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Principal’s Welcome When Kaela joined Australian Christian College a few years ago, she lacked confidence. She had fallen about 3 year levels behind in literacy, and her numeracy skills were practically non existent. Her limited reading skills were also having a negative impact on her numeracy skills. It was a vicious circle. No wonder her self-confidence was suffering. Kaela’s teachers used the evidence from our diagnostic testing and immediately developed an individual learning plan to improve her academic skills. A couple of years later and Kaela is passing every subject at her year level. Her improvement has been remarkable. Kaela’s newfound confidence has seen her improve in all her school subjects. She has also taken on leadership roles at school and speaks confidently in front of adults and peers at functions.

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Kaela is just one of many student transformations I have had the privilege to witness here. I am thankful for the opportunity to be Principal of Australian Christian College.

(Philippians 3:13-14)

Student transformations are happening every day. The learning environment has been purposefully designed to allow each student to progress along their learning journey. We expect students to be constantly improving regardless of their starting point and each student’s academic growth is carefully monitored. Australian Christian College, as the name suggests, is a Christian school. Christian values are woven into the fabric of the school through a biblically consistent learning program, Christian teachers, regular prayer and weekly chapel services. It is our vision to build a Christian foundation in the life of every student. As a ‘low-fee’ private school, we aren’t only interested in student grades. We also want to nurture a student’s spiritual wellbeing as well as their character. A common sentiment expressed by many parents is the school’s caring atmosphere. Teachers and students treat each other with respect. You can feel assured that your child will be safe and cared for as part of our harmonious and cooperative community. Australian Christian College is a dynamic school in a dynamic world. This is not only reflected in the large building program, but in the integration of technology into learning through programs such STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and Passion Projects. I invite you to visit the campus and experience the school in action.

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making progress every day Using Amazing Technology

Encouraging Personal Bests

You will see technology everywhere at our school because we believe that technology is changing how we live and work.

You will be amazed what your child can achieve when he or she is engaged in learning every day.

We want to give our students every advantage as they study and then move into employment. Future work will require an even greater understanding of technology than we use today. In practical terms, students need to bring their own iPad or MacBook to school every day. Students take responsibility for their own device in the same way that you would take care of your own mobile phone or laptop. We honour your commitment to your children’s digital future by providing meaningful ways to learn through technology. We teach basic skills like typing and advanced skills like programming, movie making and graphic design. We do a lot of work in the background to keep everything running smoothly and safely. Students access the web via a high speed fibre-optic connection, which allows access to our integrated learning platform. Student internet access is protected with content filters to ensure exposure to appropriate websites only. Each classroom also has an interactive smartboard or multimedia TV.

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Students join ACC with diverse academic abilities. Some are already achieving high standards, and others are struggling. Some students even need a program designed for their special needs. It’s not where your child starts their learning journey that counts - it’s where they finish. Our students aren’t defined by where they begin, because students develop at different rates. Our focus is on students striving to achieve their personal best. This delivers improved academic results and builds self-esteem. If your son or daughter is currently achieving ‘D’ grades, we don’t define them as a ‘D-student’. His or her current grade is only relevant as a starting point upon which to build. When each student is treated individually, and evidence is collected to monitor their progress and then discussed with the child and parent, every student can strive to achieve their personal best!

Primary School In Primary School, the academic focus is on ensuring students are competent in the critical skills of literacy and numeracy. If a solid foundation is laid at this early stage of their schooling, then ‘learning gaps’ will not develop and prohibit their ability to thrive in later years. At the beginning of the school year, we test the students to assess their starting point. This ensures we develop an Individualised Educational Plan (IEP) that isn’t too hard, nor too easy. Our students are stretched but not overwhelmed. During the year, the teacher coaches the student to improve in the key learning areas. This coaching includes a range of methods, such as individual instruction, peer tutoring, group work, instructional videos, assessment tasks, etc. The teacher is alongside the student, cheering them on to success. We closely monitor student progress throughout the year with a mid year checkpoint. This prevents students from ‘flying under the radar’ and not progressing. One year’s worth of school should deliver one year’s worth of learning. Finally, the school year wraps up with assessing how far students have progressed since the year’s beginning. Instead of students comparing their results with other students, we encourage students to consider their own progress. A great experience in the first years of schooling can make all the difference as a child develops. For this reason, our Primary School team works hard to create a warm and nurturing environment for the students. Starting at Prep, primary students integrate technology into all their subjects. We encourage students to use technology as they learn. But primary life is not all academic study and technology. Our Early Years students are involved in ‘Move to Learn’, Physical Education, excursions and camp programs to build their physical skills and coordination which are critical to student learning and development. The greatest help to primary student learning is the relationship that is built between teacher and student. We are proud of the way our primary teachers build a caring and loving relationship with their students and families.

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Middle School Our Middle School program is for students in Years 7 to 9. This is a period in life where ‘relationships’ become more important to children. They are exploring friendship groups and testing boundaries (even with parents). Bringing this age group together enables educational programs, such as group work and Passion Projects that incorporate and show students how to build successful relationships. The Middle School program encourages students to develop their God-given gifts. This program includes challengebased and enquiry learning to encourage students to ask big questions and take ownership of their learning. The academic program includes opportunities for learning in Maths, English, Science, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), Christian Living, Information and Communication Technology, History, Visual Art, Community Outreach, Drama, Business Studies, Health and Physical Education, Visual Art, Sport and Music. Students are encouraged to participate in leadership training and opportunities including Middle School Leaders, Digital Leaders, Assembly and Chapel Leadership, and Peer Support Leaders. Lunchtime activities enable Middle School students to explore other academic, social and sporting events and include ball games in our purpose built sports hall, interhouse competitions, instrumental music and choir, reading clubs, debating, technology with gaming and cartooning as well as robotics. All students are involved in a Passion Project that is one afternoon each week. This involves students applying their knowledge and school learning to an area they are passionate about. It can include anything from designing and then creating fashion wear, building a bookshelf, developing a computer game to taking part in the global F1 racing car challenge. Students are shown the wider world through excursions to science and technology venues and companies, as well as meeting with speakers and entrepreneurs from society. Exposure to this comprehensive program during Middle School will ensure your child is well prepared for Senior School.

