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Defining Desert Living

Architecturally Unique Homes速

tHe outpost Sharing a Deep Respect for the Earth

Frank Henry

An Icon of Art & Architecture


FaLL 2013

The Forgotten Modernist

Architecturally Unique Homes

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Editors Note: We began our specialty, marketing Architecturally Unique Homes in 1990. Shortly after, Debbie and I published a series of magazines devoted to architecture and design: Defining Desert Living. We are proud to share it, fresh and new, in this digitally enhanced form with Scott Jarson, Editor

the desire to continue to elevate the local discussion of architecture and design. So in every issue you’ll see great architecture, a focus on local designers and craftspersons, a touch of travel, new products, ideas, and commentary; always with a desert perspective.


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Eaton Residence Architect: Allen & Phelp Interior Design: David Michael Miller Assoc. Photography: Bill Timmerman

part of what we call Defining Desert Living! Scott Jarson



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Defining Desert Living

FaLL 2013

PHOtOgRAPHY: Bill Timmerman


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Jones Studio Sharing a Deep Respect for the Earth

WrIGHt House saveD


The David and Gladys Wright House Lives On

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A Haven for Art and Artists

Frank Henry


An Icon of Local Architecture



The Forgotten Modernist

Larry korneGay


Designer and Artist Finding Inspiration in Nature

oak Creek Canyon


A Four Seasons Playground

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The 1950s’, Alive and Well

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Defining Desert Living

FaLL 2013

In the midst of our Valley there are cool, irrigated citrus groves in the shadow of Camelback Mountain, along with pockets of Spanish revival, adobe, and midcentury modern ranch homes. There are forests of giant saguaros in the foothills to the north, an area that is known for cutting-edge architecture, and rows of majestic date palms lining streets of historic homes in central Phoenix. All of this makes for a rich, urban landscape that includes modern in-fill architecture, loft projects and stunning high-rise towers. All coexisting within the dramatic backdrop of our unique Sonoran Desert. azarchitecture understands the contrasts and architectural nuances that set unique homes apart. From Frank Lloyd Wright to Case-study, Eames to Al Beadle, azarchitecture speaks the language of modern architecture.


Defining Desert Living

FALL 2013

on tHe sHeLF

Coveted Books & Products


mINIm AlISt clOck


In 1940, a young new art director pitched an idea: Why not replace the standard brown wrapper with an eye-catching illustration?

While designing, Ivan Kasner was inspired by blurred images. The opaque face distorts the context and origin of the hands, allowing a dreamy and floating appearance.

With their Hang-It-All, Charles and Ray Eames elevated the everyday coat rack into something inventive and fun. Now in two new monochromatic options.





Take a fresh look at the world’s most versatile and abundant building material. Featuring projects from Frank Lloyd Wright alongside work from leading lights of contemporary architecture and many lesser-known newcomers.

Redefining the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. Smoke alarms should do more than chirp, blink or yell at you. So Nest created one. And it was worth it. Because it changed what a smoke alarm can be.

bullEt cOllEctION


Concrete lighting – a series of lamps in different sizes, tones and finishes. This collection is a first collaboration between Studio Itai Bar-On and Tel-Aviv based designer Oded Webman.


René Redzepi committed to writing a journal for an entire year and the result is A Work in Progress: Notes on Food, Cooking and Creativity.

Carl Hansen & Søn introduce twenty special Shell Chairs, each with a different Maharam textile and coordinating wood frame.

lE cORbuSIER AN Atl AS Of mODERN l ANDScAPES MoMA presents the largest exhibition ever produced on his prolific oeuvre, covering his work as architect, interior designer, artist, city planner, writer and photographer.



bulthaup b3 Classic and innovative. Inspired by your ideals.

(480) 945-5500 |

j o n e s st u d i o

the outpost sharing a deep respect for the earth 8


By S c ott J a r s o n FALL 2013

respIte, retreat, saFe Haven, Home…

Eddie Jones

Jones Studio, Phoenix AZ It’s clear that Arizona’s frequently

This was the implied program for a residence meant to represent progressive contemporary thinking grounded in the fundamentals of “mud and shadow.”

unforgiving terrain is the perfect setting for the work of Architect Eddie Jones.

And we would add Patina. For this home, like the best of them, will age

For an architect who counts among his

with a naturalness that speaks of the Desert itself: The gray sun-washed

heroes Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce goff,

varnish of desert creosote, the bone-white bleached skeleton rib of a

Paul Rudolph and Louis Kahn, often

forgotten saguaro, and the line and shadow-play of the ocotillo.

what begins as a shape found in nature finds manifestation in forms that show

This residence, not far from the original site of the lost Frank Lloyd Wright

a certain allegiance to Modernism or

designed Pauson House, is the latest tour de force from one of the Valley’s

Expressionism, or both.

most respected Modern Architects, Eddie Jones and Jones Studio.

