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President's Message

American Women's Association Of Singapore

A Fond Farewell Dear AWA Community, It is with a sad heart that I write my last President’s Message. I will be repatriating to the USA at the end of June. It has been quite a year to be President: taking over from Mel Rice in July and then the Circuit Breakers and groups of five, then groups of eight. it was not the AWA year that any Deb Minnock of us had ever anticipated! President I can only express my deep appreciation for all of the volunteers who helped keep the AWA active and positive through these trying times. I am especially grateful for Lorraine Graybill and Meg Farrell Sine for their leadership of the Communications Team, and all of the very talented Communications Team members for helping us stay connected when social media and electronic communication became our link to staying informed. Thank you also to the Athletic Groups who keep us busy and keep our stircraziness at bay. We all will remember being here together during the global pandemic, and I know I feel fortunate to have been in such a safe and beautiful place. May brings Mother’s Day, and I hope you all take time to reflect on your mothers if they have passed away. My mother passed away in May 2019 at the age of 96, and she was always my biggest cheerleader and the kindest person I’ve ever known. Through my adult years, we used to travel together to all sorts of places; one of her favorite spots in the

American Women’s Association of Singapore 15 Scotts Road #03-01 Singapore 228218 General Manager: Sarah Cockerill Main: 6734-4895 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm www.awasingapore.org

world was the southern coast of Spain. If your mother is still living, make sure you send her flowers or a plant or something, and/or video-call her, or plan this Mother’s Day for a post-COVID trip together. We all know time is precious and fleeting. I would like to say how proud I am of the AWA’s Community Service initiatives this past year. Ashley Fagan has done an excellent job thinking of ways we can give back to Singapore and connect with the community in these times, which hasn’t been easy. Food From the Heart and Willing Hearts (thank you Janet Stride and Spring Sun) were always strongly supported. I loved the March Star Shelter initiative for battered women. And Linda Nguyen Schindler, as our External Affairs chair, has been such a positive force representing the AWA in the greater Singapore community. The AWA is in service to women throughout every phase of their lives, to each other within the AWA and in the Singapore community, and it is through this service that we excel.  I know the AWA will be kept vibrant, fulfilling and diverse yet inclusive in the year to come. Thank you to my wonderful Board, to Sarah Cockerill, and to all the fantastic volunteers for a job well done through the tough times of COVID-19. Special thanks to Board members Ali Donaldson, Caitlin Fry, Venta Norvilas, and Emily Ludwick, who are stepping down or leaving Singapore, for their roles on the Board— you helped make my job easy. I will miss you all.

FAQ’s/Important Information • The AWA welcomes all nationalities, not just Americans. • AWA guest fees apply to Singapore residents. Out of town guests and family members pay the AWA member price. • Guests are entitled to attend 2 events (in total, not per year) before we ask them to join the AWA to continue participating. • You can register for membership and events any time on our website: www.awasingapore.org

AWA Misson Statement The American Women's Association is a sisterhood of women from around the world, who come together to enhance their Singapore experience through fulfilling volunteer run events and activities. -- 2 --

AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

FULL-PAGE PROMO Celine promises me this will be down by early next week!


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Bulletin Board

an update from the awa board of directors

How to Know What's Going on in AWA

Social Media (socialmedia@ awasingapore.org)

AWA has an active Communications Team of volunteers helping to share content and information, so we all feel connected to a community of shared interests and activities. The four basic channels of communication are the following:

The Association has two Facebook pages: The “AWA Singapore” page is public and the “AWA Members Community” page is for members only. For those who prefer simply photo/ video sharing, AWA also has Instagram. The social media managers are responsible for posting content to these pages. However, any

The Website (AWASingapore.org) The digital home base of our association, the website is a wealth of clicks and drop-down menus on how to join, and a description of the wide variety of offerings for our members. After “Login,” be sure to click on “Calendar.” The team’s content manager (contentmanager@awasingapore.org) uploads information on the website at the request of the event/activity Chairs to create events posted on the Calendar.

The Broadcast Email (broadcast@awasingapore.org) On the second and fourth Mondays of the month, the broadcast email manager sends “See what new events AWA has planned for you” to your inbox. This list of upcoming events contains a link, name, date and venue of each event coming up in the next two to three weeks. Since some events fill up quickly, make sure you read these twice-monthly emails in your primary inbox! -- 4 6 --

AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

member may post photos/comments to the “Members Community” Facebook page or send photos to the social media managers. Please note, Instagram prefers photos taken using the “Square” setting on the camera application. The AWA Magazine (Editor@awasingapore.org) Published every other month (January, March, May, July, September, November), via a link, the digital magazine is posted in the broadcast email and on the website homepage. Grab a cuppa and your favorite digital device, and enjoy paging through photos, group updates and feature articles about living in Singapore.

BIG NEWS: Starting in May 2021, the AWA will deploy two addtional channels of communication . WhatsApp will supplement the broadcast email and be used to send text messages that highlight or amplify one or two upcoming events. Members must enroll in the chat group to receive the messages but their personal information remains private. Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application. A member of the Communications Team (imagemediamanager@awasingapore.org) will collect photos each month and create albums; photos from albums may become “headline” photos that will be posted on the website homepage, or to the

by Meg Farrell Sine, AWA Communications Director communicationsdirector@ awasingapore.org


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Willing Hearts

Preparing food for those in need Written bY Dafne Wesenaar

An Afternoon at the Soup Kitchen

Ready, set, chop! AWA members help prepare chicken dishes

I returned on March 25, 2021, to the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen, one of the charity organizations supported by AWA. The name Soup Kitchen does not do justice to this well-organized center where delicious, nutritious, varied meals are prepared. These meals are intended for destitute elderly, migrant workers, disabled, and kids from low-income singleparent families. Singapore is one of the richest, most prosperous countries in the world; nonetheless, not all incomes in Singapore have managed to keep pace with its economic growth and price increases. Last year, just before the COVID outbreak, the Soup Kitchen was preparing 6,000 meals a day, seven days a week. This has increased to 9,500 meals a day. At 12 pm I arrive at the entrance of the Willing Hearts. AWA member and volunteer, Spring Sun,

