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FALL 2017

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Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project OFFICE OF LABOR STANDARDS



Flagstaff City Council | (928) 213-2015

Office of Labor Standards Entrusted to implement and enforce Flagstaff’s new minimum wage ordinance

Mayor Coral Evans Elected to a two-year term in 2016 Vice-Mayor Jamie Whelan Elected to a four-year term in 2016 Councilmember Celia Barotz Elected to a four-year term in 2010 and re-elected in 2014 Councilmember Charlie Odegaard Elected to a four-year term in 2016 Councilmember Jim McCarthy Elected to a four-year term in 2016 Councilmember Scott Overton Elected to a four-year term in 2006 and re-elected in 2010 and 2014 Councilmember Eva Putzova Elected to a four-year term in 2014 Flagstaff City Hall 211 W. Apen Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (928)213-2000


FALL 2017 •

Mayor: Coral Evans Vice-Mayor: Jamie Whelan Councilmembers: Celia Barotz Charlie Odegaard Jim McCarthy Scott Overton Eva Putzova City Manager: Josh Copley Deputy City Managers: Barbara Goodrich Shane Dille Send comments or suggestions to: The City of Flagstaff, Arizona publishes Cityscape as a service to its citizens. Information contained herein may be freely copied or reproduced in print or other forms in order to continue dissemination of information for the public good. Every effort is made to ensure that information published here is timely and accurate. No portions of the contents of Cityscape may be reproduced or copied for commercial or financial gain, with the exception of the advertisements. Additional copies may be obtained by contacting Communications Manager Jessica Drum, (928) 213-2061. Cityscape is produced and printed by

On November 8, 2016, Flagstaff citizens voted in support of Proposition 414, a citizen initiative to increase the minimum wage rate of pay for employees working within the city limits of Flagstaff. Proposition 414 was proclaimed law by the Mayor on November 28, 2016 and increased the minimum wage rate in Flagstaff to $10.50 per hour beginning July 1, 2017. Effective January 1, 2018, the minimum wage rate will be adjusted each January thereafter. As a requirement of Proposition 414, the City of Flagstaff created the Office of Labor Standards (OLS), to implement, educate, and enforce the new minimum wage ordinance. The OLS is tasked with administering and ensuring compliance with the law by investigating complaints and violations of the Flagstaff minimum wage law. The office is also tasked with providing education, technical and awareness services, as well as engaging in community and business partnerships. Initial OLS outreach focused on educating businesses and citizens about the increasing minimum wage and researching and meeting with cities who implemented minimum wage laws to observe and learn about best practices. Many have wondered how the OLS will enforce Proposition 414.

When a complaint is made regarding a business OLS will to investigate. If there is insufficient evidence supporting the claim, the investigation will be closed. Sometimes, it may be necessary for the OLS to request additional records for the investigation. Investigations can include verbal or written communication with the business and complainant, record requests, on site visits and interviews with co-workers. The OLS’s intent during an investigation is to work with the business owner and the complainant to reach a successful resolution. However, if businesses choose to be uncooperative, the OLS has additional tools available to ensure compliance. The OLS will continue to be a place that allows employees to exercise their rights, where employers and employees can receive education and training and where partnerships can be developed. Bulletins, posters, employee rights, employer requirements and additional information can be found at www. The Office of Labor Standards is located at City Hall, 211 W. Aspen St., Flagstaff, AZ, 86001. The office can be reached by email at laborstandards@ or by phone at (928) 213-2070.


Procurement The City of Flagstaff’s Purchasing Section was awarded the annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement (AEP) Award by the National Purchasing Institute for the 7th consecutive year. In 1995, the National Purchasing Institute established a program designed to recognize organizational excellence in public procurement.  The evaluation criteria for this award is designed to measure

innovation, professionalism, productivity, procurement knowledge, professional purchasing certifications, e-procurement, and leadership attributes of the procurement organization. Only those organizations who achieve a high score based on these rigorous criteria are considered. This prestigious award is earned by those organizations that demonstrate excellence by obtaining a high score, based on standardized evaluation criteria.  For fiscal year 2017, the City of Flagstaff was one of only 14 government agencies in Arizona and one of only 68 Cities in the United States to receive the award.


Management Services success – debt management The City of Flagstaff issues debt for many capital projects many of which were approved by voters such as Public Safety Communication Equipment, Fire Stations, Open Space, Flagstaff Watershed Protection, and Parks Improvements. During the last year and a half, the City has issued new debt, paid off a large debt, and refinanced existing debt. Here are some of the highlights. The City completed an update to our General Obligation debt rating. Standard & Poor Financial Services (S&P) assigned a rating of “AA” with a stable outlook while Moody’s Financial Services (Moody’s) assigned a rating of “Aa3”. These are very favorable ratings and demonstrates the City’s capacity to meet our financial commitments. A great rating helps our debt become more competitive on the market and generally results in lower interest rates. In August 2016, the City issued new debt for the Core Maintenance Facility, Flagstaff Watershed Protection,

Open Space, and the Road Repair and Street Safety projects. The City received excellent financing with 2.6% overall interest rate for our General Obligation Bonds. In the Fall of 2016, the City analyzed its financial obligation with the assistance of our Financial Advisors, Stifel, Nicholaus & Co. We identified $6 million in debt that was eligible to pay off or refinance. Upon review of our Secondary Property Tax Fund, we made the decision to pay off the general obligation debt with cash reserves from that fund. The elimination of this debt saved $1.04 million in future interest payments. During the Summer of 2017, Stifel, Nicholaus & Co again assisted the City in identifying Water Services debt that would be eligible to refinance. The City refinanced the debt with BBVA Compass at a 1.99% interest rate. This low interest rate will save the Water Services Funds $120,000 per year for the next 9 years for a total savings of $1,080,000.

By Christopher Hallows

Senior Mortgage Advisor Wallick and Volk Mortgage

A mortgage banker or real estate professional that says, “It’s always a good time to buy” has more of a concern for their commission check than for their client’s investment timing as we know that housing is a cyclical market – there are ups and there are downs. The necessity for housing can outweigh perfect marketing timing but you find yourself wondering if now is a good timing I have the following three reasons to consider. 1. There is opportunity in mortgage interest rates! The average interest rate from 1970 to 2010 was 8.99%. The 30 year fixed rate average is currently hovering around 4% (4.275% APR) with most experts and economists forecasting a rise over the next 12 months. Forecasts vary on where rates will go but higher rates only means higher payments EVEN if sales prices stayed the same. Rise in rate can increase monthly cost faster than home price appreciation in some situations. 2. Home Price appreciation is still forecasting a positive number. Some folks may argue that prices alone are enough to discourage a would-be buyer. However, we must rely on logic vs emotion here. Though markets are cyclical the general trend is that of appreciation. As population expands and inflation occurs homes generally will simply increase in cost. Supply and demand shifts are what cause hotter and cooler market trends. In order for prices to dip we would have to see supply out pace demand. Flagstaff’s economic future has many variables but it is difficult to conceivably forecast an event that would bring a supply/demand shift in Flagstaff to the extent of experiencing substantial market depreciation. 3. The time is right for you! I’ve met with many people this year that are looking for that move up, a little more space for the growing family, getting to that neighborhood they’ve been wanting to be in etc. Strong appreciation and strong housing demand with then low inventory has made them nervous on pursing this goal. However, if the goal meets a core family need and is worth pursing then the only two time frames you can then consider are NOW or THE FUTURE. You maybe didn’t get last year’s prices for your move up home but you can get this years is the realism that should prevail. I always have to ask myself ‘If I had a need would I buy this year’ and right now that answer is yes. Markets and geo-political events are always in flux but don’t miss out on the opportunity and future household wealth that can be generated from purchasing a home this fall! THE GROFF HALLOWS TEAM Christopher Hallows, Wallick and Volk Mortgage NMLS# 306345 MLO# 0914354 928-556-9722 - 2409 N Fourth St Suite 102, Flagstaff, AZ 86004 Notice: This is not a commitment to lend or extend credit. Restrictions may apply. Information and/or data are subject to change without notice. All loans are subject to credit approval. Not all loans or products are available in all states. NMLS# 2973 BK 0018295 • FALL 2017











Dedicatee Banquet | Ashurst Hall | 6 p.m.