Many of his buildings blur the distinction

And it’s magnificent in its restraint and scale.

between interior and exterior space. The constant in the work, however, is the

For centuries the unique qualities of the Sonoran Desert have confirmed

element of surprise - unexpected ways

a precedent of living spaces grouped around a courtyard. It is this void,

of letting the sun and moon enhance the

or left over space between enclosures, which define the “hacienda”

experience of a space abound. Over

diagram. This design embraces the void so successfully, it’s hard to know

three decades after launching Jones

where the home starts and stops, so easily integrated is it to the site and

Studio, which Jones runs with his brother


Neal, he continues to benefit creatively from


The site slopes in three directions — it is a desert knoll. Linear forms,

As Frank Lloyd Wright prescribed so

assuming they are long enough, will inherently emphasize the shape of

long ago, “Whenever I’m confused or

the landscape by contrasting a level parapet with the sloping topography.

frustrated,” Jones says, “I just ask nature

But this can leave the design less than integrated if the focus is on a

what she wants.”

typical residential program along a single axis.






Fortunately the program included a lap pool. This linear permission slip completed the third topographic axis, and finds directional purpose in its alignment with the 6-millionyear-old Papago Butte three miles away, and the centerline of the main entry door, a purposeful anchor to those who came before and, as a natural bonus, provides a focused and fantastic view! Materiality defines this home as much as the site. Rammed Earth construction has a 1,000 year history in the southwest United States. Although ancient, its resistance to climatic forces, insulating superiority, structural capacity, and inherent, natural, undeniable beauty secures its relevance into the 21st century. It’s visual weight adds the necessary anchor, the permanence, that’s necessary to claim this site for the home as permanent and lasting. It is in many ways both the ancient and modern equivalent to Wright’s use of concrete and stone “Desert Rubble” construction. Inside the rammed earth forms are equally expressive, with a geometry and occasional surprise in the form that’s allowed to interact with the owner in a closeness somewhat atypical of the material, but which adds a playfulness that lightens the home both visually and in spirit. And the Modern Hacienda? So often we’ve seen the attempt to build around the courtyard, with separate modules of daily life extending along and out from an integrated center. And so often it fails. On this home however, the design is singularly and completely successful. Seamless flow from space to space and room to room make this home completely unique in that it truly allows an indoor-outdoor experience that actually handles the Arizona Climate.

FaLL 2013


It is crazy to use wood in the desert.

Why? Because in one season, the summer sun will begin to eat it! But who doesn’t relate to the old barn, the wood ruin? There is beautiful honesty in relinquishing architecture to the uncompromising reality of nature! Eddie Jones, Principal AIA

FALL 2013

Deeply covered paths make for a

our intense sun makes a mess of it. We

If the intentions are sincere the

natural walk to and from each space,

are creatures of organization, and the

architecture will get better. The owner

each being succinctly disconnected

naturalness and reality of carbon, time

clearly looks forward to the dignity

from the center but at the same time

and sun is offensive to many an H.O.A.

of wrinkles and gray hair, and also,

connected around a court. It’s so

board member. But in accepting the

gray, wrinkled wood! Like the most

natural you’ll find yourself in a another

inevitable, and the need over time to

collectable of antiques, even classic

part of the home without remembering

commit to its replacement, we can

cars, the search for perfection in

the exterior walk to get there.

introduce a design element that’s been

an unblemished surface is being

overlooked. Like the delicate char on

discarded for the naturalness of age

But as much as the plan is interesting

historic Japanese wood structures, the

and the value of patina. The “soul” of

it’s the texture, light and shadow that

“desert patina” that will overtake this

the objects use.

define it. Most of the home is clad in

natural material can be embraced as

untreated natural redwood. Battens

part of the protection of the material

Over time, the owner expects that the

and strips in a rhythmically aligned

and the experience of living.

home will age, that the wood may

pattern that seem random but actually

warp and check. And many decades

bring unity to the exterior. It’s the visual

“It is crazy to use wood in the desert.

from now (who knows really?), the

glue that brings the working pieces of

Why? Because in one season, the

wood may need renewal. But isn’t that

the home together and, with time, will

summer sun will begin to eat it! But

what makes this the ultimate “respite,

be what makes it begin to disappear

who doesn’t relate to the old barn,

retreat, safe haven, home”? A place

from the eye.

the wood ruin? There is beautiful

where the home and it’s occupants

honesty in relinquishing architecture to

can simply be themselves.

We so often choose to no longer use

the uncompromising reality of nature,”

wood in the desert, but mostly because

Jones says.


PHOtOgRAPHY: Bill Timmerman

Defining Desert Living

FALL 2013

Saving the David and Gladys Wright home By S c o tt J a r s o n


Just one year ago, the David and

arguably the World’s most significant

The intent is to fully restore the home,

gladys Wright home, designed by

Modern Architect, right here in Phoenix


his father, Frank Lloyd Wright was

Arizona, was in such danger of being

and the famous circular rug, and to

endangered and near demolition. Fear

demolished. It’s still astonishing that it

plant the landscape as Wright had

of losing this completely significant

was ever even considered.

originally intended. Once it is restored,

work of architecture was at it’s zenith and the outcry was International.




the house will be opened for tours The dedication of all those involved

by small groups of school children,

was massive, the time and efforts of

architecture students and the public.

