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Innovating for a Smarter, Safer World By Atul Rajput, Regional Director, Northern Europe, Axis Communications Welcome to the first edition of ‘Axis News’. The purpose of this magazine is to provide all of our partners and customers with the very latest news and views from Axis Communications across northern Europe and to discuss the prevailing market trends dominating the security industry. We hope you enjoy reading it! 2015 has been a hotbed of innovation at Axis. Innovation has always been in our DNA, but in my many years at Axis, I cannot recall a period when we have released so many innovative, new products and technologies in such a short space of time. One shining example of this is our new ‘Zipstream’ technology which we unveiled in March. The unquenchable thirst for superior image quality, 4K for example, along with a demand for video surveillance to extend its usage beyond just security, as in the trend towards ‘Smart Cities’, has raised the importance of video compression and bandwidth consumption as a key issue across various technology sectors. Responding to the market demand for more efficient and economical use of video, we launched ’Zipstream’ which is a new technology optimised for video surveillance and is a radically more efficient H.264 implementation, lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of around 50%. One key aspect of the technology is that it fully adheres to the current standard, ensuring seamless integration with existing video management systems. Last year, the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) continued to be the hot topic across all industries, with an increasing number of consumers and businesses becoming more aware of the advantages of being connected to the internet. This is a concept that’s also extremely relevant to security professionals and business owners trying to ensure the safety of their organisations.

In 2014 we launched the hugely successful AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller, which featured an open, non-proprietary platform for access management ideal for advanced enterprise systems as well as smaller installations. Since then, we’ve continued to build on this success and carve out a niche in new business areas beyond our core network camera offering.

the release of the Axis V59 PTZ Network camera series in May, a new product family designed to stream and webcast audio and video in a variety of applications such as in auditoriums, classrooms and sports venues, as well as for weather reports and traffic information, extending application use to live streaming of events and video conferencing.

In April this year, we launched two new products: AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station which is an open IP-based door station for two-way communication, high definition video and remote entry control, and the AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speaker, which is the first open standard, network loudspeaker for remote speaking. Both products support IP telephony, enabling seamless convergence between IT and security systems and simplifying integration between disparate systems over an IP network. Our end goal is for innovation to drive greater value from technology, an ambition which is at the heart of the philosophy of the ‘Internet of Things’.

Ultimately, our ambition is to continue to innovate for a smarter, safer world and always strive to listen to the needs of our partners and customers to enhance our product portfolio to meet market needs. Within northern Europe, Axis has seen very strong demand for network video from the retail, transport and critical infrastructure sectors this year and so I would like to say a sincere “thank you” to all our partners and customers who continue to invest and believe in the strength of our products and the service and support we offer. I hope you will continue to partner with Axis and wish you every success over the coming months.

The trend towards harnessing our expertise in network video surveillance into new business areas, continued with



You are invited to take a tour in the Axis booth at IFSEC 2015. The 192m2 large area will feature Axis latest and most innovative products and solutions as well as offerings from our partners Genetec, IPS and NICE. We welcome you to experience the booth either by yourself at your own pace or assisted by our booth staff.

Visit Axis at booth E1000 and get a firsthand look the latest technologies from Axis and explore how you can benefit from our variety of network video solutions and physical access control products. In the booth we will show solutions for midsize and small size business as well as integrated total solutions for enterprises. We will show you the recent development of our video management software portfolio, including AXIS Camera Companion and AXIS Camera Station for a total endto-end experience.


You can see demos of our new product offerings for IP-based access control, see how retailers can use IP-based technology for Business Intelligence applications and how public transportation can ensure the public a safer and more secure commute. Experience the latest Axis’ Zipstream Technology and how it can help you reduce the bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50%.

Solutions for managing difficult lighting conditions and a dedicated area for demonstrating our commitment to quality are also highlights of this year’s Axis booth. A warm welcome to IFSEC 2015!

Booth E1000


Axis’ Zipstream Technology Optimized for video surveillance, Axis’ Zipstream technology is a radically more efficient H.264 implementation, lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% or more for many common 24/7 surveillance use cases. The user will get more video but use less storage and still keep the resolution, the frame rate and the forensic details of the video. Axis’ Zipstream technology analyzes and optimizes the network camera’s video stream in real time. Scenes containing interesting details are recorded in full image quality and resolution while other areas are filtered out, to optimally use available bandwidth and storage. Important forensic details like faces, tattoos or license plates are isolated and preserved, while irrelevant areas such as white walls, lawns and vegetation are sacrificed by smoothing in order to achieve the better storage savings. Customers can use Axis’ Zipstream technology alongside other Axis network camera technologies such as Wide Dynamic Range - Forensic Capture and Lightfinder. Axis’ Zipstream technology is fully compatible with the H.264 compression standard and can be used with the latest Axis cameras, AXIS Camera Companion and thirdparty video management software without additional investment.

