 2013. Sandler are market leaders in helping business owners, directors and sales leaders who have a good client base but realise they still face some challenges reach their potential. Using their experience and knowledge, Sandler can help organisations reach business success through consulting, training and development. Anneli is a sought after award-winning speaker and presenter and is lucky enough to talk across the UK and the world. Outside of the office she is a keen traveller and sportswoman, with running and competitive triathlons taking up a fair amount of her spare time. To relax Anneli enjoys champagne and socialising with friends.

ABOUT SANDLER TRAINING Sandler are management consultants that specialise in sales force development. They work on the entire employee life cycle from hiring, to development and then to exit. Sandler exist to help their clients resolve critical issues in: • Sales • Business Development • Leadership • Customer Service. They do this by a mixture of consulting, training, coaching and benchmarking with a focus on strategy, process and people. Their development is tough, but for the right companies Sandler help you get to the top, to reach the summit of your sales ambition.


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Anneli Thomson, Managing Director – anneli@sadler.com 20 Cheriton House, Cromwell Park, Chipping Norton, Oxon OX7 5SR +44 (0)1608 611 211 www.oxford.sandler.com/anneli @sandler_anneli https://uk.linkedin.com/in/annelithomson www.facebook.com/pages/Sandler-Training-Oxford/1550802945202784


JOHN HALLAM ASSOCIATES JOHN HALLAM ABOUT JOHN John has 45 years of experience in architecture and the construction industry and has built up a team of experienced associates covering the many disciplines needed to provide a world class service, tailor-made to the ideas and dreams of developers and individuals. The award winning practice was launched by John in 1994 and is based in Chipping Norton. The practice is committed to providing lifestyle and business solutions with high regard for the environment and energy saving measures leading to a better quality of life and has won civic awards for heritage and new build developments.

ABOUT JOHN HALLAM ASSOCIATES John Hallam Associates is the first choice among developers throughout the UK for a large range of architectural services and specialisations in urban and rural locations. They take great pride in providing award winning architectural services throughout the United Kingdom. The practice achieve that mission by delivering buildings of outstanding design and ambience in sympathy with their location and purpose through an individual seamless service that realises the aims of developers in terms of commercial and personal satisfaction. Their experience and expertise continues to assure clients of exceptional quality when providing architectural solutions leading to the successful development of hotels, heritage buildings, industrial and office premises and residential properties.


John Hallam, Owner - info@johnhallamassociates.co.uk 4 Essex House, Cromwell Business Park, Banbury Rd, Chipping Norton, OX7 5SR +44 (0)1608 646 969 www.johnhallamassociates.co.uk www.linkedin.com/pub/john-hallam/11/b24/691

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Kelly Gavaghan Fleet & Business Manager - Ridgeway Jaguar Oxford

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BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS CONSULTANTS Oxford Professional Consulting...........................................................32 VCA Consulting......................................................................................33 Heart of Business..................................................................................34 ARCHIVING & STORAGE The Archive Centre...............................................................................35 AUDIO VISUAL City Audio Visual..................................................................................36 CAR DEALERS Ridgeway Jaguar Oxford......................................................................38 FIRE & SECURITY Executive Alarms.................................................................................39 SECURITY Cordant Security...................................................................................40 CHARITIES Newbury & District Agricultural Society.............................................41 TRAVEL Hilltop Chauffeurs................................................................................42 Chiltern Railways..................................................................................43 MANUFACTURING Wila........................................................................................................44

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OXFORD PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING ALISON HAILL ABOUT ALISON Managing Director and founder Alison Haill is an international Executive Coach and Business Communication Specialist. Using her experience and unique mix of skills, she enables leaders and ambitious professionals to double their impact and influence in business situations in the UK and abroad. With her 30-year track-record, she has built an integrated approach based on linguistics, mindset change and practical business experience. To these she adds strategies which develop alignment and confidence so that results benefit the individual and their organisation. She has created a network of experts, coaches and specialist trainers in the UK and around the world so that she can select a specialist to fit the client’s needs. With her guidance, your leadership and communication skills will engage and motivate stakeholders - and help you win friends too!

ABOUT OXFORD PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING Founded in 1998, Oxford Professional Consulting is Oxford’s premier coaching consultancy offering international executive coaching and leadership development alongside specialist business communication services. Their aim is to enable leaders and ambitious professionals to work smarter, collaborate better internationally and produce improved results. They believe exceptional communication is the key to better performance and productivity, teams which are fully creative and engaged, organisations that retain talent and take optimum benefit from diversity. They are not a school. They are not a university. They are a business-to-business training provider, so they do not do text-book learning. They focus on what works in the real business world – real business issues and real solutions. All tried and tested, they will lead to increased business results once implemented.


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Alison Haill, Managing Director – alison.haill@opcoxford.com Prama House, Banbury Rd, Oxford, OX2 7HT +44 (0)1865 436 791 / +44 7739 115 840 www.opcOxford.com @wwwOpcOxfordcom linkedin.com/in/alisonhaill www.facebook.com/OxfordProfessionalConsulting


VCA CONSULTING VICTORIA CALCUTT ABOUT VICTORIA Victoria’s passion for great customer service stems from 25 years within the Hospitality Industry. She had the best training ground at the Hilton on Park Lane which gave a fantastic operational grounding for supreme quality and excellence. It was a great learning curve and Victoria loved every minute of it! She later progressed to the world of sales and after 10 years at Hilton Hotels she moved into selling conference and events for Sodexo Prestige. Victoria was responsible for the UK Sales team selling amazing venues such as Lord’s Cricket Ground, Ascot Racecourse, Blenheim Palace and Murrayfield Stadium.

ABOUT VCA CONSULTING VCA Consulting specializes in Sales Mystery Shopping offering an invaluable insight into the customer’s experience. Programmes are tailor made to suit you and your objectives. They place enquiries, queries or test product knowledge either via the telephone, face to face or web, testing the ability of the onsite teams, identifying both strengths and areas requiring attention. Mystery shopping will measure the success of any training given or highlight areas that require focus. With a regular programme, the return on investment should help you: - Improve client retention and increase sales - Monitor customer care giving you an enviable reputation


Victoria Calcutt, Managing Director - victoriacalcutt@vcaconsultinguk.com 6 Church Green, Witney, Oxon OX28 4AW +44 (0)7906 073 673 www.vcaconsultinguk.com @VictoriaCalcutt http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/victoria-calcutt/14/914/724/ www.facebook.com/chilternrailway

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HEART OF BUSINESS JACKIE JARVIS ABOUT JACKIE Jackie has been a business development mentor for the past 10 years, following a 15 year career in sales & marketing. Having experienced life in both the corporate and small business worlds, Jackie finds that she can relate at first-hand to the common problems faced by business owners. Jackie has learnt her business lessons both by doing it herself and by observing others in action, learning as much from her mistakes as from her successes along the way. She gains a huge amount of satisfaction from helping businesses to grow, and from supporting the owners on their personal journeys. Jackie’s book ‘Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing’ can be found on Amazon and in major bookshops

ABOUT HEART OF BUSINESS Jackie set up Heart of Business in 2014 to build upon the great results her clients had been achieving from her business development mentoring. Heart of Business is comprised of a team of business mentors, who have all subscribed to the company’s mission and core values; i.e. to inspire and to deliver mutually-beneficial results for all stakeholders. Heart of Business also includes a network of approved partners, to help their clients realise their specific needs, be it skill-building (e.g. ‘How to sell effectively) using Expert Trainers, or specialist help (e.g. website design, telemarking...etc) using Approved Delivery Partners. If you are worried about the potential costs - don’t be. There are government grants available for most businesses - just ask Heart of Business and they will be happy to talk you through the process.


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Jackie Jarvis, Managing Director – Jackie@heart-of-business.com Thames House, High St, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 0BP +44 (0)1491 833 222 www.heart-of-business.com


THE ARCHIVE CENTRE DAVID COULTON ABOUT DAVID After over 32 years in Corporate Finance as a funder working for major financial institutions, buying his own company brought a whole new range of challenges. Having told clients they needed to increase sales, control overheads, improve profitability and provide the higher standards of service, in 2010 David acquired a company needing all of the foregoing. Mailings, advertising and e-marketing simply do not tend to work for the sector so it was natural that David continued networking to deliver The Archive Centre’s message. He always believes in the old adage “Givers Gain” – and this is what networking is all about. Outside of the business David’s wife, their two sons and David’s great interests are classic cars and fund raising for charities. David will always be pleased to chat about the cars!

ABOUT THE ARCHIVE CENTRE The Archive Centre was established in 1999, when they acquired it the business had a good customer base and systems, and excellent warehouse and good staff. The warehouse was only partly filled so they set about growing the business by increasing their customer base and range of services provided. With increasing levels of business nearly 2 years ago they opened a second archiving centre near Bicester to serve the area and into Oxford. Additionally their Secure Destruction Service provides a highly secure certified service and at a very competitive cost – you do not have to archive with them to use their shredding service. Their philosophy is to keep the processes simple and efficient but above all cost effective. No matter whether a client has 5 boxes or thousands, they all receive the same high standards of service.


David Coulton, Owner – enquiries@thearchivecentre.com 13 Faraday Rd, Bicester Road Industrial Estate, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8RY +44 (0)1296 425 744 www.thearchivecentre.com https://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidcoulton

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CITY AUDIO VISUAL PETER GUNN ABOUT PETER Peter has firmly established himself in Oxfordshire's audio visual industry, having founded his company, City Audio Visual Ltd, which is now reaching its 21st year of success. His working life has been based in Oxford; Peter has a sound understanding of Oxfordshire businesses and has used this to his advantage, pioneering the audio visual market in and around Oxford. Peter has used his Oxford education to create a company that relishes any challenge they are faced with, whose core values are honesty and integrity. Married with children, these values are the basis of his personal life and have stood him in good stead in achieving a successful reputation as a family man as well as a business man.

ABOUT CITY AUDIO VISUAL City Audio Visual strives to achieve the best bespoke service for events in and around Oxford. The company has specialist knowledge and experience in all aspects of the Audio Visual market and are firmly established in the Oxfordshire area. The company frequently sets up events for the University of Oxford, including regular speakers at the Oxford Union and the successful annual Oxford Literary Festival. Peter and his company thrive on being given a problem and seamlessly being able to devise  a solution to meet the client’s needs, utilising the expert knowledge they have acquired over the years. Quality, efficiency and reliability are the driving forces behind City Audio Visual, qualities that have stood Peter in good stead, steering his company to be the leaders in Oxfordshire audio visual solutions.


36 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Peter Gunn, Managing Director – peter@cityav.co.uk Unit 19, Kings Meadow, Ferry Hinksey Road, Oxford, OX2 0DP +44 (0)1865 722 800 www.cityav.co.uk @CityAudioVisual www.linkedin.com/pub/peter-gunn/79/19b/40/ www.facebook.com/cityav


CITY AUDIO VISUAL JAMES HAY ABOUT JAMES James joined CAV in 2010 and brought with him his valuable background in music & theatre, live events and conferences. As Peter’s wingman, James is responsible for the day to day running of live events which can be as modest as a presentation at a local hotel or as extensive as a full satellite link-up and TV broadcast of a speech by a visiting dignitary. James strives for excellence throughout the event process coordinating pre production right down to on the day aspects. Married and with a 5 year old daughter, in between work and his family, James spends his free time relaxing on the golf course.

ABOUT CITY AUDIO VISUAL City Audio Visual strives to achieve the best bespoke service for events in and around Oxford. The company has specialist knowledge and experience in all aspects of the Audio Visual market and are firmly established in the Oxfordshire area. The company frequently sets up events for the University of Oxford, including regular speakers at the Oxford Union and the successful annual Oxford Literary Festival. Peter and his company thrive on being given a problem and seamlessly being able to devise  a solution to meet the client’s needs, utilising the expert knowledge they have acquired over the years. Quality, efficiency and reliability are the driving forces behind City Audio Visual, qualities that have stood Peter in good stead, steering his company to be the leaders in Oxfordshire audio visual solutions.


James Hay, Project Manager – james@cityav.co.uk Unit 19, Kings Meadow, Ferry Hinksey Road, Oxford, OX2 0DP +44 (0)1865 722 800 www.cityav.co.uk @CityAudioVisual www.linkedin.com/pub/james-hay/87/420/133 www.facebook.com/cityav

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RIDGEWAY JAGUAR OXFORD KELLY GAVAGHAN ABOUT KELLY Kelly Gavaghan is the Fleet & Business Manager at Ridgeway Jaguar Oxford. At this present time she is one of only eleven Jaguar UK Fleet & Business Specialists in the UK, working directly with the manufacturer.“This special relationship enables me to provide the business community of Oxford with a 5 star service. I am able to offer Fleet Discounts and best Terms & Conditions on our outstanding new business models the Jaguar XE and new Jaguar XF.” Jaguar is taking the business sector by storm in 2015 and Kelly is happy to offer expert advice and arrange demonstrations on request.

ABOUT RIDGEWAY JAGUAR OXFORD Ridgeway Jaguar Oxford is nestled between Botley and the picturesque village of Cumnor on Cumnor Hill itself. Since the Multiple Award Winning Ridgeway Group took on the new acquisition, the business has gone from strength to strength. Their Customer Service scores rate the highest in the Jaguar UK Network, something they pride themselves on greatly. Ridgeway Jaguar are delighted to be one of the first Accredited Fleet & Business Retailers in the Jaguar UK Network and this year will also welcome the complete refurbishment of the Cumnor Hill site with a £2m Corporate Identity set to take place in late 2015.


38 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Kelly Gavaghan, Fleet & Business Manager – kelly.gavaghan@ridgeway.co.uk Ridgeway Jaguar Cumnor Hill, Cumnor, Oxford, OX2 9PL +44 (0)1865 865 100 or +44 (0)7551 173 981 www.ridgeway.co.uk @RidgewayGroup https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/kelly-gavaghan/14/983/118 www.facebook.com/theridgewaygroup


EXECUTIVE ALARMS JOHN KEOWN ABOUT JOHN Director John Keown founded Executive Alarms Ltd in 1990 and it became a Limited Company in 1998. He achieved an ONC/HNC in Electrical Engineering at Harwell and then went on to work for a national alarm company before leaving to set up his own business. The companies now employ 30 staff who are all located at the firm’s base and locksmiths shop in Cowley, Oxford. The Companies have a large customer base many of whom have been loyal customers since John first started out in 1990. John is married to Samantha and they live just outside Oxford with their four children. John recently completed his first Triathlon and is currently in training for his next event.

ABOUT EXECUTIVE ALARMS Executive Alarms are a well established Oxford based company, developing year on year, with no gimmicks or expensive marketing enabling them to provide extremely competitive prices to customers in an ever growing and demanding industry. As a member of the SSAIB (Security Systems Alarm Inspection Board), the quality of their products and services is guaranteed and insurance approved. They offer a full range of products and services for all your Security and Fire needs including Intruder alarms, CCTV, access control to automated gates with intercom systems. They install, service & maintain Fire alarms systems, extinguishers and sprinklers. They offer a comprehensive locksmiths service. All their services offer a 24hour, 365-days-a-year, four-hour response callout service. Fire and theft can be devastating — Reliable and responsive security is essential for protecting you and your property. Let them help you protect your home or business by providing you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION AND ASSESSMENT.


John Keown, Director - enquiries@executivealarms.co.uk 26 Kelburne Road, Cowley, Oxford OX4 3SJ +44 (0)1865 435 435 or +44 (0)7887 895 895 www.executive-systems.co.uk @EXECUTIVEOXFORD www.facebook.com/ess.oxford www.facebook.com/pages/Executive-Security-Services/144402265739763

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CORDANT SECURITY LTD EDWARD MACFARLANE ABOUT EDWARD Edward is a highly motivated, entrepreneurial and innovative leader with proven outstanding customer service, operational, commercial and motivational skills; which are complemented by strong technical capabilities in both soft and hard FM services. Edward also served in the Coldstream Guards for eight years. Edward is one of very few who have achieved a double Fellowship in the Facilities Management and Real Estate sectors, being awarded a Fellowship of the British Institute of Facilities Management (FBIFM) in 2010 and a Fellowship of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS) in 2012.

ABOUT CORDANT SECURITY LTD Cordant Security Ltd is the 8th largest security company with a 55 year heritage delivering specialist security services. Working alongside a national client base of demanding end-users with complex risk profiles from across a number of sectors, Cordant Security provides contract specific solutions covering security and specialist personnel; reception and concierge; front-of-house and back office support; loss prevention; mobile and keyholding services; security and fire systems; pre-employment checks and a whole range of risk management and consultancy services. Cordant Security is part of Cordant Group Plc, one of the UK’s largest privately owned managed service solutions company, engaged in the provision of security, cleaning, technical, specialist and recruitment services.


40 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Edward Macfarlane, Managing Director – security@cordantservices.com Chevron House, 346 Long Lane, Hillingdon, Middlesex, UB10 9PF +44 (0)1895 201 800 www.cordantservices.com @CordantServices www.linkedin.com/company/cordant-services www.facebook.com/pages/Cordant-Services/1040199316014384


NEWBURY & DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY DAREN BOWYER ABOUT DAREN Daren Bowyer served for 26 years as an Army officer alternating between regimental duty with the Royal Engineers and a range of staff appointments. He saw operational service in the Gulf War (1991), the Balkans (1998-99) and in Afghanistan (2007). Leaving the Army in 2008, he was for 4 years Home Bursar at Pembroke College, Oxford, before seeking out new roles in the charity sector. He took up his current appointment as Chief Executive of the Newbury and District Agricultural Society in February 2015. Daren completed masters’ degrees (Cranfield and Cambridge) and a PhD (Cranfield) while serving in the Army. He lives in South Oxfordshire and in his spare time (!) is Commandant of the Army Cadet Force for the county

ABOUT NEWBURY & DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY Newbury & District Agricultural Society is a charity promoting understanding of agriculture, horticulture and rural skills, and education in those areas. Its best known public face is the Royal County of Berkshire Show. Held annually on the third weekend of September, this is widely regarded as one of the UK’s biggest and best county shows. With a footfall of 60,000 it offers great promotional opportunities for sponsors, an excellent return for traders and a fabulous day out for all the family. Throughout most of the year the Newbury Showground is available to let. The 150 acre space, with a network of permanent internal roadways, enjoys a superbly accessible location at the junction of the A34 and M4.


Daren Bowyer, Chief Executive – CEO@newburyshowground.co.uk Newbury Showground, Priors Court Rd, Hermitage, Thatcham, Berks, RG18 9QZ +44 (0)1635 247 111 or +44(0)7804 702 430 www.berkshireshow.co.uk @Berkshire_show www.facebook.com/newbury.showground

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HILLTOP CHAUFFEURS NATHAN THOMAS ABOUT NATHAN Having built his business up from scratch, Nathan is 100% devoted to building a business which never forgets to deliver for its loyal customers. With a keen eye for detail and the customer’s satisfaction paramount, Nathan has taken the business to help it rank as one of the region’s leading chauffeur companies. Nathan has had more than his fair share of personal challenges over the past few years but has overcome these hurdles and come out a stronger, even more focused person, determined to take Hilltop to new heights. One of Nathan’s most impressive personal achievements was to lose six stone in a relatively short period of time through dedicated training and a disciplined diet. Rather than being half the man, his resolve has doubled and he is now on course to achieve all of his dreams and more with Hilltop.

ABOUT HILLTOP CHAUFFEURS Hilltop Chauffeurs are a family run business that prides themselves on their reliability. The company has been established for over 6 years. The proprietor of the organisation, Nathan Thomas, began his career in transport and logistics over almost two decades ago. Their drivers are fully vetted, police checked and licensed for school runs. They are discreet and professional. Hilltop Chauffeurs have contractual relationships with select hotels, the county council & local motor racing organisations in addition to various businesses located in and around Oxford. 

