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Portfolio of Axel Bluhme Completed: 19.02.2014 Lund / Sweden


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Work experience

Industrial design programme

Zenit Design intern

The last three years have been spent studying at Lund University and pursuing a bachelors degree in industrial design.

The summer of 2013 I was a product design intern at Zenit Design in Malmö.

Exchange semester - Berlin

Freelance designer

The fifth semester of my bachelors degree I spend studying in Berlin. A very valuable semester which gave me lots of new insights.

I have my own company since one year back. I have gotten the opportunity to work with startups as well as bigger companies like Sony.

School of industrial design / Lund University / Sweden

Weißensee Kunsthochschule / Berlin / Germany

Axel Bluhme Born Stockholm / Sweden

Contact Flormansgatan 10 22354 / Lund / Sweden

Visual Communication

Summer internship at the Malmö office

Industrial design / interaction / branding / web

Sony Center salesman

Beckmans college of design / Sweden

Sony Center stockholm

I spent one year studying visual communication in Stockholm at The Beckmans College of Design before my industrial design education.

Everyday exposure to new products and a great interest for technology were two of the reasons I decided to pursuit an education in design.

High school


My high school years were in my hometown in Stockholm where my orientation was natural sciences. This was when my interest in design started emerging.

What started as a early hobby eventually got me some really fun working experience and proved to be valuable as a designer.

Middle school - London UK

DJ & producer

I spent the ages 10 - 15 living in London with my family.

A passion that greatly influences and inspires my work and life.

Natural sciences / Åva gymnasium / Sweden

ACS Hillingdon / London

Café magazine / GP / Soliditet / Gateau / Cumulus magazine

The speaker

Subject: Visual communication II 1 week workshop Examiner:

Prof. Gunnar Sandin Completed:

3 rd semester, 2013 Lund, Sweden Students:

Axel Bluhme Milton Runerheim Simon Helmersson Given brief:

Narrative design: A product with a history

Background study trip / motivation

What defines trash? Study strip to stena recycling The project began with a study trip to gain insight into what happens to all the material we throw away. After we decided on an approach and made a video, a instructables. com project and a blog as an attempt to inspire people to reconsider what trash is and what makes it become that. Below is an excerpt from our blog that defines the concept. We as a society have unjustifiably decided that what we throw out is trash. From trash new materials and opportunities will arise, thus completing the circle of recycling. The fact is that a great amount of what is incorrectly considered trash is in fact the result of poor knowledge, laziness and lack of creativity. Our ambition is to redefine the word trash by creating, and inspire to create, meaningful products for home usage consisting of materials from thrown-out products and materials. All of which you, yourself, can find in a garbage or waste disposal near you. Our goal is to shorten the circle of recycling, inspire to create and to learn while creating. We are writing the first chapter of this mechanical cookbook, and our hope is that you will write the succeeding chapters for yourself, to be provided for all of us.

Process I

documenting / prototyping

We chose to tell this story with a video. The course encouraged experimentation in the area of re-design, with a focus on things and their material life cycles and history, and also how this story is told from an artistic perspective.


Glass cutting

Moulding speaker membrane

Process II

materials / speaker

Material & tools




Glass bottle, copper wire, glass cutter, newspaper, 3.5 jack, tape, lighter, magnet, scissors, fine sand, potato starch, metal sheet, glue.

Realisation poster / video


working speakers / video documentation

Changing paradigms in cleaning


ID project B - In motion Examiner:

Charlotte Sjรถdell Completed:

4 th semester, 2013 Lund, Sweden Student:

Axel Bluhme Given brief:

The main function of the product is when it is in motion. The buys and user of this product is a grown-up. This product is not larger than 1.5 square meters and is not a car. It is not enough that the product is mobile.


Social perceptions and the cleaning profession


The politics of disgust

The result of this project is a cleaning trolley made specifically for airport interior terminal maintenance cleaning.

One of the other features, of disgust, is not just its universality and its strength, but the way that it works through association. When one disgusting thing touches a clean thing, that clean thing becomes disgusting, not the other way around.

Airports require tremendous amounts of cleaning and maintenance, we can easily experience the result when we visit an airport. The consignor of the clean environment are the cleaning staff who are often morally judged in our society. This is also the motivation for this project. We have a perception about cleaners and the work they perform, since it is associated with disgusting activity. The goal for this project is to offer a solution in order to alter the social perception we have. The hope is that this will improve the situation for both the user of the product and the surrounding airport visitors.

Do cleaning staff have a lower social status?

