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First Year

GUIDE 2018

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About this Guide

Dear First Years, First of all, congratulations on starting your new course! The Australian Dental Students' Association (ADSA) warmly welcomes you into the ADSA community! You must be excited to begin your dental degree, and this Guide to First Year has been prepared by the ADSA team to welcome you into your course and help to make the transition into school life as easy as possible, whether you are starting a new course or entering university for the first time. Within these pages, you will find a brief introduction of the various initiatives and events the ADSA has organised for this year to help you get the most out of university life. These resources will hopefully be helpful not only this year, but all throughout your university degree and into the workforce too. Your local ADSA representative (see page 6), has also provided tips and tricks on making the most of the year ahead, and links to helpful resources. I strongly encourage you to get to know them further, as they will be your first point of contact for anything ADSA related. To keep up to date, the first thing I would suggest is to follow the ADSA's media outlets, and sign up to the ADSA mailing list at https:// This will allow you to get involved with both the academic and social events ADSA has prepared for you for this year, including the National Convention in July, ADSA Talks, volunteering opportunities, scholarships and countless other community events such as the blood drive and R U OK? Day. Best of luck for this year, and may the beginning of your journey through dental school be both memorable and enjoyable. Make sure to keep smiling!

Terence LaU Publications Officer Australian Dental Students' Association

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Welcome ADSA President’s

Congratulations on entering a new and exciting chapter of your life as a dental student! Undoubtedly, for many of you, the road to becoming a dental student would have been a long and hard one. And I could only wish I could tell you that isn't the case for the journey upon which you are about to embark, but unfortunately that would not be true. There will probably be more than a few late nights and a few too many cups of coffee, but it definitely isn't all doom and gloom! As a dental student, you are automatically a member of the Australian Dental Students' Association (ADSA), and our purpose is to support you through your rewarding journey of self-growth and maturation into dental professionals. The ADSA aims to accomplish this by working closely with and complementing your local dental student society to provide a range of additional resources and fantastic opportunities. We run numerous nationwide events throughout the year that help to unite the dental professionals of the future, with our biggest event this year being the Annual Dental Students' Convention to be held in Perth. Come and join hundreds of students from across Australia for a week that you will not forget! I hope that the following pages can explain exactly how the ADSA team is working hard to look after you. And to kick-start the relationship between you and the ADSA, we hope you will be able to find some value in the words of wisdom kindly provided by your friendly local ADSA representative. Make 2018 your year - get involved and get excited for your first crazy year as a dental student!

Jeffrey Ding ADSA President


A welcome from

Welcome to the dynamic, growing profession of dentistry. As you begin your studies and take your first steps along what I hope will be a professionally and personally fulfilling lifelong journey, you should be encouraged by the fact that this is a great time to be a part of the dental profession. Impressive clinical advances are an almost weekly occurrence as we learn more and more about how critically important oral health is to everyone's overall health, and how preventative care can make a profound difference to treatment options down the track or even the need for them at all. Whether you end up working in a private or public setting, the growth in available treatment options is exciting with new technology allowing you to learn about and use them, even if you're on the other side of the world. The environment in which the profession operates is changing too. While there are a host of challenges already here and coming our way, there are some major changes for the better too. As your professional body, the Australian Dental Association is working hard to create a fairer and more equitable environment for you to work in, and in which your patients can be treated. Membership of the ADA is free for students and we've love you to join us in our efforts, and also to take advantage of the huge number of resources we provide to members. You can find out everything you need to know about joining by going to Once again, welcome aboard and enjoy the learning ahead!

Hugo Sachs Dr Hugo Sachs ADA President



The Australian Dental Students' Association (ADSA) is the only national body representing and connecting dental, oral health and dental hygiene students from over 13 different universities around Australia and New Zealand. O u r go a l s are t o f ac i l it at e c ommu n ic at ion and camaraderie between dental schools and dental students, advocate for the interests and welfare of dental students, and promote positive changes in dental education. Here are some of the ways ADSA can help you through your journey through dentistry:

ACADEMIC ADSA Talks ADSA Convention Resources

SOCIAL ADSA Convention Cruise Competitions OPPORTUNITY Volunteering Scolarships Awards Community Blood Drive World Oral Health Day R U OK Day? Teddy Bear Dentist Advocacy

So what are you waiting for?

