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5 day team building Contents • • • • • •

Tour Culture Induction – pre check Tour Itinerary 5 to 29 Tour map - 9 Feedback

updated: 2010-01-29

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 The "P.A" service is designed for the Busy traveler on a short visit. PA’s are NOT guides, they are local people to ensure your experience a seamless visit. We will expose you to adventure, if you ask. Thai Lucky Colours The title colour on the Itinerary pages is the Thai lucky colour of that day •

wear the colour if you can

see more at HU


Tour culture:

Page 2 of 29 Reward for achievement!

Team Building, "Sharpen the Saw", lifestyles, kinship and hospitality Rejuvenation that "Thailand does like no other". “There can be but only one"

Our secret ingredient: "Laeh kha suan dtua" = "P.A." Our authentic local Thai team of P.A.'s (Personal Assistants) are avail 24/7 to ensure a seamless and dynamic experience. "after 4 days I thought I had been here for 2 weeks" Results L.I.F.E. (Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency), without "Flexibility" it's a L.I.E.

Tour Group OBJECTIVE: Reward for Achievement • pre agreed objectives are tabled in the pre tour checklist • ETB are instructed to infuse work objectives and amazing genuine hospitality culture that is “Thailand” – everyone has an opportunity to achieve! Tour Group: Thai Culture To understand Thai is to understand Buddhism: - look for the message “something special” at The Induction page offers a link to general and travel info Thailand! Remember, as Execs you will know the value of a P.A. (Personal Assistant). Our PA’s are there to ensure your program stays on track! An authentic local P.A. is your opportunity to be a “Traveler not a Tourist” Remember the difference. A tourist compares everything to home, whereas a traveler appreciates the difference!! Local culture: • Thai time is late start and finish. Shops open from 10am to 10pm. But there is no strict discipline to time the focus is Jai yen yen (a cool heart) be polite and it will find it’s way. Please be thoughtful of your TEAM; ensure you communicate (mobile phone). If your late tell someone and we will set a PA aside and keep the tour moving. •

Politeness and respect: it’s overwhelming, Thai’s genuinely will avoid the slightest conflict (knowing the culture ensures you get results).

Thai Language Culture is “Heart Culture” ie., if you feel good, so do they. More about Thai “heart culture”

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Trivia pursuit.. Bangkok, the Venice of the East. The capital of Thailand is known by Thais as “KrungThep” The correct name is… Krungthepmahanakhon Amornrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharat Ratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amornphiman Awa-tarnsatthit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit

(กรุ งเทพมหานคร อมรรัตรโกสิ นทร์ มหิ นทรายุธยา มหาดิลกภพ นพรัตนราชธานีบรู ี รมย์ อุดมราชนิเวศน์มหาสถาน อมรพิมานอวตารสถิต สักกะทัตติยวิษณุกรรมประสิ ทธิ�) The name is abbreviated as Krungthep or Krungthep Mahanakorn, which means City of Angels. The name 'Bangkok' was derived from 'Bang Kork' and refers to the original site. "BangKok" means "Village of olives" (Bang means village and Khork means Olive), in time the olives trees vanished as city expanded. The city was founded in 1782 by King "Rama I" who moved the capital from Thonburi (old city) across the Chao Phraya river in order to use the river as a line of defense against the Burmese. Another old city is "Ayutthaya. More on History at

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Induction S.M.A.R.T. plan to define Tour objectives • Pre agreed objectives set with the tour group • T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More)

Thailand general Info Thailand travel info: Before you book: Exec Tours Bangkok – before you Travel Insurance – included in our corporate package Charity – a suitcase full of “kids clothing” for Sister Joan Bangkok (Aussie project “slaughterhouse kids Bangkok). Read more: &topicID=39737421 Thanks TG (Thai Airways) for excess luggage for our Charity items Communication systems: Don’t get caught, int., roaming costs are massive see for yourself (google search link) Tips: we show you how to save huge costs on calls and the net - see “Communications systems • Why all the fuss– your only here for a few days, time is precious and time is money • Save TIME –if your travel companions want to browse, you can keep going and stay in touch. • Save STRESS – 24/7 keep in touch with your inbound Thai PA for immediate assist

Weather: Thailand has three (3) seasons Oct to Feb is the “Cool Season” (Naa Nao), for tourism it’s the High Season as the climate is at a premium (not so hot or Humid). Clothing: Casual, lightweight clothing is suggested. Thai people tend to “cover up” (it’s essential if visiting places of worship). You’re a tourist and expected to relax, the priority is Politeness & respect. Language: English is well versed at Commercial venues and of course you have a P.A. We offer free learning at includes download survivor travel pak Your wants and Needs - We know the Group objectives but what about you! Please give us advance notice of your wish list so we can prepare. Shopping ideas: Tour ideas: Use our P.A. service and enjoy the reward and reward them. P.A.  (Personal Assistant) service We go with you or “do it” for you! more: Exec Pak: On arrival we will provide a kit, refer checklist &/or itinerary.

