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This old seventeenth century building was once a Corsican grocery shop. Today, it has been transformed into a Maison d’Hôtes with 6 unique rooms - each is designed in a different style by a talented artist.

Stylish and with great attention to detail, this is both a welcoming and comfortable place to stay. AVP combines Art and Decadence, representing free expression and lifestyle. It’s definitely timeless and also rather daring!

THE CONCEPT Ephemeral display : The space evolves into a “gallery” with its works of art available for sale. Design : Furnishings underscore each artist’s work. Comfortable & Hospitable : A privileged and intimate welcome awaits guests at this showcase lodging.


ARTISTS / (from left to right)


STÉPHANE MANEL : illustrator TOUS DES K : graphic design studio FRED CALMETS : painter L’ARTMADA : collective of graffiti artists CLAIRE LEINA : surface pattern designer




ARTISTS / (from left to right)


CLÉMENT JOLIN : photographer JUSTIN BLYTH : visual artist / model maker GAËLLE VILLEDARY : visual artist / model maker MOTHI LIMBU : graphic illustrator ALEX ORVANE &OLIVIER LEROUGE :


illustrator and model maker studio

TOMA L : painter


ARTISTS / (from left to right)


PHILIPPE BAUDELOCQUE : chalk painter TILT : graffiti artist MATTHIAS OLMETA : photographer MASS CONFUSION : graphic design studio MOURAD MESSOUBEUR : visual artist / model maker EUGÈNIE BERGEON : graphic illustrator

THE WIZARD : visual artist / model maker




Born in Paris in 1972, Guillaume Lemarquier, (aka Mist), has been passionate about graffiti since adolescence. One of the second generation of Parisian graffiti artists, he focused on “wild style” lettering, without neglecting the striking mural characters of this period. His style and collaboration in numerous works have made him an internationally recognised artist in the world of graffiti. Mist is one of those rare artists who emerged through urban art, applying his talent to walls, to canvasses, and in great volume. In 1996, he created his first figurine based on his

mascot, a facetious little devil that he painted throughout the four corners of the world. Pioneer of the “Designer toys” phenomenon or “jouets d’artistes”, in 2000 he created Bonustoyz with a friend. He produced around ten toys under this brand and his figurines are collected across the globe. Despite that success, Mist did not give up painting. In fact he’s been devoting himself fully to this since 2008. Recent personal exhibitions at the Le Feuvre, David Bloch and

Speerstra galleries, have given contemporary art enthusiasts the opportunity to discover, or rediscover, the work of an artist able to connect urban with contemporary art. MISTONE.BLOGSPOT.FR


Milène Guermont, born in 1981 in Normandy, has diplomas in both engineering and art. Due to a synaesthesia provoked by the contact with a concrete wall, she works now essentially with special concretes that she transforms into sensitive and interactive pieces. Weighing from a few grams up to several tons, her Polysensual Concrete ® artworks react according to your magnetic field when you touch them. Among her notable exhibitions are: Art Paris and Art Basel Miami in 2008, New Art Center of New York, the Biennial event of Issyles-Moulineaux and Nuit Blanche in Paris in 2009, Normandie Impressionniste and European Heritage Days in 2010, the City hall of the 8th, the Center of art of Salt Lake City and Cartier Foundation 2011.

The Museum of the National Archives in Paris organizes in 2012 a personal exhibition “Sensitive Memories!”. After, her work is shown in Art Elysées and in the Arts Center of Epinal. In 2013, she has a personal exhibition at “Musée en Herbe” in Paris, her work is shown in the gallery Otto Zoo in Milan, in La Caja Galleria in Tijuana, in the Vasarely Foundation, in the Villa Datris (foundation dedicated to sculpture); she creates an interactive work of Polysensual Concrete of several meters long for the city of Le Havre within the label of the Normandie Impressionniste 2013 festival and fits out one of the rooms of the hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseille during one year to propose a “Polysensual Concrete night” for its occupants. M.D.R. on a high school in Neuilly, SUSPENSION in the

headquarters of a French company and PARAMARTHA in the biggest Buddhist temple of Europe are among her most recent permanent works. Touch her concrete work, it will sing !




