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December, 2009


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competitive process again.

President’s Letter ............................ 2

Sadly this month we bid farewell to Shannon Dunn (pictured below), our very talented newsletter editor. Shannon and her husband, Brett Coutts, recently relocated to New Paula Zealand. Shannon Paizes turned AIF’s newsletter into a widely read publication, full of must read content, with a worldwide following! Thank you to Shannon for her creativity and dedication. We will miss Shannon and wish her and Brett the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

Dear Members and Friends, AIF intends to finish an extraordinary year with a month of extraordinary events! Firstly, we kick off on Tuesday December 8, with a Benefit screening of Heath Ledger’s last film, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. This screening is to support AIF’s 2010 Heath Ledger Scholarship, with regular tickets at $20 and VIP tickets at $50 (includes an exclusive pre-screening reception and priority seating). We are hoping to see most of you there! Will be so much fun!!!!

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.. 3 Stars to turn out for advance screening

Member Profile ............................... 5 Meet Karl Champley

Reel Alerts ....................................... 8 Who’s Hot in Hollywood

The Road Screening ..................... 12 Photos by Getty Images

Who’s Who at AiF President Paula Paizes Vice President David Pratt Chairman of the Board Susie Dobson Treasurer & Secretary Rob Marsala Board Members Jenny Cooney Carillo, Michelle Day, Megan Worthy, Andrew Warne

Finally on behalf of the Board of AIF, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, full of joy and good spirit. Warmest wishes,

Executive Director

Paula Paizes

Sophie Scarf

The Boomerang

Paula Paizes President Australians in Film

Editor & Designer Shannon Dunn

Then on December 9, we have our annual Holiday Party, at the Consul General’s residence, which is always a blast! And capping off the year, on December 17, we are proud to screen Jim Cameron’s much awaited “Avatar”, starring AIF’s 2009 Breakthrough Award winner Sam Worthington on the Fox Studios lot.

Cover The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Sony Pictures Classics

News Submissions Please email the Editor with any Australian or member film-related news or announcements. Australians in Film | 2800 28th St, Suite 320 | Santa Monica CA 90405

On the topic of the 2010 Heath Ledger Scholarship, applications closed on Nov 30! This year nearly 200 actors signed up, and now it is over to the judges. We will announce our judging panel at the December 8th benefit and it looks to be a very exciting and


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Stars to Turn Out for Imaginarium Australians in Film will host a star-studded benefit of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in Hollywood, while judges for the 2010 scholarship will be announced to the celebrity and VIP attendees

THE BENEFIT screening of Heath Ledger’s last film will be held on December 8, 2009 at the Montablan Theatre in Hollywood in association with Sony Pictures Classics, Cinema Tuesdays, Nike Sportswear and Flux. Invited guests will include the film’s cast, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Colin Farrell, Vern Troyer, Tom Waits and Lily Cole. Depp, Law & Farrell, Heath’s friends, stepped in to finish his role after his untimely death. Many of Ledger’s friends and colleagues as well as many Australians in Film ambassadors and VIP members are expected. The annual Australians in Film Heath Ledger Scholarship is named in


honor of Ledger who was an Ambassador for AiF. It has the support of the Ledger family and the late actor’s peers including Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Baz Luhrmann, Phil Noyce, Rachel Griffiths, Gregor Jordan and Michelle Williams. The 2009 HLS received worldwide media attention and a career boost for its first beneficiary, Oliver Ackland. The AiF 2010 HLS Scholarship include $10,000 cash, Qantas airfares to US, Showcast VIP Casting Packages and Quickflix Annual memberships for ten finalists. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE>>




IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS BENEFIT SCREENING We invite you to join us at the spectacular that will be the advance screening of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus at the Montablan Theatre in Hollywood. Screening tickets are $20, which includes a soda and Tim Tams, plus entry into the special post screening party, where guests will enjoy Belvedere Vodka, Coopers Beer and snacks. VIP tickets, at $50, include preferential seating and an exclusive pre-screening reception where you can mingle with our special guests. Special thanks to Sony Pictures Classics Cinema Tuesdays, Nike Sportswear and Flux for making this advance screening possible. For further information or to purchase tickets, email Unable to attend but want to donate to the Scholarship? We accept Pay Pal!





Center Stage

DIY Karl Does it All Australian native Karl Champley is a familiar face on the DIY Network and HGTV, having hosted more than 200 episodes. The master builder, humanitarian and AiF member has also been the expert, host and consultant to many specials including the International Builders show. Besides his work on Wasted Spaces, DIY to the Rescue and DIY Inside: The Builder's Show, Karl also works tirelessly for Habitat For Humanity specials on DIY Network & HGTV. The Boomerang caught up with the busy Aussie to get the inside scoop...