CONTACT DETAILS C Nathan Thomas, Proprietor - hilltopcars@live.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 595 262 W www.hilltopchauffeurs.co.uk

42 | WHO’S WHO 2015


CHILTERN RAILWAYS ROB BRIGHOUSE ABOUT ROB Rob Brighouse is the Managing Director of Chiltern Railways and has worked in the rail industry for over 30 years. In 2000, he joined Chiltern Railways and as Projects Director led a major investment programme. Later, he was part of the team which successfully bid for the London Overground franchise, becoming Deputy Managing Director. Rob returned to Chiltern Railways in 2011 as Managing Director. Rob’s passion for excellence in customer service ensures the passenger remains at the heart of Chiltern’s approach. His drive and leadership has seen Chiltern crowned as the top DfT franchised train operator for customer satisfaction in the National Passenger Survey and has kept Chiltern as the number one national train operator for right time punctuality for the last two years.

ABOUT CHILTERN RAILWAYS From September, Chiltern Railways will launch a brand new rail link between its newly built station, Oxford Parkway and London Marylebone via Bicester. This has been enabled by a £130million investment by the company to create the first new rail link between a major British city and London in over 100 years. With 800 new parking spaces, and located minutes from the A34, A40 and A44 residents and visitors alike will be able to avoid the congested city centre when travelling between Oxford and London. Once on board, with free wi-fi, spacious tables and plug points at almost every seat, passengers will be able to arrive cool, calm and connected at Marylebone station in the heart of London.


Rob Brighouse, Managing Director Great Central House, Marylebone Station, Melcombe Street, London, NW1 6JJ +44 (0)3456 005 1650 www.chilternrailways.co.uk @chilternrailway www.facebook.com/chilternrailway

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 43


WILA CLAIRE STYLES ABOUT CLAIRE Claire joined WILA in 2000; her enthusiasm for all things HR & Administration is demonstrated by her desire to get the job done and get it done properly. Claire’s experience spans 20 years holding positions within administration, customer service, sales, PA to the MD & role of HR generalist. 2005 saw Claire’s appointment as Director & Company Secretary to WILA Group. Since returning from Maternity Leave Claire now focuses her energy on HR, Administration & IIP for the UK & Germany. Claire enjoys networking & meeting new and interesting people to help continue to build those all important relationships. WILA acknowledges that its people and their willingness to learn, develop and continue to have a flexible approach to their work are a key ingredient to their continued success.

ABOUT WILA The cornerstone of WILA was laid over 150 years ago. Since then WILA has been active in both the European and International markets. In cooperation with lighting planners and architects WILA designs customised lighting solutions for business buildings, public administration, transport buildings, health care buildings, social institutions, schools and educational institutes. Their goal as a leading specialist for professional quality light solutions is to improve the visual with high performance, energy efficient, sustainable products. WILA makes the right light instruments available to all those involved in the planning process for offices and public buildings.


44 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Claire Styles, Director - wila@wila.co.uk 8-10 The Quadrangle, Grove Technology Park, Downsview Rd, Wantage, Oxon, OX12 9FA +44 (0)1235 773 500 www.wila.com @WILA_Lighting www.linkedin.com/company/wila-lighting-ltd www.facebook.com/pages/Wila-Lighting-by-Ledra-Brands/416224051761119

CONFERENCE, EVENTS & VENUES VENUES Corpus Christi College...........................................................................47 Oxford Castle Quarter...........................................................................48 Ashmolean Museum..........................................................................50 Lady Margaret Hall................................................................................52 Howbery Park........................................................................................53 Saïd Business School............................................................................54 Pembroke College.................................................................................55 EVENTS Orchestra of St John’s............................................................................56 Venus Awards........................................................................................57 CATERING Passion for Food....................................................................................58 Oxford Fine Dining...............................................................................59

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 45

Tara Howard Founder & Managing Director - Venus Awards Ltd

46 | WHO’S WHO 2015


CORPUS CHRISTI HANNAH TALBOTT ABOUT HANNAH Having graduated from Oxford Brookes in 2005, Hannah has spent over 10 years working in the hospitality industry both within the UK and overseas in Germany, Italy and the USA. For the last 6 years Hannah has been working for Oxford University as Accommodation Manager and recently joined Corpus Christi College as Conference & Accommodation Manager. Her main focus is to increase and develop the college’s conference business turnover and client base through effective marketing and networking. Outside work Hannah currently sits on the judging panel for the Oxfordshire Restaurant Awards.

ABOUT CORPUS CHRISTI Founded in 1517, Corpus Christi is a small intimate venue nestled in the heart of Oxford city centre. Corpus Christi offers 5 beautiful multi-purpose meeting / function rooms, each able to seat up to 25 people for either conferences or dining. As a new addition to the College, the MBI Al Jaber auditorium is situated in the south-west corner of the College and is built into the bastion of the ancient City wall. Adjacent to the auditorium is the MBI Al Jaber foyer. This is an ideal breakout space for conferences. The Foyer is also very popular for drinks receptions, as is the Handa Terrace directly above the auditorium which is an ideal location for wedding receptions and social events. Corpus Christi has a cutting edge and experienced Conference team who will closely liaise with each client to fulfil their bespoke requirements, and who are driven to ensuring that each client is treated as an individual whose personal needs take precedence.


Hannah Talbott, Conference & Accommodation Manager hannah.talbott@ccc.ox.ac.uk Merton Street, Oxford, OX1 4JF +44 (0)1865 276 708 www.ccc.ox.ac.uk

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 47


OXFORD CASTLE QUARTER SAM PACE ABOUT SAM Sam joined Oxford Castle Quarter as Operations Manager in the summer of 2013 having previously held the post of Historic Properties Manager for English Heritage, caring for listed buildings and ancient scheduled monuments in the South of England. Sam graduated from the University of Chichester with a degree in History and is passionate about cultural heritage, the built environment, and historic conservation. Sam also has extensive experience of working with the National Museum of the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defence and was instrumental in delivering the cultural and heritage offer of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and HMS Victory to the wider public. Sam is also currently studying for her MSc Historic Conservation at Oxford Brookes University.

ABOUT OXFORD CASTLE QUARTER The Oxford Castle Heritage Site is a striking social and cultural development in the centre of the city connecting into Oxford’s West End. A five acre site surrounded by walls, it incorporates the remains of Oxford Castle the ancient county gaol, and the more modern prison. Today it has been transformed into a sustainable mixed-use development comprising an art gallery, hotel, education centre, heritage visitor attraction, residential apartments, and restaurants and bars, found across the site, set around public squares and gardens, each with its own distinct character.

CONTACT DETAILS C Sam Pace, Operations Manager - Sam.pace@topgroup.co.uk A Oxford Castle Ltd, Oxford Castle Management Office, 43 Oxford Castle, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1AY T +44 (0)1865 201 657 W www.oxfordcastlequarter.com @oxcastlequarter www.facebook.com/OxCastleQuarter

48 | WHO’S WHO 2015


OXFORD CASTLE QUARTER TREVOR OSBORNE ABOUT TREVOR Developer and owner of Oxford Castle, a place in the heart of the City, and a well-known figure in property circles, Trevor is a property developer and investor with extensive experience who cares about architecture and the historic environment. Trevor is a Trustee Board Member of Bath Spa University as well as a number of Charitable Trusts concerned with arts, music and culture in its widest sense. He is absorbed in heritage regeneration in many parts of the country. Trevor Osborne is passionate about his business. He’s been a property developer for almost all of his working life. Once he gets his teeth into a project he says he won’t let go until he has seen it through. He is a ‘details’ man who believes you can never stop improving. That’s why he still devotes so much time to The Castle Project in the centre of Oxford.

ABOUT OXFORD CASTLE QUARTER The Oxford Castle Heritage Site is a striking social and cultural development in the centre of the city connecting into Oxford’s West End. A five acre site surrounded by walls, it incorporates the remains of Oxford Castle the ancient county gaol, and the more modern prison. Today it has been transformed into a sustainable mixed-use development comprising an art gallery, hotel, education centre, heritage visitor attraction, residential apartments, and restaurants and bars, found across the site, set around public squares and gardens, each with its own distinct character.


Trevor Osborne, Chairman - enquiries@topgroup.co.uk Oxford Castle Ltd, Oxford Castle Management Office, 43 Oxford Castle, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1AY +44 (0)1865 201 657 www.oxfordcastlequarter.com @oxcastlequarter www.facebook.com/OxCastleQuarter

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 49


ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM BÉNÉDICTE MONTAIN ABOUT BÉNÉDICTE Bénédicte Montain comes from the South of France where she developed a passion for events working for prestigious historic and tourist sites. She joined the Ashmolean ahead of the museum’s refurbishment which gave her the fantastic chance to shape the new Ashmolean events offer. Having established a range of venue hire opportunities and gained significant experience designing successful events for the Ashmolean, Bénédicte became Head of Events in 2013. As part of her role Bénédicte particularly enjoys working with the Ashmolean Corporate Circle creating and fostering enthusiastic connections between the Ashmolean and the business community.

ABOUT ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM Founded in 1683, at a time when the idea of the 'museum' was brand new, Britain's first public museum, the Ashmolean, was initially the home of a collection of miscellaneous manmade and natural specimens and curiosities from every corner of the world, which was presented to the University by the wealthy antiquarian, Elias Ashmole. The Ashmolean galleries transform into fantastic venues for corporate functions but also for social parties and weddings. They work in partnership with Clerkenwell Green Events catering to deliver all your events to the highest standards. The Ashmolean’s world-class collections, magnificent architecture, excellent food and attentive service will leave you with lasting memories of your events here.


50 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Benedicte Montain, Head of Events – benedicte.montain@ashmus.ox.ac.uk Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2PH +44 (0)1865 288 364 www.ashmolean.org/services/venuehire/ @ashmoleanevents @MarryAshmolean www.facebook.com/AshmoleanWeddingsPrivateAndCorporateHire


ANNA WALKER Events Manager Anna Walker has been in event management for over 8 years, having organised many different styles of events in historical and cultural institutions. Having spent 3 years arranging corporate and private events at Blenheim Palace, Anna joined the Ashmolean in 2010 as the Social Event Manager - focussing on weddings and private events within the museum. After successfully establishing the Ashmolean as a high-end wedding venue, Anna changed her focus to corporate clients in 2013. Anna would feel privileged to work with you and your company, do get in touch to find out more about the Ashmolean for your plans.

E Anna.walker@ashmus.ox.ac.uk T +44 (0)1865 288 360 W www.ashmolean.org/services/venuehire/corporate/

SARAH KINSELLA Corporate Membership and Events Manager Sarah Kinsella joined the Ashmolean Museum in July 2014. In Sarah’s current role she manages the Ashmolean Corporate Circle membership scheme, which builds relationships for the Museum with local and national companies. Sarah manages and delivers all Corporate Circle Members’ benefits and events at the Ashmolean. Sarah holds a Master of Science in Cultural Heritage Studies from Glasgow Caledonian University. With over 9 years’ experience working in varying roles in Museums in the UK, Ireland and Canada, she has previously worked for the British Museum and the BC Sports Hall of Fame, Vancouver.

E sarah.kinsella@ashmus.ox.ac.uk T +44 (0)1865 288 273 W www.ashmolean.org/support/corporatesupport/membership/

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 51


LADY MARGARET HALL GEMMA SHEPPARD ABOUT GEMMA Gemma has been working as Events Coordinator and Administrator in the Conference and Events Team since June 2014. Previous to this, she was working in student administration at Oxford University. Key aspects of Gemma’s role at LMH include the organisation, administration, and delivery of a large variety of events, from small private dinners, day meetings and conferences, to residential summer schools, and large weddings. Gemma is also involved with the marketing of the venue and the organisation of accommodation for ad hoc visitors. Gemma prides herself on providing an excellent service and ensures that a high quality of service is offered to all customers.

ABOUT LADY MARGARET HALL Lady Margaret Hall was founded in 1878 to change Oxford University and to change the world as it was then. Today, the College is a beautiful and spacious place where curiosity, creativity, and passion thrive. Their staff are committed to helping you get the event you want, fusing modern facilities and new ideas with the timeless atmosphere of an Oxford College. Rooms filled with natural light, where the gardens are just a step away make LMH a great venue when you are thinking, working and learning. It is easy to take a break and get some fresh air, and easy to relax and enjoy the stimulus of conversation and company in their characterful rooms and inviting gardens. LMH hosts many events, from intimate private dinners to large residential conferences. All customers come to LMH wanting something special, and their job is to make sure that your time at LMH is exactly that. They pride themselves on their friendly, helpful service.

CONTACT DETAILS C Gemma Sheppard, Conference and Events Co-ordinator and Administrator - eventcoad@lmh.ox.ac.uk A Lady Margaret Hall, Norham Gardens, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX2 6QA T +44 (0)1865 274 320 W http://conference.lmh.ox.ac.uk/ www.facebook.com/pages/Lady-Margaret-Hall-Hospitality-Services/335091716511965

52 | WHO’S WHO 2015


HOWBERY BUSINESS PARK BRUCE TOMLINSON ABOUT BRUCE Dr. Bruce Tomlinson is the new Chief Executive of Oxfordshire-based Howbery Business Park and parent company, HR Wallingford. He brings over 25 years of maritime industry experience to his role in addition to leadership skills, strategic vision and the ambition to drive forward developments that will help both HR Wallingford and Howbery Business Park to realise their full potential. Dr Tomlinson has a PhD in marine science from Southampton University and was previously the MD of Fugro Emu.

ABOUT HOWBERY BUSINESS PARK Over the past twenty years Howbery Business Park has developed into a thriving community – and today it provides a home to those businesses who want something a bit different. Set in the grounds of an elegant Grade II manor house on the banks of the River Thames, Howbery Business Park has real character. The park is a pleasing mix of historic buildings and award-winning sustainable developments, notably a solar park and its flagship buildings Kestrel House & Red Kite House, which are both rated excellent under the BREEAM® sustainability ratings. The park is home to a mix of start-up and established businesses representing a variety of sectors, including the Environment Agency and HR Wallingford with its world class testing and laboratory facilities housed on site. Howbery Business Park has planning permission to create 70,000 sq. ft. of new office space within its community driven environment, which is managed by a dedicated team of people who go to extra lengths to provide a healthy worklife balance for park tenants. Facilities includes a gym, multi-use sports pitch, social club, nursery and a conservation area on the banks of the river Thames.


Bruce Tomlinson, Chief Executive – info@hrwallingford.com HR Wallingford, Howbery Business Park, Benson Lane, Wallingford, Oxon, OX10 8BA +44 (0)1491 822 495 www.howberypark.com @howberypark

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 53


SAID BUSINESS SCHOOL MARTIN GARSIDE ABOUT MARTIN Martin relocated to Oxford in 2012, having spent the previous seven years as conference and events sales manager at Sheffield University. Key aspects of Martin’s role at the Saïd are to manage space effectively across the two sites, Park End Street and Egrove Park, marketing the venues for conferences, meetings, accommodation, Christmas functions and wedding receptions. Martin has seen a significant investment made by the school into creating world class event facilities and is extremely proud of the facilities available at both sites and the quality of service offered to customers by the conference team.

ABOUT SAID BUSINESS SCHOOL A choice of world-class venues suitable for any event Conference@SaïdOxford is one of the UK’s leading conference, meeting and event providers with high quality function and event spaces and superb bar and entertainment facilities. They have two unique and diverse world class venues to choose from, each equipped with the latest audio-visual facilities and having a dedicated, friendly team on hand to take care of your every last detail. Their Park End Street venue is located in the heart of Oxford city centre, offering immediate access to the train station adjacent to the venue. Egrove Park is located two miles from the City Centre and offers a retreat setting with plenty of free parking


54 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Lisa Quinn and Laura Williams – conference@sbs.ox.ac.uk Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HP +44 (0)1865 288 846 www.sbs.oxford.edu/conference @ConferenceSBS


PEMBROKE COLLEGE HUW EDMUNDS ABOUT HUW Huw has been Head of Conferences and Events at Pembroke College for some 3 years now. His background is wide and varied having organised international events for many years, but also represented MICE destinations in the UK – Provence, Jordan and the Islands of the South Pacific. In 2001, he won the coveted ITMA Best Incentive of the Year Award for a programme in Jordan. Having been an Oxford student himself, he has come full circle. Nowadays, he still has a very hands-on approach and likes nothing better than singing the praises of Oxford’s offering and in particular, Pembroke’s amazing new facilities.

ABOUT PEMBROKE COLLEGE With the recently-completed £35M development, Pembroke College offers modern and traditional meeting spaces and accommodation in the centre of Oxford for day and residential meetings, dinners and both private and corporate functions throughout the year.


Huw Edmunds, Head of Conferences and Events – Conferences@pmb.ox.ac.uk Pembroke Colege, St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DW +44 (0)1865 286 098 www.pmb.ox.ac.uk/conferences @PembrokeOxford https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/huw-edmunds/10/a95/8bb www.facebook.com/PembrokeOxfordAccess

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 55


ORCHESTRA OF ST JOHN’S JOHN LUBBOCK ABOUT JOHN John was a chorister at St George’s Windsor, studied singing at the Royal Academy of Music, then sang with the John Alldis choir and was a founder member of the London Symphony Chorus and the Swingle Singers. He founded the Orchestra of St John’s in 1967 with the aim of building an orchestra that would serve the community and not just be part of the ‘music scene’. John is a founder trustee of the Thomley Hall Centre for children with all special needs, a trustee of the Music for Life Foundation, and a trustee of the Clear Sky Foundation. In 2015 John was awarded an OBE for ‘services to the Orchestra of St John’s and to people with autism and learning difficulties in the UK’.

ABOUT ORCHESTRA OF ST JOHN’S The original home of the Orchestra of St. John's was St John’s Smith Square in Westminster, where it still performs. OSJ appears regularly in London and at concert halls and festivals throughout the country and its concerts have featured world famous soloists such as Dame Felicity Lott, Sir James Galway, John Lill, Yuri Bashmet, Tasmin Little and Steven Isserlis. It presents a series of ‘Proms’ in the Ashmolean Museum through the year, a concert series at Christmas and at Easter and a festival ‘Music in the Abbey’ in Dorchester every September. Its Young Performers scheme helps many aspiring professional musicians. Each year it provides more than fifty musical events for children with autism and for adults with dementia, through the charity ‘Music For Autism’ started by John’s wife Christine Cairns in 2002. The Orchestra of St John’s are also available for corporate events and can tailor the experience to suit a client’s particular requirements. If you are interested, please contact John at the details below.


56 | WHO’S WHO 2015

John Lubbock, Founder - orchestra@osj.org.uk 7 Warborough Road, Shillingford, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 7SA +44 (0)7775 904 626 www.osj.org.uk @osjevents www.facebook.com/theosj


VENUS AWARDS TARA HOWARD ABOUT TARA Tara Howard is the Founder and Managing Director of the Venus Awards. Born in Southampton, she is the youngest of four and only girl. At the age of 10 her family moved to Bournemouth where her parents had bought the Langtry Manor Hotel. Her mother was Tara’s role model, showing how a determined and inspired woman can be successful in business and life. Taking over the reins of the family business in 1990 Tara accelerated the hotel’s performance in terms of turnover and its national profile. Being a mother of four, Tara knows how hard it is to juggle family life with the demands of running a business. Tara established the Venus Awards in 2009 to celebrate the contribution business women make to the local and national economy.

ABOUT VENUS AWARDS Venus Awards has been recognising women in business since 2009. Originally launched in Dorset, the Awards have grown year on year. The Awards now operate in several regions including Oxfordshire, Birmingham and Southampton. Expansion plans include London and many major regions and cities to the North. Fuelling the growth are the many new and repeat sponsors. Venus Awards provides an exclusive environment to build meaningful and commercial relationships.

