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The University Survival Guide AUTSA’s handbook for students at AUT


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Welcome to AUTSA


So what does AUTSA even do?




Get amongst our student communities!




Welcome to Vesbar


What is Debate?


Get a Move On


New Tenancy Checklist


Don’t Be Shy, Use the Library


Mental Health Support


Auckland Dating 101


Important Dates


Services for Students You (maybe) Never Knew Existed


Sexual Health and Relationship Wellbeing


AUT security


AUT Maps

Edited by Nam Woon Kim and Alana McConnell• Design and cover art by Ramina Rai


Welcome to AUTSA Kia Ora, We are AUTSA, or if you are feeling particularly formal, the Auckland University of Technology Student Association. Our role here is not to be a branch of AUT, but to be the voice of the students here at AUT. Your student service fees pay for us (thanks everyone!) so the least we can do is lend you all a hand. If you are having a rough time, have a complaint, or feel as though you have been let down by AUT in any way, we are the ones who will do our best to step in and get things patched up. If you are wanting to get more involved in student life, we can help with that too! Our current offerings include advocacy, the Student Representative Council, clubs, Debate magazine, Vesbar, and an events team that’ll keep your social calendar busy. These may not mean much to you right now, but hopefully by the end of our lil survival guide you will know where to go for whatever you may need, whether that’s material food assistance or academic advice. If you feel you have been treated unfairly in one of your papers or you are dealing with a dickish landlord, or any landlord really, the advocacy team can help you out. If you want to get among student culture (AUT does have one!) and meet new people, join one of our awesome clubs. If you want to stay in the loop with student affairs here at AUT while indulging in light-hearted think pieces that will get the group chat buzzing, pick up a copy of Debate magazine at your local AUTSA office or online - or better yet, pitch an idea of your own and get published! If you need a spot to catch up with some mates, why not rendezvous at Vesbar, your student bar in the heart of the city campus. And of course there is the events team, who organise all the fun events you’ll be enjoying this O-week and the rest of the year. We here at AUTSA like to think of ourselves as the team in your corner who have your back, but if you reckon we are dropping the ball let us know. AUTSA is always trying to be more approachable and do better, and that means taking your feedback through your Student Representative Council.


So what does AUTSA even do? Representation


It’s important that the big dogs here on campus listen to the students. Every year, you get the chance to vote for a Student Representative Council that covers everything from roles like Disabilities Affairs Officer to Pasifika Affairs Officer. Your vote effectively selects a group of AUT students to represent the student voice on campus so don’t forget to use it! Better yet, why not put your name forward? Reach out to any of our friendly SRC executive team!

Hard to believe, but uni doesn’t have to be a cycle of questioning why you’re always stressed and broke. Every now and then we like to make sure there’s room for a bit of fun. Our events team is dedicated to putting on the best events in town where there’s something for everyone. So whether it’s a free feed or a gig with the best local acts, we’ve got you covered. Got an event you’d like to see? Email

AUTSA President: Academic VP: Community VP:


Advocacy Consider AUTSA Advocacy your big sister in uni life. Whether it’s advice about plagiarism or questions about employment, the team at advocacy is wellequipped to provide support and advocacy. To get started, email

Debate Debate magazine is AUT’s fortnightly student magazine. As your authentic student voice, it is 100% editorially independent and covers everything from student news to pop culture. Our humble operation is always on the hunt for new talent! If you’re interested in contributing, email

We have a club for almost every little thing, and if we don’t, go ahead and make one. AUTSA offers a range of clubs which you can join at any point during the year! For more info, inquire at

Vesbar Oh student bars, how you tempt us with cheap drinks when we really should make it to that lecture. Located in Hikuwai Plaza on the city campus, Vesbar is the place to be for all AUT students and friends. As well as throwing regular events like karaoke nights, Vesbar is also available for private functions. For bookings and other queries, contact our Vesbar manager at


FA Q Where can I look for a job?

Can I try out the gym before signing up?

Check out Student Job Search,, or Seek, It’s also never too early to check out AUT’s Employability Lab where you can sign up for workshops and even get help to improve your CV, or brush up on those interview skills.

You sure can - visit your local Sport & Fitness Centre, there’s one on each campus, with your student ID and gym gear and you’re good to go!

Where is the City, North, South campus? City Campus: 55 Wellesley St E, Auckland City North Campus: 90 Akoranga Dr, Northcote South Campus: 640 Great South Rd, Manukau Are shuttles between campuses still running?

