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Courtney Beller

Mission, Vision, Values

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2019 Board Of Directors EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE


Andrea Marconi

Bryan Albue


Anthony Alfonso

Dr. Craig Thatcher Vice Chair

Kerry Milligan Secretary

Ann Damiano

Matthew Waller

Dyan Getz

Treasurer (Finance Chair)

Susie Ingold

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Christine Jensen

Past Chair

Deborah J. DePaoli Governance Chair

Melinda Gulick Facility Development Committee Chair

Melissa Rupoli-Katz Tracey Lyons Kimberlee Reimann Padilla Ann Siner

Every pet deserves a good life. With a vision to end animal suffering, we rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for sick, injured and abused animals.

OUR VISION End animal suffering, homelessness and needless euthanasia.

Paul B. Smith


Patricia Tate

Innovation. Compassion. Excellence.

Jennifer Weinbrenner

Dear Friend, EVERYTHING WE DO COUNTS. Every homeless pet who comes through our doors needs something. For some, it may be as simple as an extra hug or peanut butter stuffed treat that makes their stay here a bit more comfortable. For others, it is an extensive surgery that is the difference between life and death. Every action we take makes a difference to the more than 16,000 homeless pets we care for each year. Every donation adds up to a life saved. Every volunteer hour improves a pet’s stay with us. Every animal advocate gives hope. Everything we are doing, and everything you are doing counts. Together, we are making an incredible difference and changing our community for animals. With your help, we’ve implemented new, innovative programs over the last few years that have helped us save more lives than we ever have before. More than we could have ever imagined just a decade ago.

This past year, we celebrated several key victories for animals, some of which you’ll read about in the pages to come. But our work is far from done. We will soon embark on a new era in which we replace our outdated Sunnyslope facility with a new, state-of-the-art campus, anchored by an Animal Medical Center, that will allow us to save even more lives. Our vision to end animal suffering, homelessness and needless euthanasia in our community has never felt closer. What we do, together, will get us there. Everything. It all adds up. It all counts. Thank you for everything you do to impact the lives of homeless pets. Sincerely,

Dr. Steven R. Hansen AHS President & CEO



Every Resource Counts A pet’s place is at home. Affordable veterinary services, behavior and training solutions and our Pet Resource Center help keep families together.

4,226 pets kept in homes with help from our Pet Resource Center


Momo KEEPING A MUCHLOVED PET Momo’s family came to AHS planning to surrender their beloved cat as they couldn’t afford treatment for a significantly infected wound. Our Pet Resource Center, Admissions and Vet Services teams worked together to identify generous grant funding from the Brooks Keeping Families Together Project, which allowed Momo to receive financial assistance for his care at AHS’ Margaret McAllister Brock Veterinary Clinic, and Momo was able to remain in his loving home.

owned animals were cared for by our veterinarians

645 pet owners received financial assistance for medical services

996 owned dogs are better behaved with training help

16,097 owned and shelter animals were spayed/ neutered



Every Home Counts

Whether it’s a forever home, a foster home or a pet reunited with a home once thought lost, every home offers a second chance at happiness.

Tygra & Panthro DYNAMIC DUO PULLED FROM DUMPSTER A Good Samaritan found Tygra and Panthro tossed away like trash in a plastic bag in a dumpster. Our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ rescued the kittens, who were transported to our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™. The tiny pair were placed in the care of an AHS Foster Hero, who bottle fed them and provided constant snuggles and love. After nearly six weeks, the dynamic duo was ready for adoption and found loving homes.




Foster Heroes opened their homes to 4,632 pets

pets found homes through adoption and placement programs

lost pets were reunited with their families



Every Minute Counts A few minutes could be the difference between an Emergency Animal Medical Technician ™ rescuing a dog trapped in a canal in time or one of our vets saving a critically injured cat, fighting for his life on a surgery table.

Lulu FROM HOT CAR TO HAPPY HOME Lulu was lethargic and desperate for help when she was rescued from a hot car by the police. Our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians ™ rushed her to our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital ™, where we discovered she was suffering from the dangerous parvo virus. After spending several weeks recovering in our Parvo Puppy ICU, Lulu found a home.





animals treated in Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital ™

sick and injured animals rescued and 7,481 cruelty investigations performed by EAMTs

moms and pups cared for in our Mutternity Suites

dogs treated in our Parvo Puppy ICU

Jiffy + Ditch




Rescued from the side of the road, Ditch was covered in maggots, and Jiffy was found in a body shop slathered in motor oil. Orphaned by their mothers, both were saved in our Bottle Baby Kitten ICU and then spent time in a Foster Hero home before finding new forever families.



kittens cared for in our Kitten Nursery and Bottle Baby ICU

shy and fearful dogs and cats socialized by our behavior team

Rosanna was rescued by our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians ™ after they found her chained to a tree with no shelter or water. This abused pup required extensive work with our Behavior team. Our Ethical Nokill Philosophy ensured we never gave up on Rosanna, and after more than 400 days of frozen treats, long walks, agility sessions, treat games and other enrichment activities and behavior support she received both in and out of the shelter, Rosanna finally found a forever home.



Every Voice Counts

Your voice means everything to our furry friends who can’t speak for themselves. Through your help with our youth and adult education programs, community outreach and advocacy efforts, we are making Arizona a safer and better place for animals.

Baby TRIUMPHING OVER ABUSE Baby, a Labrador mix, was the victim of neglect, arriving at AHS weighing just 36 pounds, unable to put weight on her back leg and suffering from untreated Valley Fever. After nearly 12 months recovering in a Foster Hero home, Baby found a loving family. The person responsible for Baby’s neglect was sentenced to a 45day jail term.



individuals reached through community events

young animal lovers learned about responsible pet ownership



Every Partner Counts

By collaborating with partners to expand ways to find homes for pets, reduce overcapacity in shelters, reunite lost pets and increase spay/neuter efforts, we save more lives together.

872 animals got a second chance through New Hope and Project Reach Out – a 131% increase over last year


Sparkles TEAMING TOGETHER TO HEAL Sparkles was suffering from a fractured leg and Maricopa County Animal Care & Control reached out to AHS for help. Our medical team performed surgery to place pins in Sparkles’ damaged leg, and one of our special donors from Prescott, along with PACC911, provided funding to help cover the costs of her medical care. After a month recovering in the home of a Foster Hero, she found a loving family in Mesa.

pets placed in loving homes through rescue partners

85031 formerly the top zip code for unaltered pets; now #5 through spay/neuter efforts and Fix.Adopt.Save.



Every Donation Counts

When you make a gift of dollars or time, you’re saving the lives of homeless pets in our community. AHS is not affiliated and receives no funding from the Humane Society of the United States or any other local, state or national animal welfare organization. Thank you for joining our #WagLocal movement.

49+25+324151 84+13+3 7 8



Planned Gifts


Individual Gifts



Special Events





Corporate Support



Fees For Services



Retail & Thrift Store Sales


Investment Income


5 4


$372,150 $256,463







Programs & Services for Animals


Fundraising & Development


Management & General

$18,212,837 $2,927,715 $637,401


361,130 volunteers donate their time and love: cuddling cats, playing fetch with dogs, assisting with events and educating children. But above all, they are the heartbeat of our organization. 2,636 volunteers put in 361,130 hours last year.

Julie + Suzie SAVING LIVES IN SO MANY WAYS Volunteer Julie Stromberg is a familiar face at our Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion. You can catch her several times a week weaving in and around the walking paths, giving some much needed outside time and socialization to our dogs. Julie has also served as a Foster Hero and simply couldn’t resist keeping Suzie, who spent months in Julie’s home after being rescued from a hoarding situation by our animal rescue and cruelty investigation team.



President’s Club Considered Arizona’s most passionate animal welfare advocates, the President’s Club includes our most loyal supporters who make annual contributions from $1,500 to $25,000 or more. Last year, gifts at these levels totaled a combined $2.3 million – this giving provides the operational funding to run our core programs and services such as the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital ™, Emergency Animal Medical Technicians ™, Pet Resource Center, Parvo Puppy ICU, Bottle Baby Kitten ICU and more. President’s Club members receive special recognition on an annual basis, alerts and insider news, special event invitations and much more. VISIONARY $25,000+ Anonymous (4) Nan & Tim Corwin C.T. Dorste Fund Debbie & Larry Harlan, The Bach Family Trust Melissa Rupoli-Katz* & Peter Katz George & Jana Johnson, The Johnson Family Foundation Tess Loo Jerry F. Noble Ann Siner* - My Sister’s Closet Wendell & Sandra Smith The Gibney Williams Family Harold & Phyllis Wochholz HERO $10,000-$24,999 Anonymous (5) Bryan*+ & Martha+ Albue All Staff Services Inc., Paul B. Smith, Pres.* American Fence Company Debra & Jeff Andrews Paul Bodine Shari & Jeff Brooks Roy & Vivian Brown Kathryn Brumme Bruce & Carol Calhoun Dr. Merrill S. Chernov Thomas & Jan Crews Mr. & Mrs. Troy T. Harris Janet Jacobs Phyllis J. Johnson Jerry & Lisa Shover Kackley

Nita I. & Jan B. Kieser Kathryn Lincoln Julie Louis - The Louis Foundation Jamie Middleton Nancy Mitchell Marilynn M. Pauwels Ken & Skip Pollock Davene A. Schuh Linda & Ron Shackle Dr. Trent Smallwood, DDS Tracy & William Uranga Cindy & Mike Watts Mary & Greg Winn Mr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Zelenak ANGEL $5,000-$9,999 Anonymous (9) Julia Anderson Steven Bobbitt Lisa Borchard Patricia Braa Erma L. Brackin Dr. Mark Brenner & Dr. Kathryn Blair Geoffrey Brewster Marilyn & Marvin Brodie Donna M. Brown Mrs. John A. Bruner Phil, Debbie & Kelly Busenbark Nancy & Pasquale Cheche Lorenzo Contreras Jennifer & Eric Danziger Joni+ & Scott Davis George & Jane Drazek Wayne & Darlene Fleming

