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April 2018 Issue 26

POSITIVE FEEDBACK It is always encouraging to be recognised for doing a good job, and we have received a lot of positive feedback from different sources about the work you do in providing high quality care in our homes and in the community. Our most recent CQC inspection at the Bexley Branch of Home Care and Support resulted in a Good rating in all five key lines of enquiry and a Good rating overall. The service users said some lovely things about the staff who provide their care: "Most staff treat me like an auntie, very friendly and kind." "They are kind and caring, and always have a chat and ask me if I'm alright." "We work together. They encourage me to do as much as I can for myself." "They chat away and say are you happy? Are you comfortable? What do you want me to do? Is there anything you want me to do? I feel I'm in charge." One service user said, "When I was ill six weeks ago, my carer rang the ambulance. The manager came out to see me too. The carer was very good; they comforted me until the ambulance arrived." It is so encouraging to read these comments and I’m sure they would be repeated across our homes and services. Another example of the kind of great feedback we are receiving was from the Healthwatch Kent team who visited Bridge Haven in January. Healthwatch Kent visited the home to review how Bridge Haven scored against ten Quality Indicators that research had highlighted were the things that older people and their families wanted to know when choosing a care home. These included, having a good Home Manager, the right staff, good activities, links to the community, and importantly, that the home was always looking to improve. Following meetings with the Home Manager, staff, residents, family and friends,

the Healthwatch Kent team concluded that Bridge Haven fully met all ten indicators. That’s a great result, and shows that we are well on our way to achieving our Vision ‘Communities where everyone has a vibrant and fulfilling life.’ Thinking about our Vision, you will have received a new lanyard with the Vision statement written on it, and I’ve been pleased to see lots of you wearing them when I’ve been around the services. We really want to keep up the focus on our Vision as we go through the year so there will be other initiatives to help us remember it. Also, we’d really like to hear from you, about how you are putting our Vision into practice. We will publish the best examples in the newsletter, so it’s a chance to show off the good work that you do. In January, I was delighted to attend two awards ceremonies for our staff who had achieved a qualification or had reached a significant milestone in their service for Avante Care & Support. Our Patron, Bob Bushell, gave out the awards and there was a chance to meet many of you over refreshments. Thank you in particular to the Bexley Home Care, Parkview and Puddingstone Grange teams for keeping us on our toes with some good questions! Finally, I hope you have 30th May in your diaries for the Avante Care & Support Big Fun Day which will be held at the Recreation Ground in Faversham. Our Marketing Manager, Lyndsay Hopper, and her team are working hard to organise the day which promises to be an exciting combination of live entertainment, activities and stalls. You are all invited, and we’d love to see as many staff, residents, service users, families and friends as possible. Each home and service has posters and flyers advertising the day. If you haven’t seen them, please ask your Manager. We just need the sun to shine!

Stuart Cross, Managing Director

HOME CARE VISION STATEMENT We are delighted to now have a Vision Statement for Avante Care & Support ‘Communities where everyone has a vibrant and fulfilling life’. It has provided us an opportunity to reflect on how we bring our vision to life for the home care service and the individuals we provide care and support for. I have seen many examples of staff working towards whilst I have been out and about across the services. In home care this is personified by the commitment and dedication of our care workers out in the field, the teams responsible for coordinating visits, field care (including care planning) administration and verifying, quality (including supervisions), the Out of Hours service, recruitment and training as well as the supervisors and managers of the services. Home care requires a real team effort in order to provide good quality services that meets the needs of those we support. How do we know we are working towards our vision? We have recently had the results of our 2017 Customer survey and as I read this I was both humbled and proud of the feedback we have received. Service users, families and advocates were asked to rate their levels of satisfaction with the service and here is just a snap shot of the feedback we received: • 97% satisfaction rating for the service overall • 100% say Carers are kind and considerate and treat you, your friend or your relative with dignity and respect • 100% say Carers are polite and friendly • 100% are satisfied that the care and support received matches the needs of their relative, friend or themselves • 97% of Carers act in a 'person-centred' way that puts service user, friend or relative first These are all important attributes in line with our vision and ones of which we should all be proud. There are areas which we can improve on, one of which is ensuring that people who use the