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Watch the video:

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AXIS Q61-E Series with Sharpdome technology The new Sharpdome technology included in AXIS Q61-E Series will provide sharp images in all directions. These compact PTZ cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, also in lowlight and challenging conditions, making them ideal for applications such as city surveillance, shopping malls, industries and schools.

The Sharpdome technology with its innovative mechanics and a unique dome geometry provides full scene fidelity and amazingly sharp images in all directions. In addition, the technology enables cameras to offer the unique capability to identify objects as much as 20° above the camera horizon making these cameras also suitable for uneven terrain.

The Sharpdome technology includes Axis’ unique Speed Dry function, a function that quickly removes water drops from the dome glass to provide sharp images in rainy weather. It also simplifies dome cleaning, allowing for more efficient methods such as high pressure cleaning.

Read the white paper:



AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speaker

Watch the video:

AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speaker is a simple-to-install outdoor loudspeaker that provides clear, long-range speech for remote speaking in video surveillance applications. In live video monitoring situations, AXIS C3003-E enables an operator to remotely address people and deter unwanted activity. The loudspeaker can also play a pre-recorded audio file when it is manually or automatically triggered in response to an alarm event.

AXIS C3003-E makes announcements possible from anywhere with network connectivity. It easily integrates with video management software (VMS) that support two-way audio and with Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony systems that use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). The outdoor-ready AXIS C3003-E is easy to install on walls, ceilings and poles.

AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station Read the press release: press-release/3861 AXIS A8004-VE is a weather- and vandalproof video door station suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. The door station comes with a high-performing intercom function that provides clear and echo-free two-way speech with visitors and an integrated HDTV camera with WDR and excellent low-light performance. The unit offers reliable 24/7 identification of visitors even in the most challenging environments. Power over Ethernet allows for installation with a single network


cable and provides sufficient power to support and control most standard door locks directly from the unit. For small- to mid-sized installations, such as retail stores and offices, AXIS A8004-VE will help improve security of the premises and simplify everyday operations. The door station makes it possible to communicate and identify visitors and enables remote entry control from an IP-desk phone, a mobile device or directly in a Video Management System (VMS).

The loudspeaker has a built-in amplifier and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE). It connects directly to an IP network with one network cable for communication and power.


AXIS Q3709-PVE Network Camera Download photos: press_material.htm?key=axis_q37_series AXIS Q3709-PVE Network Camera has three 4K sensors that together provide a detailed 180º overview of a large area, outdoors as well as indoors, in an efficient one-camera installation. The camera provides video with unparalleled streaming performance, smoothly capturing movements in high detail at 30 frames per second and gives situational awareness of a large area, making the camera ideal for city surveillance applications, as well as in installations in logistic centers, airports and train stations. Installation is easy, reliable and cost-efficient. No focusing is required since the lenses are factory-focused. The camera comes in a stylish and discreet design with an easily repaintable and removable weather shield that protects against rain, snow and sunlight and allows for easy blending in with the environment. The camera provides a perfect 180° overview in up to 33 megapixel resolution. It offers a video streaming performance of 3× 4K at 30 fps or 3×11 megapixels at 20 fps.

AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera Series Watch the video:

AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera Series is designed to stream and webcast audio and video in a variety of applications such as in auditoriums, classrooms and sports venues, as well as for weather reports and traffic information. The cameras offer HDTV resolutions of up to 1080p at 60 fps, smooth pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ), high quality audio, powerful 30x zoom and an open interface for easy integration with other systems. The AXIS V59 Series cameras offer a powerful 30x zoom and HDTV resolutions of up to 1080p at frame rates as high

as 60 fps, providing smooth video even with many moving objects. While cameras for the video surveillance market feature fast pan and tilt functionality geared to quickly capture incidents, the AXIS V5914 and AXIS V5915 offer smooth pan and tilt functionality. The camera settings are optimized for high-color fidelity in HDTV as required for studio environments.



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AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller AXIS A1001 is an easy-to-install door controller with built-in access management software and an open interface for integration with other systems. With AXIS A1001, there’s finally an open and future-flexible alternative for physical access control — whether you need to install one door or 1,000.


AXIS Camera Station AXIS Camera Station is the ideal solution to meet the needs for efficient surveillance of small- and midsized installations, such as retail shops, hotels, schools and manufacturing sites – a proven solution with more than 50,000 installations worldwide. It is designed to perfectly match Axis’ wide range of network video products and product features to optimize system reliability.