Suzanne Frost Ira Gaines & Cheryl Hintzen-Gaines Geof Gates & Pat Norris Gail Glenn Jim Fay & Mike Gorman Joan A. Gregory Ms. Joanne Hemingway & Ms. Mary Clark David Hildebrandt Deborah Kerr Kevin & Sandy Kistler Jane Krogh Sandra Luke & Richard Warnick Tracey Lyons* Gerrie & Tony Marks Judith Marshall J. Masoner Robert Metcalf Chrissy Meyers Steve Miehe & Fred Glenn Catherine & Bill Ososke Suzanne J. Pearl*+ Mr. & Mrs. Dennis G. Pobiak Clarence Renouard Dr. Edgardo Rivera & Mr. Don Rumer-Rivera Eunok & Jerry Rudd Christopher Saunders Laura Smith Philip E. Smith & Peggy D. Herz Beverly & Doug Stevens Andrew Sussman Nancy Teets Lynn & Michael Temple Claire Thomas & Lori Kirgan Bruce & Gabriella Thorn

Patricia Triplett Shirley J. Vail Mary & William Way Daryl & Chip Weil Sue G. Wilcox Kathleen & Charlton Wilson Pam Wugalter GUARDIAN $2,500-$4,999 Anonymous (11) Diane & Paul Abe Ellen Altman Walter & Janet Amaral Dr. Tricia Arrington Gail Barker Courtney* & Michael Beller Lisa & Richard Berry David Bessey & Karen Bond Yvonne & Steve Betts Barry & Jean Bingham David & Tana Black Linda Bott Ray Brandenburg Jennifer & Andrew Brigham Pamela & Fredric Carlson Sandra Carroll Katherine*+ & Rick Cecala Beth & John Chappel Rex Chinappi Ross & Denise Cooper Mary Jane Crist Ann Damiano* James Davenport Legare McMahan Davis & Sharon Hodge Davis

Kathy Davis Shirley Dean Rhonda Drake Dorothy B. Dufner Colleen & James Edwards Constance L. Estes Barbara & Russell Everts Ted Firestone, MD Conrad & Gine Flury Winnie Fritz Mary & Richard Garner Lisa & Chris Garrett Dyan*+ & George Getz Nita Good Noel & Dan Gosnell Linda D. Graham Dean & Taylor Griffin Chris Hanley LuAnn & Dr. Steven Hansen Darrell & Florence Harding Cynthia & Doug Harmon Joan Harper Ann Harwood & Jack Lane Colleen & David Hausman Theresa Hedrick Katia Hennart Goldmuntz & Jeffrey Goldmuntz Donna & Larkin Hicks Lisa & Brian Hinton Dr. Greg M. Houlihan Stephanie Householder Helen Huff Michele Ingley Susie Ingold*+ Laurie & George Jackson Karen Jaye

Dr. Ava Jensen Rebecca & Erik Johnson Julie Johnson and Jerry Barnier Scott Johnson Dr. Sharon R. Johnston Norma & J. Philip Jones The Gary & Christine Jones Foundation Jerod King Rose Kirk Lou Kissling Renee Knilans David Kopp Kathleen & Terry Lambert Leesa Lane Linda & Glenn Larnerd Michelle Maitland Andrea Marconi*+ & Jon Relvas Ann Reynolds Mason Kathryn A. Mayer Betty H. McRae Kerry*+ & Bob Milligan Paulette & Jon Monsen Carole & Arte Moreno David & Jeannette Morrocco The Murphy Family Vickie Neill Dr. Donald Novicki & Mrs. Barbara Novicki Jack Nygren Kathryn & David Odland Linda & Tim O’Leary Owen P. O’Malley Sharon Orbeck Kimberlee* & Amador Padilla Rose & Harry Papp

Carol Pinsley Terri & Scott Rakestraw Melissa & Randy Randazzo Mike Rank Carol Richards Bill & Gloria Robinson Barbara J. Sandler Janice Schlanger Joette Schmidt & Kent Derdivanis Nina Bloom-Selling & Tim Selling Amish Shah James & Melinda Sharp Amanda F. Shaw Deena Sigel & Jeff Cawley Gregg & Mary Simmons Jay & Suzanne Simon Suzanne Singer John & Sandy Smoyer Kathleen Snider Maryann & Jack Spiegelman William & Catherine Stewart Debra Stroinski John Swartz Patricia A. Tate* Tamara Tolbert Mark & Cynthia Treacy Missy Turner Greg & Maureen Valdez Diana L. & John T. Wallick James Wehmueller & Melanie Rodriquez John & Shirley Weis Jana Sample Wilcke Cheryl Wyatt & John Wenderski

*Arizona Humane Society Board Member

COMPANION $1,500-$2,499 Anonymous (18) Joelle & Ken Alexander Anthony Alfonso* David Areghini & Dede Areghini Barbara Arnold Isabel Arnone Dr. Karen Bader Anna Jean Baker Chauncelor & H. Gary Banker John & Freda Barber Coleen & Leonard Barnett Holly A. Bartee Jennifer Battaglia Betsey Bayless Michael, Polly & Zoe Best Charry Bickford Pat & Carol Blaine Jim Blanchard Thom & Sharla Blischok Dr. Lauren Bonner Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Borovansky Kim & Lonnie Brist Dr. Candy Brock & Dr. Fred Florendo Lynda & Ron Buchanan Tim Burke Jane & Robert Burney Matthew Brest & Leanne Cardwell The Calfee Family Barbara & Roger Carter Donna & Robert Chopp Elaine & Keith Christian William Chuchro & LaDonna Loitz Lawrence & Kathryn Clark Kemberly S. Clark

+President’s Club Steering Committee

Every Supporter Counts Jennifer Cody Richard & Sharon Cohen Shari & Steve Cohen Lee & Mike Cohn Rosemarie J. Colledge Kay Cooper Dr. David Corn Linda Cowing Barbara & Leonard Craig Linda & Robert Crosswhite Bruce Cuevas Kay Curci Terry & Hale Curtis Jaime Daddona Kenneth Daniel Jeannine & Walt Davis Robert De La Torre Marilyn DeCesari Mr. John Dick Lael Hooper-Dick & Bill Dick Alice J. Dickey Jeff & Vicki Dodig JoEllen & Philip Doornbos Catherine Drury Clarice Ehrmann Tom & Pat Elliott Kirsten Engelsen Dr. Jay & Mrs. Dee Epstein Judith Erdmann Portia & Chas Erickson Mary Frances & Stephen Ewing Tom & Maureen Eye Deedee & Gregory Falls Perry Fanzo Coleene Fernando Mark, Kelly & Calypso Rae Feuerer Mary Florian Heather & Donald Gala Suzanne Geimer Linda & Patrick Gentry Richard & Gina Gerkin Dr. Matthew Gervin M. Joyce Geyser

Carol Grams Carlos & Kathryn Granado Stephanie Greer Stacee Grosshans Dan & Kathy Grubb Dr. John & Gail Hafer Mary Ann Harris Donna & Bill Harrison Chris Baxter & John Hasenmiller Jay & Rojon Hasker Lester & Ellie Hayt Family Foundation Erika Hazen Carie & Ray Heilman Judy Hewson Scott & Kimberly Hilgendorf Mrs. Arlene Hock Michael A. Hoffman Gary Hornbrook Wayne & Lucia Howard Carrie Hughes Fred & Rose Humphrey Diana Hunt Joyce A. Hunter Betty & Daniel Jankowski Annette Jansen Dawna Jewett Teresa & Erick Johnson Sandy Johnson William & Saundra Johnson Robert Johnston Nancy Jordan Billy Jurkiewicz Robin & Bob Jutras Betty & Louis Jutzi Annette Keller Meher Kaur & Soul Singh Khalsa Anne Kirkman Roopesh Konda Cynthia Kooima Gregory M. Kozlowski Rose Kugler Bonnie Lang

Patricia Lapp MaryEllen Latham Anne & Robert Law Lawns By Les, LLC Les & Becky Coates Cydney & Mark Lay Martha Leonard Joyce Lesniewski Joelle Lever Monica Leyba Mary-Anne Lingard Jack Chandler & Shelly Long Linda Lovig Paula & Scott Lyon Paula Lyons Debbie McKnight Margaret McNeal Dr. Dan & Karen Madia Mary Malstrom Roxie & Jim Manry Debra Marsin Lauren Martich Pamela & David Martiny Mel Matusz Julie Sharp & David Maule Joyce & John Melter Ronald & Melanie Merlino Dr. & Mrs. Barry Miller David & Elizabeth Miller Rosanna Miller Donna Minor Paul & Penni Montgomery Marta Morando Judy & David Moritz Judee & David Morrison Monica & Dan Mullen Amy Nations Jacqueline Noblitt Randi & James Nulty Christine Oehler Dr. Keith Osborne Dr. Suzanne & Mr. James Parisian Mike Parrish

Michelle & Mark Pasiecznik Kelsea & Chris Patton Linda & Roger Pauls Deeann Pearce Kathleen & Rudolf Perez “Mac” & Russ Perlich Barry & Jaye Perricone P. M. Pond Bill & Mary Kay & Carly Post Nitaya Preekeoy Patti & Phillip Rademacher John & Janet Rankin Mr. & Mrs. Eric D. Raphael Kelly Raymond Marti Rice Amy Richards Marc Robbins Eileen Rogers Patricia & Jake Ross Gregory Rowland Annet & Henk Ruiter Mr. & Mrs. Orlando Ruiz Rob Rupprath Deanna Salazar Jill & Jim Santa Daniel & Liza Santy Ed & Lisa Schmidt Dr. & Mrs. Marc Schmidt Diane & James Schwartzmann Sheila Schweitzer Kathryn & Michael Shiaras Joanne Sigrist Maria & Steve Simpson Ronald E. Sobek Stephen Soha Lisa & Robert Stallings Bob Stamper Christine Starrak Michael & Sandy Stephens Claudia & Peter Stesiak Nichole & Mike Stohler Stephen Storment

Connie Swenson Stan Tadlock In Loving Memory of Moammar Kelly Tapley Dr. Craig Thatcher* & Ken Schutz Steven Thompson Jennifer Thompson Dr. Melissa Thompson & Janet Duncan Deborah Trojanowski, MD Dr. Joy C. Bunt & Dr. Linda B. Turley Nesimudin Unni Gabriel Valle Eger Susan Van Boven Daniel Van Denburgh Linda Victory Cheryl Vig Matt & Tahlya Visintainer Nelly & Brian Ward Dr. Carolyn Warner & Mr. Robert Cutter Rupert Watson Debra & Ronald Webster Mary Ann & Paul Weeden Jennifer*+ & Eric Weinbrenner Sharon & David Weiss Willard E. White Carolyn & Christopher Whitesides Rev. Dr. Walter F. Wieder & Janet E. Wieder Dr. Kathy Wigal Janet L. Wilson Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Winograd David & Mary Ann Winter Elaine & John Wintersteen Charles E. Wittreich & Patricia A. Miller Cari L. Wolfe Rebecca Zaner & Hygenes Garcia Laura Ziff Jeffrey Zonis & Carol Flaherty-Zonis John Zweber

Our family of animal lovers has been making a difference for local pets through fostering, adoption, rescue, awareness and fundraising. We hold compassion, love and giving as our core values and are proud to be members of the President’s Club in memory of our beloved Laura. We know that our support is a priceless gift that saves the lives of thousands of animals each and every year.

