AwareNow: Issue 25: The Light Edition

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freedom, so many gifts show up in your life. So many opportunities, so many blessings that can only come if you're opening yourself up to what you're meant to be. An avocado seed is not meant to be a rose. A rose is not meant to be an apricot. Each and every one of us has a unique design of expression. If we listen with the ear that is beyond the ear and have some dimension of spiritual practice, we're able to discern it, feel it, hear it, and then take baby steps and walk in that direction. Then inertia becomes momentum, and it feels like we're being pulled by something because we're finally listening to our soul.

ALLIÉ: I’d like to end this conversation with something to begin each day with – ‘affirmations’. Please share the importance and power of affirmations. Please also share what’s in the works with Love Los Angeles Style and hand written originals, limited edition prints and alter cards where words spoken can be words held.

MICHAEL: Affirmations are very important. The key obviously is in the word 'affirm'. People need to understand that they have a mind. They're not their mind, but they have one. The mind has been programmed. It's been programmed by beliefs, superstitious thoughts, society, and corporate media. It's been programmed, and it has some good stuff in there as well. Until those programs are neutralized, they act as a law in our life. If a person has been told all their life that they're not worthy or that they're not enough, that becomes a program. It acts as a law and regardless of how hard they work in life, until that program is neutralized it acts as a law.

“We start to come into coherence with the truth that the universe is on our side, but are we on our own side?” Affirmations are the beginning process of telling ourselves the truth about ourselves... that we are worthy, that we are receptive to harmonizing prosperity, that our body can heal anything, that everything is working together for our good, that all of my needs are met now, and forever. I manifest perfect health, divine wealth, harmonizing, prosperity, and divine peace. We begin to talk to ourselves. The idea is not to talk to the world, but to talk to ourselves. And as we talk to ourselves, we start to ferret out the false beliefs that have been programmed within us. We start to come into coherence with the truth that the universe is on our side, but are we on our own side? We're not on our own side oftentimes because we actually believe some superstitious thought that we're not good enough. The affirmations are a beginning step in walking in the direction of being available to more good than we could possibly imagine. When you wake up in the morning, you wanna have an intention of growing and unfolding until your greatest self. Many people suffer from an intention deficit disorder. They don't have an intention. They're just going out to the world, reacting to circumstances. That's like a ship without a rudder. You have to have an intention. And then in that intention, you affirm the truth. You listen to yourself, affirming until a new law is set in motion. Then you're on your own side. You begin to see opportunities that you didn't see before. You see possibilities that you didn't notice before. You start to hear the voice of the genuine within you. Life becomes a lot more graceful when you're on your own side, living an intentional life and speaking the truth about yourself. And when I say truth, I'm talking about capital 'T' -- Truth. I am talking about facts. I'm talking about your real nature, which is spiritual.

I'm going to be writing out, in my own handwriting, affirmations that will be short and poignant and powerful that people will be able to just memorize or read and use on a daily basis, particularly when you wake up and even when you're about to go to sleep. Sleep is very important. People spend at least a third of their life sleeping. You can actually use sleep to reprogram the mind and to heal yourself. If you take an intention and an affirmation right before you go to sleep, and then you fall asleep with it, it will go into the deep regions of your subconscious. It will begin to work without you having to work it. With the affirmations that I'll be writing, you can read them in the morning. You can read them as you go to sleep at night. And then throughout the course of the day, they can be like a vitamin B shot. When you're having a bad day, in a bad mood or things aren't going your way, you can remember... I feel that everything is working together for my good. I may not be able to see it right now, but I know it's the truth. We can begin to bring ourselves back into some kind of balance by high intentional self talk. 20 AWARENOW / THE LIGHT EDITION