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Chris Fl oranc e

Special July 2010




t's always sad when a valued colleague leaves, but it’s also an opportunity to gather round and celebrate achievements. A big party was the thing to say goodbye to our Chris after ten years of remarkable work with the Braunstone community.

Fellow community workers also wanted to do something special for Chris. After a couple phone conversations we decided to create photomontage of Chris in action over the past ten years. What a good idea... but easier said than done, due the huge number of photographs around. Paddy McCullough said, “I’ve got a catalogue of around 30,000 photos and at the office we’ve got thousands more. It might be a big job but we can get a lots of photos of Chris and make a really good gift. Wrong! So what was the problem? “Although I’ve got photos going back to 2000, I was part way through the 2007 folder before I found a picture of Chris... I didn’t think that was right so I looked again but the same result.” Trawling the next two years catalogue produced a few pictures but nowhere near the anticipated volume. So Paddy contacted Ian Davies who has been photographing almost everything that’s happened in Braunstone in past couple of years. ‘Almost’ being the operative word. Ian phoned Paddy, “I can only find one photo so far; that Chris Florance is like the Invisible Man!” Is there a point to this ramble? Of course there is... the point is that it’s just like Chris not to be in front of the clicking cameras and it’s just just like us to assume that because Chris was there, he must be in the photos. Ian had a point in relation to searching the photo archives but in real life Chris Florance is a highly visible man. If its happening he’s there... if it needs doing he’s there... if it needs exploration or explanation he’s there. In ten years Chris has worked with every group or organisation that sought to improve Braunstone. In his steady, unflappable manner he has supported people through all sorts of circumstances from the light and airy to the tragic... and he is always quietly visible. But there is more to the story. It’s not just that he is a good person doing a good job. Over the years Chris has developed his understanding of how to work in, with and for communities to an extraordinary level. Some would say he is at the cutting edge of how community work works One of his great (and important) strengths is his ability to reflect on the ongoing work and use this to be better at his job... and the results show! Chris Burch once said, “ When he goes there will be a big Chris-shaped hole in Braunstone.” He has a point but to take a different view (again), there’s more likely to be a big Chris-shaped impression... and a lasting impression at that! We hear things like, “I don’t know what we’ll do when he’s gone!” Here’s a tip ask yourselves what would Chris suggest? You’ll come up with something... that was the point for Chris... that you can do it. Thanks for your time in Braunstone Chris and thanks for what you’ve left us with!



ble, can describe Chris in three words. He is relia Chris irreplaceable and fun! I first met him through then Burch. After a few chats a small group developed f. Events I started helping him doing activities and other stuf ing Days at the church or out and about included Litter Pick happy to and the model railway exhibition. I was always help. German I remember Chris organising a two part English/ ugh the youth exchange in 2002. Chris helped me thro Youth entire programme and helped me gain my Bronze of the Achievement Award during the English half exchange. and Chris We went to the Peak district when it was very wet muddy! went over in a patch of mud and got a wee bit me to Another memory is that in Germany he encouraged wall climbing and canoeing. Thanks Chris!


Tea Total? Dear Alert, What is it with Chris Florance and the tea. Every time you see him he’s putting the kettle on, serving tea, popping out for teabags, do you want a biscuit with your tea... go on, go on, go on,go on! I bet if you did an Alert Special the cover would be him with carrying hot water for the tea at some event and every other picture would be tea related. Does he think that good community work starts with no preconceptions and no agenda and you can develop good relations and help people work out how they can affect the things that affect them and develop positive outcomes for themselves and their community through the judicious use of the national beverage? Curious

Dear Ch ris , We wil l miss our da with th ys out e drop i n . We hav had so e me ver y g ood tim from th es e Wedn esday d rop in. Janet Rosem

Sandra Z Edna

ary S h e i l a Sa ndra

Mary Mar jorie

Dear Curious, Yes! INSPIRING Dear Alert, have known him, been Chris has, in the short time I cter. He is always quite an inspirational chara to listen to anything, pleasant, helpful and willing absolutely anything! e quick laugh and He will be greatly missed. Th leave Braunstone a ever present smile will just . tiny bit lacking for a while take a bit of getting I think that his absence will his departure I would used to, and hopefully, with se Takeaway will hope that his taste in Chine improve! for his support of my I must thank him very much ke wedding photos photography, the chance to ta d for him visiting for a very special wedding, an exhibition. my opening night at the photo Cheers chap, thank you, Ian

is, l Dear Chr . We wil k c u l d o o nd g Goodbye a ll you you for a k n a h T . s miss you St. Peter t a s u r e fo do have don ill we w t a h W Church. ou? without y Beighton Marjorie


SURPRISE! Hey Chris , . Peters to Remember we all met at St d been doing talk about he work you ha e made a big over the previous 8 years. W on all the paper time line and stuck doing and things we remembered you se you were when. It had to be big becau I remember involved in so many things. ple talked the look on your face as peo re to us all. about how important you we cause you You were really surprised (be Nobody else don’t think about yourself). ng honest. was surprised they were just bei back and Thanks and good luck. Come see us sometime.

Barnie News hound St. Peter’s Church Braunstone What’s going on ’ere it’s not Sunday

“When fate hands us a lemo n, let’s try to make a lemona de” Some people do have their unfair share of misery, yo u once told me, and de spite our world of eq ual opportunities, life is not qu ite so politically correct! And this is the area in which yo u and I have been working ! In the grand scheme of th ings, I have not known yo u for very long, yet my experie nce is a good one and I have enjoyed the laughter and the in depth chats too. You are a wonderful person who has stamped an indelible mark on this community and wh erever you may end up, is a very lucky community indeed! All the best Ali Gamble and family!

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B Alert Chris Florance Special Edition  
B Alert Chris Florance Special Edition  

Chris spent ten years as a community worker for St. Peters Church in Braunstone. He was much loved and respected in the community and had a...