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Bellerive CC #17

A LOOK BACK... The first professional golf championship held in the area was the 1908 Western Open at Normandie GC. Won by fourtime U.S. Open Champion Willie Anderson, he would serve as golf professional at St. Louis CC in 1909, a year before his untimely death. Also in the field were Robert, Dave and Jim Foulis - designers of Normandie GC and other area courses - plus our airport’s namesake, Albert Lambert. Other national players included Fred McLeod (winner of the 1908 U.S. Open), Laurie Auchterlonie (winner of the 1902 U.S. Open), Stewart Gardner (runner-up at the 1902 U.S. Open) Gil Nichols (runner up at the 1904 and 1907 U.S. Open, and Alex Campbell of the Country Club in Brookline (who taught a young Francis Ouimet to play), along with area professionals Otto Hackbarth (Westwood), David White (Algonquin) and Willie Duffy (Glen Echo). The Western would return five additional times, with the last being played here at Bellerive in 2008.

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UPCOMING EVENTS 2014 USGA EVENTS US OPEN QUALIFYING May 13 Missouri Bluffs GC Entry Deadline: April 23 US WOMEN’S OPEN May 20 Lake Forest CC Entry Deadline: April 30

St. Louis Country Club will play host for the 38th Curtis Cup Match June 6-8, 2014. This marks the first time that the Curtis Cup will be played in the area and in Missouri. St. Louisan Ellen Port, the sixtime USGA champion will Captain the 8-player team. Port is a two-time Curtis Cup player and one of the most decorated women in the history of the USGA. General Chairman Dr. Bill Sedgwick noted that, “The Charles Blair Macdonald course will be an ideal test of golf for the best female amateurs in the world. The St. Louis golfing community is in for a real treat watching these talented ladies compete for the Curtis Cup.”

MAGA EVENTS OLD WARSON CUP MAY 3-4 OLD WARSON CC - INVITATIONAL NORMANDIE AMATEUR May 17-18 Normandie GC Entry Deadline: May 10 EAST SIDE AMATEUR June 14-15 Lockhaven GC Entry Deadline: June 7 See page 9 for full schedule

Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association • 11777 Clayton Rd. • St. Louis, Missouri 63131 314.567.MAGA • Fax: 314.261.9250 •

The Metropolitan

March - April 2014




DIRECTOR, FINANCE Jennifer Langford -

P.J. BOATWRIGHT INTERNS Ian David & Eric Mendelson

METROPOLITAN CHAMPIONSHIPS Amateur Championship Match Play Championship Open Championship Women’s Amateur Championship Junior Amateur Championship Senior Amateur Championship Metropolitan Cup Matches Four-Ball Championship Mid-America Junior Cup

USGA QUALIFYING ROUNDS US Open Qualifying (Local and Sectional) US Senior Open Qualifying US Amateur Qualifying US Mid-Amateur Qualifying US Women’s Mid-Amateur US Junior Amateur Qualifying US Amateur Public Links Qualifying US Senior Amateur Qualifying US Women’s Open Qualifying US Amateur Four-Ball US Women’s Amateur Four-Ball

EXECUTIVE BOARD Stanford S. Grossman – President Emeritus Thomas J. O’Toole, Jr. – Vice-President Thomas O. Sobbe, Jr. – Vice-President M. Ray McCraine – Secretary G. Scott Engelbrecht – Treasurer G.F. (Rick) Meyer, Jr. – At-Large Member H. Mick Wellington – At-Large Member

Hello MAGA Members! I hope everyone enjoyed our inaugural edition of The Metropolitan in February? MAGA was very excited to roll out the first issue and was very happy of the work Jim Healey put in to make this a great eNewsletter for you, our Curt Rohe Executive Director members. I am excited to embark on another very busy tournament season, which starts May 3-4 with The Old Warson Cup at Old Warson Country Club. Sixteen of the best amateurs from the area will compete in the Association’s annual match play championship. It should a great weekend, with our top seed Skip Berkmeyer and 2time defending Amateur Champion Kyle Weldon in the field for the first time. The MAGA Amateur Series kicked off April 14 with a great field teeing it up at WingHaven CC. While the weather was not pleasant that day, we had 54 players brave the elements and kick-off our 5th season of the Amateur Series. I am also happy to introduce my two PJ Boatwright Interns for 2014, Eric Mendelson and Ian Davis. Mendelson is an Evans Scholar at the University of Missouri and Davis is graduating from Mizzou next month with a Psychology degree. They will be valuable assets to the MAGA “team” this summer. Please enjoy this issue of The Metropolitan, we have some great features on the field of The Old Warson Cup; Rules of Golf Corner piece by Fred Kostecki and much more. As always, if you would like to reach out to the newsletter please email us at or me personally at

ADVISORY COMMITTEE Scott Thomas, Chairman Dustin Ashby Tom Barry Skip Berkmeyer Jim Dunn David Rhoads Curt Rohe