It is safe now, but not without the intense

so many was epic. But thanks to that

and dedicated efforts of many persons

huge effort, one that Debbie and I

Preservation is at it’s core, a validation

local and beyond, that stepped up to

and everyone at azarchitecture/Jarson

that our collective decisions and efforts

do whatever they could to save this

& Jarson were proud to have been

as a community have value. There are

home, and most importantly, the new

participants in, the home WAS saved.

other properties that may in the future

owner who’s selflessness will allow

Kudos and sincere thanks go to every

need similar attention. The lessons

this home to remain not just intact, but

group, committee, and persons that

learned from this effort will no doubt

restored and enjoyed.

worked on saving this home, from the

be of great value, but perhaps the

prominent leaders to the lone signature

memory of how close we came to

Recently, I was honored to be invited

on a petition. It all helped. And not

losing this home will spur a voluntary

to the Frank Lloyd Wright Building

least the Frank Lloyd Wright Building

effort from owners of such signature

Conservancy Conference to join a

Conservancy whose yeoman efforts

designs to choose to protect their

panel discussion and presentation

did in fact save the day...and the

property. We feel it adds value and

regarding Saving the David and

house. Thank you.


What’s next for this gem? The new

Today, initial plans for the restoration

In looking over copious notes, email,



materials, various articles, appointment

Wright’s architecture and absolutely

landscape has been cleared and

calendars, etc. I began to relive the

committed to preserving the house.

the future remains bright for this

experience. Like some sort of post

Phoenix attorney grady gammage, Jr.

quintessential Arizona Desert Home.

stress disorder, it all came flooding

has been hired to represent the new

back: The angst and worry that such

ownership. The family strongly prefers

a singularly significant home, by

to remain anonymous.

gladys Wright home.

Defining Desert Living








PHOtOgRAPHY: Scott jarson

FaLL 2013

Photographer Scott Baxter, who documented the Legacy Project for Arizona’s Centennial: “100 Years 100 Ranchers”, is one of many artists that use this compound as their studio.

RIGHT Tanner: Burro Creek Corrals by Scott Baxter

Cattle TRack Arts Compound 20

By S c o tt J a r s o n

If you’ve Never Heard of THe ellIS famIly, IT’S TIme To BoNe up oN local arIzoNa HISTory. GeorGe l. ellIS came To arIzoNa IN THe 1930’S aNd BeGaN a career aS a deSIGNer aNd BuIlder. He purcHaSed Some properTy Near THe arIzoNa caNal aNd ToGeTHer wITH HIS wIfe racHael, THey Grew THaT properTy INTo a HaveN for arT aNd arTISTS. The “Cattle Track” area as it’s known

office suites are the “go-to” addresses for

today has been the address of choice

highly creative businesses. The properties

for artists and designers that read like a

are recognized by Scottsdale as an

hall of fame: The Ellis Family, Phillip C.

Historic Site.

Curtis, Dee Flag, Bennie gonzales and Fritz Scholder all called this area home

Driving down Cattle Track you can

for a time.

imagine the creative energy that drew such a unique collection of cowboys,

The adjacent Stable galleria started as an

artists and craftsman together in the first

arts destination and gallery as well. Artist

place. you’ll get a sense of what defined

Avis Reed acquired the property where it

the artistic nature of Scottsdale, a creative

began it’s life as the Stable Art gallery.

legacy that endures.

Today, its collection of unique mixed-used

cattle track Arts compound | 6105 N. Cattle Track Road, Scottsdale, AZ | 85250 To visit Cattle Track Art Compound or for more information, click here or email to reserve viewings for private parties. Stable galleria | 7610 E. McDonald Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85250 For information on purchasing the Stable galleria please contact Scott Jarson at 480.425.9300. PHOtOgRAPHY: Scott jarson

FaLL 2013


1934 –2013

Frank M. Henry was born in Southern California, then moving to Arizona in the 1940s. While attending Phoenix College in the 1950s, he met Frank Lloyd Wright who inspired him to become an architect. Henry became the first person to receive a Bachelor of Architecture degree in the State of Arizona when he graduated from Arizona State University in 1960. Frank worked as an architect for over 40 years in Arizona. In 1992, his design for the Valley National Bank at 44th Street and Camelback was nominated by the Arizona Chapter of the AIA for the 25 year award given to one building in the United States each year. Until his passing on July 28, 2013 Henry remained active in art and architecture. We knew him as a genuine person, so easy to be with, and so willing to impart his knowledge. Recently, when the David Wright Home was threatened, Frank was there at every step. He leaves us with a rich architectural legacy in his own right. We, like so many, will miss him.


Defining Desert Living

FaLL 2013



this story starts, for us at least, with the low-level ache of an unresolved regret. In the mid-1990s Scott Jarson sold a

“He was as nice a guy as you could

After a quick conversation, they shook

hogan-inspired residence in Carefree.

meet and thrilled that I had interest

hands always intending on meeting

The designer of the house, from

in his work,” Scott said. Fred, now a

again. “At the time we were headlong

twenty-five years back, ran Carefree

Real Estate Broker, had filled his office

into our specialty and no one else in

Realty from an office facing Joe

walls with architectural drawings and

real estate cared about architecture

Wong’s sundial in the Carefree core.

color renderings of his designs. “I think

for sale. Fred was super excited about

The designer’s name was Fred griffin.

they were mostly unbuilt projects. As I

what we were doing. I fully intended

Scott drove up to the office to introduce

recall they were very expressive, more

to follow up with him, but time gets


Lautner than Wright. Truly optimistic

away from you.”

and Fred would have been around eighty.