and shred veggies while sitting at a large table. In the other, you must stand and do work varying from rinsing pans to cutting or marinating meat or tofu. There is also an outside area where boxes are carried to a van. You can be on call in any of these places. Today, we enter the kitchen for the standard food-safety ritual: washing hands, and putting on a hairnet, apron and plastic gloves. A few moments after she welcomes us, the kitchen supervisor whispers in my ear: "It is no coincidence that we meet. Buddha has put you on my path. Remember the following words: Maitri, Karuna, Mudita, Upeksha." She guides us to a large tray with chicken for cutting, a task that does not appeal at all to the vegetarian volunteers among us. Lucky for them, there are also many carrots to cut in the vegetable department. I would also prefer to cut carrots. On the other hand, someone has to prepare the chicken as well, and the kitchen’s heat requires us to hurry up. With a few other volunteers, I end up behind a sink which, like everything here, is of industrial proportions. To our left, two men are chopping chicken which we are assigned to rinse. Behind us, AWA volunteers are cutting poultry into smaller pieces to marinate. After two hours of cutting, we get tired and I suggest to my AWA partner that we take a short break. Another detail... Willing Hearts has a well-appointed canteen with food and drinks for the volunteers. Back to work after our break, we cut fish fillet into smaller portions. Although it's only three hours, it’s tiring work, but it's

AWA arranges monthly volunteer shifts at Willing Hearts

Meg Sine washing chicken pieces at Willing Hearts

receives us. She guides the participants from AWA in this monthly activity. The nicest thing about the Soup Kitchen: You get to know people of all ethnicities, backgrounds and religions.

very satisfying. As Meg and I walk to the MRT once our shift is done, I pronounce the words of my newly learned mantra: Maitri, Karuna, Mudita, Upeksha. Mait ri: loving kindness, Karuna: compassion, Mudita: joy and Upeksha: equanimity. Exactly what the Soup Kitchen is all about.

In the Soup Kitchen, there are two departments. One is expressly for vegetables, for where we chop -- 6 --

AWA Magazine - Mar/Apr 2021

Java Junkies

Searching for the best coffee and cafes on the island Born of a simple love for all things coffee, Java Junkies came to life earlier this year. Any Java Junkie will tell you that the aroma of freshly brewed coffee reminds us that it’s a new day; the sound of our coffee brewing builds our anticipation of indulgence soon to come. Then we lose ourselves in that first sip, bringing us into soothing moments of sheer pleasure. We junkies are in awe of the huge variety of coffee blends, the many ways to prepare our brew (espresso machine, French press, siphon pot, pour over - to name a few) and the diverse ways to enjoy this infamous bean - espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, macchiato and oh so many more.

AWA Java Junkies meet at Tiong Bahru Bakery, Safari location

order your Java, you can actually choose your bean of preference!

AWA members at Supresso Indonesia for a coffee tasting outing

Living in Singapore, we are spoiled with the many trendy cafes with influences from all around the world that keep popping up. We are dizzy with excitement given the range of cafe styles and coffee drinks on offer.

Supresso, a colorful gem hidden in Mandarin Gallery, brings Indonesian coffees to Singapore. We tasted eight varieties of single and blended roasts, which had us buzzing around Orchard for the remainder of the afternoon.

We have set out to visit as many as we can, tasting, and learning all about this wonderful bean. In the process, we visit new parts of Singapore, and make new friends -- all brought together by our love for a simple bean.

We have our own Facebook group, which we would love you to join. There, we share tips and learn coffee science as we experiment with our home brews.

At the time of writing, we have visited three chic, unique coffee joints. Our first outing was to Tiong Bahru Bakery (the Safari branch), housed under a large open tent surrounded by tropical vegetation, on Minden Way near the Botanical Gardens. We put our taste buds to the test as we learned to identify the three main characteristics of coffee - acidity, bitterness and sweetness. Next up was Dutch Colony Coffee in River Valley. The experts there talked us through their impressive menu of drinks, with many specialty coffees. As you www.awasingapore.org

For example, did you know… • Our neighbor, Indonesia, is the fourth largest supplier of coffee beans globally • Italian or French roast has nothing to do with where the beans come from, but are industrywide terms for how long the beans are roasted to bring out certain characteristics • To appreciate the flavor of a single-origin coffee, taste it without added milk or sugar Want to know more? Join our Facebook group and sign up for our next outing! www.facebook.com/groups/awajavajunkies -- 7 --

Creative Hands

All women and all crafts welcome Written bY Meg Sine

Round Robin Quilt Project The AWA Creative Hands group just completed a months-long quilting project called Round Robin. The idea of this creative and collaborative endeavor is for a group of five or six quilters each to sew their own “medallion,” or center panel, around which the other members of the group will add a row of quilting. The owner of the medallion decides the size, color and pattern of each piece of fabric used for the

Charisse Litteken's medallion

Noelle Spears with her Round Robin quilt

center panel. The other members then add a row around the center that must echo the design, pattern, colors and quilting technique of the medallion.

Charisse's finished round robin quilt

-- 8 --

Member Tina Connors organized the rules and specifications of the Round Robin project and selected a certain designer fabric (Kaffe Fassett) to use as an inspiration for how to choose a design and colors. The challenge is to incorporate a quilt pattern design that will complement the original medallion design. For many

Medallion by Karla Popper

Viraj Thakore's medallion

members, this project took them well beyond their familiar quilting experiences. “I would sew a whole row and then lay it against the work of others. Sometimes it didn’t look right and I’d have to start all over again. It really gets your creative juices flowing!” exclaimed one quilter. In the end, it is a pleasure, and sometimes even a surprise, for group members to see how the look of their quilt changes as each new row is added. AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

International Choir

keeping the spirit of togetherness alive It’s been a quiet month since Chinese New Year, when we released our Gong Xi video to help celebrate the Lunar New Year on February 11. We are producing a few more videos before taking a summer break, hoping to return in full force with in-person rehearsals by the time the new membership fair takes place in late August. Sadly, we are saying our farewells to several members who have repatriated, or moved on to new assignments elsewhere in the world. We urge you all to visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ AWAInternationalChoir and view (and LIKE!) our past productions, and hope to have more for you to enjoy again soon. If you like casual, harmonious singing and are interested in joining our choir, please email intlchoir@awasingapore.org.




9 -----11


Fun, Friendship and Fair Play Have we seen you out on the courts recently? There’s certainly been a lot of tennis going on. WHAT HAVE WE BEEN UP TO?

