AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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“Be Bold. Stay Beautiful. Explore…”

I started taking the dress with me on all of my backpacking trips, travels and hiking adventures. I would share photos of myself in these remote, exotic and picturesque locations and share my thoughts about the surrounding area, time or provide suggestions on location. It begins to catch the attention of friends, family and complete strangers. Perhaps it was the dress, maybe the beautiful scenery or a bit of both but from there the GoGreenDress began its endless journey around the world.

To be honest the adventures of the GoGreenDress could not have come at a better time. There I was in a rocky long distance relationship of 3 1/2 years, my business was slowing down and I had just returned from my international travels longing for more adventure. I needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and wanted to get into my zen. I wanted to trek into the forest and just take it all in; let nature slowdown my mind and get back to being in the moment. During these moments of solitude, it dawned on me that traveling as a single female you have to be more cautious and more aware. But you should never let these feelings stop you from exploring.

I wanted to be more bold on my trips and adventurous with my treks. I decided to do Havasupai Falls and Mt. Whitney as they were both driving distance with the dress. These treks are very strenuous especially when you are packing your gear and food. I wanted to showcase the beauty of nature with my dress and bring the outside element combined with me in a flowing garment. It seems when you have a girl in a dress posing in desolated locations, people pay attention. I wanted to share these landscapes with the world and remind women that you too can conquer these treks and to Be Bold. Stay Beautiful. Explore! Thus the birth of the movement of the GoGreenDress adventures continued.

Honestly, I couldn't believe how beautiful some of these photos came out. And to think, it was taken on my Samsung phone (I started with the Samsung Galaxy S5)!

My initial goal was to encourage other females to take treks and continue exploring. Additionally, I wanted to share the natural beauty of the world outside, the world less traveled and showcase it through my shared images. I wanted to take people on a virtual journey of exploration, of color, sound and sight. As I continue, the GoGreenDress has become much more. It is now a space to share my thoughts on current issues and topics that impact the environment and humanity, my travels around the world, a reminder to my audience to be kind to others especially to yourself and a carefully curated picture book of all these special memories. I use this space to open up to my audience and hopefully provide some inspiration.

Standing here staring at the sunset over this vast beautiful sight before me, I hope these photos will ignite a sense of adventure in your souls and spark a little curiosity about the world outside. Perhaps we can all share our own beautiful dress images to flood social media with positively beautiful images in our flowing garments. If you would like to learn more, please follow along my adventures at GoGreenDress on Instagram. On a side note, yes I now have more then one dress, but for years it was and still is my first green dress from my consignment find. ∎ No matter what you are going through just remember: "The beauty of change is that it can bring unexpected adventures. Even the most desolate place can be breathtaking." ~Thi-ism~

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Nonprofit Consultant, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Thi Nguyen brings with her over 2 decades of non profit experience as a participant, advisor, board member, consultant, volunteer and research and development specialist. Her expertise combining technology to further advance the vision and mission for philanthropic causes has allowed her to serve as a trusted partner with many notable organizations large and small. Thi has experience working with organizations focusing on combating various global issues such as: human sex trafficking, homelessness, poverty, fair wages, global warming, malnutrition, gender equality, humanitarian assistance and human rights. She's currently developing an app to connect individuals and corporations to assist nonprofits in furthering their vision and mission.