“We leveraged our Venus Sponsorship to successfully acquire significant new business. For those who want more business Venus is way beyond a badging exercise, it’s a brilliant route to market!” Phil Sampson of Sampson Hall (Devon Sponsor). Women play such a key role in our local economies and communities. The Venus Awards raises awareness of the successful women in our midst and celebrates the economic force they have become.


Tara Howard, Founder & Managing Director – Tara.Howard@venusawards.co.uk Venus Awards Ltd, 21a Knyveton Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 3QQ +44 (0)1202 559 039 www.venusawards.co.uk @WomenAwards www.linkedin.com/groups/Venus-Awards-Recognising-Local-Business-4251636/about www.facebook.com/VenusAwards

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 57


PASSION FOR FOOD PHILIP BAKER ABOUT PHILIP Philip started in the catering industry at an early age and developed a real passion and enthusiasm for fantastic flavours, ingredients and new cooking methods. He was fortunate to be taken to many of the top restaurants in London and the Home Counties, such as The Canteen, The Greenhouse, The Waterside at Bray, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons and met some of the chefs who ran these establishments, who gave Philip some good advice. He was inspired by tasting the top quality food they served and was determined that one day he would be serving food to the same high standards. This lead to a natural progression to run his own company and he has now been in the catering industry for over twenty years and is still passionate about food.

ABOUT PASSION FOR FOOD Passion for Food specialise in providing fabulous event catering for weddings, corporate events, Christmas parties and private dinners. They offer a simple, uncomplicated approach where everything revolves around the client, from talking through menus at the initial planning stages through to the 'wow, that was incredible' finale. Based in Westcott, Buckinghamshire, they have over 20 years experience in catering for events at private homes, stunning venues and places of work, providing high-quality food, offering a first-class professional and friendly service. Over the years they have learned that if you deliver exquisite dishes beautifully prepared, served by people who really care - customers remember you and come back for more.


58 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Philip Baker, Managing Director – philip@passion-for-food.co.uk Unit 7 a/b Upper Barn Farm, Bicester Rd, Westcott, Buckinghamshire, HP18 0JX +44 (0)8452 969 226 www.passion-for-food.co.uk @passionffood www.linkedin.com/pub/philip-baker/9/a34/45 www.facebook.com/pages/Passion-for-food/254359987932998


OXFORD FINE DINING SUE RANDALL ABOUT SUE Sue Randall set up Oxford Fine Dining with Executive Head Chef Martin Bridgeman in June 2007, having enjoyed a successful 25 year career in the hotel and catering industry, working her way up to general manager and director within the Four Pillars Hotels group before moving to Conference and Facilities Manager for Oxford University. Sue’s attention to detail and passion for providing outstanding food and service combined with her communication and leadership skills provide all the necessary ingredients for a successful event, whether a corporate dinner or reception, wedding or ball in one of Oxfordshire’s stunning venues such as the Bodleian Library, Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Rhodes House or in a marquee in the middle of a field!

ABOUT OXFORD FINE DINING Oxford Fine Dining is a truly formidable catering company. Over the last seven years they have gained a superb reputation for catering at some of Oxford's most prestigious venues. They have an extensive and impressive portfolio of weddings, corporate events and private dining experiences. Oxford Fine Dining was established in 2007 by Sue Randall, Managing Director and Martin Bridgeman, Executive Head Chef, who have been working together for over 25 years. Sue and Martin are supported by Mel Cooper‚ Operations Manager, Vanessa Moor, Events Manager and Jack Thomson- Anderson, Sous Chef. They are  approved caterers  to a number of  Oxford  and  Oxford University venues  including  Rhodes House, Bodleian Library  and  Oxford University Museum of Natural History, as well as Worton Park, Cotswold Manor Estate and Dinckley Court. Oxford Fine Dining has developed a reputation amongst corporate and private clients for tailor made catering solutions with high quality food and service. Whatever the size or venue Oxford Fine Dining has the knowhow to put together the perfect event package.


Sue Randall, Managing Director - suerandall@oxfordfinedining.co.uk Unit 12, Oddington Grange, Weston-On-The-Green, Oxford, Oxon, OX25 3QW +44 (0)1865 728 240 www.oxfordfinedining.co.uk www.oxfordfinediningweddings.co.uk @OFDltd www.linkedin.com/company/oxford-fine-dining-ltd www.facebook.com/pages/Oxford-Fine-Dining-Ltd/229429220424717

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 59

Owen McGovern Owner - Oxford Active

60 | WHO’S WHO 2015

EDUCATION TRAINING Oxford Active..........................................................................................62 KIDS ACTIVITIES Camp Energy.........................................................................................63

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 61


OXFORD ACTIVE OWEN MCGOVERN ABOUT OWEN Born and bred in Oxford, Owen set up Oxford Active in 1998 and has grown the business to be one of the leading wraparound childcare and education providers in the region. Still an Oxford resident, Owen spends his days visiting new schools looking to host one of Oxford Active’s holiday camps as well as looking after International students visiting their language school and his spare time trying to keep up with his numerous nieces and nephews.

ABOUT OXFORD ACTIVE Oxford Active is the parent company of a number of childcare and education providers, namely Active Camps (children’s holiday camps in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Warwickshire), Active After School Clubs (after school clubs in many Oxford primary schools), Active Adventure (holiday camps and activities focussing on survival and outdoor activities), Oxford Spires Language School (English language school for International students) and Active Education & Training (provider of training, apprenticeships and PPA cover for schools).


62 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Owen McGovern, Owner – owenmcgovern@oxfordactive.co.uk Upper Campsfield Barns, The Straight Mile, Woodstock, OX20 1PW +44 (0)1865 594 325 www.oxfordactive.co.uk @ Oxford_Active www.linkedin.com/company/oxford-active www.facebook.com/OxfordActive


CAMP ENERGY BARRY GRINHAM ABOUT BARRY Barry first worked in a children's activity camp back in the Summer of '72 for a company called "Camp America". This company shipped British students to the US to staff its camps. Barry’s role was a swimming & sailing instructor - a prime job as all day was spent at the "water front" getting a tan and talking to the female American staff who loved his cockney accent. Happy days. He taught P.E. at Gosford Hill in Kidlington, but returned to camp most summers. It wasn't until the late 80's that Barry realised there was a market in the UK And so Camp Energy was formed. Over the past decade it has grown in size to become today Oxfordshire's premier children's activity camp.

ABOUT CAMP ENERGY For over 15 years Camp Energy has remained one of the market leaders and is part of the Prime Energy Fitness Group. Right from the beginning the company has focused on providing great value and a caring and safe environment. Camp Energy , with its flagship in central North Oxford,offers a daily variety of activities in the extensive parkland of the site. Also on offer are their FREE daily swim lessons for the Fun Bunch, which helped them achieve "OUTSTANDING" on their most recent OFSTED inspection. Included in the fees are trips to places such as Team Force India F1, Botanic gardens, & Farmer Gow's etc. So no hidden extras....as imposed by other operators! All of their activities are designed to provide children with fun and challenges such as rock climbing and bushcraft not always available at schools or at home. All in a safe Environment.


Barry Grinham, Owner/Founder - barry@primeenergy.org The Old Forge Office, North Green, Kirtlington, OX5 3JZ +44 (0)1869 352 000 www.campenergy.com @barrygrinham www.linkedin.com/pub/barry-grinham/35/186/862 www.facebook.com/Campenergyuk

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 63

Tony Haines Partner - Wenn Townsend

64 | WHO’S WHO 2015

FINANCE FINANCIAL ADVISORS Mark Barclay..........................................................................................66 NGI Finance............................................................................................67 Focus LLP.................................................................................................68 Quantuma..............................................................................................70 ACCOUNTING Critchleys................................................................................................72 Wenn Townsend...................................................................................73 Russell Whitlock....................................................................................74 Wellers...................................................................................................75 Shaw Gibbs............................................................................................76 Wilson Partners.....................................................................................77

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MARK BARCLAY PARTNER OF ST. JAMES’S PLACE WEALTH MANAGEMENT ABOUT MARK Mark Barclay was invited to become a Partner of St. James’s Place Wealth Management in January 2010. Prior to this, Mark spent more than seven years at Lloyds bank gaining wide experience of financial services and private banking. Making clients’ money work better for them and their loved ones now lies at the heart of his successful Wealth Planning Practice. Mark’s financial planning services are offered through the prestigious St. James’s Place Wealth Management. This association offers him security and a high degree of choice and flexibility for providing clients with professional, expert advice regarding their financial goals.

ABOUT ST. JAMES’S PLACE St. James’s Place Wealth Management is a FTSE 100 company with client funds under management amounting to £52bn. As a Partner of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, Mark’s Practice has access to a wide variety of products and services in order to offer clients the best possible choice for their financial requirements. From his base in Oxford, Mark provides financial advice to clients across Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties. Services include: • Investment Planning • Retirement Planning • Onshore and Offshore Investments • Inheritance Tax Planning • Trustee Investments • Protection Planning (Life, Critical Illness, Income). The value of an investment with St. James's Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested. Mark Barclay represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website www.sjp.co.uk/products. The ‘St. James’s Place Partnership’ and the title ‘Partner’ are marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.


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Mark Barclay, Partner of St James’s Place Wealth Management 27 Jack Straws Lane, Oxford, OX3 0DL +44 (0)1865 793 121 E mark.barclay@sjpp.co.uk www.mbarclay.co.uk www.linkedin.com/pub/mark-barclay/19/70/970


NGI FINANCE CHRIS MORRIS ABOUT CHRIS Chris and Maria Morris set up NGI Finance in 2006 to better meet the needs of business customers. By providing a more personal service with increased flexibility in the financial products they can offer by not being tied to just one high street bank/supplier. Chris specialises in all areas of business finance with 25 years experience in business lending across all industries. Having previously held senior positions in Scotland and the North of England, Chris ran a £100m turnover business for a major high street bank, where he managed 3 teams of managers working with business decision makers and had joint signatory authority for lending in excess of £1m. Chris has built a reputation for his understanding of the situation and ability to identify the best product and deal for each client.

ABOUT NGI FINANCE Business owners prepared to look beyond their existing bank will discover that NGI Finance offers all kinds of business finance including asset finance, invoice finance, commercial mortgages, development loans, secured and unsecured business loans. NGI have become a leading player in the Crowd Funding market; this exciting new sector provides innovative finance products for business. No matter how large or small or what type of business you are, NGI’s objective is to get the best finance package available. NGI has helped business secure in excess of £100m worth of funding since its inception, with most of their business coming from referrals, testament to the competitive products and outstanding level of service they provide.


Chris Morris, Managing Director - chris@ngifinance.co.uk 47 Larch Lane, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 1AG +44 (0)1993 706 403 www.ngifinance.co.uk @NGIFinance www.linkedin.com/in/chrism1 www.facebook.com/NGIFinance

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FOCUS OXFORD LLP GARY HUNT MIFS DIPFA ABOUT GARY As a founding Partner in FOCUS, Gary was instrumental in the creation and formation of the firm. Gary has spent his whole working life in the Oxford area as an Independent Insurance and Financial Adviser and most of his clients have been with him for many years. Today, Gary specialises in the design and implementation of employee benefit schemes and providing individual financial planning solutions. His role within the Partnership also means a good deal of time spent on strategic planning and looking at FOCUS’s position within the industry and its ever important presence in the local area.

ABOUT FOCUS OXFORD LLP Established in 1990 and celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary in 2015, FOCUS is one of the region’s largest composite firms of Independent Financial Advisers and Independent Insurance Consultants. Based in Oxford, FOCUS is proud of its team of experts – 6 Partners and 28 staff, providing professional advice and a first class, personal service to both individual and corporate clients. Regulated directly by the Financial Conduct Authority, FOCUS offers independent advice and a bespoke service in all areas of mortgage, financial planning and insurance needs – providing a complete solution for total peace of mind.


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Gary Hunt MIFS DipFA, Partner – gary.hunt@focusllp.co.uk Seacourt Tower, West Way, Oxford OX2 0JL +44 (0)1865 295 295 www.focusllp.co.uk @FocusOxfordLLP www.linkedin.com/company/focus-oxford-llp



T +44 (0)1865 813 303

E phil.rouse@focusllp.co.uk

T +44 (0)1865 813 307

E nick.jones@focusllp.co.uk

T +44 (0)1865 813 315

E phil.casey@focusllp.co.uk

T +44 (0)1865 813 301

E gary.hunt@focusllp.co.uk

T +44 (0)1865 813 300

E steve.ilott@focusllp.co.uk

T +44 (0)1865 813 302

E nick.walker@focusllp.co.uk

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QUANTUMA LLP PETER HUGHES-HOLLAND ABOUT PETER Peter has over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of insolvency. He has championed the rescue culture over a number of years with his entrepreneurial approach to helping failing businesses. Peter specialises in providing advice and assistance to individuals and businesses at all levels in financial difficulty, as well as restructuring solvent businesses and company sales. His sector specialisms include Dentistry, Printing, Engineering and Construction. An ex-Council member of The Association of Business Recovery Professionals, Peter has been active in advising the Government in changing the Insolvency Law. Peter is licensed to act as an Insolvency Practitioner in the UK by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

ABOUT QUANTUMA LLP Quantuma is the leading restructuring and insolvency practice delivering partner led solutions to businesses and individuals facing financial distress. As a business, they understand the pressures that financial worries cause and their specialised advice is tailored to ensure they help you navigate through all forms of turnaround, restructuring and insolvency procedures. Quantuma also have many senior-level contacts in the Asset Based Lending sector; their innovative and tailored approach provides essential independent guidance to business owners seeking finance on the most commercial terms. Quantuma ensure their professional and caring approach will support you and your business throughout difficult times.


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Peter Hughes-Holland, Partner – peter.hughesholland@quantuma.com 81 Station Road, Marlow, SL7 1NS +44 (0)1628 478 100 or +44 (0)7860 322 515 www.quantuma.com @quantuma1 www.linkedin.com/company/quantuma


FRANK WESSELY Partner Frank has over 30 years’ experience, qualifying as an Insolvency Practitioner in 1990 and taking a wide variety of appointments. Frank specialises in the commercial property sector advising various FTSE quoted commercial landlords on issues arising when tenants default or become formally insolvent. He is widely known as a public speaker on these topics. His sector specialisms also include Care Homes, Licensed Trade, Publishing, Theatre and Retail. Frank has extensive experience of negotiating time-to-pay Agreements with HMRC. He carries out Independent Business Reviews on behalf of a range of stakeholders. Frank is licensed to act as an Insolvency Practitioner in the UK by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

E frank.wessely@quantuma.com T +44 (0)1628 478 100 or +44 (0)7770 210 628

CHRIS NEWELL Partner Chris has 13 years’ experience of restructuring and insolvency work with extensive experience across a wide range of sectors, he advises and accepts appointments on all UK formal insolvency matters, both corporate and personal. Chris regularly advises directors and shareholders of businesses predominantly in the SME sector regarding their options and is a great believer in implementing early practical solutions. He also provides independent business reviews for major UK clearing banks. His sector specialisms include Construction and Property, Manufacturing and Legal Firms. Chris is licensed to act as an Insolvency Practitioner in the UK by the Insolvency Practitioners Association and is a Fellow of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). E chris.newell@quantuma.com T +44 (0)1628 478 100 or +44 (0)7908 409 607

NICK SIMMONDS Partner Nick recently joined Quantuma from one of the UK’s largest Restructuring firms, where he ran their Watford Office, specialising in providing quality advice to the local business community. Nick has been helping the Thames Valley and Hertfordshire business owners through difficult times since 2008 and is looking forward to continuing with this in years to come. Nick qualified as an Insolvency Practitioner in 2000 and has vast experience in helping directors of SME's with financial problems. His sector specialisms include Transport and Logistics, Training Companies and Sports and Leisure Industries. Nick is licensed to act as an Insolvency Practitioner in the United Kingdom by the Insolvency Practitioners Association. E nick.simmonds@quantuma.com T +44 (0)1923 797 185 or +44 (0)7974 429 012

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CRITCHLEYS ANTHONY HARRIS ABOUT ANTHONY Anthony is Critchleys’ Chairman; he is a Chartered Certified Accountant and a member of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals. As a registered auditor, he maintains a portfolio of thriving audit clients, using his breadth of experience to give sound commercial advice. He has considerable experience in advising corporate clients with challenges in their businesses including cash, profitability and funding issues. Additionally he advises clients on issues of 'Risk Management' within their businesses. Anthony regularly talks at conferences both in the UK and overseas. Anthony also chairs PLaN — Critchleys' quarterly property networking forum.

ABOUT CRITCHLEYS Critchleys is a chartered accountancy, financial planning and human resource consultancy firm who were founded in Oxford in 1906. Today the firm is placed in the UK's top 100 accountancy and financial planning firms, with a large client base including individuals, trusts, businesses, charities and non-profit organisations. Critchleys provide compliance, consultancy and advisory services for every stage of business or personal life. Their approach is professional and friendly and their fees competitive.


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Anthony Harris, Chairman – oxford@critchleys.co.uk Greyfriars Court, Paradise Square, Oxford, OX1 1BE +44 (0)1865 261 100 www.critchleys.co.uk @critchleysllp https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/anthony-harris/4/b44/770


WENN TOWNSEND TONY HAINES ABOUT TONY The youngest of four brothers, Tony was born and brought up in North Oxford before studying a degree in Microbiology at the University of Sheffield. He still retains a keen interest in the world of life science. After completing his degree he came back to Oxford and joined Wenn Townsend as a trainee Chartered Accountant, qualifying in 1991. Since then Tony has remained at Wenn Townsend joining the partnership in 1997 initially as the training partner and latterly as the partner responsible for the development of the firm’s client base. “The firm’s wide range of owner-managed businesses, extending to almost every conceivable industry is the reason we have, within the partnership, the experience and expertise to deliver the level of service to our clients expected by a modern firm.”

ABOUT WENN TOWNSEND Wenn Townsend offer a complete portfolio of professional financial services to their clients whether as commercial businesses or other, not for profit, organisations. From audit, accounting, taxation, financial valuations and management consultancy through to client support services they have a highly experienced team available at your disposal. Founded in 1876, Wenn Townsend is one of the longest established firms of accountants in this country. Their continuity underlines the firm’s ability to adapt to meet the changing needs of their clients. The quality service and advice Wenn Townsend give to their clients is secured on a base of expert technical resources, particularly their highly trained and motivated personnel, using the latest information and communication technology.


Tony Haines, Partner - aehaines@wenntownsend.co.uk 30 St. Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LE +44 (0)1865 559 900 www.wenntownsend.co.uk www.linkedin.com/company/1094738?trk=tyah

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RUSSELL WHITLOCK ACCOUNTANCY RUSSELL WHITLOCK ABOUT RUSSELL Russell works as a trusted business partner alongside his clients. Understanding and supporting their goals as people and business leaders are key priorities. He believes that an accountant’s role is to help a business grow and be successful and therefore his 360º approach combines efficient accounting with strategic business advice. His mission is to provide the quality of service usually reserved for corporate enterprise to small and medium sized businesses. Before setting up his own practice, Russell worked with three leading accountancy firms in Oxford and London. As well as technical excellence, his experience has given him an acute sense of business success and what needs to be in place to achieve it. His expertise spans all areas of business services, financial compliance, taxation, audit, business plans and growth strategy.

ABOUT RUSSELL WHITLOCK ACCOUNTANCY Russell Whitlock Accountancy is a dynamic Oxfordshire firm that looks after its clients’ unique needs with a very personal, comprehensive and competitive service. This includes: Business Compliance: They handle all financial compliance aspects of a business efficiently and on time keeping business owners informed of progress and obligations throughout the year. Business Leadership: They act as virtual Finance Director, working with and developing existing systems and accounts teams. This frees up business owners to lead on strategy. Business Performance: They promote growth and development and therefore regularly measure and report on agreed performance indicators that help business owners make the right decisions. Business Development: They contribute to business development strategies and open doors for businesses to access a wider professional support and referral network.


