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ASK EDDISON Eddison is one of our animal teachers who interacts with children at camps, birthday parties and in classrooms. In each issue of Paw Prints, Eddison will answer a question we receive from our supporters.

Our Mission Every pet deserves a good life. With a vision to end animal suffering, we rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for sick, injured and abused animals.

Our Vision

Q: What is your policy toward pets as gifts? I get this question a lot, especially this time of the year, and my furry friends here at the shelter make the perfect gifts!

End animal suffering, homelessness and needless euthanasia.

Our Values Innovation, Compassion, Excellence.

In the past, many animal welfare organizations shied away from giving pets as gifts due to the longstanding belief that pets given as gifts were more likely to be returned than pets who were picked out by the family who would be caring for them. However, that’s just not the case. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by ASPCA, 96 percent of individuals who received pets as gifts said it had no impact on their attachment to the pet and 86 percent of those pets are still in their homes today. This research indicates that regardless of how a person acquires a pet, it is their interest in pet ownership and eagerness to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet and their lifestyle that will ultimately determine the success of their relationship with their new family member. Some of my very best friends were given as gifts and they couldn’t be happier in their forever homes. There’s Willie, the three-legged Lab mix, who has a yard the size of Massachusetts and a giant box of toys to play with. So jealous! And my good kitten pal Sophie gets her very own cushion on the couch to lounge on and basically runs the place. I love a Starbuck’s gift card or a trip to the spa as much as the next ferret. But I have to tell you, there’s nothing better than a furry gift!

AHS En Español To help better serve the needs of our Spanish-speaking community and help more pets throughout the Valley, AHS has launched a Spanish version of our website. Visit to learn more.

Dr. Steven R. Hansen President & CEO


Executive Committee Andrea Marconi, Chair Dr. Craig Thatcher, Vice Chair Kerry Milligan, Secretary Matthew Waller, Treasurer (Finance Chair) Suzanne Pearl, Past Chair Deborah J. DePaoli, Governance Chair Melinda Gulick, Facility Development Committee Chair

Board Members Bryan Albue Anthony Alfonso Courtney Beller Katherine Cecala Ann Damiano Dyan Getz Susie Ingold Christine Jensen Tracey Lyons Lawrence Pobuda Kimberlee Reimann Padilla Melissa Rupoli-Katz Ann Siner Paul B. Smith Patricia Tate Jen Weinbrenner



Love at First Sight: Lola and Feliz Feliz was rescued as a pregnant stray by our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ and gave birth to a litter of puppies, including Lola, while in AHS’ care. The two would go their separate ways before a remarkable twist of fate brought them back together. Owner Tiffany tells their amazing story. We adopted Lola in March 2017. I was curious to meet Feliz, but unfortunately, we couldn’t see her at the time that we adopted Lola because she needed surgery/dental work. Being that my mom is an avid watcher of Pets on Parade, we were so excited to see Feliz on the show in July. By the time we called to check on her, she had already been adopted. I saved screenshots of Feliz’s photo on the AHS website, wanting to remember what she looked like. Here’s where the magic happened: I checked the AHS website on impulse in December. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I just felt the urge to check out the website. Scrolling through, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was Feliz. I went back to the screenshots I took just to confirm it was really the same Feliz. It was her!

Feliz (left) and Lola

We immediately knew we wanted to meet her and bring her home. Ultimately, after meeting twice, we were told that we could take Feliz home. Fortunately, I do think it really was meant to be, as the girls are doing great together. We can really sense that Feliz knows Lola is her pup, as she is very protective of her - and also very tolerant of her puppyish ways. Their personalities completely balance each other out - Lola is a wild child with a dramatic flair and Feliz is the calm, joyful presence we needed.

Project Active Duty Reunites Family

In August 2017, Catarius Anderson was deployed to the Middle East with the U.S. Army and turned to AHS’ Project Active Duty program to care for his dog, Monty. Foster heroes Jerri and Scott Wilber loved Monty like their own for a year before reuniting him with the Anderson family in September. Thank you PetSmart Charities for supporting Project Active Duty and brave members of the United States military.