Watch the video:

A setup wizard with automatic camera discovery guides you through every step of the setup process. This allows the system to be up and running within minutes. AXIS Camera Station is developed with focus on ease of use and intuitive operation, ensuring that anyone can effectively manage incidents and quickly export high definition evidence.

AXIS Camera Companion AXIS Camera Companion delivers crisp, clear HDTV image quality, for reliable identification of people and incidents. It is easy to access the system over the Internet to view live or recorded video from home or from another site.

How it works:

With its PC client, as well as viewing apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, AXIS Camera Companion lets you view video at any time – from anywhere. AXIS Camera Companion is a scalable and future-proof network video solution for up to 16 cameras. Adding new cameras to the system is easy. No extra charge or additional equipment needed. Existing analog cameras can be integrated using Axis video encoders. If you want to step up to another IP solution in the future, you can re-use all your installed Axis network cameras and video encoders, as well as your network equipment.

Benchmark Magazine: “AXIS Camera Companion is flexible and functional, easy to use, and offers a credible alternative to traditional video surveillance system design.” 9



Hello IPS! Tell us a bit about the solution/product you will show at IFSEC 2015. At IFSEC 2015 we are presenting a new product. IPS AnalyticsManager is an open video analytics platform for easy configuration, administration and operation of several AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) cameras in a standalone system or for easy integration of IPS edge-based and server-based video analytics into the most popular video management systems. It combines a powerful range of certified video analytics functions with simple integration and ease of use. Further we will showcase the latest features of version 6.0 of our camera-based video analytics, including new detection scenarios and special filters against car headlights. IPS offers 5 different applications for ACAP compatible cameras: IPS Intrusion Detection – i-LIDS approved Primary Detection System, IPS Motion Detection, IPS Sabotage Detection, IPS Loitering Detection and IPS Indoor Detection.

In your experience what are the benefits of being an Axis partner? As an ADP Gold ADP Partner we are co-exhibiting with Axis at IFSEC 2015 for the third time in a row, which underlines the very good experiences we have in partnering with Axis. Our long-term partnership with Axis enables us to drive product development and implementation of new features at an early stage, which ensures the leading edge of our technology. Finally our customers and partners benefit from our common high quality products and solutions. Thanks to Axis’ global market leadership our products reach a wide network of video professionals. Additionally, events such as joint workshops or the Axis Road Shows help us to make new contacts within the video surveillance industry.

Albert Unterberger, Director IPS ips-intelligent-video-analytics

Hello NICE! Tell us a bit about the solution/product you will show at IFSEC 2015. Visitors to stand F960 at IFSEC will be among the first tto experience a live demonstration of how Axis cameras, together with award-winning revolutionary NICE Suspect Search, can rapidly locate and track a suspect. NICE will also showcase the newest version of its flagship NiceVision video management system, Net 3.0 that now includes enhanced edge recording for distributed environments, tools to promote simplified installation and maintenance for integrators, and protection against data loss during camera replacement. For those interested in PSIM visitors will be learn how NICE Situator, is being used by the likes of airports, banks and safe city projects around the world to enhance operational intelligence and efficiency, and allows organisations to handle complex, multi stakeholder incidents in information rich environments.

In your experience what are the benefits of being an Axis partner? By partnering with Axis, we benefit from the most comprehensive and reliable product portfolio in the industry. When integrated with NICE Video Management Solution, we bring our joint customers and prospects a seamless and robust solution. We also benefit from an extensive professional network made available by Axis to our product, development and business teams. Finally, we work closely with Axis to develop joint value propositions for specific industries (the first and most extensive one is for the transportation market), so that we can join efforts in targeting prospective clients.

Enrico Montagnino Sales Director at NICE



Hello Genetec! Tell us a bit about the solution/product you will show at IFSEC 2015. Genetec, a provider of unified IP security solutions, will be displaying its latest innovations at IFSEC in Axis booth and in booth #F550. Genetec is on a mission to continually expand the capabilities of Security Center, its unified security platform which includes video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition, and other third-party plugins for intrusion, intercom and more. Its latest release of Security Center, version 5.3, is loaded with these enhancements that boost security, simplify the operator experience, and help organizations share and collaborate both internally and externally. Most notably, Security Center 5.3 now offers hardware-accelerated video decoding which leverages workstation graphics cards and embedded graphics processing units (GPU) to decode video and reduce processing demand on the CPU. As more organizations implement multimegapixel cameras such as 4K video devices, Security Center will help improve system performance when managing high-resolution video streams and offer greater playback fluidity when reviewing video. Investigations, video exporting and archiving are also simplified within Security Center 5.3.

