AwareNow: Issue 25: The Light Edition

Page 136

AwareNow Podcast


Written and Narrated by Sonja Montiel


Education has always felt like home for Hilary, but she knows that isn’t the case for everyone. She is on a mission to make education safer, friendlier and more accessible. She states, “We don’t do better because we don’t know better. But when we know better, we rise to become better human beings. The bridge is education. Finding a way to make it accessible to everyone is my mission.”

Hilary is leading the way with integrity and love that is transforming our world. She has faith we can learn how to be compassionate, learn how to become leaders, learn how to communicate with one another, learn how to see people in different ways and learn how to love. And she will never stop because lifelong learners never stop learning. ∎

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Co-Founder of The Decided Heart Effect SONJA MONTIEL has served more than twenty-one years in the college admissions profession, having extensive experience in the areas of freshman, transfer, and international admissions. During her time working with thousands of teens and young adults worldwide, she began to witness many societies creating an unhealthy college-bound culture that misguides our young people in their pursuit of living a life of fulfillment. In 2021, Sonja met Hilary Bilbrey to begin something amazing. They created The DH Effect – The Decided Heart Effect with a mission to guide individuals, schools, and organizations to build high-trust relationships and belonging through self-discovery and personal accountability.