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Nigerian maritime agency fails UK students By Alan Oakley

Seventeen Nigerian Maritime students risk of not qualifying for a “Certificate of Competency” because they have received insufficient training, according to spokesman for the students, Hashimu Audi. They have asked Nigeria’s High Commissioner to the UK, Dr Dalhatu Tafida, for support. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reports that the students, who are attending Liverpool John Moores University, are being sponsored under the Nigerian Seafarers Development Programme jointly organised by state governments and the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA). Under the training programme, 10,000

Nigerian students were targeted for maritime education. So far, only two groups made up of students from Benue, Ondo, Niger and Kaduna states, have befitted from the scheme. In his appeal for High Commission support, Audi said the students were yet to embark on the 12 month mandatory Sea Time Training, which would enable them sit the Certificate of Competency examination. He said without the training it would be impossible for them to become seafarers or even teach maritime education, rendering their studies pointless. According to Audi, NIMASA, as facilitator of the programme is yet to arrange for them to embark on the training and has, instead, provided them return tickets back home.

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Nigeria’s High Commissioner to the UK, Dr Dalhatu Tafida

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013


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Speaking with NAN on the issue, Audi said the same fate befell students who were in batch one of the programme: “When they returned home, they were left stranded for many months,” he said, adding: “Before we embarked on this programme, NIMASA is supposed to have written an agreement with a shipping company that will give us Sea Time training. “Our university thought NIMASA had the capacity to facilitate such training for us, because as individuals we cannot apply for Nautical Science on our own, we need facilitation from NIMASA.” Meanwhile, Dr Tafida, who pledged to intervene in the matter, said the High Commission had not been aware of the presence of the students in the institution and their attendance on the programme. NAN reports that the Certificate of Competency would qualify the students as “Second Officer of the Watch.” With this qualification, the students would be equipped with the basic training for ship loading, and offloading, as well as the skills for planning voyages.

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Top UK Institutions Take Futurelearn to India on PM Trade Mission Six of Futurelearn’s partners’ accompanied the Prime Minister, David Cameron on a major business and skills mission to India. The Open University’s ViceChancellor, Martin Bean, has been joined on the visit by VCs from the universities of Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton and Warwick and the CEO of the British Library. Futurelearn was set up by The Open University (OU) in December 2012. Five more UK universities are joining Futurelearn, along with the British Library. Including the OU, Futurelearn now has 18 partners. It is the first UK company to offer free, open and online courses from multiple leading UK institutions. The visit to India has been organised jointly by UK Trade and Investment (UKTi) and the department for Business Industry and Skills (BIS). The Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts is taking part in the mission along with UK business leaders. Martin Bean said: “In joining Futurelearn, the UK’s top institutions have placed themselves at the centre of the discourse on massive open online courses (or MOOCs). The UK’s 800 year-old heritage of teaching and learning coupled with the OU’s unrivalled expertise in distance and online education gives us a powerful proposition to bring to the global market for quality higher education (HE). This visit to India gives us an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of Futurelearn and to share our vision for world-class UK HE that is free and open to all”. As well as the five universities represented in India, Futurelearn is working with the universities of Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, East Anglia, Kings College London, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Queen’s Belfast, Nottingham, Reading and St Andrews. University of Cardiff Vice-Chancellor, Professor Colin Riordan said: “Futurelearn

British Prime Minister David Cameron & Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is an opportunity for Cardiff to help meet access and open data, the University the demand for higher education in India. of Southampton is delighted to join the Cardiff is already a global player, with an OU as one of the foundation partners in academic community recognised for its in- Futurelearn. We are a university with a ternational distinction and impact. We’re strong global outlook and can foresee many pleased to partner with The Open Univer- potential benefits to making our educational sity as one of the first universities to join resources and materials available and Futurelearn and to lead the sector in Wales. accessible to people around the world as This exciting initiative provides a real op- part of this excellent initiative for UK higher portunity to extend access to our high qual- education.” ity education experience, free and open to University of Warwick Vice-Chancellor, all.” Professor Nigel Thrift said: “Futurelearn University of Exeter Vice-Chancellor and will draw on Warwick’s already significant Chief Executive, Professor Sir Steve Smith, experience of creating and delivering insaid: “As one of the founding partners, the novative online teaching and learning. This University of Exeter is very pleased to see includes online course material already deFuturelearn welcoming new partners. The veloped by Warwick Business School, WarUniversity of Exeter has an extensive set wick Business School’s renowned distance of relationships in India, and we see The learning MBA, and the significant online Open University and Futurelearn as key education and engagement provided by strategic partners in developing our work in Warwick’s International Gateway for Gifted India and beyond. I look forward to work- Youth. We are delighted to bring that experiing with Martin Bean and other partners ac- ence, and add some of our innovative teachcompanying the Prime Minister on this trip ing, to this initiative.” to deepen existing relationships and develop Futurelearn is currently developing its new ones.” website and curriculum. The first students University of Southampton Vice- will start studying courses developed by the Chancellor, Professor Don Nutbeam said: partner universities later this year. “As a recognised pioneer of both open

Tunisia crisis deepens as PM resigns Adding to the nation’s political crisis prompted by the assassination of opposition leader Chokri Belaid, Tunisia’s Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali has announced his resignation following a meeting with President Moncef Marzouki.

On February 14, Jebali threatened to resign if his proposal for a new government line-up was rejected. Four days later, Abdelhamid Jelassi, vice-president of the ruling Islamist party, rejected the move saying the outgoing prime minister “did not ask the opinion of his party”. Jebali told a televised news conference after the meeting with the

President. “I promised and assured that, in the event that my initiative failed, I would resign as head of the government, and that is what I have done.” The Prime Minister underlined that he is not going to lead another government unless he receives assurances on the timing of new elections and on the establishment of a new constitution. “My resignation does not mean I quit my duties towards this country…the government has to avoid political tensions…I will not be part of a similar experience where the date of the elections is not specified. “There will be no political void - the failure of this initiative does not mean the

failure of Tunisia,” he said. Foreign minister, Rafik Abdessalem, announced Tunisia’s ruling Ennahda party is willing renew its confidence in Jebali, if the 64 year-old engineer consents to lead a mixed government of politicians and technocrats. However, hours before Jebali’s resignation, Zoubeir Chhoudi, a member of Ennahdha’s Shura Council, didn’t rule out the possibility for assigning the Prime Minister’s post to another politician. “We have to renew our trust in him [Jebali], but if he resigns then we have to assign someone else,” Chhoudi stressed.


Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013


Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013




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The death of black youth around the world why? Dear Editor,

I write with regards to recent story of the teenagers killed as they fled from a party where fight broke out, Justin Davenport, Emer Martin and Mark Blunden. Why are our youth not safe anymore? The death of Peter Hagan is a senseless and gruesome killing, leaves us mourning death of the young ones all the time. Then that of the twin Joseph Burke-Monrville brings tears to ones eye, all in one day, a terrible shock to the family, how do you console families that have not even gotten to know their children as they evolved into adulthood. My condolence to the families, I am lost for words, as the families will be going through unimaginable pain, that many would not understand, my heart goes out to them, as they grieve through this period, as for the rest of us we must now understand, it is time to act, we must go to the root and face the facts, no more short term measures, they are not working. The guns are still coming in, this place is like a war zone, hence serious action to stem guns must be taken. It is at this juncture that a send my sincere condolence to both families, so young yet gone, but not to be alone, as they go to God heavenly dome, in all our hearts they will remain, may God strengthen the parents to withstand the pain. Death, death why come for our natural wealth, why create a tragedy, the pain you create is brutal, your act is evil, another two dead, we still all feel the pain no matter what is said, may the tender loving souls Peter and Joeseph RIP.

International Mother Tongue Day 2013 This 21 February 2013 marks the fourteenth International Mother Tongue (Language) Day. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established the day in 1999, and the day has been celebrated across the globe since February 2000. So what’s it all about? Well, International Mother Language Day aims to promote linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as multilingualism. The theme for this year is “The Book” and hence the proposal is: Read texts, folk stories, poems etc. in your local language to children at home, playgroup, place of worship, party or “somewhere in public”, if possible, to make people aware of the status of many lesser resourced languages or local languages in the world. Somewhere in public could for example be: public libraries, universities, schools, restaurants, cafés etc. Even radio stations and TV stations could contribute by dedicating a “corner” in the news or another programme to this day. Often you cannot create your event exactly on the 21st of February, we already do know that, well you can of course choose a date “around” International Mother Lan-

Ade Abudu

guage Day as well and extend it over the weekend (Thursday, 21st to Sunday, 24th of February). Networking will help to get events done. The goal is to reach people, even only a few, not to have super big events. We should then keep this way of “communicating International Mother Language Day” to people up for the coming years and extend the network of places where a reading takes place step by step. In this way we very likely will be

able to raise awareness of people for all the Mother Languages in the world, particularly the Yoruba Language. Let’s pass it on to our children. “The great and most powerful gift a parent can give their child is to pass their language and their culture …” To celebrate the International Mother Tongue Day on this Thursday, 21st of February, our society recommends that we speak only Yoruba Language with our respective families on this special day. Furthermore, we can involve the families in events to promote understanding and speaking of Yoruba language over the weekend, be it at the Mosque on Friday, Church on Sunday and/ or social gatherings. You may like to ask ‘What happens thereafter and do we wait for another anniversary’? We suggest that you allocate a day in the week/fortnight/month for speaking Yoruba in your household. Please note message below. Ede Yoruba ko ni paarun o! Ipade wa bi oyin o! Ade Abudu Egbe Ifesemule ati Ilosiwaju Ede Yoruba

RE: African Migrant Could Save $4 billion annually in remittance fees - World Bank You may be aware that a recent World Bank report cites that lowering remittance fees to five percent can save African migrants $4 billion annually in remittance fees. MoneyGram is reminding the marketplace that MoneyGram remittance costs are already five percent, and in some cases even less depending on the size of the transaction. For example, in the UK, Africans can send up to £100 for as little as £4.90 and money will be available for collection in more than 20,000 bank locations across Africa in minutes.

Nubian Emperor, London

I would be happy to have an interview with you to remind your listeners and viewers, as many of whom rely on our money transfer services to send money back home, that we will continue to save them money and provide highly competitive pricing. I will follow up with you in a couple of days to see when we can schedule an interview.

Thanks! Oluwaseyi Oke MoneyGram UK London Office

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Fashion Mubarak PM to face additional charges

Deola Sagoe Deola Sagoe is a fashion visionary with a unique approach to her craft that has endeared her to fans and followers all over the world.

Politics 2013 budget: Presidency, National Assembly at loggerhead

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013



Tea with ‘The Duchess’ By Jachimma Nwachukwu

An exclusive interview with gorgeous radio & television show host Nena ‘The Duchess’ Ubani. Voice of Africa Radio DJ Nena Ubani, most popularly known as ‘The Duchess of VOAR’ in collaboration with photographer and producer Brian Wood, have begun 2013 with the launch of her new television series ‘Tea with the Duchess’. Q: Tell us about your new show. What is ‘Tea with The Duchess’ about? A: Guests pop in for a quick chat with me over tea. For my first interview, I had tea with Adonis O’Holi at ‘The Charcoal Grill’ in Wood Green, north London. We talked about his modelling career, poetry, football and his recent crowning as Mr Africa International 2012. We also took pictures and he was a star by doing some topless in -2 degrees weather. It was much fun. I didn’t realise how much I laughed or how many times a minute I say ‘amazing’. Q: How was it received by your fans? A: Oh my days! I got over six thousand

views in two days. I was so pleasantly surprised. I felt so very humbled. I wasn’t expecting anything close to that at all. Q: How do you balance out your work on the radio, filming for your show and life at home with the family? A: I can’t say I’ve completely mastered it but it is all about prioritising. As well as being a prominent afrobeats radio show host and now TV presenter, Nena Ubani is also an author, successful impresario, columnist and founder of Igbokwenu Media. Q: We understand that you are also a writer. A: I write a bi-weekly column for African World newspaper. It’s called ‘60 minutes with The Duchess.’ I’ve also written a few children’s books soon to be published.