Extending video retention periods or transferring redundant archives to the cloud is also possible through Genetec’s Cloud Archives service, allowing customers to increase their storage capacity without the need to purchase and maintain additional on-site servers. In your experience what are the benefits of being an Axis partner? Axis and Genetec have been strategic partners since 2004 and have a more tightly aligned joint roadmap development. Genetec is a Global Partner in the Axis ADP Partner Program, which is designed to help ADP partners leverage Axis’ technology to help address the needs of our customers in network video surveillance and access control. Our customers recognize the added value that our partnership and our complementary expertise bring to the table when building best-of-breed security solutions. They get access to our latest innovations which are fully compatible and tightly integrated as soon as they become commercially available.

Ted Ghali, Vice President & Managing Director Sales EMEA

Flexible and discreet. AXIS F Series. Install small, high-performance HDTV 1080p network cameras discreetly in tight places, in doorways, behind sheet metal or flush-mounted in ceilings or walls with just a small hole for the lens. Find out how with the flexible AXIS F Series products.



At the Center of Your Business. Genetec Security Center is the leading enterprise-class security platform deployed by some of the world’s most demanding organizations, governments and cities. From video surveillance and license plate recognition to access control and intrusion detection, Security Center unifies the security systems that are critical to your operations, so you can see the big picture and make better security decisions – both today, and tomorrow. Start Here. At Your Security Center. Learn more at

Video Surveillance | Access Control | Automatic License Plate Recognition

Š 2015 Genetec. All rights reserved. Genetec, and the Genetec logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Genetec. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

Innovative Solutions


Multiply your business potential The Axis Channel Partner Program is designed to help system integrators, value-added resellers and installers accelerate their solution sales. When you become an Axis Channel Partner you immediately benefit from enhanced margin opportunities, the industry’s most complete and reliable product portfolio, and world-class training and support.

r our r o f y l App el Partne n Chan m here: Progra apply-cpp om/ axis.c visit y l p m or si oth at o b s i x our A . E1000 : C E S IF

Channel integrity We will never compete with you. We are committed to driving business through carefully selected distributors. Innovation leadership While others copy, we innovate. Innovation in products and technology - business enablement and system design tools – services and operational excellence. A true network of opportunities You will have access to the industry’s largest network of hardware and software vendors, consultants and more.

Get 50% off Axis demo equipment! There are 2 easy steps to take: 1. Sign-up for the Axis Channel Partner Program at 2. Apply for an NFR (Not For Resale) unit on Axis Partner Pages You may only purchase one unit per product model and you must clearly state from which Axis distributor you plan to order the NFR unit.


World class training and professional certification We continually update our classroom, online and webinar training tailored to your job role. Our Academy is backed by the industry’s only globally-recognized, professional certification, read more about our certification program on page 21. Open engagement. Grow business. Reward loyalty. Three levels of partnership are designed to foster mutual success and reward our partners’ investment in the sale of Axis products. Joining the Authorized Partner level is easy – with minimal requirements and a number of benefits to get you off to a highly successful start!


Axis end-to-end solutions for small and midsize businesses By Matthew Meade, Sales Engineer Software Solutions, Northern Europe, Axis Communications One of the key advantages of IPbased security systems is that they can easily connect with existing IT equipment. They’re flexible and scalable, and will work out of the box with already installed networks, routers, screens, computers, tablets and smartphones. Essentially IP cameras today are small PCs with built-in intelligence and high capacity SD cards offering local storage. With optimized software, users can view and manage recordings on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Superfast broadband and 4G networks will help to accelerate uptake.

A typical baseline system for a small business should consist of cameras, SD cards, video management software (VMS) and mobile viewing applications. From a maintenance and storage standpoint, one option is to maintain all the technology and data locally and manage it through increasingly intuitive VMS available for existing PCs and/or mobile devices. More and more, however, businesses are looking to “security as a service,” which is a remotely hosted approach that provides the same VMS functionality as a clientbased system but storage and maintenance is handled by a service provider. In addition to video surveillance the service provider, such as an alarm center, may offer other managed services.

An example of a system optimized for small businesses is AXIS Camera Companion. The latest release of the product allows small businesses to manage their video surveillance system conveniently from a smartphone or tablet. Full HDTV image quality is supported with mobile apps available for Android and iOS, and up to 16 network cameras can be easily added to a system. Features such as instant switching in live views and enhanced 360 degree de-warping for sharper images give the system a high-end feel. Start small, but upgrading is easy Once the baseline security and viewing functions have been addressed, business owners can look to upgrade with extra elements to integrate existing cameras, increase storage capacity, add access control, and other functionality. To integrate existing analog cameras, video encoders can digitize analog video and work as a bridge between an analog CCTV system and a network video system. This provides the flexibility, scalability and smart functionalities of network video without sacrificing a company’s analog investment and makes the transition quicker, easier and more cost-effective. Increasing storage capacity to allow more video to be recorded can be achieved through the use of a network attached storage (NAS) device. The NAS attaches directly to a local area network and offers shared storage to all cameras on the network. It’s easy to install and operate, and provides a flexible solution for increased storage requirements. Remote entry control is another capability that is easy to add and increases security. With a network video door station, personnel can communicate with and identify people with high-quality video at secured entry points before letting them in. Similarly, an IP-based

access management system can manage access credentials and schedules to control who has access to the premises. Although basic security needs may be similar regardless of the size of the business, scaling a system to a solution with up to 50 cameras has some different considerations. For example, the VMS at the core of the system may offer more options.

