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Lieutenant governor Gila River Indian Community Antone was elected to the GRIC Tribal Council in 2012, has been an advocate of the Violence Against Women Act and was appointed to the State Coalition for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. She also advocates for mental health issues and for awareness of sexual trafficking in tribal casinos. BEST DECISION: “In 1987, I made a decision that impacted my career. I took a risk by leaving a federal government position and took a position as a political intern working at the Gila River Indian Community executive office under Mary V. Thomas, the first female governor. Ms. Thomas mentored me on the traditions, culture and introduced me into the Tribal Government sector.”


Senior director of environmental management and chief sustainability and compliance executive SRP BEST DECISION: “The best professional

decision I ever made was to leave the private practice of law and come to SRP. My experiences at SRP have been diverse, challenging and rewarding. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on such interesting issues with such incredible colleagues.”


ALONZO Founding partner Javelina

BEST DECISION: “Starting my business Javelina in 2012 was a big risk, but I decided to ignore the fear and do it anyway – a mantra I repeat to myself a lot to this day. Today, Javelina is a team of 10 and growing, and together we are advancing equality and human dignity through social, economic and political change. I will never regret taking the risk.” SURPRISING FACT: “I love to be physically

challenged, from running marathons to completing Tough Mudder challenges. My husband and I recently biked 250 miles along the east coast of Taiwan. You learn an incredible amount from pushing your body to do things you’re not sure you can do.”


AB | July - August 2017

SURPRISING FACT: “I took a year off between undergrad and law

school and backpacked around Europe and through Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, China and Japan. This was well before cell phones and the only communication I had with my family was a single phone call every two weeks … It was great to have the love, support and trust of my family.”


Vice president and chief procurement officer APS Becker leads and manages the company’s extensive supply chain, procurement, warehousing, logistics and transportation functions. She also serves on the board of the Downtown Phoenix Partnership. BEST DECISION: “In 2009, our COO joined APS and offered me a position outside the law department. I’d been an attorney for 17 years and loved it. I never considered leaving law, and I almost didn’t. Our general counsel gave me some sage advice: ‘Embrace change. When opportunities like this come along, jump.’ Best decision ever.” SURPRISING FACT: “I’m a total introvert. Nobody believes this about

me. I’ve learned to adapt. But I’ll take a good book or a remote slot canyon over a party, every single time.”

AzBusiness magazine July/August 2017  

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