The Metropolitan

March - April 2014


CURTIS CUP (Continued) The players selected to represent the United States represents a very talented group of ladies. They are: Kyung Kim, 19, of Chandler, Ariz. (University of Southern California) Alison Lee, 19, of Valencia, Calif. (University of California, Los Angeles) Erynne Lee, 21, of Silverdale, Wash. (University of California, Los Angeles) Ally McDonald, 21, of Fulton, Miss. (Mississippi State University) Annie Park, 18, of Levittown, N.Y. (University of Southern California) Ashlan Ramsey, 18, of Milledgeville, Ga. (Clemson University) Mariah Stackhouse, 19, of Riverdale, Ga. (Stanford University) Emma Talley, 19, of Princeton, Ky. (University of Alabama) The resumes of the players is most impressive: Alison Lee has competed in three U.S. Women’s Open and was runner-up at the 2012 U.S. Girls Junior. Kim won the 2012 U.S. Women’s Public Links title and has also played in three U.S. Women’s Opens. Talley is the reigning U.S. Women’s Amateur champion. Stackhouse, the first African-American to be named to a US Curtis Cup Team, was on the winning Georgia team at the 2012 Women’s State Team Championship. The remaining players all have equally impressive collegiate and amateur credentials. Over the weekend of April 10-12, the team arrived at St. Louis CC for a practice session. In addition to Captain Port, Walker Cup Captain Jim Holtgrieve was on hand to share his thoughts about the Walker Cup and what the experience meant to his players as they captured the Cup in September 2013 at the National Golf Links on Long Island. On Saturday, the players had a “mini-match” against area players to liven the experience and add a bit of competition to their practice sessions. The players will finish their collegiate seasons over the next month before focusing their attention to the Curtis Cup Match June 6-8. The Ladies Golf Union (LGU), which selects the team that will represent Great Britain and Ireland, is scheduled to make their picks in early May. Tickets and parking for the Match are free of charge. Please visit for additional details.

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RULES OF GOLF CORNER Rule 18- Ball At Rest Moved

It is not uncommon for a player’s ball in play and at rest to be moved. Rule 18 requires a ball in play and at rest to be replaced if it has been moved. However, it is important to note that the word “replaced” doesn’t always mean that it is “placed”. In the simplest of situations, the ball is merely placed on the spot from which it was moved. In other situations, replaced may mean to “drop” a ball and yet in others, it may mean to “re-create” a lie and place the ball. It could also mean to estimate the spot and place the ball on that spot. Finally, there are situations when a ball at rest has moved and the ball is played as it lies.

Note 2 to the Penalty Section of Rule 18 refers the player to Rule 20-3b if the original lie of a ball to be placed or replaced has been altered. Note 3 to the Penalty Section of Rule 18 refers the player to Rule 203c if it is impossible to determine the spot on which a ball is to be placed or replaced. There is an interrelationship between Rules 20-3b and 20-3c that also must be considered.

My recommendation to a player, if he is unsure of the proper procedure in this situation, is to ask for help from a Rules referee as this can be a complicated situation. Remember, the penalty for playing from a wrong place is loss of hole in Match Play and a 2 stroke penalty in Stroke Play. Contributed by Fred Kostecki MAGA Rules Committee. The Rules of Golf Corner will feature a member of our Rules Committee.


THE GROOVE RULE... A PERSPECTIVE ON THE RULE FROM A CLUB PRO... expected. Rather than change their clubs, Ping sued the PGA and the USGA. After a threeyear legal battle, finally, in 1993, they reached a compromise and the I2’s were grandfathered in. Fast forward to 2006. The USGA published a technical report that stated square grooves provide an unfair advantage due to the increased control out of the rough, lessening the importance on driving accuracy. This time, all the Tours agreed, setting 2010 as the date for players to conform. No lawsuits this time around. Everyone began to fall in line.

In 2006, at the Farmer’s Insurance Open in San Diego, Phil Mickelson, who normally played Callaway clubs at the time, put a Ping I2 square-grooved wedge in his bag. Scott McCarron basically accused Mickelson of cheating by doing that! Since the Ping I2’s were grandfathered in under the old rule players were, as John Daly said, “buying them off ebay!” Robert Allenby said later, “Cheating is not the right word to use, but it’s definitely an advantage.” That was in 2006. In 2010, the USGA adopted a new rule on grooves and the Tours went along with it. So, what does all this mean for club players? The 2010 USGA rule regarding groove requirements essentially said that the “volume of a groove” and the “sharpness of the groove edge” for clubs with lofts greater than or equal to 25 degrees will change to conform to the new groove rule. Huh?? How many players knew that the old grooves had sharp edges? What about the volume of the groove? What the heck does that have to do with spin? If you recall way back in the 1980s, the USGA tried to outlaw square grooves. Ping produced the Eye 2 with square grooves - and when the USGA reviewed these in 1984 they said that they “did not conform.” Something about how the grooves were measured. Meanwhile, the PGA banned these grooves on Tour beginning in 1990. Ping reacted in a way few

While the new rule impacts “U”-shaped grooves, it does not outlaw these; it only defines how any “U”shaped grooves must conform to the new specifications for spacing and edge radius. This is a lot of technical-speak for the average club player whose only concern is getting their ball out of the rough and onto the green. Essentially, the square or U-grooves benefited better players by enabling them to put a lot more spin on the ball - especially out of the rough - because of the sharp, deep grooves. The impact of this was that being in the rough wasn’t all that penal for better players! By widening the spaces between grooves with square grooved clubs, they channel less grass and moisture away than before, making them perform more like the “V” groove clubs. In adopting the new rule, the USGA is essentially going back to the old “V” groove design; however, they were not making “U” grooves illegal, just defining that they must be smaller and not as sharp at the edges. The USGA is downplaying the impact of this on the average golfer, stating that if you could spin a ball from the fairway, you will still be able to do so. It’s just from the rough where you won’t get as much spin.