Bonfire | Union West Lawn | 6:30 p.m. Pep Rally | Union West Lawn | 6:30 p.m. The Lumberjack Pageant | Union West Lawn | 6:30 p.m. Volleyball vs. Sacramento State | Rolle Activity Center | 7 p.m.


Blue and Gold Reunion* | Multiple Activities Downtown Pep Rally | Heritage Square | 5 p.m.


Café au Louie* – Alumni Breakfast | 1899 Bar & Grill | 9 – 11 a.m. Parade | Campus Perimeter | 11 a.m. Volleyball vs. Portland State | Rolle Activity Center | Noon Sue Bennett Exhibit and MakerLab Open House | Cline Library | 1 – 3 p.m. Tailgate | Skydome Parking Lot | 1 p.m. Homecoming Football—NAU vs. Sacramento | Skydome | 4 p.m. * NAU alumni event

For the parade route map and continuing updates, visit Stay connected with your Lumberjack classmates and alma mater: update your alumni profile at 4

FALL 2017 •


GOLD OUT Follow @NAUAlumni

FALL2017 Winter Wonderland Skating Rink

Tourism & Visitation

Cost: Free Where: Flagstaff Visitor Center, One East Route 66 When: Opening December 9, 2017 Saturday

December 9



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There will be fun special events scheduled at the rink with toy drives, Santa and more, please visit for a complete listing.

Winter Wonderland Skating Rink Opening downtown – FREE skating Welcome to one of Flagstaff's newest downtown holiday attractions! In the heart of historic downtown Flagstaff on Route 66 enjoy a holiday tradition at the Flagstaff Visitor Center Winter Wonderland Skating Rink. This temporary synthetic rink is constructed of a solid polymer material assembled with interlocking panels and temperature does not impact performance, making it perfect in any weather. Delight in soaking up the holiday spirit as people swirl around and marvel at our Arizona Winter Wonderland and create new favorite holiday memories. After skating with your family and friends, warm up with a hot beverage served from one of our local baristas, then complete your holiday shopping

in our historic downtown and top it off by picking a spot to dine in at one of the many one-of-a-kind Flagstaff restaurants. Remember to bundle up and grab the mittens for this new outdoor skating experience in the heart of downtown Flagstaff.

New Destination for all Seasons Street Mural!

is to remind everyone of all our seasons as there’s so much to enjoy! Flagstaff has a growing and varied selection of public artworks. Through a commitment to providing residents and visitors access to public art throughout the Flagstaff area, the City established the Beautification and Public Art Commission. Art enthusiasts are encouraged to walk, ride or drive to any locations that are listed on the public art map brochure available at the Flagstaff Visitor Center or download the electronic version at

This fall you will notice a new public art street mural known as “The Destination for all Seasons” at the intersection of Aspen Avenue and Leroux Street in downtown Flagstaff. In addition to a display of the four seasons, a pine cone is also included to further embrace the City’s altitude and the Pine Cone Drop that happens in downtown Flagstaff each year. It also shows the four seasons; winter (Winter Wonderland Designation), spring (aspen leaves with a hiking and biking message, summer (average summer temp), and fall (leaf-o-meter showing the changing color of our tree leaves). All this • FALL 2017


Impressive ranking for international visitation The National Travel & Tourism Office of the US Department of Commerce released their 2016 Overseas International visitation. The report showed Flagstaff / Grand Canyon as the #14 most visited city in the country beating out such destinations as Atlanta, Anaheim, Dallas, and New Orleans. The resulting numbers reflect a 15% increase in International visitation and a total of 771,000 or 2% market share of International visitors to the USA. We were the only Arizona city on the list!

ParkFlag Seeking information about the Downtown parking management and permit program? Call, email or visit the following resources:  Email: Social Media: ParkFlag Websites: parkflag or

Karl Eberhard, Interim Parking Manager ParkFlag 120 N. Beaver Street Flagstaff, AZ 86001 Office: (928) 213-2960

Let it snow! winter hotline & snowplay map The winter snowplay map is free and can be picked up at the Flagstaff Visitor Center or downloaded from The winter information hotline at 1-844-256SNOW, will be updated daily through the season as conditions change and provides detailed visitor information as winter recreation areas experience operational changes.

Welcome to the CVB Team! In August, the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) welcomed Communications Specialist Meg Roederer. Meg comes to the CVB with tremendous experience and a wealth of knowledge in the communications/ media relations field. Meg is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and most recently completed her role as the City of Flagstaff Interim Communications Manager.

As a Flagstaff resident, what does tourism do for me? •

The Arizona tourism industry generates an annual tax savings of $1,200 for every Arizona household according to the Arizona Office of Tourism.

Tourism generates nearly 7,500 jobs in Flagstaff according to Northern Arizona University research.

Quality of life is enhanced through tourism resulting from the collection of the Bed, Board and Beverage tax which partially funds city services and programs including:

Beautification…………………………………….......... $1.4M, 20% Economic Development …………………...… $663K, 9.5% Tourism………………………………………….............….. $2.1M, 30% Arts & Science……………………………….........…... $524K, 7.5% Recreation……………………………………….............. $2.3M, 33% 6

FALL 2017 •


Beautification Flagstaff’s Beautification Program – Why we beautify Beautification creates a strong sense of place in Flagstaff that educates, builds civic pride, attracts tourists and enhances quality of life. It fosters qualities such as walkability, uniqueness, cultural richness, natural beauty and vibrancy that encourage people to live in and visit Flagstaff. Beautification’s impact can’t easily be measured on a balance sheet. However, its positive effect on tourism, real estate values and sales tax revenues is undeniable. When combined with other Economic Vitality programs, it also attracts business investment, tourism dollars and jobs. For nearly 30 years the City’s Bed, Board and Beverage tax (BBB) has been funding Beautification projects in Flagstaff. In 1988, the City Council and the citizens of Flagstaff created the Lodging, Restaurant and Lounge Tax, now locally known as the BBB, and allocated a portion of the tax towards the economic and quality of life benefits of Beautification. The BBB ordinance also established the Beautification and Public Art Commission (BPAC) to advise the City Council on project expenditures for Beautification. Through the years, this program has enhanced and currently maintains over 50 acres of landscaping, urban design and place making projects. Because Flagstaff is a tourism destination, revenues from the BBB are

used to create projects that make the city more attractive to visitors. These projects enhance visitor experience and in turn create more revenue for investment in future Beautification. To date, the BBB has produced many well-received projects that showcase Flagstaff’s scenic richness, historical legacy and diverse culture, projects that allow Flagstaff to compete across the region and globe for tourism dollars by imparting a memorable tourism experience. Beautification is not just for visitors. Recent projects like the Joel Montalvo Park improvements, the Old Town Spring Park Historical Interpretation and Pedestrian Enhancements and the Frances Short Pond Outdoor Classroom are a few of the more recent city-wide Beautification projects designed and built for the enjoyment of residents.

Types of Beautification projects Many City of Flagstaff programs are directly responsible for Flagstaff’s quality of life—public art, tourism, sustainability, heritage preservation, community design and redevelopment, the Flagstaff Urban Trail System, as well as Beautification. A common misconception is that Beautification and public art are the same. Beautification enhances road frontages and medians, creates plazas, pocket-parks and gateway monuments, and includes settings for public art. Additionally, Beautification develops interpretive exhibits for historic properties and districts, plans and designs

the commemoration of city-wide historical legacy projects, manages holiday decoration installation, includes painting street and traffic light poles, steam cleaning sidewalks, re-leveling pavers, and redesigning tree-friendly downtown tree wells.

Working with partners When appropriate, Community Design and Redevelopment staff works with other agencies to assist in the Beautification of non-city owned property. The Arizona Department of Transportation, NAU and Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority are some of the agencies that staff work with to help identify and beautify selected properties. Beautification also includes working with businesses. The city collaborates with the Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance to purchase and install pedestrian amenities such as benches, bike racks, planters, trash receptacles and street tree grates. They also work together to perform routine maintenance and cleanup after events. From time to time the city may also work with local businesses to assist in the Beautification of highly visible yet ‘under-beautified’ road frontages.