`NEWS Articulate First Year Booklets Graduate Booklet

Get involved at


Team Meet the

Committee members are derived from each of the representing schools and their student societies to provide input and representation of students in their respective schools. The Committee always strive to obtain balance and understanding and cater for students from all participating universities.

Executive Committee

Jeffrey Ding


President La Trobe University

Vice President University of Queensland

"Innovation will allow ADSA to expand "Building bridges interstate before we and provide a greater reach for dental, graduate encourages increased sense of oral health and dental hygiene students community in the profession." nationwide."


Sheryl George Secretary La Trobe University

Aran Ravishanker Treasurer Charles Sturt University

"The progressive diversity of the dental and oral health profession affords us the opportunity to represent and serve the entire community."

"As ADSA's reach grows year after year, in turn ADSA will be adapting to offer more opportunities for students to network, and learn about the professional world."

Nicole Contemplacion Immediate Past President Charles Sturt University "An experienced eye ensures that the progress ADSA made does not crumble."

General Committee

Phillip Nguyen Media Officer La Trobe University

Terence Lau Publications Officer La Trobe University

Jennifer Tran Sponsorship Officer La Trobe University

Alinda Lee Oral Health Officer University of Melbourne

William Hong Website Officer University of Melbourne

Siva Prakash Community Officer La Trobe University

Lina Zhou Design Officer University of Queensland

Jonathan Nguyen Education Officer Charles Sturt University

Hannah Kim Rural Officer Charles Sturt University


Representative your own University

To ensure that you are up to date with how ADSA can help you, we have a dedicated on-campus representative at every school. Have your queries answered by your ADSA University Representative today!

University of Melbourne Thea Pabustan

University of Queensland Calvin Kim

university of sydney Priyangkha Alegesam

University of Western Australia Emma Turner

University of Newcastle Queenie Pang

University of Adelaide Catherine Chen

Griffith University Chrishan Fernando

Central Queensland University Samantha Lee Barbeler

James Cook University Ryan Wong

Charles Stuart University Rogina Torabi


La Trobe University Raveena Mapa

Getting Through First Year

Tips For Success From Your Uni Reps

University of Adelaide Catherine has put together a couple of tips to help you survive not just First Year, but all of Dental School: 1. Join the AUDSS – The student society runs heaps of social events e.g. camp, Freshers BBQ (for you guys), pub crawls and an annual Ball which are all great for meeting new friends and getting involved. Their Student Affairs team also run group study sessions, so make sure you stay up-to-date with the Facebook group. 2. Make friends with people in dentistry and outside of dentistry – Through AUDSS, make sure to meet those in the years above you as they have gone through what you are about to experience and have invaluable advice and sometimes even materials. Also, remember to make friends outside of dentistry as they can bring so many other experiences and remind you to have a life outside of the dental school. 3. Make sure you keep a balance – Attend your lectures and do the work required but also set time aside for fun with your friends and doing hobbies you love - it will keep you sane. 4. Take some time to explore Adelaide – Most of you are probably not from Adelaide, so put some time aside to explore what this gorgeous city has to offer. The food and coffee culture is alive and well in streets like Ebenezer Place and down Rundle Mall. A little further out is the must-see Kangaroo Island and the stunning wineries of the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale. 5. Don’t be afraid to ask – If you’re unsure or feeling overwhelmed, remember that your friends in the upper years will usually have great advice to give, as well as the professors and staff from the dental school who are on your side and are there to make sure you can achieve your best.