Nena Ubani presenting on VOAR

Q: When and why did you set up Igbokwenu Media? A: I set it up in 2008 out of my passion for promoting Igbo language and culture. You can watch The Duchess’ interviews on or 8-m every Thursday on VOAR

Nena on an interview session

Photo: by Brian Would

Nollywood Legend Justus Esiri dies aged 71

Late Justus Esiri

Nollywood is in a state of mourning. One of it’s legends has fallen. Legendary actor Justus Esiri has died. Esiri became a household name in Nigeria because of his role as the Village Headmaster in a popular 80’s TV sitcom. Nollywood fans in the UK mourn Justus Esiri, one of the most valuable assets of the Nigeria film industry. Esiri, a recipient of the prestigious African Film Awards in the UK was well celebrated by both young and old fans. He passed away on Monday night after a short-time battle with an undisclosed ailment in his hometown. A source said the now late Justus Esiri has been secretly battling an age related

illness for a while but his family chose to make it a secret. His son, Onoriode Esiri, known commonly as, Dr SID, a Nigerian singer-songwriter, is the youngest child of the deceased. Condolence messages have begun to pour in as President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday described the late Esiri as an epitome of commitment, excellence and creativity. In a condolence message signed by his Media Adviser, Dr. Rueben Abati, the President re-iterated his belief that Nollywood actors have carved a positive image for Nigeria in the eyes of the international community, with the late Esiri, a Member of the Order of the Niger (MON), having contributed in no small measure to the creation and sustenance of that image. The late Justus Esiri was born in November 1942 in Oria, Abraka, Delta State. His studied at Catholic Secondary school in Warri in year 1948 before proceeding to Maximillan University in Munich, German in 1964. He also attended Prof. Weners Institute of Engineering, West Berlin, 1967 and the Ahrens School of Performing Arts in 1968. Justus Esiri, detoured into motion picture production in 1968 as a staff of the Schiller Theater, Berlin, Germany, where he stayed till 1976. During the 1977 FESTAC held in Lagos, he choreographed the Modern Dress exhibition. He was Production Manager for Dinner With The Devil. He worked as News translator and Newscaster with the Voice of Nigeria (German Service).

Late Justus Esiri at a reception in the UK

Photos by: Daniel Sync

Late Esiri with other Nollywood actors on a visit to London


Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013



Re-name streets after late war heroes - Labour The Labour party has spoken in favour of re-naming streets after war heroes who lost their lives in the tour of duty in Afghanistan and elsewhere. This call was made to councils in show the party’s position in appreciating the roles of these soldiers and appreciating the situation of loss which their families are experiencing. The party notes that it would be a ‘lasting personal memorial’. While Ministers have supported the call expressing their inclination to ‘any ideas that pay tribute to our fallen heroes’. On his part, the Shadow Defence secretary, Jim Murphy, said: “Those who have been lost will always be remembered and loved by their families. In a letter to all councils, Mr Murphy and shadow communities and local government secretary Hilary Benn urged local authorities to adopt the policy. To this end, Labour advocates that Councils should approach the families of the bereaved soldiers to ascertain if they would show choice of particular streets they suggest be named in their memories. It is expected that this may reflect the activities or interests of the

late soldiers and thus be relevant to the local environment. “Street naming will be a chance for their names to live publicly and forever.” In consultation with the family, the location and precise name of a road or street would be decided on, with people living in the street also consulted. An official opening ceremony, organised by the council, could then be arranged. Shadow communities and local government secretary, Hilary Benn, urged local authorities to adopt the policy and added that ‘Barking and Dagenham Council have found a visible and enduring way for their local community to honour the memory of residents that have fallen in the brave service of our nation’. In 2011, Barking and Dagenham renamed a road after Private Tony Rawson, who was killed in Helmand province in Afghanistan in 2007. Similarly, a new street of council houses in the borough was named Martin Kinggett Gardens after Rifleman Kinggett, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010. Minister for local government, Brandon Lewis, agreed that ‘it is right to honour our brave servicemen and women given the debt of gratitude we owe them’ and pointed out

Ed Miliband British Labour Party Leader

that ‘government (would) support any ideas that pay tribute to our fallen heroes. It is necessary to note that Councils have

the power to change street names and honour local armed forces personnel in this way or in any other way they may so consider.

Unemployment Rate Falls in UK According to statistics released from Downing Street, the unemployment rates and indices labour have largely improved. The report claimed that less people were now dependent on government for the Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) and over a hundred thousand people had found themselves gainful employment. So positive was the report that it claimed that the UK employment rate was higher than that of the United States of America and the Eurozone. Secretary for Works and Pensions, Ian Duncan Smith, in explaining the role of his department, attributed this to the support and training given individuals to enable them find themselves back at work. “The UK is now ahead of many its international rivals when it comes to cutting unemployment and creating jobs which is so important as we compete in a global race.” The number of young people at work was also noted to have increased and fewer still claiming the Job Seeker’s Allowance. Overall the number of people claiming the JSA fell by 12,500 in the last month and this also impacted on the fall of the number of claimants in the last twelve months. The Secretary added that while more women were back at work, more women were indeed at work than ever before.


Quoting official statistics, long term unemployment fell this quarter to its lowest in nearly a year by 15,000 while overall unemployment was put at 2.5 million down by 14,000. Noting that the government is committed to helping more people into work, it is reported that the Work Programme has helped more than 200,000 people, at risk of long term unemployment, off benefits and into jobs. The statistics thus claimed that those who have been on the main out of work benefits since May, 2010 was about 230,000. The employment rate is thus up by 0.3 points on the quarter and up 1.1 points on the year to give a percentage value of 71.5%. This reflects the employment level rising 154,000 on the previous quarter and 584,000 on the year. The impact of this progress supports claims the UK’s unemployment rate has fallen faster than any other G7 country; and over the same period the UK’s employment rate has also risen faster than any other G7 country. However, through the Youth Contract, the government is offering nearly 500,000 opportunities to young people over the next three years through work experience, apprenticeships and wage incentives for employers in one of is designs to aid employment among youths.

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013


Suspicious child death fans US adoption fire Russia The death of a 3 year-old adopted Russian boy in the United States has prompted Russian investigators to open an inquiry, potentially aggravating a dispute with Washington over adoptions in Russia. Russian officials said they were concerned that Maxim Shatto, whose Russian name is Maxim Kuzmin, may have been badly beaten before his death on January 21 at his home in Texas. Moscow seized on the case as justifying a new law banning adoptions of Russian children by Americans, a measure that has escalated a tit-for-tat battle with Washington over trade and human rights. “I would like to draw your attention to yet another case of inhumane treatment of a Russian child adopted by American parents,” Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s human rights representative, said in a statement. Shatto was adopted with his younger brother Kirill from an orphanage in Pskov in northwest Russia. US authorities said the circumstances surrounding the boy’s death were under inves

tigation, and the results of an autopsy were pending. Texas child welfare authorities were also investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect in the case, a process that can take a month or more, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services spokesman Patrick Crimmins said on Tuesday (February 19). Crimmins said one of the main priorities was ensuring the safety of the boy’s 2-yearold brother, who remains in the home. Russia’s Investigative Committee, a government body in charge of criminal investigations, has opened 10 investigations into actions suspected of “threatening the lives and health” of Russian-born children in the United States. “The Investigative Committee will take all necessary measures to ensure that the killer of a Russian child suffers the most severe punishment,” it said in a statement. In Washington, US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said it was local law enforcement’s responsibility to investigate the boy’s death. “It is a terrible tragedy that this child has died. But none of us, not here, not anywhere in the world, should jump to a conclusion

60,000 Russian children have been adopted into US families since 1991 about the circumstances until the police have had a chance to investigate,” Nuland told reporters at her daily briefing. Russia banned US adoptions as of January 1 in retaliation for the US Magnitsky Act, drawn up over concern about the death in a Russian prison of anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in 2009. The act will deny visas to Russians accused of human rights abuses and freeze their assets in the United States.

American families adopt more Russian children than those of any other country, with more than 60,000 cases since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. Moscow has said its ban was justified by the deaths of 19 Russian-born children adopted by US parents in the past decade, and what they perceive as lenient treatment of the parents. The US embassy in Moscow did not immediately comment.

Enslaved women win apology, compensation French family snatched in reprisal attack Ireland


A lone survivor holds a silent vigil outside Ireland’s Parliament

The Taoiseach (prime minister) of the Republic of Ireland, Enda Kenny, has formally apologised for what he is calling “the nation’s shame” in instituting the infamous Magdalene Laundries – Church-run workhouses in which 10,000 women and girls were imprisoned and abused “like slaves”. The workhouses were still operating as recently as the 1990s. On Tuesday (February 19), Mr Kenny said the state accepted its direct involvement in an apology coming two weeks after a report revealed thousands of women forced into the workhouses were verbally and physically abused. Survivors voiced dissatisfaction at Mr Kenny’s “expression of sympathy” after the report was published, placing him under pressure to issue a full apology.

Speaking at a parliamentary debate attended by twenty survivors, Mr Kenny said: “I, as Taoiseach, on behalf of the State, the government and our citizens deeply regret and apologise unreservedly to all those women for the hurt that was done to them, and for any stigma they suffered, as a result of the time they spent in a Magdalene Laundry.” The twenty hands and wept as Mr Kenny spoke, before joining members of the Dail (Parliament) in giving the Taoiseach a standing ovation. Representative group, Magdalene Survivors Together, was also hoping to hear details of a compensation scheme and Mr Kenny said payments will be made along with other forms of support, such as medical cards and psychological and counselling services.

are believed to be in the north but 6,200 in total are registered as living in Cameroon. French defence minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, pointed the finger at Boko Haram but said it was not clear whether the kidnapping was linked to France’s intervention against Islamist rebels in Mali. French tourists were kidnapped on Tuesday in Waza “We believe that the National Park in northern Cameroon Boko Haram sect carFrance’s foreign ministry has told ried out this kidnapping, but we don’t yet French citizens to evacuate northern have a claim of responsibility,” Le Drian Cameroon, following the kidnapping told France 2 television. of seven members of a French family. “These are groups that claim the same The Nigerian Islamist group Boko Har- fundamentalism, who use the same metham is suspected by officials of carrying out ods, whether it’s in Mali, Somalia or Nithe kidnap. The family of seven, including geria,” he said. four pre-teen children, were snatched by The tourists were kidnapped at around six gunmen on three motorbikes on Feb- 7 am. in a small village about six miles ruary 19 and, according to officials, taken from the Nigerian border in the north of across the border into Nigeria. the country, a popular holiday destination In a notice, the French foreign min- for Westerners. istry urged citizens in the far north “to The kidnappings come amid a Frenchleave the area as quickly as possible” and led intervention in Mali to oust Islamist advised against travel to areas bordering rebels. Eight French citizens are being held Nigeria until further notice. The ministry in the Sahel region by Islamist groups. could not say how many French citizens 7


Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013

International investors buoy capital’s property market By Ugo Arinzeh

While 2012 was a year of tumult and uncertainty across many global cities, London retained its distinction as a relatively safe haven for international investment.