The AXIS Camera Station S10 Recorder is an out-of-the-box ready solution aimed at medium-sized businesses. The intuitive user interface offers all the necessary features for effective surveillance such as flexible live-view layout, site maps, powerful event configuration, efficient alarm management and responsive pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) control. It delivers high image quality at exceptionally low bandwidth and images that can be accessed from wherever is required. Combined with network cameras, it is a robust system capable of monitoring a larger scale business, and also a flexible platform on which to expand.



Survey shows retailers’ continued appetite for competitive advantage through digital surveillance By Andy Martin, Regional BDM Retail, Axis Communications According to the latest annual Centre for Retail Research (CRR) survey into the use of CCTV in retail – commissioned by Axis Communications, the global market leader in network video – over a quarter (27%) of UK retailers cite ‘integration with business intelligence applications’ as the main reason for adoption of network IP for the third year running. Similarly, across average of 31% integration with applications was adopting network Denmark.

northern Europe, an of retailers said that business intelligence their main driver for IP, peaking at 35% in

Of the 278 UK retailers that responded, encompassing some 20,350 stores, the data showed that 92.8% currently use CCTV with over 60% of these are planning to convert to network IP technology. ‘Quality of Image’ saw the biggest increase in priority with a 40% increase in UK respondents naming it as the most important factor when migrating to network IP. Other major drivers for the adoption of IP technology included: ‘better remote access’ (18%), ‘scalability’ (16%) and ‘reduced total cost of ownership’ (12%) – all showing an average increase compared to last year’s survey. Commenting on the results, Andy Martin, retail business development manager, Axis Communications, said: “The migration from analogue CCTV to network IP continues to be of huge importance to the retail industry and will be the biggest single factor impacting on retail security as digital surveillance and network video become the standard. “The UK High Street is still the origin of the bulk of retail transactions, but unfortunately stores also carry the highest overheads, so the need to ‘sweat the


assets’ is vital with surveillance systems being no exception. This is where network IP really has the advantage as it can be used to improve both service and sales, not just security, to deliver a real return on investment. “Operating on increasingly smaller margins, reducing costs are a key priority for retailers. While IP-based video surveillance does make a noticeable improvement in the top line and revolutionised loss prevention, the long-term aim of superior image quality should be for lowering total cost of ownership, as it enhances detection and improves forensic investigation. “I see retailers’ use of business analytics and intelligence applications continuing to mushroom in line with cloud computing and big data. With network cameras’ capability to provide higher resolution video and be connected from everywhere 24 hours a day, retailers are receiving more data from more sources. Business intelligence applications are needed to

help them manage this huge amount of information, such as images and videos, and to help them interpret it into something useful. “As network video is an open platform solution, it can seamlessly allow integration with emerging technologies and therefore, transforms the surveillance camera from a forensic tool aimed at solving problems to a proactive tool designed to optimise business processes and reduce cost. This is clearly evident from the survey as nearly half of the UK retailers polled stated that queue management (49.9%) and people counting (49.2%) were the two most important non-security network IP applications that most interested them.” Professor Joshua Bamfield, director at CRR added: “The survey clearly highlights the continued move towards IP-based camera systems across the retail sector, a growing trend that is driven by the need for HDquality images and the increased adoption and use of business-focused analytics -

is the main driver for adopting network IP 27

27% of UK retailers


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Digital surveillance drives competitive advantage for retailers.

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two areas where IP systems demonstrate a clear advantage over older technologies. It Image further suggests that retailers continue to up quality appreciate the added benefits that an IPbased system can deliver which is evident in the high convergence rate each year.”

are the two most important non-security applications

27% of UK retailers


Rising to 31% in Northern Europe Peaking at 35% in Denmark 40




“As a whole, the UK has embraced the benefits that CCTV can bring and this is especially true of the retail sector. Certainly for the UK, I believe that the migration to network IP has become the as and an it is no longer a question of ‘if’ norm important but ‘when’ the technology will be adopted.”

©2015 Axis Communications AB. AXIS COMMUNICATIONS, AXIS, ETRAX, ARTPEC and VAPIX are registered trademarks or trademark applications of Axis AB in various jurisdictions. All other company names and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. We reserve the right to introduce modifications without notice.