Kris Gibney Williams



Legacy Circle Remembering the Arizona Humane Society in your Will, Trust or other estate plans allows us to help hundreds of thousands of animals through our leading-edge programs and services. The Legacy Circle is our special way of recognizing those whose planned gifts ensure a healthy financial future for our organization and the homeless pets in our care. Legacy Circle gifts are so special because they truly ensure the future of the Arizona Humane Society and thousands of animals in need.

Anonymous (251)

Claire & Carl Anderson

Roseanne S. Aycock

Chris Baxter & Jeanne M. Kirsch*

Sharon M. Berti

Gerald N. Bloom

Helen Britton

Geraldine M. Burns*

Anonymous* (25)

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Anderson

David A. Bachman

J. Crystal Baxter &

Marjorie Bessel & Scott Wyant

Mary I. Bloom*

Jack E. Brooks*

Mark F. Burton*

Gail Aamodt & Sean Connell

Lorenne Anderson*

Helen E. Baer*

Evelyn Best*

Scott & Leslie Bloom

Lois E. Brooks*

Vera Busch*

Ann Abbott*

Sandra E. & Charles S. Anderson*

Kurt Baer*

Joan M. Bayer*

Marjorie J. Best*

Esther H. Blumstein*

Patricia A. Brooks

Madge J. Busey*

Diane K. Abe

Susan H. Anderson

Constance Bagal

Teresa Beally

John R. Beville*

Cheryl & Lawrence Bobrik

Virginia Brooks

Brien H. Butler

Deanna & Dale Adams

Vicki Anderson

Jane L. & Edwin A. Bagley*

Gertrude A. Beardslee

Jane A. Beyer

Rosemary Boertman

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Brose*

Nancy Butler*

Charles J. Adornetto

Jeff & Debra Andrews

Adelaine M. Bahr*

Virginia M. Beauton

Frances E. Beynon*

Robert D. Bohan*

Mr. & Mrs. C. Fred Brown

Mary Jane Buzzell*

Gloria & Wayne Aerni

James Apeldoorn*

Kay F. Bailey

Leroy Beckman*

Bettina A. Bickel

Dr. F. G. “Bud” Bolton, Jr.*

Charles Brown*

Julia Caffey

Susan Agee

Gail N. Aper*

Pauline M. Bailey

Lorraine Beech

Charry Bickford

Marlene & James Bonen

Claudia E. “Betty” Brown*

Maria Caffray

Judith S. Aikawa, MD

Kathleen S. Applegate*

Sally J. Baird*

Jane Beene

Fred Biermann*

Helen J. Bordenkircher

Phyllis L. Brown*

Karla Lee Cain

Joshua B. Akers*

Charleigh D. Appling Jr.

Virginia P. Baird

Christie P. Beers

Jackie Biermann

Marion Boshart*

Shirley Fiille Brown &

C. Timothy Caldwell*

Laura & Anthony Albanese

Lou Ella Archer*

Ruth H. & John P. Baldwin*

Lorraine & Thomas Beers*

Richard R. Bilbrough

Everett A. Botz & Patricia A. Berg*

Paula Alberts

Gayle E. & Rodolfo T. Arenas*

Starr Ballew

Frank W. Begemann

Barbara Bird

Terri & Richard Bowman

Virginia Crayton Brown*

Bruce & Carol Calhoun

Jean H. & Wallace L. Alexander*

Don Arnold

Kathryn & John Bamberl, M.D.

James W. Belcher

Richard D. Birocci*

Sheila Bowman-Meyer

Deborah Brugliera

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Cannady

Julian Alexander*

Elizabeth Arnold*

Mr. & Mrs. B.C. Banasiak

Helen Bell*

Carol & Billy W. Bishop

Leon A. Boyd

Paul & Peggy Brun

Elinor L. A. Cannon*

Suzanne E. Alexander*

Isabel & Lawrence J. Arnone, M.D.*

Ruth G. Banks*

Isabell Bell*

Donna Bissing

Patricia J. Boyd

Mabel Brunner*

Lloyd Capps*

Claire E. Allan

Louise Arnt*

Dr. & Mrs. William L. Baran

Margaret Bellone*

Anne L. Bixby

Diane Bradford

Virginia L. Buchanan*

Sandra J. Captyn*

Gertrude R. & David L. Allen*

Louella & Mark Arrigo

Abbie Barber*

Linda Benaderet, M.D.

Gerald Black*

Mary B. Bradley*

Martha J. Buck

Jean Carhart

Joy Gail Allen*

Linda B. Arters

Paul Barbera

Dorothy & Richard Bendure*

Julianne M. Black*

George & Darlene Bradner

Sophia Buckles

Nancy L. Carlson

Karen L. Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Mickie Artikuski

Addy Bareiss

William Benner*

Linda Black

Lillian Brandon*

Marilyn R. Buckley*

Lynn M. Carosella

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Allocco

Michelle & Stephan Ashendorf

Evelyn D. Barnard*

Virginia Bennett*

Robert W. & Jane W. Black*

Maria Brannon

Dietrich E. Buczko

Ida Carrington*

Judy & Jack Alspaugh

Anthony C. Ashley*

Beth A. Barnes

Joan M. Benson

Sandra & Ernest Black

Joy S. Brassington*

Thomas Bugeya

Geraldine M. Carroll*

Merry Alt

Douglas Ashline & James

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Barnes

Virginia F. Benson*

Jane Blackburn*

Karen & Thomas Braswell

Robert Bump*

Diane R. Carson

Marvin M. & Dulce M. Barofsky

Clarissia & Stephen Bent

Gloria & Maurice Blake

Barbara H. Breeden*

Gerald & Nancy Bunch*

Dr. & Mrs. Randy R. Carter

Marna L. Althoff*


John Hasenmiller

Kathryn Alexis Margolis

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Caldwell

Ellen Altman

Lillian M. Asmussen*

Deborah J. Barrick*

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Berg

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Blake

Lillian L. Breitzke*

Margaret M. Burdo*

Patrick S. & Marian K. Cashman*

Michael V. Altman

Rebecca Atkins-Munro*

Theodore J. Basiak*

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bergan

Sandra Blake

Russell Brennan

Irene Burka*

Kimberly S. Cassell

Julius W. Amsiejus*

Dr. Constantine Audeh*

Myrtle Bass*

Louis & Annette Berger

Bonnie Blanchard*

Kathleen M. & Kile N. Brewer*

Laurie A. Burke*

Wanda Castellini*

Sue Anderberg & Fred Ries

Susan A. Augsburger

Robert L. Bates

Brian & Bernadette Bergin

Charlene L. Blanco*

Rosina Bria*

Douglass Burkhart

Naomi Cedarblade

Christine Anderson

David G. & Linda A. Austin

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Battelle

Steve Berkowitz

Jo Ann Blevins*

Judy Bright

Burkhart Family*

Audrey M. Celine

Claire Anderson

A. F. Avila

Barbara Battey*

Tora U. Bernhult*

Valerie Blomquist*

Maxine Brinson*

Carolyn Burns

Cosmo D. Centanni*

*Indicates gift has been realized

Carolann Cervetti

Donald & Dorothy F. Colee*

Willa Crick*

Carol Dawn

Alison & Jerald Ditzen

Rebecca A. Eickley

Stanley M. Farb

Edward C. & Doris Cesarano*

Audrey Coleman

James R. Cristea

Mr. & Mrs. Dean S. De Angelis

Louis Dixon*

Jennifer L. Eiffert

J. Dean & Ruth E. Fardal*

Charles Chaney*

Jeannette B. Coleman

Lois A. Crook*

Paige-Marie De Palo

Carl Dockemijian*

Helen Eitniear

Susan Farer*

Barbara Forney

P. Jeanene Chaney*

Adam Collins

Randy & Kathy Cross

David Dean & B.J. Taylor

Margery Dodson

Gail & Todd Ellenbecker

Joan A Fargo*

Carol & Bob Forrest

William D. Charles

Joy M. Collins

Dorothy I. Crume

G. Thomas Dean*

Ruth M. Dodson*

Dorothy I. Elliott*

Gary Faulkinbury

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Forsyth

Elizabeth B. Chase*

Kay Ann Collins*

Gail & Jesse Bonneville-Cuilty

Richard Dean*

Irene V. Doerfler*

Pamela E. Elofson

Beverly A. Fay & Sheeba*

Margaret & Otto Fort*

Stan & Kayne Chavez

Luverne Collins

Mr. & Mrs. A.C.M. Cundy*

Evelyn M. DeCabooter

Leon & Sheila Donghia

Shirley E. Emhoff*

Michelle Feist

Kathleen A. Foster*

Nancy & Pasquale Cheche

Polly Collins

Mr. Leo Cunningham &

Janeth P. Decker*

Dottie Donkin*

Elizabeth & James Engebretson

Muriel J. Feldkamp*

Viola Foster*

Robert Chilcoat

Marcie D. Colpas

Ms. Karen Ann Struble

M. Victoria Decker

Lawrence K. Dorney*

Edna Engkjer*

Calvin & Madeleine Feldman

Andrea S. Fox

Gareld Ming Chinn*

Harriett Colton

Theodore H. Cunningham*

Olga E. DeCoster*

Eunice Asmussen Dorsty*

Kelly England, M.D.

