AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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FINDING OURSELVES & OUR PLACE WITH A SINGLE WORD I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my reflection on the learning that I've had in the privilege of recording Ogimma’s wisdom and teachings to submit to this magazine. Each month, he gives teachings that relate to the world now, but they are ancient and timeless. I record very carefully. Each word is transcribed and reviewed with him. Next it is edited, also by his niece, Sheena Frencheater, who speaks the language. We are recording teachings that originally were done in another language and doing the best that we can to present them as accurately to you in an English, written format.

In the last few months, as I recorded Ogimma’s words there was one word that stood out because of its frequency and importance. People frequently ask me, “What are the most important teachings?” After responding, “they are all important”, with continued press I list some…

All things are alive and have a physical, spiritual self and soul.

All are equally important.

In the natural order as determined by Creator God, everything fits together. Like an interlocking puzzle and works together to support each piece with the unity and flow of spirit and energy, as determined by God.

We are successful in this planet by working with this force and natural order and in relationship with God Himself.

This is a quick summary of some basics. However, It is so much more than that…

There is one English word, that seems to encapsulate this concept in the repetition which is found in his words and teachings. Ogimma uses the word “us” to refer to everything.

Now when I hear that word and I look at the world, I know that…“it is all about us”, as he says. We are physically and spiritually and energetically bound to and alive with the water, the sun, the soil, the plants, the animals…Everything… and all in relationship with Creator.

The more I look at and feel for the world around me, I know that it is truly all about us, the responsibility we have to honor and balance this with the way we treat all of us, and honor and pay respect to Creator and the natural order. That gives us everything we need for all of us.

The theme for the magazine this month is “exploring the world outside, the world within and where they intersect”. I've been walking around thinking about this theme for some time. Ogimma has a beautiful teaching here and I am privileged to share my reflection on this intersection. I am so grateful to be learning from these teachings, and to have the opportunity to reflect on other world views that I need to step away from.