AwareNow: Issue 25: The Light Edition

Page 13

“My cry broke the silence and fear was prevalent in everyone's eyes.” The night was cold, piercing our every being. We huddled together tight as sardines silently waiting for the cue to when we could look out over the boat. My cry broke the silence and fear was prevalent in everyone's eyes. "Hush the child otherwise we'll all be discovered,” one of the passengers snarled. "Your child will wake up my baby,” another whispered. My mother, frightened for my life, rocked me back and forth against her bosom in hopes of calming me down. I wasn't having it; it was cold, I was hungry and I was awakened from my slumber. I wanted to be back where it was warm. Crying from the top of my lungs, I didn't care what everyone else was saying, all I wanted was to go home.

"If you don't shut her up we're going to throw her overboard," one whispered. "Yes! Better one than the whole boat," another added. "Please. Please. She's all I got," my mother stammered through her tears, clinching me tighter. Her warmth calmed me, and for a moment complete silence rocked the boat. I dozed off with the smell of home and the feeling of comfort through my mother's sobbing body. It put me right to sleep.

Daylight broke and the sun was shining. Awoken by the bright light, I woke up surrounded by water and weary travelers. Where are we and where are we headed? How long have I been sleeping and how long have we been traveling? Minutes went on for hours, hours went on for days and days felt like infinity.

Our journey has just begun… ∎

"In our darkest of days we have to let the light inside shine in order to survive.

Remember there is rain in every rainbow." - GoGreenDress THI NGUYEN

Nonprofit Consultant, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist THI NGUYEN brings with her over 2 decades of non profit experience as a participant, advisor, board member, consultant, volunteer and research and development specialist. Her expertise combining technology to further advance the vision and mission for philanthropic causes has allowed her to serve as a trusted partner with many notable organizations large and small. Thi has experience working with organizations focusing on combating various global issues such as: human sex trafficking, homelessness, poverty, fair wages, global warming, malnutrition, gender equality, humanitarian assistance and human rights. She's currently developing an app to connect individuals and corporations to assist nonprofits in furthering their vision and mission.