Tour Itinerary - summary

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1. Summary (2nd last page) page – events and time lines 2. Detailed schedule shows • the Intensity of events for that day – most are high (fastrack tour) • the suggested attire for the day/events • venue and/or event rating (1 to 5 star) Specific issues We expect the majority of the group are nightlife social and therefore late starters – it’s a tourism theme. Day 1 – Arrival: migrate phone systems. If you wish to debrief with a few drinks please note the team is planning to start on time, if your late please call. Day 2 – 1. Tailor. Everyone must be measured. You do not have to buy (not everything is cheap at this tailor), they are chosen because they are reliable, within our tour zone and visit Australia. Day 3: optional tour: The decision requires your teamwork - decide if you will be a group or individual and pre book. If you do not decide before you leave. The event may not be seamless as there was no lead time to prepare Day 4 - Team Building event decide on team nomination and a title (2 teams) if not decided we will decide for you the day before (you will not like our decision but you gave up your choice) Day 5: Free time as a professional you will understand the value of lead-time time and needs analysis • let us know (in advance) your targets (shopping items or tour sights) so we can tell you if it is “value for money”. See tour map – link to fastrack maps for Zones – Family, Shopping, Nightlife and Popular tours If you have not cut a deal with a PA then you will not achieve your rewards. If the existing PA’s have already been booked, we can try to get another but they may have less knowledge. Day 6: optional • PA service – they are available outside the tour ie extra days/nights – costs shown on our website What you must do - How to help yourself • Study the schedule, take ownership and maximise your options whilst supporting the Team • Be aware of Company objective and team synergy • Tell us Likes and Dislikes (sooner than later!) • Give us your individual wish lists (shopping / tours) if you don’t have time to shop, then use your resources ie, P.A. What we must do Our service priorities are 1. Group Tour objective (TEAM), 2. Individuals

Day 0: Sunday -28/11 Depart for Bangkok

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Check in 2 hrs before departure. If you want sit together you need to “check in” together. If we confirmed special arrangements with TG please ensure you have the documents for the check-in staff. Biz class & ROP (Thai airlines Royal Orchid Plus) Gold member passengers have free entry and use of the Qantas lounge at Perth airport. If your flight is delayed please send us an SMS Arrive to Bangkok: 11.pmish…. it’s now Thai time (meaning time is not as important as your smile). Biz Class passengers – please look for the separate (fastrack) immigration entrance (also provided for departures) Customs: Collect your luggage and proceed to Customs, on the way you’ll be teased (taunted) by beautiful smiling, well dressed touts, offering you deals on Transport or money exchange. Smile and say no or …. • If you have the time stop and have a chat, they’ll be overly keen to talk and answer any questions (it’s a Thai culture to be polite). • NB: at major Tourism venues avoid touts (rely on your P.A. or known guide). Meeting you: Proceed through customs clearance and enter the arrival foyer (more Smiling faces). Now call us and confirm your location within this mega palatial airport. Look for numbers on the columns to verify your position, if you need to drift, go right and look for us. Transfer to Hotel: from the airport to our base is 25 to 40 minutes depending on your will for a thrill! Group (bus) or use a local cab and request the skyway (that’s a highway in the sky). The Taxi drivers are only too willing to break the sound barrier, if you will sponsor them. The Thai word for slow is “cha” or if pleading try “cha cha” said with soft anxiety. Otherwise go for “reo reo” (faster faster). Remember to be polite and add the word “krup” (said by male) or “Kha” (said by female). We will hand you (if pre arranged) • Thai Phone &/or Thai sim card, Local money (Thai Baht) with you “Exec Travel Pak” • On the bus we can assist with migration to Thai phone On arrival you can “shut down” or “party”, we’re 5 minutes from 1 of 3 Nightlife zones – “up to you” Thailand is nocturnal, it is not unusual to see many people out late, although you may see some inadequate street lighting it’s very safe. Our Tour Residence is in the area known as “Sukhumvit”. Sukhumvit is a Thai meaning “the main road”, Siam has many, however this is the original. Other main roads may be called Sukhumvit 1, 2, 3 etc., or other names as Rama 1 or 2 which are freeways. The word “Rama” is synonymous with God, in Thailand it’s used to describe their Kings. You might hear the words “Rama 9” which is the current King (the world’s longest serving Monarch). “Rama 5” is legendary. Tip: at 6pm make sure your outside to see everyone stand still for the National Anthem. All the other streets, lanes, alley ways, are prefixed with the word “Soi”