Rebecca Byrne and Susie Bishop after their Doubles Challenge win.


Suzanne Murphy, Christi Elflein, Elizabeth Visbeek and Minh Tram ready to compete in their Doubles Challenge match.

A big congratulations to the winners of the Doubles Challenge in January/February. For this AWA tennis event, players signed up in pairs and competed weekly against other pairs in their pool. It was an enjoyable season and great partner practice for upcoming tennis league seasons. Congratulations to Suzanne Bishop & Rebecca Byrne, Danya FoxPemberton & Mirian Vedana, Dana Hilty & Tania Lindsay-Jean for winning their pools. There’s a coveted AWA Tennis Bag Tag being engraved for you right now. Timing doesn’t let us bring you photos and results of the annual AWA Burch Memorial Tennis Tournament from the end of March, but it is sure to have been lots of fun for the 24 participants. A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated—whether as a player or a volunteer. It takes a village to do a lot of things, including putting on a tennis tournament. -- 10 --

Speaking of tennis tournaments, save the date for the return of the AWA Advanced Member & Guest Tennis Tournament (formerly the AWA Open Tournament). It will be held this year on the courts of our tournament sponsor, Savitar Tennis Centre, on May 24, 26, 27 and 28, from 8:15am - 3pm each day. There are limited slots available for this tournament, so grab a partner and sign up! At least one player in each pair must be an AWA member and both must meet one of the following criteria: AWA tennis ranking* 3.5+ or above, WITS Alpha Division or above, or LTS League 1 or League 2. Visit AWA's website for more information. *Tennis Assessments are back. Our coordinators are busy assessing new AWA players and renewing expired assessments. Reminder: to participate in AWA tennis activities and events, you are required to have an up-to-date assessment (within the past 2 years). Never assessed or it’s been a while? Make sure you sign up for an assessment today! MORE TENNIS COMING UP! Thanks to all the tennis players who filled out the tennis survey in February. It clearly showed us that you want more tennis and so, watch this space for more tennis coming up this summer. We have Discover Tennis Clinics, Social Doubles, Team Tennis AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

and more planned for the summer months. You already know why so many tennis players will be around so we won’t belabor the point, but we have enough tennis to keep you busy! Interested in keeping up to date with all the tennis programming, photos and news? Subscribe to the AWA Tennis Newsletter and our closed Facebook group (AWA Tennis).

Irish vs Dutch -- Cash Van Halder, Liza Rowan, Vinnie Khairallah and Michelle Royliston after their DC match.


Walk your way around singapore

We’ve been everywhere! From Punggol to Labrador Park, East Coast to Jurong Lake, and much of the territory in between. It’s been wonderful to get out in groups of eight and explore the length and breadth of Singapore. With over 247 members on our Facebook page, we often make new friends as our step counters go into high gear. We do still need some new walk leaders, and urge members

to consider "stepping up." Planning and leading a walk once a month each, leaders make this activity possible. To join, check out https://www.facebook. com/groups/AWAwalkingwithwomen. With international travel and returns to our longmissed families becoming easier, we expect to take a break for June and July, resuming formal, organized walks in August of 2021.

At a recent lunch meeting, walk leaders look to our enthusiastic walking participants and ask, “Can you help?”


--11 --


exploring trails in the garden city

L to R: Simmi Sing, Leanne Porter, Stef Chorlton, Marlene Han, Lauren Raps, Carys McKane at the pier near Southern Ridges trail

View from Southern Ridges trail

The AWA hiking group meets every Thursday of the month. Beautiful MacRitchie Reservoir is our “home” hike but we have started alternating that location with the Southern Ridges/Labrador Park. In order to give participants a good workout, we go on hikes between 10 and 15 km, to be completed at a quick pace in 2-2.5 hours, usually in a more natural, nonurban setting

We welcome all AWA members who are interested in doing a medium to advanced level excursion, as well as new leaders to guide hikes and explore new trails. We ask that hikers participate with appropriate fitness gear, such as old trainers or hiking boots suited to the often muddy terrain, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellant and plenty of water.  

Currently, due to COVID restrictions, hiking groups can have up of eight participants, including the leader. Each week, one or two groups are arranged based on demand, with start times for each hike announced on the Hiking WhatsApp group a couple days before the outing.   

Peaceful scene of MacRitchie resevoir

-- 12 14 --

Please email hiking@awasingapore.org to be added to the WhatsApp list for more detailed and updated information on a weekly basis.   Happy Hiking! 

Dawn Forsyth, Leanne Porter, Jane Horan, Marlene Han, Carys McKane

AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021


making friends on the links After a long break, the 18-hole golfers finally met for a round at Champions Golf Course. For most of the ladies, finding a tee-time in Singapore is still a difficult task, even at their home club. We’d like to welcome some of our new members for 2021: Susanne Keller, Lauren Raps, Lucia Serban and Angela Lee. We look forward to welcoming Lucia and Angela in person in our next game. A round at Champions was made complete with lunch at the Royal Thai restaurant, where we gave out prizes for best team score and lowest number of putts using only our favorite 5-clubs! It’s always a good day when we are out in nature and in great company.

AWA golfers meet for a round at Champions Golf Course

Awarding prizes at lunch in the Royal Thai Restaurant

Sue Fazackerley

May 25, 1969 - January 23, 2021 It is with very heavy hearts that the AWA Golf group has learned of the passing of one of our active former members. Sue Fazackerley lived in Singapore for eight years, from 2011-2019 with her husband Damian, son Joe and daughter Ella. While based here, she traveled all over Asia and made every day an adventure. Sue was an avid practitioner of yoga, and had been certified as an instructor while living in Singapore. With AWA, she participated in many outings and events but really loved the Golf, Hiking and Fitness groups. Sue’s friends describe her as thoughtful, kind and mindful of everyone. She was inclusive and generous, often sharing her knowledge of the special foods and places in Singapore. She returned to England last year with her family. She passed away from COVID-19 this past January. From the Golf Group: “We will miss her very much.” Celeste, Rebecca, Angie, Peng, Hannah, Lilly, Roselie, Florence, Suprimi, Jill, Joanne, Martina, Megan and Rani.