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Russell Whitlock, Managing Director - russell@rw-accountancy.co.uk 7200 The Quorum, Oxford Business Park North, Oxford, OX4 2JZ +44 (0)1865 481 625 www.russellwhitlockaccountancy.co.uk @RussellWhitlock www.linkedin.com/in/russellwhitlockaccountant


WELLERS STUART CROOK ABOUT STUART Stuart works very closely with owners, managers and financial directors of small and medium sized enterprises across Oxfordshire. His role involves delivering strategic planning advice, analysis of the financials as well as traditional accounting and tax services to help businesses expand and achieve their ambitions. Owners and directors then not only benefit from being compliant with all the latest legislative change but, also gain an in depth understanding of how their organisation is performing, along with the likely impact of their commercial and investment decisions. This helps them on the journey – to get from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.

ABOUT WELLERS Wellers are a firm of accountants who work with entrepreneurs and private individuals delivering quality business advice and professional solutions that help them fulfil their aspirations. Passionate about helping people and their organisations, Wellers can draw upon 70 years experience to assist you in growing your businesses and protecting your wealth. Wellers’ approach is to partner with you becoming integral to your operations, delivering strategic planning, accounting and tax advice that addresses the issues you face. This blend of skills and knowledge brings focussed commercial insight to their relationships, driving growth and profitability. It's something Wellers’ clients refer to as "Business Oxygen".


Stuart Crook, Partner – stuart.crook@wellersaccountants.co.uk 8 King Edwatd St, Oxford, OX1 4HL +44 (0)1865 723 131 www.wellersaccountants.co.uk https://twitter.com/WellersSME www.linkedin.com/company/wellers-accountants www.facebook.com/pages/Wellers/579828858709544

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SHAW GIBBS PETER O’CONNELL ABOUT PETER Peter O’Connell, who has been with Shaw Gibbs for over 15 years, was appointed Managing Director in 2015. His change brings fresh ideas as Shaw Gibbs enters a new period of development and growth. Peter is still actively involved in overseeing the work undertaken in the Corporate Finance team. Focusing mainly on owner managed businesses and their principles, he works across a wide range of sectors, from precision engineering to food and beverage. Transactions have included business disposals, management buy out of business divisions and acquisitions of UK and overseas businesses. Peter finds working with owner managed businesses very rewarding and enjoys the challenges that come with advising on areas such as strategy and negotiation tactics. He believes the strength and depth of the Shaw Gibbs offering can provide clients with a truly comprehensive service across all areas.

ABOUT SHAW GIBBS Shaw Gibbs is a leading accountancy and business advisory practice based in Summertown. Their clients range from successful individuals to charities and SMEs, including owner managers and entrepreneurs throughout the UK. They are a vibrant organisation with a passion for business and finance. Investing in the latest technology and being up-to-date with current legislation and best practice enables us to meet their clients’ needs in the best possible way. They offer a comprehensive range of services for business & individuals and pride themselves on the level of service they give to their clients. Whether you are a multi-million pound company or an individual seeking advice on pension planning they will adopt a fresh approach to the work they do, provide logical solutions, and promise to offer a first class service.


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Peter O’Connell, Managing Director – peter.oconnell@shawgibbs.com 264 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7DY +44 (0)1865 292 245 www.shawgibbs.com https://twitter.com/shawgibbs www.linkedin.com/company/shaw-gibbs-llp?trk=tyah https://www.facebook.com/shawgibbs


WILSON PARTNERS ALLAN WILSON ABOUT ALLAN For Allan, nothing beats engaging with a passionate business owner and adding value to their business. He lives by the rule of advising his clients the way he would wish to be advised himself. A real and tangible enthusiasm for clients and their businesses means that he works best with ambitious businesses, which he does by helping them look forwards more than backwards. Family and sport plays a big part in any free time - a keen cyclist, runner and part time golfer. Has managed, so far, to bring his two children up as Liverpool FC fans which he sees as a major success!

ABOUT WILSON PARTNERS Wilson Partners is an award winning accounting, tax and corporate finance business that specialises in advising ambitious businesses. They understand their clients, immediately and with empathy. Their success is built on their clients’ success – they never forget that. Wilson Partners’ purpose is to provide information, analysis and advice that enables business owners to build better businesses, make more money and achieve their goals. Based in Maidenhead and serving clients throughout the Thames Valley and London, they provide a range of services to support owner managed businesses and the people that run them, delivered with enthusiasm and personality. They Think. Business.


Allan Wilson, Director - allan.wilson@wilson-partners.co.uk 5a Frascati Way, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4UY +44 (0)1628 770 770 www.wilson-partners.co.uk @wilsonpartners

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Sarah Morris Managing Director - HR2YOU

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HR RECRUITMENT Gold Star Recruitment.........................................................................80 The Career Boutique.............................................................................81 MyFD Recruitment...............................................................................82 PROFESSIONAL TRAINING & COACHING HR2YOU.................................................................................................83

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GOLD STAR RECRUITMENT LEE MORRIS ABOUT LEE Lee is the proud Director of Goldstar, a specialist catering, events & hospitality recruitment agency based in Woodstock. After many years working for Oxfordshire based recruitment agencies and overseeing internal resourcing for organisations, Lee spotted a weakness in the Oxfordshire hospitality recruitment market and set up Goldstar in 2009, with the aim of offering an agency service with a personal touch. He is a self-confessed ‘foodie’ and loves the Oxfordshire restaurant & travel scene. If you have a favourite eating spot that he may not have heard of, then please share! At home, Lee has a lovely wife, Sophie and in September 2014 became a father for the first time to an amazing little girl, Isabella-May. He also has a rather energetic cocker-spaniel called Berkley that is partial to eating anything made from Oak, priced at over £500.

ABOUT GOLD STAR RECRUITMENT Goldstar is an independent catering, hospitality & events staff recruitment agency based in Woodstock, right by Blenheim Palace. They have just celebrated five years in business and their recruiters are made up of lovers and ‘liver’s ‘of the UK hospitality & travel scene. Goldstar believe in offering a personalised and professional service, minus the sales pitch. This ethos and approach to business has been a massive part of their success in the last few years, as they continue to grow and develop further working relationships. Their customer base is made up of Oxfordshire’s hotels, restaurants, events companies, pubs, bars and colleges. If your business falls within the catering, hospitality or leisure sector, then they feel confident they can add value to your recruitment function. They specialise in various positions but are most renowned for sourcing & supplying chefs of all levels, restaurant managers and various hotel department managers. Gold Star also offer a bespoke events staff service, which seems to be growing well.


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Lee Morris, Director- lee@goldstarrecruit.co.uk Knibbs Barn, 90 Manor Road, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1XL +44 (0)1993 225 075 www.goldstarrecruit.co.uk @Goldstarjobs www.facebook.com/GoldstarRecruitmentLtd


THE CAREER BOUTIQUE KATHERINE DALES ABOUT KATHERINE DALES Katherine Dales is founder and Managing Director of The Career Boutique and is delighted to be a B4 Ambassador. Her ambition, professionalism and integrity have been a significant factor in the rapid growth and continuing success of The Career Boutique. An astute business woman, reflecting her law and psychology degree, Katherine is determined to change the somewhat tarnished image of the recruitment industry in this country through her commitment to add value to her clients and their businesses. In addition to working as an integral part of her clients’ organisations, Katherine’s team provide clients with a definitive after-sales service. A self-confessed workaholic, Katherine maintains her drive and focus with a healthy lifestyle and eagerly follows the lifestyle tips regularly posted on The Career Boutique website!

ABOUT THE CAREER BOUTIQUE The Career Boutique offers a bespoke service for exceptional companies seeking inspirational individuals and for professional highflyers seeking career ascendancy within flourishing organisations. They specialise in recruiting for high level roles which require experience, professionalism and efficiency. Clients are provided with a high quality, individual service tailored specifically to their requirements in order to find them the most talented, ambitious and dedicated individuals that will contribute to the success of their business. Founded on the ethos that recruitment isn’t just about placing a person in a job, but more importantly about marrying candidates and companies that share the same vision and motivation to ensure a successful and fruitful partnership for both, long term.


Katherine Dales, Managing Director - katherine@thecareerboutique.com Milton Park Innovation Centre, Building 99, Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4RY +44 (0)845 520 4010 www.thecareerboutique.com @careerboutique www.linkedin.com/in/katherinedales www.facebook.com/TheCareerBoutique

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ALAN HINE ABOUT ALAN Alan graduated in law and qualified as a chartered accountant in 1988 after training with Grant Thornton. He then pursued an accountancy career with Shaw Gibbs where he developed a specialism working with ambitious growing SMEs. He subsequently combined his accountancy knowledge and strong interest in people with a successful career move into recruitment at Robert Walters Associates, now one of the leading recruitment firms in the world. After this he then held board level appointments at another listed recruiter and led the management team at a boutique search firm. He founded myFD Recruitment with Fred Edwards in 2008. Alan has well established contacts across London, the South east and the Midlands. He is considered as both a successful recruiter and a trusted adviser to many. Alan has successfully recruited permanent and interim positions for corporate clients ranging from SMEs to Plcs.

ABOUT MYFD RECRUITMENT myFD Recruitment is a specialist recruiter run by Alan Hine who has both board level experience in listed recruitment businesses and an earlier career as a Chartered Accountant. Their success is based on their full understanding that successful recruitment is not just about the right qualifications but also about getting the right personality to fit your business. Their primary specialism is placing Finance Directors, Financial Controllers and other senior managers in SMEs and smaller listed companies. In addition to permanent recruitment they are able to offer interim and other flexible solutions. Their extensive network of high calibre professional contacts enables them to respond promptly to source the optimum candidate to meet your business requirements. Almost uniquely for a niche recruiter they have their own forum on LinkedIn.


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Alan Hine, Managing Director - alan.hine@myfd.co.uk Suite 16, Prama House, 267 Banbury Rd, Oxford, OX2 7HT +44 (0)1865 339313 or +44 (0)7971 224752 www.myfdrecruitment.co.uk @alan_hine www.linkedin.com/profile/view?trk=tyah&locale=en_US&id=830387


HR2YOU SARAH MORRIS ABOUT SARAH HR2YOU was founded in 2009 by Sarah Morris whose personal brand sits firmly at the centre of the organisation. Sarah believes that at the heart of successful business lies strong client relationships. This has always been a core value and has meant HR2YOU has grown year on year through recommendations, referrals, and networking. Sarah is passionate about what she does because she understands the value of HR and the value it can bring to a business. Investment in HR provides a business with the most solid foundation it can wish for; a motivated and happy workforce.

ABOUT HR2YOU Working in partnership, Sarah and her team integrate seamlessly within the client’s organisation. The aim is not only to provide hands-on support, guidance and sensitivity but, to be a resource that understands the organisation completely, sitting at the heart of the business. This often involves on-site time whenever the need demands, and delivery is professional, impartial, objective and practical. Modern HR needs to be proactive in helping firms optimise their use of their Human Resources. This extends far wider than simply discipline, payroll and processes. It should focus on people, and so HR2YOU works with organisations to help facilitate each individual’s personal development, helping them to be the very best that they can, and fulfil their potential. The result is committed and motivated staff who are invested in their employer’s business interests, increased productivity and overall profitability


Sarah Morris, Managing Director - sarah@hr2you.co.uk Prama House, 267 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7HT +44 (0)845 838 7091 www.hr2you.co.uk @hr2you www.linkedin.com/pub/sarah-morris/21/a3a/4b www.facebook.com/pages/HR2you/154725127896331

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HEALTH, BEAUTY & LEISURE HEALTH CARE Clinic on the Green..............................................................................85 HYPNOTHERAPY Linda Flanigan Hypnotherapy..............................................................86 GOLF Magnolia Park.......................................................................................87

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CLINIC ON THE GREEN MONICA FRANKE ABOUT MONICA Monica runs Clinic on the Green in Bletchingdon, leading 8 practitioners towards collaborative natural health care of the highest standard. Monica’s motivation comes firstly from a deep respect for the human body and also from her passion in helping people to gain confidence in their body. Recognising that her skills may not be all or exactly what an individual needs, she has built a fantastic team around her with whom to cross-refer and collaborate. Monica herself practices osteopathy, dry needling, taping and also teaches Pilates classes, one-to-one and in businesses. She guides individuals and companies towards improved comfort and performance, enhancing work, sport and family life. Corporate packages are available to provide efficient and individually selected therapies, boosting morale and productivity through wellbeing. Monica was delighted to be a finalist in the Oxfordshire Venus Awards 2014 in the category Professional of the Year

ABOUT CLINIC ON THE GREEN Clinic on the Green is open 7 days a week and boasts three osteopaths, two massage therapists, an acupuncturist, a CBT counsellor (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – a positive, goal oriented and habit breaking therapy) and a Reiki Master as well as being the new home of Visage Beauty. This is a group of highly experienced complementary health therapists with a common passion for natural care and wellbeing, and who meet regularly to discuss research in their own disciplines and areas of interest, and share collaborative ideas. The clinic itself, a Grade 1 listed and converted stone and timber building provides an idyllic and tranquil backdrop to help enhance the effectiveness of all the natural health therapies.


Monica Franke, Principle Osteopath - enquiries@cliniconthegreen.com The Old Blacksmiths Shop, Weston Rd, OX5 3DH +44 (0)1869 351345 COTG PA, Ailsa, takes all of our calls with sensitivity and professionalism www.cliniconthegreen.com @FrankeHealth www.linkedin.com/pub/monica-franke/4/820/568 www.facebook.com/cliniconthegreenoxford

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LF HYPNOTHERAPY LINDA FLANIGAN ABOUT LINDA After completing her languages degree and a post-grad course in business studies, Linda went on to have a long, successful career in Television. She trained and worked with the BBC in London before moving to Oxfordshire where she was a Director of independent TV production company, Spire Films. She also acted as a Consultant for Walker George Films, London. Linda has been intrigued by Hypnotherapy since her GP used it to treat her for stress-related back pain some years ago. Wanting to make a real difference to people’s mental attitudes and well-being she decided to retrain and began her Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Practice in 2007. Linda is a Registered Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. She is married to Tom and lives in West Oxfordshire.

ABOUT LINDA FLANIGAN HYPNOTHERAPY Helping people to break down personal barriers to success is what Linda loves doing. Having worked in business for many years she understands the barriers to effectiveness at work. Linda works with clients who might be struggling with procrastination, fear or self-doubt, anxiety or stress, public speaking, exam or interview nerves, or those who want to cope with change or simply increase their motivation levels. She helps her clients to be more resilient and make real and lasting changes to their mental attitude to improve their performance. Linda uses a variety of approaches, incorporating solution focused and cognitive behavioural theories, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and EFT (emotional freedom techniques). She creates a bespoke plan for each of her clients to regain and sharpen focus, improve motivation and achieve the best outcomes.

CONTACT DETAILS C Linda Flanigan, Owner – linda@lfhypnotherapy.co.uk T +44 (0)7866 360 359 W www.lfhypnotherapy-oxfordshire.co.uk @LFlaniganHypno www.linkedin.com/in/lindaflanigan www.facebook.com/Linda.Flanigan.Hypnotherapy

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MAGNOLIA PARK PAUL BIRD ABOUT PAUL As Director of Golf at Magnolia Park Hotel, Golf Club, Paul relishes the challenge of running a busy and successful golf club and is delighted to see his club continue to grow and build its reputation for quality and service. This year they are welcoming 2 great sporting heroes to Magnolia Park – Tony Jacklin CBE and Derek Redmond, who are both holding their charity golf Celeb Ams there. They’re also welcoming back the Jamega Pro Golf Tour & Pro Am in July, for the 4th year running. 2015 is set to be an ever busier year with their new 30-bedroom Best Western Plus Hotel now open and offering luxury accommodation to guests, as well as the continued improvement of the course and club facilities Paul has over 25 years experience in the golfing industry, having previously worked as European Planning & Support Manager for Taylormade and Adidas, one of the world’s leading golf companies..

ABOUT MAGNOLIA PARK Magnolia Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club is one of the country’s most challenging and picturesque golf courses. A sweeping 18-hole Championship course of around 7000 yards, it’s suitable for golfers of all abilities. With their purpose-built indoor teaching centre and the amazing 3D Gears Golf swing analysis system, all your golfing needs are taken care of. Magnolia Park is also a hugely popular venue for weddings, parties, proms, meetings and conferences. It’s the perfect venue for enjoying a relaxing lunch or celebrating a special event in their lovely restaurant and function suite which seats up to 160 guests and enjoys stunning views across their 200 acres of stunning Buckinghamshire countryside. They pride themselves on being a friendly golf club and visitors are always welcome.

CONTACTS C Paul Bird, Director of Golf - paul@magnoliapark.co.uk A Best Western Plus Magnolia Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club, Arncott Road, Boarstall, Bucks, HP18 9XX T +44 (0)1844 239 700 W www.magnoliapark.co.uk @MagnoliaPark1 http://google.com/+BESTWESTERNPLUSMagnoliaParkHotelandGolfClub www.facebook.com/magnolia.park.7

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IT & TELECOMMUNICATIONS TELECOMMUNICATIONS Orangestripe Telecommunications.....................................................91 CLOUD Storm Internet.......................................................................................92 Computing Information Systems Ltd..................................................93

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ORANGE STRIPE TELECOMMUNICATIONS NIGEL PURSALL ABOUT NIGEL Working in the telecoms world has allowed Nigel to work with some great business people in and around Oxfordshire. Birmingham born and still a suffering Villa supporter... married to Dawn, a Baggies supporter, how on earth did he manage that. Four glamorous and all grown up daughters. Nigel spent a number of years in Australia implementing telecoms systems in some of the most remote outback towns of New South Wales. His iPod includes music from Dolly Parton to Def Leppard. A keen road cyclist and currently training for the RideLondon100 event starting from the Olympic stadium in August.

ABOUT ORANGE STRIPE TELECOMMUNICATIONS OrangeStripe are a provider of business voice & data systems and services through their business partnerships with major suppliers Samsung UK and the BT Wholesale Channel. This powerful combination enables OrangeStripe to provide any solution any business is ever likely to need. They have witnessed the telecoms industry and associated technologies evolve beyond recognition since the mid 80’s. The features & benefits of a corporate size system are now cost effectively available to SME. Their hosted voice over IP service, SipStream, is free to set up with low monthly rental. SipStream is highly featured, inclusive of voice mail with email notification, call recording and divert facilities. Servicing Oxfordshire and bordering counties, the team at OrangeStripe are passionate at delivering what they promise and their client retention is testament to this. Their editorial series entitled ‘Engineers with Vision’ in B4 has covered a range of topics demonstrating how a well thought out telecoms solution can help with key day to day business functions.


Nigel Pursall, Sales Director - nigel.pursall@orangestripe.co.uk A1 Gemini House, Hargreaves Rd, Groundwell Ind Est, Swindon, SN25 5AZ +44 (0)8008 49 43 49 www.orangestripe.co.uk www.linkedin.com/company/orange-stripe-telecommunications

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STORM INTERNET SALIM BENADEL ABOUT SALIM Salim Benadel is the founder and CEO of Storm Internet, based in Eynsham, Oxfordshire. Starting out as a web developer doing a bit of web hosting on the side, he noticed a gap in the market for a good Windows based hosting provider and Storm Internet was born. This gave him the opportunity to provide companies with good, affordable hosting. Being a developer by trade means he knows what customers expect, giving him high standards to work towards. He has grown Storm Internet up to have a head count of 14, serve over 5,000 customers with £1m revenue and is aiming for 50% growth over the coming year.

