AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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HOW TO FIND YOURSELF IN NATURE Going outside for me means carrying a pack and spending time in nature. Being able to explore where one can access only by foot while discovering the hidden waterfalls, wildflowers and natural habitats of these grounds brings me great joy. It is when the sound of traffic and chatter cease to exist, replaced with nature's musical notes. It is the smell of fresh foliage from

leaves dancing in the wind, while trees sway side to side. The great outdoors truly is a magical place. Life here seems to stop and start spontaneously with every second. Thunderstorms roll in, hail comes crashing down and within minutes the sun is out in full force. You can be in the desert one day and stand on top of the tallest peak the next. Going outside is a time for me to explore inward. It is a time for me to process life, work through the troubles and rediscover my Zen.

There is something special when you spend some time trekking through the wilderness. Packing only what you will need for the next few days, weeks or even months and hitting the unpaved road. Learning the route as you go, mapping your journey and meal planning; all are necessary for survival in the wild. Soon you will realize what you are capable of, what you can endure and how long you are able to continue this trek of exploration and self discovery.

Through my travels, I tend to wonder what life would be like from above, imagining myself as an eagle flying around. I think about the fish swimming in the streams, the goats climbing the mountains and the bears sleeping in their caves. I wonder how life is like for them season after season. Would we treat the wild with more love, more care if we too saw it as our ‘home’? Would we appreciate and enjoy it more if we could see the complete canvas from above? I sometimes think…