AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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Page 158

“Everything belongs.”

We inherited all of that which makes us humans… we have this world and different parts of the island. And this case for myself, I was put in this part of the world, and I appreciate everything surrounding me. But I can see, I can see my purpose. I can see that sense of belonging. Everything belongs… Everything was put nicely in an order. I’m looking at poplar trees… They take care of oxygen, that’s part of that creation. At this time we must be aware of that…

There are fires and floods, earthquakes and big storms. We must remember… we must take care of Mother Earth, all the women and all the children .

It is about us….we are one. ∎

Respectfully recorded and submitted by Kathy Kiss


Anishinaabe Knowledge Keeper, Chief of Foothills Ojibway on Turtle Island I am Ogimaa (Acha-Kooh-waay), I begin with words from my own language to say hi to everybody. My identity… which is… because God put me in this part of the world is my Annishinaabe language and name. That means “leader” for people and environment here. So I am not saying I am the leader of Turtle Island but that’s what that means. It is an individual’s name, which is a spirit name that we carry on from our traditional culture and lineage in this part of the world. We were put here on this Turtle. This Turtle Island is massive.