The Metropolitan

March - April 2014 4

However, golf is all about equity. That’s the purpose for handicaps, that is a key point when evaluating most rules of golf and it should be a key point in this discusssion. Just because some players with 5-year-old clubs have worn grooves does not mean all players with 5-year-old clubs do. How do we determine that one player does not have an unfair advantage over another in a club event or championship? Certainly there is less money on the line, but just as much pride as any championship for the players.

Each of the major tours; the PGA of America, the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, Nationwide Tour, European PGA Tour, LPGA and Augusta National, adopted this as a condition of play in 2010. However, beginning in 2014, the USGA will implement the rule for all USGA events; the U.S. Open, U.S. Women’s Open, the U.S. Senior Open and ALL USGA amateur championships. They have left the implemention of the rule up to local state and regional associations - along with clubs - as to when to adopt this for their events, while recommending that the rule be adopted for play in 2014 for “elite” championships. The major impact on most club players is that it will not be until 2024 before the USGA will rule finally that in order for a player to post a score for handicap purposes, you must be playing with conforming clubs. This gives you ten years to ante up and buy new irons! However, how clubs address this for their championships before 2024 seems to be open to interpretation. My recommendation would be to begin the process with their Club Championship then move down to All Men’s, Junior, Women’s and Couples Events. There are million’s of irons and wedges that will be taken out of play over this time, but it is the right thing to do for the good of the game for all players.

It’s my belief that clubs should adopt the groove rule for players competing for club championships. While the USGA implies that the rule is applicable primarily to wedges, for many players hitting 5-9-irons from the rough, the benefit is also significant, and we know that more club players play from the rough on average than from the middle of the fairway. Before I am accused of just trying to sell more clubs, I’d like to state that one of the primary missions of a club professional is to aid players in improving their game while passing on the message of the etiquette of the game as well as helping them follow the rules of golf during play. Ryan Johnson, Head Professional Sunset Country Club

If we look at the 25 degree rule, this applies to basically every club from a 4-iron through your wedge. However, since most players hit shots around the green with wedges - with varying lofts - it will be your wedges that will become the main focus. Now I have heard the position that if you have clubs that are 4-5 years old and play a fair amount of golf, the grooves on them are fairly worn and are not really providing much of an advantage. I understand this and it does have some merit.

Click HERE to to to the USGA website to learn more about the Groove Rule and see if you are playing with conforming clubs.

The Metropolitan

March - April 2014 5

PLAYER BENEFITS OF JOINING THE MAGA... Are you taking advantage of all the benefits of your MAGA Membership? Or are you currently NOT a member? See what you are missing below….JOIN NOW! Start enjoying all the benefits of membership in the midwest’s largest and most active golf association. Benefits of MAGA membership include: 1. A free subscription to MAGA eNewsletter 2. A USGA GHIN Handicap Index through the MAGA 3. Your Handicap Index update, along with the MAGA e-Revision bi-monthly year round 4. Compete in MAGA Championships 5. Ability to play in the MAGA Amateur Series – one-day golf events for golfers of all abilities and ages 6. Attend educational seminars on Handicapping, the Rules of Golf and much more 7. Download My MAGA, the official app of the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association 8. Become a Fan of the MAGA on Facebook or join us on Twitter

2014 PJ BOATWRIGHT INTERNS Through the USGA’s PJ Boatwright Internship Program, MAGA is afforded the opportunity to hire two interns each season. This program was developed to assist the State and Regional Golf Associations and expose young men and women to the administration side of the game. MAGA’s own Curt Rohe was a Boatwright intern in 1998. We are fortunate and excited to introduce our two interns for 2014, Ian Davis and Eric Mendelson. Davis will be graduating from University of Missouri next month with a degree in Psychology. He is a resident of Ballwin, MO and a member at Persimmon Woods Golf Club. Davis was a 4-year lettermen in golf in high school and has participated in Gateway PGA Junior and St. Louis District Golf Association events in the past.