Originally inspired by the moon, creatures of the night and music, “La dame Noir” (The black Lady) has sought to spread her slow and dark disco beats throughout places that play music. It’s this music that both inspired the backdrop for our styling and the selection of artists represented in “La room 710”. The night, the influence of the moon, sexual deviance, obscure rituals and ancient religions became the obvious themes for LdN. Black, all enveloping, tempting, twisted and

kinky, “La room 710” offers services where sensual pleasures and euphoria blend with a pervading luxury. Antique mirrors, black walls and retro furnishings muffle the atmosphere, tempting guests to make the most of this chic jewel box of a room, or perhaps to enjoy some forbidden pleasures in its secret annexe…. The following artists defined La dame Noir’s visual identity They are exhibited in the «room 710» : Matthieu-Viktor

Lifschitz / Mothi Limbu / Yoshinori Honda / Joie Iacono Anouk Deville / Guillaume Chamahian LADAMENOIR.WORDPRESS.COM


AVEXCITERS is a collective of Architects and Designers specialized in digital prototyping and new technologies. At the border between real and virtual, it tends through the realization of micro-architectures and interactive installations to the advent of non-standard architecture. The group includes audiovisual as an architectural expression tool with the ability to reveal the quality of a place or a project.

AVEXCITERS is also an Architecture Agency using new technologies. The projects are always turned into unusual treatment of space. The team tries to reveal through Architectural projects the new problematics of our Society.

We also work for architects and desi- gners helping them to realize their projects.



Dreams Fabrication “Painting for me is an act of appropriating reality. I press this wonderful and stupid world to try and extract some of its poetry and absurdity. I work with mental images, with urgency of transcribing them onto the canvas. As in any translation, this path is not linear but it’s precisely the distortion produced by the gesture of painting that interests me.

My paintings evoke worlds without humans or humanrelated objects. Their atmosphere could be post-human, or pre-human, insofar as the human presence is only announced without ever becoming a clear visual utterance. I never had any curiosity for religion and haven’t received religious education, and yet my work is influenced by biblical images  : apocalypse, downfall, apparitions, divine lights, heaven and hell. In contrast perhaps to those archetypes I never stopped referring to the cultural images that marked my teenage

years: urban culture and its graffitis, advertising, comic strips etc. Those are present above all in my approach to color, volume and texture.” JULIENCOLOMBIER.COM



Benjamin Maffeo, aka “Ohido”, is a young artist, born in Marseilles on 11 February 1984. He studied applied arts then specialised in infographics.

Here you can dream by night and day. Just open the door and the experience will commence. This door is the last real, earthly element that you’ll touch.

Alternately designer, painter, graphic artist and other, he takes his inspiration from various folklore and artistic trends (pure art, folk art, street-art, science fiction cartoons etc…) from where he draws his raw material before re-injecting it into his own creations.

Wood and metal: your only link to normality. With the door closed behind you, each night you’ll relive your sweetest childhood experiences, this time rekindled by the esoteric power of your nocturnal cell. Are you still awake?

Have you created an absurd universe that now surrounds you? Or is it real? Where is the door?



COMMUNAL AREAS HYPERLINE STUDIO Hyperline Studio is a Creative direction and Design firm founded in 2011. It was born out of a collaboration of two designers from Marseille, graduates of The School of Fine Arts. Influenced from different universes, they evolve in such domains as design, artistic direction and architectural video-projection. They mutually tend to shape unique forms, places and objects. HYPERLINE-STUDIO.COM

We wish to invest common areas by pure exploitation, multiplication and a mere assemblage of triangular shapes, allowing some rare combinations of polygonal structures. For instance, a structure may suspend freely as an organic membrane. Greatly influenced by the immense world of science fiction and origamis, the amalgam of angular forms gives birth to a typology of forms, hence a unique graphic universe. A truly homogenius ambiance sprouts out and makes a mark in Space.