Andy concluded: “Customer theft is still factor the biggest security challenge facing The ‘CCTV in Retail’ survey was commisretailers at the moment, as nearly a quar- sioned by global market leader in network ter (24.2%) said that their main reason video, Axis Communications and was run for using CCTV is to prevent or investi- in conjunction with the Centre for Retail gate theft and a hugeOther 80% of respondents drivers:Research (CRR) in Nottingham. Now in cited prevention of internal or external its fourth year, it surveyed 2,200 retailers theft and better safety as the main driver both large and small from a wide variety for the use of CCTV, seeing and average of sectors and attracted 673 responses fall in loss of 15%. from retailers in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. remote


For further information and the

Read about Axis solutions latestmore news visit for retail: retail


Watch the cross-functional use of network video film:



Axis cameras help reduce crime by 50% Clackmannanshire business parks identify vehicles, drivers and license plates around the clock with high quality network camera images. Mission Scotland’s Clacksfirst Limited, which manages the Clacksfirst Business Improvement District (BID), was looking for a cost effective security system to help provide a safe and secure business environment for more than 200 firms based in the 10 business parks and industrial estates which are part of Scotland’s first county-wide BID, based in Clackmannanshire. Clacksfirst received responses to the tender from six firms including IP video integration company and Axis partner Boston Networks. Solution All tender respondents offered a traditional ANPR system but Boston Networks’ went further and proposed a system that could not only collect number plates but also identify the type of vehicle, even picking out vehicle signage 24 hours a day. AXIS P1354 Network Cameras deployed in the business parks also enabled identification of people inside vehicles and pedestrians entering and leaving the parks on foot. The Axis cameras were configured in day/night mode. By using Raytec Vario Infrared lighting units it was possible to capture high quality images of all vehicle number plates at night. This configuration enabled image glare from vehicle lights to be eliminated. Edge-based video motion detection analytics was used inside the AXIS P1354’s to ensure only scenes with vehicle or pedestrian movement were captured and recorded. Milestone XProtect® Professional video management software was used to record, manage and securely distribute video recordings rapidly in case of incidents. Result Clacksfirst has seen a 50% reduction in crime across all business parks in the BID since it began managing them. In addition, the new system delivered Return on Investment (ROI) in under 12-months


from going live. Business owners and their employees in these parks reported feeling more secure, while metal and machinery theft was virtually eliminated. “The power of the Axis network cameras deployed across Clacksfirst BID business parks has been impressive. Incidents of theft and anti-social behaviour have fallen dramatically since the new systems went live a year ago,” said Kevin Deighan, Project and Community Safety Manager, Clacksfirst Limited. “ROI was achieved in such a short timeframe primarily because the new surveillance system proved to be a highly effective deterrent to potential criminals. It stopped metal and machinery theft as well as anti-social behaviour in its tracks,” said Kevin Deighan.

Watch the video:


Axis helps Burnley FC deliver state-of-the-art ground safety system for English Premiership football club Axis cameras provide high quality HDTV images enabling positive identification of all individuals in the crowd at Turf Moor Stadium in Burnley, UKaround the clock with high quality network camera images.

Mission Burnley Football Club needed a new CCTV system to replace the ageing analoguebased system that was no longer fit for purpose as it planned its promotion back into the Barclays Premiership - the UK’s top football league. Following a tender process the contract for upgrade and management of the new video surveillance system was handed to Axis partner Thorne Access & Security in early July 2014. Thorne is an expert in stadium security having installed surveillance systems in the stadia of Liverpool FC, Blackburn Rovers FC, Preston North End FC, Bolton Wanderers FC and Manchester City amongst others.

Solution Thorne designed and installed a new in-ground safety system which focused on tightening security in two core areas – at the entry turnstiles and inside the bowl of the stadium itself. A combination of AXIS Q6045-E PTZ Dome Cameras and AXIS Q1765-LE fixed cameras were deployed inside the stadium bowl while 14 legacy analogue cameras were retained to cover concourses in the new hybrid CCTV and IP video system. The Axis cameras were chosen for their ability to deliver razor-sharp images using 18x optical zoom capability even if located at the opposite end of the pitch over 120 metres away. At these distances this camera can provide images capable of positive identification and help the club’s ground safety team spot issues before they escalate.