A printed card announcing Sue’s passing included this poem: in time of daffodils by ee cummings in time of daffodils (who know the goal of living is to grow) forgetting why, remember how in time of lilacs who proclaim the aim of waking is to dream, remember so (forgetting seem) in time of roses (who amaze our now and here with paradise) forgetting if, remember yes


-- 15 13 --

Local Tours

getting to know SIngapore in small groups Almost everyone in Singapore knows of Joo Chiat, located on the eastern part of the island. As we walked around the area with our guides from Jane's Tours, Bibi and Elaine, though, we were able to delve deeper and learn about its wonderful history, Peranakan heritage, iconic streets, and colorful architecture.

Peranakan style shophouses

The Lotus at Joo Chiat on Everitt Road

Singapore as a businessman and plantation owner. As people wanted to move out of the overcrowded city center, they moved east. Chew Joo Chiat, who at the time had acquired a significant amount of land, would soon sell off parcels to make way for residential development. Joo Chiat started to have a significant Eurasian and Peranakan presence, which is reflected in the architecture today. Our tour began on Joo Chiat Road, where we stopped at Kway Guan Huat to watch popiah wrappers being made. They have been making since 1938. Down Joo Chiat Terrace, we encountered some of the area's famed Peranakan-style shophouses. As we turn right onto Everitt Road, we catch sight of a large mural that graces an entire side wall. Painted by Ernest Zacharevic, it was commissioned by the area's residents. Style Wars mural by Ernest Zacharevic

Until about 1900, the area featured dirt roads, villages and large plantations. Chew Joo Chiat was a Chinese immigrant who had made his fortune in ---- 14 12 16 ----

Also on Everitt Road is the Lotus at Joo Chiat, a conservation effort that turned Peranakan shophouses into apartments. It has a very instagrammable covered walkway. Next, we arrived on Koon Seng Road. After viewing some of the most famous and colorful AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

Colorful Peranakan shophouses on Koon Seng Road

Peranakan shophouse facades, we unexpectedly got to go into one of the shophouses and view an amazing private antique collection of Peranakan furniture, tiles, slippers, and statues. Joo Chiat is such an interesting and eclectic mix of old and new. It is a unique experience to walk around and see authentic, original Peranakan tiles and saloon style doors still adorning the shophouses.

Today, Joo Chiat is known for its trendy bars, restaurants, stores and heritage shophouses. The next time I visit the area with my family, I will make sure to share the history I have learned, point out interesting features on the buildings, and further appreciate the dramatic changes that the area has experienced. Joo Chiat has definitely come a long way from dirt roads and plantations. features on the buildings, and further appreciate the dramatic changes that

Private antique collection of Peranakan items

Inside a Peranakan home on Koon Seng Road


17 -13 -- 15

Family Fun Adventures

finding Cool things to do in and around singapore

Star Struck at Star WarsTM

Written by and photography by Christi Elflein

For a brief time, at the Art Science Museum close, close by, you can visit a galaxy far, far away. Artifacts from the Rebellion are on display. Secrets of the Jedi’s identities are revealed. And Luke, Leia,

Imperial Destroyer model

Admiring R2D2 and C3PO exhibits

You will not want to miss this! Here are the details: What: Star WarsTM Identities: The Exhibition Where: Art Science Museum Marina Bay Sands When: Now until June 13, 2021 Who: Great for all ages Tickets: Purchase ahead online Adult: Concession: Family: Imitating Han Solo frozen in carbonite

Han Solo, Yoda, R2D2, Chewbacca, C3P0 and the whole gang are there to meet you. But beware of Darth Vader! Your mission is to create a new Star WarsTM character. It should take approximately 90 minutes unless you are big fans like my family and you study every detail. We were star struck for three hours! It was the longest time my kids have ever spent in a museum. -- 16 --

S$25 S$20 S$80

https://www.marinabaysands.com/museum/ exhibitions/star-wars-identities.html

Christi is an urban planner for an architecture firm in Florida. She moved to Singapore and joined AWA in 2019 and loves exploring her new city with her husband and two kids.

AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

Watering Holes

The best places in singapore to find coffee & cocktails

The Community Coffee

Written by and photography by Jenni & Eric Lee

Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, #02-94, S. 228213 Perhaps you wouldn’t expect to find a gem of a coffee bar with superb baristas in budget-friendly Far East Plaza, better known for manicures, foot massages, and fashion shops. Recently, The Community Coffee had the perfect brew as I waited on a quick tailoring job. Quality coffee at reasonable prices is not easy to come by on Orchard Rd - without SC or GST added, no less. The space is small, featuring chic,no-frills, industrial design. Proprietors advertise that coffee is from socially responsible, transparent businesses. With limited seating, sometimes there is a wait. Staff are friendly and very competent. V60 filtered coffees are popular, served here similar to tea, with crockery that enhances tasting. V60 features single-origin coffee, and we had the Nicaragua brew, highlighting notes of orange blossom, raspberry and vanilla. The flat white was medium-bodied, with a well-balanced acidity. Tasty cake slices are available, but the place caters more directly to coffee devotees.

The Community Coffee 's cozy interior and tasty brews

Additional notes:

Those in the CBD area may have been familiar with The Community Coffee’s teal blue outlet, Nexus Coffee, which closed in October 2020. Their Nexus & Chill range of bottled coffees and non-coffees can still be ordered online (thecommunitycoffee.com). Also note that this establishment is cashless during COVID.   Open daily: 9:30 a.m - 6:30 p.m.