Getting Through First Year

Tips For Success From Your Uni Reps

Charles Sturt University 1. Make the most of OWeek and the first few weeks of classes! Get to know everyone in your year group as well as those in the years above you, including those who are studying other degrees. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and get outside of your comfort zone. Orange is a small but social campus, so feel free to make friends with those in your classes, your dorm and around campus. 2. Use the first few weeks to not only socialise, but also start preparing for the year ahead. It’s never too early to be organised! Use the Interact2 site to find all of the due dates for your exams, assignments, etc. and mark them down in a calendar or planner. This will help you set up a study schedule and prevent last-minute stress! 3. Get involved in club events, such as those hosted by the SDA (Student Dental Association), OSRC (Orange Student Representative Committee) and CAC (Creative Arts Club). Examples of such events include the 2018 SDA Wine Mixer and Dentistry Commencement Ball. There are also a number of other clubs available to join on Clubs Day. 4. Explore Orange! The town may be small but it’s packed with shops, cafes, restaurants and wineries. Other places to visit in Orange include Mount Canobolas, Federal Falls and the Ophir Reserve, just to name a few. Surrounding towns such as Bathurst and Dubbo may also be of interest to explore. 5. Enjoy your time studying dentistry and make the most of it! The degree only lasts for 5 years and before you know it you’ll be graduating, so always remember to slow down, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the moment while it lasts! CSU OSRC CSU SDA CSU Textbook Exchange


Getting Through First Year Griffith University

Tips For Success

1. Join GUDSA!! Dentistry is challenging, but it is important to find From Your Uni Reps a good social and academic balance. There are plenty of social and academic events run by the Griffith University Dental Students Association (GUDSA) to make the most of your time here at Griffith. These include: the Annual GUDSA Dental Ball, prestigious academic lectures and a variety of sports events exclusive to members only! Attending events held our friendly student society is also a great way to make friends across all years. Be sure to join the 1st year Facebook Group as well! 2. Discover what the Gold Coast has to offer! From the Commonwealth Games to Moonlight Markets, the Gold Coast has plenty of activities and opportunities for when you need some time to destress and unwind from all that drilling and filling. Examples include board riding at Surfer’s Paradise, shopping at Pacific Fair, Dreamworld and so much more!! 3. Look after yourself (especially during exam time). Not everyone’s journey to becoming a Dentist is an easy one. Thankfully, there are plenty of support services run by the School of Dentistry and the Student Guild (found in the links), which will help you along the way! During exams, however, be sure to find time to relax and destress; go for a run, catch up with some mates or even watch that final episode of Stranger Things that you have been dying to watch – anything to refresh your mind from studying! 4. (Try to) Be Organised! Even though it can be tedious at times, try to review you lecture notes from time to time. If you can’t get your head around certain concepts, contact your Course Convenor; they are your best source of wisdom and will give you the opportunity to cover anything you might miss from the lectures. Alternatively, you could form a small group of friends over a quick coffee, to cover a topic you are unsure aboutthat way everyone benefits their understanding and learning of the content! If you need to buy textbooks (and dental equipment), check out the GUDSA Marketplace Facebook Page. 5. Understand content, try not rote learn! A common piece of advice from all years is to understand the content, as opposed to learn from primarily memorisation. Try and link concepts to previous content and how they may be applied in a clinical context. Learning in this manner will help you memorise and engage with the content better. Official Griffith Uni Dent Page GUDSA Facebook Page GUDSA Marketplace Page Facebook Group for First Years (IMPORTANT) Discover Gold Coast (Thing to do/Places to see)


Getting Through First Year

Tips For Success From Your Uni Reps

James Cook University 1. Study Tips for 1st Year Courses - Try to stay on top of the material. You don’t have to necessarily memorize the information but be familiar with it and organize it into notes so it is easier to study when midterm tests and exams come around. It is very easy to fall behind. Form study groups to review material on the weekend. Set Realistic weekly goals. Make summary notes with key points especially for anatomy and chemistry. Go into the anatomy lab during the extra hours to familiarize yourself with the specimens. There is also tutoring available from upper years to help you in subjects you may find difficult. 2. Talk to Upper Years - They have a wealth of knowledge. They can give suggestions what to focus on for tests, effective ways to study, how to approach certain tasks in simulation clinics. They have all gone through 1st year and have experienced the same struggles and problems that you may come across. Don’t be scared to talk with us. We don’t bite much ;) 3. Don’t be too hard on yourself - University is a step up from high school. There is a big transition from living with your parents in high school to living off on your own in university. You will definitely have more responsibility but at the same time also a lot of freedom. You will come across a new of new challenges along the way, but that’s ok. Your fellow students are in the same boat as you. Keep your head up high and don’t give up! Talk with your friends and seek out advice from professors. We are all here to help. Remember, you have already overcome one of the big hurdles: Getting into Dentistry! 4. Balanced LifestylE - University Life is not just about studying all the time. Remember to take breaks! There’s time to work, but also a time to play. There are many things you can do. Go out with friends and have a night out in the city! Join a gym and start exercising! Even as simple as picking up a book and reading! Just remember to balance your time between studying and your social activities. 5. Explore Cairns - Yes you are in Cairns to study Dentistry but that shouldn’t hold you back from seeing what Cairns has to offer. There’s a reason why heaps of backpackers and tourists come to Cairns. There’s the Great Barrier Reef to chasing waterfalls to visiting the Koala Sanctuary in Kuranda and much much more! Cairns is yours to discover!


