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Where did you grow up. Keane? I was born in Newport Beach in 2004, and then when I was five, I moved to Vermont for about six years. Then I moved back to North County when I was eleven. Right now, I live in San Marcos. What do you like to for fun? What are some of your hobbies? I like diving, surfing, and skateboarding. What’s your favorite thing about Encinitas? It’s a good community and I love the beach here. Let’s retrace your steps from that morning you were attacked—from when you first woke up, got your things together, and went to Beacon’s. What exactly happened that morning? I was talking with my buddy Noah Hartman about lobster diving on a Wednesday before that Saturday I got attacked. I’d never been before and that Saturday was my first time. So I was like, “Hey, Noah, do you want to go lobster diving?” And he said, “Yeah, sure. Let’s go out at Beacon’s. It’s a good spot.” I was super excited for the rest of the week to finally go lobster diving. Then on Saturday, I woke up at 5:30ish and walked into my mom’s room and woke her up to go to Beacon’s. I got all my stuff together, got my wetsuit on, and had a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheat’s. We drove to Beacon’s and it was our first time there, so we didn’t really know where to go.

We finally arrived with the help of our GPS, and I got the rest of my wetsuit on. It was around 5:45am at this time. So I grabbed my fins and my flashlight and waited around for Noah to show up because he was late getting there. When he finally arrived, it was around 6:20am. He geared up, and then we talked about where to go out. Once he got ready, it was around 6:50am. My mom was up in our car, and Noah’s mom had just left. We walked down the trail and set up on the beach where we decided to go out. I didn’t

have a weight belt, bag, or any gloves. It was my first time lobster diving, so my mom didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on gear. So I got in the water and put my mask and fins on. I told Noah that I was just going to go out and get in the water for a little bit. Once he geared up and got in the water, we made our way out. We stopped at a couple little rocks where we thought there might be lobsters. At this time, we were in about five to seven feet of water. We weren’t that far out—we’d only been out for a couple of minutes. It was pretty calm and the water was clear. So we just kept on paddling;

looking at some rocks and stuff. We paused at this one rock for a little bit because we saw some lobsters there. We started battling them and then I kind of stopped for a minute and went above the water. I looked around and noticed that it was sunrise. It was a pretty cool view. Did you have any weird feelings at all during that time? Everything felt cool, but I was kind of nervous because it was my first time lobster diving. So I looked around and saw this one Army green-colored kayak about 70 yards out in front of me. I put a pin on it, so I know where it was—just in case something happened. Then I dove back down and I battled this lobster. I didn’t get it, so I started to come back up. I was about two feet below the surface, when, all of a sudden, I felt something tackle me. I didn’t really feel the shark’s teeth go into me, but it felt like a car just hit me. It held me in place and shook me a little bit. I punched it and it let me go. I came up and my mask was cut off. I was just looking around like, “What just happened?” I thought it was my buddy trying to scare me. And then I looked over and saw that my wetsuit was all ripped up and bloody. I don’t know why, but I started swimming to the kayak as fast as I could and was screaming for help. I wasn’t really “thinking”—I was just “doing.” Where was your friend Noah at the time? He was closer to shore—about ten feet behind me. He heard me scream; “Help

me!” so he started swimming toward me. He kind of calmed me down, but once he saw the blood he was like, “What do I do?” So I pointed for him to go toward the shore. At that time, I didn’t know that a shark had hit me. I swam all by myself to that kayak. Once I got to it, this guy, Chad Hammel, was already there, so I just pulled myself onto the kayak. I was like, “I’ve got to get to shore.” And then I saw another guy pop up. He was holding an anchor and then he grabbed the front of the boat and then started to swim to shore while pulling it. I remember just sitting there like, “What just happened? I’m so confused.” When did the pain start hitting you? I didn’t really have too much pain. But when I was swimming, I could feel it. I’ve never broken a bone before, so it was kind of like a new feeling like, “Oh, I just broke a bone.” My mouth was all swollen and my teeth hurt, too. So not having a weight belt on basically saved your life? Yeah, not having one kept me floating. They’ve got you on the kayak and then they get you to shore. Were you feeling like you were about to pass out at this point? I was feeling a little lightheaded. They got me directly to the shore, and a lifeguard came up and I talked with him. Whenever a shark bites someone, they list it as an “animal bite” and not “shark bite.” So he was expecting it to be a stingray bite or