ABOUT STORM INTERNET Storm Internet are one of the only hosting companies in the UK specialising in providing cloud and managed hosting solutions specifically to SMEs, helping them to save money and make their business processes more efficient. They provide a solid service and infrastructure, enabling their customers to run their websites, business emails, applications and much more. That's at the core of what they do and getting it right means everything to them. They personally get to know their customers business to offer exactly what they need, both now and in the future, to help their business to grow.


90 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Salim Benadel, Founder/ MD – salim.benadel@storminternet.co.uk 1 Canal View, Wharf Farm, Eynsham Rd, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX29 4DB +44 (0)800 817 4727 www.storminternet.co.uk @storminternet www.linkedin.com/company/storminternet https://www.facebook.com/storminternet


COMPUTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD RICHARD MARSH ABOUT RICHARD Richard joined as a director in 2008 and manages the majority of CIS IT projects. Formerly an IT consultant Richard has experience in many aspects of IT, particularly networking, security and disaster recovery. With a BSc (Hons) in Computer Systems Engineering, Richard understands how software and hardware interact at every level. Richard now also has the highest levels of VMware certification. Richard has directed IT for larger corporations such as Autonomy (now a HP Company) taking them through mergers and acquisitions. He has also helped to start and build smaller companies on very small budgets, assisting growth from start-up through to IPO, the most successful being blinkx (BLNX); the worlds largest and most advanced video search engine. Richard has worked across the USA and Europe but is now concentrating his skills on cloud and the SME market, delivering custom solutions to every company.

ABOUT CIS CIS was established in 1993 specialising in IT solutions, services and consultancy. Their core focus of providing enterprise IT solutions to businesses locally, nationally and internationally has continued whilst their offering has grown to include their own Private Cloud. CIS offer a wide range of services, and take a flexible approach to their client relationships. WHAT MAKES CIS DIFFERENT? CIS recognise that every business is different. Their clients are looking for professional solutions from their IT partner, which is why CIS have a number of important core values demonstrating the way they work: • They take an honest and ethical approach when consulting with clients. • They want their clients and suppliers to benefit positively from their solutions. • Their team make the difference by delivering innovative and reliable IT solutions. • Their success is measured by the success of their clients. • They are dedicated to providing their clients with the highest levels of service and support.


Richard Marsh – Director – solutions@cisltd.com Unit 5, RAC Estate, Park Road, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7BP +44 (0)1367 700 555 www.cisltd.com @CIS_Oxford www.linkedin.com/company/computing-information-systems www.facebook.com/ComputingInformationSystemsLtd

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Alex Minchin Managing Director - Zest Digital

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MARKETING, WEB & DESIGN MARKETING B4............................................................................................................94 Marketing Sense...................................................................................95 ADS Advertising & Design....................................................................96 AltaVista.................................................................................................97 Apt-Art....................................................................................................98 Strangebrew..........................................................................................99 Brand Asylum.......................................................................................100 Focal Point Advertising.......................................................................101 Kytemark Solutions..............................................................................102 PRINTING MRD Digital Print..................................................................................103 Oxford Duplication Centre...................................................................104 WEB PERFORMANCE Zest Digital Ltd......................................................................................105 Nominet................................................................................................106 WEBSITES Alberon................................................................................................107 PUBLIC RELATIONS Spacecraft Consulting........................................................................108 Spriggs David........................................................................................109 Nobleword.........................................................................................110 Papa Romeo.........................................................................................111 Cerub PR................................................................................................112

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B4 RICHARD ROSSER ABOUT RICHARD Richard is Chief Executive of The In Oxford Group which publishes B4 and also Living in Oxford Magazine and organises annual events including The Oxfordshire Restaurant Awards and Business in Oxford. Born and bred in Oxfordshire, Richard attended Dragon School and Abingdon School before going to University in Southampton. He then trained as a Chartered Accountant at PwC in London before returning to Oxford to work in the family publishing business. This was a role he performed alongside acting as a FIFA licensed agent for 7 years. As a sports agent he managed players across all four professional leagues. Richard has two children, Edward and Abi and lives in Yarnton.

ABOUT B4 B4 was launched 9 years ago and has established itself as a leading business magazine in the Thames Valley. However, B4 is more than just a magazine, it is also a catalyst for business engagement providing over 600 B4 members with four key platforms to connect and do business: Magazine - bi-monthly, mailed to 9,000 business decision makers in the Thames Valley. Website - new and improved site launched in June 2015 now enabling members to connect on line and secure wider exposure. Social active social media programme to further profile members and their news. Events - high quality events at some of the most prestigious venues in the Thames Valley. By becoming a B4 member your business will be connecting with this network and opening the door to a wealth of opportunities - on line, off line and face to face.


94 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Richard Rosser, Managing Director - editorial@b4-business.com The Firs, Headington Hill, Oxford, OX3 0BT +44 (0)1865 742 211 www.b4-business.com https://twitter.com/B4Magazine www.linkedin.com/richardrosser www.facebook.com/b4magazine


MARKETING SENSE JO SENSECALL ABOUT JO Jo worked at senior marketing level for UK and European companies before setting up Marketing Sense in 2007, keen to share her knowledge and passion for marketing with a wider range of organisations. Jo is a highly-skilled marketing professional with particular experience in developing successful communication strategies to build brands, markets and sales by developing marketing solutions which draw on her strong business development and communication skills. Jo’s experience spans 30 years in marketing, during which time she has acquired a wealth of expertise in marketing strategy and communication planning as well as managing web, design and social marketing agencies to provide an integrated approach to marketing for her clients.

ABOUT MARKETING SENSE Marketing Sense provides outsourced marketing management to help businesses to grow through effective marketing and marketing planning. They act as a catalyst for organisations who are serious about marketing but who don’t have the in-house expertise to deliver it or who are not ready to employ a full time marketing manager. Whatever the reason, Marketing Sense can provide the marketing expertise to help your business grow, using a mix of social media, digital marketing, PR and more traditional techniques. They will work with you to create your marketing strategy aligned to your business goals. They then plan, build, implement and measure your marketing activities for you using tactics that deliver clear, consistent messages and create measurable results.


Jo Sensecall, Managing Director - jo@marketing-sense.co.uk The Barn, Birches Farmhouse, Sutton, Oxfordshire, OX29 5RY +44 (0)7772 085 578 www.marketing-sense.co.uk @josensecall @marketingsense1 www.linkedin.com/pub/jo-sensecall/11/535/634

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ADS ADVERTISING & DESIGN CAROLINE O’CONNOR ABOUT CAROLINE Caroline O'Connor, Sales and Marketing Consultant at ADS-Advertising and Design (Oxford), is an experienced tactical marketing and business development professional with a solid track record in helping businesses to grow. She works closely with local and national businesses to design strategic marketing campaigns that really make a difference and is on top of the latest media consumption habits and an expert in cross channel marketing campaigns. From brand development projects to support with media buying, Caroline thrives on working with clients and their team, getting to understand their business goals and overcoming the frustrations to make it happen.

ABOUT ADS ADVERTISING & DESIGN ADS are an experienced, privately owned agency with a track record stretching back 26 years. Working with clients in many different sectors – small and large companies, retail, business, leisure and motor, to name a few - gives them the insight and understanding to produce effective and imaginative marketing campaigns that deliver results. Across all its areas of expertise - graphic design, web design, support and hosting, media buying, PR and copyrighting, ADS put their clients at the heart of everything they do. Located on the Blenheim Palace estate, who could fail to be inspired by such a unique and beautiful country location?


96 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Caroline O'Connor, Sales and Marketing Consultant - sales@ads.co.uk The Planing Shed. Blenheim Palace Sawmills, Combe, Oxon OX29 8ET +44 (0)1993 885 122 www.adsoxford.co.uk @ADSOxford www.linkedin.com/company/ads-advertising-&-design-oxford-ltd www.facebook.com/ADSOxford


ALTAVISTA PAULO COLL ABOUT PAULO Venezuelan born, Paulo has been resident in the England since 2003 and his business is based in Marlow where he lives with his family. With his passion for storytelling via high quality unscripted video and photography with a natural feel, combined with his experience as a radiocontrolled helicopter enthusiast, Paulo very quickly identified the huge opportunity to take the production of videography and stills photography to new heights using ‘drones’. He therefore invested in the necessary technical equipment to ensure that AltaVista would boast the latest in hi-tech UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and quickly mastered the techniques required for ground-based aerial videography and stills photography. Paulo is a fully qualified UAV Pilot with Civil Aviation Authority permission for aerial work up to 400ft and is an approved supplier of The National Trust for high level inspections.

ABOUT ALTAVISTA With two highly skilled and qualified pilots, AltaVista is a leading edge exponent in the developing art of ground-based aerial videography and stills photography. A major benefit of working with AltaVista is the possibility of intercutting more conventional video and photography with their ground-based aerial equivalents in order to take client presentation and communication to a higher level. The wide-ranging scope of work undertaken by AltaVista ranges from promotional and training videos for businesses, organisations and hotels – a recent client being Royal Windsor Racecourse - through to high level inspections for The National Trust and other prestigious buildings, whether in an urban setting like central London or otherwise, where aerial videography and stills photography represent a very affordable and much less disruptive option. By working with Paulo and his team of professionals at AltaVista, you can be absolutely certain of results of the very highest order.


Paulo Coll, Founder & Owner – paulo@alta-vista.co.uk The Old Barrel Store, Draymans Lane, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 2FF +44 (0)1628 400683 or +44 (0)7875 070998 www.alta-vista.co.uk

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APT-ART CRAIG WARDROP ABOUT CRAIG Craig is the senior partner at apt–art design, having been brought up within a print and signwriting business from an early age, design was the obvious choice, after finishing four years at art school with an OND and HND in graphic design, gaining distinctions in design and photography he joined the family business. He takes pride and enjoys using his creative design skills to promote new and existing clients businesses Outside of design his interests are flying, sailing, skiing and music.

ABOUT APT-ART Apt-Art design specialises in creative thinking. A dedicated design studio that prides itself on delivering innovative design to a wide range of business fields including; aviation, holidays, sailing, educational, industrial, medical, charities, professional and leisure services within the UK and Europe. Apt-Art believe that the computer is just a tool like a pen or brush; it is the experienced creative that creates good bespoke design. In every business large or small the image portrayed is vital. They listen to your requirements and use their extensive skills and expertise in design, print and media acquired over 35 years to produce bespoke creative marketing materials. Apt-Art creates; corporate identities, brochures, leaflets, websites, exhibition graphics and is a member of the prestigious Design Business Association (DBA).


98 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Craig Wardrop, Senior Partner – hello@aptart.co.uk 6 Mulcaster Avenue, Kidlington. OX5 2HG +44(0)1865 372981 or +44(0)7974733446 www.aptart-design.co.uk @apt_art_design www.facebook.com/aptart.design


STRANGEBREW PHIL STRACHAN ABOUT PHIL Head Alchemist at Strangebrew, Phil is one of a rare breed, almost uniquely combining over 14 years Client-side experience with over 20 years on the Consultancy-side specialising in Branding, Identity and Graphic Design. For most of these 20 years, Phil has run his own Consultancies and has been instrumental in creating, relaunching, refreshing, revitalising and rejuvenating many global brands and household names. Born in Glasgow, but having once spent 10 years running his business in London, Phil now proudly offers what he calls “London quality at Glasgow prices” – a claim strongly supported by his plentiful testimonials – to businesses and organisations across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

ABOUT STRANGEBREW Through a process of Business and Brand Alchemy, Strangebrew adds value to businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes by helping them to ‘Think Brand – not bland’ in order to help them to stand out from the crowd and avoid jumping on the blandwagon and risking becoming the bland that time forgot. Whether you are an established business or brand looking to be refreshed, revitalised, rebranded and relaunched in order to move to the next level or a new start-up, Strangebrew will help you to connect, communicate and engage effectively with your target market. Their comprehensive portfolio of services ranges from Business and Brand Positioning and Propositions through to Name Generation, Corporate and Brand Identities, Business Card and Stationery Design, Packaging Design, Brochure Design, Advertising, Signage and Website Design - some of which are delivered by trusted associates. By identifying your ‘Vital Spark’ - what makes you different and can provide a source of competitive advantage – Strangebrew will ensure that you have a strong, compelling and sustainable Brand rather than be just A.N.Other bland.


Phil Strachan, Business Founder & Owner – phil@strangebrew.co.uk The Melting Pot, Upton Cottage, Milestone Avenue, Charvil, Berkshire, RG10 9TN +44 (0)7770 753 975 www.thinkbrandnotbland.co.uk

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BRAND ASYLUM LTD ANDREW HANCOCK ABOUT ANDREW After 15 years of working through the ranks of some of London’s top Integrated Advertising and Marketing agencies, Andrew founded BrandAsylum in 2008. Quite simply, it offers London agency thinking, without the London agency price tag. As you will hopefully find out, Andrew has a passion for all things design and creative, from inspirational design classics to viral videos that make you laugh out loud. He continually looks to bring forward looking thinking and technology into the work they do at BrandAsylum, with their mantra being Inspire, Engage, Deliver. When not working, Andrew’s young family takes up the majority of his free time, but he does enjoy training for and participating in triathlons, road cycling, open water swimming, cricket and sailing when he can.

ABOUT BRAND ASYLUM LTD Welcome to BrandAsylum. Here is an Integrated Full Service Advertising & Marketing Consultancy who create and design websites, brand identities, digital, traditional, print and social B2C & B2B marketing campaigns for companies and SMEs throughout the UK. They work closely with clients from first conversations to final sign off to deliver targeted integrated and engaging campaigns that are refreshingly on time and on budget. Creating strategic total marketing solutions that deliver maximum R.O.I. That’s why they call themselves the Ideas to Engagement Agency.


100 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Andrew Hancock, Founder & Creative Director – andrew@brandasylum.co.uk The Core, Milton Hill, Oxfordshire, OX13 6AB +44 (0)1235 828 234 www.brandasylum.co.uk @brandasylum https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/andrew-hancock/6/695/1b3 www.facebook.com/brandasylumltd


FOCAL POINT ADVERTISING RICHARD KNIGHT ABOUT RICHARD Richard set up Focal Point Advertising in September 1987 and learned about the Outdoor and Out of Home Advertising industry the hard way whilst running the business. Coming from a sales background, and always wanting to run his own business, his objective was to set up on his own by his 30th birthday and the business was set up one week after. Put simply, Richard has learned his profession and his skills through the school of hard knocks and University of life. A highly skilled professional business person who will bend over backwards to supply the level of service that we all expect from our service providers, Richard believes that customer service is vital in business and that the quality of the service and how you treat people is paramount to success.

ABOUT FOCAL POINT ADVERTISING Focal Point Advertising pride themselves in being experts in the Outdoor and Out of Home industry. From just literally a handful of advertising services available in 1987 to well over 50 today, it is more important than ever before that businesses looking to conduct an Outdoor and Out of Home Advertising campaign utilise the services of a company that is well versed in the industry which Focal Point certainly are. Richard and his highly professional team will list quality of service as paramount and take the time to understand their clients requirements so that they are able to offer a service that will appeal to their target market, thereby minimising wastage and maximising impact. They will also offer suggestions and tips to help their clients to get the most from their advertising spend. In what is a very tough industry, Focal Point Advertising really are a welcome breath of fresh air.

CONTACT DETAILS C Richard Knight, Managing Director - richard@focal.co.uk T +44 (0)1256 767 837 W www.focal.co.uk @focalpoint_adv https://uk.linkedin.com/in/focalpointadvertising www.facebook.com/focalpointadvertising

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KYTEMARK SOLUTIONS DAVID MILNES ABOUT DAVID David Milnes leads KyteMark Solutions' market insight services and is responsible for delivering research programmes which he designs to connect clients to new business opportunities. A core component includes David conducting interviews with potential buyers to discover exactly what their current needs are and how a proposed solution should be best presented by a supplier. David has 20 years of experience in business research, business development and project management roles for corporate clients including; Barclays, RBS, and The Economist and has also supported mid-sized technology, marketing services, and professional consultancy companies in their business development activity.

ABOUT KYTEMARK SOLUTIONS KyteMark provides a portfolio of market research services, designed to generate leads, uncover new sales opportunities, and to provide a company with a competitive advantage. They work passionately with their clients to analyse their market and uncover their strategic hot spots. They will also evaluate the competition and determine their USPs. From a bedrock of market knowledge KyteMark uncover the key marketing messages which work. From customer research they determine their client’s key values and those of their customers. And from all their market investigations KyteMark will endeavour to open doors to new sales opportunities.


102 | WHO’S WHO 2015

David Milnes, Owner - info@kytemark.com Mawdies, Remenham Hill, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 3EG +44 (0)1491 410 061 or +44 (0)7989 549 936 www.kytemark.com www.linkedin.com/pub/david-milnes/17/2b6/a34


MRD DIGITAL PRINT MARK DEAN ABOUT MARK Mark has over 35 years experience in the print trade and believes in offering a friendly and honest approach, while supplying a professional and efficient service. He began his career as a litho printer with Hunts and then spent over 30 years at Presstoprint, starting as a printer, before counter sales/production and then a Manager during part of the 1980’s and 1990’s. He spent the last few years with customer service/retention and built up a very good working relationship with many clients offering best possible prices. Mark now uses his experience to offer advice to clients and visit when necessary to discuss future print projects in more detail. He does not promise to offer the lowest prices, compared to the internet, but can generally supply better prices than local companies, with the bonus of a more bespoke service and meeting quicker deadlines.

ABOUT MRD DIGITAL PRINT Set up in January 2014, Mark could see after his experience in the print business that he could supply a more bespoke service, offering better prices, whilst maintaining an excellent quality. MRD Digital Print can offer all forms of printing, from small digital runs to larger Litho printing, with no minimum quantity. Most areas of printing undertaken, from brochures, programmes, booklets, magazines, posters, leaflets and business stationery to promotional printing, from banner stands, vinyl banners and flags to T-Shirts, mugs and mouse mats. Most work completed to tight deadlines, often in 48 hours at no extra cost and delivery free in Oxford. Regular clients include: John Wiley Publishers, New Theatre, Magdalen College School, St. Antony’s College, B4, Salter’s Steamers, Cherwell Boathouse, Joe’s Restaurant, Christ Church and Creation Theatre.

CONTACT DETAILS C Mark Dean, Owner – mrddigitalprint@gmail.com A c/o 21 Spencer Crescent, Oxford, OX4 4SN T +44 (0)1865 715 181 / +44 (0)7899 736 749

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OXFORD DUPLICATION CENTRE CHERYL-LEE FOULSHAM ABOUT CHERYL A majority of people may not understand the term 'digitalisation'. This is where Cheryl and her team come in to support both corporate and private clients with their projects. Her passion for business encouraged her in 2007 to set up a diverse Digital Media company that offers a "can do" approach to digital media solutions. If it can be digitalised then they can do it. You will find both Cheryl and her team very friendly and supportive with an attention to detail approach, that will encourage you to feel at ease, knowing that your orders are in expert hands.

ABOUT OXFORD DUPLICATION CENTRE DIGITAL MEDIA MADE EASY! Combined with a successful CD DVD and USB duplication service, Oxford Duplication Centre transcends the possibilities of digital media conversion. The staff are more than happy to discuss bespoke digital media projects, graphic design, digital printing and packaging options, or post production and video/audio editing solutions. Those questions like "How to transfer analogue to a professional format" and "What are the best digital options for my order" can be answered by the team at ODC who will both support and help you to understand what you need. Their Digital Media services are diverse and include: Video Post Production and Editing · Audio Restoration and Enhancements · Encoding and Authoring, Digital Restoration of Slides, Negatives, Photographs and Books, Bespoke Archive Solutions, All Format Tape, Video, Cine, Cassette to Digital Formats, CD DVD and USB Duplication, Graphic Design and Digital Printing, Disc Packaging Options. They have fast become a major digital media supplier to NHS, Sobell House, B4 Business, Oxford County Council and many other corporate, charitable, educational and private sectors in and around Oxfordshire. No order is too small. From your wedding video, a handful of slides to post production of your marketing videos, they can successfully support all your digital media requirements.