Getting Through First Year

Tips For Success From Your Uni Reps

LaTRobe University 1. Work in groups - Study groups aren’t the only study method but it’s a good one, especially in uni! There’s a lot of content to cover and sometimes it can feel overwhelming to do it all yourself. Covering the content in groups, whether it’s by splitting the note-taking or just testing each other, is a fun and efficient way to learn. 2. Talk to upper year students - The advice that your senior students give is priceless. They’ve lived through it all so they know what they’re talking about. BOHDS usually compiles general first year and subject advice passed on from upper year students so I recommend giving this a read! Upper year students will most likely have pdf versions of the textbooks you’ll need and if they’re extra friendly, they might even give you notes and other invaluable resources. 3. Join your student society - Joining your student society and attending as many events as possible is the perfect way to network and meet students in your cohort as well as forming connections with students from other cohorts. Your student society will be one off the biggest support systems for you academically by providing help sessions as well as opportunity for leadership and extra-curricular activities such as sport and volunteering. 4. Balance - Dentistry/Oral Health degrees obviously require a lot of study and hard work but spending every moment outside of class in the library isn’t the solution. Finding balance is important and having some down time can help to manage stress. Continuing your hobbies and socialising will help prevent burnout. 5. Be organised - Stay up to date with note-taking and don’t depend on SWOTVAC to catch up on a semester’s worth of material. There are some subjects which can be easily crammed but others require consistent work throughout the semester, so know which these are. BOHDS BOHDS 2nd Hand Exchange and ForuM


Getting Through First Year

Tips For Success From Your Uni Reps

University OF Melbourne 1. Be resilient. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t get positive feedback at thestart. Take these as a motivation to improve, you’re here to learn after all! 2. Be organised. Always be aware of due dates, whether these are for equipment ordering or assessment submissions. It’s handy to have reminder pop-ups on your phone/laptop, or even a diary to make sure you don’t miss anything! 3. Teamwork. Remember that it’s not a competition - you are here to help each other survive the upcoming years. The workload in dental school can be tough and splitting up the work with a study group or the whole class really helps to ease the stress. Sharing notes is also a good idea, just remember to always return the favour. 4. Maintain balance. Studying full time can be overwhelming if you don’t allow yourself time to relax or incorporate other activities outside of dentistry. Make sure to eat well, stay active, and get enough sleep. You can also pick up a hobby such as playing an instrument, painting/drawing etc - these may also help improve your manual dexterity as a bonus! 5. Make the most of it . You’re only in dental school for a few years and time really does go by quickly! Remember to socialize and build a strong network with your colleagues and mentors. Take opportunities and most importantly.. have fun! You got this, good luck! Melbourne Dentistry ( Textbook and equipment exchanges are also through this page)


Getting Through First Year

Tips For Success From Your Uni Reps

University of Quuensland 1. Always remember that you’re not doing this alone. If you’re confused about something, chances are that someone else is also confused, so don’t shy away from voicing your concerns. 2. Sign up for UQDSA (University of Queensland Dental Students Association) and look out for the amazing academic, sports and social events that they organise. Member benefits include discounts for various businesses across Brisbane, discounted entry to UQDSA events and subsidised equipment such as lab coats and safety glasses. Get to know your peers in other years, they can be great men3. tors and can provide insights and tips for your journey through dentistry. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself when you’re schedule frees up, 4. if you’re new to Brisbane you’ll find that there’s heaps of places to check out. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a road trip up to Noosa for endless beaches and beautiful scenery. If you’re a thrill seeker, the Gold Coast is home to 4 huge theme parks. Party animals will feel right at home in Fortitude Valley (5 minutes from Herston), which is where you’ll find the right bar/club that floats your boat. Your patience and persistence will be tested, dentistry is a long 5. degree and it’s not going to be all smooth sailing, stay focused and never give up! There’s light at the end of the tunnel. UQDSA Facebook UQDSA Marketplace UQ Textbook Exchange


