AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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This is just one small example of how our society tries to make us believe its not ok to be ourselves when that couldn’t be further from reality. The real truth is there is so much beauty to be found in being yourself, as we know true beauty isn’t only skin deep. It’s when you bare your heart and soul by sharing your stories of your triumphs as well as your struggles that you connect with your radiant source of inner power and therefore connect with others.

Celebrities and public figures have always been a huge source of inspiration to the masses, but due to misleading stories in the media we are not always aware of their true identities behind the veils of image and illusions. Eleven11 Media in collaboration with Awareness Ties is proud to announce we have developed a new talk show. Every week we will invite entrepreneurs, celebrities and public figures to reveal their true identity by getting ‘naked’ and baring their souls, inspiring people around the world to be their true selves and showcase their inner beauty. Coming soon, we are proud to introduce ‘The Naked Truth.

Far too often, we are presented with a veil of illusion—distorting our vision to see the truth behind some of the worlds biggest headlines. Therefore, we have created a platform for our guests to amend the biggest misconceptions about their image & personal life by sharing their true stories.

Step 1:

Guests will be confronted with their biggest public misconceptions (from tabloids, gossip magazines & social media).

Step 2:

They will be asked to get ‘naked’ and bare their souls by discussing the fake news and exposing their inner truths.

Step 3 :

After the misconceptions are addressed, guests will answer a sequence of soul searching questions in the form of headlines of their own creation.

Join us for ‘The Naked Truth’ where clothes are optional, but honesty is required. ∎


Founder & CEO of Culturosity Charlotte Alexandra, founder & CEO of Culturosity is a business mentor, empowerment coach & serial entrepreneur with a passion for Media. She is on a mission to help You unlock your fullest potential! Helping people around the globe expand, grow, connect and to build a business they are proud of, a life they love and a mindset that will take them places. After kickstarting her career in Marketing + Advertising following a journalism & communications degree, she decided to launch Eleven11 Media Networks. Creating a platform for likeminded creatives to collaborate on spreading a positive message through media. Her work as both an entrepreneur and a media coach has provided her with an international network of inspirational and influential associates ranging from entrepreneurs, business leaders, public speakers & celebrities - uniting and combining their talents to make to world a better place.