service are aware of our Philosophy of Care. To address this, throughout 2018 we are going to embed the Eden Alternative philosophy within the service. This philosophy believes that no matter how old we are or what challenges we live with, life is about continuing to grow. Building on this new philosophy, it affirms that care is not a one-way street, but rather a collaborative partnership. All caregivers and care receivers are described as “care partners,” each an active participant in the balance of giving and receiving. Together, care partner teams strive to enhance well-being by eliminating the three plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. An interesting point came to my attention recently when we were analysing how people learn about the services we offer and one of the most prominent sources of enquiry is via word of mouth or recommendation from a friend. This really resonated as it is a powerful enquiry line and testament to the quality of services delivered by our home care teams. The importance of team work: As I mentioned before team work is essential within the home care service. The recent snow is just one example of our teams working together to ensure that services were delivered. Care workers and office teams went the extra mile, working in partnership with service users and their families to ensure everyone received the care and support they needed. Angela Johnson Head of Home Care and Support

THANKS FROM JACKIE CHURCHWARD-CARDIFF, CHAIR OF TRUSTEES For those who were unable to view the original email: “On behalf of the Avante Care & Support Board of Trustees I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for your commitment to our residents and to your colleagues in overcoming the very real problems caused by the snow and ice last week. The Board heard today some of your stories and the lengths so many of you went to, to ensure we were able to deliver care. I am humbled by your commitment. Avante is at its core a people organisation and what you do defines us and our reputation. I am proud to be your chair. I hope we are through the winter now and today it does look as though spring has arrived so with that in mind I would like to wish you all best wishes for a quick recovery and time to enjoy some sunshine.” Jackie Churchward-Cardiff, Chair of Trustees

SNOW TROUBLES? SNOW PROBLEM! During the recent bad weather, the Home Care and Support service in Bexley kept on going and going, not even the ‘Beast from the East’ was going to stop the Bexley care workers and office staff from carrying out their work. Carers showed commitment and dedication, battling snow and icy conditions so they could continue providing services to vulnerable and elderly people in their own homes, with some walking to service users where they could not access roads in their cars. Janine Arthurs, a new home care worker had to brave the snow to cover her rounds. Janine was worried that people may not have been able to get any shopping before the bad weather so she took it upon herself to buy frozen meals, bread and milk to take with her on her rounds. During the week of snow a couple of our home care workers were driven to their rounds by 4x4 emergency vehicles, a service from KCC that enabled staff to visit service users. The staff were thrilled to be working alongside professional paramedics. When one of the service users needed the assistance of two people, the paramedics were on hand to help. One of the carers made us smile after informing us that at 6am they were digging their car out, clearing the windscreen and roof ready to drive to the service users home, to then press her car keys to find that she had cleared her neighbour’s car and not her own! We would like to thank each and every member of the Bexley Team for their continued hard work and support no matter what is thrown at them – and we would like to thank our service users and their families for their flexibility shown and support, working with us to ensure the services ran as smoothly as possible during the visit from the Beast from the East!

HARRY CELEBRATES HIS 104TH BIRTHDAY Avante Home Care and Support client Harry Wooten celebrated his 104th Birthday on 29th December 2017. Carers Pauline Sheedy and Michele Lawrence visited Harry to congratulate him and give him a box of his favourite biscuits. Harry said, “Now that I’m 104 I can eat as many as I like now”.

REWARD FOR A GOOD IDEA! All staff have received a new lanyard with our Vision statement written on it. Following a suggestion from Mandi Gardiner at Bridge Haven, we have included a retractable cord in the design which makes it more user friendly. As a reward for her good idea, Mandi has received £25 in vouchers. If you have a good idea that is implemented across Avante Care & Support you could win vouchers too!

THE WILLOWS DECORATE FOR EASTER At the Willow Day Care Centre, some of our ladies and gents have been decorating Easter bonnets in preparation for Easter.