Florence J. Felice*

Barbara Fraboni

Lydia & Cornel Choskey

Karen L. Conelly

Phyllis R. Curry*

Ann DeFrance & Jim Greisiger

Joseph M. Dougherty Jr.*

Stanley Engle

Candace V. Fennimore

Sonia & Jack Fradin

Mary L. Christensen

Denise M. Connerty

Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Curtin

Isobel “Robin� Degnan*

Everett F. Douglas*

Marjorie U. Engler*

Jack W. & Esther T. Ferguson

Mr. & Mrs. Dale W. Frank

Susan J. Christopherson

Carrie E. Cook

Curtis Family Trust

Susan D. Dell

Dorothy L. Douglass*

Will J. Ennis*

Barbara M. Chylak

Francine B. Cook

Dr. Misha Curtis

Donna Dellosso*

Peter Dower

Linda & Bob Enoch

Kathleen & Albert Ferguson

Helen L. Franklin*

LeRoy O. & Birgit E. Cier*

Hildegarde Cook*

Vincent & Anna Cusmano*

Darlene D. Demaree*

Justine Doyle*

Ann A. Enright

Leah N. Ferrazzi*

Larry & Jeanne Franklin

Robert Ciffoni

Nona & Sidney B. Cook

Leo J. Czaplicki*

Betty L. Deming

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Dragoo*

Dr. Jay & Mrs. Dee Epstein

Mark, Kelly & Calypso Rae Feuerer

Jackie Frazier

Clara G. Cist*

Naomia B. Cooke*

Richard & Thelma Dale*

Carole Dempsey & Sandra Modell

Marti & Paul Dray*

Charlotte M. Erb*

Sherry Fields

Joe Freasier*

Arlene Clark

Margaret R. & Richard B. Cooley*

Tony DaLessio

Lynn DeMuth

Rena Dreisen

Elizabeth Erickson*

Jo & Howard Fine

Dell & Gil Frederick

Ernest R. Clark*

Wallace K. & Lucille M. Coon*

Howard Dallas*

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Dennison

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Drew

Elinor Esslinger*

Louis H. Firpo*

Helen R. Fredericks*

Kemberly S. Clark

Joyce M. Coover*

Ann C. Damiano

Marjorie E. Dennstedt*

Pamela Rae Drew

Constance L. Estes

Marguerite Fischler*

Nancy Louise Freeman

Linda E. M. Clark

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Corbett Jr.

Sandra S. Danhaus

Carolyn Denton

Dreyfus Family*

Nancy Estes*

Jeffrey G. Fish

Phyllis & Jack French*

Marie W. Clark*

June S. Cordier*

Rudolf Dankwort

Katherine Denton

Maurice Dubonnet*

Dorothy Eubank

Jill Ann & Marvin Fisher

Emile & Ray F. Fridrich*

Richard G. Clark*

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Corrao

Gloria H. Dansereau*

Connie DePauz

Lillie A. & William K. Duffy*

Cathy S. Evans

Sandra & Ralph J. Fisher, III

Margaret A. Fried

Ruth Clark*

MaryLee Cortez*

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby L. Darnell

Helen W. Depenbrock

Belinda W. Dunbar

Edna Hoffman Evans*

Thelma J. Fisher*

Martin & Bonnie E. Fried

Ted Houston Clatfelter

Virginia Counts

Susan & Doug Davies

Georgia L. Detoffol*

James & Sandra Dunn

Susan J. Evans*

Emily M. Fitch*

Alan Friedman

Hershel E. & Marilyn Clauder

Mr. & Mrs. David Courtney

Barbara Davis

Irma DeTour

Anne W. Durning

Vivian Evans

Clara Ray Fitzgerald*

Cynthia Friedman

Homer B. Clay*

Dorothy F. Coville*

Barbara P. Davis*

Jane A. Deuvall*

Yvonne A. Durst*

Vivian E. Evans*

Karen Fix

Wanona Fritz

Eileen A. Claycomb*

Andrew & Kristie Cowan

Hal W. Davis*

Katherine Deved*

Ruth B. Duval

Anita M. Ewing*

Colleen M. Flanagan

Virginia Fronabarger

Craig & Joy Clifford

Sheila Cowden

Joni & Scott Davis

Sally C. DeVore*

Peggy Eastwood*

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ewing

Kathleen & Larry Flatau

Irene H. Frost*

Wanda M. & Billy R. Coats*

Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Cox

Karen Davis

Lauren DeVuyst

Jerome Echard

J. C. Ewing*

Wayne & Darlene Fleming

Jay C. Frost*

Pamela & Gerald Cobb

Vivian H. Craig

Kristen K. Davis

Marjorie J. Dew*

Cecilia Edelstein*

Maureen & Tom Eye

Maria A. Flores

Marie & Gregory Fugiel

Marion J.& Gene D. Cochrane*

Marjorie Cranmer*

Legare McMahan Davis &

Ursula C. Dick

Mary Ann Edwards*

Merle Eystad

Jill Flores*

Kim Fulgenzi*

Joanie Coffenberg

John E. Crawford*

Sharon Hodge Davis

Barbara C. Dierolf

Thomas R. Edwards*

Susan P. Faber*

Louise Foley

Laverne L. Fulton*

Bonnie & Neil Coffey

Russell W. Crawford

Sandra M. Davis*

Melva F. & Vincent T. DiFranco

William Edwards*

Lois R. Fahrner*

Elnora & Merle Foltz*

Naomi Funk

David M. Cohen

Cheryl Creamer

Sarah E. Davis*

Regina DiMarco

Clarice M. Ehrmann

Gloria A. Faietti*

Mary Jane Fontaine*

Marla Furio

Georgia & Richard Colburn*

Kathy Creswell

Betty & Thomas G. Davison

Marian & Richard Dionne

Pamela K. Eichman*

Violet B. Fara*

Denise Andre Ford & Robert F. Ford

Mirriam K. Gabrys*


Karen L. Foreman & Michael F. Walsh

Marjorie Frank*



Every Supporter Counts

For more than 10 years, I have witnessed the difference the Arizona Humane Society has made in the lives of pets (no, all animals) in our community – working to keep them safe and well; rescuing and caring for their physical and emotional needs. I have supported them not only for WHAT they do, but for HOW they do it. The AHS team has modeled evidence-based vet care; innovative programming; and transparent, ethical, responsible operations. I have also remembered AHS in my estate plans to help ensure a healthy financial future for AHS and to support the services AHS provides to thousands of animals each and every year.

Winnie Fritz

Legacy Circle Continued Judy Gadek*

Ruth Gilbert*

Bobbie Green

Terri L. Hall & Patricia J. Ryan

Patricia & Jack Hei

Dorothy R. Gaines

Joanne & Bob Gilles*

Sherry Green

Bruce Halperin

Ginny & Jim Heideman

Ira & Cheryl Gaines

Gwen Gilsdorf

Gladys E. Greer*

Sandra & Jon Hanover

Jean Heiman

Margaret P. Gale*

Robert O. Ginsburg

Robert & Anne Gregerson

CK Hanson*

Roberta L. Heinen

Audrey & Robert Gallow*

Laura Gitzendanner

Greta N. Gregg*

Edith L. Hanson*

John H. Heiner*

James M. & Rhenda M. Gallup

Rachel & Mark Glancy

Joan A. Gregory

June D. Hanson

Dr. Mia S. Heist

Ruth Ann Gamboa*

Roslyn Glasser*

June & Nick Gregory

Mary & Paul Hanzlik*

Kathryn Held

Janet A. & Charles W. Gameros

Bill & David Gleason*

Peggy Ann Greig*

Jeanie M. Harlan

Don E. Helms*

Gulmoher B. Gandi*

Kenneth E. Glittenberg*

James & Sandra Grepling

Theresa R. Harned

Rachele Helms

Rebecca S. Gang

Carolyn L. Glover*

Mary C. Greve*

Patricia L. Harrach*

Joanne Hemingway & Mary Clark

Linda M. Garcia-Leyva

Nancy E. Gnepper

Ann L. Griesel*

Marla Harrington*

Lois & Robert Hempel*

Henry D. Gardner

Evelyn L. Godfray*

Carol & Justin Griffin Trust

Betty “Bam” Harris & David A.