Eric Mendelson

Mendelson, also a Mizzou student, is completing his junior year. He is an Evans Scholar which he received from caddying at Westwood Country Club. A resident of Wildwood, MO, Mendelson is an Eagle Scout. This will mark the 4th consecutive year MAGA has had an Evans Scholar for an intern. Ian Davis

The Metropolitan

March - April 2014 6

2014 “THE OLD WARSON CUP” Defending Champion: Garrett Sneed

Round of 16 - May 3 (1) Skip Berkmeyer Aberdeen Golf Course


(16) Sam Migdal Aberdeen Golf Course

7:00 am

(8) Andy Frost Bellerive Country Club


(4) Joe Migdal Aberdeen Golf Course


(13) Bob Hanneken Aberdeen Golf Course

7:20 am

(5) Alex Cusumano Metropolitan Golf Club


(12) Michael Wootten Whitmoor Country Club

7:30 am

(2) Kyle Weldon Metropolitan Golf Club


(15) Corey Choate Wolf Hollow Golf Club

7:40 am

(7) Steven Souchek Gateway National Golf Links


(10) Ted Moloney Greenbriar Hills Country Club

7:50 am

(3) Phil Caravia Norwood Hills Country Club


(14) Brian Lovett Bellerive Country Club

8:00 am

(6) Garrett Sneed Country Club of St Albans


(11) Jeff Johnson Bogey Hills Country Club

8:10 am

(9) Buddy Allen Joachim Golf Club

7:10 am

Quarterfinal Matches - May 3 - 12:00 pm, 12:10 pm, 12:20 pm, 12:30 pm Semifinal Matches - May 4 - 7:00 am, 7:10 am Final Match - May 4 - 12:00 pm

NEXT MAGA EVENT... Normandie Amateur - May 17-18 Normandie GC Entry Deadline - May 10 Defending Champion: Skip Berkmeyer

The Metropolitan

March - April 2014 7

March - April 2014

The Metropolitan

AMATEUR SERIES EVENT #1 Same conditions, different year…that was the sentiment at WingHaven CC April 14 for the first Amateur Series Event of 2014! The 2013 Series kicked off at Far Oaks under deplorable conditions with wind, sleet, snow and rain making the day less than desirable. Well, this year’s kickoff was not much better. While the day started OK, it continually got worse as the day went on. Nonetheless, 54 players teed it up at the wonderful WingHaven CC. This was one of our largest fields ever, a great sign for the season to come. Golfers in four (4) Divisions would have the opportunity to play one of the areas top courses to kick off the Amateur Series season. The Net Open Division lead things off, with Clyde Richardson (Metropolitan GC) hitting the first tee shot of 2014. A Division that has primarily seen the least participation, had 12 players at WingHaven. Jason Mueller (Metropolitan GC) would take the top spot with a Net score of 74 with Mark Moreland (The Falls GC) coming in 2nd at 79. The Senior Scratchers would follow the Net Open Division. Seniors for the Amateur Series is the 50+ year old crowd. Under really tough conditions, William Wunderlich (Aberdeen GC) would take the top spot in a scorecard playoff with Cal Neeman, Jr. (Annbriar GC). They each shot 86 on the day. Wunderlich had a 42 to Neeman’s 44 on the back 9 for the playoff win. The Division that always get the most participation, Scratch Open had 14 players start the day. Playing about 6800 yards at WingHaven, Greg Mazdra (Metropolitan GC) had a great round with a 78, and was the only Scratch Open golfer to break 80. Kevin Jeske (Metropolitan GC) was 3-shots back of Mazdra with an 81. Finally, the Senior Net Division brought up the back of the pack. In the largest field, 17 players, Don Humphrey (Ruth Park GC) would fire a 1-over par Net 73 on the day. Again, this group saw the worst conditions for most of their round, thus a great round by Humphrey. Jim Garrett (Metropolitan GC) would wind up 1-shot back with a 74. For all of the results from WingHaven, visit Amateur Series Event #1 Scoreboard. Thank you to WingHaven CC for the opportunity for the Amateur Series to visit your club, the players were very appreciative. The 2nd event will take place May 9 at Sunset Hills Country Club, always a favorite of the Amateur Series!



Arriving at Bellerive in 1965, Gary Player fully expected to win: he felt that way every time he tees it up. However, he also believed that although he had three legs of the professional Grand Slam to his credit (1959 British Open, 1961 Masters, 1962 PGA) that Jack Nicklaus, who at the time had won two Masters, a U.S. Open and a PGA, would be the next to join Gene Sarazen and Ben Hogan in that Club! However, while Nicklaus struggled at Bellerive, Player felt a calmness unlike he had before. During the week, he went to church each morning, and each night, with a bit of superstition, did not change his black shirt, but instead, washed and ironed the same one after the days round. While the “Black Knight” would be born that week, to Player it was Kel Nagle’s shot on the fifth hole during the playoff, which hit a female specatator, that rattled him for several holes, enabling Player to outplay him and win the Open. After his victory, he donated most of his prize money to the USGA and gave his caddy a tidy sum, leaving him with none of the $26,000 prize money. During an interview with this writer in 2000 at the Boone Valley Classic, Player was asked if he had returned to Bellerive. He said that he had not. However, on his way to the airport, he stopped by Bellerive and met with the staff, touring the clubhouse and locker room, where his shirt and scorecard are proudly displayed. He would next return to compete in 2004 at the U.S. Senior Open.

