AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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A METAPHOR FOR PURPOSE SCRIPTED & SKETCHED Genie Fact: ‘A Genie can win a game of Connect Four in 3 moves.’

When we were created, we started life as a full Pencil; eager to write out our story on life's page and leave our mark upon the world and all of those in it. We are all unique with different colours, shades and strengths.

The origins of a Pencil come from nature. The wood of a tree, which itself was once a seed. Lead from the earth, as a raw mix of minerals and metals.

The lead in the Pencil is then enclosed by a layer of wood and given a polished final finish. This covering serves as our outside interface between the inside and outside worlds.

What the world doesn’t see, beneath the protective cover, is the invisible core: our creativity and magic. This magic inside can only be shown to the outside world through our actions and acts on the paper of life. It is not the wood that creates the story but what lies beneath the wood.

From my own personal point of view, when I am brainstorming, I always write in pencil. Somehow it feels freer and allows my best and most creative ideas to come through me. I then use a pen as a means to solidify and clarify my ideas and goals so that they cannot be easily erased.

As we become older, we tend to stop using pencils and transition to using pens instead. Hence the well-known phrase “written in ink”, which proclaims some sort of binding commitment to the outside world. If a mistake is made written in ink, it is considerably harder to erase.

“The Pencil is able to write the story of how it was sharpened or broken, and the lessons learned in the process.”

As we go through life, we face many painful challenges. It is this painful event of being sharpened that allows us to write and draw even more clearly than before. The Pencil is able to write the story of how it was sharpened or broken, and the lessons learned in the process. These lessons are a gift to share with the rest of us.