Mrs. Thomas M. Henderson*

Imogene Gardner

Jeffrey A. Goekler*

Gayle Grigg

Carol Garner

Marcia L. Goerbe

Linda Griggs

Margareta Harris*

Christine M. Hendrix

Betty Garrett*

Lee Goldberg*

John Grinney*

Mary Ann Harris

Nancy J. Henkel

Deborah M. Garrett

Sylvia Goldberg*

Judy Gross

Elizabeth & George Harrison

Lillian Henry*

James S. Garrett*

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Goldman

Dora M. Gruber

Joan M. Harroun

Pauline & Bernard Herbert*

Richard A. Garrett*

Iris Goldstein

Louise Guadet*

Sandra Lea Harsha*

Loretta J. Herger

Juanita R. Garside*

Regina & Joel Goldstein

Daniel Gular*

Imelda Hart*

Dr. Harriet E. Herlihy*

Dorothy M. Garten*

Ana & Jose Gomez del Castillo

Dorothy R. Gully*

Betty Hartman

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin J. Herman

Phyllis Gascoigne*

Betty Gooch*

Linda L. Gunther*

Donna Hartsough*

Hedwig Hermerath*

Marjorie & William Geiger*

William F. Good*

Aileen Gurney*

N. Russell Hartzell III

Brian A. Herold

Audrey Geneve

Dean P. Goodnight*

Margaret Gushwa*

Adriana & Scott Harwood

Katherine Herrmann

Dr. Marilyn R. Geninatti

Deborah F. & Scott D. Goodwin

Cathy Guthrie*

Ann Harwood & Jack Lane

Terry & William Herschel*

Linda & Patrick Gentry

Patricia J. Goralski*

Darlin L.& John W. Gutteridge

Sylvia Hasbrouck

Joan Herstein

Shirley J. Gentry

Norma J. Gordon

Joanne Guy

Adele N. Hassold

Margarete J. Hester*

Sandra L. Gerhard*

Paul & Martha Gould

H.S.S. Trust

Stella Hasty*

Ada Heuber*

Lois & Robert Gerhart*

Virginia L. Gourlay*

Betty B. Haas*

Kathryn A. Hatfield*

Janet Higgins*

Susan Gerharz

Daphne Grace & John Richard

Christine & Jeffrey Hackett

John H. Haugland*

Kelly Higgs

Carl L. & Martha A. German

Jean Grady

A. Ellen Hackmann*

Barbara Hawkins

Scott & Kimberly Hilgendorf

Dolores A. Gerold*

Joan Craven Graham

Patricia Haemovitz

Jane & Danny Hawthorne

Anita D. Hill*

Edward & Florence Gerrity*

Carlos & Kathryn Granado

Dr. John & Gail Hafer

Henry Hayertz

Greg Hill

LaDonna Gholson

Susan M. Grancsay

Themis Haggis*

Tom & Susan Hays

Robert Hill

Gloria H. Gibson*

Mary Grant*

Cindy & Kirk Haines

Barbara & Fred Heeney

Thomas Hill*

Margaret T. Gibson*

Irmtraud Graves

Penny Dryden Hall & David Hall

Gloria M. Heffelfinger

Victoria & Jack Hill*

Mickey & Adrienne Gibson

Jerome J. Graves*

Phyllis R. Hall

Nancy Vivian Heffron

Joanne Hilliard*


Jan & Howard Hendler

*Indicates gift has been realized

The HillWise Trust

Ruth E. Huntoon*

Catherine C. Jones*

Ethel J. Kelley*

Michele Knutson

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Laduron

M. J. Lerback*

Corrine Lunt

Carol Hirsch

Dorothy & Gerald Hurd*

Lois Jones

Sandra J. Kelly*

Linda A. Koeb

Georgia Lage*

Charlotte Leroux

Claudette Lutz

Joan Hirsch

Nadine Hurst*

Kenneth & Barbara Jonker

Suzanne M. Kelly

Alice M. Koerner*

Leona B. Laguna

Laura L. Lettieri*

Aileen Lynch*

Charles J. Hlavac*

Patricia & Robert Husband

B. Jordan

Dee Kennedy

William & Katherine Kolarik

Jeannette P. Lahiff

Daniel W. Levin, Esq.

Diane K. Lyons

Carmen E. Hoagland*

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Hustedde

LouElla Joyce

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald N. Kern

George M. Kolasa

Sheri & Russell Laing

Paula J. Lewis

Patrick M. Maas*

Evelyn G. Hoch*

Bruce N. & Bobbie Hyde

Theodosia P. Joyce*

Kay S. Kerst

Richard J. Kolasa*

Patricia Lamb

Sharron O. Lewis

Joan Mabry

Betty L. Hochstetter

Suzanne V. Ingersoll*

Marie R. Judice

Jacob Kerstens

Liselotte Kollmar*

Judith & Franklin Lambert

Eleanor W. Libby*

Forrest C. MacConnell, Jr.*

Arlene Hock

Amy R. Irion*

Frances Judnick*

Kenneth J. Kessler

Mary Koob

Antoinette Lamm*

Edward P. Liekis

Barbara J. Macdonald

M. W. Hoeller*

Valerie Isaac

John Juett

Virginia Kettenhofen*

Gloria M. Kopecky

Peggy McKee Lamoree*

Lee Linck*

Marilyn A. Mace*

Jereda S. Hoffland

F.M.E. Isabell

Nancy F. Jung

Daniel & Melanie Kevin

Leroy & Jemma Kopel

Eric Landau

Marcia Linder

Chad R. MacGregor, MD

Daniel Hogan*

Mark Ivanich

Lucille J. Jurado

Wayne & Cynthia Kibbe

Patricia Kopen

Allen Landers

June E. Lindner*

Joyce MacGregor*

Steven & Jean Hogg

Michael Ivanich & Patricia Gaynor

Sara C. Kable

Miriam Kiefer*

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Kortan

Mary Laner, Ph.D.

Kristine Lindquist

Ruth D. Mackall*

Todd Hokanson & David Belt

Lorraine Jackson

Betty & Don Kaiser

Karlene Kieffer

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Kos

Garry Langefeld

Shirley S. Linehan*

Edmona H. Mackley*

Ralph E. Holder*

Alan Jacobson

Dr. Ann Kalhorn & Dr. Monty Snow

Nita I. & Jan B. Kieser

Carol Kossick*

Lynn & Steve Langley

Arlene A. Link*

Karl Macklin*

Millie S. & Donald E. Hollandbeck

Patricia C. Jacquemin*

George T. Kallmann*

Harry Galen Kill*

Myrna L. Kotchever

Andree O. Langston

Lori A. Linn

Jacqueline “Jacquie” Madison

Lloyd W. Hollebrands

Virgil R. Jadwin*

Jean Kaminski

Bobie King

Donna Jo Kovacs

John E. Lanning*

Terri & Allan Linscheid

Elsie “Molly” Magnusson*

Patty Hollister

Margaret James*

Arlene Kane

Kathy King & Ross H. Siegel

Debbie Krakower

Charleen Lapointe

James & Kathleen Lippard

Elizabeth A. Maguire

Virginia Holmes Family*

Steven A. James*

Juneo Kane*

Lynda King

Harold & Janice W. Krauss*

Jacqueline LaPointe

Morton Lippman

Alicia F. Maharty*

Michael & Barbara Holt

Samuel Jamison*

Pauline B. Kanihan*

Nancy A. King

Hazel Kress*

Faye M. Larkin*

Mitch Little

Anne & Houshang Mahin*

Lauren J. & Robert A. Hooker*

Carol L. Janoff

Malamaty L. Karchner*

Randy King & Linda Roboh-King

Heather D. Krimm

Sue Larsen

Karen & Dale Litton

Charles V. Maillie*

Jean Hookway*

Sandra L. Janzen*

Barb Karr

Susan E. Kinley*

Kay Krimminger*

Kathleen Larson

Annelise Loeser*

Mary Malstrom

Delia V. Hopfer

Kenneth C. Jasin & Philip L.

Betty J. G. Karr*

Karen Kinney

John & Sandra Krisch

Mabel M. Larson*

Lilah M. Lohman*

Patricia L. Mancini

Noel H. Kasper

Michelle L. Kinney

Florence A. Kriz*

Dee & Gordon Latimer*

Elma A. Long*

Millicent Mann*

Leo & Flora Hopkins*


Mary Lou Hornberger*

Rick Jaxon*

Elaine & Philip Katzke*

Millard H. Kinney*

Jane Krogh

Colette D. Law*

Diane K. Looney

Joseph C. Mann*

M.S. & Maurine D. Horne*

Karen Jaye

Margaret S. & Russell T. Kaufman*

Patrick & Kristine Kirby

Joyce Kruse

Mary Michelle LeCronier*

Edward Z. Lopez & Linnea

Eve Mantel*

Linda Hornsby

Josephine C. Jellie*

Vivian R. Kavina*

Virginia A. & Job Harold Kirk

Olga D. Krusell*

Robert D. Lee, Jr.

Nancy E. Horton

Joan M. Jensen*

Dalphine Kay*

Jim & Phyllis Klaus

Laura & Scott Krushak

William Lee & Robert Service

Shirley Lorzel*

Virginia L. Marco*

Marilyn & Millard Hoskinson*

Penelope & Darrel Johansen

Celia A. Kearns*

Mrs. Mary E. Klein

Daniel & Margot Kryk

Phil H. Leininger

June & John Loser*

Tahna Maree

Catherine Hoss

Daniel Johnson

Louise A. Keck*

Paul Klingenberg & Tony Stratton

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kubiak

Josephine Lelli*

Kristy Lott

Janet Margrave

James M. Howl

Janice Johnson

Sue E. Kedzior

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Klingensmith

Ed & Joy Kufahl*

Lem Trust*

John H. Loudenberry*

Benita Marks*

Harvey Hubbs

Josephine Johnson*

Shirley Keeton*

Susie S. Klokner*

Rose A. Kugler

Herma A. LeMieux*

Margaret Low

Nancy Harlene Marley*

Margaret L. Huebner*

Natalie A. Johnson*

Debora F. & Barry L. Kegley*

Virginia & Leslie Kloster*

Burton F. Kuhn*

June Lent*

Ersel & Russell Lowes*

Constance Marple*

Linda Hughes

Phyllis J. Johnson

Audrey Keller

Patricia Ann Kluge*

Lisa Kusmin

Jill & Steven Lenz

Edward & Rochelle Lowry

Elisabeth Marquadt*

Maureen A. Hughes

Ruth Johnson*

Kathleen Keller*

Sharon Klun

Lisa & Robert Kussard

Martha T. Leonard

Edna Lucas*

Debra Marsin

Genevieve E. Hulegaard*

Kirk D. Johnston

Michelle M. Keller, Ph.D.

Gale Knott*

Victor B. Kutner

Nancy Leonard*

Maile A. Lucasey*

Marilyn L. Martin

Colleen Hunt

Barbara & Michael Jonas

Cheryl Kelley

Lorraine M. Knudsen*

Kathy Kuykendall

Gordon E. Leprich*

Howard G. Ludwig*

Victorine D. Martin*


Cindy & John Marco



Legacy Circle Continued Roger & Patricia Martinell

Mary Joe McLain*

Viola S. Mitchell*

Madonna L. Mulmat

Barbara Nicks*

Janice M. Palmer

Linda L. Phillips

Alicia C. & Curt B. Purdy

Elizabeth Martinez

Mr.& Mrs. R. J. McMullin

Karen Mizoue

Barb & Paul Mulraney

Hugo Nocito*

Lois Stanford Palmer*

Mary Megan Phillips

Albert Puz*

Dorothy M. Marttila

C. F. McWhirter*

Edith Rita Gertrude Moberg*

Ms. Donna L. Mulvey-Gieber

Kim Noetzel

Oscar & Corrine Palmer*

Mr. & Mrs. Erwin V. Pichler

Juan Quesada*

Melinda A. Masch

Dorothy & W.T. McWhirter*

Lynne D. Moccio

Phyllis R. & Bruce E. Munroe

Dorine Nolan*

Norma E. Palo*

Ruth E. “Betty” Pickens*

Carolyn C. & Terrence P. Quinlan

Cleo B. Masek*

Helga & John Mead

Brenda & Donald Moden, Jr.