The Beautification process Beautification projects are funded by the BPAC via Beautification-in-Action (BIA) grants or by inclusion into the BPAC’s five-year beautification plan. Through the BIA grant program, the BPAC sponsors planning, organizing and implementation of projects that meet the intent and spirit of Beautification. Citizens, groups of individuals, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions may apply for BIA grants to the BPAC. Types of BIA projects include but are not limited to small-scale beautification projects. BIA grants may also be used as kick start funding for larger projects. When approved by the BPAC, BIA grant funds are usually granted directly to grantees and are limited to $2,500. Five-year plan Beautification projects are larger in scope and cost. Citizens are welcome to suggest ideas for these projects but their implementation is handled by staff through the issuance of requests for proposals. During its annual retreat, the BPAC considers and adopts a new five-year beautification plan which usually includes several new projects and continuation of most of its existing projects. Each new project is assigned a budget and a fiscal year installation based on and limited by the available BBB revenue for the current year. • FALL 2017



volunteers, tools and knowledge! If you’re good at soldering, electronics repair, electrical repair, sewing, woodworking or general tinkering and you’d like to volunteer at the Fix-it Clinic, please contact Maggie Twomey at 928213-2144 or For more information, visit www.flagstaff. or (928) 2132144 with questions or to sign up as a volunteer. Please bring a hat, reusable water container, work gloves, sturdy shoes, and tools like shovels. Some tools will be provided. Overflow parking will be available at The Grove in the south parking lot.

Drop-off Day –

House too cold? We can help!

Put your waste in the right place!

Flagstaff’s Master Recycler Have you met a Master Recycler? Since last March, a group of thirty individuals have been volunteering their time to spread their knowledge of recycling and waste prevention throughout Flagstaff. You may have seen them at events like Earth Day, fix-it clinics, and the Community Market. Or maybe they even knocked on your front door to chat about how to recycle properly. In order to become a Master Recycler, each volunteer committed to taking an eight week course and to volunteering for 30 hours doing community outreach. Since March, they have collectively volunteered for over 270 hours and made contact with nearly 3,000 Flagstaff residents and visitors. Six volunteers, including Jim Tuck, Tom McCall, Amanda Kapp, Debby DeWolfe, David Zimmerman, and Heather Aaron, have completed their hours and continue to do amazing work in the community. If taking a class that discusses recycling, thoughtful consumption, composting, and behavior change theory, as well as sharing what you learned with your community sounds interesting, you too can become a Master Recycler. A new Master Recycler course will run one night a week for eight weeks, starting in February. 8

FALL 2017 •

You can receive course details and join the wait list by emailing dlenzen@flagstaffaz. gov or calling 928-213-2158. You can also find out more information on the program by visiting

Don’t throw it away – Get it fixed for free at the Fix-It-Clinic On Saturday, December 2, the Sustainability staff is hosting a Fix-it Clinic from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., location to be determined, see website for details. Bring your small household appliances, clothing, electronics and other items that are in need of repair and a volunteer will help you repair it. In past Fix-It Clinics, volunteers have helped repair 80% of all the items brought in including toys, lamps, electronics and clothing. Just bring your broken item and we will provide the

Join us for a Drop-off Day, Dump the Drugs and Shred-A-Thon event Saturday, October 28, 2017, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.. Come to the Flagstaff Police Department parking lot at 911 E Sawmill to safely dispose of expired or unwanted drugs, latex paint, sensitive documents, electronic waste, and old car seats. We will properly dispose of or recycle all items to keep them out of our landfill and water system. Attendees can drop off up to two banker boxes of sensitive documents for shredding. No commercial waste will be accepted. If you have questions, please contact Maggie Twomey at 928-213-2144 or mtwomey@

Make a Difference Day Join the City of Flagstaff, Coconino County Parks and Recreation, and Willow Bend Environmental Education Center for the 2017 Make a Difference Day event at Willow Bend on October 28, 2017 from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.. We will be working on a series of restoration and improvement projects at Willow Bend and on the slope that leads down to the Rio de Flag and Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS). Volunteer opportunities include removing excess vegetation and invasive species, building a terrace and mulch path from the FUTS connector to the ramada, improve runoff to the pond by clearing a culvert and removing trash and debris along the FUTS. Contact Maggie Twomey at

Are you paying too much on your energy bills and still having trouble staying comfortable in your home? Leaky windows, inadequate home insulation, unmaintained appliances, and incandescent lighting make our homes less energy efficient – meaning that we use more energy, when we could be using less. The Sustainability Section hosts energy efficiency workshops, where a licensed contractor demonstrates techniques to weatherize your home and help you save money on your utility bills. Workshops are open to all City residents. Participants receive a free energy efficiency kit to apply energy-saving techniques at home. We’ll be hosting energy efficiency workshops throughout the winter of 2017. Head to for workshop dates and times, and to sign up or call (928) 213-2144.

Climate action in Flagstaff We want your input into Flagstaff’s first community-wide Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. Over the next year, Sustainability staff will be working with residents, businesses and other partners to develop the Plan. The Plan will: • Be informed by the priorities of Flagstaff residents. • Help Flagstaff residents, neighborhoods, businesses, and organizations prepare for changes in our climate and extreme weather patterns. • Recommend ways to reduce our

FALL2017 (Left Image) Our partners from Natural Channel Design lead volunteers in identifying and removing invasive weeds, Scotch thistle and bull thistle, from the restoration area at Picture Canyon on April 29, 2017. (Right Image) Volunteers work together using post-puller tools to remove fence posts from the restoration area below the falls at Picture Canyon.

environmental impact while providing benefits to community members. • Help the community save money, protect community assets, and ensure quality of life by preparing for the impacts of our changing climate and extreme weather patterns. We need your input. Get involved today. Go to climate or call 928-213-2150 for more information.

2017 volunteer season a success This year, Open Space staff had the pleasure of working with numerous volunteers to maintain the ecological health of Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve and other legally designated open space areas. From April to August, nearly 95 volunteers worked 330 hours to remove invasive weeds and fencing from two restoration areas along the Rio de Flag within the Preserve. Additionally, we hosted two youth volunteer events and co-hosted a local Eagle Scout Project. One of the events included 16 senior students from Coconino High School, who spent a total of 32 hours during Senior Day of Service removing invasive weeds and trash from the Foxglenn Park. We also had the opportunity to host youth from the Flagstaff Guidance Center to restore the bridge at Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve. The Eagle Scout project inspired more than 20 volunteers to remove fencing and posts from the Rio de Flag restoration area in the Preserve. We would like to thank all of our

dedicated volunteers who gave their time and our partners from the Arizona Game and Fish Department and Natural Channel Design. If you’re interested in volunteering your time with the Open Space Program contact Erin O’Keefe at eokeefe@ or call 928-213-2155.

Indigenous Youth Service Academy takes flight The Open Space Program introduced the Indigenous Youth Service Academy. The goal of this new program is to provide Indigenous youth in Flagstaff and the surrounding communities an opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in connection to culture, community, and stewardship. The program is also intended to provide resources for pursuing higher education and professional careers in STEM fields. Each day-long academy was held at Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve. They consisted of interpretive tours of the Preserve that focused on the ecological, historical, and cultural aspects of the Preserve, a panel discussion with local STEM professionals, and a service-learning project based on rock art documentation and plant identification. Participants were middle school to high school age and representing Navajo, Zuni, Acoma, Hopi, Apache and other surrounding tribal communities. For more information about the 2018 Indigenous Youth Service Academy, please contact Erin O’Keefe at eokeefe@ or call 928-213-2155.


kids in motion Donate $25 or more to the FUSD Elementary School PE programs and receive

50% OFF the regular initiation fee!*

For 25 years, Flagstaff Athletic Club has been visiting FUSD elementary schools as part of an outreach program called Kids in Motion. We have donated more than $124,000 for FUSD elementary PE programs.

