AwareNow: Issue 16: The Mayday Edition

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Tanith: How can young people access the app and what is next for you on the I am me journey?

Claire: Firstly, we plan to move forward with further research into the app as an intervention tool. We’ve just launched our learning alliance which will establish whether a preventative approach to mental ill health reduces the number of young people that go on to develop mental illness in later life.

Secondly, we need a two-pronged attack so that funding supports those where a diagnosis has been made but also as focuses on prevention measures and start to look at how we can really support young people to be able to proactively support their own mental health. That’s why we will continue to spread the message as far as possible.

Finally, for us it’s all about being of service to young people providing as much support to as many young people as we can. We will continue to work hard to develop new content and tools that are needed by young people and that reflect the challenges they face in today’s world. A key element of the initiative is our young advisory group. The young people that are part of this group are our eyes and ears, they advise us on the app content and the look and feel so we can ensure it remains up to date and relevant. The app really has been created for young people, by young people. ∎

Download I am me for free on Google Play and the App Store, as well as a desk top version: TANITH HARDING

Director of International Development, The Legacy Project, RoundTable Global Tanith is leading change management through commitment to the RoundTable Global Three Global Goals of: Educational Reform, Environmental Rejuvenation & Empowerment for All. She delivers innovative and transformational leadership and development programmes in over 30 different countries and is also lead on the international development of philanthropic programmes and projects. This includes working with a growing team of extraordinary Global Change Ambassadors and putting together the Global Youth Awards which celebrate the amazing things our young people are doing to change the world.