This makes it easy to convince people a object, an individual or an entire social group is disgusting and should be avoided. A recent study by psychologist David Pizarro asked participants to give their opinion of a variety of social groups. What Pizarro did was to either make the room smell gross or not. When the room smelled gross, they saw that individuals actually reported more negative attitudes toward the social group. One could argue that this is one of the reasons cleaning staff can be associated with negative emotions.


Can this perception be altered by improving working conditions?


above the clouds

high profile

apart from the airport sensation

They are perceived as tainted by their working environment even though they are in fact removing the disgusting aspects in that environment.


Can working conditions changed by improving their work tools?


what areas of an airport require what type of cleaning?

Interview / Zurich airport


Observations / airports & mall (auxiliary)




Interior of air plane

Exterior of terminal

Interior of terminal

Mobility & portability Often Time pressure Not seen in action (result) Deep cleaning (textiles) Laundry Compact area Replacements

Wear ability & mobility Low profile Seldom Not seen in action (distance) Chemicals No time pressure Large surfaces Danger (heights) Weather

Transportable & (portable) Airport sensation Interaction High profile Accessibility High interval Seen in action Maintenance cleaning Large areas Prevention cleaning Hygiene



Emporia mall

Emporia mall


study visit / function analysis

Study visit - Vileda professional Malmรถ office

Together with Claes Sunebring at Vileda Professional a premature function analysis was created. The modern way of cleaning is very different from even a few years ago. There are a lot more ecological aspects involved, this has resulted in minimal use of chemicals and is instead substituted by innovative solutions such as very sophisticated micro fibre technologies.

Function analysis Cleaning equipment tent to be very functional, but miss the opportunity that aesthetics will bring. My belief is that a stylish product that makes the user feel attached and also feel a sense of belonging to the product. This will result in a healthier working environment for both the cleaning employee and the people visiting the airport.


sketching / mockup


ergonomics / injuries

Work related injuries

Ergonomics 80

In the cleaning profession a lot of the work required is repetitive, therefore it will be crucial for the design to be as user friendly as possible.



The data is taken from IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute.






Maneuvering from the front


H ip Le / K g ne /F e oo / t

an H


/ d

m Ar







s re s

co ng ki

Maneuvering from the rear



w or







s on iti

tin lif ea vy H

Re p

et e

tiv e

w or







Removing waste disposal bag


Applying new waste disposal bag


3D model / renderings

Two separate disposals

Personal name tag

Smart shelving system

Portable Grill


Product development Examiner:

Prof. Per-Erik Andersson Completed:

4th semester, 2013 Lund, Sweden Students:

Axel Bluhme Milton Runerheim Dick Hammer Eric Ebberstein Johan Boman Given brief:

Fictional customer. Collapsible products AB shall, based on their expertise and external networks, develop collapsible consumer products that take up limited space during storage and transport.

Ideation & sketching concept / interface

large grill space work space temperature control quick heat portability aesthetic lid cleanability vertical adj. heat maintenace space large grill space easy to store 6


1.5 million disposable grills, every year in Sweden. Many are used on excursions in the nature and only a few are recycled. The disposable grills lack instructions on what parts to be recycled. The coal is soaked in substances that slowly break down the environment and are toxic.






Identifying customer needs


We conducted a online survey trough a forum for bbq enthusiasts. What makes a valuable portable grill? The participants would rank statements from 1 - 5. We also got in contact with five of them and conducted interview over the phone.

After researching what the potential end user values from a portable grill the group started the ideation phase.

Ideation concept / form

Sketching After the concept ideation, sketching together with quick prototypes moved us forward in the process.

Prototyping dimensions / interface






3D model / Rendering



Tools for the now Examiner:

Carola Zwick Completed:

5 th semester, 2014 Berlin, Germany Student:

Axel Bluhme Created brief: How might we enable a way to archive our digital momorabelia and re live them in a intimate and tactile manner while embracing the sense of exploration and discovery.


creating memories then and now

The oldest surviving photograph 1826

Photographs in 2014

When we save everything

Required an exposure time lasting several days

Taking a picture today has no monetary costs

How can we find anything

A virtual persona of yourself Secret, honest and relevant memories today? We use memories to reflect and make sense of past experiences. Technology has enabled us to exist as more than one self at the same time. This is a phenomenon wich media theorist Douglas Rushkoff calls digiphrenia (digital schizofrenia). How can we gain knowledge when looking back on memories that have been depersonalized trough social media like facebook?