Getting Through First Year

Tips For Success

University OF sYDNEY From Your Uni Reps I’ve obtained comments from 5 current dental students. Please quote them and include their name and position (if present). a) Amarah Tasneem Sana, DMD2 StudenT: “The meaning of procrastination changes. It is no longer ‘I studied for all my courses two days before my exam and got 90+’. It is now ‘Holy moley, I started a week before my exam and I might not even pass’. Procrastinate at your own risk.” b) Zilvia Cheng, DMD2 Social Rep: “Eat well and exercise well. Easier said than done, I know, but healthy lifestyle habits help your body and mind be able to keep up with the taxing requirements of dental school. Don’t use ‘too much work’ as an excuse, because you’re actually decreasing your productivity. To pursue a career in healthcare, don’t forget to take care of your own.” c) Lorynn Westad, DMD3 Student and 2017 ADSA Rep: “Be humble, open minded, and seek/accept knowledge from your mentors. There are some amazing minds including tutors, professors, qualified dentists, and even upper year students- who want nothing more than to discuss their knowledge with you. Particularly remember this when you make mistakes, which everyone does; but what will set you apart as a developing professional is how you react and what you learn from these mistakes. When it happens don’t get upset and condemn yourself, but instead use it as a learning opportunity: ask questions, learn, accept advice, recognise your errors, listen to your mentors, and discuss ideas with your colleagues. There are many challenging situations you will encounter in the dental profession; whatever the circumstance, be rational and positive when confronting it, and use your resources to learn from it in a proactive way. If you take care of yourself, intellectually and personally; you can be confident that you are providing the best possible care for your patients.” d) Ben Ross, DMD4 Student and SUDA President: “Maintain your social life. Dental School is stressful - you’re going to need to break it up with other things in your life.” e) Ivy Nguyen, BOH3 Student: “Practice makes perfect! As an oral health student, you will practise and perform many procedures that are intricate and detail sensitive. Remember that perseverance is key and to take things one step at a time” USYD Dentistry Buy/Sell page DMD Class of 2021 International Students page


DMD Class of 2021 page



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19-23 FEB, 26 FEB - 02 MAR

ADSA @ O-Week • Meet your university representative. • Free merchandise. • Opportunity to join ADSA's exclusive mailing • list. Release of ADSA's first year booklet and O-week video. • Enter our photo competition.

Events Upcoming

01-07 AUG

Dental Health Week

• Australia's biggest dental event. • Join dentists, oral health and hygiene professionals in promoting oral health.

20 MAR

World Oral Health Day • Learn about how you can contribute to the international effort. • Keep an eye out for volunteering opportunities.

02-08 SEP

Wellness Week • Check in on your mental, physical and emotional health.

ADSA Blood Drive (Tertiary Blood Challenge)

13 SEP

R U OK? Day • Check up on your mate. • Learn about what services are available. • Help tackle one of the biggest problems in the profession.

01 - 06 JUL

04-08 DEC

ADSA Convention • Join ADSA's biggest social and academic event. • See page 9 for details.

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12 MAR - 03 JUN

• Universities compete head to head to claim this year's trophy. • Free food for the winners.

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ADSA Cruise • Join us in the end of year celebration that is sailing away to the Whitsundays

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Volunteering opportunities + ADSA Talks • Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list, follow our social media and check out our website. • Tune into seminars on topics not taught at school. • Learn about specialisation, scope of practice, setting up for graduation and business management.

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Where do you find industry professionals speaking about what they don't teach you at school? How about in the comfort of your own home? Welcome to ADSA Talks. ADSA Talks began in 2017 with immense success. As the brainchild of ADSA's Education Portfolio, respective student societies and our sponsors, ADSA Talks brings some of the most sought-out speakers to talk about their area of expertise. Naturally, topics are useful in the 'real world' but just aren't taught in class. Check out some of the topics from last year's ADSA Talks: ENDODONTICS

Periodontal & Systemic Disease

Dr Omar Ikram shares some tips on how to manage and predict the outcomes of one of the most difficult fields of dentistry.