Page 7 of 29 Tour map: the map shows most of our target venues for this tour, as you can see they’re not far (K.I.S.S.). Bangkok packs everything into small space, infact Thailand is actually quite small, it’s fits into Australia about 15 times (right?) yet it’s home to about 66million people versus Aus @ 22mil .. what the!

Our base is close to the centre of town “Siam Centre”, about 4kms and bonus the BTS Skytrain (monorail) offers to zip you along Sukhumvit to Siam Centre in about 10 minutes. The BTS and the MRT (underground) train are fast and efficient, they are highly recommended. That same journey • By Taxi cab is normally around 30 mins or in peak hour traffic 3 hours. • By Tuktuk – similar time frame – depending the traffic flow - it’s fun or horrible (thrill or fumes or heat) • By Motor bike – 20 mins with traffic flow or 40 mins in traffic (they go anywhere), between the cars, on the footpath, through buildings - it’s awesome. Remember to say “Reeo Reeo” (faster) or “ChaCha” (slow slow) In peak traffic, “stay calm”, Thai culture is extreme politeness, it’s most disrespectful to show impatience. Sukhumvit is EXTREME • L.I.F.E.: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency, LIFE without flexibility is LIE • Some see heritage, the old charm; how it has infused with modern architecture. Others see the dirt, the grime and what looks like a threat of crime. Remember the difference between a tourist and a traveler, a tourist compares everything to home, whereas a traveler appreciates the difference! There is some poverty, many fancy Hotels, bars and nightlife, there will be a few hustlers, generally trespass or interference is very rare. Bangkok is for the most part extremely safe, incredibly social and above all most everyone is at ease but do use some common sense. The places visited: most of the venues visited are displayed on 1 map page (added after the tour)

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Longdo map - Bangkok

Map: We use and recommend Longdo maps. If you have internet access then you will win! Our map page: Please take a moment to study the map controls to get best value from the map. The thumbnail image (right) shows some of the many places we have inspected. The map venue page includes, photos, website link and guest book comments. The following page is a map image of our Tour Residence with special comments of “Hospitality Resources” to get you started. You can inspect them in detail in the live map. Where is home? In the Longdo map search “centralins” and your hotel will show. Try it: .When you see the listing click the to the venue.

for quick zoom

Now reposition the map to match the of the map image on the next page. Inspect venues, place the centre red + over a venue Icon (zoom in to be accurate), now either right click to select from a list or click on the venue and follow the prompts.

Ready made maps! On the next page we show snapshots of our “Fastrack” tourism maps for “Family”, Popular, Shopping, Nightlife”. All mapped venues include a guest book. • to add comments you must register with Longdo (it’s free) - up to you • Tip: Longdo will soon offer a prizes for map contributions (we will be a sponsor of the prize!)

Longdo map mobile If you have mobile internet you can access the maps (be careful it’s high download volume so use a wifi free zone or better get yourself a local sim card with super low rates– see Induction page). Longdo mobile lets you bookmark your favorite places, brilliant for planning a trip. Don’t get lost: Ensure you record the phone number of your P.A. and carry a hotel biz card. Remember your Hotel is very close to the “BTS ASOK” (skytrain station at Soi 19), on that corner is “Robinson” (chopping centre) and your hotel is in the next Soi (Soi 15) 15 in Thai is “Sip Haa” (Sukhumvit sip haa). The Thai word for Hotel is “rong raam” (unfortunately there are several Royal President hotels in the area). You can try saying “rong raam Roy-ale Pres-i-dent sukhumvit Soi Sip Haa”. of course you have a P.A. right ! so you don’t need to know this. Having confused you – remember, your in a tourist area where many Thai speak English so “mai-ben rai” (maibenrai is Thai for everything from don’t worry, it’s fine, to no worries). Please note: your PA can not call you back on your Aus mobile number (local number calling only).

Hospitality resources – Our Tour Residence. - The location was chosen for you best results.