The city continued to attract global interest and buyers particularly in the housing market which experienced 8.7% price growth in 2012 compared with -1.4% for New York, -4% for Paris and -6% for Geneva (Knight Frank Spring 2013 Residential Review). Key drivers that continue to fuel demand include status as a global financial centre, relatively stable political environment, transparency and lifestyle benefits. London has also been the continued beneficiary of relative instability in other countries, especially the eurozone crisis, which has pushed Europeans, particularly the Italians and French, to seek safe haven in sterling denominated assets (though the overall market is still lead by Russian, US and Indian buyers). This has resulted in prices in prime Central London to be 53% higher than the post-downturn trough of March 2009 (and over 20% above the former peak of 2007). However, 2012’s increase did see a slowing of price growth compared to previous years as the March budget announcements included

Luxury Apartments in Belgravia, London’s Most Sought-after Address a significant increase in the stamp duty top provided with the December Finance Bill, rate from 5% to 7% and the introduction of but suppression of buyer interest and the a 15% rate for assets owned by non-natural resulting reduction of 2012 volumes had persons (NNPs). While those changes took already taken effect. effect immediately, a consultation over an The make up of buyers in Central London annual charge on +£2M properties owned was still heavily skewed toward foreigners. by these structures and possible reform of According to Knight Frank, the proportion Capital Gains Tax were also announced. of £1M+ sales in London to non-UK buyThis created an air of uncertainty in the ers was 51%, rising to 60% for properties markets, as many buyers took a “wait and priced over above £5M. Within London, see” approach. Much needed clarity was South Kensington had the largest number of international buyers as a percentage of sales in 2012, while Knightsbridge, Kensington, Hyde Park and Belgravia continued to be top destinations for wealthy overseas buyers.

On the letting front, rents declined in 2012 after having experienced prolonged growth over the previous several years. Rental performance is strongly correlated to the strength of financial services jobs, as the sector experienced significant job losses in 2012 that are expected to continue in 2013. One data point from specialist City recruiter Morgan McKinsley registered a year-onyear drop in hiring activity of 24% in December 2012. However, while the City’s employment figures remain bleak, there is optimism coming from the technology and media sectors (which contributed 30% of all office leases). Additionally, overall demand for rental housing is very strong as the supply/demand ratio remains out of balance, favouring landlords. London is estimated to have a continued and significant housing shortage over the next 20 years. Overall general consensus for growth and price appreciation in the London housing market for 2013 is generally flat. The employment situation in the financial services sector remains troubling but other sectors may make up the losses. The pound was relatively weak in 2012 but a competitive exchange rate benefits London’s property sector and encourages foreign investment (recent economic outlook has put pressure on the pound, resulting in sterling-based assets becoming a better value for euro-denominated buyers). London remains at the top of most lists of places to live and its stature as a global financial centre is unlikely to change in the medium term.

South Africa Ranked Top African Emerging Economy South Africa has been ranked as the leading emerging economy in Africa and the only country on the continent to be ranked in the top 15 worldwide, according to the Emerging Markets Opportunity Index done by international advisory firm Grant Thornton.

The country also ranked ahead of Nigeria as a potential investment destination, coming in at 14th on the index while Nigeria ranked 17th. “Although recent events in the mining sector have hurt our country’s reputation as a destination of choice for foreign direct investment (FDI), there are significant benefits that continue to attract investors,” Grant Thornton South Africa’s national chairperson, Deepak Nagar, said in a statement. The index analyses a variety of indicators from Grant Thornton’s International Business Report, the International Monetary Fund and United Nations Human Development Report. Indicators include economic size, population, growth prospects and levels of development to rate the countries potential 8

to attract business investment. “With Nigeria improving its ranking by nine places since the previous survey, South Africa will need to improve its competitive edge in order to maintain its leading ranking in the years to come,” Nagar said. The index showed inflows of foreign direct investment into South Africa have been irregular over the past 10 years and that FDI in the first six months of 2012 dropped by 44% compared to the same period in 2011. The growth of the country’s banking sector and financial services could help improve levels of FDI though. “It is a well-known fact internationally that SA’s financial systems are sophisticated, robust and well regulated while its economy boasts a worldclass securities exchange,” he said. “The government has identified massive infrastructure projects as key to boosting the economic growth rate, as well as creating employment, and it is spending billions of rand on getting the investment ball rolling.” The index also showed that business expect to grow in 2013; 71% of local businesses expect an increase in revenue and forecast 4.1% growth between 2013 and 2017.

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013


Nigeria needs $1.91 billion annually to improve portable water supply ``Government is actually investing signifiPresident Goodluck Jonathan said cantly in the water sector. that an estimated N350 billion (1.91 ``However, the situation in our rural and billion dollars) would be needed sub-urban areas as regards access to clean every year for Nigeria to meet the water remains unacceptable. demand for portable water. ``On the average, only one in five rural The President made the disclosure while declaring open a two-day Presidential Summit on Water with the theme ``Innovative Funding of the Water Sector in Nigeria’’. Jonathan said his administration had made investments to boost various aspects of the sector, from the line budget and special funds dedicated to ecological matters and natural resources. According to him, in 2011, N40.94 billion was budgeted and untilised on water sector. He said that in 2012, over N43.6 billion was spent on water supply excluding expenditure on specific projects. The President said the specific projects funded in 2012 included the Goronyo Dam N3.4 billion; Kashimbila Dam - N38 billion; Gurara Dam and irrigation- N36 billion and Ife Dam - N3 billion. In 2013, Jonathan said government proposed N39 billion from line budget to be spent on water related projects in addition to special intervention funds. He, however, said that the fund spent had not achieved the desired results in the sector.

households has clean water at home. ``Most families collect water from unsafe sources, such as rainfalls, ponds, streams and rivers. ``It is estimated that over 350 billion naira (1.91 billion dollars) will be needed annually to meet our water and sanitation targets. Meanwhile, United Nation last Monday launched the International Year of Water Cooperation which seeks to provide a platform for countries to collaborate in the management of the precious resource in the interest of peace and development. ``Water is central to the well-being of people and the planet,’’ UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon said in his video message for the International Year of Water Cooperation 2013. ``We must work together to protect and carefully manage this fragile, finite resource. ``More than half of the world’s people depend daily on water resources shared by more than one country and 90 per cent of the global population live in countries that share river or lake basins.’’

President Jonathan attends 3rd Africa-South America Summit in Malabo He added that 60 per cent of the world’s 276 ter stress. ``Competition is growing between farminternational river basins lacked any type of ers and herders, industry and agriculture, cooperative management framework. town and country. Ban stressed that with rising demands ``Upstream and downstream and across and changing climate conditions, it would borders, we need to cooperate for the benefit be crucial for countries to work together to of all now and in the future. ensure that every person had access to qual``The General Assembly proclaimed 2013 ity water. International Year for Water Cooperation in ``Each year brings new pressures on wa2010, following a proposal from Tajikistan,’’ ter. One-third of the world’s people already he said. live in countries with moderate to high wa-

Security agencies to rescue kidnapped foreign workers to stamping out all forms of terrorism and criminal abduction in the country. He urged all Nigerians and foreigners in the country to continue to go about their normal business in the full assurance that the government and national security agencies are working tirelessly to curb threats to security in all parts of the country. Nigerian authorities have confirmed that one Briton, one Greek, one Italian, three Lebanese and one Filipino were seized, but no further details have been released.

British Foreign secretary, William Hague

President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered the nation’s security agencies to take all necessary action to locate and rescue the foreign construction workers who were abducted from their camp by terrorists in Bauchi State.

President Jonathan commiserated with the family of the guard who was reportedly killed in the attack on Jamaáre,

An Islamic terrorist group linked to alQaeda has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of the seven foreigners Ansaru’s statement said it had kidnapped the workers because of “the transgression and atrocities shown to the religion of Allah by the European countries in many places such as Afghanistan and Mali”. Foreign embassies in Nigeria have issued travel warnings regarding northern Nigeria. The British foreign secretary, William Hague is considering what action to take.

Bauchi State. He assured the relatives of the kidnapped foreign workers as well as the governments of their countries that the Federal Government and its security agencies were doing everything possible to find their abductors and ensure the safe release of all those they abducted. The President condemned the kidnapping of the workers and reaffirmed the Federal Government’s total commitment 9

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013


All Progressives Congress(APC), prepare for national convention Opposition parties are preparing for their national conventions to formally approve the formation of All Progressives Congress(APC), the Publicity Secretary of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has disclosed in Lagos.

He described the extra-ordinary conventions being planned by the political parties as a critical element of the merger process. Following the resolution of the parties at the conventions, which must be witnessed by the officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the party chairmen will consequently notify the electoral agency that they have merged into APC, Mohammed said. The letters conveying the decision to merge must also be signed by the party chairmen, secretaries and treasurers. The ACN chieftain said within 30 days, INEC must respond to the collective request for merger in either a positive or negative way. If no response is forth-coming, he said the merger instantly takes effect at the expiration of the 30 days. From that time, the par-

ticipating parties will cease to exist. The parties may share information and ideas on the modalities for conducting the conventions, but they may not hold simultaneously because INEC officials must participate. Indeed, a 21-day notice to INEC about the special convention must be fulfilled as a critical condition. Mohammed indicated that the separate conventions may hold in the spate of two months from now, but the detailed arrangements are for the parties. However, only three parties are making plans to hold national conventions for now. They are the ACN, Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP). The fourth party, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) is still divided on the issue. While key figures in the party, including Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha and Senator Annie Okonkwo are actively involved in the merger, the party hierarchy has not given their definite backing. Mohammed, who spoke on a live television programme, cautioned against viewing the merger process from the participa-

tion of the parties alone. He explained that groups and individuals are also involved in the attempts to liberate the country from the jaw of the inept Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government. He said, with the birth of the new party, there will now be a balance of terror in the polity. The ACN chieftain said preparations for the conventions have become the next assignment, following the agreement on the logo of the APC in principle. He stressed: “We have agreed on the logo, in principle. What remains is that the merging parties

will hold extra-ordinary national conventions to pass resolutions that they have merged. The conventions must be witnessed by the INEC. “After the conventions, the chairmen of the merging parties will write letters to inform INEC. It will be signed by the chairmen, secretaries and treasurers of the parties. The letter from a political party must be accompanied by N100,000. Within 30 days, INEC must say yes or no”. Culled from Nations Newspaper, Nigeria.