Q: You have an incredibly successful career. As a child, what was the biggest dream you wanted to achieve? 

A: Having the experiences and career that I have now was not even on the radar. My dreams were pretty humble back then. I thought all of my dreams had come true when I bought my first car. A butt-ugly brown Mitsubishi Gallant. Man! I really thought I had arrived. I always dreamt that I would travel and explore all of the countries of the world and to live life to its fullest. It was the traveling that made me realize I could dream bigger than a Gallant. However, I did have an inner instinct that my life would be anything but dull.

Q: Who has been instrumental in helping you achieve your career goals? What attributes drew you to them?


My mother originally, as she was worried my life would follow my father’s footsteps—a former street fighter then car salesman. She sat me down one evening saying life doesn’t begin and end in Dundas Valley (suburb of Sydney). I think this was my first insight into the outside world. My wife is now the manager, all of us married men know that! But seriously she has been the one to really pushed me in this direction. I think she knew I had the potential when I wasn’t 100% certain. When we started to share this idea of giving Hollywood a go nearly everyone noted that any type of career in the entertainment industry is close to impossible. That is what made it attractive to me and formed a smile on my face as I have always welcomed a challenge. As a former martial artist it was Bruce Lee that also inspired me as a foreign man making waves in a country that was not his own. I recently hosted a show with Garth Brooks and it was he that gave me faith that you can be just who you are in this industry without having to act like you’re someone else.

Q: When and why did you move from Australia to LA? A: I played a James Bond type character in a small film in 1998.

The producer, director and I took it to the US film festival circuit and it was well received. My agent introduced me to a manager in LA and it was he who said that if I wanted a career in the entertainment industry, I needed to be in LA. We were lucky to be in a position to take 6 months off and test the water in LA. My wife Diane and I moved to LA LA land in 2001. We had just paid off our Sydney home and we thought that this was the time to give it a shot. I thought it was insanity at first as my construction company was successful, however, I felt a little stale with that industry and knew it was now or never. Fortunately I was still at the age to make a career change and why not. As my mother said “son if you have a trade you will always have it where ever you go” And, here we are 8 years later and it is my trade that made a lot of my success possible.



Q:: What do you love most about your job? A: Helping others. I have found my hosting career

to be very much like being a teacher. It has also taken me all over the US to places you would never visit as a tourist. My “Home Live” radio show allows me to talk to my listeners in a more off the cuff approach and like my hosting career, allows me to help people with their DIY projects by sharing my knowledge and experiences with them. To act is a privilege. In all mediums, I love that every day is different and that I’m constantly surrounded by creative and artistic people. It always feels good when a stranger comes and thanks me for my shows and says how much I have helped them. I even had a woman approach me with open arms yelling “Karl!!!!” and embracing me like she was a long lost aunt. Following close behind was her husband with open arms!

Q: Your favorite project to date and why? A: Hosting various events for Habitat For Humanity

and telling the former president, Jimmy Carter, to swing his hammer a little quicker in order to get the job done. Fortunately he got the joke as five of his secret service agents didn’t. Projects helping underprivileged children or children with disabilities is always rewarding. Not to mention the work we did in New Orleans for the Hurricane Katrina victims. It makes you realize when humanity gathers together for a cause other than themselves, amazing results can happen.

Q: If you weren't in your current career, what would you be doing and why?


An Australian park ranger. I love nature and animals. I told my grandma that I wanted to be a bush ranger ... “No Karl, that would be a park ranger”. Mind you, it could have gone either way! (For American readers, bush rangers were outlaws in the early years of the British settlement of Australia who had the survival skills necessary to use the Australian bush as a refuge to hide from the authorities.)

Q: If

“I recently hosted a show with Garth Brooks and it was he that gave me faith that you can be just who you are in this industry without having to act like you’re someone else.” — KARL CHAMPLEY

you could teach someone one skill you possess, what would it be?


Just be yourself. We are all very different and unique. Be genuine about it.

Q: Who do you most admire and why?

My son Kai for his intelligence and strength. Fortunately he has my wife’s looks. Actually he has her intelligence as well.

Q: What do you love most about Hollywood and what do you miss most about Australia?