Dr Michaela von Geijer explains how a disease of the mouth can be linked with systemic diseases and how you can take advantage of the link in diagnosis and treatment.

Dental Legal Risk & Business Principles for New Graduates

Fibre Reinforced Composites & Dental Materials

Dr Brad Wright discusses the legal principles that concern you and how to protect yourself. He also shares his tips on buying and managing a dental business.

Professor Ian Meyers takes some of the most commonly used restorative materials beyond what school may teach.

This year ADSA Talks wants to expand its focus to topics more relevant to oral health and dental hygiene. If you have topics that you want to hear about, get in touch with our Education Officer, Jonathan Nguyen at ADSA Talks is an all year program, allowing you to watch a live stream from your computer. What are you waiting for? For more details, check out members/adsatalks


Convention ADSA

01 - 06 July

ADSA Convention is coming to Perth in July 2018! Complete with an entire day of handson workshop learning and interactive team challenges, the rich academic schedule delivered by the University of Western Australia's specialist lecturers will be complemented by showcasing a range of dental companies at the tradeshow, opportunities for professional networking and social events that will allow both dental and oral health students to forge life-long friendships and alliances with dental, oral health and hygiene professionalsto-be from all over Australia, while also showcasing some of Western Australia's gems.

Between 1 and 6 July, we have arranged 6 nights of 5-star luxury accommodation at the Perth's Hyatt Regency and organised a range of social activities, including a cruise along the Swan River, visits to some of Perth's hottest night spots, a tour the Swan Valley food and wine region and, finally, the much-anticipated gala ball. Stay tuned for more details, as the Convention Facebook event will be launched in late March, with ticket sales soon to follow.


Resources USEFUL

Whether you are fresh from high school, returning from a gap year or a transfer from another course, you will find ADSA's collated directory of resources a fantastic starting point. We hope these will help you with your research, study or general reading pleasure.

ADSA Website The ADSA website has undergone a major revamp, allowing you to navigate our extensive resources with ease. Check out events, scholarships, volunteering or work opportunities, news and plenty more!

Therapeutic Guidelines Imagine a clean, widely used summary of the major elements of patient treatment. This handy guide is a fantastic supplement to your study notes.

General Dentistry Glossary and Concepts Create your own flash cards or The Dental Trauma access a library of publicly Guide available flash cards! Learn better by doing more than reading? This is an interactive guide for the treatment of dental traumas. ADA national library A comprehensive resource including with the most up to date articles and research on Your University! all things dentistry. Access is As a student, you have access to your complimentary of the ADA's university's own extensive online and generous offer of free paper library. Find anything from membership to all students. editorials to journal articles. Additionally, every university offers Library support services, including counselling. Check with your university student society or ADSA Representative for more information.


Organizations Related

You may encounter a range of unfamiliar acronyms of important organisations affecting you. We have tried to summarise the major organisations concerning oral health therapists and dental hygienists below.

Australian Dental & Oral Health Therapists' Association (ADOHTA) ADOHTA is one of the national representative bodies for oral health therapists and dental hygienists. They are focused on growing the profession by providing a platform for resources, job boards and advocacy. something.

Dental Board of Australia The Dental Board is the registration arm of the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) that allows oral health therapists and dental hygienists to practice in Australia. As a student, you are also registered! The Dental Board accredits courses, investigates complaints and holds disciplinary hearings.

Dental Hygienists' Association of Australia (DHAA) DHAA is the other peak representative body for oral health therapists and dental hygienists. Similar to ADOHTA, they provide resources, work opportunities and a professional network.

Australian Dental Council (ADC) The ADC advises the Dental Board of Australia whether your program of study should allow you to later be registered as an oral health therapist or dental hygienist.

Australian Dental Association (ADA) The ADA is the representative body for the dental profession. Their website contains an extensive library of resources, contemporary news and a job board for members.


A Peek

Check out what ADSA did in 2017. Get ready for 2018!


23 – 25 March 2018


DENTAL EVENT SEE MORE • B UY MORE • LEARN MORE Over 450 booths showcasing the latest dental products and technology.










NEW LOCATION International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour

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ADSA First Year Booklet 2018  
ADSA First Year Booklet 2018