104 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Cheryl-Lee Foulsham, Director – cheryl@theduplicationcentre.co.uk 29 Banbury Road, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1AQ +44 (0)1865 457 000 +44 (0)7917 775 477 www.theduplicationcentre.co.uk @oxfordduplicate www.linkedin.com/in/oxfordduplicationcentre www.facebook.com/oxfordduplicationcentre


ZEST DIGITAL LTD ALEX MINCHIN ABOUT ALEX Alex is the founder and managing director of Zest Digital, one of the country’s most up and coming digital marketing agencies. A winner of the HWYE Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Award for Oxfordshire, and a finalist in the Oxfordshire Business Awards (Young Business Person of the Year 2014), Alex has demonstrated strong leadership and managerial capabilities in growing a strong team that delivers an exceptional service. In October 2014 Alex’s agency, Zest Digital, was recognised at the prestigious Wirehive 100 Awards as the Fastest Growing Digital Agency in the South East outside of London.

ABOUT ZEST DIGITAL Zest create new online opportunities and help challenger brands in the professional services, hospitality, tourism, lifestyle, and sport sectors, to engage their target audience with tenacious effect. Their award-winning team work hard to create, execute, and measure digital campaigns that maximise your marketing budget. Zest’s in-house team breathes new ideas into businesses, delivering products and services to key local, national, and international markets. Zest’s capabilities include: content strategy, content creation, storytelling, social media management, search engine optimisation, paid media management, international marketing, email marketing, digital PR, reputation management, web design, and web analytics.


Alex Minchin, Managing Director - alex@zestdigital.com Zest Digital, John Eccles House, Oxford Science Park, Oxford, OX4 4GP +44 (0)1865 684 999 www.zestdigital.com @ZestDigital www.facebook.com/ZestDigital

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NOMINET RUSSELL HAWORTH ABOUT RUSSELL Russell joined Nominet as Chief Executive Officer in January 2015. He will lead the organisation as it develops its core registry business, explores the potential of new technologies in the global internet sector, and delivers on its commitment to ensuring the internet is a force for good. He has extensive experience in the digital information, content and software services sectors, forged over 14 years at Thomson Reuters. He held senior roles across four continents, covering both established and emerging markets - most recently as Managing Director in the Middle East & North Africa. In previous roles within the company, Russell led Strategy & Corporate Development in Asia, and was Head of the Americas for Business Development while based in the United States. Russell started his career in consultancy in London, fundraising for venture capital initiatives with Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance, and advising financial institutions and multilateral funding agencies, such as the World Bank, while at PA Consulting. Russell holds a First Class BSc Hons in Mechanical Engineering at Leicester De Montfort University, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.  He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Marketing, and a member of the Young Presidents Organization. Russell has a keen interest in disruptive technologies having cofounded a venture capital firm focused on investing in early stage businesses. In 2013 he was recognized by Forbes as a leading executive in the Middle East, with particular recognition for achievements in the technology sector.

ABOUT NOMINET Nominet are one of the world’s leading internet registry companies. Their exceptional technical expertise helps them successfully manage the .uk domain space and their expansion into the running of other domain name registries.


106 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Russell Haworth, Chief Executive – nominet@nominet.org.uk Minerva House, Edmund Halley Rd, Oxford Science Park, Oxford, OX4 4DQ +44 (0)1865 332 211 www.nominet.org.uk @nominet www.facebook.com/nominet


ALBERON TIM AULT ABOUT TIM Tim started his career teaching a range of subjects, including Classics, Music, EFL and Computing. During this time, Tim developed an interest in software development that led him to pursue IT opportunities in various sectors including banking and education. After a stint living in Italy, Tim moved to Oxford in the mid-1990s and founded Alberon in 2002. As Managing Director of Alberon, Tim enjoys working with local businesses and has overseen numerous successful software and web projects. He understands the importance and benefits of improving business processes through the effective and innovative use of IT solutions.

ABOUT ALBERON Alberon have been developing bespoke software and web solutions for over 12 years. During this time they have acquired an exceptionally high level of technical expertise, which informs the standard of every project they deliver. Alberon’s team of specialists design and build bespoke software and websites that sit at the very centre of a business, performing complex, business-critical tasks and delivering outstanding user experiences. They also provide long term support for their clients with a range of related services, including training and support, website hosting, maintenance and security updates.


Tim Ault, Managing Director - info@alberon.co.uk 8 Standingford House, 26 Cave Street, Oxford, OX4 1BA +44 (0)1865 794 009 www.alberon.co.uk @alberon.co.uk www.linkedin.com/company/alberon

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 107


SPACECRAFT CONSULTING OLIVIA LANE-NOTT ABOUT OLIVIA For more than a decade, Spacecraft Consulting (the new name for O Consultancy)’s founder Olivia Lane-Nott worked in London, both agency side and in-house, for some top and high-profile business and consumer brands ranging from a global property consultancy to a premium restaurant group. She set up her own Oxfordshire-based brand strategy & PR consultancy in 2011 with the ethos: “To make marketing, PR and communications simple: making them work for brands to increase their revenues.” She’s plain talking and uses her love for business, 15+ years’ experience, contacts and common-sense approach to successfully answer her clients’ briefs.

ABOUT SPACECRAFT CONSULTING Spacecraft was launched in 2015 by husband and wife team Patrick and Olivia Lane-Nott as they merged their two companies, Lane-Nott Track Support and O Consultancy, with a vision to help their clients through intelligent thinking to grow their brands and businesses. Spacecraft Consulting brings together into one vessel: marketing, PR/communications, data, engineering, and technology consulting to give its clients clear, considered and innovative advice to help them grow. Their whole ethos is that they work as an extension of their clients’ teams to help steer them in the best direction, providing consultancy support to help reach their business objectives. Today clients include: Carter Jonas, MEPC Milton Park, and Muddy Boots Real Foods.


108 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Olivia Lane-Nott, Director - olivia@spacecraftconsulting.com The Gables, 18 Astrop Road, Kings Sutton, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX17 3PG +44 (0)1295 811 781 or +44 (0)7968 081 128 www.spacecraftconsulting.com @SpacecraftLtd


SPRIGGS DAVID KAREN DAVID ABOUT KAREN Karen is an experienced PR practitioner who has worked with global brands such as Visa, Sony Broadcast & Professional, Quantel, Wickes, Kidde International, Sony Ericsson and many US and European technology firms. Karen also works with many firms based in and around Oxford in the property, culture, entertainment and scientific fields. Karen's forte is media relations, strategic planning and implementation. 

ABOUT SPRIGGS DAVID Spriggs David’s mission is to generate positive, targeted media coverage for your business. Or, to put it simply, they do this: Media relations - regional and national, print, broadcast, online News story development - pitching, writing, monitoring Press releases - researching, writing and distribution Issues-led coverage - positioning, opinion pieces, thought leadership Product PR - creative ideas, photoshoots, editorial placements for new products Media campaigns - creation, planning, delivery, monitoring, evaluation Photography - developing picture stories, directing shoots, sourcing photographers Media fulfilment - handling enquiries from journalists for interviews, shoots, images and copy


Karen David, Partner – karen@spriggsdavid.co.uk 99 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HL +44 (0)7989 439 291 www.spriggsdavid.co.uk @spriggsdavid

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NOBLEWORD MATTHEW NOBLE WRIGHT ABOUT MATTHEW After 20 years working in the City in various fields - accountancy, analysis, and equity sales - Matthew left to pursue his love of writing, and set up Nobleword in 2012. Matthew’s understanding of how businesses work, combined with the ability to simplify complex ideas whilst working to tight deadlines, allows him to give businesses a unique voice….even when the owners themselves are not sure what that voice should be! Matthew was lucky enough to live and work abroad when younger, so communication has always been a passion, and now as a copywriter and a reviewer for Living In Oxford magazine, he is lucky enough to be doing something that he genuinely loves.

ABOUT NOBLEWORD “Intelligent copy, Simply Written” Nobleword celebrates the written word, in all its many forms – copy for websites, slogans for adverts, testimonials for Case Studies….the list is literally endless, as long as it involves writing. They have learnt to stick to what they’re best at – writing – and have partnered with other experts to deliver one-stop shop solutions. So, for example, rather than having to source copywriting from one place and then graphic design from another, they take care of everything, and so remain accountable for the end result. Nobleword make your business fluent.


110 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Matthew Noble Wright – mattnoble@nobleword.co.uk 34 Magnolia Dene, Hazlemere, High Wycombe, Bucks HP15 7QE +44 (0)7500 531 485 www.nobleword.co.uk @mattnoble45 uk.linkedin.com/pub/matt-noble/61/158/529/


PAPA ROMEO PR LTD CLAIRE THOMPSON ABOUT CLAIRE Claire is Managing Director of Papa Romeo with over 18 years experience working in PR, marketing and publishing. Results-driven and commercially astute, Claire brings effective, non-conformist solutions to every PR campaign, whilst ensuring integration with the broader marketing strategy and communications. Creative and resourceful in crafting client PR opportunities, she drives execution with a strategic focus and with a belief that the big picture always wins. Extensive ‘client-side’ experience in senior PR roles means Claire has a greater appreciation and understanding of the commercial and organisational dynamics that affect a PR campaign that some ‘agency’ people can lack. Her experience includes working in London, nationally, regionally and internationally in New York and New Zealand.

ABOUT PAPA ROMEO PR Papa Romeo is an ambitious, independent PR agency based in North Oxfordshire with an impressive track record of growth in the B2B and B2C sectors. They work with local businesses as well as large national and international organisations spanning a wide range of business sectors. The team thrive on the variety of clients they work with whether it be property, legal or accountancy and events companies to name a few. Papa Romeo work in partnership with their clients to provide highly targeted PR campaigns incorporating both traditional and digital media outlets to reach broader groups and influence web-based communities.


Claire Thompson, Managing Director - claire@paparomeopr.com 207 Broughton Road, Banbury Oxon OX16 9RQ +44 (0)7811 339 577 www.paparomeopr.com @hPapaRomeoPR www.linkedin.com/in/clairepaparomeopr

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CERUB PR CERI-JANE HACKLING ABOUT CERI-JANE Over the last decade Ceri’s success in founding and growing her public relations agency, Cerub PR, has seen her recognised as Entrepreneur of the Year at the Buckinghamshire Business Awards and named Employer of the Year by the Sue Ryder Awards. This success has been built on a combination of a passion for client service and a laser like focus on delivering measurable results for clients across the charity, publishing and health and fitness sectors. She is active in the Thames Valley business community and regularly gives talks at schools and universities about PR and entrepreneurship.

ABOUT CERUB PR Getting your voice heard in the traditional media and across the rapidly growing digital and social media channels is increasingly difficult. Cerub PR’s proposition Thought Leadership for Modern Media – ensures that its clients get their message to their prospects and stakeholders across all available communication channels. By identifying and communicating around the issues that resonate with prospective clients and customers, Cerub PR positions its clients as sector leaders. It does this using a combination of services including media relations, social and digital campaigns, copywriting, events and awards. Cerub PR won the Business of Excellence award at the 2014 Buckinghamshire Business Awards.

CONTACT DETAILS C Ceri-Jane Hackling, Managing Director – ceri@cerubpr.co.uk T +44 (0)1494 418 375 W www.cerubpr.co.uk @CerubPR www.linkedin.com/cerubpr www.facebook.com/cerubpr

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PROPERTY & BUILDING PROPERTY CONSULTANTS Scottfraser............................................................................................115 Kemp & Kemp......................................................................................118 RESIDENTIAL Strutt & Parker LLP..............................................................................119 ESTATE AGENTS North Oxford Property Services........................................................121 Carter Jonas..........................................................................................122 LETTING AGENTS Finders Keepers...................................................................................124 College and County.............................................................................125 Premier Letting...................................................................................127 BUSINESS PARKS Begbroke Science Park.......................................................................129 Oxford Innovation...............................................................................130 BUILDING Savvy.....................................................................................................132

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Stephen Dunne Director - Savvy Group

114 | WHO’S WHO 2014 2015


SCOTTFRASER ANDREW FRASER GREENWOOD MARLA MNAEA ABOUT ANDREW Andrew founded scottfraser with Peter Scott, their Chairman, in 1998. Starting as property consultants acting on behalf of UK and overseas clients, in less than twenty years they have grown into a five office Residential Practice covering Oxfordshire and employing 57 people (at the last count). Andrew is proud of their business and the talented team that they have built; many of whom have been with the company for ten years or more. They have not forgotten their roots and the principles of service, quality and professionalism that have guided them from the start. Whichever property service you require, please call Andrew and he will guide you to an expert.

ABOUT SCOTTFRASER Specialising in high quality homes to buy and to let in key locations throughout Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds they have developed a versatile and comprehensive property consultancy. With four estate and letting agency offices in Oxford and Witney as well as a bespoke Head Office complex comprising property management, buy-to-let investment services, marketing and accounts. They pride themselves on being experts in their field, providing innovative service and transparent advice to their clients. Services include: Residential sales • Professional lettings & property management • Student lettings & property management • Buy-to-let investment • Land & new homes • Project management • Design, refurbishment & furnishing • Mortgages & private finance • Conveyancing Their success and continued growth come from attention to detail, a high quality portfolio of properties and, most importantly, from referrals from satisfied customers.


Andrew Fraser Greenwood, Group Managing Director - andrew@scottfraser.co.uk 10 Lime Tree Mews, 2 Lime Walk, Headington, OX3 7DZ +44 (0)1865 760 055 www.scottfraser.co.uk @scottfraseruk www.linkedin.com/company/scott-fraser-limited www.facebook.com/scottfraserltd

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 115


NICOLA HORNER BA (HONS) PG DIP SURVEYING Associate Director Nicola is Head of the scottfraser Summertown office. Her principle role is driving Summertown and North Oxford sales but also to assist her colleague Emily Dyer, their Lettings Manager. Summertown is a tough market and one that is now over populated with estate and lettings agents - scottfraser, one of the original agents to base themselves in Summertown, have had offices in the area since 1997. Their success is evident from the prevalence of client recommendations driving their business, with many acknowledging their drive for excellence and ability to break the mould set by other agents. To take advantage of their professional, yet personable service in the prosperous Summertown area, please contact Nicola on 01865 553900. E nicola@scottfraser.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 553 900

TRACEY HICKFORD MARLA Senior Lettings Manager Running one of their busiest offices, Headington Lettings, is a demanding but rewarding role, however, Tracey also focuses her time on mentoring some of her newer colleagues. They have an amazing and varied business in Headington where they let entire apartment blocks, Houses in Multiple Occupation including those occupied by local students and specialise in the letting and management of some of the sought after larger family homes in the area. The area is driven by its industry, and their strong connections with the Universities and Hospitals’ personnel departments provides scottfraser and their clients with a constant source of good quality tenants. To explore Letting within Headington or East Oxford, please do not hesitate to contact Tracey on 01865 761111. E tracey@scottfraser.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 761 111

JOHN GEBBELS BA (HONS) Property Investment Manager John’s role is unique, assisting clients in sourcing and securing prime investment properties that provide healthy returns and capital growth. The variety of landlords that he supports provides him with excellent knowledge of both the sales and lettings markets across Oxfordshire. He have managed the development of existing portfolios, transitioning clients into scottfraser’s Portfolio Service which is tailored for landlords with three or more properties. He also assists new clients in first investment purchases and work closely with developers to offer exclusive off-plan opportunities to investors. By working solely for the purchaser and closely with local industry contacts, John offers his clients an advantage when initiating a new buy-to-let venture. To discuss current exclusive opportunities, feel free to contact John on 01865 760055. E john@scottfraser.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 760 055

116 | WHO’S WHO 2015


DAVID BLYTHMAN MNAEA Managing Director David has been in the property business longer than he cares to remember but the happiest and most productive period of his career has been at scottfraser. They have an amazing group of talented experts dedicated to selling, letting and managing properties throughout Oxfordshire. Part of his role is to provide them the tools they need to consistently provide their clients with exceptional results. Their new market leading website www.scottfraser.co.uk   and their “At Home” magazine are prime examples. Their business comes from recommendations and David havs been particularly pleased with the exceptional number of Google reviews they have received from satisfied clients spreading the word. He also deals with land and development sales, so please contact David on 01865 760055. E david@scottfraser.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 760 055

ADRIAN WRAIGHT MNAEA Sales Director Adrian runs “The Hub”, scottfraser’s unique Oxford city network of offices and people. “The Hub” comprises of their Headington, Summertown & East Oxford teams together with their London Mayfair office, working in harmony without geographical boundaries, to provide Oxford City and village sellers and buyers with an unparalleled service. They aim to sell 100% of the properties they market whilst exceeding their clients’ expectations. One of the most frustrating elements of the property market is sales falling through. The industry average is around 30%, equating to large costs in terms of time, money and stress. At scottfraser they achieve a much lower percentage through diligent offer management and pro-active sales progression. To learn more about “The Hub”, please call Adrian on 01865 759500. E adrian@scottfraser.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 759 500

MICHAEL JOUBERT MARLA Lettings Director Michael is passionate about Residential Lettings and, in particular, scottfraser. As Lettings Director, he oversees all aspects of their lettings operation and in particular their centralised Oxford Property Management Centre. Property Managers are often the unsung heroes of lettings. They are the ones that make sure the property is up to scratch and legally compliant. They are the main contact for tenants and landlords alike and ensure the property is being effectively maintained. By centralising their property management, scottfraser have ensured that their teams have easy access to the properties in their care, and can work together to provide the best possible service. If you’re interested in their stress-free ‘Switch’ service please call Michael on 01865 760055. E michael@scottfraser.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 750 022

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KEMP & KEMP LLP STEVEN SENSECALL ABOUT STEVEN Steven is an equity partner at Kemp & Kemp LLP and heads up the firm’s planning team. He is married, to Jo, and has four children. Steven acts for a wide variety of private and public sector clients for whom the firm provides planning consultancy services on a national basis. He appears regularly at planning inquiries, hearings and development plan Examinations in Public as an advocate and expert witness. Steven is also a frequent speaker on planning matters. Steven has been with Kemp & Kemp LLP for over 30 years. He achieved a BA (Hons) degree in Planning Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Planning for Urban Conservation and Renewal before joining the firm in 1982. He was elected as a Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute in 1984.

ABOUT KEMP & KEMP LLP Established in 1954, Kemp & Kemp LLP combines experience and a proven track record with a dynamic approach to all property matters. One of Oxfordshire’s oldest multi-disciplinary and independent property consultancies, Kemp & Kemp can provide a unique, comprehensive and professional range of consultancy services to both the public and private sectors throughout Oxfordshire and around the UK. Their joined-up, cross-departmental approach means that they can provide clients with a more holistic view from initial planning and development advice through to strategic asset management; commercial property disposal and acquisition; valuation; and Landlord and Tenant services. Innovative and effective, their approach to property flows from their creativity, energy and passion underpinned by over 60 years as a high profile property consultancy.


118 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Steven Sensecall, Partner - ssensecall@kempandkemp.co.uk 1-3 Ock Street, Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, OX14 5AL +44 (0)1865 240 001 www.kempandkemp.co.uk @KempAndKemp


STRUTT & PARKER LLP MILES COLLISON ABOUT MILES Miles is a Partner in Strutt & Parker’s Oxford office and heads their Development & Planning department. He has worked in the Oxford area for over 15 years, acting for both private landowners and institutions, Miles specialises in residential development consultancy, providing advice on the marketing and disposal of residential development land. He has a particular knowledge of strategic land promotion including option, promotion, hybrid agreements along with associated collaboration and equalisation arrangements. Miles is a Registered Valuer carrying reports for the main lending banks, solicitors and accountants.

