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ZEV HENDELES Principal 3rd Ave Investments 3rdaveinvestments. com

A second-generation real estate investor and operator, Hendeles founded 3rd Ave Investments in 2013 in Phoenix. He brings more than a decade of experience identifying value-add properties, retrofitting multifamily affordable housing, and implementing strategies that dramatically increase property value. With more than 2,000 apartments in the Valley, Hendeles specializes in the acquisition and repositioning of Arizona multifamily assets through a private equity fund structure. Trend to watch: “Everyone agrees that interest rates will continue to increase in the coming years. So if that’s a given, then rental growth rates will have the single biggest impact on the multifamily industry.”

SCOTT PETERS Chairman, CEO and president Healthcare Trust of America

Peters founded HTA in 2006 and has grown it into the largest dedicated owner of medical office buildings in the U.S., with more than 18.7 million square feet in 31 states, with an enterprise value of approximately $4.3 billion. Trend to watch: “Healthcare demand is increasing as Americans get older and people need to see the doctor. Over 10,000 people turn 65 every day and Millennials are starting to have families and spending more money on healthcare. We believe these trends are not going to change. HTA is positioned to take advantage of these trends and has consistently focused on acquiring high-quality assets located in community core, key markets across the U.S.”

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Since joining the organization, Rufrano reconstituted the board of directors, formalized the VEREIT management team and introduced a business plan to guide the company’s strategy. Under his leadership, the company changed its name to VEREIT, moved its listing to the NYSE and implemented a company-wide business approach based on discipline, transparency and consistency. Trend to watch: “We are in the single-tenant retail, restaurant, office and industrial industry. As a provider of capital to corporate clients, larger more stable firms will come to dominate this industry. The impact will be consolidation to provide diversified companies, which will then access lower-cost capital.”


Founding partner ViaWest Group Schwarz leads the acquisition and development efforts for ViaWest, while directing certain operational areas and co-managing the investment strategy. He has more than 20 years of experience in the development, operations and financing of all types of real estate, with deep experience in industrial and office properties. Business advice: “Make sure you love what you do. Success will only come if you’re passionate and interested in your daily experience. Focus primarily on opportunity and learning when you’re young; less on compensation. It’s a long game. Seek internships early and focus on results. Take a speaking or drama class. Work on your writing. And be able to do math in your head.”


Volk co-founded STORE Capital in May 2011 and serves as STORE Capital’s president and CEO. STORE, which was listed on the New York Sock Exchange in 2014, is the third Arizona-based, NYSE-listed company Volk has led. Prior to forming STORE Capital, Volk co-founded Spirit Finance Corporation. Earlier, Volk served as president of Franchise Finance Corporation of America. Business advice: “Spend time on our website and the websites of other companies in our business. Do some research to see if what we do has interest to you and do not hesitate to reach out to leaders directly. If you are in college, you can also start out with a summer internship to see if you like this business.” Trend to watch: “Changing technology. Fuel-efficient vehicles, driverless vehicles, energy efficiency, artificial intelligence, a trend to a cash-less society and enhancements in the electronic delivery of goods and services, amongst other things, will materially change the face of our customers’ real estate needs.”

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