March - April 2014

The Metropolitan



Old Warson Cup



May 3-4


Normandie Amateur

May 17-18

May 10

Normandie Golf Club

East Side Amateur

June 14-15

June 7

Lockhaven Golf Club

Women's Amateur Championship

June 24-25

June 11

Forest Hills Country Club

Open Championship

July 10-12

June 25

Country Club of St. Albans

Junior Amateur Championship

July 21-22

July 9

Normandie Golf Club

July 31 -August 1

July 2

Westwood Country Club

August 14-15

July 30

Greenbriar Hills Country Club

September 28-29

September 10

Franklin County Country Club

Amateur Championship Senior Amateur Championship Four-Ball Championship

Old Warson Country Club




US Open (Local)

May 13

April 23

Missouri Bluffs Golf Club

US Women's Open (36 Holes)

May 20

April 30

Lake Forest Golf & CC

US Women's Amateur Publinks

May 28

May 14

Annbriar Golf Club

June 9-10

May 28

Aberdeen Golf Club

US Senior Open

June 16

May 28

Country Club at The Legends

US Junior Girls' Amateur

June 25

June 4

Bogey Hills Country Club

July 1

June 4

Old Hickory Country Club

July 14

June 25

Jefferson City Country Club

US Mid-Amateur

August 5

July 9

Annbriar Golf Club

US Women’s Mid-Amateur

August 5

July 9

Annbriar Golf Club

US Senior Women's Amateur

August 20

August 6

WingHaven Country Club

US Senior Amateur

August 21


Glen Echo Country Club

US Amateur Four-Ball

Ocotber 6

August 6

Bellerive Country Club

September 23

August 6

St. Clair Country Club

US Amateur Public Links

US Junior Amateur (36 Holes) US Amateur

US Women’s Amateur Four-Ball


Go to to apply on-line or to download an application for an event.


March - April 2014

The Metropolitan

MAY 2014 SUN APR 27

MON 28

TUE 29

WED 30

THU May 1


US Women’s Open Entry Deadline





Old Warson Cup



Old Warson Cup



10 Normandie Amateur Entry Deadline



Normandie Amateur





US Open Qualifying

US Women’s APL Entry Deadline















Normandie Amateur

US Women’s Open



US Women’s APL Senior Open Entry Deadline APL Deadline

MAGA Events in RED | USGA Events in BLUE

JUNE 2014 SUN 1



WED 4 US Junior Girls & Boys Deadline


SAT 7 East Side Entry Deadline




US APL Qualifying

US APL Qualifying

Women’s Amateur Entry Deadline








East Side Amateur

Senior Open Qualifying




25 Junior Girls




Women’s Amateur

Women’s Amateur US Amateur Deadline

July 1








US Junior Amateur



14 East Side Amateur

March - April 2014

The Metropolitan

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Vol. 1 No. 2

Bellerive CC #17

Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association • 11777 Clayton Rd. • St. Louis, Missouri 63131 314.567.MAGA • Fax: 314.261.9250 •




Curtis Cup Match

June 6-8 St. Louis Country Club

Admission and parking are free. Opening Ceremonies commence at 6:00 pm on ursday, June 5. visit for details.

March - April 2014

The Metropolitan

Record Book METROPOLITAN INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (TAYLOR CUP / METROPOLITAN CUP / OLD WARSON CUP) Event Taylor Cup Taylor Cup Taylor Cup Taylor Cup Taylor Cup Taylor Cup Taylor Cup Metro Cup Metro Cup Metro Cup Metro Cup Metro Cup Metro Cup Metro Cup Metro Cup Metro Cup Metro Cup Metro Cup

Year 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Winner Don Bliss Jim Holtgrieve Jim Holtgrieve Tim Riley Don Bliss Skip Berkmeyer Skip Berkmeyer David Estes Don Bliss Shawn Jasper John Kelly Skip Berkmeyer Skip Berkmeyer Skip Berkmeyer Scott Langley Justin Bryant Justin Bryant Garrett Sneed

Club St. Albans Westborough Westborough St. Clair St. Albans Norwood Hills Norwood Hills Norwood Hills Norwood Hills Boone Valley Norwood Hills Norwood Hills Norwood Hills Norwood Hills Ballwin Bellerive Bellerive CC of St. Albans

Runner-Up Club Derre Owsley Scott Thomas Norwood Hills Don Bliss St. Albans Roger Null Boone Valley Brian Kennedy Norwood Hills Don Bliss St. Albans David Estes Norwood Hills Andy Frost Bellerive Skip Berkmeyer Norwood Hills Don Bliss Norwood Hills Chris Nagel Meadowbrook Justin Bardgett Meadowbrook Brian Kennedy Persimmon Woods Tom Barry Normandie GC Skip Berkmeyer Gateway National Skip Berkmeyer Gateway National Skip Berkmeyer Aberdeen Thomas Wuennenberg Tapawingo

Site Boone Valley Boone Valley Boone Valley Boone Valley Boone Valley Boone Valley Boone Valley Old Warson Old Warson Old Warson Old Warson Old Warson Old Warson Old Warson Old Warson Old Warson Old Warson Old Warson

Score 1up 3&2 1up 1up 1up (19) 2&1 1up (21) 3&2 2&1 1up 1up 1up(21) 4&2 5&4 1up 3&2 5&3 5&4

NORMANDIE AMATEUR YEAR 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 + 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996

WINNER Tom Barry Tom Barry Scott Thomas Don Bliss David Estes * Jeff Johnson John Kueper * Steve Irwin Bill Bahn Scott Thomas * Don Bliss

