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R E T S EA 2023 2023



EASTER COLLECTION Brighten up your easter with naturally dyed wool feathers for a scandi style easter tree, in ecological material. Easter means eggs and we bring you naturally dyed wool eggs - an animal loving way to decorate your easter tree or branch. Let go of an old tradition in favour of wool birds - an animal friendly and cute easter décor.

of eggs made lokta paper

EASTER Solid eggs 1, 2042 Ø3xH3,5, 2g (per piece) Sold in 6-pack

Bunny, Nature 2169 W2,3xH6, 3g (per piece) Sold in 5-pack

Solid eggs 2, 2171 Ø3xH3,5, 2g (per piece) Sold in 6-pack

Marble 1, 2172 Ø2xH2,5, 2g (per piece) Sold in 6-pack

Marble 2, 2173 Ø2xH2,5, 2g (per piece) Sold in 6-pack

Wool feathers, Pastel 2048 Wool feathers, Nature 2168 Paper egg, Yellow 2177 L15xW5xH3cm, 1g L15xW5xH3cm, 1g Ø5xH6,5cm, 2g (per piece) Sold in 8-pack (per piece) Sold in 8-pack (per piece) Sold in 5-pack

Paper egg, Pinkish 2179 Ø5xH6,5cm, 2g (per piece) Sold in 5-pack

Ochre 1963 L18xW4,5xH0,5cm, 40g (per piece) Sold in 4-pack

Lavender 1988 L18xW4,5xH0,5cm, 40g (per piece) Sold in 4-pack

Avocado 1986 L18xW4,5xH0,5cm, 40g (per piece) Sold in 4-pack

Ochre 1267 L9xW9xH18cm, 60g

Nude 1412 L9xW9xH18cm, 60g

Lavender 1273 L20xW20xH0,5cm, 45g

Avocado 1970 L20xW20xH0,5cm, 45g

NAPKIN RING Nude 1984 L18xW4,5xH0,5cm, 40g (per piece) Sold in 4-pack


COASTER FAMILY Botanique 1770 L10xW10xH0,5cm, 8g (per piece) Sold in 4-pack

POT HOLDER SQUARE Ochre 1971 L20xW20xH0,5cm, 45g

Nude 1968 L20xW20xH0,5cm, 45g

Marble 3, 2174 Ø2xH2,5, 2g (per piece) Sold in 6-pack

Dot eggs 2043 Ø3xH3,5, 2g (per piece) Sold in 5-pack

Nature eggs 2044 Ø3xH3,5, 2g (per piece) Sold in 6-pack

Chickens 2045 Ø3xH3,5, 3g (per piece) Sold in 5-pack

Bunny, Color 2170 W2,3xH6, 3g (per piece) Sold in 5-pack

Paper egg, Purple 2178 Ø5xH6,5cm, 2g (per piece) Sold in 5-pack

Paper egg, Bluish 2180 Ø5xH6,5cm, 2g (per piece) Sold in 5-pack

Paper egg, Silver 2176 Ø5xH6,5cm, 2g (per piece) Sold in 5-pack

Paper egg, Copper 2175 Ø5xH6,5cm, 2g (per piece) Sold in 5-pack

Ochre 1981 Ø10xH0,5cm, 7g (per piece) Sold in 4-pack

Terracotta 1983 Ø10xH0,5cm, 7g (per piece) Sold in 4-pack

Lavender 1962 Ø10xH0,5cm, 7g (per piece) Sold in 4-pack

Avocado 1982 Ø10xH0,5cm, 7g (per piece) Sold in 4-pack

Mustard 1535 L11xW18xH1,5cm, 40g

Lavender 2009 L11xW18xH1,5cm, 40g

Sage green 1830 L11xW18xH1,5cm, 40g


POT HOLDER Sage green 1409 L9xW9xH18cm, 60g


TRIVET ROUND Ochre 2012 Ø21xH2cm, 110g

Lavender 2016 Ø21xH2cm, 110g

Avocado 2013 Ø21xH2cm, 110g

TRIVET ROUND LARGE Ochre 1837 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