FaLL 2013

Time passed and possibilities gradually

license and opened an office in


drifted out of reach; Scott didn’t know

Carefree right beside the sundial. As

positioned along the northern edge of

it when Fred griffin died of a heart

far as we can track, his design career

the lot, with big south-facing windows

attack but he began to feel something

involved nine homes, design work for

oriented to the yard. Most of the yard

unfinished. In the way that lost things

the Desert Foothills Scenic Drive and

was given to a large, irregular irrigation-

bother you. “Those renderings haunt

one Carefree Cafe nearby his office.

fed pond adjacent to the house, with a

me.” Without any list of commissions,









with only teasing clues about where

His first, designed for himself in 1959,

legend holds that alligators lived in

and when, without even the bones

is often recognized as a bachelor

the pond, but the overall bohemian

of his biography or his training, with

pad. The current owners were looking

feel was in pretty sharp contrast to

no sense of who Fred griffin was...

at a neighboring property when they

the surrounding neighborhood, then

That’s where we start.

spotted a “crazy black wood fence,

and now. Wrightian flourishes are

a really funky design”, a Mondrian

evident in the woodwork, and unusual

Frederick Kirkwood griffin was born

looking arbor with attached square

decorative elements like a wall in the

July 16, 1914, in Pittsburgh, PA. After

panels in red, yellow and blue. The

kitchen made from liquor bottles set in

moving to Ohio and Virginia, he

front door revealed a small bronze


ended up in Phoenix in 1945 where


he and his mother Lillian starting selling




Real Estate.

and his wife Ann moved to Carefree where he owned land and reportedly

In the 1950s Fred found his professional

was present for much of the town’s

footing in Phoenix, and got published

planning. There griffin designed a


home that would be part sales office




spanned for about 20 years before

which is dog Latin for “If you’re not in a

and part display house. It was meant

he obtained his Real Estate Broker’s

party mood, don’t even ring the bell.”

to attract attention of anyone passing


Defining Desert Living

FALL 2013

by. They named it the Carousel House.

Dr. Otto Lazarus Bendheim was born


Not quite round, but 36 sided and

in germany in 1911 and educated


only 27 feet around, it was faced with

in Chicago. He came west for the

household: five children, two careers,

colored disks on every side. The current

romantic promise of adventure. In

and serious social obligations. Fred

owners love the home with it’s built-in

1950 Dr. Bendheim founded the

griffin responded with a large house

furniture and low half circle, concrete

Camelback Hospital. He had a

of three ovoid petals attached to a

landscape walls.

national reputation in the psychiatric

central circle, like an old three-bladed

field and he and his wife Ronnie were

electric fan. One lobe devoted to

By 1963, griffin was the organizing

well regarded as cornerstones of the

bedrooms, one devoted to the kitchen

force behind the Desert Foothills Scenic

Phoenix Jewish community. She was

and dining, the third for office and

Drive along Scottsdale Road, north of

(and is) an accomplished ceramist.

study, the middle for the hearth and

Happy Valley and south of Carefree

Bendheims This

laid was






Highway. griffin designed the pullout

In 1962 Fred griffin came to Ronnie

informational display at the southern

Bendheim’s attention with a house

As unusual as it was, it delighted the

end, which is still there, in addition to

on 28th Street, north of Indian

Bendheims upon seeing the model

the wood roadside “flora identifying

School. In Ronnie’s words it had

griffin made to show the design. This

signs” you’ll recognize with names like

a Japanese aesthetic, “a sense of

difficult form was successfully built from

”Creosote” and “Mormon Tea.”



slumpblock. Although sold in 2012,


of that house remains today but it

Ronnie continues to be delighted with

It’s the Bendheim house, a remarkable

caught her eye. They’d considered

it 50 years afterward. And towards

house for remarkable clients, that

Frank Lloyd Wright a few years before

the architect, remembering him to be

puts him in a category that deserves

but chose to gamble on griffin.

like-able and easy to get along with.


Again, nods by griffin to Frank Lloyd Wright in the built-ins, and a water


feature alarmingly close to the structure.

that powered creations as diverse as

In the middle circular intersection

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West,

there’s a lovely spatial moment of

Paolo Soleri’s Cosanti, and the Airform

absolute precise centrality, crisply

dome houses in Litchfield Park; all

marked like a compass in the terrazzo

experimental structures in the Valley

floor and marked overhead by a trio

that looked like covers of science-

of intersecting beams. It’s a work

fiction paperbacks.

of practicality, risk, and possibility whichever way you look.

griffin’s work looks good alongside those other wild improvisations. It’s that

By November 3, 1968, Fred had

rocketship sense of imagination that

opened the offices of “Fred griffin

makes him worth remembering. That’s

Realty” at 7 Sundial Circle. By then

what stuck in Scott’s memory all this

he was the president of the Cave

time. We can learn from that.

