AwareNow: Issue 7: The Return Edition

Page 14

I am quite easily distracted, but when I paint I am able to focus in a way that helps quiet the noise. KRISTEN MARTIN

ACTRESS & AWARENESS TIES OFFICIAL AMBASSADOR FOR MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS My name is Kristen Martin, and I am an actress in NYC. Through acting we are forced to empathized with, as well as deeply evaluate the human condition. Our mental health journey dictates so much of how we react to each and every moment of our lives as it unfolds. I want people to embrace the great care we should consistently be gifting our minds. I want people to feel comfortable expressing their struggles as well as triumphs. I believe the current stigmas still surrounding mental health is not only primitive but dangerous. I’ve struggled with my own mental health, and my goal is to help break down those barriers surrounding what is simply part of the human experience. 14 AWARENOW / THE RETURN EDITION