SNOW DAY AT AMHERST COURT! Amherst Court residents Angela, Clive, Maureen, Sam (the dog) and Marie spent the morning in the garden building an unusual snowman and having snowball fights. “We invented a game of how high we could throw snowballs up the wall and laughed at Sam eating the snow! Many residents enjoyed sitting in the lounge (in the warm), just watching us and laughing at the dog!�

GRITTING AT DE GELSEY HOUSE Julian and Mike from the Property & Development team at De Gelsey House very kindly offered to grit the road during the snowy weather, as cars and vans were finding it difficult to drive through.

RIVERDALE COURT PLAY IN THE SNOW Staff do their best to make snow angels in the garden as residents get to play around with making snowballs.


Residents encouraged staff at Court Regis to get out in the cold weather and make a Snowman and Snowlady during the ‘Beast from the East’. They all had such a giggle watching through the window, in the warm, with a hot drink. They picked their outfits and accessories. Whilst the girls braved the cold, our residents decided on names for they’re new friends. So say hello to Sir James Cagney and Sybil Thorndike!

GARDENING AT PUDDINGSTONE GRANGE Residents at Puddingstone Grange took the time to get a little gardening done during the cold weather.

KING OF ROCK AND ROLL VISITS COURT REGIS... Paul Presley visited Court Regis care home, bringing his Elvis Tribute act with him. He was brilliant! Elvis interacted so well with everyone which really made the Court Regis resident’s day. He gave out roses and scarves whilst wooing all the ladies. We are all still talking about 2 weeks later!


ABBA MANIA AT PARKVIEW On 14 February, staff and residents decided that it would be a great idea to have an Abba Mania day on Valentines Day. This meant that staff had prepared to learn dance moves and lyrics to one of the most recognised pop groups in the world. But that wasn’t all...fantastic outfits and wigs made sure that Abba Mania would be a big hit! After performing some of their most famous songs, it was time to get all the residents and families on the dance floor.

TRADITIONAL WEAR AT PUDDINGSTONE GRANGE Staff at Puddingstone Grange were invited to dress in traditional costumes to raise awareness of our different cultures and have some fun! Residents loved all the different outfits and staff paid ÂŁ1 contribution to the amenity fund to participate in the fun.

CELEBRATING SUCCESS Avante Care & Support recognises that throughout each year individual members of staff reach a milestone or achieve success that is worthy of special recognition. Avante Care & Support invited those staff members that had achieved long service or a work related qualification to celebrate that success together. Informal receptions were held in January and February 2018 at Head Office, Faversham, and at the Bexley Central Library where members of staff were invited to attend. Derek Lindars, HR Director, opened the ceremonies and staff received their certificates of achievement from our Patron, Bob Bushell. Stuart Cross, Managing Director, gave his personal thanks to the staff for their contribution to the success of the organisation and for making a positive difference to the lives of the people we care for and support. Stuart also talked about the importance of Avante’s new Vision and Mission statements which aim to ensure all those who use our services enjoy personalised care enabling them to lead vibrant and fulfilling lives. We were also delighted to welcome Mrs Joan Taylor and Mr Don Crisp to our Kent Event. Joan and Don are residents at Pilgrims View. Lynnette Bishop representing IPS International also joined us. IPS is Avante’s Training Provider and has been key in supporting our staff in their learning. We hope they all enjoyed sharing in our celebrations. We look forward to more Celebrating Success events later on in the year.

Be xley/London Services Name Sylvia Thomas Gill Hill Rowena Nduga Fay Jerrett Joanna Dennis Mary Mills Gillian Mayhew Gifty Adjin - Tettey Magdalena Adelaja Sophia Rumble Anita Cooper Clarissa Isles Ben Kasowe Donna Killick Olubukunola Olayiwola Sacha Rock Claire Ward Sarah Bowyer Georgi a Fawcett Moham ed Jalloh Chelsea Charles Fatimah Isamot Bradley Harding Vaida Kristupiene Emmanuella Obeng