Hollywood can seem a tough place where everyone seems disconnected. Maybe “the world is your oyster” originated in Hollywood. Hollywood can be likened to a rugged, jagged oyster but if you keep prying at it, the pearl will appear”. Hollywood has offered me opportunities I would otherwise not have had. I miss everything about Australia!

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?  

Q: What's next for Karl Champley? A: 2010 will be a busy year. Producing an exciting Australian film

with Jack Thompson and other great Australian actors attached. My thanks goes out to Australians In Film and Ausfilm for assisting me with this wonderful project. Releasing another book mid 2010 with Chronicle Books. Creating two potential television projects. Currently building and filming my own ultra modern house build project here in Los Angeles. But most importantly moving my family in there at the beginning of the year as we have been living in a tight space for a few years now. Followed by a trip back home to recharge the batteries.  


Head down and butt up (you know what I mean). We are not on this planet forever so work hard and give it 100 percent. Believe in yourself and always pursue your own work. Don’t rely solely on agents. Create your own work if you can. Hone your skills and be seen as much as possible. Don’t believe in your on hype. Stay grounded.



Reel Alerts

Nicole to Star in The Danish Girl Nicole Kidman is starring in The Danish Girl, an adaptation of the David Ebershoff novel that tells the story of a relationship between the first post-operative transsexual, Einar Wegener, and his wife Greta. Thomas Alfredson (Let the Right One In) is directing a script by Lucinda Coxon. Gail Mutrux, Anne Harrison and Linda Reisman are producing, along with Kidman and Per Saari.

Ashley Irwin recently arranged and conducted the music for 4 TV spots for the 2010 Winter Olympics at Trackdown Studios, Sydney for Foxtel Australia via production house Fresh Music.

The Best Job in the World

The UK’s Power and New Zealand’s Screentime, both predominantly television companies, have teamed to produce the disaster epic Ice, set in 2020. The film is based on the book by James Follett, directed by the UK’s Nick Copus (The Day Of the Triffids) and stars Australian actors Richard Roxburgh and Frances O’Connor as the scientists at the heart of the story.

Aussie actor Alex Russell has been cast in the US feature Touchback. Australian actor Mitch Ryan, next seen in the HBO miniseries The Pacific, signed on for a recurring role on The CW’s series One Tree Hill, per THR. For the show’s seventh season, Ryan’s character Alexander is a handsome pro surfer-turned business entrepreneur.

National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) have made a deal with Tourism Queensland and Beyond Productions to acquire the upcoming sixpart docu-series Best Job in the World. Ben Southall (pictured below) known as Tourism Queensland's Island Caretaker, will star in the series available on NGCI's Nat Geo Adventure Channel and the National Geographic Channel in 2010. Australian-based Beyond Productions will follow Ben on the job as caretaker during his six month stint.

Sam Worthington will star in the sci-fi movie The Last Days of American Crime. Based on the Rick Remender comic book, it is set in the not–too-distant future. The story involves the US government’s plans to secretly broadcast a signal that makes it impossible for anyone to knowingly commit unlawful acts.

Sarah Wynter has booked a recurring role on the third season of the F/X show DAMAGES opposite fellow Aussie Rose Byrne. Aussie Matt Passmore has been cast in the lead of the A&E pilot SUGARLOAF. Universal Pictures has picked up Desperados, a comedy spec from Ellen Rapoport that will act as a potential starring vehicle for Aussie actress Isla Fisher.

Join us on

Strand Releasing has purchased US rights to Sarah Watts’ Australian film My Year Without Sex.

Radha Mitchell has also been signed to star in the other A&E pilot The Quickening, with John Heard, Jeffrey Nordling and Michael Arden. She plays a homicide detective demoted to a desk job after she's diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Australian film composer Leah Curtis has been nominated for two Hollywood Music Awards: Best Orchestral / Classical Score for The Australia Suite and Best New Composer for the Film Score and Soundtrack for Southwest of Here.

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Baker & Johnson Acquire Breath Simon Baker and Mark Johnson have acquired screen rights to Tim Winton’s award-winning novel Breath. Both will produce, while Baker will play one of the lead roles.  This marks the second collaboration for the pair, who worked together on the CBS legal drama The Guardian, which ran three seasons in 2002-2004. Winton’s highly acclaimed 2008 novel, which recently won Australia’s prestigious Miles Franklin Award, is set in a small town in WA, and chronicles the experiences of two 16 year-old boys who take up surfing under the auspices of an enigmatic surfer, Sando (Baker), and his mysterious wife. This tenuous relationship prompts the boys to test the limits of their courage and recklessness both on the water and off in an attempt to escape their mundane lives. “Winton’s book beautifully captures the

