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- WHAT IS AVP ? “ Wake up in a Work of Art! ! ” —


his old seventeenth century building was once a Corsican grocery shop. Today, it has been transformed into a Maison d’Hôtes with 5 unique rooms - each is designed in a different style by a talented artist. We offer our guests a rare opportunity to sleep in a work of art - before it changes the following year. Enjoy an original artistic experience during a stay in this house seeped in history. The Spirit of AVP Stylish and with great attention to detail, this is both a welcoming and comfortable place to stay. AVP combines Art and Decadence, representing free expression and lifestyle. It’s definitely timeless and also rather daring!

Le Concept Ephemeral display : The space evolves into a “gallery” with its works of art available for sale. Design : Furnishings underscore each artist’s work. Comfortable & Hospitable : A privileged and intimate welcome awaits guests at this showcase lodging. —


2013 SAISON IV —

Mist Stalagmist

Mist Graffiti Artist Milène Guermont Visual Artist La Dame noir Photographer & Label Music Avexciters Architect and Designers Julien Colombier Surface pattern designer Ohido Illustrator Communal Areas Hyperline Studio Visual Artist Cheyenne Illustrator Toma L Painter Furniture Cécile Gonnard Heritage Laure Tinel La Boutique Ephemere Marine Alary MAchin —



Milène Guermont Polysensual

Philippe Baudelcoque Painter Tilt Graffiti Artist Matthias Olmeta Photographer Mourad Messoubeur Visual Artist Mass Confusion Graphic Design Studio Eugénie Bergeon Graphic Artist Communal Areas The Wizard Visual artist Toma L Painter Furniture Cécile Gonnard Heritage Laure Tinel La Boutique Ephemere —

Philippe Baudelocque Fusion

Tilt Graffiti Artist


2011 SAISON II —


Clément Jolin Mur - mur

Clément Jolin Photographer Justin Blyth Graphic designer & Visual artist Gaëlle Villedary Visual Artist/Model Maker Mothi Limbu Graphic Illustrator Studio Corpus Illustrator and Model Maker

2010 SAISON I —

Communal Areas Guillaume Chamahian Photographer Véronique Sarafian Visual artist Toma L. Painter


Stéphane Manel Illustrator Tous des K Graphic Design Studio Fred Calmets Painter L’Artmada Collective of Graffiti Artists Claire Leina Surface Pattern Designer Communal Areas Jérome Romain Painter Toma L. Painter

Gaëlle Villedary Réminiscence

Stéphane Manel White lines

SAISON 5 2014 The new Artists —


Pixtil Studio Surface pattern & creative coding designers

Thomas Canto Streetart & visual artist

Pascale Robert Painter

Julien Colombier Surface pattern designer

AVExciters Architect & designers

The gallery Reeve Schumacher Visual Artist and Musician

Guillaume Chamahian Photographer

Cheyenne Illustratrice Illustrator

Furniture Cécile Gonnard Heritage

Marine Alary MAchin



- PIXTIL STUDIO Pixtil Studio Bio —

Pixtil is a graphic design studio formed by a duo of designers and digital textile graduate ensci. After working in different agencies, Delphine Saltet and Olivier Paradeise decided to unite their world in a common script. They imagine collections of patterns and textiles for home professionals and fashion. In the interest of modernity, Pixtil designs its own digital tools to propose a reinterpretation of traditional knowhow. In 2013, the studio created his first collection of bed linen under its own brand. The collection is thought in the interest of responsible production and high quality.

For Au Vieux Panier, the studio has created Wind - a pattern custom painted directly on the white walls of the room. Each element of the piece becomes obstacle and changes the trajectory of the pattern consists of 18000 strokes. Wind is made of creative coding. A gravity and a light wind are scheduled for the drawing up of natural way into the room. Dense and refined, drawing dresses and lives walls to surround you and cause an infinite round. A wallpaper runs on the walls of the living room in a gradient density and movement.

Pixtil Studio Terrasse Pixtil Studio Bedroom —



- THOMAS CANTO Thomas Canto Bio —

Born in1979, lives and works in France. Thomas Canto transposes his personal vision of his environment on canvas; proposing an abstract and duplicate vision to the disorganized entanglement of the mixtures of his urban life. On one hand, the city in sections of walls or blue prints, on the other humanity and its individuality. For his paintings, he draws his inspiration from his memories and his meetings with the city and its inhabitants adding to it his own style, with the greatest accuracy and attention to detail. From walls covered with graffiti and posters to the surreal architectures of his futuristic cities, from the absence of any trace of mankind to his highly meticulous portraits, the artist is all about detail.