The 3 Peas

7 Rodyk St, #01-30, Watermark 238215 al fresco where people enjoy pints or a glass of wine. Among the drinking establishments in the area, the folks at The 3 Peas have made theirs feel like a neighborhood bar. Reasonably priced beers and wine allow the strolling parents with kiddies in tow to stop in for a quick bite, alongside people coming from work looking to unwind with a shaded river view. Intimate indoor tables are available for the aircon experience. Beyond beer and wine, the accomplished bartenders mix a mean cocktail! For fun, try one of the refreshing alcoholic bubble teas!   Additional notes:

Al fresco setting at The 3 Peas

I’d always wanted to have a cozy bar that I could consider “my place,” kind of like Cheers (the American TV show). Somehow, in Singapore this can be a bit of a challenge. If you walk along Robertson Quay, you may notice quite a few tables www.awasingapore.org

Bar food such as the onion rings looked very tasty but you can also grab some chips or snacks at the convenience store next door (support your local independent mart!) or order takeout from Pizza Art next door. If you do choose that option, which The 3 Peas is happy to allow, please do have another drink. Jenni & Eric Lee live to eat and explore local eateries and bars. Originally from New York, they have lived in Singapore since 2012. -- 17 19 --

Hidden in Plain Sight

Discovering singapore's vibrant street art scene Written by Jennifer Williams and Isabelle Tadmoury

Kampong Glam A Riot of Color and Imagination Arguably, Singapore’s best-known street art is in the Kampong Glam neighborhood. Much of this art was commissioned by the bars and restaurants that line the various alleys around Singapore’s iconic Sultan Mosque. The colorful and vibrant murals have become an Instagram-must for local “tourists.” From the whirling dervishes to the alien creatures, the two back alleys that run parallel towards Bussorah Street in front of the mosque are filled with interesting things to see. Stroll a bit further from the Mosque to discover less prominent murals that are among our favorites. Didier “Jaba” Mathieu is a Colombian-born graffiti artist whose futuristic Aztec murals are on Beach Road. Shophouse walls give Kampong Glam an edgy, modern distinction. The artist came to Singapore in 2007 as a concept artist for LucasFilm Ltd and has credits in The Transformers, Iron Man

Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam

Aztec Mural Detail

and Star Trek movies. Piedra Negra Restaurant and Blu Jazz Café commissioned “Jaba’’ to create the paintings that encase their entire buildings in a riot of color and imagination. “Jaba’s” latest work at 65 Aliwal Street, painted just a couple of months ago during Singapore Art Week 2021, is a fanciful tribute to the Bugis ships and traders who docked here when Kampong Glam met with the waterfront.

Bugis Ships

20 --- 18

Along the walls of The Singapura Club (36 Haji Lane) is the monochromatic mural featuring the old man with the turban, the laughing Samsui woman and the Malay man by Singaporean street artist CENO2. The detailed facial features of these three Singaporean ethnic characters stayed with us. AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

Kampong Gelam murual

Down the alley off Sultan Gate, you’ll find more from Singaporean artist Yip Yew Chong, featured in our last article. The Coffee Story depicts three versions of Singaporean coffee, from traditional kopi tarik, to sock filter, to the modern barista. Two more of YYC’s murals are tucked away on Jalan Pinang by the Hotel Nuve. The Satay Club

celebrates the satay hawkers prominent in the area in the 1950’s, while Kampong Gelam depicts a shop that outfits pilgrims embarking on the Haj (Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca). The batik fabrics represent the Malay immigrants in the kampong, while the carpets are representative of the Middle Eastern immigrants. The scene conveys both a sense of playfulness and excitement for the journey. At the other end of Kampong Glam, along Victoria Road, you will find several works by ZACH (Ernest Zacharevic), a Lithuanian-born multi-disciplinary artist, whose playful figures are not to be missed. He’s currently based in Penang, where the BBC has called him Malaysia’s answer to Banksy. Notice the supermarket carts attached to the Children in Wheeling Trolleys, the two segments of Boys Climbing In and Out and the continuation of the painting Boy in Window around the corner of the building. Our favorite is the Girl and the Lion Cub (which looks more like a cat to us). If you agree with “Jaba’s” famous comment that “A city without graffiti is a city without soul”, check out the walls along the Sultan Arts Village and the Aliwal Arts Center. Singapore has broken with custom in this predominantly Muslim neighborhood. Here, a colorful display of public self-expression greets you as you’re walking along the street. Isabelle and Jennifer share a love of art, good coffee and exploring Singapore. Both came here in 2019 and are always on the lookout for the next great statue or mural that is just around the corner.

Girl and the Lion Cub


-- 19 --

Member Spotlight

getting to know our members beyond the usual chitchat Written by Helena A. Cochrane

Ashley Bentley We can all attest that adaptability eases our transition to expat life. Ashley Bentley arrived with husband Peter and sons Noah (12) and Deacon (6) in December of 2020, and watched her prospects for exciting travel within Asia evaporate. Singapore’s closed borders, temperature checks, contact tracing and remote learning became routine, but at least some of us can remember weekend getaways to Thailand. Ashley shares how it’s wonderful nonetheless for her to be here with her family. Was it hard to find Singapore on a map? I had a fair idea of where Singapore was, as I often stopped here en route to Australia to visit my sister. I was surprised by how small Singapore actually is though; still, it's wonderful to be able to travel from one side of the island to the other in such a short time!

Ashley and family on an adventure

as the year has gone on, I have met many people through the AWA and, as class rep for my youngest son, I’ve made new friends. My advice is similar to others’ I suspect: accept every invitation and don’t be afraid to organize events with others. Have you done any volunteer work? Has that enhanced your expat experience? Packing at Food from the Heart. Such organizations are very important to help us realize that there are Singapore families who struggle. I particularly like that the food parcels are delivered straight to the families, via their child’s school. Has celebrating a local holiday helped you feel at home in Singapore?

Ashley, Deacon, Noah and Peter Bentley

What have you enjoyed more about Singapore than you expected? Singapore is so green, and so beautiful to explore. I am outside much more than I would be in the UK. I have struggled with being a ‘Lady of Leisure.’ In the UK, I worked full time, taking only a few months off for maternity leave. Whilst I enjoy having lots of time to myself, I miss having the routine to my day that I had as a primary school teacher. How did you meet people and form friendships as an expat? Any advice for first-time expats? I am a lucky first-time expat, as we already had some good friends here and another family from our home town arrived when we did. It helped massively not being completely alone! It was hard at first to meet people. I lost my best friend in the UK to cancer within my first month here so I didn’t feel I was ready to make new connections straight away. However, -- 20 --

On National Day, we stayed at the Fullerton Hotel overlooking Marina Bay. We watched the morning parade and evening fireworks from our balcony. Despite last summer’s restrictions, we thought that the celebrations were wonderful. During 2021 Chinese New Year, our family spent a morning flying kites at Marina Barrage. It felt joyous to join local families in this pastime. What challenges you most as an expat and how do you cope? Lack of travel and being separated from family and friends is hard. To be completely honest, I do not miss England, but I do miss having loved ones nearby, especially my parents. When we moved here, we had planned on receiving many visitors. My boys are very keen to show off their new home to everyone! Since moving from Philadelphia in 2018, Helena has been active with AWA's Walking with Women, Writers' Group and International Choir as well as with Urban Sketchers of Singapore.

AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

The Fork and Chopstick

highlighting the off the beaten path, heritage, or just plain fun chomping grounds Written by and photography by Jenni & Eric Lee

Privé ACM 1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555 After a grueling session of perusing the exhibits at the ACM (Asian Civilisations Museum), you need a place to sit and recharge. At some other museums, oases like these tend to be cafeteria-like, with boxed sandwiches and drinks in cartons. Luckily for us, the ACM offers a Privé cafe outlet instead. Happy Hour Dinner Chomp: We enjoy places that serve all-day breakfast, and there is a wide offering both from the indulgent side (Eggs Benedict) to the healthy (the PB&J Flourless Pancakes).  Privé salads are well known and reliable for the variety of fresh ingredients and great combinations. The Buddha Bowl is crunchy with red cabbage, rich with avocado and nutty with a sesame dressing.  We also recommend the Mediterranean Salad with the preserved lemon dressing. The burger is reliable and tasty as a good standby. There are plenty of Asian options to try.  It’s also a great spot for a chat over coffee and dessert. Standard espresso/lattes and cappuccinos are available, along with local style kopi, plus ample

The river view from Prive ACM

blue vibe, and the outdoor alfresco seating under trees on the riverside can’t be beat on a breezy evening. The clientele is a mix of locals working in the area and tourists (during non-COVID times). Rant & Rave: The location and ambience can’t be beat, especially with a happy hour glass of wine at $6 -- but service and food can be uneven.  What Others Are Saying: 4 out of 5 stars on Google and TripAdvisor. “My top choice for a quiet lunch or a lazy afternoon catch up. Drinks at night would be great too sitting outdoors facing the Singapore River,” “I like the variety of plant based meat offerings here,” “The service is a little sloppy,” “Sunday brunch under the trees,” “No hustle and bustle around you.” Pre/Post Meal:

Prive salad with burger and fries

choices of pastry and cakes. We are suckers for the carrot cake, which is consistently tasty, but you can get a bit more adventurous with the Salted Caramel Pecan & Gula Melaka Cake. Affogato made with coconut ice cream and topped with almonds is another favorite. Ambience/Clientele: While the menu is similar to other Privé branches, this outlet is picturesquely located on the river, with indoor and outdoor seating. We recommend sitting outdoors for people-watching and a great view of Boat Quay. The interior offers a nostalgic, turquoise www.awasingapore.org

Obviously, you must check out the exhibits at the ACM. Of special note is the Tang Shipwreck gallery of cargo dating back 1100 years. Walk around the area and visit the Arts House, Victoria Concert Hall, and the impressive and historic National Gallery of Singapore.  Grab another drink at The Fullerton Hotel or Boat Quay, across the river. Happy Chomping! Jenni & Eric Lee live to eat and explore local eateries and bars. Originally from New York, they have lived in Singapore since 2012. 19 --- 21

Singapore Snippets

Discovering Items of interest on the red dot Written by and photography by Marta Ferrer Lubeck

Pandan: Using this Versatile Southeast Asian Plant in Desserts Pandan is a quintessential ingredient of Southeast Asian cuisine. Chefs use it to wrap meats, to flavor numerous savory dishes and drinks, and as a basic ingredient in many desserts. This ubiquitous plant, also known as screw pine in English, is native to this region, growing from as far north as Vietnam, all the way to the southernmost Indonesian islands. On a recent AWA neighborhood tour, our guide explained that the equatorial conditions in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, are perfect for its cultivation. In addition to its uses in food, pandan works as an air freshener and to keep pests away from cars and home. Pandan leaves are easy to find in markets, sold for an economic 50 cents per bunch. Pandan Essence Pandan-based desserts abound in Singapore, and many are prepared using pandan essence. To make it, the leaves are cut into small strips and blended with a small amount of water. After straining, the liquid is stored in the refrigerator for up to 20 hours. The sediment that then forms is pandan essence. Southeast Asian desserts often pair pandan with coconut and gula melaka, or palm sugar.

and bakery in Kampong Glam recommended by a Singaporean friend. Juwanda is a self-taught cook and baker who started out at home and eventually opened his own establishment. His Diva and Divo cakes are named after the women and men who’ve been his inspirations over the years. These cakes contain ingredients he connects to the person’s life or character. The Keanu Reeves, for example, contains lemon emulsion and coconut flakes, a tribute to Reeve’s Hawaiian heritage and his Lebanese birthplace. The Beyonce features lemon layers, emulsion and frosting, an ode to her album Lemonade. Juwanda is a fan of Kak Sheila Majid, a well-known Malay singer, and he created a pandan cake in her honor: “Kampong Glam is a Malay community, so many people here relate to Sheila Majid. Pandan is deeply rooted in the culture of Southeast Asia. It is not a must in our cuisine, but people love it.” He added that pandan is just as common in main dishes as it is in desserts. For example it’s used in the Malay version of Rendang, a rich meat dish. The Fabulous Baker Boy bakery will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. It reopened in Kampong Glam in January 2021, a short distance from its original Fort Canning location.

Juwanda, The Fabulous Baker Boy

Lilim’s Pandan Chiffon Cake

One of the first places I visited to learn more about pandan was The Fabulous Baker Boy, a restaurant

Lilim is a skilled Indonesian cook who’s catered many Singapore events. Now living in The Netherlands, she

The Fabulous Baker Boy restaurant & bakery

-- 22 --

AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

Click here for recipe Pandan Chiffon Cake with lemongrass ice tea

still uses Asian spices. She recently posted on social media about her own pandan chiffon cake. “I have many dessert recipes using pandan leaves and essence. I use it for savory cooking, like when I’m making turmeric yellow rice.” Many of her pandan-

recommends their other desserts, such as the pandan cheesecake, ondeh ondeh cake, pineapple tarts and Lapis Surabaya. Pandan Ice Cream and Other Desserts AWA member Sandy Harford and I heard about the pandan flavored ice cream at Birds of Paradise, and thought we’d try it out. Birds of Paradise prides itself on the use of natural botanical ingredients. Some highlight Southeast Asian herbs like basil and blue ginger. Sandy described the pandan ice cream as delicate and refreshing, citing the toasted coconut and vanilla. “The more I try it, the more it hooks me in. It is slightly more bitter and less sweet than vanilla. I would pair it with mango sorbet!” Finally, don’t miss Pure Pandan in Chinatown. There are many delights to choose from here, including the pandan kaya roll and their own special pandan chiffon cake. Among the abundance of offerings, a personal favorite is a Kaya croissant, steeped in sweet coconut custard, while the Nyonya Kaya version is flavored with pandan leaf. The combination of the Western croissant with the Southeast Asian Kaya is simply delicious. Tiong Bahru Bakery and Bacha Coffee House are some of the establishments that offer Kaya croissants.