Yes they are! The shuttles use the AUT wallet which you can find in the AUT app. I've lost something, where's lost property?

To claim lost property, head to the Security Office on your respective campus. City Campus: WO North Campus: AT South Campus: MF

Where is the university doctor? City Campus: WB219 Level 2 North Campus: AX100 Level 1 South Campus: MB109 (nursing services only) Note: Ring ahead to make an appointment and don’t

come in if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms. The AUT medical centre (available on North and City campuses) offers in-person, phone, or video appointments. Covid-19 testing is also available if you make a booking. I need to make an urgent appointment with the Advocacy team

Send the team an email as soon as you can and they will get in touch within 24 hours. Contact: (Appointments are best made over email rather than at AUTSA reception.)


Get amongst our student communities! Get amongst our student communities! AUTSA hosts a range of student groups. No matter your interest, there are social, political, cultural, and creative communities to get amongst! These groups are founded and led by students, with support, resources, and funding from your student association. Joining a student community is a great way to not only meet new people, but to also broaden your skills and interest. Contact us on for more information on how to get involved with our student communities.

Events Activation Crew Looking to be a part of the best crew on campus? Keen to have a good time and participate in fun and exciting events while on campus? The Events Activation Crew is composed of a number of volunteers who churn out some of the best events of the year. Join our crew, earn leadership hours for your AUT Edge/Beyond awards, meet great people, and gain experience while you create meaningful relationships.


Tautoko To support and uplift

Tautoko represents a lifeline for AUT students in their hour of need. With the goal to encourage, uplift and support, Tautoko is an initiative that works towards assisting students facing hardship and helps them throughout their journey here at AUT. Firm believers in the fact that students are the heart of what we do, our team here at Tautoko use our founding principles of mana, awhi, pono, and whakaute to help guide and better assist those in need. Tautoko offers relief in the form of vouchers and food, with plans to expand offerings throughout 2022 to reflect the needs of our students. Within Tautoko HQ, found on the AUTSA City Campus office, we offer kete parcels which provide essential items for everyday meal making; these can be accessed by bringing your AUT student ID and speaking with our friendly reception staff. Tautoko also offers free breakfast daily through our self-managed student lounge kitchen. Access is available through our financial assistance forms using QR codes found in AUTSA spaces, as well as through our social media and email. To get in contact with us and find out more, please email or visit our social media sites: ourtautoko

AUTSA Tautoko


Welcome to Vesbar Your number 1 student bar in the heart of the city campus. Whether you need a spot for pre’s or a chill place to catch up with your mates after class, Vesbar has you covered. Whatever the occasion, Vesbar is here to provide a warm and friendly space for all students, staff, and visitors to AUT. Plus with outside tables too, you’ll even be able to hold a conversation without losing your voice!

Functions Vesbar is also available for private functions. If you’re after a budget-friendly venue to host your 21st, club social night, or anything else, get in touch to see what Vesbar can do for you. Note: Vesbar is 18+, so don’t forget your ID!

Vesbar hours With affordable drinks and a hot food menu not to be slept on, make the most of the official student bar next time you’re on campus. You can find Vesbar at Hikuwai Plaza. (That’s right below the AUTSA office, or the WC building if you’re looking at a map.)

Regular events Come for the drinks, stay for the events! Vesbar regularly invites DJs and hosts pub quizzes, karaoke nights, and more.

Monday - Friday: 11am - Late Sat/sun available for private functions

Want to book, or have any questions? Contact our friendly manager Debra Tutakitoa. Email: Phone: 9219999 ext 8936


What is Debate? Debate is your student magazine, hot off the press every fortnight and available on-campus or online. While Debate is funded through AUTSA, it remains 100% editorially independent. Debate is your student voice and will be your go-to source to stay informed on what’s happening around the uni. As well as being a platform for student affairs, Debate offers the chance to express your concerns, interests, and opinions across all of our campuses. Last year, Debate covered issues ranging from accommodation to public transport, as well as keeping students up to date on AUT’s response to Covid-19. Debate in 2022 is committed to keeping both AUT and AUTSA accountable to ensure that student interests are wellrepresented. While Debate covers all the serious bits of student life, the magazine is also a source of fun. Packed to the brim with events, giveaways, and quality feature articles, you can also expect a few do’s and don’ts of university life as well. Grab a copy next time you pass by the AUTSA offices, or pick one up from the red stands you’ll find around city campus. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter too! debate_mag debatemag

Talk Shit, Get Paid! Contributing is an awesome way for you to flex that student voice and share what you’re passionate about. The best part is, Debate pays! Debate is always looking for writers so email the 2022 editor at to get the ball rolling.