Result The setting-off of pyrotechnics inside grounds has been a dangerous new trend in UK grounds over the last 12-months. The Axis cameras enable operators to spot unusual behaviours such as looking down to light a firework or smoke bomb. It also enables the grounds safety team to identify the actual person lighting the fuse. So even if, as is often the case, the pyrotechnic is kicked along the stand before it begins to flare up shrouding the area in coloured smoke, it is still possible to clearly identify who committed the offence of setting it off. The same is true of people throwing objects onto the pitch, towards players or linesmen. The new system has also helped reduce ticket fraud at the turnstiles significantly. “The new Axis IP Video system gives our ground safety team, working in concert with Lancashire Constabulary, the ability to extract wrongdoers from the crowd before they endanger other football fans or commit public order offences. The police have already been able to secure several convictions based on positive identification of individuals committing acts that placed others in danger. Thankfully these occurrences are rare and the deterrent effect of the new system will make them rarer still here at Turf Moor,” said Doug Metcalfe, Stadium & Operations Manager, Burnley Football Club.. Watch the video:



Axis cameras selected for IP video upgrade at Canary Wharf Station AXIS P1354s provide high quality colour day/night images in low light conditions using Axis’s Lightfinder technology.

Mission Canary Wharf Station needed a new CCTV system to replace the ageing analoguebased system that was approaching obsolescence after 17 years of use. Axis partner Telent Technology Services was tasked with upgrading the station’s CCTV system as part of its long-term upgrade and maintenance contract with London Underground’s 100 Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Line stations. Solution Both Telent and London Underground conducted camera performance tests with a number of the major camera providers’ best IP cameras, before selecting the AXIS P1354 for its ability to integrate with both legacy and new station management platforms, strong performance in low light conditions and its existing pedigree in the rail environment. The slim-line shape of the AXIS P1354 proved ideal for existing London Underground-approved housings which are considered an architectural feature in this Norman Foster-designed station that was completed in 1998.


Their shape also provided enough space within each housing to fit the ruggedized, London Underground-approved, Veracity HIGHWIRE LongStar Ethernet over Coax adapter so they could transmit high quality video images over up to one kilometre lengths of existing coaxial cabling infrastructure through to Telent’s Station Management System (SMS). A total of 160 AXIS P1354s were deployed covering all platforms and concourses. These were supplemented with four AXIS Q6035 PTZ Dome cameras to provide total coverage in all underground public areas. Result Telent was able to complete the upgrade to IP video in just eight weeks without any outage whatsoever. Telent’s Station Management System, called MICA, was simultaneously integrated into Canary Wharf’s existing Station Information Management System (SIMS) to enable a seamless migration. London Underground has been very happy with the resulting improvements in image quality and their positive implications for passenger safety and security.

It now has a highly reliable IP video system that is easier to maintain, enhance and integrate with other management systems as operational requirements demand. Watch the video:

Contact information get your story told!

KRISTINA TULLBERG Northern Europe PR and Communication Specialist Axis Communications +46 46 272 1872

SWEDEN, LUND Axis Communications AB Emdalav채gen 14 SE-223 69 Lund, Sweden Phone: +46 46 272 18 00 Fax: +46 46 13 61 30

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UK, HERTFORDSHIRE Axis Communications (UK) Ltd. Ground Floor, Gleneagles Belfry Business Park, Colonial Way Watford WD24 4WH, UK Phone: +44 (0) 1923 211 417 Fax: +44 (0) 1923 205 589



How to become an Axis Certified Professional A certificate diploma in network video gives you a validation of your level of expertise and a competitive edge in the market place. End customers can feel confident that the integrator they hire masters the technology and provides a professional solution. Axis Certification Program is designed for members of the Axis Channel Partner Program to help them solidify their expertise in network video, network technology and the products, how they work and how to install them. In short, the Axis Certification Program allows skilled professionals to verify and validate their competence within surveillance solutions. Certification is an important part of our channel partner program. To achieve the higher partner status levels “Silver” and “Gold” it is required that one or two people in the company must be certified. It may sound overwhelming to study for an exam, but don’t worry, we will help you!

To best prepare for the certification exam, we recommend that you take the following actions: > Attend a two-day “Network Video Fundamentals” course. You can find our course dates on page 23 of this magazine. You can also contact your distributor for more information on course dates and venues. >

If you have already passed a “Network Video Fundamentals” course at Axis you can rehearse your knowledge by enrolling in a one-day “Prep course” before youtake your certification test. Contact us for more information on course dates.

> Study our “Technical Guide to Network Video” booklet. Order your free copy:

”We at Axis value knowledge and we strive to keep all of our partners up to date with the latest in network technology and network cameras.” Markus Lai, Regional Manager Sales Engineers and Trainers

> Listen to our wide range of web-based courses and Webinars:

“Axis is a powerful force in the network surveillance industry, so having its stamp of approval through certification was very important. Because Axis has closely linked its training programme and partner schemes, I believe Certification was essential. It gives us the professional credibility required when applying technically advanced solutions to address the modern threat landscape.”