“Winton’s book beautifully captures the excitement and brutality of growing up in a way I've only experienced but have never been able to articulate.” — Simon Baker

Mel Sells Up Mel Gibson and Icon Group business partner, AiF Board of Advisor Bruce Davey have announced the sale of the UK operations of their film and entertainment business to the US-based industrial group, Access Industries. The deal includes Icon’s international sales company, the distribution operation based in the UK, and the Majestic Films & Television library. The LA operation, Icon Productions, will still be owned by Gibson. The UK business will continue to operate under the Icon name but former UK Film Council chairman Stewart Till will be appointed Icon UK’s new CEO as well as an equity holder in the business. “This acquisition is a fantastic first step in our plans to build an international distribution network that will be operational in all the key major territories around the world, including Eastern Europe and Asia,” Till said. Source:

excitement and brutality of growing up in a way I've only experienced but have never been able to articulate,” said Baker. "While Breath is at its heart a coming of age story, I see it primarily as a celebration of teenage anarchy and a youthful rejection of anything that smacks of the ordinary,” Johnson said. “It reminds me of a uniquely Australian version of ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien,’ one of my favorite films of the past dozen years." Baker, who has been surfing since childhood, currently stars in the hit drama The Mentalist. With Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for his television roles, he has also received critical acclaim for his impressive film resume. Johnson, whose credits include Rain Man, The Notebook, and the AMC drama Breaking Bad, is currently in production on the third installment of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader for Fox 2000 and Walden Media.  He also recently wrapped Miramax’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, filmed in Melbourne. Tim Winton is one of Australia’s best-known and most celebrated novelists. He has won the Miles Franklin Award a record four times and been shortlisted twice for the Booker Prize. Philip Noyce is directing the screen adaptation of his 2001 novel Dirt Music. A mini-series based on his iconic novel Cloudstreet, to be directed by Matt Saville, is in pre-production from Screentime.


A HUGE AiF THANKS TO OUR 2009 VOLUNTEERS Greg Cook Courtney Prince Shorty Brown Scott Sorensen Mark Baird Alin Pilkington Suzanne Iselt Gary Iselt John Freeman

Jacqueline Aliss Jennifer Sorensen Sal Morgan Bill Admans Danielle Cooper Melissa Bickerton Melanie Morningstar Steve Newman

Arturo Vasquez Warwick Hutton Amelia Barrett Christine Goddard Alicia Darvall Rebecca Purcell Gemma O’Neill Peter Ritchie Trent Blacket



Dream a Little Dream The 2009 Health Ledger Scholarship got Oliver Ackland to LA and helped him feel the fear and do it any


Now, heʼs taking it all in his stride...

How was acting life for you before the Heath Ledger Scholarship? Well, I moved to London for a year or so ... I needed a new environment. You can feel like your beating your head against a brick wall from time to time. Being over there threw the cat amongst the pigeons so to speak. I didnʼt have to be in a certain place, waiting for the phone, jumping when asked. I had no money, but it was liberating in that way. I came back reinvigorated.

How has the scholarship changed things for you? It got me to LA and kept me there. I guess more people are aware of it than I expected as well. It challenged me and encouraged a kind of fearlessness at once.

What did you most admire about Heath Ledger? Some actors are artists. He was one. Unique and inventive. He went against the grain in this kind of fearless way. What advice would you give to actors who want to give Hollywood a go? Get over there. Get over there with a bit of momentum on your side, whatever that may be. And a drivers licence.

Are there any projects you're working on that you can share? I started work on a film called Wasted On The Young around the same time as the scholarship. Itʼs a love story, itʼs about kids loosing their way, finding their way.

What would be your dream project? I love Fellini, I love Jean-Luc Goddard's Breathless. Working with people who share a unique vision.

How important is it for you to be a member of Australians in Film? You know, theyʼre great. They create this little community in what is a foreign place for a lot of people. They are really supportive as well Iʼve found.

What advice would you give to the 2010 HLS winner? I think whoever it is won't need any advice from me. I could maybe help them with directions.


THEBOOMERANG Photo: Ian and Erick Regnard

Member News Welcome New Members • Sam Cotton • Miyoung Ryu • Alexander Russell • Christopher Watson • Maureen Odea • Patricia Harrison

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For Your Calendar • Decmeber 8: The Imaginairum of Dr Parnassus benefit • Decmeber 9: AiF Members’ Holiday Party • December 17: Avatar screening on the Fox Lot


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November 10, 2009 Australians in Film recently screened The Road, a film from director John Hillcoat and writer Joe Penhall. Based on the 2006 novel of the same name from author Cormac McCarthy, the film stars Guy Pearce, Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee.

