AwareNow: Issue 25: The Light Edition

Page 77

ALLIÉ: In recent times, the traditional construct for currency has been challenged with the introduction and infusion of cryptocurrency. Many, including myself, are still very confused about this form of currency. Please share in the simplest terms possible how this human currency system works?

KARLA: There are two economies at play in society 1) Monetary Economy and the CARE Economy which is made up of groups and people we have a particular affinity for and who we decide to spend time and resources with. The ability to share life and tasks between family, friends, and colleagues and not solely non-relational entities. There’s an even more profound desire to have deeper felt connections especially after the pandemic. Soul-filled transactions… connected to a higher mission will be way more sought after than non-relational transactions. Group Skillsharing is a new lifestyle giving groups the ability to upload their skills and willingness to gift in-kind to their colleagues, family and friends. A Group Admin signs up for an account, and then once approved, they are given a group code to give out to Members. The Members download the YING Group Skillsharing APP or go to the website to create a new account where they can immediately begin skillsharing with others who have signed up. All members start with 24 Balance Tokens in their accounts, with one balance token equal to one hour of tasks. They can ask for any kind of assistance or task that they need. The Group Admin can even post tasks for help to sustain group needs. Our goal is truly to build a more connected culture and truly democratize abundance.

ALLIÉ: Of all the names you could have given your peer to peer platform, you chose YING. What does it mean?

KARLA: I was in the Hollywood Hills and I asked Spirit what the name should be and my attention went to the leaf of the tree in my front yard. At that moment what came was the yin versus the yang - that combined gives us perfect balance and harmony and that’s what we are called to bring back - the balance behind both our economies.

ALLIÉ: Prepared to serve United States citizens, you are a former 2020 Vice President Candidate for the Independent party. As Founder of YING, your commitment to service has now broadened to include all global citizens. Why is this level of inclusivity important to you?

KARLA: I am an Afro Indigenous Euro so all citizens matter to me. I am a descendant of Nigerian, Cherokee and European ancestors. I am the 5th generation granddaughter of VP Burr - the founder of Manhattan Bank now JP Morgan Chase… I am so passionate about humanity coming together and realizing we are way more interweaved than we want to ever imagine.

ALLIÉ: The lexicon alone used to define your direction with YING is inspiring. Love for you to speak for a moment about ‘community capital’.

KARLA: We are innately more valuable than what we acknowledge - money draws us to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment and validation - money causes us to hunger for more money to extrinsically seek inner value. The more we go within there’s a sense of intrinsic value that we gain that often gets overlooked until our last moment in this time continuum we’re in. At that point we recognize the most valuable asset we as humans are given is the time we spend with the people and experiences that allow us to vibrate at our highest frequencies. Our movement is about placing value back into supporting the deeper interconnectedness we all seek and need to thrive. If I can now, after connecting and building a heart and soul bond with you, Allie…. show up to support you in-kind for whatever you needed… that form of currency supersedes what we now know as fiat currency. You see that currency I just described is what we call Currency for Humankind. ∎

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