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special edition DECEMBER 2009

Gems & Kisses

The Art of


The Golden Girl

Deliziosa Vendetta of Gems & Kisses

Interview by Mavi Beck Photography by Natasja Schumann Cover Photo by Boe Cortes

Mavi Beck: Thank you for the time you have given us Deliziosa, please tell us a little about yourself, how did you find about SL™? Deliziosa Vendetta: It all started with a simple invitation from a friend of mine who is really into technology. He invited me to share on Second Life®, what he defines as “artistic emotions”. I wholeheartedly accepted, and ever since that day, little by little, I have been given a bigger meaning to my virtual life. As far as my artistic and human side are concerned, I try to live my SL with the same honesty, passion and impulsiveness of my real life. MB: What drew you towards the creation of jewellery? Is it something that you find attractive in RL as well? DV: In real life I have a great passion for jewellery as my grandmother was a very talented goldsmith’s art master. Since I was a child I have had the chance to admire wonderful pieces of jewellery and to follow the steps necessary in their creation. Even if in real life I did not carry on my family’s tradition, I am very glad to have honoured my grandmother in this virtual world. MB: Do you have any experience in graphic arts? Your jewels show an extreme attention to detail.

DV: My life has been a crossroad between

(this is how I define my store, because it has

science and art. I was born and raised in a family

such a shape), has grown bigger and bigger

of artists of various fields. For instance,

to contain an every increasing selection of

I have studied piano at a professional

more artistic jewellery. We have already

level and I have participated in several

been featured in several fashion shows which

modern art exhibitions with some of my

featured also our jewellery clothes. We have

works. I draw and create contemporary

also organized a competition, Miss Gems and

art installations with different materials.

Kisses, which will elect kings and queens of our

I love experimenting with different kinds

jewellery who will represent us during the year

of installations and with my ex-boyfriend

2010. It was difficult to become established

I did an exhibition with computer projects

in the jewellery market, but thanks to our

and light shows that we presented on

quality and availability to communicate with our customers, agencies and other designers,

screen-like canvas. 
 MB: The brand Gems & Kisses has evolved and has become an important name in the

we have managed to achieve great approval in the metaverse.

landscape of jewellery makers in

MB: Creating jewellery and wearing it, is a form

SL. Was it difficult to establish

of expression, what differentiates the Gems &

your name in such a difficult

Kisses brand from others present on SL? DV: Jewels truly are a form of expression of

market? DV: The term evolution fully

our feelings, it is easy to think about jewels



of love. The brand Gems and Kisses tries to

outlook as a brand. It was

renew itself constantly by offering different

born recently, in May, but

lines all of excellent quality and by always

thanks to the daily sacrifice

improving the existing products and the

of my staff members, we

customer service. I believe our strength is to

were able to conquer many

try and offer different themes with the same

hearts. In a few months,

elegance, an example of this are our Meduse



my little jewellery box

and Futuristica lines.

MB: Your jewels are incredibly versatile and alluring, who is your typical customer? DV: Gems and Kisses customers are incredibly diverse just because we offer very different kinds of jewellery. The typical Gems & Kisses customers are modern and demanding women, who are looking for jewellery of excellent quality and originality, but we also have men who want to give their partner a precious and elegant token of their affection. The ambition of Gems & Kisses staff is to satisfy our customers, offering them several feedback systems, the first and foremost is the savoir faire of our models, who are practically present at the Gems & Kisses store at any time of the day. 
 MB: Your styles are very different, where do you get your inspiration from? How long does it take you, from the idea of creating a jewel to its practical realization? DV: Gems & Kisses is characterized by the multiplicity of its styles. Starting from the classic, we cross and interpret different themes, like futuristic and religious. The inspiration is part of the creative process, it matures and evolves with it. Curiosity and the sensibility are an artist’s guide in their search for inspiration, one of these can be the simple observation of colour gradients, or sharing experiences with

other artists. I draw my inspiration from the

and luminous. I love it because it has given the

desire to experiment and innovate. I want to be

real input to my creativity, helping me create

an artist who is ahead of the times, who knows

best sellers such as Mimmi, Pavone and Pure

how to offer something new. The idea of a jewel


often is born on a piece of paper, maybe from

MB: What kind of advice would you give to a

a drawing I have sketched during the night.

beginner who would like to start a career of

The realization of a prototype can take a few

jewellery designer in SL?

minutes, but hours and days are necessary to

DV: My advice is to start from the reproduction

make all the changes and to reach the result. So,

of real jewellery, maybe those you wear every

it is a process of progressive creativity, which is

day. To be able to create a good piece of

born on a piece of paper and comes to life using the main instrument of our time, the computer. 




exquisite and extremely well crafted and detailed. From the first set to your latest creation, which is

I want to be an artist who is ahead of the times, who knows how to offer something new

jewellery requires much exercise



have to work with prims of very small dimensions, whose aligning requires an incredible strain on the eyes. Once you have become familiar with the technique you can let your creativity go wild,

your favorite piece and why?

detaching from the reproduction of existing

DV: Thank you, you perfectly described my

jewellery. In the end, I believe it is of the utmost

jewels. The Gems & Kisses piece that is dearest

importance not to live this world with too much

to me is Satin Set which is composed of a

competitiveness, but instead you should try to

choker, earrings, and a couple of bracelets. It is

establish a dialogue with other designers to

a creation composed simply of thin monochrome

share experiences and creativity, as art lives

metallic wires, that intertwine with each other

because it is renewed by sharing experiences

giving a final effect that is incredibly delicate

and knowledge.


Fifth Avenue Choker & Earrings

Jewerly Designer - Deliziosa Vendetta Sim Location - Rucott:Embryo Photographer - Boe Cortes

The Princess

Necklace & Earrings

Eternal Bond

Necklace & Earrings


Choker & Earrings

Strict Elegance

Choker & Earrings

Miracle of Light

Necklace & Earrings


AVENUE Gems & Kisses Exclusive 2009  

AVENUE gives you the exclusive on 2009's hottest new jewellery designer Deliziosa Vendetta of Gems & Kisses.

AVENUE Gems & Kisses Exclusive 2009  

AVENUE gives you the exclusive on 2009's hottest new jewellery designer Deliziosa Vendetta of Gems & Kisses.