Sandy Harford sampling pandan ice cream

infused recipes result from her own experiments, but the special rice is her mom’s recipe, One of Lilim’s favorite bakeries in Singapore is Bengawan Solo. This bakery is well known for its version of the pandan chiffon cake, which CNN dubbed ‘Singapore’s National Cake’ in 2017. Lilim www.awasingapore.org

What about you? Do you have a favorite pandan dessert you'd like to share? Let us know on our Facebook members’ page! Marta moved to Singapore with her husband and two children in July 2020. She loves to explore Singapore with the AWA walking, hiking and photography groups.

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Writers' Block

a contribution from our AWA Writers' Group members Written by Rhonda Bernstein

One For The Road After ten more minutes of driving through bitter, black moonless nothing, Loretta’s stomach felt like something in the early stages of sick, as Mick navigated the Honda down the sloping, serpentine highway. “Mick, can you please go faster, but still smooth on the curves?”

Mick’s logic, that he’d had enough food to absorb the after-dinner drink, did not sit well with Loretta. She felt her eyes squint, her forehead squish and her jaw gently clench. A headache was coming on, and she knew that would likely make the stomach swell worse.

“Everything OK?” Mick almost shouted. Loretta pushed her hands deeper into her coat pockets. They both had to talk over the rock radio station’s latest hits that helped keep Mick awake, but Loretta thought Mick tended to overestimate how loud his voice needed to be in order to be heard, or he just had too much darn earwax build-up.

Loretta could just make out the next curve, and on cue she took a big breath, held it for four seconds, then let her breath out over four. Four rounds of this should get her through another road stretch. 4,3,2 .... “Mick, turn off the radio. Roll the windows down, now! Please. “

“I’m starting to feel off. If I can just make it to the ski slope signs without upchucking, I should be fine. Just get us home, pleeease.”

“Don’t talk! I’m carsick.”

“I’m trying Lor. I’m trying.” Why couldn’t she travel for once from Boston back to Hanover without feeling queasy? Anticipating the two-hour drive home, she had turned down any offer of alcohol at dinner. And she had politely refused even small tastes of the recommended spicy dishes from the latest North Indian restaurant sensation that Mick had been dying to try. “The food lived up to the hype, but that Rampur Single Malt was an unexpected bonus. It prepped my taste buds for the heat from all that chili, and then, after the meal, smoothed it all away. The perfect spice sandwich.” Mick chuckled. “A club spice sandwich if you count the third double I had with the meal, Lor. It complemented the spice just right!” “I can’t do this right now. No food talk.” Loretta groaned. “Oh, sure. Sorry. I get that. But that whiskey sure went down right.” Loretta leaned her head against the window hoping the coolness of the glass would soothe her. It didn’t. She muttered, “Maybe two would have been enough.” “What?” “The drinks. If you hadn’t ordered that third double, we could have left for home right away instead of trying to walk it off.” The AWA Writers’ Group meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month. For more information, send an email to writers@ awasingapore.org -- 24 26 --

“Sure thing Lor. Are you al...” “Should I pull over?” “No! Just get home—no more noise!” A shock whoosh of chill coming in at 60 mph slowed her rising nausea better than any pretty pink antacid could have done. “Mick, the radio,” she hissed, as she simultaneously reached for the console. “I got it. I got it,” he repeated aloud, thinking silently, Stop nagging. Their hands clashed at the control panel. As if allergic to the sting of each other’s touch, both jerked their fingers away abruptly. In that moment they heard a big, hollow-sounding thud. “Pull over!” Loretta gasped, just as Mick cried out, “Oh my God, what did we hit? What did I do?” On the shoulder of the road, Loretta leaned over and vomited up saag paneer. She paused to catch her breath before scooping up a bit of snow to wipe her mouth and taste a bit of clean. “What if we hurt something? You shouldn’t have had that ‘one for the road’ whiskey. “ “You should have said something at the restaurant,” Mick answered, as he inspected the new dent just on the outside of the right headlight. “I know. But I just want you to know it yourself.” Loretta joined Mick where he was standing. They both tried to figure out what animal the dent resembled and they wondered together if that poor thing needed help. They held onto some small hope that it was just a big rock in the road that had bounced up. Should they call 911? The silent forest offered no clues and its undergrowth stretched away to nothingness.

AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

You're Not Alone... Really

coping wtih the ups and downs of being an expat Written by Andrea McKenna Brankin

How to Survive Quarantine With the prospect of being in quarantine for two weeks after a trip outside of Singapore, staying in hotels has taken on a new meaning. As we know, it was hard enough staying in quarantine when the whole city was shut down. And many of us either have traveled or will have to travel to our home countries for family and other obligations. So, we’ve all got these “two weeks” in our heads. With that, here are some tips from Singapore-based travelers on how to get through quarantine.

make the room feel homey, such as having flowers, drawings and even fairy lights. (So, pack those or have them delivered to you!) If you were to ask the Listen Ladies, we’d support the hobby of journaling through your quarantine, as AWA Magazine Editor Tori Nelson did during lockdown. Listen Ladies held a webinar last year about how to try different types of journaling to help you process experiences and document the time. (Add that pen and notebook to your quarantine shopping list.) Netflix has long been a savior for those of us who have been through lockdowns, and quarantines

One AWA member who quarantined at the end of 2020 had a routine that included cleaning her room, making her bed, exercising with bands, walking in place, listening to audio books, putting together puzzles and waiting on meals and the three-timesa-day check-ins. “I watched some TV, but not a lot.” She “FaceTime[d] with family and friends and tried not to think too much about being in a room alone for 14 days,” she said, adding that just thinking positive thoughts and not dwelling on the isolation helped manage the strain of being locked in without a key. (Many have asked for dish soap, so put that on your packing list.)

are not an exception. One friend who quarantined in Canada said she ate a lot but also watched a lot of Netflix. She did, however, say she monitored the amount of news she watched so as not to be focused on the pandemic.