Service Bexley Homecare Bexley Homecare Northbourne Court Parkview Weybourne Parkview Parkview Puddingstone Puddingstone Puddingstone Northbourne Court Bexley Homecare Northbourne Court Bexley Homec are Puddingstone Northbourne Court Puddingstone Parkview Bexley Homecare Puddingstone Bexley Homecare Bexley Homecare Bexley Homecare Bexley Homecare Bexley Homecare

Award 30 years Long Service 30 years Long Service 20 years Long Service 20 years Long Service 20 years Long Service 20 years Long Service Level 5 Diploma in Leadership Level 5 Diploma in Leadership Level 5 Diploma in Leadership Level 5 Diploma in Leadership Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Intermediate Level 2 Diploma Intermediate Level 2 Diploma Intermediate Level 2 Diploma Level 3 Diploma Level 3 Diploma Level 3 Diploma Level 2 Diploma Level 2 Diploma

Kent Services Name Joyce Franklin Gillian Pollard Debra Roberts Linda Osborne Lisa Randall Claire Bright Kim Davison Michelle Franklin Trudy Wilson Angela Iliffe Helen Lee - Amies Claire Saxby Sara Summerz Sadie Cole Sarah Collar Tommy Ripley

Service Pilgrims View Bridge Haven Court Regis Kent Home Care Kent Home Care Pilgrims View Amherst Court Pilgrims View Amherst Court Amherst Court Pilgrims View Pilgrims View Pilgrims View Court Regis Court Regis Amherst Court

Award 30 years Long service 20 years Long Service 20 years Long Service 20 years Long Service Level 5 Diploma in Leadership Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Adva nced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Advanced Level 3 Diploma Intermediate Level 2 Diploma Intermediate Level 2 Diploma Intermediate Level 2 Diploma

Nicole Shonk

Amherst Court

Intermediate Level 2 Diploma

Charyn Smith

Amherst Court

Intermediate Level 2 Diploma

Charlotte Spring

Court Regis

Intermediate Level 2 Diploma

Stanislava Sveile -

Court Regis

Interm ediate Level 2 Diploma

Helen Weaver

Court Regis

Intermediate Level 2 Diploma

Danielle Packer

Kent Homecare

Intermediate Level 2 Diploma

Lacey Burnett

Kent Homecare

Level 3 Diploma

Natasha Ludlow

Amherst Court

Level 2 Diploma

Sophie Taylor

Kent Homecar e

Level 2 Diploma

Karen Barnes

Kent Homecare

Level 2 Diploma


QUALITY FIRST In March 2018, Avante Care & Support continued its commitment to the National Care Forum - Quality First for the fifth year in succession. Avante Care & Support has been a member of the Care Forum since its inception over 20 years ago. The Care Forum then became the National Care Forum 2003. Quality First reinforces the commitment of all National Care Forum members to improve the quality of care, and quality of life for people receiving care and support. Being a quality provider is more than simply complying with regulations and standards, but enables the public, government, regulators, service users and their families to have confidence in the services being provided. This commitment supports Avante Care & Support to achieve one of our strategic goals of Care Quality Improvement in addition to delivering our vision ‘Communities where everyone has a vibrant and fulfilling life’.

On Thursday 8th March 2018 staff at Avante Care & Supports Head office in Faversham, hosted a ‘Time for a Cuppa’ fundraising event to help raise much needed funds for Dementia UK. The event was organised by the ICT (Information, Communications Technology) team at the Head office based on the Jubilee Way estate in Faversham, Kent, with the help of other staff members baking cakes and savouries in their spare time to be sold on the day. Event organiser Emma Key, ICT Technician said ‘The event was a huge success and such a team effort from staff baking cakes and sausage rolls. We had a great deal of support on the day including other businesses from the Jubilee Way estate popping in for a cup of tea and slice of cake. Thanks to everyone who supported the day and for their generosity, we raised a grand total of £220 for Dementia UK’.

If you would like to find out more about Avante Care & Support please call us on 01795 597400 or visit our website at

Inform Newsletter - April 2018 Big Fun Day  
Inform Newsletter - April 2018 Big Fun Day