Get a Move On


Kitekite Falls

Cost: $15 return The ferry through Auckland’s harbour is near unbeatable on a clear day. Take it to Devonport for a summer outing of fish and chips, flat whites, and awkward tan lines. You’ll want to get back on the ferry and into the city before starting your rowdy night out though, Devonport Karens enjoy their peace and quiet.

Cost: Free Tucked away in Piha is Kitekite Falls where you’ll be a shaded walk away from a gorgeous waterfall. Follow the path to the top and take a dip in the pools, or just enjoy the view. Don’t forget to make your friend take a pic or two, because you didn’t enter that freezing water just to cool off! Why not finish up your day and watch the sunset from Karekare beach? As far as day trips go, this one should be at the top of your list.

Auckland Museum Cost: Free with proof of address Who did it better? The Earthquake house at Auckland Museum or the Earthquake house at Te Papa in Wellington? An age old argument that can only be answered by experiencing it for yourself. Shake things up and educate yourself at Auckland Museum’s great range of galleries and exhibitions. Bring along a student ID or your driver’s licence with addy attached and you’ll get in for free! Enjoy the Auckland Domain afterwards and lounge around in the sun (there’s always a man and his faithful ice cream truck parked up too - because you deserve that syrupy strawberry milkshake).

Rangitoto Island Cost: $39 return Rangitoto erupted from the sea 600 years ago (a mere baby in volcano years) and now sits proudly as an icon of Auckland’s natural beauty. Take the ferry over and spend a day exploring what is a deceptively relaxed walk to the summit, or around the island coast. Don’t forget your water bottle, sunscreen, and packed lunch! For all your hard work, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf.

Maungakiekie Cost: Free Grab the number 70 bus and head off to Cornwall Park, a huge complex which features Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill. There are plenty of great spots for a picnic, or a photoshoot, with friends, and the now treeless One Tree Hill which makes for a great, short (but steep) stroll with panoramic views of the city.

Lower Queen Street and the Waterfront Cost: As much or as little as you feel This one is a little closer to home because sometimes even a bus trip can seem too much. Takutai Square in Britomart has a great grassy spot with bean bags, not to mention weekly markets that give you access to some of Auckland’s finest small businesses. The Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter are perfect for a drink (make sure you go at happy hour) and delicious gelato. Enjoy salt air, sun, sleep, shopping, whatever you feel you need, without having to leave the heart of this city, because despite everything, Auckland isn’t too bad.


New Tenancy Checklist If you’ve heard anything about renting in New Zealand then you probably already know that it’s no walk in the park. A lot of changes have been made over the years to ensure that tenants are better protected. It’s important that if you’re renting, you’re aware of the rights that you are entitled to. The most recent changes which came into effect can be found in the ‘Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill August 2020’ which may impact you directly as a renter. So consider this as a little guide to ensure that no property managers or landlords get the big slice of the cake.

Do you have a contract? A written contract is an important part of making sure you’re protected, knowing how much you’re paying, and what your rights and responsibilities are. While a spoken agreement may seem easier, it’s strongly not recommended. Written contracts help avoid uncertainty, while also creating liabilities for both parties. Think about it as the ultimate way to safeguard yourself as a renter!

What kind of contract do you have? If you want to have all the protection of a tenant then you need to make sure it’s a Tenancy Contract. A flatmate agreement is not the same as a tenancy agreement. Make sure you’re clear on what you’re signing! Ensure you figure out if you’re in a service, boarding house, or fixed term/periodic tenancy, because they’re all slightly different. If you aren’t on the lease in a big flat, that gives you extra freedom but also less security. If you are on the lease and you want to move out early, be prepared to pay extra money.

What are my responsibilities? As a tenant, you have a few responsibilities that you need to keep on top of. One of these is making sure you pay the rent on time. This also includes things like keeping the property clean and tidy, replacing smoke alarm batteries, and making sure the landlord is aware of any damage or maintenance issues. A full list of rights and responsibilities for tenants and landlords can be found on the Tenancy Services website,


What can I do if I have a problem with my landlord? If you have an existing tenancy agreement with your landlord, there are a few routes to take to resolve a dispute. 1. Discussing the problem directly with your landlord: Intimidating – but it’s usually the

free to come in and see the Advocacy Team if you’re considering a Tenancy Tribunal hearing, as it can be a very draining process and quite difficult to navigate if you’re new in the country.