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about a few favourite inexpensive Thai Restaurants noted on the map “Yonglee” - Corner of Sukhumvit and Soi 15 (your Soi) You’ll never find the name, the sign fell off the building about 40 yrs ago. The restaurant is a “time capsule”, it opened 101 years ago and today most of it is original. The owners live upstairs, Khun OarPat, a lovely gentleman at 74, he shuffles around serving food (he started when he was about 8) and his wife, watch out she bites! The food and price is precious and the BBQ Duck (Phet Yaang) is delicious. They close promptly at 8.30pm (if your not done, she’ll throw you out!) “Suda” Across from Soi 19 in Soi 14 is. Very basic but so popular. Khun Suda (I never ask her age) is a machine, she will greet you with a Smile and grind herself and the staff until late (10pm close). If you hear talk of my girlfriend (it’s her). • I go there often, the Mexican restaurant opposite (a converted Thai mansion) is brilliant in décor and food. More ..Quality casual Thai and Italian – at Exec Tour Bkk office when you get to Soi 19, keep going another 150 mtrs to Big Mama and Madam Saranair, Excellent indoor/outdoor venues (same owner). And upstairs is May Massage (so cheap). Tours: - our inbound agents (good friend) Khun May at Exotic Tours (Soi 19), if she is busy visit Khun Kitsanee at Newline Travel (inside Honey Hotel in Soi 19, next to The Beergarden). The Beergarden is easy dinning until 12mn Tour Residence for all the intel on the Community in Soi 19 If it’s not on the map, ask and we will add it

“Longdo” tour maps (longdo is thai for “please try”) snap shots of map guides

Notes/comments A hardcopy of the Longdo Tourism Maps and guides is on display at many Hospitality venues in Soi 19 Sukhumvit Bangkok

Notes /comments map introduction page

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“Longdo” tour maps (longdo is thai for “please try”) snap shots of map guides

Notes/comments A hardcopy of the Longdo Tourism Maps and guides is on display at many Hospitality venues in Soi 19 Sukhumvit Bangkok

Notes: Comments map introduction page

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Day 1: Monday – 29/11 Intensity: High: Orientation 10:00 We focus on key points of Soi 19 “intel on the tour residence” including a visit to our Tailor and ever popular foot massage. We break for lunch and then set out for the 1st team tour adventure. From your Hotel (Royal President - PARK WING) we walk down Soi 15, turning left (Exec Tours Bkk base). The Soi between 15 and 19 is also known as 15 or 19 (no one really knows). Turn right into Soi 19 and march towards Sukhumvit, stopping about 50 mtrs from the corner where you can see the BTS (skytrain) ASOK station (a seriously large chunk of concrete). Behind us will be Grande Westin, McDonalds, Robinson shopping centre and Tops supermarket. Soi 19 has 2 x 7/11 open 24 hrs and many ATM machines (it’s a snap). 11.00: Measure and/or Massage – how efficient are you! Ambassador tailor is next to Friends Massage ! • it requires collaboration: we don’t’ have time, who will do this before that or both if your quick.

12.00 Lunch: many choices at Soi 19: grab your P.A., chase adventure or stay in your food comfort zone • Food hall (Thai) basement of Robinson Shopping centre Aircon (so cheap, also a yummy thai restaurant) • McDonalds – hmmm - same same but different? • Soi 19 “Pang Loi” (street food) – no menu – ask your P.A. for help • Beer Garden Soi 19 (good Thai & Western food – no aircon) if super cheap tucker at Honey Hotel and then say hello to Khun Kitsanee You must book your tour for tomorrow if not already too late!

Exotic Tours is opposite the Friends Massage or Newline travel in Honey Hotel 13.30 Company Topics: Sales procedures, Admin (nominated persons only). • Venue: “The Sportsmans Bar” - • We use the BTS (skytrain, The bar is family venue, (wifi free) a brief walk from Beautiful Benjasiri Park (must be seen at sunset) right next door to Emporium shopping centre. HU


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links 1. Tour book and Photo slide show 2. Photo album collages

13.30 Office Shopping Challenge – beat the budget or the company profits are lost. You’re against the clock! (2 hrs) test your Communication skills – you need team work) Transport: Taxi - car or bike, then a 1km to the Klong (canal), a fast river ferry “hold on”! a brief walk on a busy street (local zone), then “go for it” – 2 x shopping centres You need correct change for taxi and ferry or you’ll “pay thru the nose”

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13.40 Phuntip - mega electronics – capture data (use your resources) – remember where we regroup 14.40 Platinum -mega clothes – so many isles (don’t get lost) use your resources You WILL NOT have enough time to complete ALL purchases, but you can go back another day or be smart select your items and deploy your PA 16.30 walk 1 x 1km to Sukhumvit to use BTS (skytrain) home Some clues found here Allow for traffic and don’t be late for dinner Now you know how to use the transport system. 17.15 optional: - Massage shop; Foot, Thai, Oil or- check your fluids - Beergarden Soi 19 menu: HU