Goals • Battle digital depersonalization & digiphrenia. • Encourage slowing down & reflection. • Embrace discovery and exploration. • Invent a new & healthy way for us to organise & re-live memories.


sketching scenario variations

Mock up

using the device

Look to navigate

Squeeze to zoom

Flip to navigate

Turn to filter

Shake to shuffle


3D renderings, product video & prototype

Rubberized viewfinder

Flip single memories Turn to filter

Squeeze to zoom

Press to freeze

Cork padding


Time keeper

Subject: Personal project Completed:

5 th semester, 2014 Berlin, Germany Student: Axel Bluhme


black painted metall

strap details / dials / chronograph

aviation compass anodized rough aluminum bezel / case / crown / case tube

textured rubber strap / strap holder

stylized for time

Featured at industrial design served

Deck rack


Cyclic project Examiner:

Olof Kolte Completed:

2 nd semester, 2012 Lund, Sweden Student:

Axel Bluhme Given brief:

The task is to develop and build a full-scale prototype of a storage device, storing anything of your choice, mounted on the wall with maximum 3 screws. The prototype should be in “working condition�. It should be packaged in a purpose made packaging. The size of the container should not exceed what is possible to bring on public transport by yourself.

Background study trip / motivation

Re brief

Brief & Study trip

How might we conveniently store, display and organise skate equipment in our home?

The material to be used shall be wood grown and harvested in Sweden. Use only FSC certified wood. The product shall be easy to reproduce with existing technology in a rational manner. The product should be possible to produce in large number at a reasonable cost.

Store Display Organise

A study trip to observe a more traditional and eco friendly way of harvesting trees was conducted.

Motivation The is a problem when storing skate and long boards at home. Since they have wheels they are hard to lean against a wall and will often fall and roll around. The goal is to store the boards in a convenient spot that is easily available and in a way that will also display them.


final product / packaging

athletic grooming


Design Methodology. Examiner:

Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhart Lecturer Anna Persson Completed:

3 rd semester, 2012 Lund, Sweden Sponsors:

Foamglas Sweden Student:

Axel Bluhme Given brief:

Develop a hand-held tool of your choice.

Problem analysis what is the problem at hand?

Hands - the tools of the trade Your hands are in constant contact with the world. Think about the importance of a handshake or your hands ability to tell the difference between textures and temperatures. The hands can tell a lot about a person regardless if you are a surgeon, masseur or a construction worker.

middlephalange proximalphalanges

A big problem for athletes is the formation of calluses on your hands. This is can be caused by the friction against the training equipment, eg. when exercising crossfit or weight lifting.





Calluses are areas of thickened skin caused by repeated friction and pressure. They form to protect the skin and the structures beneath it from injury or damage.

In many sports there will be some amount of friction on your hands. Different sports will cause skin buildups to form in altered places and in various severities.

While calluses are a layer of protection and a testament to hard work, excessive calluses will be troublesome and lead to injury. When working out the excess skin will grind between the bar and the hand and eventually tear away.

To be able to treat different areas on the hand a well designed tool is required, one that is tactile, has good force transmission and is ambidextrous.

Market analysis opportunities / survey

Online survey Would you be interested in a product for removing calluses from your hands?




40 NO






dont have calluses

Dont care

Results from a survey with 35 active gym goers showed that 34 / 35 people have calluses caused by athletic activity and 43% responded that they were interested in a product for treating this.

Pre solution

Post solution - removal

Post solution - nurturing

When it comes to protecting your hands and preventing calluses there is a very large amount of different gloves and protective gear on the market.

Products that are being used today to treat calluses are not specifically made for this purpose. The products range from workshop & kitchen tools to feet & nail grooming.

Softening and anti-bacterial lotions and ointments are also being used to treat ripped hands. None of these are specifically made or branded for athletic use.

The survey showed that none of the 35 persons used these type of products. 1) due to the fact that they don't prevent calluses. 2) Loosing tactility to workout equipment.

There is no product on the market today designed for removing calluses from your hands.

Bacteria spreads rapidly in gyms. If you are a regular at the gym it is important to be aware of your hygiene.

Different sports will cause different amount of skin buildups to form in altered places and in various severities. To be able to treat different areas on the hand a well designed tool is required, one that is tactile, has good force transmission and is ambidextrous.



Weight lifting Golf Rowing Tennis Crossfit Climbing


inspiration / concepts / sketching

Calm Smooth Polished

Visualisation prototype / user testing


Final prototype

User testing In order to evaluate the prototypes, user testing at the local gym was conducted using a evaluation form. The final prototype has precise force transmission and is very tangible. Because of the inwards tilting sides it assures a firm grip and prevents it from sliding in the palm. Holding the Onyx Rock, you get the sensation of tactility and the offering of intuitive usage. The material provides good friction between hand and handle.





ped egg



researching / studyvisit Flat tint


Linear use

2nd order stochastic


Circular use



ped egg



Flat tint


Linear use


Chosen material / study visit Eco friendly Produced from 60% recycled glass in Sweden. Desired formats will decrease spill.

