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Prevention is the best Player Protection

Comprehensive Protection – Safe Entertainment

The Access Control System Gaming and betting offer exciting entertainment and fun leisure activities. In exceptional cases, however, they also can turn into an uncontrollable passion. We do everything we can to make gaming as safe for you as possible. The ADMIRAL traffic light system is the first system ever to offer comprehensive protection of players and minors throughout all of Austria, including all types of gaming offerings. This level of protection by far exceeds the legal requirements.* The electronic access system is based on a combination of mandatory registration, access control and monitoring. Personal support and Demonstration Ablauf/Verwendung counseling of guests offer an additional element.

der ADMIRAL Karte

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*The legal requirements for gaming machines vary from one federal state to the next.




The ADMIRAL Card When a guest visits a gaming facility for the first time, he or she is personally registered, following a verification via photo ID and a confirmation that the person has reached legal age. An electronic identification card with an unique card number, the ADMIRAL Card, is then issued to the visitor.

With this card, the following data is recorded in our system: • Personal data (name, date of birth, address, telephone number) • Photo ID • Gaming time • Gaming frequency • Player status (green, yellow, red) We are well aware of the fact that this is sensitive data. This is why only those employees can access your data who require this information in order to perform their function – and, of course, only to the absolutely necessary extent. We secure your data according to the strictest data safety standards.



The ADMIRAL Traffic Light System

Access Control Once the visitor is registered in the system and his or her identity has been verified, he or she is cleared for the visiting day and can use the ADMIRAL Card to pass the turnstile and enter the electronic casino. Player status green Passing through the turnstile is only possible if the ADMIRAL Card gives the green light, i.e. if we have no entries in our system regarding a voluntary agreement on a limitation of the number of visits or a self-initiated ban. Player status yellow Customers who have attracted our attention because of certain parameters of their gaming behavior receive the status “yellow�. They are then informed that we would like to have a personal, confidential discussion to ensure that they are aware of their gaming behavior. We are legally required to have such talks (see page 11). However, these talks are also an important source of feedback for us, on how we can improve the quality of our service. Player status red Customers who have decided to voluntarily ban themselves from gaming or to limit their number of visits are registered accordingly in our system. Should they try to pass the turnstile, a red signal lights up, and the customers are not allowed to enter the area with the gaming machines. Cool-down phase After playing for two hours, the player automatically enters a cool-down phase. During this time, the customer is not able to activate any gaming device and is thus encouraged to take a break from playing. 7


The Safety Functions

Safe Gaming For you as a guest, the ADMIRAL Card offers the best protection currently possible, even while gaming. The photo on the ADMIRAL Card guarantees that each customer can only use his or her own card. In order to activate a gaming machine, you need both your ADMIRAL Card and your corresponding four-digit PIN Code. With this, the system also prevents you from playing simultaneously on several devices.

Protection of Minors Strict adherence to the provisions for the protection of minors is very important to us. The mandatory registration and the verification of identification documents prevent access by minors, thus guaranteeing the best protection possible.


The Counseling Session

The Confidential Counseling Session During the yellow phase, trained employees (see prevention representatives, page 14) have a confidential and cautionary counseling talk with our customers. During the talk, the following issues are addressed: • Gaming behavior • Possible problems • Support offerings for the case that a concrete gaming limitation is required • Forwarding of contact addresses to support and therapy institutions • General feedback to the ADMIRAL services


Safety & Data Protection

Playing it safe Misuse of the card is prevented through: • Verification of identity on every visit • Personalized access card with photograph • Deactivation in the event of loss or misuse • Only one ADMIRAL Card per person possible Because of its implementation of the highest data protection standards, the pilot project NOVOCARD was awarded the E ­uropean data protection seal EuroPriSe. The enhanced and optimized ADMIRAL Card is aligned with these high standards.


The Prevention Representatives The prevention representatives are our competent contact persons for problematic/pathologic gaming and gaming addiction prevention. For this, they undergo a comprehensive training program. As they bear a special responsibility, they are nominated according to a strict selection procedure and undergo extensive training comprising several different stages. Training is carried out at the renowned Anton Proksch Institut and consists of sequential modules in the area of early detection and prevention or intervention in the case of gaming addiction. The prevention representatives’ state of knowledge is verified regularly; we also have our training curricula evaluated periodically by external experts. It is important to us to emphasize that while our prevention representatives are experts in their area of activity due to their training, they are not doctors or therapists. They are therefore neither capable of nor allowed to diagnose a concrete case of gaming addiction. We would like to ask you to accept our offering of contact addresses for support and therapy institutions and to contact these institutions directly, should you require therapeutic or medical support.


Our Measures • Display of information brochures in seven languages at all facilities • Central and free helpline (+43 800 20 52 42) at the Center for Public Health at the Medical University of Vienna and the General Hospital of Vienna • Establishment and expansion of a nationwide counseling and prevention network for the prevention of gaming addiction • Collaboration with regional and charitable self-help groups • Collaboration with clinical and therapeutical institutions (e.g.: Anton Proksch Institut Vienna, Medical University of Vienna, Spielsuchthilfe Vienna, Diakonie de La Tour Villach, Institute for Gaming & Addiction Salzburg, State Psychiatric Clinic WagnerJauregg Linz etc.)


Further information at: (Available only in German)

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Prevention is the Best Player Protection  

Games of chance and betting are exciting entertainment and fun leisure activities. However, they can become an uncontrollable obsession.

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