Photos: Taofeeq Adejare

From Left – Imo State Governor,Owelle Rochas Okorocha,Governor State of Osun ,Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola,Oyo State Governor, Senator.Abiola Ajimobi,Bornu State Governor,Hon. Kashim Shettima, Zanfara State Governor,Alhaji Abdul Azeez and Lagos State Governor,Babatunde Raji Fashola during the Second Meeting of the Progressive Governor’s Alliance [PGA] at Lagos House Abuja

From Left – Imo State Governor,Owelle Rochas Okorocha,Governor State of Osun ,Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola,Oyo State Governor, Senator.Abiola Ajimobi,Bornu State Governor,Hon. Kashim Shettima, Zanfara State Governor and Alhaji Abdul Azeez during the Second Meeting of the Progressive Governor’s Alliance [PGA] at Lagos House Abuja 10

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013



Is Religion A Challenge to Development in African States? By Peter Olorunnisomo


Desmond Tutu had attended a day of seminar papers organized by the Royal African Society recently and I must confess that the papers were well themed and the focus being the role of religion in the developmental scheme in Africa couldn’t have been any less significant. But what would have pleased me the most was to get the ears of the agents of development in public service to be stung by the opinions of stake-holders who thronged the venue for a piece of instrumental take-away. For reasons of time at the event, opinions suffered limited airing rather than for the lack of it. But it was, indeed, for such a rousing prognosis of the situation that I walked away knowing I had something, possibly, at variance with other opinions to say. As experiences were re-canted, I wondered if we were talking, indeed, about Africa where the notion of religion was more than a matter of choice. In the west, you could do or think as you liked, and you were yet comfortable as the State had infrastructure to enable you, such that if you were even lazy, it was budgeted for. Africa presented a façade to those that looked at her strictly from the map. There was absolute need to visit her many crowns and crannies. One needed to understand the thinking,

the philosophy of the peoples, and the socio-political terrain that each nationstate and state-nation was built on. An ideal country would be the plural societies of a country like Nigeria where the battle ground for belief is still fresh with tragic stories for over a hundred years, to say the least, in the face of westernization thrown at her. People have gone the way of education to escape, aspire, and re-incarnate themselves only to be lost somewhere on the bridge of ‘development’ if they ever stop. They find that they have left a lot of others behind and it has now become late to carry them along. The immediate consequence is a shift in value judgments and priorities. Like the Malthusian, development to one is arithmentic and to the other geometric. Development in the west was founded on philosophies which were tested; and shaped not only the peoples’ thinking but also what has become a way of life. Whether it serves morality, truth, order, technology, politics, ethics, and social structures positively or negatively is rendered inconsequential by the constitutional recognition and pronouncements of individual and governmental responsibilities. For the African, the perennial presence of poverty, political irresponsibility,

and the confusion occasioned the clash of western and cultural philosophies leaves most people at dagger point. For instance, some cultures believe that a gift is a gift merited or unmerited and does not require to be accounted for. Therefore what kind of help can the London or Paris Club offer as loan when you need to pay first the interest rates before the principal? What kind of good- natured support do you give when grants are given instalmentally and you make a condition of accounting for the last one before you give another? Whereas this philosophy is akin to western cultures, it is not understood in the same perspective in Africa. A simple principle allowing you to state claim as your brother’s keeper prevails on any one to take on say a single child or two at most for care-taking rather than converging them in a motherless babies home. The parameters of care and adoption at this level are almost the same because one will not be allowed to take on a child if he or she is not seen to be financial able to give support. While the African support has a cultural mechanism in social class stratification and hierarchy, the western condenses authority in a few whose job will be to probe an evaluation of competence. In essence, religion in Africa is

primordial and explains virtually everything and informs on them as well. But because culture supports the African religions, people are torn between which to comply with or rather settle for a admixture that supports one’s goal(s). It is thus a tool to compel, reason, induce, command, explain, and plan one’s individual or corporate future. Culture therefore recommends expectation and role definition. It is in the face of this that we find that a number of African office holders in the democratic enterprise yet seek the acquiescence and fellowship of religious leaders of whatever strata and play on belief mechanisms to influence core issues like elections. Because of the social inadequacies, the people are easily mobilized psychologically into compliance because of the cultural structures on the ground. Thus you find reverence significantly displayed to persons with cultural offices more than their westernized counterparts. Significantly therefore, if you were to attempt to empower religious leaders to aid development in a typical city, you would be contesting against the different religious principles, followerships, religious identities, and there relationship with your system of social values and therefore what you will term development. Development therefore finds realization in many shades, all preponderant in the levels of socio-political realities of the governed. The principles of developmental stimulation and support often times negate the reality of societal pluralities such that allow for an inter-play of sectarianism, tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, and favouritism. Meritocracy is thus under-valued. Politicians and technocrats who should establish objective standards of development often fall far short of expectation for so many obvious reasons. By complication therefore, development does not have the same cloak and appearance but only become relevant and achieved given the circumstance of execution whether as a policy or provision. Rather unfortunately, the only standard measurement for positive development rests in the hands of those who are able to hold both the ‘bread and knife’. And these must meet the governmental structures at their various points of role responsibility. Otherwise, as the assembly pointed out, ‘we in the diaspora must do what we can and be seen to be doing if we are to be supported’. But do the people in Africa believe in you? 11

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013


Nigeria News

Invest in Nigeria: a bankable blueprint

Photos: Bukola Grace Odusina

By Peter Olorunnisomo


From left: Chief Bimbo Folayan, Dr. Dalhatu Tafida, Paul Duffen, David Lamb and Chief Adebayo Oladimeji he Banking Hall of the Nigeria High Commission, London on the evening of the Tuesday, 19th February, 2013, indeed, banked a fusion of members of the Nigerian community in Diaspora, members of the diplomatic corps notably Excellencies Ephraim W. Ngare and Nkwelle Ekaney from the Kenyan and Cameroun High Commissions respectively. Attendance also included the gentlemen of the press and the host Commissioner Ambassador (Dr.) Dalhatu Tafida, OFR, CFR and his deputy Ambassador Oluwatoyin Lawal ably supported by the lieutenants and head, staff of the various departments at the Nigeria Mission House. The event was the launch of the 3rd edition of Invest in NIGERIA published in partnership with the Nigeria High Commission, London by Newsdesk Media, London. The product, which is a 170-page document of reportage across the plains of both public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy, does deserve commendation largely from the depth of its research, its span of opinion, and the purpose for which it is meant to serve. Coming out soon, after the intermittent periods of a very high powered delegation from Nigeria featuring key ministers of national policy and development and also the visit of the country’s President to the UK. It does show the efforts of the government of the day to drive the nation’s economy to a viable state in order to prosecute its agenda towards improved public services and achieving macro-economic stability. 12

By reining in international investors and key sector players into the vibrant and developing economic landscape of commercial activities. And particularly that the Nigeria High Commission, UK was playing its part in the realisation of this national objective. In his invitation to the economic and industrial world, His Excellency, Dr. Dalhatu Tafida established that the enabling environment for investment in Nigeria was ripe and ‘those opportunities can be best grasped when viewing the rapid changes that are taking place in Nigeria – not just in economic terms, but also in the transformation of the political landscape and policy agenda.’ This further explicates the concerns and scope of this investment document. The call is, therefore, not merely to invite investors but also to point out areas of investment using statistics where necessary and applicable to emphasise the credibility of contexts and progress made and foreseeable. It is noteworthy that some reports have been generated by the sector agencies themselves and, at other times, we see a mandate, structure, and goal(s) others informative e.g. Nexim Bank, The Nigeria Institute of International Affairs, and the agricultural focus of the Ahmadu Bello University. There is the necessary tour into the political arena which sought to show the enabling structures and policies and the relevance of their achievements in giving stability not just in the local context of the day-to-day administration of the State but also the posture that it is set to support economic growth and development to encourage investors. Project into the benefits of their investments

and economic activities if only they would ‘put an arm’ forward. Oil, which is still a major foreign exchange earner, receives attention by a comparison of policies enunciated and private sector stakeholders. This portrays the intention to strike a verifiable balance in the growth and tools that the sector experiences. It should encourage investors to examine adequately avenues of participation against a history of the development. It should further show clearly the needs that can be exercised to developmental and commercial ends. Various agencies in the private sector similarly find their space in the magazine to show case what they have achieved and the equities of their investment in the Nigeria economy-space. A more important indicator of this trend is the preparation of these and other similar establishments to match standards across the world and come into very viable and profitable partnerships in achieving visions of growth and development of their sectors. This would, of course, impact positively on service delivery, the retail economy, employment, infrastructural development and the stimulation of the country’s GDP in a private sector driven economy which is at the heart of the current administration.

Dr. Dalhatu Tafida OFR, CFR and Mr. S.A. Adelemi welcome guests

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013


From right: Dr. Dalhatu Tafida OFR, CFR and Ambassador Oluwatoyin Lawal

Guests: Mayor Kate Anolue of Enfield Council, Mr. Udechukwu and Esosa Aihie

There is no doubt that almost every sphere of the Nigerian economy requires and investment stimulus or injection that allows its optimum potential to be realised. The import of this can no less be understood by Jonathan administration’s development of a transformation agenda which seeks to impact on almost all areas of national life and which is further borne by areas treated by this document. However it is necessary to examine the scope of circulation of this document. The evening’s assemblage would not necessarily be sufficient if adequate circulation among the NASDAQs, Nikkei’s, Merrill Lynch,

matic, political, and journalistic enterprise put into this venture, in its 3rd phase, seeks an evaluation of its achievement(s) in some measurable form. While such documents are, indeed, necessary from time to time in always mark out the stages of growth of Nigeria on this path, it would be clearly desirable that the contents mark stages of continuity and development as may be noted and recorded in consequent editions. The value here is for the would-be investor to be sufficiently able to access a trail from one edition to another and taper it against the currency of news and the resultant implications for successful investment.

Goldman Sachs, Wall Streets, Financial Times, multinational companies, HSBCs, and international players of the world microcosm-ed in the metropolitan sea of London are not invited and are not served copies with which to stimulate sufficient interest in an emerging market with the potentials of fulfilling fantastic growth and double digit GDP rise by 2014. Given the excellent assemblage and experience of the writers in assessing the Nigerian economic climate, it cannot be less than expected that this is achieved and also that this effort can translate into the goals expected of it. The amalgam of the diplo-

A member of the audience had remarked, perhaps knowingly, ‘dem no talk whether person fit put head or not’. This can be interpreted from pidgin English to mean, ‘there is isn’t sufficient conviction to assure an investor’s commitment.’ My response to him was quite simple, ‘how many pages you don read now, now?’ His retort was sharp. ‘Make we see’; meaning let us see. Could this be an echo in everyone’s mind? It is certainly a hope, an aspiration, a desire borne by everyone with a Nigerian spirit and every wish for ‘great expectations’.

2013 budget: Presidency, National Assembly at loggerhead By Milton Tella

Senate President David Mark

Constitional crisis is brewing in Nigeria as the stalemate over budget 2013 continues; observers and commentators are wondering why the provision of the constitution on the application of veto power by the legislators at both arms of the National Assembly is not enforced.

The law requires that if the Bill is not signed into law within the mandatory 30day grace after it is sent to the President, the National Assembly can veto (override) it.