CLUB Normandie Normandie Norwood Hills Norwood Hills Norwood Hills Bogey Hills Carlyle GC Old Warson Southmoor Norwood Hills Norwood Hills

TOTAL 212 210 212 212 108 137 139 143 145 141 144

RUNNER-UP Dennis Moore Craig Schnurbusch Dee Sanders John Utley Chris Gum Craig Hardcastle Scott Thomas David Lucks Dan Barry Bill Bahn Craig Schnurbusch Bobby Godwin Craig Schnurbusch Terry Tessary / Clay Smith Skip Berkmeyer David Estes Tom Barry

1997 Scott Thomas # Norwood Hills 140 1998 David Estes Norwood Hills 142 1999 Scott Fann Gateway National 139 2000 Tom Barry Normandie 138 2001 Skip Berkmeyer Norwood Hills 137 2002 NOT HELD 2003 Justin Bliss Norwood Hills 142 Skip Berkmeyer 2004 David Lucks Gateway National 139 Skip Berkmeyer 2005 Phil Caravia Gateway National 137 Skip Berkmeyer 2006 Skip Berkmeyer * Norwood Hills 141 Darren Lundgren 2007 Buddy Allen Fox Run 139 Skip Berkmeyer 2008 Darren Lundgren Norwood Hills 141 Skip Berkmeyer / Brian Kennedy 2009 Ted Moloney Fox Run 146 Skip Berkmeyer 2010 Skip Berkmeyer Gateway National 136 Jim Holtgrieve 2011 Skip Berkmeyer Gateway National 144 Patrick Riordan 2012 Andy Frost Bellerive 135 Skip Berk,eyer 2013 Skip Berkmeyer * Aberdeen GC 141 Buddy Allen / Phil Caravia * - won playoff; # - won 7 hole playoff; + - tournament shortened to 27 holes


TOTAL 217 213 215 217 108 138 139 145 146 141 143 143 140 143 141 141 141

DATE Sept 14 Spet 13 Sept 18 May 21 May 20 May 19 May 17 May 16 May 22 May 21 May 19

141 140 141 141 142 147 142 145 138 141

May 23 May 24 May 22 May 20 May 18 May 17 May 23 May 24 May 20 May 19

May 23 May 17 May 23 May 21 May 20

Date 5/11/96 5/10/97 5/9/98 5/8/99 5/13/00 4/21/01 5/4/02 5/31/03 6/16/04 5/8/05 5/7/06 6/10/07 5/4/08 5/31/09 5/14/10 5/15/11 5/6/12 5/5/13

March - April 2014

The Metropolitan

POINTS STANDINGS 2013 AMATEUR PLAYER OF THE YEAR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 T16 T16 18 19 T20 T20 22 23 24 T25

Berkmeyer, Skip Weldon, Kyle Caravia, Phil Migdal, Joe Cusumano, Alex Sneed, Garrett Souchek, Steven Jones, Teddy Frost, Andy Allen, Buddy Moloney, Ted Johnson, Jeff Wootten, Michael Bohme, Bryan Hanneken, Bob Lovett, Brian Choate, Corey Migdal, Sam Moritz, Cy Pearl, Austin Timpone, Joe Britt, Patrick Wrozier, Justin Riordan, Patrick Bulejski, Tanner

Aberdeen Golf Course Metropolitan Golf Club Norwood Hills Country Club Aberdeen Golf Course Metropolitan Golf Club Country Club of St Albans Gateway National Golf Links Metropolitan Golf Club Bellerive Country Club Joachim Golf Club Greenbriar Hills Country Club Bogey Hills Country Club Whitmoor Country Club Norwood Hills Country Club Persimmon Woods Golf Club Bellerive Country Club Wolf Hollow Golf Club Aberdeen Golf Course Franklin County Country Club Persimmon Woods Golf Club Persimmon Woods Golf Club Norwood Hills Country Club Old Hickory Golf Club Persimmon Woods Golf Club Metropolitan Golf Club

2100.00 1700.00 1117.50 1005.83 995.00 875.00 710.00 648.00 605.00 587.50 570.00 550.00 535.00 485.00 465.00 462.50 462.50 439.00 425.00 400.00 400.00 379.00 375.00 360.00 350.00

2013 SENIOR PLAYER OF THE YEAR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 T16 T16 T16 19 20 T21 T21 23 24 25

Johnson, Jeff Frost, Andy Gardiner, Mark Dunn, Jim Edwards, Scott Timpone, Joe Barry, Tom Trittler, Robert Boyd, Tim Whitaker, Michael Speicher, David Eisenbeis, Jack Missavage, Richard Teagarden, Dirk Boggs, Dale Jankowski, Ray Kootman, Michael Millman, Jim Waitulavich, Jerry Bliss, Don Jarrett, Rich Landry, Mike Pohl, Gary Kennedy, Brian Meeh, Robert