What do I do if the landlord demands something of me?

recommended first step for resolving disputes. You may also be able to reach an agreement over email or in writing.

If you’re not sure about your rights and responsibilities, you don’t have to take their word for it. Tenancy Services supply the AUTSA advocacy departmentwith a booklet listing all of these rights and responsibilities.

2. FastTrack Resolution: This is more a follow up to

- Do I need a lawyer?

option 1, since it’s a great way to formalise agreements you’ve made with your landlord. You can find out more on the tenancy.govt. website.

The tenancy tribunal doesn’t usually involve lawyers, so you don’t need to break the bank and get legal advice. The information is made available to the public for a very good reason, but Advocacy can help clarify anything you’re unsure about.

3. Mediation: This involves a mediator from Tenancy

Services helping to resolve an issue. This is a really useful option if agreements break down or if you don’t feel able to resolve a problem between yourself and the landlord. Mediation can be over the phone or in person. It costs around $20 to set up. 4. Tenancy Tribunal Hearing: This is the final step

if mediation is unsuccessful. It is run by an adjudicator and is a very evidence-based process. Please feel

- How can Advocacy help?

The Advocacy team isn’t composed of lawyers, and they can’t offer official legal advice. However, they can clarify any questions you have. You’re also able to book an appointment with them if you need assistance with resolving a tenancy dispute. Simply drop Advocacy an email at

Important changes that impact renters In 2020, Parliament passed the ‘Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill August 2020,’ which made a number of changes to the ‘Residential Tenancies Act 1986.’ Here are some of the most important amendments to remember. •

The removal of ‘no cause’ terminations: Landlords will no longer be permitted to evict a tenant with 90 days’ notice without reason. Tenants can now make small changes to the property. And yes, these changes will allow you to hang photos in the property without landlord consent, as well as a number of other tweaks. That’s right, no more “no blue tack or hooks on the wall” as part of your contract.

If your landlord seeks to recover expenses from you, they must first provide an itemised account of the expenses.

If you request the landlord to provide information relating to the healthy home standard, the landlord must, within 21 days after the date of receiving the request, provide the information to the tenant.

Bonds may be no more than 4 weeks’ rent.

Rent can now only be increased once a year. The previous minimum time frame was six months.

Tenant selection can no longer be done via rental bidding.

Landlords must now permit and facilitate installation of fibre connection in certain circumstances.

None of this information should be taken as legal advice - it is guidance based on information from the Tenancy Services website, correct at the time of writing. We encourage you to take an afternoon or two to familiarise yourself with the law.


Don't be shy, use the Library Whether you're a seasoned library user or a complete newbie, the AUT Library is YOUR place to study.

Uni can feel like a big step up from high school. Multiple assignments, academic writing, something called referencing... it’s a lot to juggle. The AUT Library is here to help! The AUT Library is online and at all three campuses. It’s a place for quiet study, a gateway to academic resources, and is staffed by experienced advisors to help direct you. Here’s what you can find at your Library: • • • • •

Guides and videos to help you complete assignments Online writing advice and one-on-one drop-ins Detailed guides with tips for your specific subject A makerspace and craft activities where you can be creative and let loose Regular workshops on topics like understanding your assignments, doing presentations, accurate referencing and more

You can access all of this online through the Library’s website - Don’t forget to follow @aut_library on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news, tips and the odd meme about your Library and AUT campus. Have a question? Ask us through the live Library chat box on the website.


Mental health support

We know being a human on this planet can be difficult, especially when you are going through transitions in life. It’s important to find ways to support yourself, whether that be through social connections, wider university support, or personal coping mechanisms. Sometimes these difficulties can be situational, such as moving cities, changing friend groups, and being away from family. Going off to university is a huge life change. Feelings of loneliness and alienation can arise, and it can be hard to go about your life while managing these challenging emotions. To make things even more complicated, it can be hard to know what the next steps are when life changes are compounded with underlying mental health issues. You may feel the need to reach out for help if you are worried about a specific mental health concern, such as depression or anxiety. In that case, talking to a health professional and getting the necessary referrals can be invaluable. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are never alone in any of this. There are people out there who want to help, and every person experiences difficult emotional states throughout their life. However you may be feeling, find what keeps you hopeful and identify the support you need.

