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portfolio 2013

axel bluhme



Flormandgatan 10 22354, Lund Sweden


(+46) 76 850 38 16

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Hi! I am Axel Bluhme. I am a second year industrial design student. I am currently looking for internship during the summer.



2011 - 2014


BacheloR - Industrial Design Everyday further into this education makes it more interesting and fulfilling. The close relationship between art and science is one of the big aspects.


2009 - 2010


VISUAL COMMUNICATION A one year programme in graphic design & visual communications.


2005 - 2008


NATURAL & SOCIAL SCIENCE I was part of the student council at my highschool and was very involved in the schools magazine, particularly graphics and photography. The same year the magazin won the “small journlist award” in Sweden.


2000 - 2005


MIDDLE & HIGHSCHOOL (ABROAD) During my time in England I was apart of a charity organization. Amongst other tings we traveled to Romania to teach English and build plagrounds, skateparks, fences and footballfields.


stockholm, sweden


work experience SALESMAN




I have had emplyments at several

I work extra as a photographer and

A passion that greatly influences and

companies and gotten the opportunity

have used that money to afford

inspires my work at school and my

to experience numerous of working

proffessional camera equipment.



work for:

work for:

• stureplansgruppen

• café magazine

• sommar!

• göteborgsposten

• kraftverket

• surfakademin

• asektionen

sony center retail stores My experiences form Sony Center has greatly influenced the way I view & experience design. Everyday exposure to new products made me create my own opinions of what is good and bad design. I received the customers opinions on the products on a daily basis. I developed a very thorough understanding and interest concerning the technologies behind the products aswel. This is still something that I still spend a lot of time researching and trying to understans the latest developments. I started working at sony center sweden when they were expanding and was involved in the opening of the newest store, which was located in Täby. There I had special responsibilities in all the camera related products, in form of stock, special experties & marketing. After one year I switched to work in a bigger store, located in Stockholm city. responsibilities: • salesman •maintaining website¨ •customer support •financial instalments •warranty & insurances •OPENING & CLOSING THE STORE


• gateau • lidö värdshus • profile consulting • Smakart • kumla värdshus

• soliditet • gateau • • cumulus magazine







glyx glucose meter

DAILY Diabetes management made easier


A glucose meter is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood.Inside the device there is a disc with 50 single use needles rotating after each usage. A glucose meter is a key element of home blood glucose monitoring for people with diabetes or hypoglycemia.


1. Pull down lever to load needle

2. Insert test strip

3. Prick any finger with needle

4. Place drop of blood on the test strip.


research / calluses

Would you be interested in a product that focuses on removal of excessive skin buildups caused by athletic activity?






not interested



dont have calluses



Dont care

A picture taken after a crossfit competition 2012 Conducting a survey showed that 34/35 people have calluses caused by athletic activity. Either caused by gym weightlifting or crossfit training. The people that took part in the survey are all committed to either gym or crossfit training.

Calluses are areas of thickened skin caused by repeated friction and pressure. They form to protect the skin and the structures beneath it from injury or damage, in the case to the right, protecting the metacarpals.

43% responded that they were interesed in a product focusing on this problem. However, only 2.8% responded that they dont have calluses, this means that 97.2% have calluses and are therefore potential users.

While calluses are a layer of protection and a testament to hard work, excessive calluses will be troublesome and lead to injury. For example, when doing pullups the excess skin will grind between the bar and the hand and eventually tear away.

There is no product focusing on this on the market today and there is a demand for it.


So it is in our best interest to keep our calluses smooth and shaved down to avoid further complications.

research / products

what product(s) do you use today to treat your calluses?

what lotion do you use?




Moisturizing Another survey with interviews was conducted concerning what people are using to rid and treat their calluses today. Products that are being used today are not specifically made for this purpose. The products range from workshop & kitchen tools to feet & nail grooming.


Besides these tools, most people also use moisturizing lotion to keep the skin hydrated and soft, thus avoiding injury. Anti bacterial lointments are also widely used and are today commonly found in public gyms.

ideation & sketching

calm smooth polished

Concept B was chosen to explore further. Due to the fact that it seemed the most intuative solution for the problem. The shape would make the product personal and allow sculpture-like form language. It would be very undefined from the start, where as eg. concept A might derive from other existing tools. Concept D and its portability is appealing, concept B will still be portable enough for its intended use.


final product

tangible TACTILE intuative The final shape has precise force transmission and is very tangible.Because of the inwards tilting sides it assures a firm grip and prevents it from sliding in the palm. Holding the Onyx Rock, you get the sensation of tactility and the offering of intuative usage. The material provides good friction between hand and handle.


final product The Onyx rock gets its name from ancient greek and roman times where onyx rocks were said to guard against negativity. It was supposed to be good for skin, hair and nails. The rocks were also said to help in struggles and guard in battles. The material used to produce these modern onyx rocks is called glass foam which is produced from recycled glass giving it a pumice rock like feel. Since foam glass is manufactured it can be produced in any format wich will reduce spill.