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Senior School When students enter Senior School at Year 10 the focus moves to advanced competencies in readiness for post-school life. At this formative time of life, students have the opportunity to consider career paths and tertiary destinations. A full-time Guidance Officer helps each student, along with their family, plot out a pathway based upon their interests and Godgiven abilities. The Senior School is able to offer a broad range of senior subjects due to our online program. The following courses are an example only: Year 10: English, Christian Living, Personal and Study Skills, Sport, General Mathematics,Mathematical Methods (core subjects) and electives: Biology, Business, Chemistry, Design, Film Television and New Media, Hospitality Practices, Legal Studies, Modern History, Music, Physics, Psychology and Visual Arts. All Year 10 electives are based on the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s new syllabuses as a lead in to the subjects that students will be studying in their final two years of Secondary School. The opportunity to explore their choice of subjects at Year 10, is a great way to help students make wise choices in their final subject selections. Years 11 -12: Ancient History, Biology, Business Communication Technology, Chemistry, English, English Communications, Information Technology Systems, Legal Studies, Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Physical Education, Physics, Prevocational Mathematics, Recreation, Social and Community Studies, Visual Arts and Visual Arts in Practice. Please refer to our website for current course offerings. As a growing school, we will be adding more courses as demand requires. Many students also undertake additional university and VET subjects that are available through third party providers. The preferred day for these studies is Wednesday when senior students are not required at school and can undertake TAFE courses or study at home.

In Senior School our curriculum and teacher support is built around a Learning Management System where students can access lessons and instructional videos of lessons, techniques and skills from home or on campus. This provides the opportunity for students to re-learn or revise a lesson or concept, as well as provide more time for one-on-one with a teacher when help is needed. Not only do our senior students benefit in their QCE studies but it prepares them for the type of teaching and learning now used in tertiary institutions. Senior students have many sporting options and sporting leadership roles available to them. Traditional sports are supplemented with more recreational sports such as bowling and golf. Students may also opt for extra study at home rather than a school based sport. Training to be a leader is a key part of our Senior School. Many leadership roles are available including Prefects, House Captains, Peer Support Leaders, Technology leaders and leading assemblies. Our senior students are involved in mentoring younger students, community work, running lunchtime activities as well as raising money for community causes. A mission trip to an Aboriginal Community in the Northern Territory, and another for Year 12 students to Cambodia show our senior students a wider perspective on life and help them understand the real meaning of Christian service. In Senior School, every student is encouraged to be their best, to be responsible for their behaviour and learning, and to think beyond the present in readiness for the challenges and opportunities of life after school.

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SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT At Australian Christian College our approach to laying a biblical foundation in every student is one of enquiry. The school does not indoctrinate students. The Christian faith is based on historical events and documented evidence. Students are encouraged to investigate the facts. The school provides a framework that encourages students to think about their beliefs and to ask challenging questions. As a community of Christian educators, we are committed to walking alongside our students as they experience life’s highs and lows, and in doing so demonstrate Christ’s love and grace. When we use the term ‘Christian’ we refer to the accounts of Jesus Christ found in the Bible. Jesus Christ said and did many remarkable things, but the most amazing thing that he did for us was die on the cross so that we could have a relationship with God. As a Christian school, we talk about Jesus, read the Bible, pray and sing. We are firmly committed to creating a positive Christian social environment where children are free from bullying and other destructive social behaviour.

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Photo taken during senior mission trip to Cambodia

Beyond the Classroom

Learning often occurs spontaneously in settings outside the classroom. To ensure this learning flourishes, the school offers a range of cocurricular options. Co-curricular opportunities cover the Arts, sport and public speaking. Your child may decide to take to the stage, spike volleyballs or debate climate change. The Arts allows students to express their unique personality. Students are engaged in an integrated arts program from Prep to Year 10. Sport is a vital part of school life at Australian Christian College. It helps to promote cooperation and team spirit. Students are encouraged to strive for their personal best, while demonstrating exemplary sportsmanship. Sports played include athletics, basketball, volleyball, swimming, AFL and soccer. Australian Christian College offers a variety of camps from Year 3-12 all throughout Queensland. Each camp has been planned to provide students with opportunities to develop social, academic and life skills in safe alternative learning environments. In addition, all these experiences incorporate Christian practices, values and beliefs. Students are able to serve through our Community Outreach program and Fundraising as well as Australian and Overseas mission trips. With so many co-curricular opportunities available, most students have trouble deciding what to do!

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Your Next Step Choosing a school is a big decision. To assist with your choice, you might be interested in: 1. Attending an Open Night An Open Night is an ideal opportunity to discover what makes this school unique. You will meet friendly staff, smiling students and other parents. 2. Booking a School Tour By arranging a Personal School Tour you can meet the leadership team, some teachers and tour the school grounds. You may like to coordinate your school tour with an enrolment interview. For Open Night dates and details or to book a school tour, please visit the website:

Phone:  07 5490 6100 Email: 34 Cottrill Road, Caboolture QLD 4510

Australian Christian College - Moreton Prospectus  

This is the official prospectus of Australian Christian College - Moreton.

Australian Christian College - Moreton Prospectus  

This is the official prospectus of Australian Christian College - Moreton.