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About Bangkok. Over the last few decades Thailand's capital city has changed into a modern exciting and sophisticated city. It offers visitors not only the cosmopolitan amenities you would expect from other big cities, but also a unique treasure trove of cultural attractions. Thailand, in the heart of Southeast Asia, was never colonised and thus kept its unique culture and heritage intact. Experience a glimpse of Thailand's gentle culture amidst the bustle of a great and dynamic metropolis. expand map image <> eBook version

History: The name Bangkok is used for foreigners, it derived from 'Bang Kork' (Village of Olives) and refers to the original site. Thai's know it as "krungthep" or "Krungthep Mahanakorn", which means "City of Angels". Bangkok was founded in 1782 by King "Rama I" upon moving the capital from Thonburi, using the Chao Phraya River as a line of defense against the Burmese. If you hear talk of the "old city" it may be "Thonburi" as opposed to "Ayutthaya".. more on history For tourists, Bangkok has a feast of attractions to offer. The city is dotted with glittering Buddhist temples of great beauty and fascination, magnificent palaces, classical dance extravaganzas, numerous shopping centres and traditional ways of life, especially along the "Venice of the East" timeless canals and the Chao Phraya River of the "River of Kings". waterways tour book The secret to getting around Bangkok comes down to two things: water and sky. Between the efficient (and incredibly cheap) ferry system that navigates the river, with colored flags designating express and local stops, and the equally efficient (and cheap) Skytrain, you can get almost anywhere. transport map & link Bangkok made easy for tourists ➙ Be Served with Asoke P.A.C. "Personal Assist <> Concierge" or ➙ Serve yourself <> knowledge base Novice to Advanced ➙ tour database ➙ eBooks ➙ Photos ➙ Web ➙ map links ➙ Language ➙ transport stations ➙ mobile apps and more google thaibis bangkok topic

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BTS Skytrain: Fast, efficient and affordable, running everyday from 06.00 to midnight. Mo Chit station at the north end, where you can find the weekend Chatuchak Market. Siam Station, adjacent to huge shopping malls: Siam Centre, Siam Discovery Centre and Siam Paragon, is the central station with a link to National Stadium Station to MBK shopping centre. Saphan Taksin Station & boat pier. Fares from 10 to 40 baht or 100 baht unlimited day pass. MRT Subway metro: With 18 stations covering main roads in Bangkok including Rama IV, Sukhumvit, Lad Prao and Pahonyothin, MRT opened in 2004 and operates everyday from 06.00 to midnight. Connecting to the BTS Skytrain at Sukhumvit Station (Asoke BTS Station), Lumping Station (Silom BTS Station) and Chatuchak Station (Mo Chit BTS Station) with a link to Hua Lampong train station. Fares: 15 to 60 baht. Taxi: Very easy to find everywhere in Bangkok, with the meter starting from 35 baht, it's a low cost convenient transport when the traffic is flowing. However, always make sure the driver activate the meter. Then there is the ubiquitous Tuk tuks touting for business. They’re a fun ‘must-do’ experience but in Bangkok peak traffic the induced fumes are "not fun". If your game try local culture motor bike taxi say ChaCha (go slow) or ReoReo (go fast) The river and canal ferry is a whole new must do experience. "Longdo" is Thai for "please try!" A.P.A.C (Personal Assist <> Concierge) > Orientation service or D.I.Y. google thaibis Public transport Bangkok, here you'll find "best tourism stations" linked to venues, Photos, maps, tips and tricks

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