Onyx rock, a tool for removing calluses. Everyday moisturizing balm, it is highly portable, wont spill or cause a mess and will focus the calluses and keep them hydrated. Emergency spray is to be used if a injury occurs. The spray will make sure that no physical contact is made and that the product will stay hygenic. While being anti bacterial and anti septic it will also releive pain and act as a liquid bandaid. Onyx athletic workout wear can be seen on the row to the right. A longsleeve for women, a hoodie and a tshirt.



My breif

Concept ideation

Reading before bed is more than just a habit for some, it is a vital element in their ritual before sleep. This ritual sets its roots in the early years of life.

Create a childs bedsidetable lamp, that can be used when reading under the covers.

Mindmap of nine different concepts that are interesting. These principles were combined in different ways to further explore exciting possibilities.

There is no reason why your reading lamp should be purely functional and boring. Let the luminaire lead you in to the magical world of storytelling.

concept ideation

INSPIRE stimulate encourage The luminaire should be able to be moved around easily. Taking the lamp to another room when making a pillow fort or bringing the light under the bedcovers for some secret late night reading. The luminaire ought not to be fragile and without sharp corners.

form development / body


80 3


Lid in rubbercoated plastic Acrylic white opal opaque 3 mm filter to protect LED's and avoid glare

Four LED's are placed in the corners to dispurse the light evenly trough the luminaire The sides of the lid will cover the LED's to avoid glare



Tapering radius to spread the light as much as possible and avoid shadow catching in the corners Acrylic white opaque 3 mm plexi with 30% light transmission body


Material Plexi XT Resist 65 2mm. White opal acrylic Lightstransmission 30%

The square shape allows the luminaire to be placed on its side it will not roll around

Open end to let the light shine freely. This is to be used for fucused lighting situations. When the luminaire is standing up right the surface under will act as a reflector. eg. the bedside table.

prototyping & form development


deck rack


STORE, DISPLAY & ORGANISE The smartest and most convenient way to store and display longboards and skateboards in your home. Dedicated skate or longboarders have more than one board. When using your boards everyday you need them to be conveniently available and not stored, for example; in your cuboard, basement or garage. Most people solve this by leaning the boards against the wall, resulting in very dirty and damaged walls. The boards often loose their balance when leaning against a wall, this means that they take off in the opposite direction punching holes in walls. Once rolling around on the floor, the board can also be potentially dangerous. You want to store and organise your boards in a convenient spot that is easily available and in a way that will also display your darlings.

final product

RESPONSE Loyal Dean Hello Axel, Your story is awesome bro! Glad we could help in your creation for these racks, we loved seeing the photos. Are you trying to make them for resale or anything of that sort? Send me all the details and photos at: guiliano@loyaldean. com I look forward to see them and speaking with you more, keep up the good work! Best Regards, Guiliano Nunez Loyal Dean Longboards Los Angeles, CA 90047


WHAT DEFINES TRASH? This project was a group work with my two classmates Milton Runerheim & Simon Helmersson. We made a short video which we posted in a project and a blog as an attempt to inspire people to reconcider what trash is and what makes it become that. Below is an excerpt from our blog that defines the concept. We as a society have unjustifiably decided that what we throw out is trash. From trash new materials and oppurtunities will arise, thus completing the circle of recycling. The fact is that a great amount of what is incorrectly considered trash is in fact the result of poor knowledge, laziness and lack of creativity. Our ambition is to redefine the word trash by creating, and inspire to create, meaningful products for home usage consisting of materials from thrown-out products and materials. all of which you, yourself, can find in a garbage or waste disposal near you. Our goal is to shorten the circle of recycling, inspire to create and to learn while creating. We are writing the first chapter of this mechanical cookbook, provided for you by us, and our hope is that you will write the succeeding chapters for yourself, to be provided for all of us. good luck!


click to play


copper thread

oe startch glue


cut membrane

trim edge

glue coil to membrane

attach membrane to magnet coil


attach to output

attach to amplifier



photography During travel and leisure I spend some time making posters that can be purchased trough my website and These posters are made with high quality print on ivory paper. The posters are numbered, signed and available in A3, A2 and A1.

graphic design & illustration

thank you for more visit

Portfolio 2013 - Axel Bluhme  

Selection of work from my industrial design studies at IKDC, Lund University.

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