“The Axis Certification Program was really useful. It is all about knowledge in networking and installation technology, not just about Axis products. We think that all installers and integrators should do the certification program. It gives a real proof of the level of knowledge and skills, making it easier for the end user to get a professional and well-functioned surveillance installation.”

Peter Houlis, Managing Director 2020 Vision Systems Limited

Timo Jääskeläinen, Key Account Manager Hi-Sec Supply Oy

Read more and book your exam date: 22


Classroom trainings Network Video Fundamentals Professionals working with system integration and network video design will appreciate this comprehensive course that covers the essentials of network video. These essentials include: Camera installation, optics, image usability, bit rate optimization and video analytics. Design Network Video Solutions Product selection and camera placement ultimately effect system usability. This course discusses achieving surveillance goals, camera placement, light considerations and video analytics. Axis system design tools will be introduced. AXIS Camera Station This technical course will give you the skills to successfully deploy and manage AXIS Camera Station. Register for our courses here Denmark: Finland: Norway: Sweden: UK & Ireland: Discover our online courses! The course calendar is subject to changes. For updated course information please visit our website.

Training Network Video Fundamentals Network Video Fundamentals Designing Network Video Solutions Network Video Fundamentals Network Video Fundamentals AXIS Camera Station Designing Network Video Solutions Designing Network Video Solutions Network Video Fundamentals Network Video Fundamentals Network Video Fundamentals Designing Network Video Solutions Network Video Fundamentals Designing Network Video Solutions Network Video Fundamentals Designing Network Video Solutions Network Video Fundamentals Network Video Fundamentals Network Video Fundamentals AXIS Camera Station Network Video Fundamentals Designing Network Video Solutions



July 7-8

Watford, UK

August 14-15

Lund, Sweden

August 16

Lund, Sweden

August 26-27


September 1-2

Watford, UK

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Elephant proof. Our cameras are much tougher than they look. That’s because we don’t just give them a few strikes during testing, as you might expect. Instead, we subject them to about 30 heavy strikes – directly on their weakest spots. Don’t worry though, we keep them away from elephants. It’s just one of the tough tests Axis cameras face, so you can be sure you’ll always get the best image quality and high performance – no matter what’s thrown at them.

Learn more about Axis’ quality assurance work at



Come and meet the Axis Northern Europe team! Below is a selection of the events that Axis will participate in during quarter 3 and 4, 2015. If you are planning to visit any of the below events don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make sure your visit becomes worthwhile.




Security Twenty 15

July 9

Gosfirth Park, Newcastle, UK

Conference aimed at end users and those who specify security products.

September 17

Oslo, Norway

Conference for leading players from across the spectrum of Loss Prevention that will address the current issues affecting the industry.

September 22-24

Copenhagen, Denmark Bella Center

October 8

Leicester, UK King Power Stadium

Conference for leading players from across the spectrum of Loss Prevention that will address the current issues affecting the industry.

October 19-20

Northamptonshire, UK Whittlebury Hall Hotel & Spa

Brings together security professionals and key industry solution providers for oneto-one business meetings and interactive seminars.

Security Twenty 15

October 28

London, UK Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow

Conference aimed at end users, purchasers and those who specify security products.


November 11-12

Stockholm, Sweden Scandic Talk Hotel

The meeting point for suppliers, installers, consultants and end user purchasing managers within the field of security.

November 18-20

Helsinki, Finland Messukeskus Expo & Convention Center

FinnSec gives you a chance to meet the decision makers and professionals face to face in the most important fair of the branch in Finland.

December 2-3

London, UK Olympia

Retail Fraud SecurityUser Expo Retail Fraud

Total Security Summit


Transport Security Expo


Denmark’s biggest exhibition in security and fire safety.

Main global platform bringing Government, Industry and Academia together to counter the threat against our transportation networks.



Axis Regional Connection events - UK Join Axis at one of our regional events to find out how the Axis Channel Partner Program could help you accelerate your business. At this event you will be able to meet your local Axis account managers and sales engineers and find out how the many benefits of working with Axis can help you expand your network video business.




June 25


Millennium Stadium

July 16


Casa Hotel

August 13


Emirates Arena

September 25

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Hotel du Vin

October 1


Radisson Blu Hotel

October 22


Warwick racecourse

November 5


Madejski Stadium

Agenda for the Axis Regional Connection events 09:00



Agenda and aims for the day, quick round-the-room introduction and welcome Axis presentation


Coffee break


Latest products and technologies


Software: AXIS Camera Companion and AXIS Camera Station


Physical Access Control solution overview


Networking lunch and demonstrations

CLAUDIA COPELAND our Channel Marketing Coordinator welcomes you to our regional connection events!



video surveillance

Register for an event here: 26

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