AwareNow: Issue 25: The Light Edition

Page 126

Left: Dr. Nicolas Bazan Right: Director Richie Adams


ALLIÉ: With your research consuming so much of your career, why was it so important to make time outside of your lab to write this book and produce this film? Why did you need to share this story?

DR. BAZAN: It reveals elations and frustrations that go hand in hand with research to understand brain functions and unravel diseases that affect the brain. The battle to conquer Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases, macular degeneration, ALS, traumatic brain injury, stroke, depression, addictions, schizophrenia is not a story of continual, everyday successes. It is a slow journey down a complicated maze often with setbacks and unexpected twists and turns. Experiments do not always yield the results anticipated, and scientists like me often find that we do not have the means available to solve the riddles of the mind we so desperately seek to untangle.

Yet despite the many trials we face, despite the many uncertainties we encounter, each day that passes brings us closer to understanding and preventing and curing these devastating diseases.

We realize how critical this research is for families, caregivers, and the overall community. Every new bit of information uncovered adds one more piece to the puzzle, bringing the bigger picture a little more in focus and providing us new knowledge, and renewed hope. 126 AWARENOW / THE LIGHT EDITION