Tomas Labarthe was born in 1975. He leaves and works in Nantes. He discovered in 2001 at Pompidou’s Center an artist, which actually did not really like museums : Jean Dubuffet. It’s a perfect matching between “Art Brut” and the desires’ of lively young man. Originally ad hoc, but increasingly structured. Thomas finds its formats, begins to define its masses. Rich and fruitful experiences of his spanish life chromes binds to the south. Meeting with the gallerist Sebastian Fritsch in 2009 marked a turning point. An encounter that saw the emergence of many creative projects. Committed to his art, Thomas Labarthe also knows how to gather others. Today, videographer, photographer, author and designer pool their expertise around «Vas-Y», new protean object in the long-run, initiated in 2011 in Marseilles. The result? He works there, but with a team this time.

Laura is born in 1988 in Strasbourg, from 4 years of art school, various travels and some nice encounters is born Cheyenne. Today, living in Strasbourg she’s develops her pencil lines through everyday life, dream and poetry.



Today here different collaboration/partnerships allows here to extend here work on different support (magazines, longboards, books, tissus, piece of furnitures...) as well as here personal work ( paintings, hand-drawed skateboards, jewelry).




An arts graduate, Cecile Gonnard has woven her way for several years through creations, stage sets and styling, interior design and decoration…Today Cecile is focusing on a more personal project: creating a line of restored vintage furniture and designing exclusive or limited edition textiles : Héritage. In essence it consists of armchairs, chairs, benches and a few “home-made” cushions. Going against the tide of standard lines and forms, she likes to take her time working on an object, matching a material with it, playing with its forms, its threads, its marks and colours, giving it back a personality and expressiveness. Many of her designs tease and work the textiles to make them the heart of the object. Acquiring a Heritage piece, is acquiring a story that continues to be written…

Sometimes, being neighbourly can develop into a flourishing collaboration. That’s what happened when Jessica Venediger knocked on Laure Tinel’s door. Invited by Jessica, the founder of the Boutique Ephemere enjoys sharing a few grains of inspiration to the guesthouse from her own themed and temporary collections 7 doors away.

Her work focuses on recycling in this world where planned obsolescence directs our lives. MAchin tries to «limit damages» with its collections of furniture, accessories and all kinds of stuff! Over the «chineries» projects and research materials and colors, MAchin repears gives identity and restores objects.


An avid bargain hunter, with an eclectic taste, Laure connects one object to another by an association of ideas, sometimes logical, often unexpected; she bridges styles and periods, spans latitudes, confronts rare items and curiosities. Her stylistic flair fits inextricably with the creativity of Au Vieux Panier : moving, fleeting, always reinvented. HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ GROUPS/126354990727955/?FREF=TS


TERRACE SLOWGARDEN Since 2009 in Marseilles, Slowgarden is a young french compagny who design terraces and gardens. To help you to revegetate your outdoor spaces, Slowgarden design and produce projects for companies and private owners. SlowGarden was born from the passion of a landscape designer, Claire Delahaye. Wrong city girl but true plants and decoration lover, the designer plays with spaces and outdoor constraints.

SlowGarden imagine and custom public spaces, patios, balconies, gardens, or terraces. So you can enjoy every day of your outdoor space as an extra room, even in town. Development, composition of the vegetation landscape, decoration, choice of furniture, lighting, colors ... Slowgarden can also reuse what you already have and give it a new life. Customize, recycling and play with nature for a beautiful greener place !

You will also find tips and tricks to succeed in your little garden through the Slowgarden blog lejardindeclaire.blogs. +33(0)6 77 80 40 83 / CONTACT@SLOWGARDEN.FR / SLOWGARDEN.FR

SOUND DESIGN VIRGO MUSIC & LA DAME NOIR Building on last year’s success, Au Vieux Panier has again given “Carte Blanche” to the Virgo Music & La dame Noir music label to create a bespoke sound design for each room. Using the hotel’s artistic environment as inspiration, Paul (Virgo Music) & Phred (La Dame Noir) bring another dimension to your stay. Enjoy their rather groovy, sexy, and definitely electronic playlists. VIRGOMUSIC.COM // LADAMENOIRWORDPRESS.COM

JESSICA VENEDIGER Founder Communications Manager Artistic Director JESS@AUVIEUXPANIER.COM Mob. +33(0)6 32 19 90 05

AVP + 33(0) 4 91 91 23 72 13 RUE DU PANIER 13002 MARSEILLE

Press Kit Season 4  
Press Kit Season 4  

Presentation of our Selection of Artist for Season 4 in Marseilles in 2013