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the world of gaming

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the world of gaming

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the world of gaming

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Dear Business Partner,

Facts and Figures

In this document we are pleased to present information about the magazine publication of the Novomatic Group of Companies, novomatic® – the world of gaming.


Approx. 8.000

Distribution hard copies

• 5.000+ (internationally via G3) • 2.500+ (via the Novomatic database and at international trade shows)


• English / German • Spanish (Online version distributed in Spain and South America; via the databases of: G3, Casino Compendium, Casino International Americano and the Novomatic database)

Schedule 2012/ Submission deadlines

Issue February April June August October December

Translation service

Translation to German and Spanish are part of our free of charge service.

Price per ad

€ 2.000

The magazine was launched in March 2007 and has since been published on a bi-monthly basis, 6 times per year. It is available in its printed version and also online on our website plus as an e-magazine provided by our media partner G3. novomatic® – the world of gaming provides direct contact and first-hand information to all our customers, partners and suppliers and is published free of charge to verified individuals and companies. The magazine features company news, product information and other activities directly related to Novomatic Group companies or their partners plus newsworthy items of interest to gaming industry professionals. The one outstanding feature that distinguishes novomatic® – the world of gaming from other industry trade publications is that advertising space within the publication is only made available to companies that are either suppliers to the Novomatic Group of Companies or other commercial companies with whom Novomatic has a direct business relationship. Thus the magazine offers you the unique opportunity to present your company directly to the customers and partners of the Novomatic Group of Companies. To discuss this opportunity in detail, please do not hesitate to contact us. Max Lindenberg, MBA+E Marketing & Business Development Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH Wiener Straße 158, 2352 Gumpoldskirchen, Austria Phone: +43 2252 606 415 Fax: +43 2252 607 001 Mobile: +43 664 814 07 54 E-mail: Web:

Dimensions ad Full page A4 • Type area: • Trim area: • Bleed:

Editorial Advertising 01.01.2013 07.01.2013 25.02.2013 04.03.2013 29.04.2013 04.05.2013 01.07.2013 08.07.2013 26.08.2013 02.09.2013 28.10.2013 04.11.2013

165 x 249 mm (do not let text or important visual data fall outside this area) 210 x 297 mm 216 x 303 mm

Ads can be submitted via e-mail as hi-res pdf or jpg files (300 dpi).

Distribution Hard Copies via the Novomatic database

via G3



Europe total Central Europe Eastern Europe Africa North America South America Asia Australia

% by region 78% 70% 8% 5% 5% 8% 3% 1%

Novomatic‘s own distribution includes about 2.500 hard copies, incl. the distribution at all major international shows.

% by region

Europe Asia South America US & rest of the world

75% 12% 8% 5%

Please note that we are sending out the digital version to over 16,000 readers worldwide through the databases of Casino Compendium, Casino International, Casino International Americano, G3 and the Novomatic database.

Full page advertising is offered exclusively to companies already cooperating with Novomatic.

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Mediaplanner 2013 novomatic the world of gaming

Mediaplanner 2013  

Mediaplanner 2013 novomatic the world of gaming