And while many people say alcohol may be a key entertainment, several people I heard from said it was not a huge priority in the end. “We barely drank two bottles of wine!” said one.

Even when we’re alone in quarantine, we can help each other feel not alone…really.

A hotel balcony is a coveted item for many quarantiners, with one respondent saying it was “a game changer!” She added that it also helps to www.awasingapore.org

Food also seems to be a real treat for quarantiners, so pack a lot of your favorite snacks or have your local friends deliver some, as many AWA ladies have done for each other. Listen Ladies also is stepping up in the Spring by delivering care packages to quarantined AWA members. You can sign up on the Listen Ladies page on the AWASingapore.org website.

Andrea runs the AWA Listen Ladies Group, providing confidential support for members at regular meetings. listenladies@awasingapore.org 25 --- 27

A WA Group Activities BE in the know

Social & Special Interest Groups After Ni Hao – Mandarin conversation every Thursday at 10am. Hyesung Laffey & Manju Banka, afternihao@awasingapore.org Arts & Culture – Monthly talks focusing on Asian arts & culture. Rosalie Kwok artsandculture@awasingapore.org Bar Night – Ladies’ nights, couples’ nights each month. Kristin Bemowski, barnight@awasingapore.org Beauty & Fashion – From fashion talks to workshops, there’s no age limit to brilliant beauty & unlimited style. Florence Sorgini, beautyfashion@awasingapore.org Book Groups – Morning, afternoon & evening books groups, held monthly. Neha Yadav, bookgroups@awasingapore.org Cancer Support Group – Meets the third week of the month, with a focus on mutual support and information sharing. Rosa Liu, cancersupport@awasingapore.org Christian Connection – Provides information and resources to help you connect with local Christian community groups. Barbara Winkler, christianconnect@awasingapore.org Coffee & Friends – Meets at various cafes around town. Join us on Fridays from 10:30 am -12:30 pm. Sign up required. Peggy Kershaw, coffee@awasingapore.org Couples’ Bridge – Meets monthly on a Saturday evening. Spouses are welcome. Currently suspended. Amy Starling, couplesbridge@awasingapore.org Creative Hands – Bring your handiwork project to work on and share with other creative women every 1st, 3rd & 5th Thursday. Meg Sine, crafters@awasingapore.org DISH – Monthly lunches at a variety of interesting venues. dish@awasingapore.org Duplicate Bridge (at home) – American Standard five-card major rules every Monday. You don’t need a partner to join. Amy Starling and Sock-Yan Sim, duplicatebridge@awasingapore.org High Tea – Enjoy monthly teas at Singapore’s top hotels and interesting venues. Debra Minnock, hightea@awasingapore.org International Choir – Rehearses every Wednesday. Zoom performances periodically. Helena Antolin Cochrane, intlchoir@awasingapore.org Java Junkies – Join the search for the perfect cup of java on 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 2pm. Liza Rowan, javajunkies@awasingapore.org Listen Ladies – A compassionate group of ladies who support one another with biweekly Thursday zoom calls from 5-6pm. Andrea McKenna Brankin, listenladies@awasingapore.org Local Tours –Professionally guided tours of Singapore. Terry Young, localtours@awasingapore.org Mahjong - International style in a low stress, friendly atmosphere. Monday and Thursday afternoons at AWA Office Function Room. mahjong@awasingapore.org Movie Lunch – Monthly lunch followed by a movie in Orchard Road area. Michelle Reeb, movielunch@awasingapore.org New & Expecting Mamas – Currently enjoying coffee meetups. Kristin Bemowski, social@awasingapore.org


No Exit Strategy – For women who have lived in Singapore eight years or more. Caitlin Fry and Paige Okun, noexit@awasingapore.org Photography – Meets once a month to have fun practicing and improving our photography. All levels are welcome. Carol Hamcke-Onstwedder and Londa Matthieu, photography@awasingapore.org Playgroup – For moms with kids under age three. Meets every Friday morning at a member's home plus a monthly "Moms Night Out". Ashley Hamlin and Morgan Steinman, playgroups@awasingapore.org Workshops – Expand your mind and learn something new about yourself, about Singapore or about the world. Leezibet Heinzraiden, workshops@awasingapore.org Writers’ Group – Beginner and published writers discuss their work the 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month. Mandakini Arora & Elissa Viornery, writers@awasingapore.org

Sports Golf – The 18-hole group plays on Wednesday. 9-hole golf on hold indefinitelty. Lily Giddens & Peng Pavie, 18holegolf@awasingapore.org Hiking – Meets at MacRitchie Reservoir every 1st & 3rd Thursday morning. Marlene Han & Leanne Porter, hiking@awasingapore.org Running – Group runs for all levels on Tuesday & Thursday mornings at locations around Singapore. Suzanne Murphy and Eleanor Doyle, running@awasingapore.org Tennis – A variety of singles and doubles play including tournaments, and team tennis for players of all levels. Paige Okun & Rebecca Meuer, tennischair@awasingapore.org Walking – Walk all over this amazing island. Mondays are 10K, Wednesdays are 5K. Andrea McKenna Brankin & Mercedes Bainbridge, walking@awasingapore.org

Community Service Community Service – Connecting AWA members to volunteer opportunities with AWA’s featured organizations and more. Ashley Fagan, commservice@awasingapore.org Ronald McDonald House Charities – Support the families of children at Singapore’s National University Hospital. On hold due to COVID. Qian Marquard, rmhc@awasingapore.org Food From The Heart – Help pack and/or distribute food bags to families in Singapore who cannot afford to feed themselves. Janet Stride, ffth@awasingapore.org Willing Hearts – Monthly shifts to prepare food for the less fortunate. Spring Sun, willinghearts@awasingapore.org kidsREAD – Help local children develop a love of reading. Currently suspended due to COVID. Rekha Kumar, kidsread@awa.singapore.org

AWA Magazine - May/Jun 2021

Profile for AWA Magazine

AWA Magazine - May/June 2021  

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