AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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Page 165


By: Mary David

The power I contain and bestow

on all who embrace me

cannot be found anywhere else

My touch is one that

gives life,

emboldens the frail

and strengthens

the fiercest of gladiators

That is why, across the globe,

everyone searches for me

I do not discriminate

But my gifts are so divine

that the mighty hoard me for themselves,

afraid to share even a breadcrumb

of what I have to offer

The beauty that buds,

Blossoms in my wake

is enchanting,

so very healing

that those who possess me

refuse to let me go

Desperate for more growth that they cannot find apart from me,

those who have met me

hold me captive

releasing me only to mingle with those they deem worthy

Anyone else, they feel, would be a waste of my riches.

But this is how I know

they do not love me

They use me

as a means to an end

to soothe their own aches

taking and taking

as if I am only meant to be a bandaid

instead of the panacea

that those who truly appreciate me experience

I am not found everywhere

but I am grounded in abundance

and would flourish

if hoarders in the halls of power

let me trickle

to the dying places

Oh the brilliance that would

part the clouds

if those who were so obliviously reliant on me

would invite strangers to their dinner table

Instead, the same family surrounds me at mealtime

gulping me down like medicine

instead of savoring me with reverence

Swelling with health, fortune, resilience,

they sometimes carelessly toss me aside

for something less satisfying

while their cousins beg forlornly with pleading eyes

through the window

No one takes notice

as the crowd outside grows from longing

until the cries of forgotten hearts

hits so high a decibel

that the windows break

and the dinner table shatters

In the end, selfishness killed them all.

You thought I was speaking of water

but what if I told you

my name was compassion?

What if I told you

we are the same thing?