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April Supplement

ZanzE Land



Writer Xandrah Sciavo Photographer Seashell Dench


zoie Zee (Cher4589 Resident) is a relative newcomer to Second Life速, having arrived on the grid just seven months ago. With a real life background in technology coordination, a background in fashion, and two advanced university degrees, she arrived ready to take the grid by storm.

“Once I started, I was hooked,” she says. “I came with a love of fashion, business, and technology – all a perfect fit for Second Life.” And once she was hooked, she decided to make a home on the grid, inspired by the improvements and developments that she felt contributed to SL being the most realistic virtual universe. Driven by a wealth of real life experience, education and an entrepreneurial spirit, Zee wanted to go a bit further than simply settling for a home on the grid – she wanted to become a part of the thriving virtual business community in SL®; thus, the idea for ZanzE, was born. Zee’s idea was to make ZanzE a “one-stop” location for fashion, entertainment, and opportunities for a rich social environment. Zee is no stranger to hard work, and during all of her preparation, she has grown increasingly excited for what promises to be an incredible hot spot. She shares, “getting the sims ready for action has been a long process which I am excited to have been a part of and to finally be completing!” ZanzE is ready for its debut as a picturesque sim which features everything from a shopping district, runway, photographic services, club, and even a customizable party platform. “Our sim has a fabulous team from all parts of the world and all walks of life, which is what I believe sets us apart from the rest

– everything from our fabulous building team to our club staff,” Zee declares. “Each and every one of us is dedicated to the same goal: keeping our clients happy and making sure everything runs smoothly for all.” Dedicated to being sure the business runs like a well-oiled machine, Zee and her team have built what they are confident is a wonderfully effective communication system. Prime customer service looks to be an essential piece of the business plan at ZanzE, and Zee is prepared to deliver. Marketing is but one of Zee’s priorities, and the team has plans to work with a variety of top notch agencies using the mediums of print, web, and radio to maximize exposure and keep traffic active at the sim. With a 24/7 concierge service, the skills of a talented promotions team, and the handson event planning packages, ZanzE promises to provide excellent service, excellent sales, and excellent stores. With fashion being a huge part of Zee’s real life background experience, it is only natural that ZanzE would feature a sizable fashion component. The shopping district and vendor services are a major part of Zee’s business plan. “My goal is to have all our stores filled with nothing but the best of all genres of avatar components. I hope for us to have a happy client base and traffic through the roof.” Just

one of the many unique features available for those who choose to set up shop on the ZanzE sim is the option for tenants to fully customize their own shop space. Zee is fully prepared to assist her vendor tenants in marketing their wares. She has included a runway on the sim for designers who rent at ZanzE to showcase their new collections. Zee explained that the team plans to host regular runway shows which feature at least one item from every store that rents on the sim. “This would be handled by our event coordination team to minimize the stress and work of a huge event from our renters. In addition, we will also offer the runway to our tenants for private events. Once again, our coordination team will be available to help with anything needed to make each event run as effortlessly as possible.” Tenants will be able to choose various runway themes according to the inspiration for their shows, and custom runway platforms will be available, but tenants will be asked to book their shows well in advance to give the creative team time to prepare the perfect setting for their show. In addition to the two fully functional runways on the sim, ZanzE offers other avenues, as well, for business promotion, such as the house photographers who will be available to assist designers in photographing new products or blogging services in order to help market new releases. “Each

and every member of our team will be dedicated to making sure our customers feel taken care of at all times, as well as bloggers and promoters provided by us to increase their sales and traffic,” Zee describes. Another feature Zee speaks of, which may be quite appealing to designers choosing to rent space at the sim, is ZanzE’s attention to the protection of their tenants. “We also think about our designers’ safety. We are protecting our sim from content theft with anti-copybot scripts. Copybot users cannot land in our sims. We want it to be safe for designers and rewarding to our customers.” Zee is also excited about the implementation of a customer reward system. The excitement does not stop at opportunities for the fashionista or designer, however! Club ZanzE is ready to take flight with a variety of events, according to Zee. “Our Director of Entertainment, Bailey, and General Manager, Zeisha, oversee Club ZanzE and have many great things in store, such as themed events, singles and couples parties, live performers, and events for charity such as Pink Ribbon, AIDS, Cancer Research, etc.” Club ZanzE also benefits from the talents of many amazing DJs and hosts from all over the world, and for those looking for employment opportunities, the club is always looking to hire

new talent to assist with their plans to keep the club open and staffed with a live DJ for as many hours as possible. The club is also available for the hosting of public or private events. If a customer prefers another setting for their live events, they are not to fear, Zee has covered all of her bases, providing yet another option for customers. ZanzE features a party platform that can be rented for a small fee and is free of charge for all of the tenants on the sim. The platform has been created for customers to host their own themed events or private parties such as birthday celebrations. “We will have a schedule that will be available to all of our renters,” Zee says when asked about how one would inquire about the rental of the platform. “They can set up with our event coordinators or estate managers and figure out the times and dates that best fit them.” When it comes to creating just the right ambiance for a gathering, party hosts can rest assured that the party platform at ZanzE can be customized with one of several settings, or if a host is looking for something different, they are even welcome to use their own decorations to make the setting of their event even more personal.

the public wanting to spend time at ZanzE, but Zee has ensured that her corner of the grid offers so much more. She continues to promote ZanzE through inworld events and classifieds, as well as hiring a team of bloggers who work to advertise the sim and the sim tenants. She also plans to regularly advertise with AVENUE Magazine and to work with AVENUE to continue to promote ZanzE and its many unique features. What does Zee foresee for ZanzE in the near future? “We have a lot of awesome things planned! To give you a sneak peek, we are planning some exciting sim-wide excusive hunts as well as the regular runway extravaganzas and specially featured items only to be found at ZanzE!” Zee exclaims. With its many unique features, from the customizable rental spaces to the party platform to the club, as well as the thorough and fully supportive customer service menu available for clients and visitor, ZanzE is sure to be a shining star, surpassing other sims of a similar nature. Whether you seek the latest fashions, a place to market your business, live musical performers, or a hot night out with friends, ZanzE offers a little something for everyone and deserves a spot in your favorite landmarks today.

With gorgeous picture perfect scenery, the setting of the sim alone is reason enough to keep

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April Supplement

Photographer Sophy Meridoc

A | AVENUE at GOL 45.153.22

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