Milton Phillips Murdock*

Virginia B. Nolan*

Leslie A. Paradise

Patricia Pierard

Joan Quinn

Ann Mason

Ann & Matt Melsheimer

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest F. Modzelewski

Mary Ellen Murin*

Thelma Nolte*

Betty J. Paris*

Heidi Pierce*

Sherrie L. Quinn*

Rita Masser*

Elizabeth Melvin

Dorothy D. & Joseph A. Moller*

Joette Montgomery Muzrall

Joan M. Norris

Ned F. Parish*

Helen V. Piercy*

Bernice Quiram*

Brenda A. Masters

Frieda M. Mendelsohn*

Robert Moller*

Judy & Bernard Nadler

Eric R. Novachek*

Barbara Parker

Stanley D. Piersall*

Gretchen L. Radewan-Buck*

Thea S. Masters*

Lorelei Mendivil

Marian J. Moloney*

Rachel & Stephen Nally

Barbara A. & Donald E. Novicki, MD

Maria Parkins

Ruthann F. Pike

Erick V. Ragsdale

Dorothy A.E. & Patrick J.C. Mather

Diana Mercado

Paulette & Jon Monsen

Ms. Leslie Namerow

Matt Nowicki

Betty Jane & Donald Pasek

Helen Piper*

Irma M. Rak*

Lanora I. Davis Maxom*

Norma E. Mercer*

Patricia K. Montee*

Debbie Napier

Jeanne A. Nunning*

Sherman L. Pate

Nancy Rose Plaster*

Thomas & Penelope Rakoczy

Donald R. May

Beryl Meritt*

Mary M. Moodey

Cheryl & Roger Naumann

Helen M. & Morgan P. O’Brien*

Geraldine Paterson*

Douglas Ploeser*

Karen & Dirk Ramacher

Harry & Sylvia Mayer*

Elizabeth Sue Merritt &

Dorothy J. Moor*

Marni Neal

Beverly O’Bryant*

Myron & Mary Patrick

Patricia J. Poggendorf*

Karilee S. Ramaley

Dorothy M. Allphin*

Esther M. Moore*

Sophia Neal*

Faye L. O’Bryant*

Nona B. Paulsen

Warren Polk

Margaret H. Raschke*

Mark J. Moore &

Jo Ann Neely, M.D.*

Erin A. O’Dell*

Marilynn M. Pauwels

Martha Pollard*

Doris & Gerald Rasmussen

Janet A. Neese

Janet Odenwald*

Mrs. H. J. Pawlak

Ann L. Pollock

Raymond & Gail Raupp

Michelle Mayer Robert G. Mayer*

Charles & Nancy Meszaros

Sara Mayer

Penny S. Metzger

Michael & Kathyrn McAfee

Micel Family*

Nancy R. Moore

Victoria M. & Ronald K. Neill

Bob Olah

Henrietta Pawlak*

Ken & Skip Pollock

Julie Rauter

Marie McCadden

Jayne L. Mickelson*

Robert R. Moore*

Gordon D. Nelson

Lydia C. Olijnyk*

Judi Paxton

John Pollpeter*

Wanda Ravalli*

Mr. & Mrs. Earl W. McCall*

Jamie Middleton

Roberta C. Moore*

Jerry & Esther Nelson

Susan & Richard Oliver

Joyce Payne

Oscar Polzer*

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Raydl

Edward J. & Mary D. McCarten*

Imogene M. Miles

Rocco & Maddison Moore

Kristen Nelson, D.V.M. &

Spalding Olmsted

June Patricia Payne*

Dr. Johanna P. Pomeroy

Linda & Kelly Rea

Patricia L. McCrery*

Diane C. Miller

Linda Moravec*

Judith K. Olson

Suzanne Pearl

Gigi M. & William G. Poortvliet*

Louise F. Reaves

Patricia & Gene McDivitt

Lynn Miller

Deborah E. Morgan

Nancy Nelson

Kurtiss E. Olson*

Marion Pease

Dr. Phyllis I. Popp

A. Brent Reed

Stanley & Fabrice Maunee

Marjorie Elizabeth Miller*

Ruth Morgan

Sharron Gay Nelson

Phyllis Olson

Harvey R. Pedersen*

Bernadine M. Port

Johanna L. Reed

Myrna Mae Miller*

Claudia & Erdie Morris

Winifred M. Hoffman Nelson*

Rosemary M. O’Malley*

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Pedri

Jeanette Powers

Valerie J. Reed

Laurie Brehm & Beth McEldowney

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Miller

Patricia A. Morris*

Klara Nemeth*

Ruth & William Oppenheimer*

Tracy & Matt Pellerin

Robert M. Praker*

Ellen M. Reid

Charles B. & Collette C. B. McGarvie*

Scott Alan Miller

Susan M. Morris

Nancy Ness*

Martta D. Ornberg

Louis J. Pemberton*

Margaret Pratt

Ina V. Reierson*

Dennis McGeary

Stephen R. Miller

Patricia H. Morrison

Sally Ness*

Bertha Orr

Ron Pennell

Louise Precosky

David C. Reimold

Dorothy J. McGever*

Susan A. Miller

J. Stuart & Edith L. Morse*

Gertrude H. Neuser*

Bonnie M. Orr*

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin A. Percha

Mary & John Preston*

Jean L. Reinhardt*

Janice J. McGinnis

Ursula B. Miller

Edward Mortimore*

Elizabeth A. & William P. Neutout*

Nancy J. Ostregren*

Maria E. Pereyra

Margueritha Price*

Adele & Arthur J. Reiss*

Patricia M. McGuire

Vivian J. Millward

Donna F.& Fred L. Morton*

Gladys Neva*

Blanche J. Owens

Jodi L. Perkins

Dr. William Price*

John P. Renshaw

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. McKeighan

Donna R. Minor

Harold C. Moseley*

Gladys Neville*

William Clyde Owens*

Roberta & Randall Perry

Inga G. Prime*

Sue Ann Revis*

Marty McKelvey

Monique Minor

Austin & Mary Motts

Audrey Bartlett Francis Newell*

Rod & Suzanne Packer*

Mildred T. Pessl*

Glenna M. Primm

Helen L. Reynolds

Kathleen McKenzie

Martha A. Mitchell*

Roger Mowry*

Ben G. & Lepha M. Nichols*

Florence Paddock*

Connie M. Petersen*

Charles Pritchett

Oscar G. & Anne J. Rheinwald*

Ruth J. McKenzie*

Mrs. Mike Mitchell

Edward & Linda Muhlenfeld

Frances A. Nichols*

Gertrude Paddock*

Paula M. Petersen

Shirley G. Provo*

Frances C. Rhodes*

Helen A. McKinney

Nancy Mitchell

Margaret Mullen & Tom Jennings

Gladys J. Nichols*

Cleona V. Paden*

William & Dorothy Pfoertner*

Penny Pryor

Carol R. Rhutasel*

Peggy McLachlan*

Owen H. Mitchell, Jr.*

Peg Mulloy

Vicki M. Nicholson

Maybelle T. Padfield*

Deborah & Adrian Phillips

Jennifer Purdon

Mike Ricard


Linda Stevens-Moore

Steven T. Nelson

*Indicates gift has been realized

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Rich*

Diana Lee Rucker

Mr. & Mrs. Ora D. Scheerer

Ann C. Sespico

Marion R. & Larry T. Slobodnjak*

Lizabeth Starkey

Paul & Marjorie Richard

Earlene Rudolph*

Laverna & Walter Scheibel*

Alice Sharbonow*

June R. Smart*

Patricia Stead

Kay Richards*

Lisa M. Ruggiero

Fred A. Scheske

Mary & Ronald Shelepuk*

Brandon T. Smith

Diane Steele

Connie Swenson

Marilyn D. Tilch

Martha P. Richards*

Edward & Maryann Ruhnke*

Clinton L. Schill

Kathi A. Shellabarger

Carol L. Smith

Nancy E. Steely

Keith Swett

Kathleen R. Tiner*

Nancy M. Riches

Theresa & Ronald Rumin

Lester J. Schlangen*

Camille Shepard

Cynthia J. Smith

Grace Steffensen

Ann B. Swoboda*

Mary & Gailerd Tisdall*

Ann Ridenour

Ruth A. Rus

Joette Schmidt & Kent Derdivanis

Tamara N. Shepard

Deborah A. Smith

Hildegard Steinbach*

Lynda Sylvia*

Adela M. Tobias*

Phyllis M. Riding*

Lucienne A. Rusconi*

Walter H. & Maureen Schmieder*

Candy Sheperd

Edward G. Smith

William Henry Steinbach*

Charlene & Richard O. Tallakson*

Betty Toepfer*

Ingaborg E. Ridley*

Janet Rush

Laverna J. Schneider*

Doris & Fred Shetler

Elizabeth R. Smith*

Evelyn Stephens

Rhoda K. Tannenbaum*

Lucille M. Tolby*

Nancy Rimsek

Clifton L. Russell*

Carl J. Schnieder

Helen E. Shetterly*

Josephine E. Smith*

Michael & Sandra Stephens

Paul V. Taras*

Barb & Victor Tolin

Howard & Mitzi Rinehart

Debi L. Russell

Lee Schoon

Lloyd L. Shipe*

Nancy W. Smith

Jerry Sterzinger

Elizabeth Tataseo

Donna F. Torbert*

Emily & Richard Ripley

Eloise Russell

Maria T. Schoysman*

Maureen Shockley

Patricia M. Smith*

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Stilson

Bonnie E. Taylor

Dorothy M. Towne*

Bernice L. Roberts*

Inge L. Russell

Patti & Ken Schreiber

John Shonert III*

Harriet Smocke*

Dorothy & Douglas Stimpson*

Doria C. Taylor*

Tamera Lane Towne*

Edith & David Roberts

C. Bryan Ruth &

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Schultz