Abandoned No More At just 5 months old, Nigel was in rough shape, struggling to walk, when he was found all alone in a park by a Good Samaritan. This little Pug puppy was brought to the Arizona Humane Society’s Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, where our skilled medical team discovered that Nigel was suffering from a severe fracture of his left leg and in extreme pain. Nigel was treated with antibiotics and pain medication, and placed in a splint for the next six weeks to recover in our hospital and then with a compassionate foster hero family.

Burned But Not Broken Little kitten Benny was found suffering from burns on his hind legs and tail that were exposing his muscles when he was just a few weeks old. He was taken by a Good Samaritan to AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, where he was treated for two weeks before moving into the home of an AHS foster hero. Once Benny had completed his recovery, he found a forever home in Mesa where the 5-month-old kitten enjoys playtime and snuggles with his new family. AHS is committed to helping sick, injured and abused animals through our animal

Now 11 months old, Nigel is fully healed and has been adopted by a loving family in Paradise Valley. It costs an average of $910 to care for each pet who enters our shelter, and we’ve launched our 2018 Holiday Drive to Save Lives to ensure we can save many more pets like Nigel. Your support is crucial to help end the suffering of animals in our community and give even more cats and kittens, dogs and puppies a second chance. Give hope to homeless and abused animals. Make a lifesaving gift today at rescue and cruelty investigation team and trauma hospital. We are not affiliated with and receive no funding from the Humane Society of the United States or any other local, state or national animal welfare organization. When you make a gift to AHS, you’re saving the lives of homeless pets in our community just like Benny.



2,100-Mile Reunion Two Years in the Making When Roberto Fernandez picked up the phone, he could not believe his ears. His family’s beloved dog, Remington, who was stolen two years prior, was receiving medical care at the Arizona Humane Society. Living with his two sons in Florida, Roberto had almost given up all hope that they would ever see Remi again. Yet, Remi’s collar and bowl still waiting for him indicated otherwise. Meanwhile, 2,100 miles away, AHS was working one of the largest animal cruelty cases in our history as 217 animals were rescued from deplorable conditions at a Phoenix boarding facility. Remington was one of those pets. For the past two years, Remi suffered a great deal of misfortune, yet a single microchip was about to change all of that. However, there was still one glitch. As a single dad of two sons, it would be challenging for Roberto to make the round trip to Arizona. Within minutes of hearing the story, Patricia Chinappi, an amazing AHS volunteer, Foster Hero and President’s Club Member booked a flight to Florida to help reunite Remi and his family. Nearly four months after being rescued from neglect and two years after being stolen, Remi was returned to his family in an emotional reunion. “Remi settled right in and has gone back to being a daddy’s boy,” said Roberto. For Patricia, reuniting Remi with his family was one of her greatest pleasures. We would have to agree. View Remi’s reunion at

Canine Cuddles for Your Office Are you tasked with throwing the best holiday party your company has ever had? Look no further. This holiday season, the Arizona Humane Society is bringing our cutest, furry friends to holiday parties all around the Valley! Treat your employees to a unique, one-of-a-kind experience and photo opp with Deck the Paws: Canine Cuddles & Selfie Station! Learn more at

Remi being rescued from a boarding facility.

Remi reunites with his family.

Your Lifesaving Gift’'s Impact $50 Supplies critical medication to treat dogs in our Parvo Puppy ICU

$100 Buys a splint to set a broken leg

$250 Feeds 20 bottle baby kittens for 10 days

$500 Keeps an EAMT rescue vehicle on the road for a week

$910 Provides food, shelter, care and medical treatment for one animal from the time she arrives at AHS until she finds a forever home

$1,000 Saves the life of a severely injured animal in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital



UPDATE: Animal Cruelty Cases 7,433. The number of suspected animal cruelty cases that the Arizona Humane Society’s Animal Cruelty Investigators responded to last year. Each investigation is unique and requires time, patience and commitment. AHS leads animal welfare legislation to fight animal cruelty and engage our community to promote the protection of pets. Below are just a few of the cases and animals that AHS’ team testifies on behalf of, and fights for, each day. To receive advocacy updates and learn how you can help make Arizona safer for animals, visit

“Our teams spend more than 300 hours in the courtroom testifying on cases like these, and while prison time is certainly a step forward, we are committed to advocating for stricter animal cruelty laws in our state.” - Dr. Steven R. Hansen, AHS President & CEO