Creek Improvement Association, Vice President of the Cave Creek-Carefree

waNT To read more?

Chamber of Commerce, with County

Walt Lockley’s complete original

and State Planning Board memberships

essay on Fred Griffin can be found


on our Blog at and is linked here with interesting

Fred griffin died of a heart attack, at

details of Fred Griffins’s life and

age 84, in October 1998, with his

career, plus list of the complete

architectural career well behind him.

known works by Griffin.

There is an independent western streak

PHOtOgRAPHY: Bob Gojkovich jr.

Defining Desert Living


larry korneGay rooted in an affinity for the landscape and a lifetime of dramatic

architectural imagery, designer and artist larry kornegay finds much of his inspiration within the intricacies of nature. larry’s love of concrete as a sculptural medium, combined with his passion for gardening and fine architecture led to the design and production of his first landscape containers. He continues to find inspiration in the symbiotic relationship between the creative process of designing site-specific pieces for public space, collaborating with fellow designers, and making sculpture. kornegay design is dedicated to creating original, timeless designs realized through exceptional craftsmanship. Simple in form yet intricately beautiful, kornegay design’s products are more than quality handcrafted site furnishings; they are sculptural elements that enhance any environment.


Mundo Series 

l a n ds c a p e c o n t a i n e r s

3 sizes available with heavy sandblast finish High-strength, 6000+ PSI concrete Endless color options | toll free 877.252.6323

Available only through the Trade

Oak Creek Canyon

S e d o n a , AR I ZO N A By S c o tt J a r s o n As we get caught up in day-to-day living, it’s easy to forget about the enduring natural beauty that surrounds us in Arizona. A short get away can refresh your spirit. Less than two hours away from Phoenix there endures a natural location of stunning red rock sandstone formations and tree lined canyons that rival some of the worlds greatest vistas. That place is Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.



Sedona, with signature formations and



too. Originally a 43-acre apple farm,

clever mountain names is often referred

north from Town and you’ll enjoy a

it is one of the few homesteads left

to as the “Little grand Canyon”.

wandering drive through steep ravines

intact in the canyon today. Slide Rock

Named after Sedona Arabella Miller

and gentle tree lined meadows that

State Park is a fine example of early

Schnebly, wife of the area’s first

hosts a rich and interesting history. This

agricultural development in Central

postmaster, she was celebrated for

area was settled long before Sedona


her hospitality. While much of this

proper. John J. Thompson, moved to

charming town can be a bit “touristy”,

Oak Creek Canyon in 1876 and the

For the lucky few that have more time,

it’s fun to let go of preconceptions and

site became well known for its peach

there are a variety of “cabin” type

explore it anew.

and apple orchards.

lodges and camp grounds in the Oak




Creek Canyon area that are available Approaching the Town from State

you can stop at the spot of Thompson’s

for overnight and even weekly stays,

Route 179 you can’t miss the dramatic

ranch site, now known as Indian

but be sure to plan ahead; many of

modernist church, Chapel of the Holy

gardens, originally a Native American

these secret gems are booked years

Cross nestled in and among the rock.

farming area. Make an afternoon of it

in advance!

Completed in 1956 it was designed

and be sure to schedule time for lunch

by the architecture firm of Anshen &

at Indian gardens Oak Creek Market

A gentle place of four-season beauty,

Allen, who also did work for Eichler

just across the highway, which offers

Oak Creek Canyon will help restore

in California. The chapel appears

a relaxed gourmet experience that will

your romantic soul. Back home you’ll

to rise 250 feet out of a 1,000-foot

surprise you with the excellent selection


red-rock cliff. It’s simple and dramatic

and quality of the food. The patio is

through the tree canopies, the soft call

form was recognized with the AIA

charming so plan to sit outside out if

of the flowing water and sheer majesty

Award of Honor in 1957. Much of this

weather permits. Indian gardens Oak

of red rock walls and wonder again

town grew in the 1960’s, and there

Creek Market is an Arizona landmark,

how you’ve been so lucky to be living

is an underlying Mid-Century Modern

celebrating 70 years on this historic

in Arizona!

history that is often forgotten but


evident in some of the older homes. Further up the road you’ll want to The real magic begins as you head

visit Slide Rock State Park. With a

north of Sedona proper to enter the

modest entrance fee, it’s a great way

twelve mile stretch that is Oak Creek

to take in history and natural beauty

Defining Defining Desert Desert Living Living





2 HourS NORTH of pHx

FaLL 2013

valley neighborhoods PHOTOGRAPHY: Scott Jarson


tHe oasIs By S c o T T j a r S o N Oasis Park, as featured in a postcard from the ‘50s.