Your membership includes:

2 Clubs, 3 Pools, 4 Steamrooms, 6 Jacuzzis, 2 Kids Clubs, 9 Courts, Plus Much More! Over 120 Group Fitness Classes a week including:

Yoga, Cycling, Zumba, Step, Pilates, Aqua X, Les Mills®, Pound, NIA, willPower & grace®

FAC has now raised over $291,000.00 for the American Cancer Society! *Expires 10/31/17

FAC East: 526-8652 • FAC West: 779-4593 • FALL 2017


Water Services Water Services Division – We’ve changed our name The Utilities Division recently undertook a strategic planning and name change evaluation process. This effort was undertaken to meet the City Council’s goal of providing better “Community Outreach” by enhancing public transparency and accessibility. Our name change better defines to the public who we are, what we do and the valuable services we provide to the community. The term “Utilities Division” was often confusing to the public as we regularly field questions about electricity, cable or gas service. When evaluating our core business and services we provide, it is all about water. Whether it is water supply, wastewater treatment, reclaimed water, managing our stormwater or building and planning for the future….“WE ARE WATER”. Please visit the City’s main webpage and type in “Water Services” for more information or contact Brad Hill, Director @

Something new is brewing in Arizona and Flagstaff too!

The Arizona Pure Water Brew Challenge uses proven technology that removes pharmaceuticals


FALL 2017 •

and personal care products from reclaimed water. The purification process chosen by the Tucson-based team of professionals for this demonstration project are acceptable for a small-scale mobile application however these are very expensive to implement on a larger-scale. There are other technologies including ozone and biologically active filtration that could be implemented at relatively reasonable cost to the more energy intensive reverseosmosis process. These are just a few examples of alternative technologies that are currently available to purify reclaimed water. Several breweries have received purified water from Flagstaff’s Rio de Flag Water Reclamation Plant, including Dark Sky, Historic and Wanderlust, as well as Prescott’s Granite Mountain

and Sedona’s Oak Creek Brewery. Each brewer has crafted one batch of beer made with the purified water, and will serve it on tap along with details of the water quality validation process. The brewers entered their beer into the state-wide challenge judging that took place on September 9 in Tucson. The winning brewer was Dragoon, out of Tucson. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is intimately involved in this project, working closely with the group of Pure Water professionals to ensure public health and safety. Getting water to local breweries was a two-part process: first, the advanced water treatment truck and water quality team came to the Rio de Flag Water Reclamation Plant on June 26 to process water and collect purified reclaimed water samples for extensive sampling and quality verification. The truck came back to Flagstaff on August 3 and 4 to make water that was provided to local brewers including Dark Sky, Wanderlust, Historic, Oak Creek and Granite

Mountain! Beer from these and another 21 breweries from around the state were entered into a people’s choice tasting on September 10 at the National Water Reuse Symposium in Phoenix. To watch this process, check out our Facebook page! For more information, please visit

Water checkups available for homes and businesses The City of Flagstaff’s Water Conservation Program is offering Water Checkups for homes and businesses that would like to save water and money on their monthly bills! A trained staff person will measure the output of fixtures and appliances, and can even assist in checking for leaks. Participants will receive customized recommendations and supplies for lowering their monthly water usage. E-mail to schedule your Water Checkup now!


Housing Is your home ready for the return of colder weather? The days are getting shorter and cooler temperatures are just around the corner. Now is a great time to begin preparing your house for those cold, blustery winds that will be blowing the autumn leaves throughout your neighborhood. The City of Flagstaff operates an Owner Occupied Home Repair Program (OOHR) funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Through OOHR, homeowners can receive assistance with repairs to their homes. Projects funded by this program typically focus on older homes and address health and safety issues, but

may also address accessibility and energy efficiency. Costs for the eligible projects range from a few thousand dollars up to $50,000 depending on the condition of the home and the available funding sources. This program provides assistance through grants and zero-interest, deferred loans. Typical repairs include roofing, plumbing, heating and electrical systems that may pose a health or safety hazard to the occupant. Additional considerations for disability access and features, aging in place modifications, as well as energy efficiency items that may result in lower utility costs to homeowners. For additional information on how you may qualify or how the program works, contact Housing Rehabilitation Specialist Rick Emry at 213-2747 or

Before – Leaky roof and water damaged ceiling

After – New roof and ceiling repaired

Before – Extremely weathered exterior, poor windows, and out dated heating

After – Siding replaced and full exterior painting, energy efficient windows and heat pump providing winter heat and summer air conditioning • FALL 2017


Public Works Winter is coming to Flagstaff! Did you know? • The City of Flagstaff’s annual snowfall is over 100 inches. That is more than Anchorage, Alaska! • There are 200+ freeze-thaw cycles in Flagstaff, making the City one of the leaders across the country. • The City of Flagstaff’s Streets Section is responsible for approximately 664 lane miles of streets. These streets vary in width from two to nine lanes. A snowplow must make between three and 10 passes to completely plow all snow from each lane. This results in over 2600 miles traveled by city equipment in order to plow all city streets one time (and each street may


FALL 2017 •

need to be plowed more than once per storm!). • Most storms require major streets to be plowed multiple times. • Each year new streets are constructed and existing streets are widened, adding to the city’s plowing requirements. • Since 1994, the plow mileage of city maintained streets has doubled and only two additional plow trucks have been purchased. • The City of Flagstaff’s Parks Section is responsible for removing snow from 40 miles of city owned sidewalks, 62 parking lots, 16 miles of alleys and city facility walkways. To aid in snow operations, the Parks Section has 13 vehicles equipped with snowplows, five walk-behind snow blowers and personnel equipped with shovels to help remove snow. The Streets Section has 27 plow/cinder trucks and

motor graders, two cinder spreader trucks and seven loaders. In addition to full-time staff, the Streets Section also hires many seasonal temporary staff, as most of this equipment is operated around the clock in 12-hour shifts. The goal of the Streets Section’s Snow Operations is to enable the reasonable and prudent driver to safely travel Flagstaff streets during winter storm events. To accomplish this goal, the Streets Section follows a snow policy approved by the City Council, which includes priorities and time frames for snow and ice control operations. City streets are divided by first and second tier priorities. The goal is for first tier priority streets, which comprise one-half of roadway miles in the city, to be kept passable at all times. These streets include main arterials, major hills, downtown area and NAIPTA bus routes.

Second tier priority streets will be plowed within 12 hours of up to eight inches of snow accumulation, within 18 hours of eight-12 inches of snow accumulation, and within 36 hours of more than 12 inches of accumulation. Second tier priority streets include residential streets and cul-de-sacs. They are not plowed until all first priority streets are completed and more than four inches of snow has accumulated. After snow is plowed, traction control, in the form of cinders, are deployed onto the roadway. If you are interested in helping keep our roads clear this winter, please consider applying to be an Equipment Operator for the season. The Streets Section will be accepting applications and will advertise in the Daily Sun and on the City of Flagstaff Public Works Facebook page.



NAKEDMOBILE.COM LIMITED TIME ONLY: Naked Mobile is a brand product of Smith Bagley, Inc., dba Cellular One of North East Arizona. Promotion is only available at Cellular One/Naked Mobile stores during regular business hours. Must be 18-years-old or older. Buy a new smart phone and get 2 months of free service. Free service is specifically intended for use with new smart phone and is not transferable to other handsets. 6GB LTE (per month) and Unlimited Talk and Text. Retail value $80. Smart phone must retail at $79 or more to qualify. Promotion excludes Quattro M and Unnecto Bolt. Some restrictions may apply. Naked Mobile may discontinue this promotion at any time in its sole discretion without notice. Your Naked Mobile Agreement includes your service agreement, and additional terms and conditions available at Service is good for a 30-day billing cycle. Data speeds are not guaranteed and unused data does not rollover to the next month. All rates are subject to change. Naked Mobile complies with Federal Communication Commission’s (“FCC”) Open Internet Broadband Industry Rules as they pertain to Naked Mobile as a mobile broadband provider. Your Naked Mobile Plan remains subject to Naked Mobile’s excessive use, disproportionate roaming and Fair Use Policies. See • FALL 2017


Parks and Recreation

Aquaplex 1702 N. 4th St. Flagstaff, AZ 86004 928-213-2300

For more information please visit our webpage at The Aquaplex is a recreation center designed for family fun and fitness. Enjoy year-round activities and programs, including swimming, a climbing wall, group exercise classes and a fitness floor. An admission fee is charged to participate in activities and programs in this facility either by paying a daily admission fee or purchasing a one, three, six, or 12-month membership.


he City of Flagstaff’s Parks and Recreation Department is your community connection for parks, swimming lessons, leisure classes, programs, entertainment and special events. You can always count on us to do our best to serve the recreation needs of the community. We take pride in knowing we offer options for everything you and your family like to do. You’ll find just what you need at four recreation centers, an ice rink, more than 24 developed parks, one pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, two-disc golf courses, 17 ballfields, over 50 miles of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS), two skate parks and a BMX park, providing year-round programs and activities. For more information about any of our programs or facilities, please visit www.