Aminu Waziri Tambuwal Speaker of the House of Representatives

“Where the President, within 30 days after the presentation of the bill to him, fails to signify his assent or where he withholds assent, then the bill shall again be presented to the National Assembly sitting at a joint meeting, and if passed by two-thirds majority of members of both houses at such joint meeting, the bill shall become law and the assent of the President shall not be required”. The Presidency maintained that President Goodluck Jonathan’s delay in assenting to the 2013 budget is in the national interest,

just as efforts are ongoing to clear the grey areas that have arisen in the document. The president this week continued with meetings on the budget with the leadership of the National Assembly, with no word on when the budget will be signed. Those at the meeting with the president were Senate President David Mark, Speaker of the House of Representatives Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Minister of Transport, Senator Idris Umar, Special Adviser to the president of National Assembly Affairs, Senator Joy Emordi, and Director General, Budget Office, Bright Okongwu. Speaking in Abuja to State House correspondents at the post-Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, explained that government was intent on finding the best deal possible for the people on the budget. He said it “is all about making sure the best is done in the interest of Nigerians,” adding that the position of government on the issue was predicated on the submission of the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi OkonjoIweala. The Presidency spokesman noted that there were grey areas in the document that

needed to be cleared but assured that once this critical stage was crossed by the two arms of government, the president would sign the budget. Abati said since the issued involved two arms of government there would be the need for clarification but he regretted that the media appeared to present the false impression of conflict or territorial breaches. According to him, “On the issue of the budget, the position remains the same as articulated previously by the Minister of Finance that there are grey areas in the document that are being discussed by the Executive and the Legislature and that once these are clarified, the budget will go to the next stage. “So, there is no problem, although some of the reports in the media are trying to insinuate whether there is a conflict or problem. “Where there are two arms of government involved in something as strategic as that, there will be need for clarifications and consultations to ensure that the overriding objective should be in the best interest of Nigerians, to ensure that what comes out is a budget that serves our interest. “This is not about conflict or territorial friction, it is all about making sure the best is done in the interest of Nigerians.” 13

Photos: Bukola Grace Odusina

Nigeria News

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013



Members of corrupt law firm sentenced for scam marriages Members of a corrupt firm of solicitors who arranged thousands of sham marriages for illegal immigrants have been sentenced to a total of 35 years and 3 months at the Old Bailey today, Monday 18 February.

Law specialist Tevfick Souleiman, along with advisers Zafer Altinbas, Cenk Guclu and Furrah Kosimov, made millions of pounds for providing false tenancy agreements and other false documents to support the marriage applications. They even went so far as to arrange for hundreds of ‘spouses’ to be flown from Europe to ‘marry’ people from outside the EU. Their corrupt set up was uncovered by detectives from the MPS Central Task Force, working with UK Borders Agency and HM Revenue and Customs, who launched the intelligence led investigation in 2009. Searches conducted at the business premises of Souleiman GA Solicitors in North London resulted in the seizure of hundred of false documents and marriage applications. Detectives found that the firm conducted up to 8,000 immigration applications between 2004 and 2011, with up to £14,000 being charged for each marriage. The firm also recorded payments to non-existent ‘ghost’ employees in an effort to reduce the tax liability.

Tevfick Souleiman

In July 2010 the four men were arrested and charged with a range of offences. Today they were sentenced as follows: Tevfick Souleiman, 39, of Georges Wood Road, Brookmans Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, was sentenced to 10 years and six months imprisonment after being found guilty of conspiracy to facilitate the commission of a breach of UK Immigration Law, and money laundering. Zafer Altinbas, 38, of Bemerton Street N1, was sentenced to six years and nine months after pleading guilty to money laundering. Cenk Guclu, 41, of Links Side, Enfield, was sentenced to nine years after being

Cenk Guclu

found guilty of conspiracy to facilitate the commission of a breach of UK Immigration Law, and money laundering. Farruh Kosimov, 29, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to nine years after being found guilty of conspiracy to facilitate the commission of a breach of UK Immigration Law, and money laundering. Detectives are appealing for any information on the whereabouts of Kosimov, who absconded whilst on court bail. Detective Superintendent Caroline Barker, from the MPS Central Task Force, said: “This firm was corrupt to the core; the individuals involved knowingly and fraud-

Man jailed for 10 years following rapes A violent man who raped two sex workers and badly injured them was jailed for ten years on Wednesday 13 February.

Investigating officers said they hoped the conviction would encourage other prostitutes in similar situations to come forward and trust police to treat crimes against them seriously. Ahsan Imran, 26 of Marmadon Road, SE18, was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court having previously been found guilty of two counts of rape, attempted rape, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and attempting to choke, suffocate or strangle with intent in attacks at Plumstead Gardens SE18. He was sentenced to ten years in jail, with a three year extension due to the dangerous nature of the offence. On Friday 8 June 2012 Asham approached a 25-year-old prostitute and offered her £30 for sex. He then directed her to a secluded area of Plumstead Gardens Park where he forced his fingers in a ‘fish-hook’ move inside her mouth, causing serious injuries and the loss of teeth, he then raped her twice. The victim needed hospital treatment for a week following the attack. On Monday 2 July 2012 Asham asked another prostitute, aged 32, for sex for £30 at the same location. He attempted to strangle the victim with a plastic bag and suffocate her by stuffing his 14

Ahsan Imran

sock in her mouth. He then tried to rape her but the victim struggled and managed to fight him off. Asham fled leaving the victim to stumble half-naked from the park to seek help. She had significant injuries to her face, neck and body and was taken to hospital. Police retrieved items from the scene, including the bag, sock and victim’s clothing. CCTV enquiries and a pro-active operation led to the suspect being found and detained. Detective Constable Joanne Crockford, who investigated the case from the Met’s Sapphire command alongside Detective Constable James White, said: “Thankfully we have stopped a violent and predatory of-

fender in his tracks. His vicious attacks on vulnerable victims could have led to someone being murdered.” Detective Inspector Neal Burton, from Sapphire said: “The Sapphire team have put away a very dangerous man. They were industrious and persistent in solving these horrendous crimes. They secured the trust of the victims and ensured this successful outcome. “Rape of street workers is under-reported and this conviction sends a clear message who think they can assault vulnerable woman. I hope this will encourage those who have been victims to come forward and tell us what has happened to them.”

Appeal after stabbing in Leyton

Waltham Forest police are appealing for information following the assault of an 18-year-old man at Leyton Underground Station, High Road, E10.

On Thursday, 12 February 2013, at approximately 22:20hrs, the victim was walking down Leyton High Road when two men jumped out of a gold or beigecoloured Citroen Picasso and attacked him. A struggle ensued and the victim managed to run towards Leyton Underground Station where he was then stabbed from behind in his left thigh. The suspects were then seen to get back into the vehicle which then drove off in the direction of Lea Bridge Road.

Farruh Kosimov

ulently sought to get rich by setting up thousands of sham marriages so that people could stay in the UK illegally, and then going on to defraud HMRC by faking payments to non-existent employees. A financial investigation is now underway to look at confiscating any assets they have made from their criminality. “I would also like to appeal for help in tracing Farruh Kosimov, who is originally from Uzbekistan, and has been sentenced to nine years today for his part in this scam. “Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Pregnant woman attacked in N4 Detectives in Islington are appealing for help and information after a woman sustained serious injuries during an unprovoked assault in Seven Sisters Road, N4, on Friday, 15 February.

The pregnant victim, aged in her 30s, was assaulted by a man underneath the bridge by Finsbury Park tube station at approximately 18:30hrs. She sustained a facial injury believed to have been caused by a knife and a shoulder injury. She was taken to hospital and later released with non-lifethreatening or life-changing injuries Investigating officer, Detective Constable Louise Elliott, said:” This was an horrific, unprovoked attack on a vulnerable and heavily pregnant woman. This incident has understandably left her severely traumatised. “I appeal to anyone who was in the area at the time and remembers seeing anything that may help the investigation, to call police in confidence on 020 7421 0297 or if you prefer you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. “ A 19-year-old man has been arrested in connection with this incident. He has been bailed to return to police on 26 February 2013.

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013


Sounds of Diaspora People of America

TLC movie ready to roll

‘Golden Oldie’ Serena top for the sixth time

Serena Williams’ quarter-final win in Qatar put her back on top of the WTA rankings

Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story will feature KeKe Palmer (right) in the role of Chilli (left)

The main cast has been assembled for a VH1 biopic about ill-fated 1990s R&B trio TLC. The group’s rise to fame and the tribulations of its members are about to be chronicled for TV in Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story, and the casting is showing signs of being as controversial as the group itself. It was reported recently that rapper Lil Mama will be taking on the role of Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes – a decision met with petitions to stop the “Lipgloss” rapper from officially nabbing the role. Subsequently, producers have revealed KeKe Palmer, former Nickelodeon star in “True Jackson VP” and Lifetime’s “The Carlina White Story,” will be joining the cast in the role of Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas. Reports suggest people are already complaining, saying she looks nothing like Chilli. KeKe responded on her Twitter saying: “People kill me; I don’t remember Angela Bassett looking ANYTHING like Tina Turner. And she RIPPED that role...People need to realize that movies aren’t casted by people looking like who they’re playing. They’re casted by who can do the role.

KeKe has also been working on her singing career lately, dropping a mixtape this past October and doing a few songs for the shows she’s appeared in. And the 19-yearold says she’s been a fan of TLC since she was a little girl. She said about growing up loving the group: “I would sing No Scrubs over and over again to the point my parents would have to tell me to stop, but I never did, I had my little hairbrush as my mic and nobody could tell me I wasn’t the fourth member of TLC.” And she’s indeed aware that fans will drag this movie through the mud if it’s not made right. The Akilah & The Bee actress said in her press release: “I am a true fan. I love these ladies and I always want to be proud of my work in any role that I do”. The upcoming VH1 TLC biopic to be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia next month with “The Game” actress Drew Sidora in the role of Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins. The surviving members of the original TLC line-up have signed on as consultants. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was killed in a car crash in 2002 while filming a documentary in Honduras. The resulting documentary, which became The Last Days of Left Eye, featured footage of the accident.

Serena Williams added to her list of remarkable achievements by becoming the oldest woman to be top of tennis’s world rankings, her sixth separate stint at the pinnacle. The 31-year-old rallied from 1-4 down in the third set to beat former Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova 3-6, 6-3, 7-5 in the quarter-finals of the Qatar Open on Friday (February 15). She needed to win the match to replace Victoria Azarenka at No. 1 in the rankings, which came out this week. Williams, who has battled career-threatening injuries and illness in recent years, held up one finger after clinching the match with an ace and wiped away tears as she

addressed the cheering crowd. “I never thought I would be here again,” she said. “Oh my gosh! I’ve been through so much. I never thought I would be here.” The achievement is more remarkable because the winner of 15 singles Grand Slam titles plays fewer ranking tournaments than her rivals. Williams eased past Maria Sharapova on Saturday in two sets but succumbed to Azarenka in Sunday’s final, going down 6-7, 6-2, 3-6. The previous oldest number one was Chris Evert, who held the top ranking in 1985 approaching her 31st birthday.

Mimi releases ‘Oz’ soundtrack single Mariah Carey has just released her new single, ‘Almost Home,’ which appears on the soundtrack of the new Disney movie, ‘Oz the Great and Powerful.’ The Stargate-produced track was cowritten by Mariah and Simone Porter, Justin Gray, and Lindsey Ray and features marching drums, dramatic piano chords and echoic synths. The song has potential to shine on pop radio and inspire Mariah’s faithful fans, whom she affectionately calls her “lambs.” The song, which pays homage to the film’s main character Dorothy, has everything you want in a Mariah Carey tune — uplifting lyrics, soaring production and her impressive vocal displays at the end. A video for the song is being shot and will premiere next month. The clip is being directed by photographer David LaChapelle, who has shot album covers for ‘Mimi’ and

the video for her 2001 song, ‘Loverboy.’ The Sam Raimi-directed ‘Oz the Great and Powerful,’ which is described as a prequel to the classic film ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ will open in America on March 8. 15

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013




By Michael Adekoya

“Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be” Matt. 6:21.