Costs Foamglas is light and has a low cost.

foamglas Wont go blunt material

Unlike other product foamglass will never go blund, instead it will be consumed and change shape.

2nd order stochastic


1. foamglas

Cannot be produced in desired format, thus will increase spill.

2. pumice

Circular use

Will go blunt

3. aluminum oxide

Naturally occuring


2 Only a thin layer

Foamglas is used as isolation, but since its properties and material are completely harmless it can be used perfectly for grooming our skin. Sand, recycled glass and other vastly accessible materials are merged to molten glass. The glass is extruded trough a pipe and is grounded to a fine powder and then mixed with coal. The mixture is placed in container which goes through a cell culture stove to create a glass block with millions of hermetically proof glass cells. Next, the material is passed trough a cooling stove to carefully control the cooling process. The foam glass is then cut to desired format, tested and packaged.

Not eco-friendly


The manufacture is based on a heat recovery system which minimizes the energy consumption and gives a ecologically sustainable material.

User testing

final product / testing at Lund crossfit box

Tangible Tactile Intuitive

Realisation I

3D visualisation / brand / packaging

Realisation II

3D visualisation / additional products and apparel

Moisturizing balm keeps calluses hydrated

Branding 01 - website 02 - apparel 03 - stationary 04 - magazine ad

Emergency spray Liquid band aid

Reading light


Darkness design project Examiner:

Olof Kolte Completed:

4 th semester, 2013 Lund, Sweden Student:

Axel Bluhme Given brief:

The task is to develop and build a full-scale working prototype of a luminaire. The starting point should be a lighting problem related to a specific space and an activity in that space.

Background & Sketching motivation / briefing / guidelines

Motivation Reading before bed is more than just a habit for some, it is a vital element in their ritual before sleep. This ritual sets its roots in the early years of life. Let your bedside table lamp lead you in to the magical world of storytelling.

Re - brief Create a child's bedside table lamp, that can be moved around easily.

Guidelines The luminaire should be able to be moved around easily. Taking the lamp to another room when making a pillow fort or bringing the light under the bed covers for some secret late night reading. The luminaire ought not to be fragile and without sharp corners since it will be made for kids.

Visualisation form development

Acrylic white opaque 3 mm plexi with 30% light transmission body The square shape allows the luminaire to be placed on its side it will not roll around

Tapering radius to spread the light and avoid shadow catching in the corners

Open end to let the light shine freely.

Realisation prototype / 3d render

Glyx glucose meter


The tools of a designer Examiner:

Prof. Karl - Axel Andersson Completed:

1 st semester, 2011 Lund, Sweden Student:

Axel Bluhme Given brief:

Create a measuring tool

Realisation scenario / prototype


Pull down lever to load needle


Insert test strip


Prick any finger with needle


Place the drop of blood on the test strip.

Realisation prototype / scenario

Easy management trough out the entire day

Glucose meter A glucose meter is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. Inside the device there is a disc with 50 single use needles rotating after each usage. A glucose meter is a key element of home blood glucose monitoring for people with diabetes or hypo glycemia.



Universal design Examiner: Prof. H책kan Neveryd Completed:

4 th semester, 2013 Lund, Sweden Student:

Axel Bluhme Milton Runerheim Given brief:

Promote movement and physical activity for everyone.


summary / study visit / prototyping

Study trip Promote movement and physical activity for everyone The focus of this project is children with cognitive disabilities and their challenges of leading an active lifestyle. We went on a study trip to F책gelskolan in Lund and got to observe and participate in a PE class. Often one or two students experienced difficulties in understanding the instuctions. A lot of time and energy will be spent trying to help that student understand the activity. At the same time the other children loose focus and interest. Our goal was to develop a solution that would make it easier for the students to understand save time for the teacher. The solution had to be able to be used in many situations and in many different ways. We were looking for a solution that could get more complex as the user progressed.

Prototyping The two large faces have either a vibrant color or a dark blue tone to clearly visualize a commenced and concluded activity. Its areas of usage are not restricted and can be customized for various games and activities. Some possibilities include logical problem solving, such as group puzzles and memory games where the children will look at a pattern and then together try to organize the pillows in the same way. Once the activities are over the children will turn over the pillows and conclude the class with a relaxation excersise. The kit consists of 16 pieces of padded cushions with a bottom part made from HBG-foam and a colored top made of Cell-Aire Polyethylene Foam. This makes the pieces easy to handle, soft and durable in a active environment.


thank you.

Portfolio 2014 - Axel Bluhme  
Portfolio 2014 - Axel Bluhme  

A selection of work from my industrial design studies.