In the mid-1950s, at the height of the Ranch-House craze in Arizona, a man by the name of Big Jim Mathews carved 15 acres out of a Scottsdale cotton field into small lots. He built a clubhouse, and christened the place The Oasis. Eventually 95 mobile homes filled the park along with the on-site hobby shop, laundry room, shuffleboard courts, and heated swimming pool. The weekly potlucks and cocktail parties were dressy affairs, and helped build a vibrant community that continues to thrive today. The Oasis is not your typical mobile home park. This historic Scottsdale landmark is a quintessential example of a relaxed American style of architecture that drew retirees and sun-seekers to the Southwest. The tiny yards are landscaped with great care with an eclectic eye toward whimsical landscape sculpture. The western ranch-style that came to define Scottsdale in that era is evident. In nearly all cases the homes are permanently anchored to the site by roofs, cabanas, porches, and decks. Each distinctive home is probably double in size from its original “trailer” which is still visible in its center. The multi-colored neon glow of the Round-Up Drive-In theater sign (situated right across the street) must have made an interesting contrast to the dark desert skies. The Drive-In is history now; Scottsdale has grown. The palm trees have matured, and the land values have increased, but The Oasis continues its weekly potlucks and bridge parties in a tight-knit community that still feels like home.

Defining Desert Living

FaLL 2013

PHOtOgRAPHY: Scott jarson

tasteFuL spaCes

Valley Restaurants

InGo’s tasty FooD Will Bruder Architects

4502 N. 40th St., Phoenix

The newest structure on 40th and Campbell has been a secret, a jewel-box of design created specifically for its purpose: Ingo’s is a new Cafe designed by Architect Will Bruder. With a walk-up eating counter and beer garden seating, it’s certainly a fresh idea. The curvilinear form features a beautiful array of custom concrete block with the exterior wrapped in a perforated metal screen. Inside, the counter is the center of attention. Bright orange swivel chairs are at once new and remembered: this is a fresh and modern version of a favorite food stand of your past. The menu is simple and clean with homemade pretzels, house-made veggie burgers, grass fed beef burgers and a brown rice meal. Beer & wine are offered as well. All of the menu items are available to go, but with design this interesting who would want to leave?


PHOtOgRAPHY: christopher downs

st. FranCIs Wendell Burnette Architects

111 E Camelback Rd., Phoenix

St. Francis Restaurant is a fusion of architecture and the cuisine of Chef Aaron Chamberlin. The designs of multiple spaces for dining are eclectic discoveries of indoor and outdoor spaces that uncover, rediscover and repurpose a piece of Arizona architectural history: the 1955 studio of architect Harold Eckman. A concrete wood-fired oven is board-formed at the heart of the restaurant flowing between one and two-story volumes supporting a new large opening in the double-wythe brick wall where a new double-height space becomes the watering hole for this neighborhood. Here an indoor-outdoor bar fronts the busy street where a full-height glass garage door opens the entire two-story volume to auto and pedestrian traffic entering the restaurant.

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FaLL 2013

Valley Restaurants

tasteFuL spaCes

PHOtOgRAPHY: jill richards photography

tuCk sHop / astor House DJ Fernandes

2245 N. 12th St., Phoenix

Both born from a desire to fulfill the vision of bringing restaurants off of the main commercial strip centers and into the neighborhood. Specifically, the Coronado Historic Neighborhood is the home to Tuck Shop: a dinner only place that features comfort food and twists on familiar dishes and Astor House: her little sister next door featuring “Coronado ‘Cue”, hickory smoked BBQ beef, pork, bird and link. Design and architecture is meant to evoke a sense of community and intimacy within the residential fabric. Modest scale and homey accents pair well with the eclectic treatment of the cuisine providing a complete experience for our customers. /


PHOtOgRAPH: kate mcclendon

PHOtOgRAPHY: Scott jarson

Fnb Craftsman Court T. S. Montgomery

7125 E 5th Ave., Scottsdale

Restaurant FnB occupies what once was a working glass studio. What could be a more fitting home for an owner and chef who’s attention for detail, ingredients, and flavors elevate food to ART? Pavle Milic and co-owner Chef Charleen Badman built FnB into a clearly recognized force in cuisine. So when Pavle looked for a new space, it had to reflect a certain sensibility: “The height, windows and volume of space was really interesting. To find something in Scottsdale that couples character and history was irresistible.” Pavle likes the fact that the location is a bit of a surprise, with a stunning and romantic view. “It’s almost a time capsule” he said, “a suspension of reality.” Which is exactly how we feel after one of their great meals finished with the signature Butterscotch Pudding!

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FaLL 2013

GLobaL perspeCtIve

International Architecture

portuGaL This site is on the outskirts of Leiria, Portugal on a hill overlooking the city. The house is divided into a private area with bedrooms, and a social area with living-rooms. The private areas are at street level with rooms opening to private patios. The living rooms are around a void, that collects light from above. House In Leiria / Architect: Aries Mateus / Photography: Fernando guerra, Sergio guerra

CaLIFornIa A combined car park and terrace covers the roof of this hillside house in Los Angeles. Anonymous Architects designed the single-story home placing the carport on the roof with the residence below. It is situated on the edge of a steep slope, so the floors are arranged from top to bottom, with an entrance on the roof and rooms on the level below. Car Park House Architect: Anonymous Architects Photography: Steve King