Dinner schedule: Must be ready to depart for dinner at 18.30 Dress code for this evening: casual to casual smart


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Links 1. Tour book and Photo slide show 2. Photo album collages

18:30 DEPART FOR DINNER a wonderful restaurant with a surprise …!!! Location: Sukhumvit Soi 12 Bangkok, about 1km walk (see map right) 3800746 Charity group with vision! They used donations to setup a hotel and a restaurant, the profits fund their charity work. … that’s cool! The place is full of condoms - get used to it!

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Don’t wait in your hotel – get out there! Slip down Sukhumvit and watch the foot traffic A short walk from the Hotel or book the courtesy Hotel “tutktuk”). From your Hotel, at Sukhumvit (main road), on the right is Yonglee Restaurant (101 yrs old and a close 2nd is the owner (lovely man). On the left is Soi 15 hotel with a narrow outside verandah bar area. Order a drink and watch the foot traffic. Be aware of the timelines – (the bar is slow service). We cross the main road to Soi 12 for dinner, at Soi 15 and Sukhumvit go 30 mtrs left to use the cross over bridge and before that is an ATM machine. The venue is approx 250 mtrs into Soi 12 (a spooky walk – all Thais are deeply superstitious – don’t tease them). In Soi 12 at 100mtrs (left) is the entrance to “Club Insomnia” a new nightclub (opened in Oct 2010) it’s awesome including a 24 hr diner called V8 The diner faces onto Sukhumvit, it also has an entrance to the club. Next to the V8 is a 24/7 Mexican restaurant serving stunning food (includes take away and home delivery). They are all listed in the Longdo map Cabbages and Condoms restaurant venue: 4.5 stars Dinner table booked for 19.00 Dress: casual or a little flashy if you want the hiso nightlife scene. 21:00 Nightlife: map orange Pin is home map icons “bottle of wine and glass” are nightlife venues. Insomnia is in Soi 12. We transfer to Soi 11 You can walk but smarter to board a taxi (car or bike). If you are early stop at Soi 8 Pub. – it’s worth a look.

Soi 11: a 1km walk to showcase the nightlife • 1st stop: Crazy Charlies Bar – it’s outdoor and weird, walk the sub-Soi to see where the expats avoid the tourists. • Back on Soi 11 see the sign “Climax” nightclub (it’s full on after 11.30 4 stars) • Walk 300mtrs: Aussie Pub & BBQ – a great Icon (4.5 stars) • Walk 300mtrs: Bed Supper club – premium HISO (high society) night club (5 stars) Soi 7/1 Bangkok Beat – awesome bands (best after 11) 4 stars or Soi 12 “Insomnia“ night club - 4.5 stars

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Links 1. Tour book and Photo slide show 2. Photo album collages

Day 2: Tuesday – Thai Culture: Intensity: High “How well can you adapt to your market”

CORPORATE: collect preorder of Poloshirts (about 1/3rd of Aus price) H

Group event: suggestions (book before you depart Aus to lock in tickets) Variety of tour options put to the group during the pre tour S.M.A.R.T. meeting. The Group must decide on individual or group tour (the follow is the outcome of the team decision) 11.30am Bus Transfer to Ancient City: Cultural challenge (details revealed on the bus) 17.00 return to tour residence: - visit the Tailor for a 2nd fitting 18.30 night tour departs from Beergarden Soi 19 (be there for a beer by 18.00 and lets chat) Night: Dinner - Thai style (casual dress), Markets, and nightlife • Take your bottle of wine Dinner : “Moo Gadaa” (Thai style open BBQ) venue: 2.5 stars Location: Pretchaburi Road (2kms - 10 to 30 mins by foot, Taxi or MRT) Dress: Casual. All you can eat buffet D.I.Y. BBQ for 99baht. The venue is very basic, a rustic outdoor bbq at your table. It’s culture shock so “grin” because the locals will be watching you! Smile and experience the difference. 20:45 Transfer to Khao San Road (MRT + taxi 30 mins) Khao San road an infamous Backpackers zone with that comes outdoor culture, markets, Bars and restaurants (Freo markets W.A.) The location is in Longdo maps family zone of “Bang Lamphu”, it’s also in the Nightlife zone. H

23:00 tour options “nightlife zones” (see link above)and go for it or return to Sukhumvit which offers 3 nightlife zones If you are out of puff then slip back to your tour residence and visit “Friends Massage” or “ChaCha Massage. If you have a bottle of wine with you the girls can supply a glass or they will be most happy to share a drink with you. If you need a beer, just ask, they will organize it. It’s called “Hospitality and Customer Service”.