Bogey Hills Country Club Bellerive Country Club Cardinal Creek Golf Course Sunset Hills Country Club Persimmon Woods Golf Club Persimmon Woods Golf Club Normandie Golf Club Persimmon Woods Golf Club Aberdeen Golf Course The Falls Golf Club Cardinal Creek Golf Course St Louis Country Club Persimmon Woods Golf Club Persimmon Woods Golf Club Bogey Hills Country Club Metropolitan Golf Club Meadowbrook Country Club Quincy Country Club Forest Park Golf Course Boone Valley Golf Club Gateway National Golf Links Tapawingo National Golf Club Tapawingo National Golf Club Metropolitan Golf Club Persimmon Woods Golf Club 14

1512.00 1285.00 855.00 775.00 770.00 680.00 429.50 412.50 355.00 327.50 282.50 275.00 262.50 225.00 220.00 196.67 196.67 196.67 180.00 150.00 147.50 147.50 135.00 125.00 115.00

March - April 2014

The Metropolitan

2013 AMATEUR SERIES - SCRATCH OPEN 1 2 3 4 5 T6 T6 8 9 10 11 12 13

Allen, Buddy Sinak, Tom Sinak, Bret Collins, Chris Holdridge, Scott Ritter, Keith Jeske, Kevin Aguayo, L A Munos, Ryan Frillman, Adam Berra, Ryan Lohrding, Mark Hanewinkel, Jeff

Joachim Fox Run Persimmon Woods Tapawingo National Norwood Hills Glen Echo Aberdeen Pevely Farms Metropolitan Aberdeen Metropolitan Stonewolf Metropolitan

505.00 297.50 232.50 205.00 150.00 145.00 145.00 142.50 110.00 105.00 90.00 80.00 75.00

14 15 16 T17 T17 T19 T19 21 T22 T22 24 25

Gomes, Frank Weingart, Lew Falcone, Salvatore Maloney, Angus Stojanovic, Aleks Jeppesen, Ryan Keeley, Conor Powell, David Staudt, Luke Poitra Jr, Conrad Reid, Patrick Pirtle, William

Metropolitan The GC of Wentzville Old Hickory Quarry at Crystal Springs Tapawingo National Old Hickory St. Clair Metropolitan Metropolitan Cardinal Creek Metropolitan Metropolitan

72.50 70.00 67.50 62.50 62.50 45.00 45.00 42.50 32.50 32.50 27.50 20.00

430.00 315.00 270.00 220.00 160.00 160.00 120.00 105.00

9 T10 T10 T10 T13 T13 15

370.00 330.00 273.33 232.50 198.75 187.50 160.00 152.50 146.25 132.50 127.50

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 T21 T21

Wysong, Robert Leonberger, Tim McVey, Patrick Wunderlich, William Ortmann, Tom Graven, Michael Barker, Timothy Gibbs, Randy Smith, Gordon Berkeley, John Spencer, Hank

Persimmon Woods Stonewolf Crescent Farms Aberdeen Metropolitan Fox Run Emerald Greens Metropolitan Metropolitan Metropolitan Sunset Hills

121.25 110.00 92.50 85.00 60.00 43.75 28.33 20.00 18.33 5.00 5.00

249.17 246.67 215.00 212.50 210.00 203.33 200.00 170.00 137.50 122.50 110.00 100.00

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Hollenbeck, Russell Shirley, William (Bill) Scoles, Michael Weber, Harry Berkeley, John Williams, Doug Constance, Richard Edmonston, King Standlee, Norman Garrett, Jim Polillo, Ronald

Metropolitan Metropolitan Metropolitan Missouri Bluffs Metropolitan Metropolitan Gateway National Franklin County Sunset Hills Metropolitan Cardinal Creek

99.17 98.33 97.50 92.50 90.83 77.50 55.00 50.00 35.00 22.50 20.00

2013 AMATEUR SERIES - NET OPEN 1 2 3 4 T5 T5 7 8

Santee, Drew Leslie, Dwayne Quesenberry, Michael Glore, Bradley Mahoney, Cory Smith, Paul Buterbaugh, Joseph Davis, John

Sunset Hills Metropolitan Lake Forest Metropolitan Paradise Valley Paradise Valley Emerald Greens The Falls

Sisler, Chris Harder, Richard Seibel, Nathan Senn, Chris Hendrick, Tyler Wooten, Bobby Macaraeg, Ely

Paradise Valley Berry Hill Metropolitan Old Hickory Metropolitan St. Francois Metropolitan

75.00 55.00 55.00 55.00 40.00 40.00 25.00

2013 AMATEUR SERIES - SENIOR SCRATCH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Ross, Pat Fitzgerald, Schooner Ngala, Donny Landry, Mike Neeman Jr, Cal Wohlford, Jeff Fletcher, Brent Lewis, Butch Rauvola, Gary Garrett, Brad Beckman, Michael

The Orchards Metropolitan Cardinal Creek Tapawingo National Annbriar Sunset Hills Lake Forest Metropolitan Metropolitan The GC of Wentzville Metropolitan

2013 AMATEUR SERIES - SENIOR NET 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bruno, Richards Slantz, Bill Laramie, Larry Humphrey, Don Epps, John Schneider, Vince Weissflug, Dr. Ken Zonca, Steve Keck, Dan Banks, Larry Son, Sangwon Hefner, Leo