Programming for Everyone

The City is dedicated to providing individuals of all abilities the opportunity to participate in recreation and leisure programs. If you need special accommodations to participate in any program, please notify us at the time of registration.

Recreation Scholarships

Parks and Recreation offers scholarships to families who are experiencing financial hardship to assist them in purchasing annual memberships, paying daily admissions and program/activity fees. Applicants must provide proof of receiving assistance from any of the following programs: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), Cash Assistance (CA) or income guidelines. Scholarships may not be applied to the cost of training books and materials or contracted Instructor classes.

Online Registration

Register for classes and purchase or renew a membership online, all from the comfort of your own home. You can also browse and review information for classes and activities and print out your own household calendar. To use the online system to register for programs and activities, you will need a credit card. If you have a previous receipt, your Household ID number will be located in the top left corner, if you haven’t previously registered online, you can create your household by following the instructions on the website. If you need assistance, please call (928) 213-2300 for help. Online registration requires full payment by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. You can access our online registration system directly by clicking the following link: webtrac.wsc/wbsplash.html?wbp=1 14

FALL 2017 •

Meeting rooms and a party room are available for rent by the public, please see the website for additional information and pricing.

Business Pass Program Employers and self-funded trusts can offer fitness and wellness programs to their employees at a discounted price! The Aquaplex Business Pass Program offers discounts for annual membership for all businesses and their employees, from the small local business with three (3) employees to a larger organization with 500+ employees. The employer buys a Business Pass by paying an annual fee to the facility (based on number of employees in the organization and number of years participating in the program) and then in return, employees can purchase annual memberships at a discounted amount. For more information on the Aquaplex Business Pass Program and how you can participate, please contact Nicole Ten Eyck, Guest Services Coordinator at 928-213-2307 or

Open Pickle Ball Days/Time: Price: Ages:

Monday-Friday, 8:30-11:30 a.m. Sundays, 3:45-5:45 p.m. Free to pass holders. Daily admission price is $2 for adults and $1.75 for youth Punch passes, $30 for youth and $35 for adults (20 visits), $40 for youth and $50 for adults (30 visits) 12 and older

Kids Club Know your children are safe while you’re taking a class, swimming laps or shooting hoops. A fully-equipped room designed for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and grade-schoolers. They’re laughing, learning, playing, and making creative messes that as a parent you don’t have to clean up! Days/Time: Monday-Friday, 8:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m. and 3:45-8:15 p.m. Saturday, 8:30 a.m.-1:15 p.m. Sunday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Price: Free for members Non-members: $3.00/hour for one child, $1.50/hour for each additional child Ages: 6 months-11 years

FALL2017 Aquaplex Day Campers

Drop your kids off at the Aquaplex on the FUSD school holidays below for a day full of fun and excitement. Participants will learn new games and sports, socialize with friends, swim, conquer the climbing wall, take field trips, and release their creativity through arts, crafts, and creative projects! Healthy snacks and lunch is provided each day. Preregistration is required by registering at the Flagstaff Aquaplex or online. Early closures before holidays will affect end times, please see our website and flyers for details. Dates: October 12 &13 November 10 & 22 (ends at 3:30 p.m.) December 18, 19, 20, 21, & 22 December 27, 28, 29 January 15 February 19 March 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 May 28 Times: 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Price: Membership holders, $30 day/child, non-membership holders, $35 day/child (a half day registration rate is available) Ages: Grades K-8

Parent’s Night Out

Start planning now for Valentine’s Day with a night out on the town knowing your little ones are safe and having a great time at the Aquaplex! There will be swimming, crafts, games, sports, dinner, and a movie! Pre-registration is required. Registration will begin in January 2018. Day/Time: Price: Ages:

Saturday, February 10, 3-8:45 p.m. $35/child 5-13

NEW Core De Force and morning Suspension Training classes, free to active membership holders.

Ballet Classes

Beginner, contemporary dance and advanced classes available. Pricing includes single days, drop-in rates, and four class sessions as the instructor strives to integrate both technique and lyrical expression into each class.

Might of Might Personal Training

Meet with Travis and develop an individualized workout that meets your unique fitness goals in a relaxed, comfortable, friendly environment. He sepcializes in functional, movement based wellness programming. Discounts for members and bulk session purchases are available. Partner with us and work toward a healthier, happier you! Contact the Aquaplex for more information.

We are a Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit facility! Group and Fitness Class Descriptions

For a complete listing of all program and days, dates, and times offered see our monthly Group Fitness Calendar at, activities, and fitness classes/fitness calendar. We strive to make the movement studio programming for all ages available at accessible days and times. • FALL 2017


Recreation continued Aqua Boot Camp

A full body working in the pool with high intensity cardio and strength building. Ages: 12+

Adversity Resistance Training (A.R.T.)

Develop life skills and use teamwork to overcome adversity in this advanced, highly intense program. If you can fight through A.R.T, you can fight through anything. Ages: 16+

Core De Force

Move through 3-minute “rounds” in which you’ll alternate between various fighting combinations with bodyweight moves and cardio spikes to kick your calorie burn into overdrive. No matter what your fitness level, you can punch, kick, and sweat at your own pace. Ages: 16+

Core 360

Whether injured or healthy, join us for a personalized routine that will help strengthen the often-underworked area between the upper thighs and shoulders. Ages: 16+

Core Yoga

Students will engage in poses to develop the core muscles of the body, while learning to strengthen the mind in ways that can be helpful on and off the mat. Some poses may be held for longer periods of time. Ages: 12+

Cycle Express

Need to get your workout in before the workday begins? Cycle Express is for you! Our intense 45-minute cycling class is designed to get you in and out with time to spare. Ages: 16+

Group Cycle

Get a ride in with our instructors and increase endurance and strength. Our Shimano SPD compatible Kaiser stationary bikes offer a wide range of adjustments for any rider, and a comfortable ride for both new and experienced cyclists. Ages: 16+

Hatha Yoga

A branch of yoga that emphasizes physical exercises to master the body along with mind exercises to withdraw it from external objects. Ages: 12+

Insanity Live!

Master athletic training drills, cardio conditioning and strength training to reach your personal best in this moderate intensity class. Ages: 16+


FALL 2017 •

Kids Yoga

One hour of yoga stretches, poses and techniques designed specifically for children. For the flexible and inflexible alike, Kids Yoga will help your child increase flexibility, balance, concentration and relaxation while having fun! Ages: 5-12


Group-focused total-body strength and cardio class that incorporates proven principles from personal training and functional strength coaching. Moderate to high intensity. Ages: 16+


Based on controlled movement, breathing, concentration and postural alignment, this low to moderate impact class is suitable for all levels. Ages: 12+

Suspension Training

Get a workout in and learn skills to take home using our Tru-Fit Unit® suspension trainers. Like TRX® training, this is a moderately difficult, low impact class that will dynamically engage your entire body. Ages: 12+

Total Stretch

Keep mobile, supple, and injury resistant while simultaneously increasing your work capacity by regularly stretching. A good choice for every fitness level. Ages: 12+

Vinyasa Yoga

An all levels yoga class focusing on linking breath to movement. Ages: 12+

Water Aerobics

Join us in the pool for a fun beginner to intermediate endurance and strength building, full body workout. Ages: 12+

Yin Yoga

A restorative form of yoga focused on deep stretches. Poses are mostly done on the floor and held for longer periods of time. Ages: 12+


The original dance fitness program! Some classes may be provided by contractors, check the schedule to see if an additional fee is required. Ages: 12+

FALL2017 Aquatics Programming Recreation Swim Hours: Monday/Wednesdays: 1-8:45 p.m. (lap pool closed 5-7 p.m. for group swim lessons)) Tuesdays/Thursdays: 1-4:50 p.m. and 7-8:45 p.m. Friday/Saturdays: 1-8:45 p.m. Sundays: 1-5:45 p.m.