Fond of precision work and keen on pure aesthetics, technique holds a prominent place in his production. His gestures, as well as the materials and tools he uses evolve together with his art, and his work continues to gain clarity through experience and time. The patience and meticulousness displayed give an almost industrial aspect to his treatment of modern architecture; the drips and splashes that are specific to graffiti, are organized in a falsely random equilibrium that shapes the faces he portrays.

Thomas Canto Bedroom

Thomas Canto Detail —


- PASCALE ROBERT Pascale Robert Bio —

What pushes Pascale Robert to paint his friends and family in their worst tomfoolery, for 15 years now, is in between the nasty trick and kindness. Stabbing in the back with camera as a weapon around a table during parties when people are drunk, or just cheerful, confident, relaxed. At that time a flash highlights the beautiful glance at the exact moment where we forget our stresses of the day, or social protocols, to found themselves one day, often not in the best, on one of her books . By two resolutely historical practices, painting and drawing, Pascale Robert combines party culture at work in the studio to produce a cheerful and smart work. Faces, unlikly framing, outrageous attitudes and inappropriate pauses ... everything usually is forgotten or erased in one second with digital cameras, here it becomes the subject of an overly precise attention.

And each work, after hours of work, is the witness of a fleeting moment. This contradiction between the beauty of the gesture and the ungratefulness of the posture (which is not one) forms the nub of her practice. Did she settled down by proposing for this room masked characters? The portraits are not less ferocious. Like this innuendo salacious animation hidden by a curtain that allows to be foreseen through a small opening, appearances are deceiving. Wolves are eggs Benedict and balloons cubitainers. The brat has taken over, the design has spilled over the walls. Leaving only the trace of festive moments of wandering, a room in which adults would have celebrated their intact childhood.

Pascale Robert Bedroom — Pascale Robert “La tarte Flambée Flambée” video


- AVEXCITERS SKÖ Avexciters Bio —

AVE is a collective of Architects and Designers specialized in digital prototyping and new technologies. At the border between real and virtual, it tends through the realization of micro-architectures and interactive installations to the advent of non-standard architecture. The group includes audiovisual as an architectural expression tool with the ability to reveal the quality
of a place or a project. AVE is also an Architecture
 Agency using new technologies. The projects are always turned into unusual treatment of space. The team tries to reveal through Architectural projects the new problematics of our Society. We also work for architects and desi- gners helping them to realize their projects.

Avexciters Soft lights —

Projection “Mapping”



Dreams Fabrication « Painting for me is an act of appropriating reality. I press this wonderful and stupid world to try and extract some of its poetry and absurdity. I work with mental images, with urgency of transcribing them onto the canvas. As in any translation, this path is not linear but it’s precisely the distortion produced by the gesture of painting that interests me. My paintings evoke worlds without humans or human-related objects. Their atmosphere could be post-human, or pre-human, insofar as the human presence is only announced without ever becoming a clear visual utterance. I never had any curiosity for religion and haven’t received religious education, and yet my work is influenced by biblical images : apocalypse, downfall, apparitions, divine lights, heaven and hell. In contrast perhaps to those archetypes I never stopped referring to the cultural images that marked my teenage years: urban culture and its graffitis, advertising, comic strips etc. Those are present above all in my approach to color, volume and texture ».

Julien C.’s works are scenery of dreams. They rest on the distinct porosity between the decorative (associated with the interior decoration and graphic design) and the aesthetic-involving new sensible forms and their experience. The influence of patterns is made explicit. The pictorial motif is never staged, inscribed in a narrative or dramatized. There are no characters or elements that could interact with one another. There are motifs that repeat infinitely, just like patterns on wallpapers. However, instead of being the consequence of industrial reproduction, the repetition here becomes a pictorial strategy in its own right. Painter’s repeated gestures manifest themselves in the subtle differences between the repeated patterns. These slippages give force and movement to the paintings. Movement of particular kind, as these paintings don’t allow for temporal development. The patterns are just there, repeating, from top to bottom, from left to right. What does move is the volume and the texture, achieved through « highliting », technique borrowed from graffitis.

