AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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Allié: More than a product, it’s a practice. You present the Secret Ceres, along with the rituals that support it. Please share the importance of these rituals and an example of one.

Emma: I’ve come to find that one of the most effective ways we awaken our inner bodies is by transforming the small things in our lives with intention. It all starts with small changes. Simple things like appreciating the ocean after a morning jog or doing meditation at sunrise. I like to start my day with Turmeric tonic and warm water. I take time reading ingredient labels and choosing products that I know will nourish me. But Kundalini yoga and Secret Ceres are part of my ultimate self-care rituals.

When doing my Secret Ceres ritual, I clear my space of all energy. I light a candle and I create a focal point of intention in my mind to allow the power of prayer. I get into a comfortable position with my eyes closed and I breathe with intention. I always set a clear intention which I want to see manifest through the infinite power of my womb and the creative force of the Sacral Chakra.

I insert the wand vaginally for 90 seconds and I visualize how the minerals and herbs nurture the intention that I planted in my fertile flora and I focus on an image of my desired manifestation while maintaining a smooth and steady breathing. When the 90 seconds are complete, I open my eyes and remove the wand. I place one hand on my heart and one hand on my womb and imagine a beautiful light moving from my womb and flowing into all parts of my body.

I always close the ritual with an expression of gratitude and then return back into awareness. After this ritual, I always feel so at peace and powerful. I really wish to share the magic of this ritual with other women.

Allié: Stigmas around women's health are all too common in most societies. Hidden behind silence are topics that deserve to be and need to be discussed. I will admit that while I am a woman, I can’t comfortably say ‘vagina’. And I have one. Emma, how do we transform uncomfortable taboos into comfortable topics?

Emma: The vagina is one of the most misconceived parts of the female body.

“…instead of honoring the vagina as a sacred sanctuary of love and light, many women foster pain and shame instead because of society.”

It is subjected to so much controversy from pleasure, pain, shame, desire and repulsion while our womb is the portal from which you, me and the whole humanity came from. Unfortunately, instead of honoring the vagina as a sacred sanctuary of love and light, many women foster pain and shame instead because of society.

It is part of AYIB’s mission to invite every woman to honor herself and open up the conversation around the vagina. It can start with a very close group of trustworthy friends or family members. The more you talk about it, the more you come to realize that the vagina is a body part that should be celebrated.

It is time to embrace the sacredness of the vagina and take care of it:

The Secret Ceres wand helps to protect and ease the vagina from many hassles ranging from bacterial vaginosis, menstrual cycle pain, itchiness and menopausal phases.

The Secret Ceres wand was key for me after giving birth, it helped me speed the healing process of the vagina and tighten it, I highly recommend women to try it for their postpartum recovery. It is really is the perfect tool for healing and honoring the vagina through all its phases. It is time for every woman to start making the conversation about the vagina a normal one, while sharing the tools that heal and protect the sacredness we possess. 75 AWARENOW / THE SOURCE EDITION