Aqua Aerobics Classes

Daily from 12-1 p.m. Come and join us in the pool for a fun intermediate cardio and strength building, full body workout. Ages: 12+

Aqua Boot Camp

Mondays 11 a.m.-12 p.m., a heart pumping cardio and strength building, full body workout in the pool will keep you coming back for more. Ages: 12+

Private and Semi Private Swim Lessons

Register for private or semi-private swim lessons and receive instruction based on your individual needs and goals. Lessons taught by highly trained instructors who are passionate about the water and meeting your needs. Multiple days and times available for all skill level lessons. Ages: 6 months to 18+

Swimming Lessons

Enroll your child in swim lessons where they can learn lifesaving swimming skills in a group setting which is supportive, comfortable, and fun while still being challenging. Multiple weekday and weekend sessions available each season year-round. Ages: 6 months to 18+


928-213-2310 For more information please visit our webpage at

Adult Coed Hockey

Registration: Date/Days: Price: Ages:

September 11-October 27 November 5-April 15 (Sundays) $200 per person (plus an additional USA Hockey member fee paid directly to USA Hockey) 18 and older

Mandatory evaluation of players required on Sunday, October 29 at 5 p.m. at Jay Lively Activity Center.

Adult Basketball (1st Session)

Registration: Date/Days: Price: Ages:

October 2-November 3 November 20-December 16 (Monday-Friday and Sundays) $325 per team until November 3 18 and older

Adult Basketball (2nd Session)

Registration: Date/Days: Price: Ages:

December 4-December 31 January 8-February 9 (Monday-Friday and Sundays) $325 per team until December 31 18 and older

Adult Volleyball

Registration: Date/Days: Price: Ages:

January 8-February 9 February 19- April 27 (Monday-Friday and Sundays) $275 per team until February 9 18 and older

Community Events Claire Harper, Recreation Supervisor Rebecca Penado, Recreation Coordinator

Are you planning a wedding or special event in a City park? Parks and Recreation rents many beautiful parks and facilities. Our updated permit makes the process easy and may prove to be the best deal in town. Give us a call at (928) 213-2311 or (928) 213-2312 to discuss your many options or visit us at www.flagstaff.

Halloween Harvest

Flagstaff Parks and Recreation is hosting the award-winning Halloween Harvest on October 31 from 4-7 p.m. at Heritage Square (6 E. Aspen Ave). Festivities include creepy carnival games, arts and crafts, a pumpkin patch, "boogie" dance party, and a freaky fashion show. This is a safe and fun event for kids of all ages! Day/Date: Tuesday, October 31 Time: 4-7 p.m. Price: Free Ages: All ages

Heritage Square Tree Lighting

Join us in Heritage Square (6 E Aspen Ave) for the annual tree lighting. Santa and Mrs. Claus will arrive at 5:30 light the tree and kick off the holiday season downtown. Day/Date: Saturday, December 2 Time: 5:30 p.m. Price: Free Ages: All ages

Downtown Newsletter

Visit for the latest event information including event relevant Council meetings, street closures and event dates.

Special Event Feedback Line:

There are now three ways to give event feedback to the City: Phone: 928-213-2318 Email: Link: (click on “Report a Concern”) • FALL 2017


Recreation continued Hal Jensen Recreation Center 2403 N. Izabel St. Flagstaff, AZ 86004 (928) 213-2760 For more information please visit our webpage at

The Hal Jensen Recreation Center is designed for family fun and fitness with a variety of drop-in hours. Enjoy year-round activities and programs, including group exercise, dance, leisure classes, and a fitness center. Meeting rooms are available for rent by the public for clubs, groups, organizations, birthday parties, baby showers, and company meetings. Operating Hours Monday-Friday: 1-8 p.m. (18+) Monday-Friday: 2:15-8 p.m. (17 and under) Saturday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. (all ages) The center is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on days that FUSD schools are closed due to snow and open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on days when there is no school due to regularly scheduled school breaks, including the two-week Winter break from December 19-December 30.

Fitness and Health Classes African Dance Class with Live Drums

Come and experience the drumbeats and get healthy and strong. Contact instructor Hannah Giscom for more information at (307) 399-5430 Day/Date: Monday, 5:30-7 p.m. Price: $10/class children under 18 are FREE Ages: All

Zumba with Berta

Get your heart rate up and groove to the sounds of Latin melodies. Contact instructor Delberta Melo for more information at (928) 863-9434 Day/Date: Friday 6:30-7:30 p.m. Price: $3/class Age: 12+

Drop-In Programs Game Room

Enjoy billiards, ping-pong, air-hockey, foosball, and more board games than you can imagine! Utilize this comfortable space to play, read, relax, study or watch TV.

Night Court

Join in by playing and competing with and against the “GOOD GUYS” from the Flagstaff Police Department. Day/Date: 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month Time: 9:30-11:30 p.m. Price: Free Ages: Middle and high school students


FALL 2017 •

Full Court Basketball

Days/Time: Monday/Wednesday 6-9 a.m. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 5-8 p.m. (October-November) Price: Free Age: 18+ (17 and under if asked to play)

Fitness Center

Begin the road to a healthier, happier and less stressed you. Orientation is required prior to purchase and “ask the instructor” assistance is available upon request. Days/Times: Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, 6-9 a.m. Monday-Friday, 1-3 p.m. and 5-7:45 p.m. Saturdays, 10 a.m.-3:45 p.m. Price: $6.50 (ages 18-54)/$5.50 (ages 55+ and active military) per month $59 (ages 18-54) /$48.25 (ages 55+ and active military) per year Ages: 18 and older Days/Times: Monday-Friday, 3-5 p.m. Saturdays, 10 a.m.-3:45 p.m. Price: $2.25 month or $20 year Ages: 13-17 years We are a Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit facility!

Youth Basketball Jr. Suns/Mercury Coed Basketball League

Games and practices held at the Hal Jensen Center and begin in December. League games are typically played on Saturdays and officially begin the first week of January through the end of March. In the case of increased participation, other sites and days played may be added and staff will notify you of where your team will practice. Registration: October 2-November 18 (early bird registration) November 20 (late registration, available spots limited) Ages: 2-8 grades Price: $35/player until Nov. 18 $45 per player (beginning November 20) Note: If the Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) cancels school or weather conditions prevent travel, all games and practices are cancelled. *Scholarships are available please inquire about eligibility with staff.

Skills, Drills, and Draft

Registered players are expected to participate in the skills, drills and draft process, which allows coaches to assess players’ skills so that teams are evenly matched. Please dress comfortably (gym shoes needed) to participate on Saturday, November 18 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

Seeking Coaches and Officials

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer coach or paid official for the 2017- 2018 Youth Basketball League, please call the Center.

Upcoming Special Events Please watch for these upcoming events: January - Blood Drive June - Summer Programming April - Daddy Daughter Ball July - Touch A Truck May - Northern Arizona’s Got Talent For more information on any of these special events, please call the Hal Jensen Recreation Center at (928) 213-2760.

FALL2017 Jay Lively Activity Center 1650 N. Turquoise Drive Flagstaff, AZ 86004 (928) 213-2340 For more information please visit our webpage at www.

The Jay Lively Activity Center (JLAC) is a year-round public ice skating rink that provides fun recreational opportunities for the entire family. Public skating, sticks and pucks, open hockey, freestyle, and adult skate sessions are some of the programs offered. Please see the monthly online calendar for the most upto-date information on when each activity is offered. A private party room is available for rent during public skate sessions for special events and birthday parties. JLAC is also home to NAU Club Hockey, Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association, Flagstaff Figure Skating Club, Coed Hockey and several adult hockey user groups.

Public Skating Hours

Tuesdays 2:30-4p.m. Wednesdays 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5:30-7 p.m. Thursdays 2:30-4 p.m. Fridays 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5:30-8 p.m. Saturdays 1-4:30 p.m. Public skating hours are subject to change, depending on group schedules, please view our on-line calendar for the most up to date hours.