Japan Japanese firm mA-style architects designed this simple extension to the main house as a minimum living space. It pursues both maintaining distance and retaining fertile relationships. Koya No Sumika mA-style architects Photography: Kai Nakamura

arGentIna This design of a barbecue area, an extension of an existing house in an area with a high density of native forests. The program consisted of a covered area with a small bathroom, incorporating an existing grill and clay oven. Barbecue in the Woods Architects: Santiago Viale Lescano + Daniella Beviglia / Photography: Lescano + Beviglia

portuGaL Lisbon studio Aires Mateus used only reclaimed timber to construct this pair of waterfront cabins in Comporta, Portugal. The two rustic structures offer a rural retreat for a pair of inhabitants. One hut contains a living area, while the other accommodates a bedroom with a small toilet and sheltered outdoor shower. The construction is entirely finished in reused wood subjected to the weather that will keep changing it. Cabanas No Rio / Architect: Aires Mateus / Photography: Nelson garrido

portuGaL Two accesses located on the opposite ends of the plot distinguish the two entrances: one situated at the highest level allows the car access to the garden and the house, at the lowest level there is access to a parking zone and garden-platform. Cardal House Architects: Cannatà & Fernandes Photography: Luis Ferreira Alves

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neW zeaLanD The house is located on a rise on a Waikato farm overlooking vast limestone bluffs and rolling pasture. The house was commissioned by a young Auckland family with a desire to create a rural retreat to escape the city with immediate and extended family and/or friends. Farm House Architect: RTA Studio, Richard Naish Photography: Whitt Preston

nova sCotIa This project is situated in a glaciated, coastal landscape. The two pavilions float above the shoreline like two ship’s hulls up on cradles for the winter, forming protected outdoor places both between and under them. This is a full-time home for a family of four; consisting of a ‘day pavilion’ and a ‘night pavilion’ — like a pair of binoculars looking out to sea. Two Hull House Architect: Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Photography: greg Richardson

FaLL 2013

’tIs tHe season

Holiday Trinkets & Treasures









It’s about time we had some festive gift wrap for the adults! Introducing this tongue-in-cheek holiday giftwrap, and just in time.


SucculENt Pl ANtERS


WINE RuNNER Space saving racks keep bottles neat and organized, and corks from drying out. Designed by Jakob Wagner. 5

l AzERWOOD kEYS Bring the tactile beauty of wood to your keyboard with Lazerwood Keys. Available in walnut or cherry wood.

RIllEN vESSElS Recognizing the intrinsic, natural qualities of wood, german artist Christoph Finkel pushes the limits of woodworking to create stunning, sculptural vessels.

A hidden LED display, activated by touch or by wrist movement, with vibrating timer and alarm functions to remind and alert.



A set of three solid Walnut wood planters with a natural finish and robin egg blue accents. Includes stainless-steel inserts. 2

bOxcAR 7



White carbon steel & magnolia handles, made exclusively for Best Made by Toshiki Nambu, a 71 year old blacksmith in Japan.

8 13

6 11








This tree is designed using measurements from the golden Ratio, thought to play a role in the human perception of beauty.







tHERm-O bOttlE 14

PARAllEl RADIuS RINg With an open channel exemplifying contemporary design and creating a perfect modern wedding band. Ring is hand carved and lost wax cast.

Made of borosilicate glass, this bottle will keep your beverages the temperature you want- hot tea or coffee will stay hot, cool ice water/beverages will stay cool. Pl ANtER

SAND cONtAINERS Handmade from a mixture of natural stone powder with resin and a wood divider/lid to keep things put.

These ambrosial syrups are lovingly made in small batches using all natural flavors and bottled to look like they were plucked from the shelf of a 19th century grocer.




Eight hexagonal natural wood pencils have brightly hued erasers and are enlivened with silk-screened Andy Warhol aphorisms. 9




Create an instantly lush vertical garden and experience the magical fun of plants in any environment. Made in the USA.

Make funny faces, geometric patterns, and good use of your hands and imagination. Hand-printed wooden blocks.

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FaLL 2013

poCket park

Shine Coffee


By d e B B I e j a r S o N

RENDERINg: kirby Hoyt

What started as an idea to bring the simple comfort

forgotten lot that had been laying fallow and neglected

of a shady place for clients to sit and enjoy, grew to

for years. They could plant a welcoming bosque of trees

something that would not only enhance a business, but

on that site for a fraction of the cost and much less

a neighborhood.

red tape to create an experience far better than any hardscaped patio, and in the process, add a little life

Shine Coffee, owned by Laryn and Christiaan Blok is

to the streetscape.

located at 10 W. Vernon Street, just off the light rail and bordering the Willo Historic Neighborhood. A true

But how to do this and do it well? This question led them

urban coffee shop and tea room, patrons mostly come

to a chance introduction to Landscape Architect Kirby

by bike or foot. A shade structure would be just the thing

Hoyt. They quickly bonded through ideas and a mutual

for people to linger under.

appreciation for what other great cities had successfully created in their urban centers. Places where people can


Suddenly Laryn saw the shade that she yearned for,

come and relax with coffee and commune with friends

but in nature and not structure. Next to the shop was a

and neighbors in a comfortable environment.

tHe seeDs oF tHe IDea Came toGetHer WItH a pLan to LanDsCape tHe vaCant Lot anD Create a sort oF “pop-up-park” tHat WouLD be For tHe enJoyment not onLy oF tHeIr Customers, but tHe CommunIty. anD not surprIsInGLy tHe neIGHborHooD Has embraCeD It.

