AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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Our Life As A Pencil’, written and narrated by Paul S. Rogers:

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When somebody doesn't get the point, or asks what's the point of it all, what they are really asking and saying is what should I write next. The powerful thing is that you can write anything you want, as it all starts from the inside.

As we go through life, we look for and then find a combination with another pencil who we are drawn to and compliments our own unique Pencil. Together a masterpiece is created. Sometimes we find the wrong combination and the picture created does not end up as we first imagined. You can always find a fresh page and continue writing.

Some Pencils lead with the eraser, by first removing any marks of sadness before writing, to raise awareness and create magic and happiness. In the outside world, there is a growing number of these Pencils who, when they come together, have a huge power to write (and right) the wrongs and injustices.

Things to ponder…

If we are the pencil, and life is a page, when we reach the end of that page, what remains?

How and when are the rest of our pages and chapters written?

We know and feel but cannot see the greater invisible hand at work, that uses and guides the Pencil in creating each individual masterpiece. Will we ever get to see the complete tapestry, and the body and hand behind this? ∎


Transformation Expert, Awareness Hellraiser & Public Speaker Keynote public speaking coach, “Adversity to hope, opportunity and prosperity. “ Transformation expert, awareness Hellraiser, life coach, Trauma TBI, CPTSD mentor, train crash and cancer survivor, public speaking coach, Podcast host “Release the Genie”, Director at Core Mentors Association (Not for profit) & Best-selling author. His journey from corporate to Kitesurfer to teacher on first nations reserve to today. Paul’s goal is to inspire others to find their true purpose and passion.