Dear Reader, it is obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being. This is true of relationship. It is true in the area of finance also. A rich young man once came to Jesus asking, “Good teacher…what must I do to inherit eternal life? Mark 10:21. He was seeking treasure in heaven. Jesus told him, “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you’ll have treasure in heaven” Mark 10:21. I can imagine a Pastor, in a counselling session, telling a modern day Christian to do that. But the young man did not take Jesus’ advice. Why? It is simply because he loved his money more than God and had stored up his treasures on earth instead of heaven. He didn’t want to give it up, even to obtain eternal life. My friend, does this describe you? Listen! Your view of money and material possessions is an effective barometer of your spirituality. Wealth is not bad in itself. Everyone, Christians and non-Christians, need it. While many unbelievers and corrupt people put it to evil use, Christians ought to use it for righteous and kingdom ends. But my friend, what you do with the money which God gives you is a reflection of your spirituality just as Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there also will your heart be” Matt. 6:21. Let me say this, the Bible does not forbid the possession of money; neither do I condemn it. In fact, many in the Bible - Job (Job 1:3), Abraham (Gen. 13:2), Isaac (Gen. 26:12-13), Jacob (Gen. 30:43), Boaz (Ruth 2:1), and Solomon (1 Kings 10:23), to mention few, were extremely wealthy as a result of God’s blessing. But the Bible totally forbid affection for money with this warning - “the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many grieves” (1 Tim 6:10). It is the

blessing of the Lord God that makes rich and He adds no sorrow with it.” (Pro. 10:22) My friend, the love of money, not money itself, is the roots of all evil and when that root grows, it produces all kinds of evil fruits. Please listen, those who love money and things will forget God (Pro. 30:9); will always wander from faith (Mark 10:23-25); will trust their riches rather than God (Job 31:24-28); will buy in to deception (Mark 4:19); will involve in corruption and compromise (2 Tim 4:10); will be proud and arrogance (Deut 8:14), will steal from God (Mal 3:8), will lie and be manipulative (Acts 5:1-11) and will ignore the needs of others (1 John 3:17). They are greedy and will betray anyone anytime (Matt 26:1416). They deal in drug, crimes and fraudulent things. It is a proven fact and true that if you love money, wealth and possessions, it will cause you to pursue them illegitimately by stealing (Eph. 4:28) - whether through force (1 Kings 21:1-16), through fraud (Amos 8:5), or through usury (Psa. 15:5; Pro. 28:8)--or by gambling, which is an irrational trust in chance rather than the kind providence of God. Not only that, no matter how rich a person who loves money gets, he or she will never be satisfied and as a result will never find true peace, contentment or joy. Instead he or she will be pierced with many grieves – anxiety, worries, sleeplessness and of course prayerlessness. My friend, if you want to avoid the sins that accompany the love of money, Jesus prescribes a singleminded attitude toward wealth, materialism and possessions in Matthew Chapter 6 where He commands us to: (a) Store up a single treasure, (b) Maintain a single vision, (c) Serve a single Master, and (d) Seek a single goal. Single Treasure You may ask, “How do I store up a

Are you looking for a church? ­­

Not settled in any particular congregation? Perhaps now is the time to pray about it If you are not yet saved try one of the following: Jubilee International Churchmeets at 2,30pm on Sundays at Kings Avenue, school, park hill. London SW4. Part of Jubilee International Churches worldwide. For information, you may call (020)8697 3354 New Wine Christian Church- 11am holds meeting at Ringcross Tennants club, Lough Road, Holloway, N7. a member of the Icthus fellowship


worldwide. For more information call 020 7609 959 or 07957 757 663. Praise Tabernacle- 10:30am holds meetings at 620 Western Avenue (A40), park royal Business centre, opposite Warner Bros. Cinema Complex, W3. part of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. For information you may call 020 8993 3010 New Life Christian Centre 10.30am & 6.00pm. meetings at Cairo New Road, Croydon. The church has

single treasure?” Jesus says, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures upon earth ... but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven” (Matt. 6:1920). It is biblical to provide for your family, make reasonable plans for the future, make wise investments, have money to do business, give to the poor, and support the Lord’s work. But it is wrong in being dishonest, greedy, covetous, stingy, and miserly about what God gives you. To honestly earn, save, and give is wise and good; to hoard and spend only on yourself is not only unwise, but sinful as well. The key to Jesus’ warning here is “yourself.” Single Vision My friend, when you accumulate possessions simply for your own sake, whether to hoard or to spend selfishly and extravagantly, those possessions have become your idols. But when you wisely, lovingly, willingly, and generously use things for the Kingdom of God purposes and to help or support others, you can turn them into a means of accumulating heavenly possessions. You may ask, “How do I maintain a single vision in the world full of distractions?” Jesus says, “If therefore your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light” (Matt. 6:22). The eye here is an illustration of the heart- it is the lamp, or lens, through which all light comes to you. The eye is like a window which, when clear, allows light to shine through, but, when dirty, or bad, prevents light from entering. My friend, if your spiritual eye is bad or blinded - if it is diseased or damaged - no light can enter and your whole body will be full of darkness. The heart is the eye of the soul, through which the illumination of every spiritual experience shines. It is through your heart that God’s truth, love, peace, and every other spiritual blessing comes to you. When your heart - your spiritual vision -is clean, then your whole

body will be full of revelation. But if your heart is contaminated, being encumbered with affection for possessions, money, materials and other stuffs, it will become “blind” and insensitive to spiritual things. Listen! You may be a church leader or church member but if you are materialistic, selfish, greedy or corrupt, you are a candidate for spiritual blindness. The eye you trust to discern true light may be, in reality, fooling you and you think you have light, but you don’t. What you interpret as light is really darkness, and because of the self-deception, how great is that darkness! Single Master You may ask, “How do I serve a single Master?” Jesus says, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and Mammon, the god of money” Matt. 6:24. Today, as I observe our culture and society, it is apparent that many evangelicals don’t really believe this verse. Some passively float down the stream of society affluence; others lustily drink it in, never questioning the legitimacy of their confession of God as Master. But the verse above is very black and white. Allegiance to one master is hatred toward the other -there is no middle ground. My friend, if you’re a true Christian, you should be committed to God and His righteousness! (read Rom 6:16-22). You cannot claim Christ as your Lord if your heart is tied to anything or anyone else. Where riches hold the dominion of the heart, God has lost His authority. End of story! Single Goal You may ask, “How can I seek a single goal?” Jesus says, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” Matt. 6: 33. My friend, if you want to be single-minded about your treasure, about your vision and your Master, you must pursue a single

a bible school, primary, is involved in extensive mission work in Eastern Europe, Italy and India. For information you may call 020 8680 7671 Ruach Ministries - holds meeting at 9am, 11am and 6pm. For information you may call 020 8678 6888 International Central Gospel church - Battersea chapel, holds meetings on Sundays from 2.00pm. . For information you may call 020 8684 4934 Jesus Arena International- Sunday service at 11.00am at Broadwater farm centre, Adams road N17 The Bible Life Church UK- They meet on Sunday mornings at 2.30pm at St Giles Centre, Camberwell

Church Street, London SE5 Christ Apostolic church (Full Gospel & Pentecostal) Surrey Docks District 163 Ilderton Rd South Bermondsey London SE16 2UT. Tel. 020 7252 2086. Time of worship: Sunday English service 9- 11.30am. Yoruba service 11.30 -2.30pm. Prophetic counselling: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 12noon- 5pm, Saturday only 5- 7pm. Holy Cross Church InternationalSunday 1 pm at Crown House 71-73 Nathan way London SE28 0BQ Tel: 07904 234 126, 07809 381 886 Times of service:Bible study: Thursdays 8pm. Night Vigil: Friday Forthnightly 12am

goal. You must move your thoughts up to the divine level. God wants to free us from the mundane, temporal, passing vanity of this life to seek the things of God. In His right hand are pleasures, comfort, peace and joy forever (Psalm 16:11), so “set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth” (Col 3:2). Listen! Of all the priorities of life, seeking God’s kingdom is number one. It is doing what you can in your home, church, community, city and nation to promote God’s reign and rule over His creation. That includes seeking Christ’s reign and rule to manifest in your life, home, ministry, business, city, nation and the church of God through “righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” Rom 14:17. Jesus is coming back, the embodiment of God’s perfect righteousness and holiness, and when He comes, “we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him just as He is. And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure” 1 John 3:2-3. My friend, that’s part of what it means to seek His kingdom and His righteousness. Let me say this as I conclude. We are blessed with unparalleled affluence, have unprecedented opportunity to pursue the interests of the kingdom of God, and live under the unwavering gaze of the God who will call each one of us to account. So what is your heart’s preoccupation? Are you more concerned with the kingdom of God or with the things of this world? Are you more concerned about lost souls or your own fame, empire and programs? Think about where you are storing your treasure; consider the condition of your eyesight; contemplate which master you serve; and assess what it is you seek. If you are on the wrong side of His will, return to a single-minded pursuit of His kingdom and His righteousness, and enjoy the blessing of His favour this month, this year and beyond. Remain blessed! Sunday Service: Sundays 10am - 1pm Winners Chapel London- part of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, at Unit B1 Galleywall Trading Estate, South Bermondsey, London SE16 3PB meets Sunday 7am & 9am and 11am and Wednesdays at 7pm. For details call 020 7237 7894 CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH GRAVESEND, ST. AIDAIN’S CHURCH, ST. AIDAN’S WAY, GRAVESEND, KENT, DA12 4AG TEL. 01474 355 841, 07956 38 38 70 TIME OF WORSHIP: Wednesday Bible Study: 7:30pm to 9:00pm Friday, Night Vigil: 9pm to 11pm Sunday Worship: 12:30pm to 3:00pm




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Eritrean footballers granted asylum Mubarak PM to face additional charges Exiled former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, his daughters and 10 officials of Egypt’s Air Force Officers’ Association (AFOA) have been referred to the Cairo criminal court on charges of profiteering, facilitating the seizure of public funds and forging official documents.

The Eritrean national team pose for pre-match photographs Almost an entire football team and a they have not been relocated to the resetteam official from Eritrea have been tlement camp because they prefer to stay granted asylum in Uganda. The fif- around Kampala. Kazungu explained that teen men absconded after being elim- the Ugandan government’s policy is not to force any refugee into the settlement camps, inated from the Cecafa Tusker Cup adding that it is acceptable for the Eritreans competition in December. to stay in an urban setting like Kampala if Apollo David Kazungu, the Commissionthey can afford to. er for Refugees in the Office of the Prime Patrick Ogwel of the Ugandan FA said: Minister in Uganda, said on Monday (Feb“This is very good news if they have finally ruary 18) that the Refugee Eligibility Combeen sorted by the relevant authorities. But mittee had found the group’s claims valid next time teams should come and play footand granted them refugee status. ball and return to their countries.” Kazungu explained that two players who In 2010, thirteen Eritrean players disaphad applied for asylum returned home, peared at the same tournament, which was but the rest refused to return because they held in Tanzania. Several of those players feared they would be conscripted into milihave since reappeared in Houston, Texas tary training. He also revealed that although under a United States refugee resettlement the Eritreans have been granted asylum, programme.


