AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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“For me, it made me feel positive standing barefoot in Maui and in truth…"

There is science involved and one reason for Maui’s healing energy is that the rocks are full of iron oxide, a highly magnetic element. This creates a magnetic energy that we can tap into. I was reminded, as I stood there, of the collective trauma we have endured since 2020, and I allowed for the possibility that the magnetic energy could not only stir my blood, reacting to the iron running through my body, but spiritually, what mental blocks could this energy help me break through. The result for me was an extremely deep sense of gratitude as I felt my vibrations rise higher bringing me to a state of flow, fully immersed in my activity. In that state, my mind’s eye saw a surfer riding a wave. His skill at balance is key and though at times he is thrown from his board, he knows how to go with the flow, and fall in such a way that the skilled surfer is not deterred, but grows with the challenge, bringing himself back to the board, looking for the next wave because he knows that he’d rather be riding one, than getting dragged with it.

So, as we emerge from our corners of the world, I encourage us to seek out therapeutic ways that involve reconnecting not only with the people we miss, but the beauty of the outdoors and nature to collectively raise our vibration. Doing so enables us to feel happier, mentally, and emotionally. For me, it made me feel positive standing barefoot in Maui and in truth, I could do this anywhere, but for the moment I was thankful to be present in a magical moment in an inspiring place, if only to once again be reminded that even after the darkest night, comes the light. ∎


Novelist, Speaker, Podcast Host & Social Entrepreneur Aalia Lanius is the Founder and President of Unsugarcoated Media, a 501(c)(3) media organization. Dedicated to helping survivors of trauma lead mentally healthier lives, Lanius' focus is creating media and events that empower, educate, heal, and inspire another the way it has for her. Lanius is also a multiple award-winning American novelist, social entrepreneur, and advocate with over 20 years of sharing her personal experiences with audiences of all age groups and diverse backgrounds. Executive Producer and host of the awardnominated seasonal podcast show, “Unsugarcoated with Aalia”, a visual and audio experience that features conversations intended to bring value and amplify voices that create more empathy and understanding of one another.