This is what gives depth without creating perspective per-se. The effect is one of temporal suspension that could touch on an instant, as much as on the eternity. And indeed, the artist himself refers to his fascination with eternal recurrence and a possibility of renewal. Circularity of the sort, that is apparent in his images of waves, clouds, or lightnings: they verge on the terrible, terrifying, unstoppable force of nature, while simultaneously being stylized and inscribed in a cultural history, made familiar and humanized without however loosing a touch of menace. —

Julien Colombier Loge pourpre



Reeve Schumacher Born in the United States in 1981, Reeve Schumacher is a composer and visual artist. He obtained his degree in fine arts at the University of Miami in 2003. He has been leaving in Arles for the last three years. Reeve Schumacher is currently carrying out extensive work on spiral shapes. He likes to question the relationship of man to nature. Whether through drawing or sculpture, it is inspired by the natural geometry to give birth architectures and creatures of a future time. — Guillaume Chamahian He is the founder and the artistic co-director of the annual festival Les Nuits Photographiques, an event that exhibits and supports cutting edge photography. He lives and works in Marseille. Guillaume brings forward an unconscious aesthetic, and is still today extremely grounded in his artistic action. A stateless and self-taught photographer, Guillaume embraces a

certain approach to drama. The human, trapped between his desires for construction, and his destructive urges, will haunt his photographic exploration. In this way he goes on to question genocide, the death of God and the believer, urban development-often failed-, unique residue of man’s passage on earth.

Reeve Schumacher Visual Artist and Musician

guillaumechamahian. com — CHEYENNE Laura is born in 1988 in Strasbourg, from 4 years of art school, various travels and some nice encounters is born Cheyenne. Today, living in Strasbourg she’s develops her pencil lines through everyday life, dream and poetry. Today here different collaboration/partnerships allows here to extend here work on different support (magazines, longboards, books, tissus, piece of furnitures...) as well as here personal work ( paintings, handdrawed skateboards, jewelry). c a rg o co l l e c t i m / cheyenneillustration —

Guillaume Chamahian Photographer

Cheyenne Illustrator

- FURNISHING Mobilier d’Artistes —

Cécile Gonnard Stool

CÉCILE GONNARD An arts graduate, Cecile Gonnard has woven her way for several years through creations, stage sets and styling, interior design and decoration… Always reinventing, her inspiration digs deep into the heart of a new discovery, of a material, a journey, a page – her daily dose. She applies her sense of volumes, colours, materials to each object; respecting its origin, but also playing with its shapes and its surfaces to bring out a particular mood: always light, poetic, sensitive.

Today Cecile is focusing on a more personal project: creating a line of restored vintage furniture and designing exclusive or limited edition textiles. HERITAGE : In essence it consists of armchairs, chairs, benches and a few “home-made” cushions. This collection is both definitely contemporary and inextricably handcrafted. The idea is to apply a new skin to each object and inject it with a modern touch while respecting its origin and craftsmanship. Cecile tries to rediscover preciousness in the sense of attachment. Going against the tide of standard lines and forms, she likes to take her time working on an object, matching a material with it, playing with its forms, its threads, its marks and colours, giving it back a personality and expressiveness. Many of her designs tease and work the textiles to make them the heart of the object. Acquiring a Heritage piece, is acquiring a story that continues to be written…

Marine Alary MAchin Her work focuses on recycling in this world where planned obsolescence directs our lives. MAchin tries to “limit damages” with its collections of furniture, accessories and all kinds of stuff! Over the “chineries” projects and research materials and colors, MAchin repears gives identity and restores objects. Facebook page : MAchin —


Au Vieux Panier left “Carte Blanche” to the Label Virgo Music & La Dame Noir to create in each room a sound design. Inspired by the artwork of the hotel, Paul (Virgo Music) & Phred (Black Lady) brings another dimension. Come listen to their playlists sometimes groovy, sexy and definitely electronic. —


13 R U E D U PA N I E R 13 0 0 2 M A R S E I L L E + 3 3 ( 0 ) 4 91 91 2 3 7 2 JESSICA VENEDIGER Founder Communications Manager Artistic Director + 3 3 ( 0 ) 6 4 2 3 0 6 5 18

Press Pack AVP Season 5 English  

Presentation Press Pack for Season 5 New Collection 2014 - Rooms: Pixtil Studio Thomas Canto Pascale Robert Avexciters Julien Colombier - G...

Press Pack AVP Season 5 English  

Presentation Press Pack for Season 5 New Collection 2014 - Rooms: Pixtil Studio Thomas Canto Pascale Robert Avexciters Julien Colombier - G...