Sometimes, talking it through with a professional and getting actionable solutions can be the key. Counselling and mental health support is available from Student Counselling & Mental Health. To make an appointment, ph 09 921 9292, or call in to SC&MH reception in WB. City Campus: WB 203 North Campus: AX level 1 South Campus: MB 107 A&B Urgent mental health support is also available at the Student Medical Centre. City Campus: WB219 North Campus: AX level 1 South Campus: MB109 Puawaitanga: Counselling and mental health support, ph 0800 782 999. This is available 9am-9pm, 7 days a week. 1737: counselling and mental health support, txt or call 1737, available 24/7. Outline: (Rainbow support): 0800 688 5463 Youthline: 0800 376633 txt 234


Auckland Dating 101 If the weekend is coming up and you have a couple of hot dates on the agenda, or if you are trying to secure that first meet-up, here’s a brief guide on navigating romance, flings, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for the one™ or not, navigating the dating world can be a big and confusing undertaking.

Communicate! If you are new to the city, hopping on a dating app can be an effective way of meeting your new boo (or even making some friends, yes it’s possible!). There is also nothing wrong with the classic meeting someone IRL, just don’t do it at Countdown, or the gym. Trying to slide into the DMs of someone you already know? This is your sign to take two minutes to come up with something better than woah or the fire react. If you aren’t interested in that second date, be straight up! Likewise, if someone tells you they aren’t interested, don’t be that person that makes a big deal out of it. Take it on the chin and move on.

the same intentions as you - have a chat about what they are after to avoid future disappointment and set expectations accordingly.

Reflect Chalk everything up to experience. If you have a bad date, it’s an experience. If it’s not a love connection, that’s okay! Just because your love life isn’t going the way you want it to, that doesn’t mean you aren’t deserving, or capable, of love. We can all admit that dating isn’t easy for most people, and it’s totally normal to have ups and downs. Maybe you realised you aren’t as emotionally available as you previously thought, or maybe you are struggling to move on from the past - call that an opportunity to grow rather than putting yourself down.

It’s also good to be aware that not everyone will have


Have fun! As cliché as don’t forget to have fun is, it’s a cliché for a reason. Waiting for that reply back, picking the right pair of shoes, let’s face it - dating can be nervewracking at the best of times. At the end of the day, don’t forget to keep it playful and have a bit of fun. However your 2022 dating journal ends up looking, you’re still a catch!

Red flags, Green flags Red flag

• •

• • •

Mentioning crypto They refer to their ex as a “psycho” (even if they were a menace, empathy is preferred rather than pathologising. Not to mention bringing up exes tends to be a red flag too.) Asking for your time of birth They call natural wine “natty fresh” They move at a faster pace than you are comfortable with

First date ideas Picnic at the Domain

With those picnic skills you honed over the last lockdown, invite your crush to a dreamy evening at the Domain. Try some mezcal at La Fuente

Want to seem cultured and impress your new date? Sipping on a drink in a cosy and intimate hideaway in Snickel Lane might be the perfect option. Don’t go too hard though, you don’t want your date to see you messy drunk just yet! Grab a coffee at Williams Eatery and walk along the waterfront

Outdoor dates are relaxed and low-stakes, where you can sip on a caramel iced latte and do some people watching, bonding over shared judgements and observations. (Plus you can always just leave if the vibe isn’t it.)

Green flag

Day trip to Waiheke

• •

If you are feeling up for a full on day trip for a first date, then hop on a ferry to Waiheke. There’s plenty of vineyards, or you can just have a swim in the ocean and grab some fish and chips at the shops.

• • •

Sharing their pronouns and asking for yours Extra polite to service people, retail workers, and ride-share drivers They wear cool rings (the chunkier the better) They make the perfect amount of eye contact Good taste in TikToks

Important dates These dates were valid at the time of publication of our guide. Keep an eye out on for any changes throughout the year. Ask your faculty or school if you have questions regarding your course dates. We also recommend going through your courses and jotting down your deadlines in your calendar so you don’t get any nasty surprises down the line!

Semester one 28 February

First day of classes

15 - 29 April

Mid-semester break

7 - 23 June

Study and assessment weeks

23 June

Last day of semester

Semester two 18 July

First day of classes

5 - 16 September

Mid-semester break

25 October 11 November

Study and assessment weeks

11 November

Last day of semester


Services for Students You (maybe) Never Knew Existed Employability lab

Student lockers

Whether you’re just getting started with your degree or at the finish line, check out AUT Employability and Careers who are here to help you develop the skills you need to stand out to employers and smash those career goals. Head over to Employability Lab Online, Elab, their dedicated online platform for seeing what’s on and booking appointments. Sharpen up those interview skills, or even set up a LinkedIn (we all have to do it at some point I’m afraid). The careers team also stays on top of what’s going on in the industry, so you can expect an industry presence too at presentations, career fairs, and more.