FROM ABOVE LEFT The Road writer Joe Penhall and director John Hillcoat. Tommy Cyr, Aif Executive Director Sophie Scarf and Jamie Durie. Joe Penhall, Paula Paizes, John Hillcoat and Jenny Cooney. Guests smile for the Getty Images camera.




FROM ABOVE LEFT Guests mingled before and after the screening Mark Baird and Greg Cook. Guests enjoyed prescreening drinks. Nick Coles and Nathan Bloch. All smiles for the camera. Steve Newman, Jenny Cooney and Chris deCure.


FROM ABOVE LEFT Greg Cook and AiF President Paula Paizes. Steve Cook, Lisa Blackman, Bob Jennings and Sandra Cook. Alex Hartman and Peter Slee.



News A Tweet Job


Quickflix Sponsors Scholarship

G'Day USA Black Tie Dinner will be held on Saturday January 16 at 6 pm at the Renaissance Hotel’s Grand Ballroom, Hollywood and Highland. Top entertainers are set to perform, with Aussie cuisine prepared by popular Australians chefs Curtis Stone and Pete Evans in collaboration celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. A selection of premium Australian Wines will also be served. The event’s 2010 honorees will be Toni Collette and Simon Baker. For details and ticket sales visit

Quickflix will provide 10 finalists in the Heath Ledger Scholarship with 12 month memberships to the service. “As lovers of film we have the utmost respect for Heath’s incredible legacy and amazing talent – we’re headquartered Heath’s home town of Perth Western Australia and everyone here feels a special affinity with him. We feel privileged to be involved in this small way and look forward to a long association with Australians in Film and the HLS for many years to come”, said Quickflix Founder and Executive Director Stephen Langsford. The scholarship will offer talented Australian actors the opportunity in the early stages of their career to travel to the US and further their training and acting opportunities. The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize plus return airfare to the US on QANTAS.

Love to Tweet? Have a penchant for Twittering? If so, Australians in Film would love to chat to you. We are looking for a volunteer to Tweet event updates and items of interest to the Australian film and television communities. All it takes is a couple of minutes every other day to reach out, via Twitter, to our members, friends and fans. If this sounds like the perfect gig for you, please get in touch with AiF Executive Director Sophie Scarf

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A Note from The Boomerang Editor With the December issue of The Boomerang my last, I want to thank everyone at Australians in Film, including its fabulous board and members, for being such great supporters of the newsletter. For me, 2010 will be full of exciting new projects and opportunities. I wish the same for everyone at Australians in Film and look forward to being an avid reader of The Boomerang in the New Year. Happy holidays!

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h elig


The Lovely Bones, (December 11) produced by Carolynne Cunningham, cinematographer Andrew Lesnie, line producer Anne Bruning Avatar (December 18) starring 2009 AiF Breakthrough Award recipient, Sam Worthington Nine (Decemebr 18) starring Nicole Kidman, cinematographer Dion Bebee The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, (December 25) starring Heath Ledger




Australians in Film and Screen Australia proudly presented a screening of Samson and Delilah at the Harmony Gold Theater. The film was introduced by Anthony LaPaglia, with a Q&A afterwards with director Warwick Thornton. Producer Kath Shelper was also a special guest.

November 7, 2009 FROM ABOVE LEFT Anthony LaPaglia, Warwick Thornton, Gia Carides and Kath Shelper. David Lyons and Damon Herriman. Director Warwick Thornton and producer Kath Shelper. AiF’s Andrew Warne, Curtis Hanson and Rebecca Yelham.



News Warwick Thornton’s indigenous drama Samson & Delilah scooped the Kodak Inside Film Awards in Sydney last night, taking home six awards including best feature film. The eleventh annual awards, which are decided by public vote, also saw director Baz Luhrmann honoured with the Living Legend award after his epic Australia took the 2009 box office prize. He becomes the youngest Living Legend, joining other industry standouts such as actor Hugo Weaving, director George Miller and editor Jill Bilcock. Three of the top ten local films of all time – Australia, Moulin Rouge! and Strictly Ballroom – have been directed by Luhrmann. But it was Thornton’s low-budget masterpiece, which also won the Camera d'Or at the Cannes International Film Festival earlier this year, that stole the show. While producer Kath Shelper accepted the award for best picture, Thornton received awards for best direction, best music, and best script. The film’s two lead actors, Rowan McNamara and Marissa Gibson, won awards for best actor and actress. Political thriller Balibo won awards for best sound and editing while drama Beautiful Kate picked up the best cinematography award. Adam Elliot won best production design for his animated feature Mary & Max. The independent spirit award went to the Iranian-shot My Tehran For Sale while producer and director Dominic Allen won the award for rising talent. The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce won best documentary, The Cat Piano won best animation, and Mankind is no Island won best short documentary.

