Fire Extinguisher Water Halon

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Fire Extinguisher Water

fire extinguisher Water

Fire Extinguisher Water

In the early stage of a fire, Water Halon can effectively suppress the fire source to prevent the fire and cause losses.

Small and lightweight, suitable for use in vehicles, machine rooms, homes, kitchens and electrical boxes.

In the early stage of fire car, quickly extinguish the fire source, super cars, cars, buses, trucks, RVs, camping car, tourist car, kindergarten car, tandem car... the best indispensable tool for the kitchen.

The jetting capacity of 5 meters ensures a safe distance from the fire source.

The jetting is like water, does not produce smoke and dust, does not block the line of sight, does not conduct electricity <36KV/mm, quickly extinguishes fire and is easy to clean.

Water Halon use (97% pure drinking water + 3% S-3-AB fire extinguishing agent) non-toxic, The stainless steel bottle is resistant to high pressure (deformation pressure 8Mpa).

When the water halon fire extinguisher is sprayed, it is in the form of water mist, which instantly evaporates a large amount of heat in the fire field and reduces the temperature.

Suppress heat radiation, surfactants can quickly form a water film on the surface of the burning material to isolate oxygen, reduce the temperature rapidly to achieve the purpose of rapid fire extinguishing.

Water Halon fire extinguisher is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to clean up after extinguishing and the agent can be 100% degraded. Will not pollute the sprayed objects and the surrounding environment. Efficient flame retardant, strong re-ignition resistance, high permeability and fast fire extinguishing speed.

Brand: Water Halon Model: S-3-AB900

fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Water

Fire Extinguisher Water Halon 980 Economic For The Car Auto Fire ExtinguisherStainless Steel Bottle (WA980)

Small enough 980ml to stash in even the most compact cars, the Water Halon 980 Auto Fire Extinguisher is water base fire extinguisher to handle fires common in cars, such as plastic, oil, grease or electrical blazes. Will work on all kinds of fires, trash, wood, and paper, flammable liquids and electrical blazes.

Water Halon 980 is about 13-inches tall, the size of a 1-liter stainless steel bottle and small enough to stash in a trunk, in some larger glove compartments or even under seats. Owners who have had to use it said it put out small automotive fires quickly and easily. It comes with a pressure gauge and a mount engineered to provide additional stability in a car. Note that like many other auto specific fire extinguishers, Water Halon 980 is refillable.

It comes with a four-year warranty.

Brand: Water Halon Model: S-3-AB900

Type: Portable Fire extinguisher type: water fire extinguisher

Radiation mechanism: accumulator type Dimensions: Dia. 85mm x H 330mm x W 85mm

Medicine weight (capacity): 900gm

Total weight: 1.65 kg

Accumulation pressure: 13.7 kgf/cm2

Gas volume for pressurization: Nitrogen

Container material: Stainless steel

Fire extinguishing efficiency value: 2A, 1B, C, F

Over 5 Meters Spray time: more than 10 seconds

Spray distance: 5 meters or more

Safety valve actuation pressure: less than 20kgf/cm2

Operating temperature range: 0 oC ~55oC

Electrical insulation performance: ?36KV/mm

Scope of application: Class A, B, C, and F fires

PFOS , PFOA Not Detected

No Toxin LD50 >5,000mg/kg body weight

fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher filling machine

Automatic Filling Machine

Filling Machine+Auto Weight Filling+Vacuum Pump

Filling machine including air-driven gas filling pump, precision pressure gauge, pressure reducing valve, high pressure electromagnetic valve, electric control part, electronic scale and vacuum pump...etc.

Machine Characteristics:

Filling machine using the compressed air as power source, through the airdriven gas booster and filling pump driving the Novec 1230 or Water filling and conveying, when the transmission weigh reaches a certain value, the sensor signal is transferred to the gas electromagnetic valve then driven air will stop autometically and pump stop to work too. Then connecting the nitrogen gas source open the high pressure nitrogen gas vale, star the nitrogen injection.

When precision pressure gauge shows the needed nitrogen pressure then nitrogen valve closed, filling finished. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weigh, simple operation, reliable performance.

Especially suitable for the filling of Water and Novec 1230 in fire extinguisher industry.

Machine Size: 850x680x1040cm

Auto Weight Size:500x400x512cm
Operating Procedure - Screen Touch 1. Add Rubricating (Antifreeze machanical oil or low condensate hydraulic oil) 2. Compressed air source
3. Setting
Driving Source: air compressor 7-9kgf/cm2 (100-125psi)air pressure Extinguisher Agent: Novec 1230 or Water, Nitrogen Boost Ratioo: 6:1 Max Output: 4.80Mpa Drive Air Inlet Port: Fast Insert 1/2" PP20-SP/PH20-SH Extiguisher Agent/Nitrogen/High Pressure Gas Out Let Port: M14x1.5_M18x1.5-ZG3/8
presure 7-9kgf/cm2 (100-125psi)
degree of vaccum -0.085Mpa_-0.09Mpa
filling extinguisher agent WEIGHT 0.50_10.00KGS Settle filling nitrogen 2.0_3.5Mpa
Open the vacuum pump switch, star to vacuum all the filling bottles.
Vacuumed bottle
extinguisher Agent and Nitrogen, individually. 6. It should need to discharge remained gas and liquide via drain vale, after each filling process, then able go for the next filling process. Note: Filling time is about 6_8 kgs per minute Machine Size: 850x680x1040cm Auto Weight Size:500x400x512cm
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