Available on the City and South campuses, AUTSA offers lockers where your textbooks can gather dust in peace (and everything else important too!). Visit your local AUTSA office to sign up and save your shoulders.

For more information, check out their Facebook AUT Employability and Careers page or Instagram @autcareers, or head straight to the Elab online!

Security escorts If you ever want an extra layer of safety when walking through campus after hours, you can request a security escort service on 09 921 9997. Available day and night.

City Campus: WC and WG, $40 for the year, $20 for one semester.* South Campus: MC, $20 for the year, $10 for one semester.* *These prices were correct at the time of printing.

Student Hub Financial Assistance If you’re having financial difficulty while studying at AUT, Student Hub might be able to provide financial assistance to support you through your studies. This may include food and transport vouchers, or assistance with outstanding bills. Email to find out more.


Sexual Health and Relationship Wellbeing For those of you who are sexually active it’s important to take active measures in ensuring that you maintain healthy sexual relationships. AUT has a number of resources available to their students to help manage their sexual wellbeing.

Contraception If you’re wanting to learn more about the different types of contraception available in New Zealand, check out the Family Planning website or come and have a chat to the AUT student medical centre team. Appointments are free for domestic students enrolled at the student medical centre. Free condoms are also available on campus at • AUT Student Medical Centre waiting room at WB219, AX100 and MB109 • Rainbow student room in WB212 • AUTSA offices • Health, Counselling and Wellbeing in WB, AX and MB buildings.

AUT Sexual Health Services

If you require more information on any of the following, feel free to also call up the AUT Student Medical Centre. • • • • •

Healthy Relationships Regardless of whether you are in a long-term or casual relationship, you deserve to be treated well and respectfully by your partner. If you do find yourself in an unsafe environment don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Tell a friend or family member. If you need to talk to someone at AUT there are student counselling services available. • • •

All AUT students are able to receive four free sexual health screenings per year.

Maternity care and pregnancy testing Sexual health screening and treatment Contraception information Free condoms HPV vaccine

If you feel unsafe, call 111 and ask for police or call Campus Security on 0800 AUT SAFE. Call or text 1737 for free to speak to a trained counsellor Make an appointment with an AUT counsellor at +64 9 921 9292


Canvas@AUT is here Your go-to place for all course materials

It’s a big year for AUT. We’re launching Canvas as our new Learning Management System. Canvas was chosen after collecting feedback from AUT students and staff to enhance your learning at AUT. This semester, you’ll be the first students to use Canvas. Once you’ve enrolled into your courses for the semester, all your course materials including lecture slides, reference readings, assessment and grades will be in one place, on Canvas.

Your Canvas checklist Head over to and check out your courses. You can do this on your desktop web browser, or get the Canvas student app on your phone! Look up our Canvas@AUT training videos in 101 Canvas Help (it’s on your Canvas Dashboard). If you need more help, chat directly with Canvas – a 24/7 live chat. You’ll find it in Canvas, under Help. Pssst. Once you’re in Canvas, make sure you are in to win an Apple iPad! (from 21 February 2022)

Download the Canvas Student app From the Play Store or App Store, find your school - AUT. Use your AUT login details. Or search for Canvas Student app on the app store!

Canvas Training Video Once you’re on your Canvas Dashboard, there are training videos, FAQS and more in 101 Canvas Help.

Questions about Canvas Try the Canvas Help. It’s available 24/7 and has guides, live chat and a telephone line.

Be in to win an Apple iPad! Just head into Canvas and look for 101 Canvas Help on your Dashboard. Check out the contest and be in to win a brand-new iPad and more. Competition starts 21 February 2022 and ends 4 March 2022.

AUT Security Your safety is of utmost importance to us. AUT security and emergency management are responsible for the security and wellbeing of all students, visitors and staff on a 24/7 basis. Duty security number: +64 9 921 9997 or 0800 AUTSAFE If you have any concerns about your own safety or the safety of others, you can contact the AUT security and emergency team.

Security patrol on campus Security patrol all AUT campuses on a 24/7 basis and can easily be identified by their uniforms, staff ID cards, or their Security Certificate of approval badges. You can approach them at any time if you have any queries or concerns to report.


AUT maps

City campus 55 Wellesley Street East, Auckland 1010

South campus 640 Great South Road, Manukau 2025

North campus 90 Akoranga Drive, Northcote 0627


Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.