AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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Tanith: Your kits are not only waterless but also sustainably sourced, natural, non animal tested and vegan friendly. How important was it to you to source products that fulfilled that criteria and why?

Tim: We wanted our kits to be as eco-friendly as possible whilst actually being able to do the job they were made for in the best possible way, which is keeping our customers clean and feeling fresh in whatever outdoor pursuit they are doing. We researched so many different products, and continue to do so to fit the bill, and ended up with what we have. As you state all our products are non-animal tested, made in the UK (apart from the bamboo toothbrush) to cut on emissions, either reusable, compostable, biodegradable or recyclable all with the aim of having a positive environmental impact on wherever the customer is using it.

We did a customer survey following our first season to truly see how customers were using the pack and if it was being used as we’d hoped, thus having the positive impact on the environment. I’m pleased to say that it was a resounding yes with:

• 100% of customers saying they felt it reduced their festival waste

• 88% of customers felt it reduced their water consumption

• 99% said they would buy again or recommend to a friend

• 97% rated the pack 5*

Tanith: We all love a great festival but it is heartbreaking to see the mess that gets left behind - what more should festivals be doing to promote sustainability and create cleaner campsites?

Tim: The reality is there’s always going to be waste at festivals, we will never rid that. It’s thousands of people consuming food and drink for several days in a field that’s normally home to cows and sheep. For me it’s about reducing needless waste and the type of waste by introducing mandatory green initiatives, working with eco-friendly companies that can help achieve that, then educating the festival goers on why these are in place and setting the agenda from the start so the festival goer knows what they can and can’t bring to the festival. If these green initiatives carry cost implications to implement, then pass that on to the festival goer and explain why. I believe the public are now fully aware and bought in to sustainability so that if the price of a ticket went up due to the cost of the various green initiatives the vast majority would pay it. It needs all festivals to collaborate so their ticket prices are in line as those not involved are cheaper so therefore more appealing! 110 AWARENOW / THE OUTSIDE EDITION