Public Skating Rates (per person)

Daily Punch Card (20 punches) Youth (5-17 years) $3.50 $49.00 Adult (18+) $6.75 $98.00 Active Military/ Senior (55+) $5.00 $75.00 Skate Rental $4.00 $59.00 Stick and Pucks (18+) $6.75 $98.00* (10 punches) Open Hockey $13.50 $98.00* (10 punches)

Open Hockey (18+)

Adult open hockey is a drop-in program intended for adults to play a game of hockey. Goalies are encouraged to show up and are free of charge. Full hockey gear required. Sunday Tuesday Thursday

8-10 p.m. 12-2 p.m. 12-2 p.m.

Sticks and Pucks (18+)

Adult Sticks and Pucks sessions are designed as a drop in program for all levels of adults to work on skills and drills. All participants must wear a helmet, hockey gloves and provide their own stick. Half ice games are allowed, however, all participants must be in full hockey gear. Wednesday Friday

9-10:30 a.m. 9-10:30 a.m.

Open Hockey and Stick and Puck sessions are subject to change, depending on group schedules, please view our on-line calendar for the most up to date hours.

Joe C Montoya Community and Senior Center

245 N Thorpe Rd. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (928) 213-2765 For more information please visit our webpage at

The Joe C. Montoya Community and Senior Center is designed for family fun and fitness and is host to the County’s Senior Lunch Program. Enjoy year-round activities and programs, including group exercise, dance, leisure classes, and a fitness center. Meeting rooms are available for rent by the public for individuals, clubs, groups and organizations.

Center Hours

Monday-Thursday 7 a.m.- 8 p.m. Friday 7 a.m.-2 p.m.

Fitness Center Memberships

Continue the road to a healthier and happier self in a modern, relaxed, and welcoming fitness facility. Days/Times: Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 9:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Tuesday/Thursday, 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Prices: $6 month/$65.50 year Ages: 55+ Days/Times: Prices: Ages:

Monday-Thursday, 12-8 p.m. Friday, 12-2 p.m. $8.75 per month/$97.75 per year 18-55+

We are a Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit facility! Wellness Through Weight Training

Personalized fitness training for mature adults to improve strength and fitness. Days/Times: Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 7:30-9:30 a.m. Prices: $25 month/$60 for 3 months Ages: 55+

Senior Stretch

Come experience increased flexibility, strengthen muscles, improved balance and much more! Days/Times: Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 8:30-9 a.m. Prices: $1 per class Ages: 55+

Dancin’ with Miss Cori

Call instructor Cori Wahl at (530) 680-2018 for enrollment information. Days/Time: Thursday, 9-9:30 a.m. Price: Contact Instructor Ages: 2-5 • FALL 2017


Walking Group

Meet at the center each week and enjoy a sociable walk with others in and around the Flagstaff area. For more information contact Jack Welch at (928) 714-0504 Days/Times: Tuesdays, 8 a.m. (before October 4) Tuesdays 9 a.m. (October 11) Prices: Free Ages: 18+

Stand Tall - Don't Fall

Learn sensory activities that stimulate efficient functioning of the brain and body to support balance with instructor Christina Boyd, (928) 863-0595 or visit her online at Days/Times: Wednesdays, 2-3 p.m. Prices: $7 per class with purchase of four-class series (1st class free) Ages: 18+

Therapeutic Stretch and Laugh Yoga

Gentle Lyengar Hatha Yoga with good body alignment, core strength building and safety techniques taught in each class. Contact instructor Melinda De Boer Ayrey at (928) 527-8604 Days/Time: Wednesdays, 9-10:15 a.m. Price: $13 per class/$42 (4 classes)/$69 (8 classes) Ages: 16+

Chair Yoga

Explore the endless benefits of chair yoga with instructor Melinda De Boer Ayrey. Contact her at (928) 527-8604 Days/Time: Wednesdays/Thursdays 10:45-11:45 a.m. Price: $3 per class. Ages: 16+

Mixed Levels Gentle Lyengar Hatha Yoga

Days/Time: Price: Ages:

Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 p.m. $13 class/$42 (4 classes)/$69 (8 classes) 16+

Bridge Lessons

Come and learn the great game of Party Bridge. These lessons are taught using the three “Bridge Basics” books by Audrey Grant. Classes will run in 12 week sessions as teams of eight are signed up. Call (928) 440-3784 for more information. Days/Time: Wednesdays, 1-4 p.m. Price: $45 Ages: 18+

Informal Writing Group

Instructor: Barbara Shovers (480) 612-2461 or Days/Time: Wednesdays 1:30-3 p.m. Price: Free Ages: 18

Guitar for Fun and Relaxation

Call instructor Marc Worthington at (505) 614-6706 to register. Days/Time: Thursdays, 3-4 p.m. and 4-5 pm Price: $30 (5 classes) and $5 for materials Ages: 13+ 20

FALL 2017 •

Artist’s Open Studio

Artists of all levels meet and share their skills. Days/Time: Mondays, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Price: $2 Ages: 18+

Mah Jong

Come and enjoy this ancient Chinese tile game. Days/Time: Wednesdays, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Price: Free Ages: 18+

Tap Class

A five-week class for adults where American Jazz tap technique will be introduced to beginners and improve existing tapping skills. Days/Time: Thursdays (starting October 5), 2-2:45 p.m. Price: $40 Ages: 18+

Music Makers of Flagstaff

An early musical experience with instruments, movement and song. These classes are offered in 8 week sessions. Contact the instructor at www.flagmusicmakers. com or (928) 773-8449. Days/Time: Mondays, 9-9:45 a.m. Tuesdays, 9:30-10:15 a.m. Price: $100 per session Ages: Infants through 4 years with parent or caregiver

Wisdom Seekers Book Discussion

Instructor Barbara Shovers (480) 612-2461 or Days/Time: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 1:30-3 p.m. Price: Free Ages: 18+

Wisdom Seekers Wellness Series

Instructor: Barbara Shovers (480)-612-2461 or Days/Time: 2nd Tuesday, 1:30-3 p.m. Price: Free Ages: 18+

Drop-in and Free Programs

Book Exchange Ongoing Beginning Spanish Friday 12:45-1:45 p.m. Billiards 18+ Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. Friday 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Contract/Party Bridge Monday-Thursday 1 p.m. Cribbage Tuesday 1 p.m. Duplicate Bridge Tuesday 1:15 p.m. Pinochle Monday 1 p.m. Scrabble Wednesday 1 p.m. Mexican Train Dominos Monday-Thursday 1 p.m. Table Tennis Club* Tuesday/Wednesday 5-8 p.m. *A one-dollar ($1.00) donation for each session is appreciated as the club pays for space and purchases quality equipment. This isn’t recreational, basement ping pong; players are expected to play at a higher level. For more information on this exciting group please call Jack Welch at (928) 714-0504.

Libraries Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library

Locations: Downtown Library 300 W. Aspen Avenue 928.213.2330

East Flagstaff Community Library 3000 N. 4th Street 928.213.2348

Mission statement The mission of the Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library is to inspire learning, enrich lives, and strengthen community.

Library news Building community through digital access In the summer of 2016, the Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library embarked on a journey to digitize three physical collections of its archive. The goal of the project was to make the historically closed-shelf archived material accessible to the public online. Thanks to State Library funding of $6,000 for equipment (hardware/ software) and other materials, the Flagstaff public library was able to build an in-house library scanning operation. The advanced digitization workstation was set up by Library I.T. staff. The setup included an Epson Perfection V850 Pro Photo Scanner, Photoshop, ABBYY Fine Reader and Adobe Software to ensure clear imaging of the material. Library volunteers and staff were instrumental in the daily scanning, image modification, metadata entry and creation of archival tiffs to pdfs and the final upload to CONTENTdm. Three collections were selected through a vetting process to determine rights management and suitable material. The new online collection includes Flagstaff, Arizona Historical Property Surveys, Northern Arizona Water History Documents, and the Sedona-Oak Creek Interagency Study, 1976-1984. Each collection contains a wealth of local history in the form of correspondence and agreements made between governmental and private entities involving water, land use and historical propertiesmany of which pertain to the City of Flagstaff, a cultural and conservational hub of northern Arizona. Future digital projects are in the early planning stages with the goal of digitizing additional collections in fiscal year 2018. The results from this digitization project will have long-term positive effects in the community by ensuring online access to unique and informative materials endemic to Northern Arizona and the City of Flagstaff. The Flagstaff City-Coconino County Library would like to thank our local sponsors who helped in the success of our Summer Reading Challenge through their generous donation of gifts and services: The Arboretum at Flagstaff Arizona State Parks and Trails Bearizona Bookmans Chic-fil-A Chipotle City of Flagstaff Aquaplex

Del Taco Dunkin Donuts Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course Jay Lively Activity Center Village Inn And of course, Friends of the Flagstaff Library

FALL2017 Library services FREE computer and technology instruction

Sign up for free computer and technology help. Receive assistance with Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint), eBooks, email accounts, social media, and more. Downtown Library, 213-2330, and East Flagstaff Community Library, 213-2348. Please call the appropriate information desk to schedule an appointment.