Pat A. Shope

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Snyder

Jim Stipanuk*

Elizabeth M. Taylor*

Helen S. Toye

Sally J. Schulzinger*

Yvonne E. Short*

Steve D. Soave

Constance R. Stirling*

Margery Taylor

Thomas M. Trecker

Christa Roberz*

Susan K. De Simone

June Lenore Sweet & James William Sweet*

Thorbjorg Slusser* Cora Thorburn & Gloria Simco

Margaret Robillard

Paula Ruth

Marie E. Schumaker*

Louisa Shrovnal

Jane M. Soloman

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Stockton

Marion G. Taylor*

Robert & Marilyn Tringali

Joyce L. Robinson*

Joseph B. Ryan

Lois Schunke*

Marguerite Shryock

Diane S. Solomon

Kenneth & Becky Stohlmann

Marion & James Taylor*

Dr. Deborah A Trojanowski

Suzanne P. Rochelle

Natalie Ryciak*

Michael E. Schuster

Max L. Shuler

Elisabeth Sonntag*

T. Nathaniel Stokes*

Robin C. Taylor

Alice L. Trone*

Hans & Jacqueline Roersma

Thomas S. Ryder*

Helen Schwanda*

Ken & Rosemary Shutts

Jeffrey A. Soots

Connie L. Stone &

Thomas & Janet Taylor

Ellen A. Trzaskowski

Gene Rogers

Lillian Sabourin

Kristin Schwartzkopf

Mel Shutz

Dr. Zohreh Sotoodeh &

Valerie F. Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Tschudy

Lynne R. Rogers

Dorothy Sacks & Shirl Anderson*

Karl F. Schwengel*

Edna H. Sickels*

James P. Stouffer

Juan Terrazas

Ethel Tumbarello*

Martha & Bud Rogers

Sue Salita*

Phyllis & Lyle Schwieder*

Gabrielle & Henry Sieck*

Lucille D. Spangler*

Lola M. Stout*

Karen L. Terwilleger

Ora Bernard Turley*

Stanley J. Rogers

Carol Sammarone

Christine & Donald Scott

CJ & Andy Sierra

B. J. Spencer

Suzanne Tafel Strasser &

Alma L. & P. Harry Tesauro

June A. Turner*

Renee J. Rollette

Pamela H. Sanborn

Lori M. Scott

Norman R. Sikes*

Cheryl D. Spiegel*

Joan H. Tesch*

Susan Turner

Carol L. Rollins

Maria & Ray Sancho

Mary Ann Scott

Pam & Gregory Sikich

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Spooner

Sharon Stremick*

Rose M. Teske

Glenna Twing

Elizabeth Romaine*

Klara Botsch Sanden*

Elizabeth H. Scrivner

Janet & Jeffrey Silmon

Helen D. Sprague*

Cheron & Fred Stresen-Reuter*

Gilbert TeWinkle & Barbara T. Kyle

Kathaleen Helen Ulmer*

Claudette & Albert Romano

Mavis M. Sanders

Katherine H Seaboch*

Gail Silverstein

Evelyn Spurgeon*

Deborah L. Struthers*

Vincent C. Thoma*

Zora Unser*

Beverly B. Roos*

Barbara J. Sandler

Patricia A. Searight*

Rowena Simberg

Joyce E. Spurlock*

Adrienne Tillotson Subit*

Andrew Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Unsworth

Phil & Christina Ropeter

Rita M. Sargis

Anita V. Seeley*

Gayle M. Simmons

Jutta E. Stachwick*

Eleanor & Jay Sukman

Diane Thomas*

Marion E. & Herbert L. Uphoff*

Carolyn E. Rose*

Elizabeth & Alan Sasse*

Geri Ann Sefton

Hope Ruth Simpson*

Dolores F. Stackpole*

Susan & Jeff Sullivan

Gloria D. Thomas*

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Uptegrove

Martha V. Rose*

LeAnn Sauder

Jean Seguin

Iolita D. Simpson*

Betty L. Stahl*

Susan Sulzer

Virginia B. & Richard L. Thomas*

Luis H. Urdang*

Jane E. Ross*

Nevin & Leslie Savage

Margaret K. & Clarence G. Seidel*

Sharon J. Simpson

Elizabeth A. Stains

Lars G. Svensson

James Thomes*

Mary A. Urzendowski*

John E. Rossey*

Dewey D. Schade

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Seipp

Ann Siner

Linda Stanley


Andrea & Steve Thompson

Shirley J. Vail

Patricia D. Rothstein

Judy & Bill Schaefer*

Catherine & Robert Seiwell*

Russell Siner

Mary E. Staranick*

Agnes M. Swain*

Carol M. Thompson*

Joy S. Val Dere*

Gloria & Frederick Rowe*

Marsha A. Schanke

Susan Sells

Katheryn A. Sins*

Eileen E. Starbuck*

Joanne Swank-Mayer

Doris V. Thompson*

Blanche B. Valehrach*

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Roy

Fred & Joyce Scharringhausen

Helena & Michael Semenoick*

Ann C. Skavold*

Joan Starcher*

Ardele H. Sweeney*

Elaine E. Thompson*

Florence B. Van Dam

Marilyn Roye

Katie & Glenn Scheele

Angela E. Sera

James Skinner

Mr. Raymond R. Stark

Teresa A. Thompson

Geri Van Horn

Dr. H. Rafi-Zadeh

Kenneth J. Graham

Robert E. Strasser*



Legacy Circle Continued Phyllis A. Van Ollefen

Sherry J. Ward*

Walter H. & Virginia E. Werner*

Jack C. Willmeng*

Donald D. Young

Petra Van Voorst

Mary B. & Edward P. Wardach*

Constance Wesner*

Doris E. Wilson*

Karen E. & John P. Young

Carol Vanatsky

Gary Warnell

Marion O. & Maurice B. Westover*

Janet L. Wilson

John Young*

David Vande Pol

Carolyn M. Warner, Ph.D.

Kathleen B.& Larry B. Wheaton

Dorothea & Roger E. Winberg*

Katie Yowell*

Kristin & Terry Vanderlee

Patricia & Larry Warnke

Dorothy & Tim Wheeler*

George Winn

Del E. Zack*

Eric Vannerson &

Deena Warren

Stephanie & Charles Whetstine

Martha Winn*

Gloria & Ken Zambelli

Leslie Warren*

Godfrey Whiffen

Kotoko Wiseman*

M.C. Zaumeyer*

Sabine J. Vaughan*

Carolyn J. Waterbury*

Jeff & Cindy Whildin

Amelia Witalis

Kimberly A. Zeman

Arianne Vaughn

Jane T. Waterbury*

John W. Whipple*

Charles E. Wittreich &

Audrey Zettek

Mr. Brian B Veach

Nancy B. & James L. Waterbury*

Claudine K. White*

Patricia A. Miller

Raima Verasmende

Marjorie Watson*

Gladys K. White*

Harold & Phyllis Wochholz

Lawrence Zielinski

Francine & Hans Verhaagen

Carlene Watts & Blanche Butler*

Kathlyn & Robert Whiteside*

Cari L. Wolfe

Samuel D. Zimtbaum*

Patricia J. & George A. Vermazen*

Leslie Waxman

Christine Whiting

Gerald E. Wolfe & Marta Wolfe

William A. Zlatich

N. M. Verrill*

Jane D. Wearshing

LaTresa Whitley*

Larry E. Wolfe

Jeffrey & Carol Zonis

Gerald Via

Carol & Wayne Weaver

Barbara J. Whitlow*

Johanna Wolford

Barbara A. Zugor &

Pamela Jo Vintila

Jill & Patrick Weaver

Antoinette & William Whitrock

Mary S. Wolfrey*

Victoria Violette

Judith Webb*

Melenie Widmer

Gail L. Wood*

Rita W. Vogelesang*

Lillian D. Webb

Joan A. Wieder

Sandra Sue Wood*

Concetta Barcelona Vollrath*

Joy Lee Weber

Rev. Dr. Walter F. Wieder &

Nancy & John Woodruff

Margaret J. von Biela*

Sharon Weber

Roger A. & Terrie Von Holdt

Patricia Ann & Robert E. Weeks*

Fay Wiedmann*

Remona Woolson*

Morgan von Saxel

Carol & Lee Wegener

Helen Marie Wielkiewicz*

Marcella Wrasse*

Ruth Vondrash*

Wegner-Stone Family Trust

Jan Ellen W. Wieneke

Alan C. Wren & Joseph F. Civello

Ruth W. Votaw*

Diane G. Weiner

Marlene A. Wilbert*

Carl Wright

Annette Voth*

Elizabeth Weir

Elva Wilbourn

Kim E. Wright

Jeanne A. Wagner*

Yvonne T. Weir

Estelle K. Wilhelm*

Margaret “Marge� S. Wright*

Dorothy Wake*

Jodi Weisberg

Paul & Deborah Wilkins

Mary K. Wright

Rose Walker*

Rachel & Raliegh Weist

Mr. & Mrs. Terry T. Wilkosz

Col. Sue Wright

Lisa G. Wallace

Sandra Welch*

Carol Williams*

Sonia L. & Dennis N. Wyant

Diana L. & John T. Wallick

Carol Wellnitz

Charles G. Williams

Cheryl Wyatt & John Wenderski

Daniel P. Walsh*

Mary Ann Wells

Dale & Sandra Williams

Jeannie Wyatt

Elise B. Walsh*

Susanne M. Welsch

Deborah A. Williams

Georgianna Yagac*

Karla R. Walter*

Oliver Welsh

Joyce E. Williams*

D. Seid Yamanouchi

Sally-Jo Walters

Diana L. Wenners

Melba L. Williams*

Katherine L. Yandell*

Charlotte Ward*

Mary Werb*

Elizabeth Williamson*

Charles C. Yehling*

Sara L. Ward*

Sam Wercinski & Paul Kelley, M.D.