ABOUT STRUTT & PARKER - NATIONALLY Strutt & Parker is a leading property consultancy with 50 offices across England and Scotland with 7 in central London. As well as an outstanding reputation for selling mid to top end residential property, Strutt & Parker has specialist teams dealing with commercial property, land management, farming, development & planning, building surveying, sporting and resources & energy. Strutt & Parker is the sole UK member of Christie’s International Real Estate. This places the firm at the heart of the world’s leading network of luxury real estate specialists, connecting their expertise, service ethos and UK coverage to high net worth individuals and property markets globally.


Miles Collison, Partner - miles.collison@struttandparker.com 269 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7LL +44 (0)1865 366 667 www.struttandparker.com @struttandparker www.linkedin.com/company/strutt-&-parker_2 www.facebook.com/struttandparker

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STRUTT & PARKER LLP MIKE ROBINSON ABOUT MIKE Mike is a Partner of Strutt and Parker. He is based in Oxford and heads their growing Planning Team. Mike is a chartered town planner with over 20 years’ experience, gained in both private and public practice. He specialises in residential and mixed use development acting for corporate and institutional organisations, charities, private landowners and developers. Mike has considerable knowledge and experience of the planning and development process. He has been involved in a number of projects ranging from major urban development to village housing schemes. Mike is a successful project manager being able to rely on his established extensive contacts across Oxfordshire and further afield.

ABOUT STRUTT & PARKER - OXFORD OFFICE Strutt & Parker’s Oxford multi-disciplined office has gone from strength to strength since it opened in June 2013 and now has 25 members of staff. Mark Smith heads up the Oxford office and Estate Agency team with nearly 30 years of experience in the Oxford market. Tom Richardson is the firm's Deputy Senior Partner with a wealth of rural estate management expertise. Mark Juniper heads the Farming and Land Management team having moved from the firm's Newbury office to build on the large rural client base. The rapidly growing Development and Planning Teams respectively headed by Miles Collison and Mike Robinson complete the picture. Their teams specialise in residential and mixed use development projects advising on everything from project viability, planning and valuation through to site marketing and eventual sale or acquisition.


120 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Mike Robinson, Partner – mike.robinson@struttandparker.com 269 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7LL +44 (0)1865 366 670 www.struttandparker.com @struttandparker www.linkedin.com/company/strutt-&-parker_2 www.facebook.com/struttandparker


NORTH OXFORD PROPERTY SERVICES ROBIN SWAILES ABOUT ROBIN Robin advises clients on the purchase of investment property in Oxford. He has been involved in the Oxford property market for over 25 years and is a shareholder in one of the longest established letting agents in the city. He often writes articles about property and investment. Robin lives locally and has made a number of his property investment club members very wealthy. His clients come from all over the world. Hobbies include fair weather sailing, Italian Opera, French cuisine, and European travel.

ABOUT NORTH OXFORD PROPERTY SERVICES North Oxford Property Services are involved in all aspects of the property business. They are focused on the property investor, investors who wish to have a proportion of their savings working for them in Oxford residential property. Their business has been running over 20 years and they have helped many clients find the right Oxford property to meet their needs. North Oxford property Services also works with developers to bring new properties to the market, many are not advertised but sold through contacts or word of mouth. If you would like to invest in property in Oxford for returns or capital growth then get in contact.


Robin Swailes, Director - Robin@nops.co.uk 47 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6AD +44 (0)1865 318 524 www.nops.co.uk www.facebook.com/NorthOxfordPropertyServices

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CARTER JONAS MARK CHARTER ABOUT MARK Mark has vast experience in advising private property owners, land owners and institutional clients on the sale of residential property both within Oxford and across the county. As an RICS registered valuer, Mark is particularly well-regarded for giving advice on matters of valuation, disposal, acquisition and providing strategic advice to institutions such as: colleges, high net worth individuals, private banks, and the county’s leading fellow professional advisers in respect of a wide variety of complex property matters and portfolios. Since 2009, Mark has been a member of the Ashmolean Museum’s Corporate Advisory Board and is also a governor of the Manor Preparatory School.

ABOUT CARTER JONAS Carter Jonas is a leading UK property consultancy. It is renowned for the quality of its service and expertise of its people. They help their clients sell, let, manage and add value to their properties, whether they be residential homes, farms and estates, development land, offices, industrial or retail buildings. They employ the very best people. They are a place where people want to work and their culture is collaborative and business minded.  They have experts in every field who deliver long term advice that enhances their clients’ future prosperity. They have more than 75 people in their Summertown office, all under one roof.  80% of their business is from repeat clients, something they never take for granted and always work their hardest to protect. Above all, their clients’ success is they success.


122 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Mark Charter, Partner, Head of Oxford - mark.charter@carterjonas.co.uk 256 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DE +44 (0)1865 404 406 www.carterjonas.co.uk @carterjonas www.linkedin.com/company/carter-jonas


SCOTT HARKNESS Partner, Head of Commercial Division Scott specialises in providing advice on agency and development matters to a wide variety of clients from private individuals and trusts through to property funds, institutions, companies and statutory authorities. He advises both owners and occupiers across public and private sectors. Working at Board level with clients, Scott’s specialist areas include business development, development of property strategies, property investment advice, advice in the marketing and disposal of property as well as property acquisitions. Scott has a particular knowledge and understanding of the property market in the wider Oxfordshire region whilst also operating on a national basis on specific projects. E scott.harkness@carterjonas.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 404 453

JON SILVERSIDES Partner, Commercial Jon advises on all forms of commercial property, acting for a wide range of landlords, occupiers, investors and developers. In particular Jon specialises in commercial agency, consultancy and investment work. He has been involved in commercial property since 1991, primarily in Oxfordshire and the South East.

E jon.silversides@carterjonas.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 404 458

JAMES BAINBRIDGE Partner, Head of Planning & Development Division James advises clients on proposed development projects throughout the south of England. He has over 20 years’ experience in residential and mixed-use development acting for private, corporate, institutional, charity and public sector clients. This includes site identification, project management of planning and development strategies, valuation and viability appraisals, marketing and sale of development opportunities. James has specific expertise in options, promotion agreements, joint ventures and landowner agreements. He has been involved in sites ranging from new settlements to city centre regeneration and smaller provincial and rural schemes, and also provides expert witness and independent expert valuation services for dispute resolution. E james.bainbridge@carterjonas.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 404 437

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FINDERS KEEPERS FRANK WEBSTER ABOUT FRANK Frank has over 30 years experience of the Oxford property market, a former estate agent, he joined Finders Keepers in 1985 and oversees the Investment & Acquisition service, as well as the company’s flagship North Oxford office. Frank advises a wide range of clients on all matters pertaining to acquiring, refurbishing, letting and managing residential property. He says “Oxford is a fantastic place to live and work. It has been fascinating to be part of Finders Keepers’ success – winning the Sunday Times Best UK Lettings Agent award was recognition of a lot of hard work by all staff at FK”. Any spare time is put to walking the dog, a round of golf if time, and ‘giving back’ as Frank says “people were supportive to me when I was young and I think it is vital to reciprocate”.

ABOUT FINDERS KEEPERS Finders Keepers has been the leading residential letting agent across Oxfordshire for 40 years. They are defined by their commitment to high standards of properties, client service, people and training. As the letting market matures and the volume of letting agents increases, Finders Keepers ploughs a unique furrow in the market: • Born letting specialists with no sales to distract them • Proven expertise to maximise short-term letting income • 200+ years office manager experience • Honest valuations rather than unrealistic valuations which create voids • The best quality letting stock in the market • Hands-on property management rather than from a call centre • High property management standards to protect longterm capital values • 24hour emergency service for all tenants.


124 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Frank Webster, Director - frank.webster@finderskeepers.co.uk 226 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7BY +44 (0)1865 302 308 www.finders.co.uk @fkletting www.linkedin.com/company/finders-keepers_2 www.facebook.com/fkletting


COLLEGE AND COUNTY MARK CRAMPTON SMITH ABOUT MARK With a background in Education and Project Development, Mark Crampton Smith has brought a fresh and innovative approach to delivering customer service in Residential Lettings and Property Management. Over 10 years he has put together an outstanding team of highly trained professionals who are committed to growing the business without compromising exceptional levels of service, and who have been able to develop long-standing relationships with clients to assist them in the effective management and growth of their property assets.

ABOUT COLLEGE AND COUNTY With a total commitment to “Ethical Letting” College and County have been able to develop a cosmopolitan approach to residential lettings that suits the demand of an international city. Keeping void periods at less than 2.4 days per year, and sustaining a renewal rate of over 90% on the professional portfolio, clients and tenants alike appreciate the award winning* levels of customer care. Growing a client base by reputation and word of mouth, that is committed to the same high standards, College and County have established themselves as one of Oxford’s leading Residential Letting Agencies, whose Ethical orientation not only sets them apart, but also sustains a dynamic momentum. To find out more about how 21st century residential lettings works, please feel free to call us! *Sunday Times Best Single Office UK 2014 *Sunday Times Best Single Office South East 2014


Mark Crampton Smith, Owner - mark@collegeandcounty.co.uk 9-10 St Clements, Oxford, OX4 1AB +44 (0)1865 722 722 www.collegeandcounty.biz @collegecounty www.linkedin.com/company/college-and-county www.facebook.com/collegeandcounty

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 125


DAVID GILSON Lettings Director David has always had a real interest in properties and in particular property investment. He studied a RICS degree in Oxford specialising in sustainable development. During his second year at university he rented a house through College and County, having met Mark and the team he was keen to get involved and ended up working part time alongside his studies. David has now been with College and County for 5 years and he heads up their lettings team. He is definitely a people person and he loves the importance that College and County put on building relationships with their landlords and tenants. E david@collegeandcounty.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 722 722

TINA DOYLE Senior Property Manager Tina has worked in the Lettings and Property Management since 2000. She is proudly Oxford – born and bred – and has been based in East Oxford throughout her time in the industry. She has seen the area positively grow and change through that time and really enjoys being part of this business. Tina loves the variety of the role, no two days are the same. She thrives when having to deal with a  variety of different projects and is mocked (in a positive way) for her ability to remember the most random things relating to College and County’s properties. She has a number of proud moments in business. Being part of an Award winning team and getting up on stage to collect a trophy, or two, is something she will never shy away from! E tina@collegeandcounty.co.uk T +44 (0)1865 722 722

JANE ROBINSON Finance Manager Jane has worked in Accounts for 14 years, working away from Oxford for ten years. She wanted to work for an Oxford company as it is her home city and she came to College and County four years ago. Jane has implemented lots of changes within the accounts department. The most significant change is having the rent collected by Direct Debit which has improved efficiency of the department and reduced the arrears dramatically. Their arrears are now less than 0.01%!! They have gone from strength to strength within the last four years and achieved many national awards. They are a great team and support each other making College and County a great place to work. E janer@collegeandcounty.biz T +44 (0)1865 722 722

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PREMIER LETTING CHARLES BARTLETT ABOUT CHARLES Partner at Premier Letting and Management; the driving force behind marketing and growth of the business. Charles’ aim is to provide unbeatable customer service to their Landlords and ensure that Premier provides the highest standard of property to tenants throughout Oxfordshire. Charles has grown up and lived in Oxford all his life and has met some amazing people along the way resulting in an impressive network of business contacts. He strives to succeed in life and is always looking at new ways to improve his knowledge and gain experience in the world of business. Charles is currently working on a number of other projects mainly related to property which will hopefully prove to be exciting and impressive to new customers.

ABOUT PREMIER LETTING Premier was First established in 1995 in East Oxford and grew from strength to strength. In 2012 Premier opened a branch in Central North Oxford. The office is located in an extremely busy location and is a duplicate of everything that works so well in the East Oxford Branch. Premier's North Oxford Branch offers an exclusive service to Tenants and Landlords alike providing the ultimate rental experience. Their expert knowledge in HMO legislation and uncontested experience in the Oxford rental market makes them an obvious choice in North Oxford. They also specialise in Short Lets which their launch has proved incredibly popular, more than they could ever have imagined infact. They have built some great relationships with local property investors and continue to grow their property portfolio and reputation throughout North Oxford. They have been grateful for the many opportunities given to them by their valued clients allowing them to let some incredible properties from executive apartments to characteristic town houses. If you haven’t been in to say hello then please do as they would love to meet you.


Charles Bartlett, Partner - charles@premier.uk.com 115 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6AJ +44 (0)1865 261 898 www.premier.uk.com @PremierLetting www.facebook.com/premieroxford

WHO’S WHO 2015 | 127


PREMIER LETTING JAN BARTLETT ABOUT JAN Jan’s first step into property letting and management came way back in 1976 Thus began 37 years of letting, managing, renovating and repairing, dealing with everything from a locked out tenant on New Year’s Day (5am!), and blocked loos. Years later she became Oxford’s first Accredited Letting Agent, and has continued to work closely with the local authority in her quest to raise the standards and the image of rented property in this county. Jan has a passion for doing a really god job for landlords and tenants alike, and employs staff with the same ethos, many of whom she trains herself and who have stayed with her on this amazing journey through legal changes and regulations. The pinnacle was reached when on his return from South Africa, son Charlie joined the Premier team and is now a Partner. Jan says “ I know now that when the time is right, Premier will be in the safest hands possible”.

ABOUT PREMIER LETTING Premier Letting and Management was first established in Oxford in 1995 and their excellent levels of customer care and support quickly set them apart from local competition. Landlords within the area finally had a letting agent that listened to their requirements and reacted upon them and national recognition quickly and deservedly followed. Premier have repeatedly provided outstanding property to professional and student tenants alike. Landlords feel they can rely on Premier to take care of any eventuality and their Landlord service menu offered to any prospective landlord has been widely welcomed and has gained a lot of positive feedback. Premier is proud to be members of SafeAgent and NALS (National Approved Letting Scheme) and was the FIRST Accredited Agent by the Oxford City Council. Their reputation is their success.


128 | WHO’S WHO 2015

Jan Bartlett, Partner - jan@premier.uk.com 207 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1XF +44 (0)1865 792 299 www.premier.uk.com @PremierLetting www.facebook.com/premieroxford


BEGBROKE SCIENCE PARK DR CAROLINE LIVINGSTONE ABOUT CAROLINE Dr Caroline Livingstone is the General Manager of Begbroke Science Park. She is responsible for the commercial and academic property offer as well as the operation of the estate, buildings and services. Prior to this she worked as Department Manager, Marketing & Exports for Ricardo AEA. Caroline joined Begbroke in 2003 to develop the property business models, delivering new commercial and research space (The Centre for Innovation & Enterprise and Institute of Advanced Technology). The site provides 11,000m2 of mixed use office and laboratory space. A new access road opened in 2012 and a further 2,000m2 of commercial space will be released in 2016.

ABOUT BEGBROKE SCIENCE PARK Begbroke Science Park is the “go-to” place to establish an industrial research partnership with Oxford University, or a home for your emerging science business. Owned and managed by the University of Oxford, they support over 20 interdisciplinary research groups and around 30 science-based start-up and spin-out companies. Current research spans the energy, nanotechnology, aerospace, automotive, environmental and medical sectors - finding solutions to today’s industrial and societal challenges, and shaping the technologies of tomorrow. Emerging companies benefit from easy access to Oxford’s research and analysis facilities, and the interconnected site community. Their flexible, tailor-made property offer and experienced mentoring gives businesses support to grow. Business and conference services deliver the highest standards of customer care. Central to the Oxfordshire Knowledge Spine, Begbroke Science Park is a driving force in the county’s innovation ecosystem.


Dr Caroline Livingstone, General Manager – enquiries@begbroke.ox.ac.uk Begbroke Hill, Woodstock Road, Begbroke, Oxfordshire, OX5 1PF +44 (0)1865 283 700 www.begbroke.ox.ac.uk @BegbrokeScience

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OXFORD INNOVATION LTD JO WILLETT ABOUT JO Jo joined Oxford Innovation in 2000 as a Centre Manager, and is now responsible for identifying opportunities for new centres and developing their range of products and services. In Oxfordshire, she works at a strategic level with Centre Managers to promote their existing centres and support the companies within them. Jo is passionate about the role that Business and Innovation Centres can play in supporting the growth of small businesses by providing flexible office space and a range of support services, all within a dynamic, professional community. In her spare time, Jo likes to challenge herself, and has completed a skydive, a marathon walk and various running events for charity over the last few years.

ABOUT OXFORD INNOVATION Oxford Innovation is the UK’s leading operator of Business and Innovation Centres, operating a network of 21 centres across the UK, 7 of which are located in Oxfordshire. Headquartered at Oxford Centre for Innovation in the centre of Oxford, they also have centres in Bicester, Upper Heyford, Culham, Harwell and Witney. Today, their national network of centres provide a home for over 800 start-up and growing businesses, who have chosen their centres as a place to grow because Oxford Innovation helps them to do just that. They provide flexible office space, a range of meeting facilities, virtual offices for those not yet ready for a full time office, and business support to help companies to get to the next stage of development. There is no better place to base a business…


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Jo Willett, Marketing & Business Development Director - j.willett@oxin.co.uk Oxford Centre for Innovation, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1BY +44 (0)1865 261 480 www.oxin-centres.co.uk @oxinnovation www.linkedin.com/company/oxford-innovation www.facebook.com/oxinnovation


MARGARET HEWITT Centre Director, Oxford SANDIE ALCOCK Centre Manager, Culham and Harwell TOM HANNEY Centre Manager, Bicester and Upper Heyford STEPHANIE HENWOOD Sales & Marketing Manager, Witney

E m.hewitt@oxin.co.uk

T +44 (0)1865 261 400

E s.alcock@oxin.co.uk

T +44 (0)1235 838 500

E t.hanney@oxin.co.uk

T +44 (0)1869 255 800

E s.henwood@oxin.co.uk

T +44 (0)1993 848 200

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SAVVY GROUP STEPHEN DUNNE ABOUT STEPHEN Stephen spends his time directing the Savvy Group of businesses and ensures the delivery of quality, high end projects for Clients or Architects. Stephen qualified in Construction Management and Quantity Surveying and has been in the industry for 20 years, working in a professional capacity as a Quantity Surveyor,  Project Manager and Building Surveyor.  Stephen’s experience spans a wide range of large, complex and demanding projects including listed buildings, renovations and, new builds in both private and local authority industries, A mass of experience and a proven track record in construction excellence has excelled Stephen as an individual for delivering extremely demanding projects, when a high end  personal service is required.  “We strive for Excellence”.

ABOUT SAVVY GROUP Savvy pride themselves on providing a full-spectrum, quality construction and maintenance service. They strive for perfect delivery on time and to budget for projects of various size and complexity. They have a passion, capability and determination to deliver beyond the expectations of a principal contractor, and this is reflected in both their client retention and volume of repeat business. Their clients approach them with the requirement for a turn-key solution to their design, development, construction and maintenance needs. Savvy’s reputation is built on quality and a collaborative working ethos which is reflected in their numerous client testimonials. They successfully work for colleges, educational, medical, healthcare and research institutions, local authorities, domestic clients and private and commercial developers.


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Stephen Dunne, Director - steve@savvyconstruction.co.uk 253 London Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 9EH +44 (0)1865 920 040 www.group-savvy.com


SAVVY MAINTENANCE & RENOVATION DAVID DUNNE ABOUT DAVID David Dunne is an Electrical Engineer by trade and heads up the Maintenance and Renovations side of the Savvy Group. Dave manages over 30 staff from various trades where he looks after clients and clients buildings including Jesus College, Oxford Castle, The Bridge, Malmaison Hotels, Oxford Airport, Co-op, Insurance Companies and Oxford University to name but a few.   Savvy Maintenance & Renovations look after these buildings 24 hours a day 365 days a year. David’s approachable nature and “nothing is too much trouble” attitude has ensured his clients can rely on this service time and time again.