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Day 3: Wednesday – Team challenge and Reward - Intensity: High

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Sales meeting – Budget & Debtors controls If the meeting finishes early you have freetime.

Dress code: day events: casual. Casual footwear is a must for Team building (no high heels). 11.45 pre meeting for Team Building event at The Sportsman bar, Washington Square –venue: 4 stars Order lunch before you begin the team strategies The Bar has an excellent menu (free BBQ Saturdays). Link: Directions: BTS Phong Prom –(Emporium shopping centre), Benjasiri Park exit then a brief walk to Washington Square (use your Longdo map mobile or ask the locals). 12:45 Team Building - by Excel Solutions. Event: Amazing race – (3.5 hrs) rated: 10 Location: at Washington Square Challenge: Teams receive an envelope containing a list of tasks. You must decide which tasks to complete, control a budget and reach the finish line before the deadline. Points and penalties apply according to the tasks and timeframe. Teams and followed by a referee. Amazing race pdf at Finish time: 16.30 at our Hotel - 20 minutes for post event discussion

Reasons for a Team Building Event • • • • •

Shared input leads to discovery of team dynamics, Increased likelihood of implementation of new ideas Evaluate the circle of communication, Shared information means increased synergy Involvement of everyone in the process, Higher likelihood of implementation of new ideas Increased understanding of other peoples perspectives, Increased opportunity to draw on individual strengths Ability to compensate for individual weaknesses, Develops personal relationships st

17.30 AustCham Sundowner – (1 wed of each Month) – (likely to be cancelled) Forum article: includes food and drinks (usually at a 5 star Hotel) Dress: Work clobber • Usually 150 – 300 people – mainly Aussie Biz people living and working in Bangkok • It’s an opportunity to see the Substantial presence of Australian Business in Bangkok • We strongly recommend introduction to AustCham for Biz Networks Thailand.

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Here are a few points/highlights to cover at the presentation: Effective decision making is essential to a team’s progress. Teams must have a grasp of various decision making methods, their advantages and disadvantages, and when and how to use each. Teams that choose the right decision making methods at the right time will not only save time, but they will also most often make the best decisions. Examples: • Teams decide whether to look for the telephone or go to the next challenge! • Teams decide whether to use a long tail boat (saving time) or a taxi boat (saving money)! The whole Amazing Race requires everyone to be working together! Without participation, you don’t have a team; you have a group of bodies. Balanced participation ensures that everyone on the team is fully involved and that each team member joins the discussion when his or her contribution is pertinent to the team assignment. Most important! Valued Diversity: A diversity of thinking, ideas, methods, experiences, and opinions helps to create a high performance team. Whether individuals are creative or logical, fast or methodical, the effective team recognizes the strengths each person brings to the team. Positive Atmosphere: A team must have a climate of trust and openness and a positive atmosphere indicates that members of a team are committed and involved. It means that people are comfortable with each other to be creative, take risks and make mistakes. People who are enjoying themselves are more productive than those who dislike what they are doing Our goals of the event is not to create or expect a Leonardo Da Vinci painting or a Steven Spielberg blockbuster movie but to develop team work, develop personal relationships, compensate for individual weaknesses and most of all increased understanding of other peoples perspectives!

Night tour: dress code: Smart casual -

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no shorts or open footwear ie., thongs or sandals

18.30 depart from your Hotel or try one of the local quality Taverns Soi 8 Pub (4 stars) or “Gullivers” in Soi 5 (4 stars) to find the venues use Longdo map (see page 8), position the map at the tour residence and then search the venue names or use the Industry Icon search. HU




Dinner and Cabaret at Tawandang Brewery (stars: 4) 7.30pm for 8pm start We must arrive before 8pm to be assured of our reservation (auto cancelled after 8pm). We recommend arriving 7pm and take a tour of the brewery. Cabaret performance starts 9pm – finished 12 The show is bawdy and crazy antics and the night unwinds, we recommend you have someone nominate for their birthday. (if you do not want to see both rooftop bars you can stay longer at the Brewery) Tawandang: 22.00 depart for Rooftop Bars (Skybar and Moonbar)– Amazing Views (stars: 5) Dress: Smart. Casual. Must have solid footwear (no thongs or sandals) Weather permitting (if it rains they will not let you out on the roof) 22.20 The “Moon Bar”, it shares the roof with “the Vertigo Grill” and you will see why. The hotel is the Banyan Tree. 23:00 transfer to “Skybar” at the top of the Lebua Hotel The Skybar This is truly awesome. 1st the cigar lounge – awesome view from outside lounge suites, then walk across the wing to the “skybar” you will change your outlook.