Harvey J. Willig*

Alice R Young*

Marie-Luise Vannerson

Janet E. Wieder

Katherine Zhou*

Stephen T. Radvick Darlys Zum Brunnen

Joanie Woods

*Indicates gift has been realized

Circle Of Friends

Every Supporter Counts

In 2007, Arizona Humane Society supporters Heather Greenbaum and Julie Belgrad organized a dedicated group of donors to raise funds specifically for spay/neuter initiatives. Coined The Nifty Fifty in 2007 and later Circle of Friends, these passionate donors have made possible the spay/ neuter surgeries of tens of thousands of animals and have undoubtedly reduced pet overpopulation in our community. Anonymous (2)

Debbie DePaoli

Judy Hewson

Katie Mueller

Amy Thurston

Yvette & Brian Abernethy

Alice J. Dickey

David Hildebrandt

Susan & Mark Mulzet

Mary & Fred Tucker

Martha & Bryan Albue

Craig & Pam Eisenberg

The Hobbs Family

Rose & Harry Papp

Verizon Foundation

Alexander Building Company

Ellman Foundation

Kathy & Greg Hunt

Chris & Kelsea Patton

B. Van Denburgh

Tony Alfonso

Cynthia Emmons

Laurie Jackson

Suzanne Pearl

Meredith & Charlie

Courtney & Michael Beller

Ardie & Steve Evans

Bryan & Lynn Jeffries

Craig O. Pearson

Allison & Bob Bertrand

Sue Fletcher

Teresa & Erick Johnson

Roberta & Jim Pederson

Rob & Melani Walton Foundation

Lila Blandford

LaBelle ‘Cricket’ Forstrom

Gary & Christine Jones

Nancy Pendleton & Robert Smith

John & Sonja Wanebo

Lee Bowman

Shelly & Hannah Forstrom

Jerry & Lisa Shover Kackley

Kathy Pidgeon

Jennifer Ward

Justin Britto

Ira Gaines & Cheryl

Pamela Kalish – The Priscilla Fund

Annie & Doug Pruessing

The Ann Warren Charitable

Elaine Karcher

Kimberlee & Amador Padilla

Cheryl & Richard Brock


Von Arentschildt

Fund of The

Bob & Bobbie Burns

Lori & Dan Galvin

Andrea Katsenes

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Roberts

Chad Christian & Joe Bushong

Amanda & Dana Garmany

Melissa Rupoli-Katz & Peter Katz

Bill & Gloria Robinson

Chris Watts & Lauren Smith

Suzanne Butler

Sandy & Bert Getz

Karlene Kieffer

John & Linda Roman

Cindy & Mike Watts

John Calhoun

The Getz Family

Lou Kissling

Diane Roush

Daryl & Chip Weil

Camelback Sports Therapy

Ingrid Glass

Rob & Myndi Kort

Rob Rupprath

Jennifer & Eric Weinbrenner

Cheryl Carr

Noel & Dan Gosnell

Sharron Lewis

Ryan Sarbinoff

Amy Flood & Larry West

Katherine & Rick Cecala

Heather & Michael Greenbaum

Dale & Karen Litton

Carol Schilling

Charles & Stephanie Whetstine

Beth & John Chappel

Dan & Kathy Grubb

Tracey Lyons

Joette Schmidt

Jana Sample Wilcke

Margaret & William Clark

Mark & Carol Grumley

Diane M. Mann Esq.

Jenna & Danny Sharaby

Sandi & Bob Williams

Carol & Larry Clemmensen

Melinda & John Gulick

Andrea Marconi & Jon Relvas

Amanda F. Shaw

The Gibney Williams Family

Core Spaces

LuAnn & Dr. Steven Hansen

Lauren Martich

Dr. Caren Siehl

Patty & Keith Withycombe

Terry & Hale Curtis

June D. Hanson

Cindy & Don P. Martin

Ann Siner – My Sister’s Closet

Pam Wugalter

Janet & Clive Cussler

Jane & Craig Hart

Robert H. & Mary Ellen McKee

Suzanne Singer

Drusilla D. Wylie

Ann Damiano

Nadine & Bruce Hart

Jamie & Bella Middleton

Debbie & Eddie Smith –

Susan & Peter Yannitelli

Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. Danziger

Jay & Rojon Hasker

Kerry & Bob Milligan

Joni & Scott Davis

Steve & Kaye Helm

Kathy Davis

Philadelphia Foundation

The Plant Stand of Arizona

Barbara & Charlie Young

Nancy Mitchell

William & Catherine Stewart

Dr. Ronald & Kelly Yunis

Luke & Gail Helms

Keely E. Moran

Margaret Stone & Jonathan Dee

Laura Ziff

Teresa DeLellis

Hanna & Kris Henderson

Judee & David Morrison

Patricia A. Tate

Ann & Greg Denk

Jeanne & Frank Hertz

David & Jeannette Morrocco

Craig Thatcher & Ken Schutz

Names in bold indicate our very best friends who make gifts of $1,500 or more

The Arizona Humane Society proudly takes a leadership role in advocacy and education for spay/neuter initiatives and provides the critical resources to financially challenged families to ensure they are able to spay/neuter their treasured pets. By funding strategic spay/neuter initiatives since 2007 and collaborating with the Nina Mason Pulliam Trust since 2012, AHS has been instrumental in the reduction of homeless pets in our community. It is imperative that we, as animal advocates, continue to educate and provide resources necessary so that the intake of homeless pets continues to decrease. We are proud supporters of the Arizona Humane Society and the Circle of Friends.

Melissa Rupoli-Katz & Peter Katz



Every Supporter Counts

Corporate Partners AHS is endlessly grateful to our generous corporate partnerships. Whether it’s much-needed funds or donated items, the support of these businesses is critical in our ability to serve the animals in our care.


After learning that AHS was in need of tens of thousands of dollars in HVAC replacement and repairs, we decided to commit to helping the organization. We were delighted to find AHS is a group of fantastic people and the feedback we receive from the community thanking us is extremely rewarding. Partnering up with AHS has been nothing short of a positive experience.


Giving Campaign

Cox Charities


Mesa United Way

Cox Communications

Harpley Foundation

Midwestern University

Day & Night Air Conditioning,

Helios Foundation

MJ Insurance

Herbert H. and Barbara C. Dow

National Financial Services LLC


Barrett Jackson

Acacia Property Corporation


Aetna Foundation Inc.


Desert Botanical Garden

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

Bentley’s Biscuits

Discover Financial Srvc Employee

AJ’s Fine Foods

Gabriele Bertaccini - iL TOCCO FOOD

All Staff Services

Bissell Pet Foundation

Earnhardts Auto Centers

IBM Employee Services Center

Allstate Giving Campaign

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

East Valley Firefighter Charities

Ideas Collide, Inc.

North Mountain Brewing Co.

AmazonSmile Foundation


American Express

Bright Funds Foundation

America’s Charities

Burch & Cracchiolo

Arizona Cardinals

Burns Dentistry

Fennemore Craig PC

Arizona Community Foundation

Ron Burns

Fiesta Bowl

Arizona Companion Animal Spay/

Camp Bow Wow Phoenix

Fifth Generation Inc. / Tito’s Vodka

Kendra Scott Jewelers


Dr. Barbara Capwell,


Kieckhefer Foundation

Pedigree Foundation

Foothills Animal Hospital

Kohl Family Foundation

PetCure Oncology

Kroger Co. Foundation /

Pets United Product Sales LLC

Neuter Committee Arizona Federal Credit Union

Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Heating and Plumbing

Funds (You Care We Share)

One80 Entertainment

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Opus Development Company

JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback

Orbital ATK

Four Peaks Brewing Company

Arlington Valley Energy Facility /

Celebrity Theatre Central Life Sciences

Charitable Trust

My Sisters’ Charities

Casino Arizona / Talking Causecast Foundation

Nina Mason Pulliam

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Arizona Mini Owner, Inc. of the American Revolution

Network for Good

Honeywell International

John Wallick Jewelers

Fort McDowell Casino

Stick Resort

Nationwide Foundation

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.

Immordino Charitable Foundation

Foundation, Inc.

Cash Time Loan Centers

Arizona State Society Daughters


Eco-Chic Consignments /

Arizona Lottery

Capital Power

Jeff Martin

Bank of America Employee

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. FrontStream Workplace

Inn Resort & Spa

Paul Schoonover, Inc.

Fry’s Rewards

PetSmart Charities

Lerner and Rowe

Phoenix Magazine

Liberty Mutual/Give With Liberty

Pinal Feeding Company


Pledgeling Foundation


Local First Arizona

Primrose School of Ahwatukee



Genuine Concepts

Louis Foundation

Quicken Loans

AT&T United Way/Employee


Gila River Indian Community

Lumina Foundation

Real Property Management

Combined Federal Campaign

Globe Foundation

Maddie’s Fund

Gorman Company

Marco Foundation

Riviera Broadcasting - The Oasis

Core Spaces

Great American Title Agency

Margaret Keller Fund

Rugged Races LLC

Cosanti Foundation Cause Fund

Grey Muzzle Organization

McDonough Corporation

Run Buddy Mobile

Hale Pet Doors of Arizona



Giving Campaign Banfield Foundation Bank of America Charitable Foundation

of Maricopa County


Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community

Valley of the Sun United Way Valley Toyota Dealers Association

SanTan Brewing Company

Vanguard Community Fund

Scottsdale Beer Company

Vanguard Group Foundation

Sherman & Howard LLC

VCA Animal Hospitals

State Employees Charitable

VCA Charities

Campaign State Farm Companies Foundation

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

State Forty Eight

Wells Fargo Foundation

Stayshons Enterprises

Wings & Wags Foundation

Strictly Diesel

World’s Best Cat Litter

SunBurst Landscaping Sun West Federal Credit Union Sunstate Equipment Co./ Sunstate Foundation The Arizona Group The Benevity Community Impact Fund The Boeing Company The Nehring Foundation The Norton Foundation The Oscar G & Elsa S Mayer Family Foundation The Shops at Norterra The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Thorpe Shwer PC Thrivent Financial Thunderbird Charities Thunderbird Leadership Consulting Tint World Travelers Community Connections Trends Magazine Trident Security Uncle Bear’s Brewery United Healthcare



1521 W. Dobbins Road Phoenix, AZ 85041

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2018 Impact Report  

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