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A STEVE BAYANS Vice president // Discover Financial Services // discover.com Bayans began his career with Discover as a part-time employee in 1987. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to gain experience in every function associated with Discover’s credit card business and has the unique distinction of leading teams in all of Discover’s U.S.-based call centers. Bayans is responsible for leading and engaging the award-winning customer service efforts of Discover’s employees in Phoenix and Columbus, Ohio. He also is actively involved in regional activities associated with Discover’s diversity and inclusion program. Personal strengths: “Learning how to communicate effectively with a broad spectrum of people at an early age and a strong desire to continuously learn and grow have consistently paid dividends throughout my career.”


B BERNIE CLARK Executive vice president and head of Advisor Services Charles Schwab // schwab.com


Clark is a member of Charles Schwab’s Executive Council and leads Advisor Services, which serves independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) across the United States. Clark oversees custody, practice management and consulting services to more than 7,500 independent investment advisory firms with $1.6 trillion under management. An industry leader, Clark has been named by Investment Advisor magazine as one of the 25 most influential people in the industry. Professional advice: “I would advise someone entering the financial services industry to select an employer that aligns with their personal values and to say yes to opportunities as they come your way, even when they may be outside of your initial plan for your career.”

C BRIDGET OLESIEWICZ Principal // Vanguard // vanguard.com Olesiewicz is a principal with Vanguard and is the head of the Retail Business Development Group. She is also a member of Vanguard’s senior executive team, providing oversight of Vanguard’s operations based in Scottsdale. Olesiewicz has been with Vanguard for more than 25 years and prior roles include managing Vanguard’s retail client-service teams; directing the design of Vanguard’s retail investor website; and serving as both Vanguard’s chief learning officer and chief talent officer. Personal strengths: “I’m a believer that you make your job what you want it to be — don’t limit yourself by a specific set of responsibilities or wait to be assigned new roles. Taking the initiative to deliver beyond your role brings new opportunities to learn and grow.”



D JASON PACK Senior vice president of operations Freedom Financial Network // freedomfinancialnetwork.com Pack has a strong track record of delivering world-class customer service in highly competitive environments. He currently is responsible for customer service, payment operations, settlement negotiations and underwriting. His background includes vice president and director roles in Global Call Center Operations with ServiceMaster, Dollar Financial and Discover Card. Personal strengths: “Humility, confidence, strategic, communicaton and resilience. I’ve found that having a humble approach with a willingness to listen, to consider the opinions of others, to make data-based decisions is the approach that’s made me most successful. These qualities have kept me customer focused and an employee first leader.”

E GABRIELLE VITALE Executive vice president and chief compliance and ethics officer American Express // americanexpress.com Vitale is responsible for protecting the company, its brand and its employees through guidance and expectations on regulatory and ethics-related matters. Her Amex career began in 1984 and she has held critical roles in finance, information security and risk management. Personal strengths: “Authentic leadership. My colleagues would say I am genuine, curious and engaged. Being intentional and proactive drives clarity and progress. It’s important to learn from peers in your industry and cross industry. I believe in self-renewal and taking on new projects/roles to continue to grow.” Professional advice: “My advice is to be ready, curious, technically savvy and understand how commerce connects us, because it’s exciting to be part of the ecosystem.” 46 ABL | Nominate at azBIGmedia.com

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