Book club kits

The Downtown Library has Book Club Kits for local reading groups to use for discussions. The kits include eight copies of the book, discussion guidelines, author information, and other suggested resources.

Clubs, events & classes

All library events are free of charge.

Downtown Library 300 W. Aspen Ave, 213-2330

Flagstaff reads

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life Beginning in September, the annual Flagstaff Reads book will be available in hardcover, eBook, and eAudio. Worksheet packets can be picked up at the Information Desk. Materials will be available at both library locations.

Flagstaff reads lecture:

The Psychology of Creativity

Author, educator, and entrepreneur, Tom Filsinger will describe the difficult task of defining creativity and present research on creative people from childhood to adulthood. He will also discuss the path of turning creative work into a fruitful hobby, as well as starting a business. Date & Time: Thursday, September 28, 6 – 7 p.m. Location: Downtown Library Ages: 18 +

Flagstaff Festival of Science popular science book discussion

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman Quantum field theory Noel Prize winner Richard P. Feynman’s speeches, lectures, interviews, and articles are a showcase to why he was such a beloved figure. Pick up a copy of the book, while supplies last, at the Downtown Library, and then join in the group discussion. Date & Time: Monday, September 25, 6 – 7 p.m. Location: Downtown Library Ages: 18 +

Ranging before roads:

Historic Babbitt Ranches maps & stories with Jim Babbitt Newly restored, 100+ year-old maps used by the Babbitt brothers during their early years of ranching in Northern Arizona will be on display, punctuated by expository stories from Jim Babbitt. Map replicas will be for sale at the event by the Friends of the Flagstaff Public Library. Date & Time: Tuesday, November 7, 6 – 7 p.m. Location: Downtown Library Ages: 18 +

Friends of the Flagstaff Public Library book club

Check our website at flagstaffpubliclibrary. org for upcoming titles. Date & Time: second Thursday of each month, 6 – 7 p.m. Location: Downtown Library Ages: All are welcome

Poetry out loud

Poetry Out Loud is a reading and discussion group where our favorite poets are celebrated. No prior knowledge of poetry or the poets is necessary. Reading material is provided for participants. Poets covered in the fall session: Robert Frost, Mary Oliver, Alberto Rios, and Maya Angelou. Date & Time: Third Wednesday of each month Location: Downtown Library Ages: 18+ • FALL 2017



Join the Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library for preschool storytime! Every fall, winter and spring, both the Downtown and East Flagstaff Libraries hold preschool storytimes for newborns to five year olds. The storytime experience integrates many school readiness skills that will promote your child’s success in the classroom. Storytimes will cultivate your child’s language and listening skills, and will help to develop a love of reading and learning. Storytime activities may include singing, finger plays, knee bounces and, of course, a story! Call the Downtown Library at 213-2381 or the East Flagstaff Library at 213-2348 for more details.

Family storytime

Stop by the library any Wednesday evening for this special time of stories and songs for the whole family. Date & Time: Wednesdays, year round, 6 p.m. Location: Downtown Library Ages: All Ages

Saturday story stop

Start your weekend off with this fun-filled morning of stories, songs and crafts. Date & Time: Year Round 10:30 a.m. every Saturday Location: Downtown Library Ages: All Ages

Family game day

About every 8 weeks, we interrupt our

Saturday Story Stop for this special family time activity. Enjoy board games, puzzles, and Wii gaming with your family. Date & Time: Saturday, September 30 and November 18, 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. Location: Downtown Library Ages: All ages

East Flagstaff Community Library

3000 North Fourth Street, 213-2348

Stitching by the books

Come stitch with us! All fiber arts and skill levels welcome. Knit, crochet, embroider, or stitch. Get help with Lego club projects already started, learn to We’ll supply the Legos, you bring the ideas. Held the first and third Monday of knit (supplies and help available), and connect with the Flagstaff fiber each month through November. community. Date & Time: First and third Mondays, Date & Time: Mondays, August 28– 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. November 13, 6 - 8 p.m. Location: Downtown Library Location: East Flagstaff Community Ages: Ages 5-10 Library Ages: 9+

Gaming days

Stop by the Community Room at the Downtown Library for Wii and X-Box gaming. Bring a friend and pick your game. Held the first and third Tuesday of each month through November. Date & Time: First and third Tuesdays, 3 – 4:30 p.m. Location: Downtown Library Ages: 8-18

Creation station

Come join us for stories and crafts as we explore new themes each time. Held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month through November. And so much more! Date & Time: Second and fourth Wednesday, 3:30– 4:30 p.m. Location: Downtown Library Ages: Ages 3 and up

Family movie night

Enjoy popcorn and a free viewing of a family-friendly PG movie. Call the information desk for movie details at 213-2348. Date & Time: Tuesday, October 24 and December 12, 6 – 8 p.m. Location: East Flagstaff Community Library Ages: All ages

Crafty corner

Express your creativity at the East Flagstaff Community Library. Date & Time: Tuesdays, August 29 – November 14, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Location: East Flagstaff Community Library Price: FREE Ages: Ages 5-13

Lego club

You bring the imagination, we’ll supply the LEGOs and a challenge for fun-filled afternoons of creating and building. Date & Time: Thursdays, August 31– November 16, 3:30-4:30 p.m. Location: East Flagstaff Community Library Ages: Grades K-5th

Game day

Play game systems and table top games in our community room. Date & Time: Fridays, September 1 – November 17, 2:30-3:30 p.m. Location: East Flagstaff Community Library Ages: 10-17

Baby lap time

Enjoy songs, stories, finger plays, knee bounces, rhymes, and more with your infant. Date & Time: Thursdays, September 14 – November 9 at 9 a.m. Location: East Flagstaff Community Library Ages: Newborn to 2 years

Toddler tales

Your toddler will delight in this special time for stories, songs, games, and more. Date & Time: Wednesdays, September 13 – November 8, 10 – 10:45 a.m. Location: East Flagstaff Community Library Ages: 2- 3

Music festival campout

3 days of camping...

2 days ott, Prescona z i r A n Watsoe Lak

of Country Music

October 12-15th, 2017


FALL 2017 • • FALL 2017


Citizens’ Transportation Tax Commission considers next 20-years of improvements What new roads will be built in Flagstaff over the next 20-years? How many hours of bus service should be provided? Where will the trails, sidewalks and crossings of the future be? And, a harder question; How much should we pay for these? On September 5, 2017 the Flagstaff City Council named 14 members to the Transportation Tax Commission. These member, together with Julie Leid, a representative from the Transportation Commission, will consider these issues over the next six months.

PRSRT STD U.S. Postage

FALL 2017 •



City of Flagstaff, Arizona 211 West Aspen Avenue Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

The Citizens’ Transportation Tax Commission will meet at least 9 times between September and the end of March. The Commission is scheduled to deliver their recommendation on priority transportation projects to the City Council at the end of March. The recommendations may include advice on the necessary sales tax rate to pay for the projects. Commission meetings are open to the public. Go to for the Commission schedule and opportunities to provide input. For more information, contact Caleb Blaschke at 928-213-2078 or

Flagstaff, AZ Permit No. 55

`` Mark Spinti `` Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom `` Jack Welch `` Abigail Wellumson


Members of the Transportation Tax Commission include: `` Lucinda Andreani `` Meghan Remington `` Christina Caldwell `` Nick Kraft `` Robert Davis `` Julie Leid `` Ginny DeBartolomeo `` Rick Lopez `` Heather Fernandez `` Gail Lowe

Cityscape fall 2017  
Cityscape fall 2017