something, so he wasn’t really prepared for it to be a shark attack at all. He didn’t put a tourniquet on me because he didn’t really know where to put it. He grabbed a heating blanket from the lifeguard truck and wrapped me up like a burrito and then applied pressure to my wounds. I think that was the most painful part. Where were your main wounds from the attack and what kind of damage did it cause? My shoulder, my back, face, and ear. The shark broke my humorous bone in two places, my scapula is broken in three places—the ball joint was popped in half like a jawbreaker, and my rotator cuff was broken. And it ate some of my lat and deltoid muscle. How did the lifeguards come into play in all this? Billy Harris was the first responder lifeguard I met. And Andrew Helble is an off duty lifeguard who pulled the kayak to shore. Matthew Ephron is the off duty police officer from Oceanside. I’m so thankful they were there. They cut my wetsuit to get it off of me, and then they moved me from off the kayak and onto a board—sort of like a plank. From there, it was just waiting for the helicopter to arrive. I was conscious the whole time. Someone was flying a drone, so the helicopter couldn’t land. It had to do a full circle around the beach before it could touch down. I looked around and

saw some cops chasing the guy with the drone. It was crazy. So how has all this changed you? Do you have a different outlook on life now? It’s changed my outlook on the ocean. I know that we’re polluting it now more than ever, and we need to stop making plastic and overfishing. Life can change in a day. I didn’t know that Chad and Andrew would be like family to me now—I didn’t know they’d be so important in my life. I’ve just been thankful because your life could end at a really young age. But most of the time that doesn’t happen. What was it like having celebrities like Tony Hawk and Bethany Hamilton reaching out to you and sending their well wishes? It was really cool. Tony gave me motivation to start skateboarding again and Bethany got me motivated to surf again and get back in the water. It’s all about motivation. What are you planning to do with your newfound notoriety? I want to help people who have lost an arm in a shark attack—like Bethany Hamilton does—and help them surf again. I also want to have a voice in helping to stop polluting the ocean. And lastly, they’re trying to replace the trail at Beacon’s with a concrete trail—I want to put a stop to that, too.

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Flora Aura By Lindsy Richards Making magical headpieces possible Encinitas is an amazing incubator to unique and eclectic small businesses. One such business started as a secret artistic vision in the mind of Lindsy Richards, who, after a long stretch of full-time mothering and volunteering, started tinkering in her garage with flower crowns and sculptural headpieces. After a lot of trial and error, Lindsy had an epiphany—there was no easy way to build her creations without lots of wire, tape, and awkwardly balanced structural pieces to hold the crowns or halos in place. That’s when she took things in to her own hands and invented the Flora Aura collection of products. “In 2012, I had this secret artistic rebirth happening after being a “stay-at-home” mom for eighteen or something years,” smiled Lindsy. “Through watching runway shows and looking at fashion magazines, I became

interested in headpiece art. When I first started, I was messing around with bones, animal horns, and making these elaborate head-pieces that were cool looking, but by no means functional.” Lindsy deconstructed her pieces and started from scratch to create a functional anchor that would be reusable and simple to work with in the construction of floral headpieces. With no options on the market, Lindsy took it upon herself and invented (and patented) a headband/strap system that allows the artist or florist to easily create their own floral crowns or head pieces without the need for wires, tape, staples, or glue. “I wanted a product that’d be simple enough for anyone to use, but also multi-purpose enough for professionals to work with as well,” explained Lindsy. “Flora Aura was truly a labor of

love and now to see other people using my invention, and creating these incredible pieces is just amazing.” All Flora Aura products are handmade in Los Angeles and are currently being sold exclusively on, but will be available in stores world wide soon. “I love the idea that this product can serve as an outlet for anyone to express their own creativity,” said Richards. “The reward of seeing beautiful designs and creations come to life through my product is incredible and humbling.” Follow @flora_aura_designs on Instagram for a look at what’s possible with this awesome invention

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