Generally, after the 3 day most people change their mindset from “this place is weird to please show me more”, usually this means “let’s visit the “Gaetoey (Ladyboy) venue” (pic right) Another perception misconception, read more about ladyboys Link: Ladyboy venues from 2.5 stars to 5 stars – depends on your comfort zone ” very funny or scary (up to you). more about ladyboys at:

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Day 4: Thursday 02/12 – Intensity: Low

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Corporate - collect pre order products Banners, Poloshirts, Corporate Gifts Free time options- Tours • Shooting tour 3 hrs - they will pick you up team building 17:00 Packed and ready to depart. Some of you have opted to stay another day, if you have you must allowance for time to transfer to dinner venue 18:00 Dinner: Zeist Restaurant – Soi 19, 3rd floor roof top Terrace (stars: 5) • stunning fine dining on the 3rd floor. • Venue includes outdoor terrace pizzeria Group discussion: Tour Dynamics, what we achieved in team of Team building, rapport, Communications, understanding people dynamics Farewell speeches and close of the tour – goodbye to the P.A.’s Reward for achievement - if you committed to this journey you found new treasures  Team Building dynamics, Personal Growth, People dynamics  L.I.F.E. (Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Eefficiency) without Flexibility it’s a L.I.E.  Appreciate the difference - Traveller versus Tourist"  Hospitality culture – “the food always tastes nicer with a smile!”  Shopping bargains  New Friendships 20:30 Prepare to depart to airport unless stay another night 21:30 depart for airport • Flight departs 11:40, checked in 90 mins before flight, transport can be 20 mins or 1 hr (if heavy traffic) • Recommend taxi leave at 9.30pm The places we wanted to show you • There are many, if you enjoyed you will come back and see more. • I’m sad we did not visit Suda Restaurant, I enjoy giving my “Wai” to khun Suda, perhaps you can see this next time you visit. The real journey is now only starting, you are challenged to Engage what you have learnt, “Balance is the key” BONUS: if your are focused, aligned with company objectives and synergized we (no I in team) will achieve our goals. The reward is your personal growth and of course ANOTHER TRIP. See the trees for the forest, deliver results, in your Business and social network and enjoy the “reward for achievement” with Aussie Exec Tours Bangkok”.

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Page 27 of 29 Tour Summary and Guest Feedback Places visited: some map links are shown or on the tour map page we show all venues visited on 1 page Date



(rating 1-10 (10 best) feedback added after the tour)

Rating: 8/8/8/10/7/9/9 Comments: Nice to have a smiling team collect you on arrival. Arrival VIP bus collection good service - good start. Map: Rating: 10/8/7/10/8/8/7 Orientation Orientation & tour by motor bike/Car taxi, Fast ferry boat & BTS skytrain. And shopping not enough time, PA's make the difference. challenge Rating: 10/8/8/10/10/10/10 Map: Mon Dinner Great, excellent, top food, good atmosphere, unusual, blew me away, fantastic, great Day 1 Cabbages and cause (charity) good setting and food. Condoms Rating: 5/8/6/10/8/8/6 Map: Nightlife soi 11 – feedback: a bit tired from day events, Aussie pub is great, no energy to keep going. Aus bar Overall Teambuilding: Collaboration and Communication. Introduce new environment and problem solving Rating: 8/9/8/10/8/8/7 Map: Culture Transfer longer than thought, Interesting, Excellent, independent, do your own thing, challenge (need more time). not told enough before arrival. Ancient City Rating: 6/9/5/5/5/9/8 Map: Dinner fair dinkum Thai culture - it's a basic but so cheap but not for everyone. Tue Moo gadaa Feedback: love it - hated it??? – culture shock, mixing it with the people, shock the Day 2 Thai culture system, not my cup of tea, out of comfort zone, Fantastic, Fabulous. Rating: 6/9/8/10/8/7/8 Map: Backpackers haven, outdoor casual lots of stuff and everyone is flowing. Nightlife Seen better, great, markets galore, PA was amazing, Vibrant energy, too many tourists, Khao San road Buzzing. Leadership: Tour requires each person to make multiple decision, Dinner is “out of comfort zone”, Nightlife is Overall perception chaos – assess the difference between a knee jerk and a reflex” Feedback on the Hotel – Royal President – Soi 15 Rating 1 to 10 (10 is best) and comments • 9 Excellent spacious rooms and big beds. Loved the facilities and used the gym most mornings. Breakfast offered a variety of tasty food to suit everyone. A four star hotel by Western standards (but only half the price). Sun

10 no complaints. Wonderful atmosphere and nice big rooms. Breakfast was awesome. Convenient location and the gym was very useful. Also very convenient is the general store right next door.