Dozens killed as border clashes erupt

Tribal clashes between nomadic Arab Misseriya cattle herders and the Nuer tribe have claimed several casualties near the contested border between Sudan and South Sudan. The violence occurred west of the disputed Abyei region and coincides with concerns over rising tension between Sudan and South Sudan along the frontier. Earlier this month, the Misseriya warned that millions of migrating cows were at risk of death on the Sudan-South Sudan border because the two nations failed to open the frontier as agreed several months ago. The cattle fell victim to the inability of Sudan

The new charges against Shafiq include illegally selling and profiting from the sale of villas belonging to the AFOA, as well as money laundering. The three daughters have been referred as the heirs of their late mother. Shafiq, who lost Egypt’s first democratically held presidential election to Mohamed Morsi in June, is accused of allocating stateowned land to a company without offering it for tender, Egypt’s Ministry of Justice said in a faxed statement on Tuesday (February 19).

Shafiq, who has been living in the United Arab Emirates since his defeat in the election, faces arrest on his return to Egypt after he was put on an airport watch list. He was the last prime minister to serve under ousted president Hosni Mubarak and is already facing trial in a separate fraud cases.

Ahmed Shafiq fled to UAE after Hosni Mubarak was ousted


TUC condemns withdrawal of fuel subsidies Ghana’s Trades Union Congress (TUC) has condemned the withdrawal of fuel subsidies, saying the total withdrawal leads to fuel price hikes and an attendant ripple effect on the economy. The Secretary General of the TUC, Mr. Kofi Asamoah, told Ghana’s Daily Graphic that the submissions in the TUC’s proposals to the government on the 2013 Budget Statement and Economic Policy, though coincidental to the fuel price hikes, were the general position of the labour union. However, he noted that the specific increases announced on February 16 would be discussed in the course of the following week. The TUC noted in the proposals that subsidies were an important tool for curbing the spill-over effects petroleum prices had on a wide range of goods and services, saying subsidies were used by all governments, including the current one, to mitigate the

negative effects of petroleum price hikes on the vast majority of Ghanaians who earned very low incomes or had no incomes at all. It therefore, urged the government to take into account the needs of the millions of Ghanaians living in poverty. The TUC said it was of the view that “the number one policy challenge has to do with employment creation. That is why in all our submissions we propose to government to genuinely involve the key social partners in employment policy-making and implementation”. The proposals focused on employment, as in previous submissions, but also covered other key economic policy areas with direct and indirect impact on employment creation, such as economic policy, support for the private sector, trade policy, natural resource management and taxation, as well as public sector pay.

and South Sudan to implement key security and economic agreements which their presidents signed in September. On Friday the United States said it was “deeply concerned” by reports of clashes between Sudan and South Sudan in disputed border areas between the north’s Blue Nile and South Sudan’s Upper Nile state. Khartoum accuses South Sudan of backing rebels in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, which has been the major obstacle to putting the September deals into effect. Diplomats and experts had also expressed concern that tensions were escalating and said there is no immediate hope of a resolution to the dispute. 17

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013


Fashion Travel


eola Sagoe is one of the highly celebrated haute couture fashion designers from Nigeria that has attained and maintained an internationally accepted brand. As she currently showcases her collection as one of the 35 selected designers for the Mercedes-Benz Africa Fashion Week happening in Johannesburg, South Africa, it’s amazing to think of how she juggles life as one of the biggest designer with being a mother to three girls. In 1998, Deola Sagoe began designing and gradually gained an international notoriety for her vibrant, lively and colorful designs. Deola Sagoe has not always been this big. With her roots in Ondo State of Nigeria, she studied at the University of Miami and University of Lagos for a Masters degree in Finance and Management. In April 2006 she was appointed to represent Nigeria in a new international campaign organized by the United Nations World Food Program, with a goal to raise money towards halving the number of hungry people in the world by 2015. With a tight schedule and a wide audience to please, Deola Sagoe has exhibited her different collections at Cape Town Fashion Week, South Africa Fashion Week, ARISE, New York Fashion Week, and more. She is currently showing her designs at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa. Deola Sagoe, who has famous fans such as Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith, has several achievements such as winning the “Africa Designs” and the MNET/ Anglo Gold African Designs 2000 awards. For more than two decades Deola Sagoe has had a singular aim and achievement, which according to her is to enable customers reveal their unique, albeit inexplicable characters through her designs. Deola Sagoe is a fashion visionary with a unique approach to her craft that has endeared her to fans and followers all over


In association with Deola Sagoe Deola Sagoe woman because she’s really like a contribution to life…” In person, Deola is a personality with many layers, much like the multilayered designs she crafts. She is a wondrous contradiction, a charismatic yet serene figure, outgoing yet shy, enterprising yet protective, rebellious yet a believer in age-old traditions. Interestingly, her three daughters, Teni, Aba and Tiwa, have seemingly followed the footsteps of their mother and recently launched their own fashion designer label called “CLAN”. The House of Deola Sagoe was established in 1989 in Lagos, Nigeria. The brand celebrates the inherent, ethnic glamour found in local African fabrics and hand-woven materials.

the world. She uses African fabrics, hand-woven materials, and by contemporizing almost-lost traditional African techniques, Deola’s designs present a unique vision and attitude for the modern woman. Deola Sagoe was once quoted, describing the woman that she designs for: “The Deola Sagoe woman has the mysterious

and engaging complexity that is a gift to all women. One day she is dead serious the next she has the naughtiest sense of humor. One day she is all woman, the next she is ingénue. She definitely enjoys standing out, she is not a worker bee, but finds it far more interesting when everyone has a different point of view and yet everyone can still get along. She is colorful – she uses color to mirror her mood. She is vital – energetic – not the shy, retiring, type, but she also knows the appropriate time to hold her peace. I like the


Deola Sagoe

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In association with



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Inspiration Time With Dayo Olomu Dayo Olomu, BSc (Hons), PGCE, MSc HR, Human Resources Development & Business Transformation Consultant, Executive/Business Coach, Success & Winning Strategist.

How To Improve Your Speaking Skills? The best way to improve your speaking skills is through a comprehensive approach. First, you should study others. As mentioned in the previous week, there are numerous books and articles that can help you get a grasp of the overall breadth of professional speaking. And don’t forget to spend a few hours a week or so looking around on the internet. Also, all of the organizations mentioned can help you with a variety of reading material and information. Next, attend as many speeches and presentations as possible. Take a notepad and pen and pay attention to every aspect of the speech. How does the speaker structure her speech? Does she use short sentences or long ones? Is her main point clear? Does she tell stories, or jokes, or get right to the point? Do you come away inspired, feeling like she shared vital information with you? How do others in the audience react to her? You will also want to focus on the speaker’s presentation skills. How does she han-

dle gestures and body language? Does she use props? A power point presentation? Does she stand in one position or roam the stage? Can you glean any useful gestures or body movements from her presentation? Is she using a microphone or projecting her words throughout the room? Another thing to do when attending speeches and workshops is to talk to the presenter. Tell him or her that you are developing a career in public speaking and ask if they have any tips or pointers. You might even want to ask if you could take him out to lunch or dinner to pick his brains for information. Never underestimate the desire of people to share what they know. Remember, these are speakers just like you, who have an incredible yearning to share their knowledge. He or she will probably be flattered and pleased to be asked out to a meal. All the time that you’ve been studying

written material and also live presentations, you should also have been developing your own speech. Now its time for you to put everything you are learning into action. The single most important thing you can do to improve your speaking skills is to practice. Practice as much as possible. Practice your material in front of the mirror when you are shaving, or applying make-up. Run through your speech when you are stuck in traffic. Rehearse it on your lunch hour. Carry your material with you at all times so that you can always look it over if you have a spare minute or two. Give your presentation to your dog or cat. Grab your family or friends and ask them to listen to you and give you honest feedback. You might even want to consider hiring a coach or a mentor to help you hone your skills. The one-on-one coaching or mentoring relationship can make for a powerful learning process. Recommended Reading as You Get Started It cannot be stressed enough that you need to be constantly reading and seeking information, both on public speaking and the ins and outs of your chosen topic or topics. Nobody wants to hear a speech that sounds

like it was written ten years ago, with dated information. The best and most highly paid public speakers stay current, and constantly renew their material with up-to-the-minute material. The way they do this is to read, read, read. You will also want to stay current with the trends in speaking and presenting. It is especially important to read books and articles as you are starting out, so don’t skip this step, thinking you don’t need. But also don’t overlook the internet as a resource. You’ll find a large variety of websites full of information. True, many of them want to sell you anything from an e-book to a coaching program, but even the direct sales letters that pitch these products have useful information.

UK premiere of Kander and Ebb’s The Scottsboro Boys Kander and Ebb’s provocative and exhilarating musical receives its UK premiere at the Young Vic directed by five-time Tony Award winner Susan Stroman (director and choreographer of The Producers). At its premiere in New York in 2010 (nominated for 12 Tony Awards including Best Musical and Best Director), The Scottsboro Boys was hailed as yet another daring modern classic from the legendary creators of Chicago and Cabaret.

But The Scottsboro Boys is unique. It tells the true story of nine young black men, aged between 12 and 19, travelling on a train through Scottsboro, Alabama in 1931 in search of a new life. By the end of their journey, their lives had been changed forever by the devastating effect of a single lie. Two white women falsely accused the nine of rape. Even though one of the women later recanted her accusation and in spite of a total absence of evidence, the boys were convicted. Their subsequent trials and appeals, lasting seven years, deeply divided the nation. 20

The Scottsboro boys had a powerful effect on American history and on the Civil Rights Movement. Their trial led to the passage of two pivotal Supreme Court rulings, including the right to proper legal representation and the right to trial by a jury of one’s peers, specifically ensuring that black people could no longer be excluded from juries. But back in 1931, behind the screaming headlines, nine young men were desperate to prove to the world that they were human beings and that they mattered. David Lan, artistic director of the Young Vic: The story of the Scottsboro Boys is an infamous case in the history of American civil rights. Who else but Kander and Ebb could see in it the possibility of a musical? It’s a truly visionary work - a plea for social harmony but, even more important, for justice. From the moment I heard about it, I knew it was a natural for us. I’m thrilled that John Kander, David Thompson and Susan Stroman have agreed to give it new life with us at the Young Vic. The show will run from 18 October - 23 November 2013 in our Main House. Booking opens from now at 10am for Friends of the Young Vic

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Change of Name I formerly known and addressed as Benedict Jojnson now wish to be known and addressed as Benedict Bryan Johnson. All former documents remain valid. Members of the public, Home Office and Nigeria High Commission, London should please take notice. I formerly known and addressed as Vicoria Modupe now wish to be known and addressed as Victoria Ademodupe. All former documents remain valid. Members of the public, Home Office and Nigeria High Commission, London should please take notice.

I formerly known and addressed as Adamu Belo now wish to be known and addressed as Adamu Belo Aliyu main valid. Members of the public, Home Office and Nigeria High Commission, London should please take notice.

I formerly known as Bashiru Ahmed, date of birth 11th January 1976 now wish to be known and addressed as Beshiru Ahmed, date of birth 11th January 1968. All former documents remain valid. Members of the public, Home Office and Nigerian Embassy, London should please take note.

I formerly known and addressed as Obum Tobi Uche now wish to be known and addressed as Obum Uche All former documents remain valid. Members of the public, Home Office and Nigeria High Commission, London should please take notice.