Botanique 1753 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

Mustard 1528 Ø25xH2cm, 250g

Pink­ 1761 Ø25xH2cm, 250g

Ochre 1845 L20xW20xH2cm, 140g

Nude 1998 L20xW20xH2cm, 140g

Lavender 1999 L20xW20xH2cm, 140g

Raspberry 2134 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

Blueberry 2133 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

Apple 2130 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

S Mustard 1623 Ø8xH8cm, 30g

M Mustard 1628 Ø14xH14cm, 70g

TRIVET SQUARE Bloom 2005 L33xW18xH2cm, 230g

TRIVET SMILEY Lemon 2131 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

FLOWER POT 18 M Pink 1489 Ø18xH15cm, 145g

L Pink 1486 Ø25xH20cm, 165g

Mustard 1523 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

Sage green 1825 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

Lavender 1961 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

Pink 1504 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

Lemonade 1669 Ø17xH2cm, 120g

Lavender 1997 L33xW18xH2cm, 230g

Sage green 2004 L33xW18xH2cm, 230g

Ochre 2003 Ø21xH2cm, 110g

Lavender 2001 Ø21xH2cm, 110g

Avocado 2002 Ø21xH2cm, 110g

S Ochre 1374 Ø10xH7cm, 30g

M Ochre 1377 Ø18xH15cm, 145g

L Ochre 1380 Ø25xH20cm, 165g

S Pink 1492 Ø10xH7cm, 30g

S Pink 1650 Ø8xH8cm, 30g

M Pink 1651 Ø14xH14cm, 70g

L Pink 1652 Ø19xH19cm, 150g

XL Pink 1674 Ø30xH30cm, 470g

TRIVET OVAL Lavender 2006 Ø25xH2cm, 250g

Sage green 2007 Ø25xH2cm, 250g

TRIVET OMBRE Pale green 1006 L20xW20xH2cm, 140g


L Mustard 1633 Ø19xH19cm, 150g

S Lavender 2036 Ø8xH8cm, 30g

M Lavender 2037 Ø14xH14cm, 70g

L Lavender 2038 Ø19xH19cm, 150g

XL Lavender 2039 Ø30xH30cm, 470g

FLOWER POT 22 L Ochre 1861 Ø20/14xH20cm, 170g

WOOL VASE Lemon 2064 Ø16xH14,5cm, 190g

Lavender 2031 Ø16xH14,5cm, 190g

TABLE BASKET Lavender 2056 Ø8xH9,5cm, 75g

Sage green 1775 Ø8xH9,5cm, 75g

S Sage green 1768 Ø8xH8cm, 30g

WOOL GARLAND Color 1887 S: Ø16xH8cm, 75g M: Ø20xH9cm, 110g L: Ø27xH11cm, 170g

FLOWER POT 20 M Sage green 1771 Ø14xH14cm, 70g

L Sage green 1772 Ø19xH19cm, 150g

S Ochre 1863 Ø9/6xH9cm, 30g

M Ochre 1862 Ø15/10xH15cm, 75g

Mustard 1638 Ø8xH9,5cm, 75g

Pink 1704 Ø8xH9,5cm, 75g

WOOL JAR M Ochre 1834 Ø5,5xH12cm, 60g

Pastel flag 2035 L200xW13xH0,5cm, 40g

L Ochre 1835 Ø6,5 H17cm, 100g

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT! We are proud of what we do, and it is important for us to form a great working relationship with the fantastic suppliers, crafters, and co-workers who contribute to our business. We only ever work with people who share our passion for producing great products and services. This includes: • Mule-free wool and kind techniques • Natural and AZO-free colors • Certified wood • Organic cotton • Smart and minimal packaging • Long lasting products • Craftsmanship • Engaging everyone in the process to improve, rather than getting a certificate

OUR MATERIALS By choosing natural, biodegradable and sustainable materials as well as traditional craft techniques, we work against mass consumption, helping to protect the planet. We prefer to invest in fewer, long-lasting products and only produce what we need. Materials we love to use: • Wool - 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable • Swedish wood - a long-lasting, versatile, and natural material • Lokta paper - environmentally friendly, acid-free paper that is extremely durable • Hemp - very lasting and doesn’t need to be grown with pesticides or poisons • Cork - hypoallergenic, extremely durable and has fire retardant properties • Swedish leather - from Tärnsjö garveri. High-quality leather products that last a lifetime, with great respect for our environment, and a sustainable future


CARE INFO WOOL FOLDS AND MISSHAPE To even out the surface and remove folds or misshapes, use the steam of an iron or a steamer and your product will look like new!

REMOVE DIRT Handwash or dry-clean only when needed. Do not machine wash as this will cause shrinkage and will remove the natural oils. Only use clean pots on the trivet to avoid stains from the stove.

COLOR INFO Colors are AZO-free (no chemicals) and can fade in sunlight. Do not place wet wool on senstive surfaces as the colour can cause stains.

WASHING WOOL The natural oils in felted wool act as a natural dirt repellent. Carefully rinse under cold water to remove most stains, or if necessary, hand wash with a mild soap or dry-clean. A damp lint-free cloth can be used to gently wipe away any soap residue.

DRYING To dry wet wool use a dry towel and press to absorb water, and then let it air dry.

FLOWERPOTS Apply natural leather grease to the rubber. Repeat from time to time. Do not expose the rubber to sunlight. Do not wash or tumble dry. Do not keep excess water in the bottom for more than 2-3 days.

HOW MUCH HEAT? Although wool is not flammable, it can burn. It is therefore not recommended for items exceeding 200-220 degrees Celsius. We advise against using cast iron pots with wool since they retain too much heat and can leave grease stains. 19






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