9 Wonderful and clean. Air conditioning and bed were very comfortable and the hotel was in close proximity to shopping, massage and restaurants/night life. Excellent value for money.

10 Great value for money and will definitely stay there again. Breakfast offered lovely fresh food. Clean & big rooms. Very happy.


Good facilities. No negatives. Air conditioning sometimes not cold but it out. Gym was handy.


Nice and clean. Good breakfast. Only problem was the toilet broke twice, but they fixed it straight away.

8 Great breakfast, used the pool, the room got stuffy sometimes. There was a peculiar odour (not overbearing) but this was fixed by getting some Glen 20 from the 7/11 shop. Perhaps bring car air-freshener if they are sensitive..

7 had to swap rooms as the first room allowed smoking (smell was overbearing). Make sure you specify NO SMOKING. Breakfast was excellent. Very clean. Continued .,

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Wed Day 3


Thur Day 4


FEEDBACK Rating: 6/8/10/10/8/10/9 Map: Team building The Amazing race is "awesome".. To donate to an Aussie effort for charity Bangkok was and special - see more Too much to do, developed into a great day, Great but time was an Sister Joan issue, never done before, good fun, absolutely loved it, absolutely loved it Charity Forum article: sister Joan Bangkok Rating: 8/8/10/10/9/10/10 Map: Dinner Brilliant but so unfair - we only got to see half the cabaret show as we set time for skybar Tawandang tours. Fantastic not enough time, excellent, what a place – really enjoyed, great night out, Cabaret excellent, excellent. Brewery Rating: 8/9/10/10/ 9/10/6 Map: These places are diamonds - when your that high up - you are "on a high" Tour Fantastic, gob smacked (1 was enough) outstanding, spectacular, amazing, excellent, Roof top bars spectacular. Teambuilding: team synergy skills. Dinner event is passive chaos, understand cultural difference, tour offers “reward for achievement”. Rating: 5/8/5/10/7/8/7 as we did not finish y.days teambuilding event we decided to try again. Started too late, time constraints, everyone was little tired, fantastic more time needed, Team building bit over it bad start but loved the challenge, bad instructions from PA team to get us started. hard to resist the option to shop or drop! links: Photo album: tag word: "day 4"


Rating: 8/9/10/10/10/10/10 Fine Dinning fit for a King - elegance and taste sensations Dinner great food hard to say goodbye, input from everyone good feeling, beautiful venue good Zeist ending, good food friend staff, wonderful loved it, Brilliant, top notch, brilliant and lots of warm fuzzies, some of us hit the nightlife - so many options Map: Nightlife Transfer to Airport or nightlife • Team synergy: wiliness to change. Group collaboration, open feedback forum for Increased understanding of other peoples perspectives


Free day

Rating: 10/-/10/10-/-/Shopping, a few sights, mbk

Summary Pilot tour concept: some events were “on the fly”. The tour is “fastrack”; an entrée of Menu Bangkok The objective: “reward for achievement” infuse work dynamics of team building, tourism and Hospitality Feedback from the tour guests: days started too late, wasted mornings, originality, need more time for the tailor, need to be clear about communication system, not enough time to get ready for dinner, more planning to give time to relax, can not give enough praise to the PA’s, PA’s are the solution they are amazing, lots to do in short time, more planning, people need planning, P.A. helped people get immersed, PA have great attitude, not sure who is the manager. You feel like a local. We gained a new experience, new friendship and a deeper understanding of Thai Culture. The girls are great hosts and made the trip for us. Feedback by tour host There is risk and reward associated with new project, we expect obstacles, what we are interested in is “problem solving” and how the team collaborates. We collected feedback about the performance of the tour and the guests.

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Links 1. Tour book and Photo slide show Tour concept:

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Teambuilding 2010-11  

Aussie Business Exec and their team tour Bangkok - 4 day tour

Teambuilding 2010-11  

Aussie Business Exec and their team tour Bangkok - 4 day tour

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