Samson and Delilah actor Rowan McNamara (left) and director Warwick Thornton arrive at the 2009 IF (Inside Film) Awards at Luna Park, Sydney. Photo: SMH • The Resolution Design Independent Spirit IF Award My Tehran For Sale – Director: Granaz Moussavi Producers, Julie Ryan, Kate Croser, Granaz Moussavi   • The EFilm IF Award for Rising Talent    Dominic Allen    • The Holding Redlich IF Award for Best Short Film    Ralph – Director Deborah Mailman, Producers Jessie Mangum and Kylie Du Fresne    • The Autodesk IF Award for Best Animation    The Cat Piano – Directors Eddie White & Ari Gibson, Producer Jessica Brentnall    • The Production Book IF Award for Best Short Documentary    Mankind is No Island – Jason Van Genderen    • The FACB IF Award for Best Documentary   The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce – Michael James Rowland, Producer Nial Fulton    • The Chaotic Pictures IF Award for Best Music Video    Sway Sway Baby – Short Stack – Dan Reisinger    • The Cutting Edge IF Award for Box Office Achievement    Australia – Baz Luhrmann, G.Mac Brown and Catherine Knapman    • The Kodak Living Legend IF Award   Baz Luhrmann    • The TDC IF Award for Best Film Festival Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival

And the Winners Are... • The SHOWTIME IF Award for Best Feature Film Samson & Delilah – Warwick Kath Shelper   • The TIME OUT IF Award for Best Actor Rowan McNamara – Samson & Delilah    • The IF Award for Best Actress Marissa Gibson – Samson & Delilah    • The Jameson IF Award for Best Script Samson & Delilah – Warwick Thornton    • The Dinosaur Design IF Award for Best Music Samson & Delilah – Warwick Thornton    • The National Film & Sound Archive IF Award for Best Direction   Samson & Delilah – Warwick Thornton  • The Zig Zag Lane IF Award for Best Sound    Balibo – Sam Petty, Emma Bortignon, Phil Heywood, Ann Aucote    • The AVID IF Award for Best Editing Balibo – Nick Meyers    • The Dyson IF Award for Best Production Design Mary & Max – Adam Elliot    • The Sony IF Award for Best Cinematography   Beautiful Kate – Andrew Commis   


Story source: Brendan Swift, Inside Film magazine


In the News QUICKFLIX Headlines around the world carried news of Australians in Film’s advance screening of the much-awaited The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, as well as the Heath Ledger Scholarship. Here are some highlights...











Curtain Call AiF Ambassadors Gillian Armstrong Simon Baker Eric Bana Cate Blanchett Bryan Brown Rose Byrne Toni Collette Abbie Cornish Russell Crowe Roger Donaldson Deborra Lee Furness Melissa George Mel Gibson Rachel Griffiths Scott Hicks Barry Humphries Hugh Jackman Nicole Kidman Anthony Lapaglia Baz Luhrmann Robert Luketic Jacqueline McKenzie Julian McMahon George Miller Kylie Minogue Radha Mitchell Poppy Montgomery Olivia Newton-John Phillip Noyce Frances O’Connor Miranda Otto Guy Pearce Richard Roxburgh Geoffrey Rush Fred Schepisi Naomi Watts Hugo Weaving David Wenham Sarah Winter

AiF Board of Advisors

Australians in Film proudly sponsored by:

Kym Barrett Stuart Beattie Greg Coote Bruce Davey Richard Francis-Bruce Dean Semler

Cedar Boys

AiF members and guests enjoyed the Cedar Boys screening at the Harmony Gold Theater last month. A Q&A followed with Serhat Caradee, Les Chantery and Bren Foster. CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT David Pratt, Susie Dobson, Les Chantery, Bren Foster, Rob Marsala, Serhat Caradee and Andrew Warne. Les 19 Serhat Caradee, Ursula Brooks and Bren Foster. Chantery,

November 4, 2009


The Boomerang December 2009  

The Imaginarium of Doctor Pernassus benefit

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