Metropolitan Metropolitan The Falls MVGCSA GC GC of Florissant Old Hickory Aberdeen The Landings at Spirit Wolf Hollow Aberdeen Metropolitan Mystic Oak


March - April 2014

The Metropolitan

AMATEUR SERIES 2013 SERIES RESULTS EVENT #1 Scratch Open Tim Sinak Jeff Hanewinkel L.A. Aguayo Buddy Allen Net Open Dwayne Leslie Drew Santee Michael Quesenberry Senior Scratch Butch Lewis Brent Fletcher Robert Wysong Senior Net Dr. Kenneth Weissflug Vince Schneider John Epps

EVENT #3 Scratch Open Buddy Allen Scott Holdridge Bret Sinak Net Open Drew Santee Tyler Hendrick Bobby Wooten Senior Scratch Pat Ross Jeff Wohlford Donny Ngala Senior Net Larry Laramie Vince Schneider Steve Zonca



Fox Run GC Metropolitan GC Pevely Farms Joachim Metropolitan GC Sunset Hills CC Lake Forest Metropolitan GC Lake Forest Persimmon Woods Aberdeen Old Hickory GC of Florissant


EVENT #2 Scratch Open Buddy Allen Bret Sinak Mark Lohrding Net Open Drew Santee Bradley Glore John Davis Senior Scratch Brad Garrett Pat Ross Brent Fletcher Senior Net John Epps Larry Laramie Don Humphrey

78 83 84 84 82 82 91 76 78 79 86 86 88


Joachim GC Norwood Hills Persimmon Woods

71 73 73

Sunset Hills Metropolitan St. Francois

74 77 77

The Orchards Sunset Hills Cardinal Creek

72 74 74

The Falls Old Hickory Landings at Spirit

83 83 84

EVENT #4 Scratch Open Buddy Allen Kevin Jeke Chris Collins Tom Sinak Net Open Drew Santee Bradley Glore Michael Quesenberry Senior Scratch Donny Ngala Mike Landry Jeff Wohlford Senior Net Michael Scoles Dr. Kenneth Weissflug Dan Keck



MAY 24

Joachim GC Persimmon Woods Stonewolf

75 79 83

Sunset Hills Metropolitan GC Falls GC

73 79 93

GC of Wentzville The Orchards Lake Forest

76 80 81

GC of Florissant The Falls MVGCSA

84 85 86



Joachim Aberdeen Tapawingo Fox Run

71 72 74 74

Sunset Hills Metropolitan Lake Forest

78 82 83

Cardinal Creek Tapawingo Sunset Hills

74 75 75

Metropolitan Aberdeen Wolf Hollow

81 81 81

March - April 2014

The Metropolitan

EVENT #5 Scratch Open Keith Ritter Bret Sinak Chris Collins Tom Sinak Net Open Dwayne Leslie Michael Quesenberry Cory Mahoney Senior Scratch Schooner Fitzgerald Mike Landry Pat Ross Cal Neeman Jr. Senior Net Sangwon Son John Epps Harry Weber

CHAMPIONSHIP Scratch Open Buddy Allen Kevin Jeske Aleks Stojanovic Net Open Cory Mahoney Drew Santee Michael Quesenberry



Glen Echo Persimmon Woods Tapawingo Fox Run Metropolitan Lake Forest Paradise Valley

76 78 78 78 85 87 90

Metropolitan Tapawingo The Orchards Annbriar

75 77 78 78

Metropolitan GC of Florissant Missouri Bluffs

82 84 89


EVENT #6 Scratch Open Buddy Allen Scott Holdridge Ryan Berra Net Open Drew Santee Cory Mahoney Michael Quesenberry Senior Scratch Mike Landry Cal Neeman Jr. Pat Ross Senior Net Dr. Kenneth Weissflug Larry Banks Don Humphrey

MISSOURI BLUFFS SEPT. 16 Joachim GC Norwood Hills Metropoitan

75 76 79

Sunset Hills Paradise Valley Lake Forest

78 80 81

Tapawingo Annbriar The Orchards

78 78 80

Aberdeen Aberdeen MVGCSA

79 81 83

Cardinal Creek Tapawingo The Orchards

144 149 149

Aberdeen GC of Florissant MVGCSA

157 159 165

OCT. 5 & 6

Joachim Aberdeen Tapawingo

146 150 154

Paradise Valley Sunset Hills Lake Forest

153 157 164

Senior Scratch Donny Ngala Mike Landry Pat Ross Senior Net Dr. Kenneth Weissflug John Epps Don Humphrey





Event #1

Monday, April 14

Monday, April 7

WingHaven Country Club

Event #2

Friday, May 9

Friday, May 2

Sunset Hills Country Club (Ill.)

Event #3

Monday, June 2

Monday, May 26

Crescent Farms Golf Club

Event #4

Friday, July 18

Friday, July 11

The Falls Golf Club

Event #5

Tuesday, August 12

Tuesday, August 5

Tapawingo National Golf Club

Event #6

Monday, September 15

Monday, September 8

Far Oaks Golf Club


Sat-Sun, October 4 - 5


Aberdeen Golf Club


MAGA Newsletter - April 2014  

Metropolitan Amateur April 2014 Newsletter