AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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Allié: The topic brought up in 'My Sister, Harper' regarding the long-term care and housing of autistic adults is a complicated and gut-wrenching decision that many families must consider in real life. What would you like to say to the caregivers having to make these tough decisions?

Tal: This is a really difficult and scary question for me, because I am still learning to be independent myself, to be honest. But, for caregivers this must be so hard. I’m not sure how to answer this question really, but I guess I would tell caregivers to try to make sure that there is someone around for that person who they know, trust and love, whether that is a cousin or even a family friend, because having someone you trust and who loves you can decrease anxiety so much.

Allié: What’s next for Tal Anderson? If we were to sit down 5 years from now, tell me what’s happened.

Tal: Well, there are definitely things in the works. For instance, I will be recurring on a new series for Amazon Prime Video. It is still untitled and unannounced, but hopefully will come out soon. Hmm… but my fantasy for the future would be that I --- wrote a TV pilot and pitched it to Netflix, and it was picked up. In addition to producing it, I will be in a series regular role, and may even direct an episode or two! ∎

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