The seeds of the idea came together with a plan to

association will provide some additional trees and a

landscape the vacant lot and create a sort of “pop-up-

proper plaque to mark the site.

park” that would be for the enjoyment not only of their customers, but the community. And not surprisingly the

What’s more, their success has become an inspiration

neighborhood has embraced it.

for others to explore similar ideas for their communities.

But none of this comes free, so the group turned to the

Within nine short months a couple of ordinary people

online Kickstarter website to promote and raise funds

took an idea of creating shade and communion and

for their project. In 30 days they succeeded in meeting

by Thanksgiving it will become a reality (I’m thinking

their goal of $23,000 with over 300 backers.

turkey leftovers in the park?). But first make sure to stop by Shine coffee as a thank you for bringing a little

As a result Phoenix Renews and Keep Phoenix

life to our community. get yourself the recommended

Beautiful has taken an interest and elected to make this

Cardamom Latte and a fresh slice of pumpkin loaf and

their second “official” park in downtown Phoenix. This

you’ll be made in the shade!

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FaLL 2013

on tHe market

Property Listings |





This hillside view home by Designer Clyde Rousseau lies in a beautiful box-canyon surrounded by Mountain Preserve between the Biltmore Area and PV.

The Stable galleria is a collection of ten unique and one-of-a-kind residential style office suites that anchor a historically significant arts area in Scottsdale.

Price: $3,495,000.00

Price: $2,195,000





This spacious contemporary home has it all: estate lot, block and steel details, six-car garage, tennis, pool and great Pinnacle Peak views! Irreplaceable.

This updated Arcadia Ranch home offers inspiring views of Camelback Mountain, coupled with great history and sensitive architectural renovation.

Price: $1,050,000

Price: $1,298,700

Architecturally Unique Homes



cAmElbAck Pl AcE



This classic Arizona Ranch Home offers a complete update with a contemporary vibe that makes this jewel in the desert an easy choice!

Price: $859,000

Camelback Place was designed by Valley favorite, Architect Alfred Newman Beadle and sports a complete update with designer quality and zen-like yard.



lIvE/WORk/lIgHt R AIl


High-efficiency meets modern in this pair of beautiful new Modern Contemporary homes by RD Design. Bonus flex-suite offers a perfect Live/Work solution.

Eco-sensitive design meets superb materials in this Modernist patio home to create a livable floorplan and superbly detailed living designed by Studio Ma Architects.

Price: $419,000

Price: $479,000 480.425.9300 3707 N. Marshall Way #5 | Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Price: $449,000

All figures and measurements approximate: subject to error, omissions, withdrawal, prior sale and approval of purchase by owner. Copyright 2013 azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson all rights reserved.

In FoCus

Dora Castillo & Rafael Castro

rD DesIGn team By S c o T T j a r S o N There’s a new force for creative InFill homes. RD Design Team, consists of Dora Castillo and Rafael Castro, the





architectural design build team that’s poised to leave a lasting impression on the visual landscape of Phoenix. Their personal story is as compelling as their obvious talents: graduating from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California in 1991, Rafael and Dora had embarked on a design-build career




in their native Mexico led them to relocate. Soon after moving to Arizona they focused on building a verticallyintegrated development company. With three homes completed, they’ve moved forward with lot acquisitions that will allow them to create even more chic, affordable and eco-efficient modern homes. Their blend of unique architectural style; Regional and Mexican influenced Modernism,




both livable and special. Naturally, working



& Jarson was an easy fit. They are fast becoming THE tour de force for Modern In-Fill homes. PHOtOgRAPHY: Highresmedia INSEt: Scott jarson


KNOWLEDgE & ExPERIENCE azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson is the only Real Estate firm in Arizona that specializes in the sales and marketing of Architecturally Unique Homes©. Since 1990, Scott & Debbie Jarson, have stood by their original mission to celebrate and honor Design & Architecture. They remain devoted to adding value to architect-designed properties and are committed to celebrating, encouraging and promoting good design. Over the many years, azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson have been defining desert living by searching out homes from modern to historic, that add enjoyment and harmony to our clients lives. A keen aesthetic sense and a deep appreciation for the Valley’s rare and diverse architecture define their commitment to marketing unique properties like no other firm. azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson remains deeply committed to historic preservation and are proud EcoBroker ® Affliates. Whether you are buying, selling, or are just an enthusiast of Architecture, remember to contact azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson – the Valley’s true experts in Architecturally Unique Homes©. Meet our team or contact us to learn more about how we can help you.


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Architecturally Unique Homes

ÂŽ  480.425.9300 3707 N. Marshall Way #5 | Scottsdale, AZ 85251

HK Associates, Inc. Finger Rock House If your home is currently listed this is not a solicitation. Copyright 2013 azarchitecture/Jarson & Jarson all rights reserved.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Bill Timmerman