ABOUT SAVVY MAINTENACE & RENOVATION Savvy pride themselves on providing a full-spectrum, quality construction and maintenance service. They strive for perfect delivery on time and to budget for projects of various size and complexity. They have a passion, capability and determination to deliver beyond the expectations of a principal contractor, and this is reflected in both their client retention and volume of repeat business. Their clients approach them with the requirement for a turn-key solution to their design, development, construction and maintenance needs. Savvy’s reputation is built on quality and a collaborative working ethos which is reflected in their numerous client testimonials. They successfully work for colleges, educational, medical, healthcare and research institutions, local authorities, domestic clients and private and commercial developers.


David Dunne, Director - dave@savvymaintenance.co.uk 253 London Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 9EH +44 (0)1865 920 040 www.group-savvy.com

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SAVVY CONSTRUCTION JON PEART ABOUT JON Stemming from a surveying background, Jon studied Construction Management, gaining an honours degree and successfully became chartered through the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). Working with a number of large contractors on a diverse range of project types and procurement methods, Jon has gained vital experience in project and commercial management.  This has helped Jon’s outlook on how to deliver construction excellence – namely through strict quality, programme and budget control.  Now co-leading up and coming construction contractor, Savvy Construction, Jon has a desire to ensure the continued and sustained growth of the business and ensure an enviable reputation and client base retained.

ABOUT SAVVY CONSTRUCTION Savvy pride themselves on providing a full-spectrum, quality construction and maintenance service. They strive for perfect delivery on time and to budget for projects of various size and complexity. They have a passion, capability and determination to deliver beyond the expectations of a principal contractor, and this is reflected in both their client retention and volume of repeat business. Their clients approach them with the requirement for a turn-key solution to their design, development, construction and maintenance needs. Savvy’s reputation is built on quality and a collaborative working ethos which is reflected in their numerous client testimonials. They successfully work for colleges, educational, medical, healthcare and research institutions, local authorities, domestic clients and private and commercial developers.


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Jon Peart, Director - jon@savvyconstruction.co.uk 253 London Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 9EH +44 (0)1865 920 040 www.group-savvy.com

R&R RETAIL Laurent-Perrier...................................................................................136 Bang & Olufsen...................................................................................137 ACCOMMODATION Hawkwell House.................................................................................139 Fallowfields Restaurant & Hotel.......................................................140 Oxford Hotel........................................................................................141 Malmaison Hotel.................................................................................142 MacDonald Randolph Hotel...............................................................143 Righton Group Limited.....................................................................144

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LAURENT-PERRIER DAVID GREEN ABOUT DAVID David started his career in the hospitality sector back in 1994 where he held a variety of roles from Head Waiter to working in Hotel Management. David’s passion for wine enabled him to move into Account Management in 2004 where he held roles in Australia and New Zealand. His wife's job in Dressage inspired a move to the UK where he now holds the position of Regional Account Manager for Laurent-Perrier. In his free time, David enjoys water-skiing and spending time with his wife and children.

ABOUT LAURENT-PERRIER Originally founded in 1812, the House of Champagne Laurent-Perrier is recognised as one of the foremost brands in Champagne. This success is the outcome of a deliberate policy to honour traditional values: a respect for nature and wines, a passion for quality, and strong, lasting relationships among the people who drive the company. Laurent-Perrier’s success must also be attributed to the energy of the de Nonancourt family, headed by Bernard de Nonancourt. Working in a very demanding business environment, Bernard successfully avoided many pitfalls and managed to preserve the independence of his champagne house and its related values. These same principles guide the current management team headed by his two daughters, Alexandra Pereyre de Nonancourt and Stéphanie Meneux de Nonancourt.


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David Green, Regional Account Manager – david.green@laurent-perrier.co.uk 66-68 Chapel Street, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1DE +44 (0)7801 462 974 www.laurent-perrier.co.uk @champagneLPUK @champagnelpuk www.facebook.com/LaurentPerrierUK


BANG & OLUFSEN MARK JAMES ABOUT MARK Mark has over a decade of experience working with Bang & Olufsen having filled several roles within the business. Along with his dedicated team he is focused on providing a fantastic experience to every client who visits the showroom in Summertown as well as building quality long lasting commercial partnerships with other like minded businesses in the area. Mark is passionate about the Bang & Olufsen brand and the technology industry in general and takes great pride in being able to provide a solution whatever the individual requirement. “I feel very privileged and take great pleasure in working with a brand that has such a wonderful heritage and continues to produce truly brilliant products that excite our loyal customers. I’m basically a retailer of smiles and Goosebumps”.

ABOUT BANG & OLUFSEN Founded in 1925 in Struer, Denmark, Bang & Olufsen is world renowned for its distinctive range of quality audio, video and multimedia products that represent its vision: Courage to constantly question the ordinary in search of surprising, long-lasting experiences. This vision has enabled the creation of some iconic products over the years that enhance the environments in which they are enjoyed. Typically Bang & Olufsen products have been enjoyed in the home but they are now serving an increasing commercial market with demand from the hospitality industry, property developers and their partners within the automotive world. Bang & Olufsen of Oxford are keen to develop these relationships with local businesses and would be delighted to discuss commercial opportunities with local businesses from any sector.


Mark James, Managing Director - mj.oxford@bang-olufsen.co.uk 6 South Parade Oxford OX2 7JL +44 (0)1865 511 241 or +44 (0)7825 415 541 www.bang-olufsen.com/oxford @bangolufsen www.facebook.com/bangolufsen

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BANG & OLUFSEN MICHAEL TIMBS ABOUT MICHAEL Michael joined Bang & Olufsen of Oxford in 2004 with a main role of Project Manager and has created the finest bespoke home entertainment systems. He continues this role along with Assistant Manager duties building the business and exposing the brand throughout Oxfordshire and beyond. During his time as Project Manager Michael also took some time away from Bang & Olufsen to work in the housing industry, making him the perfect person to assist in your latest project no matter the size or complexity. Michael and the team are always on hand to welcome visitors to their showroom on South Parade, Summertown.

ABOUT BANG & OLUFSEN Founded in 1925 in Struer, Denmark, Bang & Olufsen is world renowned for its distinctive range of quality audio, video and multimedia products that represent its vision: Courage to constantly question the ordinary in search of surprising, long-lasting experiences. This vision has enabled the creation of some iconic products over the years that enhance the environments in which they are enjoyed. Typically Bang & Olufsen products have been enjoyed in the home but they are now serving an increasing commercial market with demand from the hospitality industry, property developers and their partners within the automotive world. Bang & Olufsen of Oxford are keen to develop these relationships with local businesses and would be delighted to discuss commercial opportunities with local businesses from any sector.


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Michael Timbs, Sales Executive - oxford@bang-olufsen.com 6 South Parade Oxford OX2 7JL +44 (0)1865 511 241 or +44 (0)7809 112 957 www.bang-olufsen.com/oxford @bangolufsen www.facebook.com/bangolufsen


HAWKWELL HOUSE HOTEL TIM SPITTLES ABOUT TIM Having started off adult life with a degree in Theology from Manchester, it seems a long way to running an exciting development project at Hawkwell House Hotel! Tim has been an owner operator of restaurants in Chester and Witney as well as an Operations Director for a group of pubs. More recently he has moved into hotel management, wherehe has now been at Hawkwell House for 5 years. Tim is married and has two teenage sons who are both active on the sports field andhe is involved in coaching cricket and hockey. He also captains the 5th XI at Oxford Hawks Hockey club. Recently, inspired by being involved in the B4 Charity bike ride, cycling has become an enjoyable new pursuit for Tim.

ABOUT HAWKWELL HOUSE HOTEL Hawkwell House Hotel has undergone a transformation over the last 4 years. A highly motivated team alongside heavy investment from the owners has seen the performance of the Hotel improve dramatically. This has seen the hotel awarded Tripadvisor certificate of excellence for the second year running. Ideally situated 2 miles south of the city centre within Iffley village, the independent hotel has now got 77 bedrooms after its latest investment. With a thriving conference and wedding business, Hawkwell now has an exciting new addition - a new restaurant called Iffley Blue. With a separate entrance and innovative decor, Iffley Blue boasts a relaxing ambiance and quality food offering that is open to the public at all times.


Tim Spittles, General Manager - reservations@hawkwellhouse.co.uk Church Way, Iffley Village, Oxford, OX4 4DZ +44 (0)1865 989 301 www.hawkwellhouse.co.uk @HawkwellHouse www.linkedin.com/pub/tim-spittles/16/198/160 www.facebook.com/HawkwellHouseHotel

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FALLOWFIELDS RESTAURANT & HOTEL ANTHONY LLOYD ABOUT ANTHONY Anthony’s first “career” was in the RAF, flying Canberra and Vulcans; career number two was in IBM, in Sales, marketing and management roles; and now, since 1993 as the owner of a restaurant and small hotel. His interests are not surprisingly, food and wine, but he is also passionate about flying, rugby and golf, and needless to say, his family.

ABOUT FALLOWFIELDS Fallowfields is a family run, fine dining restaurant and ten bedroom Country House Hotel, 25 minutes from the centre of Oxford. Heralded as Oxfordshire’s little secret where their guests really do come first. They were awarded 3 Rosettes by the AA for their food in January 2015, putting them in the AA’s top 200 restaurants in the UK. Head Chef Mark Potts has worked in some of the top restaurants in the world. During the week, many corporate guests enjoy luxury bedrooms, ultra-fast broadband, meeting rooms and of course the pleasures of the table. At weekends, and increasingly midweek, they welcome leisure guests who invariably come here for the food, as well as the peaceful, tranquil surrounds of the hotels gardens.


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Anthony Lloyd, Owner – Anthony@fallowfields.com Faringdon Rd, Southmoor with Kingston Bagpuize, Oxfordshire, OX13 5BH +44 (0)1865 820 416 www.fallowfields.com @FallowfieldsUK uk.linkedin.com/in/anthonyjlloyd www.facebook.com/FallowfieldsHotel


OXFORD HOTEL SUE PALMER ABOUT SUE Sue is mother of 4 grown-up girls, and her earlier roles saw her working for Robert Maxwell and then setting up a successful nursery, so she is used to handling demanding people! Sue started in the hotel industry about 10 years ago as a sales co-ordinator, cold-calling to set up appointments for sales managers - that taught her the importance of building up relationships. She then progressed to Sales Manager, first for one hotel, then for a region, before joining the Oxford Hotel in September 2014. From a sales point of view, her primary responsibility is the corporate client base, be it for functions, events, or conferences. Oxford is a very competitive market, so the hotel is not unique, but it is individual and suits certain needs very well and Sue is looking to build upon that. If you're a corporate and want everything in one place, with plenty of parking (a particular bugbear in Oxford!), first-class meeting facilities, and a dedicated conference team, Oxford Hotel has to be on your priority list.

ABOUT OXFORD HOTEL Oxford Hotel is one of the city's leading four-star hotels, located only two miles from the City Centre and minutes from the A34 and M40. If you are looking for the best and most advanced conference facilities in Oxfordshire, then look no further. Bright, colourful and airy, all 20 meeting rooms have natural daylight, air-conditioning and complimentary wireless broadband access. At the heart of the hotel’s Conference Centre is the University Suite with a capacity to seat 320 delegates for a conference and 250 guests for a banquet. In addition the hotel also has a grassed activity area, which is ideal for team building activities and games, a great restaurant, and a gym/beauty treatment spa with swimming pool. Then there is the service: Their meeting rooms have a dedicated conference host, who represents a central point of contact, meets, greets & looks after every need.


Sue Palmer, Director of Sales - spalmer@thehotelcollection.co.uk Godstow Road, Oxford, OX2 8AL +44 (0)1865 489 988 www.thehotelcollection.co.uk

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MALMAISON HOTEL EMMA DORÉ ABOUT EMMA Emma studied at Sheffield Hallam University and attained a 2:1 BSc Hons Hotel and Catering Management degree graduating in 2001. Prior to her degree, she had worked at The Hilton London Metropole (Front Office team) for a year. She started working at Malmaison Leeds in July 2001 as a Receptionist (graduate scheme) and quickly progressed to Deputy Head Housekeeper 3 months later, being promoted to Head Housekeeper. In October 2005 Emma re-located to be a part of the opening team at Malmaison Oxford as Rooms Division Manager and then progressed to Deputy GM of the property. They won Hotel Catey of the year in 2007 and hosted the prestigious Acorn Awards. Emma moved north to Malmaison Manchester in September 2008 as Deputy GM and was again promoted – this time to Resident Manager. The circle was complete when she became General Manager at Malmaison Leeds on 1st January, 2011- back to where her Mal career all started. In December 2012, Emma moved to Malmaison Newcastle. Her achievements include opening the first Starbucks in the Malmaison brand; expanding Meeting & Events space and ultimately becoming Malmaison GM of the year in 2013! In December 2014 Emma was delighted to return to Malmaison Oxford to take the helm as General Manager.

ABOUT MALMAISON If you're tired of doing hard time in run-of-the-mill hotels, it's a completely different story at this former gaol, Malmaison Oxford. Instead sip the coolest cocktails in the free world at MALBAR and enjoy an eclectic mix of classic dishes with a twist at the Brasserie, from freshly caught fish to the famous Mal Burger. Good behaviour will get you privileges like free Wi-Fi, drench showers, plasma TVs and and even toiletries that are just begging to be nabbed by light-fingered guests. Malmaison Oxford boasts 95 bedrooms and suites and bespoke meeting facilities for up to 150 delegates. This is one hotel in Oxford city centre where you'll be happy to get a long stretch.


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Emma Doré, General Manager - edore@malmaison.com 3 Oxford Castle, Oxford, OX1 1AY +44 (0)1865 268 400 www.malmaison-oxford.com


MACDONALD RANDOLPH HOTEL MICHAEL GRANGE ABOUT MICHAEL Michael’s first job after training was as Banqueting Manager at Browns Hotel in London. The job involved the running of the 8 banqueting suites which included very high profile events from looking after the Royal family, captains of industry, politicians and Diplomats. He started his career working in London as an Assistant Manager, and then moved outside of London to become a Deputy General Manager at a couple of hotels, one of which was a new opening. He has subsequently held seven different General Manager positions in 4 and 5 star hotels in southern England including the 5 star Macdonald Bath Spa. He has also enjoyed short assignments in Madrid, Rome, and the States. In his free time, Michael enjoys visiting and seeing other countries, meeting different people and learning about different cultures.

ABOUT MACDONALD RANDOLPH HOTEL The Macdonald Randolph Hotel is the leading 5-star hotel in Oxford, offering luxurious accommodation, award-winning food and a sensuous spa haven in the heart of this world-famous university city. Located in Oxford's city centre, the hotel is a landmark building with elegance and charm aplenty. The hotel has played host to prime ministers and presidents, and their enowned Morse Bar is instantly recognisable as the watering hole of Colin Dexter's world-famous detective, Inspector Morse. The hotel’s meeting and conference facilities are unlike any other and the beautiful architecture and historic setting proves the perfect venue for fairytale weddings.


Michael Grange, General Manager - michael.grange@macdonald-hotels.co.uk Macdonald Randolph Hotel, Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2LN +44 (0)844 879 9132 www.MacdonaldHotels.co.uk/Randolph @MacdonaldHotels www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-grange/4b/713/a3a www.facebook.com/MacdonaldHotels

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RIGHTON GROUP LIMITED EMMA RIGHTON MBA MARLA ABOUT EMMA Emma Righton, Managing Director of Righton Group Limited, has nearly two decades of experience in the property sector and is currently investing this expertise in expanding the Righton Group brand nationwide with rightonstay.co.uk. Emma founded the business in 2001 having personally managed holiday lettings and found that demand in Oxford extended beyond the tourism market. On this basis, the business has grown into a leading provider of corporate lettings, with Emma earning a reputation for excellence that will soon see Righton Group operating across the south east of England. Emma sits on the Steering Committee of ASAP (Association of Serviced Apartment Providers). Outside of helming the business Emma is a mother of four and an avid fan of sailing, having competed in 2015’s Antigua Sailing Week.

ABOUT RIGHTON GROUP LIMITED Righton Group Limited is at the forefront of the serviced accommodation market in Oxford. Based in Summertown but with properties across Oxfordshire and in the Home Counties, Righton Group offers high quality accommodation for corporate, academic and leisure clients on either a short or long term basis. All of the properties in the portfolio are carefully selected, fully maintained and serviced to exacting standards because the rightonstay philosophy centres on providing outstanding customer service to both clients: landlord and guest. When staying in rightonstay properties, guests can benefit from a comprehensive service including weekly linen changes and quality assurance from ASAP and ARLA membership. Righton Group comprises the wellestablished OxfordShortlets for the local short let market, newly launched rightonstay for nationwide serviced accommodation and the long let branch, rightonproperty, currently in development.


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Emma Righton, Managing Director – er@oxfordpropertysolutions.co.uk 8 South Parade, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7JL +44 (0)1865 311 696 www.oxfordshortlets.com www.rightonstay.com @rightonstay @OxfordShortlets

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DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED EXPOSURE? We’ve got the products for you

‘The Oxford Map’ has become an essential companion to visitors coming to Oxford. In association with Visit Oxfordshire and Oxford Official Guided Walking Tours, the map is recognised as a high quality and informative publication, seen by thousands of visitors. Also sold in packs with The Best in Oxfordshire, it’s a great introduction to our City.

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Now in it’s 15th year, The Oxfordshire Restaurant Guide in partnership with Laurent Perrier is the leading and most established Restaurant Guide in the county. Packed with many of Oxfordshire’s finest restaurants, make sure you are included in this attractive publication.

Over ½ million copies of our publications are either printed or viewed on line every year. Thousands of social media followers across our range of publications enables us to market your business to a growing group of potential and existing customers. We get our publications into every nook and cranny throughout Oxfordshire to make sure your business is in the right place to be seen by residents, visitors, students and other businesses.


a: The In Oxford Group, The Firs, Headington Hill, Oxford, OX3 0BT t: 01865 742211 e: info@inoxford.com w: www.inoxford.com

Vouch is our discount voucher scheme where we offer your business guaranteed complimentary exposure in your preferred publications and websites and we sell an agreed amount of vouchers to the general public at a discount. It’s very simple so if your budgets are contracting, why not talk to us about how we can help attract customers. www.vouchoffers.co.uk

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Oxfordshire, is fortunate to boast a wide range of first class venues. Where else in the world can you choose from world famous colleges to state of the art conference centres, from stunning palaces to picturesque hotels, or from the thrill of an F1 venue to first class golf clubs? With so much competition, can you afford not to be in our guide?

Featuring over 100 of the top must-see attractions, shops, restaurants and more ‘The Best In Oxfordshire’ guide provides a deeper look into some of the gems that Oxford and the surrounding areas have to offer. With 10,000 copies of the guide sold annually to key retail outlets and businesses, The Best In Oxfordshire pocket sized publication has become the must have guide to Oxfordshire for residents and visitors.

Your guide to your City

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Our Celebrations Guide pulls together a wealth of Oxfordshire’s top venues for company events or functions. The guide is mailed out with B4 Magazine direct 9,000 Thames Valley businesses and is on line for 12 months. With this kind of exposure, should your venue be in the Celebrations Guide for 2015? You could be missing out!






The objectives of the Oxfordshire Restaurant Awards are to recognise and celebrate excellence, to enhance the quality of the dining experience across the county and to improve the image of Oxfordshire as a dining destination. www.oxfordshirerestaurantawards.co.uk

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