Microchip Leads to Arrest The scene was horrific. Four deceased dogs thrown away like trash in a dumpster. The case took an even more gruesome turn when it was discovered that the dogs had been shot. Fortunately, the investigation got a big break when it was found that one of the dogs was microchipped, a critical piece of evidence. After a year-long investigation by Phoenix Police Department’s Animal Crimes Detective, the dog’s owner was arrested on seven felony counts, including animal cruelty, unlawful discharge of a firearm, illegal dumping and misconduct involving weapons. He was found guilty and sentenced to one year in prison, two years of probation and ordered to pay AHS $5,290 in restitution.

Hotel Room Nightmare When AHS’ EAMT arrived at a motel, she found five cats abandoned with no food or water. Skittish at first, all five cats warmed up quickly and were adopted into loving new homes within weeks of being rescued. Fifteen months later, the owner was found guilty and sentenced to three years of probation, may not acquire any new pets during his probation, and ordered to pay AHS $3,500 in restitution.


Why We Give In July of 2003, Larry and I decided to visit the Campus for Compassion location and found two kittens who became our very loved Rocket and JJ. We were impressed with the Arizona Humane Society and decided to periodically donate money to help save more animals. In 2010, I wanted to learn more about AHS and became a volunteer. We found our amazing dog, Missy, during one of my volunteer shifts. She is the best dog, a great hiking companion and LOVES cats! Good thing, because we like to foster cats and kittens and Missy’s role is to socialize with them, a job she can’t get enough of! We have been President’s Club members for several years because we see how our donations enable new life-saving measures. Today, AHS has a Bottle Baby ICU and Kitten Nursery, Parvo Puppy ICU and a team of highly-trained behavior staff. I see firsthand how many dogs are saved through behavior modification, and the EAMTs and Second

Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ are saving injured, sick and neglected animals every day. As a donor, I am proud to support all of them. We recently decided to join the Legacy Circle, ensuring that AHS will have the funds to continue to save needy animals well into the future. - Kathy Clark

Save the Date:Compassion with Fashion Join the Arizona Humane Society on Sunday, March 31, 2019 for the 21st annual Compassion with Fashion at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort and Spa presented by PetSmart Charities. More than 1,000 of the Valley’s most elite, pet-loving philanthropists gather for a one-of-a-kind afternoon complete with seated luncheon, silent and live auctions and designer fashion show that celebrates the indescribable joy that pets bring into our lives. For ticket reservations, sponsor information or other questions, contact Mary Hetrick at 602.997.7585 Ext. 1085 or

Circle of Friends Honored

Congratulations to AHS’ Circle of Friends, who were recognized with the Phoenix Business Journal’s Healthcare Hero Award for 2018 Philanthropic Champion. The Circle of Friends are Arizona’s most passionate spay/neuter advocates and have made possible spay/neuter surgeries for tens of thousands of animals and helped reduce pet overpopulation in our community.


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Phoenix, AZ Permit No. 456

1521 W. Dobbins Road Phoenix, AZ 85041

Be the Face of the Arizona Humane Society Out in the Community! Do you love meeting new people? Do you have a passion for organizations that are helping to rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for sick, injured and abused animals? AHS is looking for go-getter, personable individuals to join our volunteer-based Street Team to represent us out in the community at events. Whether out at Diamondback games, art fairs, fundraising events, or more, the opportunities are endless to help raise awareness for the work we do! Apply today at

Don’t Trade It , Donate It Have a vehicle you no longer need? Your four wheels could provide one of our four-legged friends with a much-needed tune-up and a second chance at life. When you donate your vehicle, proceeds from the sale of that vehicle go directly towards supporting our homeless pets. Learn more at

The Cutest Calendar On Sale! Tracking your to-dos is about to get a whole lot cuter. Purchase AHS’ 2019 Calendar and help support the Valley’s homeless pets. Calendars can be purchased online for just $20 (plus $2 shipping and handling). Proceeds go toward providing medical care, supplies and toys for our homeless pets while they wait for their loving homes. Get your calendar at

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PawPrints Magazine: Winter 2018  

PawPrints Magazine: Winter 2018  

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