I formerly known and addressed as lailat Muhamad now wish to be known and addressed as Leyla Mohamed. All former documents remain valid. Members of the public, Home Office and Nigeria High Commission, London should please take notice. I formerly known and addressed as Chukwu Biola now wish to be known and addressed as Chukwu Abiola. All former documents remain valid. Members of the public, Home Office and Nigeria High Commission, London should please take notice. I formerly known and addressed as Emeka Chukwu now wish to be known and addressed as Amaka cukwu All former documents remain valid. Members of the public, Home Office and Nigeria High Commission, London should please


take notice.


I formerly known as Hafisat jimi now wish to be known and addressed as Hafsa Ogujimi . All former documents remain valid. Members of the public, Home Office and Nigeria High Commission, London should please take notice.


£100 FOR 1 YEAR £100 FOR 1 YEAR £100 FOR 1 YEAR lnclu P&Pz

I formerly known as Ebuka Adewale now wish to be known and addressed as Ebuka Odeniwale. Former documents remain valid. Members of the public, the Home Office and Nigeria High Commission please take note I formerly known as Mariam Chinodim Ebuka now wish to be known and addressed as Mariam Chinodim. Former documents remain valid. Nigeria High Commission, Home office and the general public should please take note.


Tel No: I wish to subscribe to AfricanVoice

1 Year:


I enclose a cheque/postal order for £

made payable to: AfricanVoice.

Please invoice me/my company Pls make a cheque of £100 payable to African Voice. Mail to Unit 7 Holles House Overton Road London SW9 7JN 21


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Nations Cup: A dream come true – Victor Moses


t the start of the current season Victor Moses was a promising player for struggling English Premier League club Wigan. Now, just a few months later, the 22-yearold is playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world, can call himself an African champion and is looking forward to participating at the FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil. After a slow start to his international career, the athletic Chelsea forward was an inspirational attacking figure for Nigeria as they won the CAF Africa Cup of Nations last week by beating Burkina Faso 1-0 in the final. “If anybody had told me that I would be playing for Chelsea and winning the Nations Cup by the beginning of this year, I would not have believed it. It is like a dream. But it has taken a lot of hard work and I have been working hard week in and week out, and at the end of the day everything came out for me in a positive way,” Moses told It’s been a dramatic rise to the top for Moses, who was born in Nigeria but was smuggled out after his missionary parents were killed in religious rioting. Raised by foster parents in south London, the youngster turned to football and joined Crystal Palace’s academy after being scouted at his local school. Always considered a potential star, Moses debuted for the Eagles as a 16-year-old and signed a four-year contract with the club, but after becoming a regular in the 2009/10 season he was signed during the January transfer window by Wigan.

important part of Stephen Keshi’s Super Eagles side that stunned the rest of the field to lift the AFCON title. Moses scored two goals during the campaign and was selected for the team of the tournament. Moses is on record as saying that if he continues working hard as he does, he could end up playing for Barcelona. But for the time being, he is content being an African champion and playing for Chelsea. “It is an amazing feeling. It is good to win the Nations Cup since it had been a long wait. We were very delighted when we won it.” As African champions the Super Eagles will represent their continent at the FIFA Confederations Cup in June. It is something that Moses is looking forward to. “It means a lot of me, but not only for me, for the whole nation it means a lot to represent Nigeria in Brazil. We are all looking forward to it. We are delighted to be going there.” The Super Eagles have been drawn into Group B at the prestigious competition and will be facing the world champions Spain, as well as Uruguay and Tahiti, in the competition. “I am looking forward to playing against [Spain]. It will be wonderful, not just for me, but for the other players as well. That we have the chance to play against some of the greatest players in the world is terrific. We are very happy, but the most important thing was to win the Nations Cup. With having actually done that, we are looking forward to Brazil.”

Victor Moses (blue) has seen increased time under Benitez, adding work rate and a physical presence to the Chelsea frontline

After a number of impressive performances for the Latics, he became a Chelsea target and after several offers had been rejected by Wigan, they finally accepted an offer right at the end of the transfer period in August last year - but not before Moses had played against his new club in the opening match of the Premier League season. Moses was called up at youth level for England and played in all their youth teams. In 2007 he was the top scorer at the European Under-17 Championship and in the same year played in the FIFA U-17 World Cup. After failing to command a regular berth in the England under-21 side, he opted to play for the country of his parents, Nigeria. He later related his decision to journalists: “I played for England Under-16s, 17s, 18s, 19s, 20s and then 21s ... then ... I just decided to make the decision to play for Nigeria.” he said. A delayed debut His first start for the Super Eagles was twice delayed as Nigeria’s game against Guatemala, for which he had been called up in February 2011 was called off, while he could not play in matches against Kenya and Ethiopia a month later because the paper work for his switch had not been processed in time. It was only in November of that year that he was cleared to play for Nigeria and since then he has not looked back, becoming an


Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013


Amrouche appointed coach of Kenya Kenya have appointed former Algerian international Adel Amrouche as coach to take over from Frenchman Henri Michel whose contract was terminated in December. The 44-year-old naturalised Belgian, who quit his five-year stint as manager of Burundi after the team lost 2-1 to Zimbabwe in qualifying for the 2013 CAF Africa Cup of Nations a year ago, beat 20 other applicants for the vacant job. “Maybe the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) did not pick a big name, but I can assure you they have picked a hard worker - someone who can change the face of Kenyan football and is ready to open doors of opportunity for Kenyan footballers everywhere in the world,” said Amrouche at a news conference AFP

reports. “I have followed Kenyan football for quite sometime now and I believe it is time for a new approach for the future so that we can make Kenya one of the big names in the continent and in the world.” Amrouche said his immediate task was to prepare the Harambee Stars for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ qualifying match against newly-crowned African champions, Nigeria in Calabar on 22 March. “My mission with Kenya is to win the qualifiers for both the 2014 World Cup and 2015 Africa Cup of Nations. It is a big challenge but I want to write my name in African football,” said Amrouche, who has also coached Equatorial Guinea and managed a number of Algerian clubs.

Moi International Sports Centre

Adel Amrouche

Barca shock as Messi and co see (Black) Stars Kenya have appointed former Algerian international Adel Amrouche as coach to take over from Frenchman Henri Michel whose contract was terminated in December. The 44-year-old naturalised Belgian, who quit his five-year stint as manager of Burundi after the team lost 2-1 to Zimbabwe in qualifying for the 2013 CAF Africa Cup of Nations a year ago, beat 20 other applicants for the vacant job. “Maybe the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) did not pick a big name, but I can assure you they have picked a hard worker - someone who can change the face of Kenyan football and is ready to open doors of opportunity for Kenyan footballers everywhere in the world,” said Amrouche at a news conference AFP reports. “I have followed Kenyan football for quite sometime now and I believe it is time for a new approach for the future so that we can make Kenya one of the big names in the continent and in the world.” Amrouche said his immediate task was

Sulley Muntari hooks in Milan’s second against Barcelona to prepare the Harambee Stars for the and 2015 Africa Cup of Nations. It is a 2014 FIFA World Cup™ qualifying match big challenge but I want to write my name against newly-crowned African champi- in African football,” said Amrouche, who ons, Nigeria in Calabar on 22 March. has also coached Equatorial Guinea and “My mission with Kenya is to win the managed a number of Algerian clubs. qualifiers for both the 2014 World Cup

Goal-Line Technology to be used at 2014 World Cup Fifa has announced that Goal-Line Technology (GLT) will be used at both the 2013 Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup. The scheme underwent a trial during December’s Club World Cup, and the governing body has decided to put it to further use at their upcoming competitions. “The aim is to use GLT in order to support the match officials and to install a system in all stadia, pending the successful installation, and pre-match referee tests,” a statement read. “With different technologies on the

market, Fifa has launched a tender today, setting out the technical requirements for the two forthcoming competitions in Brazil. “The two GLT providers already licensed under Fifa’s Quality Programme for GLT, and other GLT providers currently in the licensing process (that must have passed all relevant tests as of today) are invited to submit tenders. “Interested GLT companies will be invited to join an inspection visit to the Confederations Cup venues, currently scheduled for mid-March, with a final decision due to be confirmed in early

Kenya to bid 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

April.” Uefa president Michel Platini is unlikely to follow Fifa’s lead as he is adamantly against its implementation, which means the likes of the Champions League and the Europa League will not see GLT any time soon. Fifa president Sepp Blatter was initially against the idea of GLT, but he began to embrace such a prospect after witnessing England midfielder Frank Lampard have a clearly-over-the-line shot not given as the linesman believed the ball had remained in play.

The government of Kenya and its organisation Football Kenya Federation (FKF) have announced interest in submitting a bid to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and the 2015 Africa Youth Championships. “After the opening of bids by CAF, football Kenya has been seeking government guarantees to solidify the bid as required by the African Football Governing body,” the federation said. “We can now confirm that the government through the minister for youth affairs and sports has given us a green light to bid for the championships,” it said in a statement. “The bid boost has been given a shot in the arm by the recent visit to the country by Bernard Mfubusa from Rwanda whose mission was to inspect our existing stadia and hotels.” Kenya has two existing FIFA approved stadiums, Moi International Sports Centre and the Nyayo National Stadium. Both the Moi stadium in Kisumu and Mombasa Municipal Stadium have been earmarked for upgrading to support the bid. Kenya was chosen to host the 1996 AFCON before it withdrew as the Confederation of African Football (CAF) sanctioned the country from their competitions for two years. Earlier, the Democratic Republic of Congo submitted its intention to host the 2019 tournament. “With the networks we have established, we believe we stand a good chance of getting these events,” it said.

Nyayo National Stadium 23

Friday, 22 February 2013 – Thursday, 28 February 2013



A dream come true -Victor Moses SEE PAGE 22

World Cup Qualifying: Champions of Africa resume camping

Super Eagles celebrating Africa Cup of Nations

By Agency Reporter The Super Eagles of Nigeria will, in the first week of March, resume camping for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Kenya which is slated for the U. J. Esuene Stadium, Calabar, Cross River State on March 23. Musa Amadu, the General Secretary of the Nigeria Football Federation confirmed to journalists that the domestic league players will begin camping two weeks before the arrival of the overseas-based professionals, one week to the crucial game. “Now that we are the champions of Africa, we know that every team will prepare much harder whenever they are to play Nigeria.

We don’t want to leave ourselves open to any sucker punch. Getting to the top and staying there requires a lot of hard work,” Amadu said Meanwhile, Super Eagles striker Victor Moses has declared his interest to play against Spain in the FIFA Confederations cup in June. The Chelsea forward’s confidence is coming after Nigeria won the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa, where he played an inspirational role in the team. The Super Eagles have been drawn into Group B at the prestigious competition and will be facing the world champions Spain, as well as Uruguay and Tahiti, in the competition.

‘’I am looking forward to playing against [Spain]. It will be wonderful, not just for me, but for the other players as well, he told ‘’That we have the chance to play against some of the greatest players in the world is terrific. We are very happy, but the most important thing was to win the Nations Cup. With having actually done that, we are looking forward to Brazil. ‘’It means a lot to me, but not only for me, for the whole nation it means a lot to represent Nigeria in Brazil. We are all looking forward to it. We are delighted to be going there. Brazil qualify as hosts for the FIFA Confederations Cup and will joined in the eightcountry tournament by Spain, Nigeria, Ta-

hiti, Uruguay, Japan, Mexico and Italy. The Italians finished second, behind Spain, in UEFA Euro 2012 and earned an invitation to the tournament because Spain already booked their place in the tournament by winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

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